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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  February 5, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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the state of the union. >> the president is going to lay out the great successes we've had over the last two years and of what we can do for this country if we come together. >> but democrats are skeptical of president trump's expected call for unity. the key things to watch for tonight's address. what is next for oakland teachers. >> i'm ready to go on strike. >> the planned action tonight to try to build support as the union considers a walkout. from ktvu news, this is the four. a cold winter storm puts snow in the spotlight. take a look at this beautiful view from sky fox hillside and mountain peaks all across the bay area. they are covered in a coat of snow. it is something we do not get to see that often around here. i am heather holmes. >> i am alex savidge. the lito be found in many locations, and that
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includes the south bay. lori naylor is joining us from hamilton were several inches of snow fell. maureen? >> reporter: good afternoon. we are very snowy mount hamilton , about six inches you're according to the national weather service. look at the snowbanks behind me. they plow this parking lot, and people who live up here say they have not seen this amount in years. we are where it is about 32 degrees at last check, and we've seen some beautiful sites today. i want to show some video of the white winterland we saw driving a. those who worked here since you today, they see a lot of snow and wind. the snow has covered cars and roots at the peak, and while it's not every year, one worker said this is the most he seen in years. >> well, the roads are pretty hazardous in its own right, and then when you add snow to it, gets pretty slick and it is winding and it is very thin in spots and a lot of blind turns. >> reporter: checked out the
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>> sorry guys, we lost our connection. >> all right, well that is maureen naylor joining us live there from a snowfield mount hamilton there. there is several inches of snow that came down, and that was not the only spot that software is. check out this video you. this is what the driver looked like a long interstate 5 haiti on the altamonte past. this was taken at about 3:00 this morning. drivers they had to slow down into some big rigs even pulled over to the side of the road to weighted the storm at. people made the drive up of they can get a firsthand look at all of that snow, and we talked with one woman who grew up in livermore, and she told us this was the first time she had seen snow up close. >> i was driving down the altamonte, and i saw the snow
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and i was like how can i get up here? i have to see it! this is crazy! i have never touched snow before, so i'm like okay, i have detected. >> we talked to one woman who lives a little bit further up the road at about 3000 feet in elevation, and she told her she had at least five inches of snow that came down at her house overnight. wow, hard to believe. >> it really is, the novelty of snow in the bay area, everyone wants to take part of it. >> usually is a tough combination because it's usually cold enough but you don't have enough rater precipitation for that. they have to come together, but everything lines up perfectly for this event over the past 24 hours, so as a result, a lot of snow in california, and in the bay area with low elevation snowfall . of course your winter weather advisory is in place. here is just a sampling scattered throughout the bay today. you still see a lot of white
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peaks, a lot of white hills here. you can see up in portions of the north big down into the santa cruz mountains. winter advisory as i mentioned has expired, but take a look at some of these accumulations. snowfall around, coming up for you around to the six inches comes a pretty impressive there with those amounts. six inches up toward mount hamilton. mount diablo elevation is actually called the visitor center there, and that is the estimate from one of the workers. pretty impressive. the snowfall scattered around the bay area. here is that live camera as you can see out what the here. with snow levels coming down to write around 1500 feet, but locally, heavy showers, heavier showers and some of that snow can be transferred to sea level with that wintry mix. he was the rater itself, and you can see what has happened in the past 18 hours or so. the snow showers, cold showers moving out of the bay area, even the coverage decreasing in the sierra, so you have a closer inspection of the radar loop. as you know, you probably noticed the past two hours
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things have cleared out nicely, and we are heading into a bit of a break, but that is after what will be a very cold morning tomorrow morning. we will talk about the overnight lows. subfreezing here in wednesday morning. another storm in trek as we head to what your friday. be sure to download our newly updated ktvu weather app . you will find interactive radar, hourly updates, and of course the seven-day forecast. users can also sent in their weather photos straight to the app. if you see weather, snap a picture and send it over. things to angela and wendy for these shots. you can get the all new ktvu weather app on iphone or android right there in the app store. president trump delivers his second state of the union address just two hours from now, and for the first time a democrat, house speaker nancy pelosi will sit behind him during the speech. the president faces a congress at odds over his demand for funding for a border wall. fox apus lauren blanchard said despite the tensions, his speech will reportedly focus on
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unity and optimism. president trump delivered his state of the union address here in washington. we are told the theme of this year speech is choosing greatness. the president is going to lay out some of the great successes we've had over the last two years and paint a picture of what we can do for this country if we come together. >> reporter: the address coming on the heels of the country's longest government shutdown. tensions remain high in washington with a threat of another shutdown in 10 days. >> we cannot hold federal workers hostage for donald trump's political gain. >> reporter: immigration leading off the list of top priorities president trump will discuss in his speech, with many wondering if you will declare a national emergency to build a southern border wall,
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bypassing the need for democratic support. other topics include trade, infrastructure, healthcare, and national security, possibly information about his upcoming summit with north korea's kim jong-un. this will be the president's first address to a divided congress, and some top democrats are already offering their harsh take on the current state of the union. >> it is sad the state of the union, and let me just say the number one reason the state of the union has such woes is the president. >> reporter: after president trump speech, the democratic rebuttal will be delivered by stacey abrams, the former georgia house minority leader and 2018 gubernatorial nominee. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. >> for more on the upcoming address tonight, we are joined by david. thank you so much for being here. the president expected tonight to sort of talk about strength and unity, blending the two together. will that win him the night, do you think? >> it gives them some momentum in the speech, but this president has been so pervasive
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on twitter, he's been so divisive that really by tomorrow morning and by the end of this week when michael cohen is before congress, any momentum he has is lost. it's hard for this white house to make the argument about unity and the state of the union and working together with members of congress, would really his presidency has been about draining the swamp and changing the conversation in washington with the meal investigation in the background. it temporarily wins him some momentum, but by the end of the momentum, it is lost. >> how important it tonight speech with the 2020 campaign sort of looming here. i mean, it is pretty significant you know, for the president to be able to sort of laid out found patient for what he deserved to be reelected. >> this really is a halftime show for this president, and maybe one of the most important piece jaycees given. his last date of the union was very long, and they tell at this will be an hour or more, but the president is really trying to move forward and reset his presidency while you have a white house inside that is full of changes on things that are certain and going on. you have a speaker whose newly
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emboldened, who will be looking over his shoulder every moment, and the problem is not just on the democratic side. the problem is within the republican congress because republicans are not sure what the president will do. >> you brought up nancy pelosi directly behind the president tonight. i mean her every glance, her every glimpse is going to be in full view. what you expect from that? >> the manor, the tone, the mannerisms, her face, whatever she does is going to be captured here, and that will be the moment at the juxtaposition of nancy pelosi versus the president. he is not given her a nickname yet, but that will be at important component of the speech and wrap up what democrats are going to do. the president in seeking unity had to think about his legacy and what comes next because we are in the 2020 cycle. that is going on comes every democrat is going to be front and center to try to get the words out there. >> the president is not expected to declare a national emergency during the state of the union speech tonight, but what does he need to do to lay the groundwork for some sort of
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compromise deal on border security with another shutdown looming? >> you have to talk about bipartisanship and unity, and at the same time you to set for the case of what's happening at the border with apprehensions, and link them more broadly with the drug opioid crisis. they're going to talk about crime and drugs, and on the other hand talk about bipartisanship and unity as we spin closer to the 15th. we are that much closer to going over the precipice again. they lost momentum with the 35 day shutdown of the federal government. they are headed by there again with the white house in disarray as they try to grab some momentum for this speech and reset his presidency. >> final -- that is all. i want to go beyond just the president because we do have -- it seems as though every lawmaker is trying to make a statement at tonight state of the union address. we know that the bay area congress folks have invited certain people that they know are going to be in the audience
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to make a statement. talk a little bit about the significance of that. >> you want juxtaposition of what you represent, the democrats are looking for a message about things they believe in, not just against this administration. the center, countertop is here in california. it is with the agent who will give the spanish-language retort, as well the response from stacey abrams from georgia, but all of this is really for democrat on what they believe in, not just what they are against. you see that that with their guests tonight as well. >> just being a president trump is not going to cut it moving forward. >> presidential elections are about aspirations. >> we will be watching closely tonight. david mccuan, we appreciate you coming in. be sure to stay right here with ktvu for our live, in- depth special all about california's going influence in washington. it is called "state of the state," and you will hear from local and state leaders including mark dishonor he sat down with our andre senior. >> you are a former republican. many, many years ago, the party
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might've been different but is there anything from back then that you can use now to reach across the aisle? >> i worked with my republican colleagues all the time. i've had almost 30 pieces of legislation in the four years i've been there that passed out of the house. the required republican support, so on a lot of things, we can work together. >> our political coverage again begins at 6:00 tonight with the president's state of the union address, then state of the state airs at 9 after fox programming, followed by the 10 and 11:00 news. coming up here on the four, and major drug boast. the coast guard releases the result of a month-long operation that nabs more than $400 million worth of cocaine. a little closer to home, southwest airlines has its first test flight to hawaii. when the airline may begin flights to the islands, and how that could affect the market. ♪
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a special flight took off from oakland today. it is one that could lower prices to one of the world's favored vacation destinations. that would be hawaii. tom vacar joining us live from the newsroom on more on this test flight that went on without a hitch today, tom. >> what this is is expanding consumer choices. just after 11 this morning, skye fox shot video of a long-
4:16 pm
range southwest airline are leaving oakland bound for hawaii. this flight is to prove to the federal aviation administration that southwest can do long halls over ocean operations as other airlines do but also serve the islands. these required verifications were delayed by the 35 day government shutdown, during which federal verification personnel were not on duty. gridley, hawaiian and alaska airlines dominate the hawaii service out of oakland, san francisco, and san jose. soon, they will have a powerful new competitor. >> i'm all for it . i think they are a pleasant airline to use, they have a lot of options for purchase, and the flight includes dusty your fair includes two bags. >> what's t about this is what the airline industry called the southwest effect. any market that southwest comes in to serve, the fares go down. >> i do shop affairs, i shop there is in every airport i fly
4:17 pm
into. and almost universally if southwest is fine there, they are the lowest. >> southwest would travel to and from hawaii at oakland, san jose, sacramento, and san diego airport for starters. the hawaiian islands to be served will be oahu, the big island of hawaii, and both maui airports. the planes southwest will ply had arranged about 1000 miles beyond the hawaiian islands. u.s. news & world report's rachel is one of the top destinations in the world. as stated, southwest has proven to be an aggressive competitor, and will expand to whatever the business is. >> i have four kids, grandkids. it is about time we got away to get over there without hawking our house. >> now once southwest passes all the certifications, it says then and only then will it announce specific flights and fares. that should happen probably sometime this year. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news.
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>> i'm sure a lot of people looking forward to that, tom. you can't be to free bags. the national transportation safety board has released its new most wanted list of transportation safety improvements. reporter doug mcelwee has more on now what is on that list and the plans in place to help make the roads a little safer. >> it is written in blood. >> reporter: is called the most wanted list, the board naming 10 improvements they say are most desperately needed to improve travel safety and save lives. at the top of the list, coming up with a comprehensive plan to fight distracted driving, including a ban on drivers using electronic devices except an an emergency. >> eliminate distractions, descriptions, they come in all forms. anything that takes a driver's attention away from the driving task is dangerous. >> reporter: ntsa also making a
4:19 pm
big push for positive train control system, which automatically stops spinning trains when they get out of control, saying they can have help to avoid a number of recent fatal crashes. there putting another big emphasis on collision avoidance systems. those devices in cars that help you stay in your lane and a boyd fender bender is. >> collision assistance can help nearly 1000 lives each year. why are these systems not stated equipment and all newly manufactured vehicles? >> reporter: the list was scheduled to be unveiled last month, but announcement was canceled because of the government shutdown. the ntsa says the shutdown also delayed investigations of 97 accidents and crucial evidence that may have been lost. >> i worry that due to the government shutdown related delay in getting our scene, we may have lost potential life saving information. >> reporter: they say more than 40,000 killed in travel related crashes or accidents. in washington, doug mcelwee, ktvu fox 2 news.
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the coast guard said it has stopped nearly half $1 billion worth of cocaine from coming into the u.s.. those drugs were seized over the past three months by six coast guard cutter crews during 21 different operations. crews brought in about 35,000 pounds of cocaine worth about $466 million. during the last three years, the coast guard said it has confiscated 1.3 million pounds of cocaine. officials say it is a dangerous mission that saves lives and disrupts criminal networks. >> we are going up against an enemy, the stock organizations that have guns, and they have money and they have names and there is risks all around. >> the coast guard said the law enforcement phase of the anti- smuggling operations is carried out under authority of the coast guard 11 the district out of alameda. it is the year of the pig.
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we will tell you about the event held today to mark the start of the lunar new year. in continuing coverage on bay area snow today. we will take you up to mount diablo to check out the conditions there. ito take care of anyct messy situations.. and put irritation in its place. and if i can get comfortable keeping this tookus safe and protected... you can get comfortable doing the same with yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it. hi susan!hs) honey? i respect that. but that cough looks pretty bad... try this new robitussin honey. the real honey you love... plus the powerful cough relief you need. mind if i root through your trash? new robitussin honey. because it's never just a cough.
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you can switch your wireless carrier and save hundreds of dollars a year. talk and text as much as you want and only pay for data. now that's simple, easy, awesome. click, call or visit a store today. today it is the beginning of the year of the pig, and in san francisco it king the start of the lunar new year with a celebration. >> ♪ >> hand
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for the annual chinese new year kickoff precession and celebration. >> [ speaking foreign language ] i am so excited to be the mayor of such an incredible city, where we celebrate our diverse city, where we celebrate our culture, where we focus in on really important opportunities to really engage with our families in our community. >> the procession today began and clay street and ended in clay and kearny street with traditional lion dancers and firecrackers. in the south bay, members of the viennese community marked the start of the lunar new year with the flag raising ceremony. the mayor presided over the vietnamese raising of their freedom flight.
4:25 pm
many recognize the old flag of south vietnam, which is yellow with red stripes as representative of their heritage and as a source of pride. >> it is very important flag to represent freedom and democracy, the freedom that so many fought for and so many died for. san jose banned the flag of the communist socialist republic of vietnam from being displayed on city flag poles. the local members of the viennese community see that flag as a repressive symbol of the communist regime. entering coverage on the incredible snow day across the bay. christien kafton went to mount diablo where he caught up with families enjoying the snow. >> reporter: the lure of seeing snow right in the bay area drew dozens to mount diablo, written up as some kids got an unofficial snow day. >> i should be in geometry. >> reporter: and instead?
4:26 pm
>> we are in mount diablo in the is no. >> reporter: this snow day sanctioned by mom. >> is the day my kids were born, if there is snow on mount diablo, we come. it doesn't matter if there is a teeny bit or a lot. today counts. >> reporter: the snow fell overnight among the bay area's highest peaks. the light dusting is not enough to stick a lower elevations, but there was plenty of frost . at the higher elevations, there was enough to make a few snowballs. bruce conroy bringing his kids to the snow for the first time. >> it was for my little girl little boy. their first time on snow, so hey, if it beats going to tahoe. >> reporter: the conditions, cold and crisp, some forging onward to the summit of mount diablo, the roadblocks to motor vehicles but opened to those who do not mind spinning their own wheels all the way to the
4:27 pm
top. >> when all the way to the top this morning, started about two hours ago. it is 26 number 2 to 3 inches of good powder at the top, little icy coming down though. >> reporter: better skiing or better cycling? >> a little bit of both coming down today. >> reporter: no word how long the snow is going to stick around, so you probably should come sooner rather than later if you want to see it for yourself. the hours at mount diablo, 8 am till sunset. christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. driver-less cars, coming up in next, a study that the driver-less cars may never park. instead, they would just cruise along the roadways. started preparations are still under way. behind me, hundreds of teachers are expected to rally outside of city hall as that of tonight's council meeting we will hear from the city and show their support for the teachers straightahead. [music playing] (sashimi) psst. hey, you!
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right now in oakland, teachers are gathering for a big rally ahead of tonight's city council meeting that comes one day after teachers voted overwhelmingly to authorize a strike. alyana gomez live now outside of city hall for us with the teachers message for city leaders. alyana? >> reporter: heather, everybody still getting prepared for the rally. preparations are still underway. they are doing mike checked and they are probably close to hundred signs here all lining the steps of city hall here. signs i read ready to strike for the schools that students deserve and fight for the
4:31 pm
schools students deserve or keep teachers in oakland. a lot of people are expected to come tonight. we are told 3 to 500 people, teachers and supporters all big and small are expected to crowd the steps here in city hall ahead of tonight's city council meeting at 5 to continue drumming up support for what teachers are fighting for. the oakland teachers are asking for a 12% pay increase over five years and a reduction in class sizes, while the district says they are in solidarity with the teachers, that they deserve to get paid more money, the district is only offering a 5% raise. the teachers are hoping the city will show their support for the teachers as they work to strengthen the economic situation. there's a resolution on tonight's agenda to do just that. the city is acknowledging the hardships that the students and teachers are facing in the classroom and are asking the district and urging the district i should say to continue meeting with the teachers and negotiating in good faith, and they are also urging the district not to close a dozen a button or two dozen schools in the new future which is the number that is been protected, although we are told
4:32 pm
24 schools will not actually close. that according to the district. the city is also recognizing a lot of the schools are going through a crisis right now with constant teacher turnover, about 50% of teachers staying more into school in and the number sinks significantly when it comes to the school's most vulnerable students. >> some of her most low performing schools that have less 2% of students achieving profession levels have less than 24% of the teachers staying for more than three years, so i think we are at a crisis. >> reporter: now the city has asked the teachers to come up to the meeting in small groups not to disrupt the meeting, and they said they are having several speakers go into the meeting drink called the comic period and speak for what they're asking for and fighting for. there asking the city to show some support and also keep the teachers in the school's crisis in mind when it comes to negotiating for the budget. again, preparations are still underway here. a lot more people are starting
4:33 pm
to crowd around. we are seeing lots of teachers, lots of adults, people passing by and stopping by to kind of show their support. we are even seeing little ones coming up with t-shirts representing the schools that they go to, so a lot of support tonight for all usc teachers and the staff, and of course the 37,000 students that are also fighting for better situation in their schools. i will have more coming up later on. >> alyana gomez live outside city hall for us. in the not to future, automata scores could cause a lot more congestion on city streets. that is the prediction for one bay area professor who thinks self driving cars that have dropped a person often are empty are not likely to park, but instead will likely cruise the streets , potentially causing more traffic. joining us now is the author of this study, adam miller, associate professor of environmental sensors studies. i appreciate you coming on today. interesting topic, so explain why it is you believe down the
4:34 pm
road autonomous cars are likely to cause a lot more traffic? >> well, it is the main reason why so many people take bart or the bus to places like downtown san francisco. if you have an autonomous vehicle, it does not park where it's close to where you're going, in fact it does not have to park it out. it's going to encourage people to drive a lot more. by my estimate, it's going to double traffic in places like san francisco. >> and what data are you basing this on? i mean how did you reach the conclusion that it eventually will be cheaper for an autonomous car to simply you know, take laps around the block as opposed to parking in a large? >> so this is from modeling the
4:35 pm
cheapest option. assuming an autonomous vehicle want to do what is cheapest, whether that is paying for a car are going home, or simply driving around the block, and this is in many ways what the idea is right now, picking an airport picking a friend up at the airport. you want to drive around, and you want to drive run as early as possible because you just want to kill time, then driving slowly is much deeper. >> and based on your research, how much more congestion do you believe autonomous cars will create in the future? >> certainly more double the traffic in downtown locations, but it could also slow traffic on urban streets to less than two miles an hour. if they want to drive slowly, then they can choose the most congested streets and really got things a. that is what they want, so that cost of cruising or parking can be less than $.50 an hour. certainly much cheaper than any downtown parking lots today. >> and the financial part sort of makes sense. let's order step back here. realistically, how long is it
4:36 pm
until this is actually a problem that we need to address? >> well, vehicles are being tested on city streets today. in terms of the ability of fully autonomous vehicles, this could be 20 years away. but that i think the key is that city policymakers need to think about this problem now and to think about policies that make sense, whether or not and how fast autonomous vehicles become widespread. >> one of the things you are proposing is congestion pricing. essentially charging people for the time they are taking laps around the block. they are charting the car, i guess you would say, that is one of the ideas. >> yeah, exactly, so congestion pricing is being in use in cities like london and singapore and stockholm for many years. new york city is pretty far along. we are studying it. it makes sense now, but it
4:37 pm
makes even more sense when autonomous vehicles can eliminate this . they can use the city streets as a free parking lot. >> it makes sense and will likely be something we have to address in the not-too-distant future. that is adam millard-ball , associate professor of environmental studies at uc santa cruz. fascinating topic. things are coming on. appreciated. we posted the full report up on our website. you can just click on the web links tab at a state lawmaker is considering a bill to stop illegal robo calls. the proposal will put an end to rebel call scams known as neighbors spoofing. that is when scammers try to trick consumers into answeriloc code phone number. some people say they get robo calls at least six times a day. >> they call us from different number so often that it is also
4:38 pm
possible they track who is calling and where from. >> we are going to ask the telecommunication providers to ensure that there are safeguards that when somebody is making a call, it is not a fake call. >> back in 2017, americans received more than 30 billion robo calls, and some telecommunication experts estimate that is up to 40% of -- up to 40% of those calls were in fact scams. according to reports, consumers lost $900 million due to calls involving fraud. london breed does not want the oakland raiders to play in san francisco . the mayor opened up about this issue today during mornings on 2, responding to a report that the raiders could play on the giant ballpark next season. >> we have a number of things for years that we have been pre don't need another layer to add to what we already have in terms of an area that is really congested, filled with construction, and will host a number of concerts and games for both basketball and
4:39 pm
baseball over the coming months. >> we asked mayor breed if she has told the san francisco giants organization her thoughts on this potential move. she said yes . while us here in the bay area saw inches of snow, up in the sierra, the snow is now being measured in feet. and weather that has been quite the week weatherwise, a bit of a chill in the airport tonight but a chance to get outside for tomorrow. a break in the rainfall, but more storms in our five day forecast.
4:40 pm
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this morning, snow moved to lower than normal elevations right along the interstate 80 corridor, and that road had to be shut down for several hours. reporter brian hinchey was there when the snow started falling. >> reporter: in downtown auburn, the forecast for low snow became a reality around 4 am. >> it is beautiful! i am surprised it's even sticking to the >> reporter: a light rain switched over to snow about 1200 feet above sea level. >> i've seen periodic on if and on, but this is nice picture to wake up in the morning. >> reporter: jennifer was presently supplied by just how much snow fell in the period. >> i live by the courthouse, and i got what, have an inch of snow on my truck. i'm pretty surprised that the media set it was coming, so i
4:43 pm
think it was more common today. >> reporter: as it started to accumulate on the ground, the shower tapered off, saving drivers from any real problems at this level, but major problems lingered in the high country. >> it's going to be insane. i saw that all the 80s was close, and have to go to lake tahoe. >> reporter: low snow here in the county means superlight snow on the sierra crescent, that has people lined up in colfax for interstate 80 was close overnight. >> it's looking good, isn't it? snow in colfax and hoping to get to the valley too. we will see what happens here. >> reporter: with temperatures in the single digits at some elevation, the snow that has fallen should be some of the best of the season. >> looking forward to some lighter weight snow hopefully. >> reporter: the wait was over at 10 am when caltrans reopened interstate 80. here's a look earlier today at the santa cruz mountains. national weather service said the boulder creek sought the lowest level of snow stuck.
4:44 pm
>> a beautiful shot looking west there over toward san francisco from the east bay , and it was certainly a chilly day out there, but mark is here now and tell us we are done with the snow here in the greater bay area. >> no more snow in our forecast. but it is still a little bit of a chill of in the airport and tomorrow morning. the definitely want to bundle a. it has been quite the week in the sierra. north star 72 inches of snowfall, sugar bowl 75 inches, and kirkwood 88 inches of snow, such amazing totals to talk about here up in the sierra. up in fact, we have clear conditions up in interstate 80 right now . u.s. highway 50, they still have things in place. here are snow reports scattered around lake tahoe. closer to auburn, typically it is just rain here, but about
4:45 pm
10:30 this morning, they reported some snow here and also outward the auburn area. one inch at about 7:10 this morning. it's an elevation of 1600 feet. let's get the map that i show you this, the radar coverage over northern california . we had snowfall and some rain showers yesterday. it was very unsettled day yesterday and still some snow showers in the mountains. here's a closer look at the satellite. right now we are clearing out with claire to partly cloudy skies, and we will show you some of the great numbers. it is chilly. tonight will be very cold, subfreezing in some spots. san jose 49, dramatically over the next 2 to 3 hocame a look are sam satellite camera showing you this. a big dip in that that stream. that's what we've been dealing with over the past 24 hours our show. are live camera looking out towards hamilton.
4:46 pm
the temperatures at the very top, 4200 feet, 26 degrees. that is very cold conditions remaining as you would expect of in the bay area hills. overnight lows, we are upper 20s. napa, san francisco 40s. we'll have some patchy frost in porches of the bay area. here's a deal in san francisco. chilly into the afternoon hours. more sunshine 12:00, and temperatures mainly in the lower 50s by 3:00 right around 52 degrees. once again, you can follow the upper level winds, jetstream wins and then sinking over california. that's why it has been so cold, and the real low snow levels, so it's amazing when you get the cold air and in the moisture to pick up the snow in the hills. it does not happen too often, but it happens today to pick up that much accumulated snowfall above 15,000 feet. two more will be driving you once they forecast and on your thursday, dry as well. next of them approaches on
4:47 pm
friday so we will introduce him right across portions of the bay area. rain likely as we head toward the afternoon hours. once again, it is cold into the afternoon hours. clear to partly cloudy skies. thursday if you high clouds approaching during the afternoon hours, and here we go on friday with rainfall developing especially by midmorning, and into the afternoon hours. it look like over the weekend, maybe some rain chances as we head toward sunday. forecast high for tomorrow will be in the 50s, around 52 to 54 to 55 degrees, and look ahead. your five day forecast, it is dry but chilly for wednesday and thursday. rain likely into friday. increasing clouds by saturday, and a chance for some rain into your sunday forecast. a lock to track human multiple storms. you can watch our news kathy you can download our new weather app. is very nice. we added a real easy way to add a picture that you take and import that to the system easily. you at the traffic element a really scroll-a bowl here. check it out. the new fox 2 weather app, download the update that in
4:48 pm
your cell phone or your tablet. practice transfer the at&t program, and weather was a factor. it was joe fonzi covering the tournament and has more. >> reporter: weather is always the first thing people talk about at pebble beach, and is one of those days where if you did not like the current weather, just wait half an hour and things would change. we had hail, rain, some obvious sunshine, and even a dusting of snow on some of the mountain peaks around us. this is the day for the putting contact with celebrities and former winners of this event. we will have highlighted but coming up at 5:00. until then, we are going to enjoy some of the sunshine. from pebble beach, joe fonzi, ktvu fox 2 news. >> looks nice down there. the city of morro bay issuing video of an excited baby order about to be reunited with its mother.
4:49 pm
the city's harbor department helped the marine mammal center and fish and wildlife on their mission. they could not get close enough with their boats, so they had to toss the pup toward mom. there were some tense moments while the mother swam the wrong -- to the wrong side looking for her baby, but she quickly came back around, and then we had the emotional reunion right there in the water. >> really cute. coming up next here on the four, honoring and helping those who risk their lives protecting our country. we will tell you about the wounded warriors who took to the slopes. >> i don't feel like i have a disability. i just feel like you know, i am skiing down a hill. you get 100%, wild-caught alaska pollock breaded with panko bread crumbs and topped with tartar sauce. plus, hot and salty fries and a drink. for just $4.99! the $4.99 fish sandwich combo.
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plus, hot and salty fries and a drink. for just $4.99! the $4.99 fish sandwich combo. the general said he was not consulted before the president announced he was withdrawing troops from syria. the commander of u.s. central command general joseph patel also contradicted president trump's repeated statements that isis has been defeated in syria. general patel warned that the fight against isis is not over. even though this territory has been reclaimed, the fight against isis and violent extremists is not over, and our mission has not changed. a new inspector general report sustains without pressure, isis could regain territory in syria within 6 to 12 months.
4:53 pm
generalwaiting on the presidents plans to withdraw troops from afghanistan. they would have to fight against the taliban. the wounded warriors for injured veterans to mammoth mountain. this helps veterans with disabilities face their challenges through sports. how hitting the slopes is helping these heroes heal. >> reporter: it is called the art of honor, a mountain south tribute to heroes, where the clack of ski poles could easily be a rousing ovation. roaring applause, even a silent prayer, each clack is but a small thank you for a large debt. for thfreedom remains elusive. they are bound and limited by wounds suffered in the line of duty. and yet, at 9000 feet where the
4:54 pm
air is then, the support is ample. >> it is freeing. it is giving independence. it is teaching me that i can still live a full life and do anything i want to do. >> reporter: because of her brain injury, former marine captain and helicopter pilot sara betancourt slowly began losing motor function , primarily in her legs. but with a mix of technology and grit, sara a ceiling. >> you get up here and you feel the energy. you feel this ah and excitement. i can do it, i can relax, i can enjoy, i can take a break, i can recover, and i can heal. >> reporter: you know, the speeds. >> reporter: former marine kevin suffered a spinal cord injury that left him without the use of his legs. kevin does not dwell on what he can't do, only what he can. >> i don't feel like i have a disability. i just feel like, you know, i
4:55 pm
am skiing down the hill. >> this place is so healing, and the one thing i tried to tell the new class coming through of adapted athletes is to embrace it. >> when you are ready. >> time to shred. >> roy crotty served in the korean war, followed by a decades long travel with ptsd. he regained his life, but this past fall along with 14,000 other california families, roy crotty lost his home in the paradise fire. he also lost his purple heart, but not for long. >> we ask you to please come up. >> reporter: the military decoration was reissued. and though roy crotty is a man of few words? he found four that say it out. >> honored, humbled, stunned, and appreciative. >> reporter: very special
4:56 pm
people, huge fortitude, and if you want to learn more about helping our wounded military members go to the website go to would remember wounded warriors, and any help would be greatly appreciated. in los angeles, trace gallagher, fox news. >> certainly nice to see. ktvu fox 2 news at five begins after the break.
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
ktvu fox 2 news at 5 starts now. from mountain peaks to mountain peaks across the bay area, several inches of snow everywhere you look, making some locations actually look like it was the sierra, not the bay area. i am frank somerville. >> i am julie haener. sky fox took a tour flying around the bay area. this was the view looking west along the san jose skyline at the santa cruz mountain. between santa cruz and alaska autos, travel was difficult. >> over half a foot of snow fell, which was a little more than 4000 feet tall. the highway up to the lick observatory had to be closed for some time because of all that snow.
5:00 pm
>> check out mount diablo's snow. the roughly 4000 foot mountain, as you can see it was a beautiful sight around the bay area this morning, giving people a lot of different places to go out and enjoy all that snow. >> interstate 80 finally reopened to the tahoe region this morning after being closed for about 24 hours. the highway was shut down from colfax to the novato state line due to hazardous conditions. caltrans posted this video on twitter as the highway reopened about 9:30 this morning. chain controls are still in effect with a maximum speed of 39 miles per hour. >> sea resorts have reported more than three feet of snow in the last 24 hours, but there was an impressive amount of snow even at lower elevations. people in downtown pleasantville which is at about 1800 feet said they have not seen this much snow in several years. beautiful there. bill martin joint is now with more on this blast of winter weather, bill. >> we've seen some significant snow even in the mountains
5:01 pm
where the piece of reports up there are


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