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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  February 5, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PST

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mountains and hail at sea level . after a big delay the state of the union address at the night. will have a preview of the president's message, coming up. you want us to be strong, right? well then please don't kick people off the property again . >> a real catch-22 on butte county. while wildfire victims from paradise are forced to relocate again. good morning thank you for joining us. pam has all kinds of weather for you to. we have rain and snow and cold all kinds of seasonal rain . >> i think tomorrow will be the crazy coal. you will clear up . >> to marry a friends you need to cover them up. >> animals, any sensitive plants. >> okay.
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>> this tomorrow . today dry air is already moving into the north . it's calming down up in the northern counties. the not so from about san francisco to santa cruz mountains into santa clara valley . that is your best opportunity for snow that is what where we are focusing, melt mount hamilton . winter weather advisory goes from 7:00 santa cruz mountains will get the most . is a big-time snow event for this year and will continue to be probably for the foreseeable future. winter storm warning goes until four clock, blizzard warnings above 5000 feet until about -- core low starting to turn in land. it's not overwater anymore so it is kind of losing its moisture content. there is another storm swinging this will be it for the next
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hour or39 degrees in san jose . 30s and 40s for many. 27 degrees kelly fell . the colder, dry air starting to work its way in . could also trigger some thunderstorm activity later today . is going to keep us on a very cool upper 40s and low 50s today. >> i have a question for you, this is the time of year where people start thinking about starting to do their planting but they wait for this kind of weather to be done with before you can get outside and start planting your spring plans. >> wait until at least past the 15 . >> thank you see . you heard the good morning everyone met westbound 580 we're going to do that, slow traffic coming up to the ultimate pass, last night there was ice and snow in that nearby area . near the altamont pass. right now it doesn't seem to be
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there anymore. but it is wet and traffic is going to be a little bit slow what you get into livermore it looks better. livermore and dublin getting out to the hayward area . you can see the bay bridge toll plaza it is crowded not stopping go completely but there is already a crowd driving into san francisco. is go back to the deaf spirit struck the continuing coverage of our ktvu weather alert for the bay area. new video overnight about 115 this morning, snow falling in the east bay. night elves who ventured outside and livermore caught a light dusting of snow falling in the yards, on the mailboxes even on the roads. there was a little dog up there for a couple minutes checking out the snow. >> my dog would not like that. he does not like wet feet. this is at the altamont pass, overnight snow fourth drivers to slow down a bit. we didn't see any major incidents along 580. that is the good news. we certainly saw a lot of slow . snow . altamont pass is about
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1000 feet elevation. the national weather service has issued a winter weather advisory for the bay area. it runs at least until 7:00 this morning. that is because of the snow at some of the higher elevations around the bay area . the top of mount tamil pius saw more than an inch last night . morgenthaler in the early morning hours . crazy coal tomorrow morning as expected. wages are concerned, they plan to keep the park gates locked until 9:00 this morning . they are worried about collision as drivers head up there people try to sled down the hill as well. the rangers are pretty excited about the snow. >> hoping for something fun 3 inches would be great . i would love to see people coming here and experiencing it in a way although the park is closed . to cars and trucks hikers will be allowed to enter and throw a
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few snowballs for us. anyone who wants to take the four mile walk to the top of the mountain you're welcome to go see the snow for yourself. really feels like winter in the bay area. it includes the santa cruz mountain. we are in the summit where there was snow last night and this morning . morning sarah. >> reporter: good morning it is so hard to believe that it was actually snowing here . just about 30 minutes ago . we were seeing huge chunky snowflakes. it kind of died down just a bit but take a look at this car right behind me . i never thought that i would be able to do this in the santa cruz mountains, check this out . it is unbelievable how much snow is coming down here . just about 30 minutes ago . we will take it to some video of what it kind of looks like not too long ago . we will talk about what is expected here today . there is a winter weather advisory in effect in the santa cruz mountains until 7 am year the forecast calls for snow in the higher and lower elevations which is what we saw a couple,
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30 minutes ago . driving conditions will be rough on mountain roads and passes. earlier this morning they shut down highway 17 between santa clara and santa cruz county because of the snow . it reopened within an hour but if orsi road is still wet. >> the snow had just started and caltrans hadn't gone up here with plows and once they got up here with plows we were able to open it up and keep it clear. >> reporter: we have seen some caltrans crews driving by making sure the roads are okay. so far traffic is moving pretty easily right now . but on highway 17 you guys know when it rains it is always a mess here . i can't really imagine how it's going to be when it snowing and icy conditions all throughout this area . just be careful when you're driving today. at the summit, ktvu fox 2. before you go i know you
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mentioned it can be really rough on highway 17 . exactly where you are so you know how much snow you are getting? do you know the elevation where you are? >> we drove past i would say 1600 feet is where we are right now . we were seeing snow about 1500 feet. like i said died down now about 30 minutes ago it was coming down pretty hard. it could continue throughout the next couple hours . but about 1600 feet is where we are right now . we did see all this on this car behind me . it definitely was coming down, icy, snowy conditions all throughout this area . >> that is a lot of snow for that area. thank you sarah we will check in with you throughout the morning . don't forget to download our ktvu weather app it is newly updated you will find interactive radar and hourly updates on the 7-day forecast . web video from the weather
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team. some of the reporters on the field . you can also submit your weather photos. we would love to see them on the weather app. president trump is repairing to deliver his aid of the union address . we are joined in washington dc with what we are expected to hear from the president, doug? >> reporter: the president would enter the house chamber with a vastly change political landscape before him. president trump is about to enter unfriendly territory tonight for the state of the union . house controlled by democrats. the president will call on congress to break decades of clinical stalemate and to build new coalitions to unlock the extraordinary promise of america's future . a while the president may talk about unity, he may also argue for declaring a national emergency to build a southern border wall and bypassed democrats in congress.
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>> if there's anything that the trump moment 50 million people watching all the members of congress together with seem to be a moment where he could make the case for legitimacy of executive action. >> reporter: some democrats getting a jump on the speech with their own take . >> it is said, the state of the union . let me just say the number one reason the state of the union has such well is the president. i hope you changes in the next years . >> reporter: the primary democratic response will come from stacy abrams an unusual choice and she holds no elective office. which is seen as a rising star in the party. the house chamber also play host to a battle of the guests . democrats inviting everyone from an illegal immigrant to air traffic controller. the president's guest list will make political points also . ready for the family of a couple killed by illegal immigrants to a drug offender release under prison reform to a sixth grader who was bullied in school because of his name. joshua trump.
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>> reporter: some democratic lawmakers have refused to attend are going boycott tonight's address. by the president . thank you for that update, bay area members of congress have also invited guests to the state of the union speech. congressman barbara lee has invited a nurse that was deported by the trump administration. jackie spear is including a transgendered military service member. senator kamala harris is invited a wildfire survivor who had to go without a check because of the government shutdown . tonight you're going to hear from several state and local leaders including northbay congressman mike thompson who told us about a conversation with senator kamala harris when she decided
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to run for president. >> she called me before she made her announcement and told me she was going to do that and ask for my two cents and obviously i weighed in and my opinion was worth probably about two cents. >> our political coverage begins at the clock with the president date of the union address followed by the democratic response and then followed at nine by the state of the state followed by the 10:00 news . start people from the camp fire or being forced to relocate again . they voted to overturn an ordinance that allowed people to put trailers and rvs on the brenda property. that is because the cleanup no one can live on the property. city leaders are warning people if they don't move the town could lose federal funding. thousands of gm workers started receiving pink slips this week.
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details from washington coming up. good morning we have traffic that is moving along okay if you're driving, approaching the macarthur maze . will tell you little bit more about this morning's commute, straightahead . around livermore, santa cruz mountains looks to be the best opportunity for more snow. dreyer area moving in and that's why the temperatures are dropping. lake county in the 20s.
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there are moments in life that leave a lasting impression. like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun. you might remember new flavours, the sound of an old friend's laugh, or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed.
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today a former nurse will be arraigned in court for allegedly impregnating an incapacitated woman. nathan sutherland was arrested two weeks ago after police say they matched his dna to the child of a 29-year-old patient in phoenix arizona. the woman gave birth to a boy on december 29. staff members told the 911 dispatcher they did not know she was pregnant until she went into labor. court records describe the woman as not alert and meeting maximum level of care. starting this week general motors is handing out pink slips to thousands of employees. we report, it is part of gm's plan to cut 15% of north american work worth. >> reporter: after announcing massive cuts general motors start laying off roughly 4300 workers worldwide this week.
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>> most of them will be in the detroit area . there were worldwide the gm has a concentration of white-collar workers in the detroit area . mainly at the tech center . that employs about 20,000 people. >> reporter: people technologies in other areas are expected to be affected . 25% of executives will be handed pink slips. in november the automaker announced the business reduction plan including cutting 15,000 employees and ending production at five north american plants. all in an effort to raise profit margins. shift gears focusing on autonomous and electric vehicles. >> there's been a lot of criticism of industry especially gm doing this now because they got bailed out just under a decade ago because they got bankrupt. >> reporter: 2200 white-collar employees took buyouts . 1500 more contract workers were let go. experts say others may follow
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in gm's footsteps . >> what's happening right now with gm we are expecting to see with more automakers of the last year . trying to transition the staff, trying to get the right skill set in place for the future of the auto industry. >> according to gm the company's restructuring including that layoff will clip $242.5 billion from its bottom line this year . chicago's o'hare airport is now the busiest airport in the country. according to the faa o'hare had more than 9000 arrival and departure's last year that knocks atlanta's airport to the number two spot with more than 895,000 arrivals and departures . it was the busiest airport for the last four years . lax, dallas-fort worth and denver round out the top five. san francisco-based jewel
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is opening up offices in mountain view . the san francisco chronicle reports electronic cigarette maker is leasing 30,000 square feet of office space at mountain view research park on north bernardo avenue . the company's lease runs through 2023. the new space of the collected to accommodate about 200 employees. jewel posted more than $1 billion in revenue last year . to get you moving this morning there's a lot to be concerned about the morning commute with the weather and the roads. >> you're absolutely right if you leave the house early special if you have to drive anywhere that is elevated. if you're driving through the altamont pass or any sort of mountain range anything that is elevated you might see some ice or snow. let's go to the gilroy commute traffic is okay. if you're driving in gilroy. i should mention the traffic is going to be all right. we did have an earlier accident on highway 152 near 156.
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that is going to be still an issue for people who drive that area . gilroy to san jose traffic is moving along all right with no major issues all the way through. we had reports of snow near the summit of the santa cruz mountains and have a little caution flag up there if you will. but not a lot of slow traffic here yet. and if you're driving on 280 in san jose this looks pretty good . southbay commute right now good time to take advantage of some relatively problem free highways. i would think to the north would be a lot quieter. 101, 29 should be a lot quieter . but santa cruz mountains that is going to be the focus out towards livermore, mainly santa cruz mountains. you can see around 1700, 1800 feet that's for some of that activity has been going.
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dry air is moving into the north but so we have a winter weather advisory. but lowe's from 7:00 in the morning. santa cruz mountains some of the east bay hills, sierra nevada continues to be no there is a lot of snow up there . all sorts of warnings, winter storm warnings for snow down to 1500 feet. blizzard warning about 5000 feet goes 10:00 some of the higher peaks could pick up about five or 6 feet . this is a huge event for the sierra nevada . more so for us we are just getting minimum shower but they are getting no . i think that's going to be the pattern for the next 5 to 7 days . we do get rain and thunderstorm activity is a very cold air is coming in. 27 degrees now. 20, 30 and 40 some of the coldest air is now arriving but some of the driest air . 30s for many including out to pittsburgh as well as black city . el cerrito 36, elsa brontk 39. that tells you how cold it is when it gets to the 30s around the bay.
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dry air towards santa cruz mountains best opportunity for morning snow and thunderstorm activity . we can pick up some of that later today . everything is going to be driving down into thnday will be the next couple systems. sunday systems looks to be more widespread rain. will get a break wednesday and thursday lowe's a very cold north and east bay for many as well . thank you steve. san francisco lawmakers are trying to pass a bill that would detail, the reason the mayor believes a safe injection site will pass . it is considered one of the biggest parties around the world. patient is walking that lunar year of the pig . have a look at how you can celebrate here in the bay area. stock ? what's better than having fast,
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welcome back to ktvu mornings on 2. you're the pig begins today . san francisco will mark the new lunar new year this morning with his annual chinese new year kick up procession celebration. it will be led by former mayor the end of the root traditional lion dancers and firecrackers . the procession as part of the celebration of the bay areas s
5:25 am
preparations underway. >> reporter: on the eve of that lunar new year a lion dance to celebrate the installation of new lanterns along ross allie . and to usher in the year of the pig. >> if you're born year the pig honest and frank, compassionate and hard-working. >> reporter: the pig is the last of 12 animals in the chinese zodiac. she was born in year of the pig. she shows us the chinese red envelopes that adults give to relatives and children . on this monday night the last minute scramble to buy sweets, flowers and produce. symbols of prosperity and good luck. pastry chef so she has been working long hours the past 10 days making 100 special seasonal cakes a day. because they are in high demand.
5:26 am
she probably tells me she uses quality ingredients. but chinese style this is really y >> reporter: food and family are the focus of the celebration , the owner prepares a vegetarian dish. >> >> reporter: it is served on new year's eve and new year's day. >> something new coming . >> reporter: oysters are among the many dishes served as symbolizes all things good. the dining table should be filled with an abundance of food. at the end of the business day on the last day of the year merchant set off firecrackers to chase away the evil spirits. >> know good things are all gone start a new year everything is no. >> reporter: many chinese owned businesses will be closed tuesday, new year's day
5:27 am
including this restaurant . so they could be with family. the fun begins. after weeks of a political stalemate and the longest government shutdown president trump has a balancing act tonight when he delivers the state of the union address to a divided congress. >> it is hard to have one message on twitter and then stand before the congress and the public and have a different message. >> we sat down with the local political science professor about what to expect from tonight's address. crumbling roads and evacuations due to a rising creek, coming up next, more the problems. the area caused by yesterday's cold winter storm.
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ktvu mornings on 2 welcome back it is tuesday morning. february 5 i am dave. >> good morning i am pam cook. we have a great video showing you this morning snow. coming down this morning santa cruz mountains. >> there is no the word because of the snow, there's no drought. the reservoirs will be fine. sometimes there is good news. is not all doom and gloom. >> for the resorts. deep on
5:31 am
what's going to happen in march and april. things are winding down but still on the peninsula winter advisory goes until 7:00 this morning snowfall best opportunity out to the livermore hills mount hamilton and santa cruz mountains. there is still more snow up in the sierra winter storm warning is out. snow down to 1500 feet. blizzard warning can get two, four, 6 feet of snow. that low is coming at the beginning to make it move overland dryer air can rotate in. get afternoon heating what little there will be. i could fire in some thunderstorm activity. a lot of this is driving toward the san mateo coast down to santa cruz.
5:32 am
20s, 30s and 40s for many. 40 in foster city. low 40s on the san mateo coast, specific a was 39. partly cloudy day today and it'll clear out and be cold tonight into tomorrow morning. gillette kennett something, typing something. sometimes we do have the type things. when the things i've noticed people are getting on the road a little bit early and spacing out the commute that is good news for us. let's talk about that alejo commute. people are on the road, they have been on the road just a little bit earlier. but since it has been space that we haven't had a lot of slow traffic. more people on the road early try to get a handle on this wet commute, driving up toward the macarthur maze. 19 minute drive . a lot of
5:33 am
people a lot of people at the bay bridge. metering lights have been turned on. 15 the line . can be if you're fast track laying but definitely some waiting to do. was go back to the desk . well 70 video to show you pretty good snowfall up in napa county. about 2 to 3 inches of snow falling along highway 29 in mount st. helena . it didn't stick on the road but it did accumulate off to the side on those trees and even on road signs. caltrans did have a standing crew and that area but they did not close the highway. a recent storm certainly making some of the bay area roads more dangerous. that is certainly the case on busy highways that were already showing signs of wear and tear. take a look at this stretch of highway 35. this is in the santa cruz mountains were a sinkhole opened up. caltrans reports it is bad enough the road from alpine road to santa cruz border is closed in both directions.
5:34 am
>> there is a pretty steep drop off pass these trees it has undermined the whole slope. probably slipped about 8 feet down and still dropping. >> caltrans says it will take weeks to shore up what is left of that section of the road possibly months to rebuild what crumbled away from the storm. we don't often get snow at the lower levels but february 5 has historically the date it most often happens. this photo was taken in 1887. he says that's when more than three inches of snow covered downtown san francisco. take a look at that. the other photos from february 5, 1976. look at that the marin headlands covered in snow. he credits his photo from a photographer from the san francisco chronicle. the photo shows he and there is a slick the second amount of
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snow near sea level. don't forget during all these storms it is very handy to have our newly updated ktvu weather app. there you will have the interactive radar, hourly updates and 7-day forecast send video from meteorologist . you can also submit a weather photo to us as well . after one week delay president trump tonight is about to deliver his state of the union address. this year the president will make his steep speech and a democratically controlled house. he's trying to get democratic support for his priorities and needing to deliver on promises to his political base. >> president trump is coming off a midterm election where he lost the house. he is gearing up for 2020 reelection. >> the president's speech comes 10 days ahead of another possible government shutdown.
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federal prosecutors in new york have issued a subpoena to president trump's inaugural committee . prosecutors from the u.s. attorney's office in manhattan are now demanding documents related to the committees donors and spending. they are looking into whether anyone from a foreign country made illegal donations to the committee or to a pro trump super pack. back here in the bay area teachers and oakland public schools overwhelmingly authorize their union to call a strike if there is not a enough progress in contract talks. the have been negotiating for more than a year and a half. the district is offering a 5% pay hike and says that's as much as it can afford with the large drop in student population translating to less money from the state. teachers want a 12% pay raise during the next three years as well as more support staff on all schools campuses. >> it's about more than salary often what lifted up but it's really more about forging a change for the students so that they have support that they need in a classroom whether
5:37 am
that be a smaller class size and also having counselors and nurses that are needed at the school site. but no date has been set for the teachers to start walking the picket lines. they are saying they hope the strike vote puts pressure at the bargaining table . no new negotiations have been scheduled . to northern california lawmakers are backing legislation that will allow seven is going to run safe injections-the city. state senator scott of san francisco and stockton assemblywoman susan edmund ried introduced a bill that would allow safe injection sites for three years. san francisco will be the first city in the nation with medically supervised injection sites. last year former governor jerry brown vetoed the bill. san francisco mayor says she is hoping the new governor, gavin newsom will support the new legislator . denver's considering the
5:38 am
legislation to approve illegal mushrooms. toxicology said the side effect of psychedelic it out with the benefits and routing increased heart rate and blood pressure, visual hallucinations as well as sensory and time distortions. >> more serious symptoms could be seizure, panic disorder, psychotic outbreak. those require somebody to go to the hospital for medical treatment. >> if the measure passes a policy review board would be created and that would include police, sheriff and district atoposing a measure that would effectively ban the sale of cigarettes in the state. the bill would gradually raise the minimum age to purchase cigarettes from 30 years old in 2020 to years old 2024.
5:39 am
democratic state representative richard creek and his former er physician who says cigarettes are killing people so they should be banned. currently the minimum age to buy cigarettes in hawaii is 21. california already has the toughest gun laws in america but democratic lawmakers want even tougher regulations. at the state capital yesterday democrats got the help of gabby giffords the former arizona congresswoman and get control have a good who survived an assassination attempt in 2012. democrats want to expand violence prevention programs and also put a new tax of $25 on semi automatic weapons. >> now is the time to come together, be responsible democrats, republicans, everyone. we must never stop fighting. fight, fight, fight. be bold, be courageous, the nation is counting on you. >> the governor has called good
5:40 am
control one of his key issues and once increasing funding to seize illegal guns around california. company today the walnut creek city council will consider extending its station list bikes your pilot program. walnut creek launched a citywide program last may. its current deal is currently due to expire at the end of the month. station list means writers can leave the bikes anywhere. users activate the bikes with smart phones who pay a fee for using those bikes. through the first six months almost 26,000 rights were recorded. a deadly apartment fire claim several lives overnight in paris. coming up next to reason investigators think the person who live there is to blame . we are hearing new details about what happens when a small plane crashed in a california neighborhood . parts of that plane smashed into several
5:41 am
homes. good morning it is raining out there. there could be snow on some of the peaks and commute could be just a little dicey as we take a live look at northbound 101 approaching the 80 split in san francisco. we have some snow in the hills. we will take a look at the east bay and toward santa cruz mountains which looks to be taking the best of the storm so far.
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welcome back, ktvu mornings on 2. as we've been showing you some people from the bay area have been waking up to snow . where life in downtown livermore. i do know if you have seen snow but it certainly sounds cold. >> we didn't see snow driving in here . >> reporter: looking at the temperature gauge behind us it
5:44 am
is a chilly 38 degrees. too warm for snow here in the downtown area . is a different story up in the livermore hills. people there during the overnight hours got to experience a light dusting of snow . sexy cold enough for the snow to stick around . you can see of blanketing the ground. mailboxes and trees it didn't melt right away. this video is around midnight this morning . you can see the family pets got a chance to step outside . later in the morning around 3:00 drivers on the ultimate pass saw snow as well. it looks more like a scene from truckee rather than the ballet. there is enough snow you could see it covered cars and trucks and forced drivers to slow down . some big rigs even pulled over. the elevation at altamonte passes 1000 feet. there is no snow or rain here
5:45 am
in livermore . it is cold and breezy. there is a high wind advisory for the ultimate pass throughout the morning. there is still a possibility of scattered showers, hail maybe even some snow throughout the morning here . and across the bay area. with developing news in paris france suspected arson attack at this apartment building has left nine people dead. a suspect was arrested. 30 people were hurt including eight firefighters. prosecutors say 40-year-old woman who lived in the apartment building and has known to mental problems was arrested in front of that burning building. the fire was reported about 3:30 am, paris time in the 16th district . look at this. survivors were jumping from the eighth floor apartment building downnearby the fir started. meantime investigators have identified the man who was
5:46 am
flying a small twin engine plane that broke apart in mid air and crashed into us on the california home . the pilot who was killed sunday afternoon was 75-year-old antonio -- of gardnerville nevada. the victim, a retired chicago police officer and commercial pilot was the only person on that plane . two-minute to women inside the yorba linda home also died in that crash. they were at a super bowl party when it happened. >> the main cabin of the airplane as long came to rest the bottom of rain in the backyard for some in house . during the impact sequence house caught fire. >> investigators say the twin engine did not have a flight data or voice recorder . federal investigators are ened. ed to release a they will do so within the next two years two weeks but it
5:47 am
could take up to a year to get a full report on the cause of the crash . investigators are trying to determine what caused the fire at a sanctuary in florida. a total of 41 animals were killed in the fire . happened early yesterday morning at the second chance wildlife sanctuary near orlando . the sanctuary's owner said he only made it out alive because the sound of peacocks on the property will come up . he was able to save a few the animals that were inside but his property is a complete loss. >> everything is gone flames were shooting up higher than the trees. >> there were dogs, cats, snakes, giant tortoise weighing about 300 pounds each .the sanc owner who has been rescuing animals for almost 40 years . so far it has raised about $20,000 . what is the latest on the
5:48 am
commute out there? >> it is going to be a dicey commute because of the wet weather . there could be some ice, some of these places, santa cruz mountains, the ultimate pass. although we are hearing it could be warm for ice but you have seen some slow traffic in the area. 580 is slow even before you get to 205 . so that area slow .'s acadia slow as well and we may even have debris on some of these roads were there a lot of trees nearby. it is the same routine when it is raining and it's going to be cold just be careful out there . if you're driving to dublin it looks okay. already slowing slowing on a 87 itself . one of the things i want to mention to you, this morning's community bay bridge has been a little early people have been just a little bit earlier trying to get on the road as it should be . ge take you just a little bit more
5:49 am
to get to work. this morning's commute from gilroy to san jose looks okay . the area problem on 152 has been cleared up . dry air is moving in north but still very active along the san mateo coast, skyline over towards livermore hills and snow down to santa cruz mountains. there's some snow there in kelsey bill. not surprise temperatures are already dropping into the 20s. it was snowing in -- that's in the hills but not much definitely snow on our hill. my dogs are not happy . >> how could they not be happy? i'm sure they would love to go out and jump in that snow . we see the line there from the peninsula, skyline, santa cruz mountains, san bruno mountain may be. it's about 1300 feet. twin peaks if you're going to
5:50 am
get around 900 feet elevation. mount hamilton and diablo are slam dunks already . out here in the livermore hills, 800 to 2000 feet. also around the -- grade, mission peak in fremont i'm sure get reports there . line in santa cruz mountains look to be number one here . is first- graders focus and energy of the snow . restaurant 1500 1800 feet . i think that area will get the most snow . winter weather advisor goes 7:00 . 1 to 4 inches of snow . sierra it is a snow show. they are getting a lot of t only their but also shasta . we don't want to forget them. about the passes two, four, 6 feet of snow. below that down to 1500 feet a winter storm warning till 4:00 . below had a trajectory overwater, starting to move
5:51 am
inland so that will allow dryer air to move into the north second be already taking place . us when we are in the 20s up in mendocino and lake counties. i think things have calmed down the marin county. it was be still very active in the morning. 26 degrees in lakeport, 37 degrees in san jose. we can get some isolated reports of hail and snow this morning. 30s on the peninsula. the system drive software that will weaken a little bit we are in for a very cold day maybe thunderstorm activity with afternoon heating. 50 degrees on the temperatures . we get a break wednesday and thursday. i do believe the vines are dormant now if that's the case pets and plants i would be concerned. next system on thursday and then a break saturday and sunday and another system. home invaders caught red how handed a neighbor records
5:52 am
everything on cell phone video. the entire confrontation of what those suspects did inside that house.
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5:54 am
a man watching over his parents house in north carolina caught and attempted burglary on
5:55 am
camera. someone called and said there was some strange people on your property so he went over, holding a gun and approached three people inside. that's when the burglars crouched down. >> they almost crawled along the porch down to the steps down to the ground. >> he says the burglars didn't steal anything of value but they did leave behind a mess. look at this. the police are still trying to identify those suspects . actor liam neeson is facing a backlash and controversy for admitting he wanted to kill a black man . during an interview the actor admitted he was searching for black men to kill outside of pubs in northern ireland. he says he felt that urge after hearing about someone he knew who claimed to have been by a black man. he says he regrets even having that thought. some of the fans are calling his story racist they want him to apologize.
5:56 am
he has not made any comments since his original comments were published. start super bowl liii made history it was the lowest scoring super bowl ever and it wasn't a big hit with yours either. ratings for the super bowl hit a 10 year low . nielsen says 98 million viewers watched the patriots beat the rams and it was the lowest scoring super bowl of all time. down 3% from last year . the ratings that depth particularly low in new orleans for about half as many people watch the game at this year compared to last year . hashtag training on social media during social media. he posted this photo wearing a hoodie supporting colin kaepernick. take any protest started a national discussion about police brutality. lebron james wore a jersey and here is the wrapper posting a
5:57 am
picture with angela davis saying you know where i stand. people in higher elevations waking up believe it or not to snow this morning. 6:00 how caltrans crews are trying to keep roads clear. restricting surgery on intersex babies. the latest proposal to give children more control over their gender identities.
5:58 am
5:59 am
ktvu mornings on 2 thank you for joining us tuesday morning february 5, i'm dave pam cook will be here in just a moment. there's so much to talk about you just take it. we are still getting some snow. in the santa cruz mountains i'm saying 1600 feet i hope that is right. i'm over the moon.
6:00 am
so happy, thanks. you don't have to thank me. business of sales, not production. a source much higher than myself is responsible . i'm glad you're happy if you're happy i'm happy. jeff snow on the santa cruz mountains they will get the most a little bit around the livermore hills. also looks like maybe not too far from the seminole grade, mission peak and going right around skyline into the santa cruz mountains. this will be our best opportunity 7:00 in the morning. very dry air coming into the north. this be just for couple hours . another 1 to 4 inches of snow could fall. snow, beautiful snow. up in the sierra nevada. they have all sorts of warnings going until 4:00, winter storm warning . that is down to snow 1500 feet . blizzard warning to to for maybe 6 feet of snow. the pattern looks very favorable for


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