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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  February 6, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PST

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oakland in the 30s. the city shows 40s. 44 in san francisco. just going along the coast, you get little impulses which can produce clouds. there will be cloud cover by the coast and showers over santa cruz down to moderate. it will let up around 9:00. sony today with a breeze. mainly northerly breeze. north at half moon bay with wind at 40 miles per hour. it sends impulses with showers. it is a cold air mass in place. it is not budging soon. temperatures are below average in the 50s. the next system arrives on friday. there is another system coming in on sunday and maybe beyond. we get a break today and tomorrow. the next system is friday.
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5:00, here is the super commute ? >> yes. something i want to get to right away. let's take a look. this is 580, that tracy super commute. the richmond commute is doing well. i don't want to scare you. 580 through tracy, very slow. at central valley traffic is heading towards the bay area and ultima past. it is slow because of road work. it remains that way. traffic is okay and livermore and dublin. this is the san mateo bridge. that is slow in this area. they say they will be there for another eye with emergency pothole repair pick up you can get on the freeway at industrial or you'll save
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yourself a lot of time. you can see the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza looks good . let's go back to the desk. >> the reaction is pouring in. the second state of the union address speech and is first in front of the divided congress with nancy pelosi, as speaker of the house. joins us live in washington with details of the speech. good morning.>> reporter: good morning. calls for bipartisanship from the president but it broke down way they do with publicans cheering on the president and democrats holding firm. president trump shook hands with nancy pelosi, a friendly enough start free speech the white house said would stress unity. >> members of congress, the state of our union is . >> reporter: the president called for both parties to work
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together. he went to the most divisive issue, it could lead to another partial government shutdown coming days. >> most of the people in this room voted for awol. the proper wall never got built. i will get it built. >> reporter: he touched on issues with appeal, infrastructure and reducing the cost of healthcare. q1 -- he won praise from democrats expect no one benefited from the thriving economy and women who filled 58% of the newly created jobs last year. >> reporter: democratic women who wore white pointed to an own job gain this year >> good evening. >> reporter: the response given by stacy abrams who lost a race for governor last year. she hit back on immigration.
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>> from agriculture to healthcare to entrepreneurship, america is stronger by the presence of immigrants and not walls. >> reporter: that border wall issue is large in the state of the union. the real question has been whether the president would declare a state of emergency that he did not. nancy pelosi said quote, it will take days to fact check the misrepresentations the president made. instead of fear mongering and monitoring a crisis, he should commit to signing the bill to keep the government open and provide strong border security solutions. the republican leader of the house, mccarthy of bakersfield tweeted quote, the president's message was clear. america first. leadership is returning american greatness. >> harris said a democrat
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running for president tweeted this quote, a reminder that this state of the union address was pushed back because trop shut down the government 35 days. the longest shutdown in u.s. history. in fewer than 10 days, there is a chance he will shut it down over his vanity project. the trump administration and badgered a crisis on our border. they put children in cages and separated families. they demonized women seeking refuge. they bill and iced children searching for a better life. awol will not save lives. real comprehensive immigration will. and we posted a link to the address on our website pick you can see it at . >> the president also announced he will attend a summit with kim jong-un at the end of the
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month. that is scheduled february 27th and 28th in not. the envoy is going to lay the groundwork. the last summit in june, the leaders pledged to work toward denuclearization of the korean and insula little progress has been made since then. report claims the nuclear missile program remains in tact and is ready to lunch. report was put together by a team of investigators north korea's leaders are accused of not taking steps towards eliminating the nuclear arsenal . the report says international sanctions are not working to deter the nuclear moment. in other news, rain and snow at the bay area may be gone but we are still have the coldest temperatures so far. allie is live in walnut creek
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with temperatures that are in the 30s. right? >> reporter: yes. 32 degrees in walnut creek it is cold enough. this guys are clear. it is cool. you can see your breath at that b.a.r.t. station. people are heading to the platform. i noticed cars parked overnight. they have a thick layer of frost. across the bay area, officials warned warming stations. the reception center in san jose was to be a full capacity last night with enough space for 250 people. >> i don't know how people will do it if they choose not to come in. it is freezing. hopefully we don't get a call that somebody expired. that is what i am afraid of.
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>> reporter: the cold temperatures continue yesterday, we saw snow at the lower elevations. mount hamilton and the foothills saw a light dusting of snow. that is enough to stick around and for people to head out and enjoy it with tiny snowballs. we are live and walnut creek at the b.a.r.t. station. it is a day for coats and scarves and gloves. it is expected be -- to be cold . life and walnut creek with ktvu , fox 2 news. this morning, two people, including a police officer were hurt in a car crash. the police officer had lights and sirens when he and another car crashed. both the officer and the driver were taken to the hospital. paramedics and rescue team was
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brought in pick the officer injured is injured with his knee and he hit that dashboard. the police are not releasing information about the driver of the other car. a police officer is charged with filing a false police report. victor is accused of crashing his police car into a pole and reporting the damage of a hit and run. the officer surrendered on a $10,000 arrest warrant and is facing a felony charge. he no longer works for the police department. we are not sure if he quit or he was fired. john burris filed a lawsuit for a deadly officer involved shooting. we want to show you body camera video from officers last march the >> march. the lawsuit claims that joshua pawlik was unconscious between two houses when officers
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confronted up they used loudspeakers to arouse them. the suit claims they waited for 14 to awaken. when he started to accommodate killed him. helping teachers who are spending money to buy school supplies and the tax credit that is proposed that lawmakers are putting on the table. they were trapped in the snow five days. we will hear from a couple how to survive. right now, traffic is doing okay if you are driving 80 westbound to the macarthur maze. it is getting more clotted. it is cold and we will look at the current temperatures. there is snow on top of snow. we will look at the totals. emerge restored, replenished,
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today, the oakland school superintendent will report on the plan to consolidate schools. the district says they need to close or merge as many as 20 schools to close a $30 million budget gap picked the district says the gap exists because declining student rome pick the super and torn it will release her update at 10:00. parents and teachers will
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demand the board set budget party >> they will hold a rally at brookins ame church to ask the district give precedence to schools and students in the oakland flatlands. >> the school district should not make across-the-board cuts. each should be considered individually. they want resources to be made available to schools that have students with higher needs, including the homeless, low income families and students who are learning english as a second language. the school district had good news about the school sport programs. they say received enough donations to keep the sports programs in place for the rest of the school year. earlier, they said they would cut programs, including tennis, volleyball and volleyball. the community responded by raising
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the money. the school district says they need help to prevent making cuts again this fall. lawmakers want to help teachers who were paying with their own money to buy school supplies. this would give teachers a $200 tax credit. you will pay for books, computer equipment and other tools. supporters say it is one way the state can show support for hard-working teachers. >> investment in our teachers comment that would be equal to investing in children. this is a form of recognizing their good deeds. >> the average teacher according to the research spans almost $500 per year buying school supplies. sunnyvale will host sessions as it considers changing the way voters elect city representatives.
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they are thinking about moving from the at-large election system to one that is district based. santa clara the change because they lost a lawsuit that argues asian americans make 20% of the publishing but have never been elected to their counsel. a young bay area couple is speaking about the five days they were stranded in the snow. 18-year-old and her boyfriend carlos plant a short camping trip but the jeep got stuck in the snow before they could make it to a campsite. bad weather led to the jeep that was covered in snow. they used what they had to survive. monday, they heard someone close by. >> my head popped up and i honked the horn and i said we need help. >> they were covered in snow. they automatically started
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honking the horn. >> they had food and blankets with them since they had planned to camp. they will return to the forest but they plan to wait until spring when the snow has melted. sal will help you get to where you need to go. are you ready to take care of things? >> i am ready. we are looking at the commutes. people are on the road early this morning. we are looking as far as gilroy. traffic is clear driving up from gilroy up into morgan hill and san jose. today should be better than when we had wet weather. ed not been raining for the most part. this is generally a dry commute. there could be some wet roads left over from drainage issues but we are looking good
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westbound at the bay bridge, traffic looks good. you are approaching the san mateo bridge, road work for emergency repairs. if your ticket a bridge, you may want to postpone the trip or go another way. 5:18 and let's check the forecast. >> let look at those temps in the 20s. the total for the sierra snow it continues to stack up. more is on the way. measuring in feet. 75 to 90 inches. homewood had 90 inches. squaw had 77. sugar bowl at 75 inches of snow. we had snow yesterday. mount hamilton took the honors for the most snow. the santa cruz has 2 to 3. the
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hills around had a little bit of snow. william says, looking at the snow, photo credit, my wife. thank you. we appreciate that. 30 in lakeport. napa is 31 and 28 in fairfield. kelsey bill is 29. 31 at american canyon. it is cold and 32 here. there are if you 20s and 30s. there is a breeze coming out of the north and stirring things up otherwise, we would be colder. looks like light shower activity is about done. if you are heading down to monterey, there could be morning showers. it is cold over the water. a breeze at 7 miles per hour
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when it is to the north. you can see right there out of the north, the cloud cover could go along the coast. mostly sunny. the cold air mass is not been modified soon. there will be reinforcement on friday. sunday has cold high temperatures with a few upper 40s. assistant drops in with a break saturday. the could be snow and sunday, a system comes in with a big snow producer in the mountains. cloudy and rain with cold conditions. next system on sunday for pam. >> thank you. 5:20 is the time. a messaging feature is letting people at facebook take back the message after you hit send but there is a catch. syringes trash and
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furniture scattered on the beach, the extra efforts the cleanup crews are taking to clean things up. eggo thick and fluffy waffles
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welcome back to mornings on 2. have you regretted a message you sent? the facebook messenger app is giving you the option to understand a message pick there is 10 minutes to remove delivered message. tapped on the message and you have the option
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to remove the message for you or for everyone who received it . cleanup efforts are underway in southern california when rain mash -- washed up trash on a popular beach. they were littered with strollers, diapers, surrenders and furniture and plastic bottles. it flowed from various storm drains and the crews had to use bulldozers to clean up the debris. >> it seems like illegal dumping. i mean, obviously. there is also, not taking care of the trash itself. >> volunteers are planning another cleanup on saturday. >> new business owners are hoping arcade games and pinball machines make a comeback this is called the minibar. it oakland tomorrow at south
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second and east santa clara street. there is 30 arcade machines from the '80s and '90s and pinball machines set up around the bar. >> is trickier than we thought it would be. we wanted to see what it would be like. we have people in our age group. even those who are younger who would have never had this exposure and they are enjoying the nostalgic element. >> a local realtor, reality investments paid roughly $14 million for the building which has been vacant for a here. it was home to the tunes are but the cold water says beer along with the adjusted -- the restaurant will make a nice spot to be. >> president obama be in oakland to host a gathering of
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1025. stephen curry and john legend will host the event. the my brother's keeper focuses on how young men of color can't approve their lives. >> what is important, it is the opportunity to look at the young men as you say, we see you. we affirm you. we need you. >> the event is scheduled for february 18th through the 20th. it is invitation only. they were selected by nonprofits working with the obama addition. a futuristic idea in san jose, the tunnel proposal to shuttle millions of people between the airport. reaction to the second state of the union address. i have that story coming up.
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if you are on your way to the east bay, it looks good. as you drive to the tunnel, it looks good. >> it is cold but quiet in between systems. the next system is due on friday. it is still stacking up.
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good morning. welcome back. it is tiana carruthers night . >> thank you for joining us. it is a cold day. >> through the weekend? >> we are going to say cold for a while. february will go down historically. i mean, it is going to snow for a while. mammoth mountain, is usually a leader in the pack, this is a retweet. 7 to 10 feet of snow in 4 days. the dig out continues. there is more and more. in the sierra, we picked up 75. it is 90 at sierra tahoe. homewood had 90. squaw had 77.
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alpine is in there. norstar at 72. good news still happens in the weather report. 20s for some and 30s and 40s for others. 27 in danville. dublin at 30. 30 out by the concord pavilion. 37 at martinez. it is cold enough with a few clouds and showers parallel to the coast. it is turning around santa cruz. it looks like that is about done . partly cloudy towards the coast. there is enough of a breeze to keep things from getting colder. i know it is cold enough. it will be a quiet day today and tomorrow. friday, the next system comes in with a stronger one on sunday. the beat goes on.
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50s a below average for this time of year. 5:31 and things are busy?>> we have a problem approaching the sammartino bridge. i will show you pictures. there is no problem. it looks great. people are not getting through. viewer living, before on westbound 92 at industrial, there is emergency roadwork. some of the rebar came up and is a hazard to drivers. they had to fix-it. traffic is slow on 92 but interstate 880 and hayward. let's talk about the super commute. westbound 80 looks all right to hercules. 37 and slow with no major promise. the bay bridge looks good. or is a backup. traffic is backing
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up. let's go back to the desk. reviews of the state of the union address are divided despite the push for unity. we are live in washington with the reaction to the speak. >> reporter: the president delivered his second state of the union address with the theme, choosing greatness expect we must reject the politics of revenge, resistance and retribution and embrace the boundless potential of cooperation, compromise and the common good. >> president trump is peeling for his foreign policy plan and continuing his push for border security expect this administration chooses to cage children and tear families apart . compassionate treatment at the border is not the same as open borders. america is stronger by the
5:34 am
presence of immigrants and not walls. >> reporter: nancy pelosi says the president used the speech to instill fear about immigrants missing one major issue which he calls a national emergency. >> the overwhelming comments i received is that the talk about security in a different way. they ignore the gun violence epidemic in the country. >> reporter: the president started all with laying out policies to work. the democratic women of the house were white in honor of the suffragist that came before them. they talked about the number of women in congress. >> usa. usa. >> reporter: president trump u.s. call for it unity comes in is the deadline of february
5:35 am
15th. in washington, fox news. college students from the medic university gathered to watch the speech. their reactions were mixed. >> the bipartisan, he called it out. he didn't learn toward certain areas but he did a good job with bringing a face to his policies. overall, i am pretty happy. >> the students listened closely and some say they appreciate the positive tone at the beginning but others say it seemed like two peach -- speeches but some students were concerned about the remarks on immigration and border security pick >> up you like to describe a community, those are harsh words. at the end of the day, we are all a big family. >> he keeps throwing statistics out.
5:36 am
he is hatemongering and using things that he does not know. >> the students noted that missing from the speech was higher education and the mountain student debt. small group of protesters are protesting the speech before congress. >> no . >> refused fascism, they organized a protest here and around the country they brushed off the message of unity siding that the actions and the words have split the country. also, the oppose the immigration policies in building a wall. as we posted a transcript of the speech at the state of the union, on her website, , you can see it right there. overnight, temperatures near freezing in the bay area.
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it is a concern for those that have no place to get out of the cold>> i don't know how people will do it. it is freezing. hopefully we don't get a call that somebody expired. that is what i am afraid of. >> volunteers went to areas where the ham was -- homeless are known to camp. officials want to make sure people knew they had a place to get a warm bed and a hot meal expect there are different populations we are concerned with. those that are outdoors, we are concerned because of the loss of body heat can lead to hypothermia which could lead to debt. >> the wording shelters will stay open every night through next monday because of the overnight rain and cold weather. >> download our new ktvu weather app. it has interactive radar and hourly updates and a forecast
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pick you can use it to share your weather photos with us. the weather app is free to download from apple and google play. the man accused of kidnapping jayme closs after kit -- killing her parents is due to appear in court. prosecutors will detail the case against patterson. he abducted her after he saw her on the school bus. he reportedly confessed to killing her parents and forcibly taking her from her home pick she escaped if she was held for nearly three months. the san francisco police will give an update on killings from 1970s. we asked police to look at the stabbing deaths that were connected to the dealer. it was given the name because the attacker lowered victims from bars by offering to sketch them. five deaths were connected. the police interviewed one
5:39 am
possible suspect but could not make an arrest. four others survived the attacks , the police are working to get information from them and other witnesses. ricardo is exploring the idea of the underground connection between downtown josi in the international airport. he spoke with elon musk about building the underground tunnel to connect the airport with the train station. right now, the only way to get to the airport at the train station is on a bus shuttle. >> that added one layer of complexity for passenger. it would be easier if someone could get off the plane and grab a bag and hop on a single transit system. >> the mayor says the underground tunnel is just an idea that he wants to explore. he wants to hear from other companies that are capable of building the system.
5:40 am
it is 5:39 and the reaction with the prospect of home games in san francisco. >> we have a number of things that we have been working to prepare for. we do not need any other layer. >> the mayor explains why she does not want the team playing in the city. out with the old and in with the new we will tell you where digital license plates are legal. if you are driving into san francisco, the bay bridge looks okay. there is a backup at the toll plaza but it is moving along efficiently. it is cold enough with 30s and 20s showing up. it is colder towards sunrise. there is lots of 30s.
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there are moments in life that leave a lasting impression. like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun. you might remember new flavours, the sound of an old friend's laugh, or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. today, the oakland school district is going public with the plan to consolidate schools. sarah is live in the oakland school headquarters. this is happening as teachers consider going out on strike. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the superintendent plans on holding a news conference today here at headquarters. from what we understand, she is expected to talk about contract negotiations and a city plan to bring quality schools to each neighborhood in oakland after 95% of the public school teachers voted to authorize the . without a serious proposal, president mitchell says they could strike by the end of the
5:44 am
month. john says if teachers walk out, they have a plan to bring in students or substitutes rather. teachers what a raise over three years while the district is offering only 5%. money is tight in the district and they have to make cuts. there is including cuts to classes. they got enough donations to keep them going. it is not just about the money for teachers. >> it is about forcing a change for the students so they have support they need in a classroom whether a small class size or having counselors and nurses that are needed at the school site. >> reporter: students are supporting teachers by organizing a sec out on friday pick the plan is that students from five different schools will meet at oakland tech at 9:00 in the morning friday and marched to the district office. sarah with, fox 2
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news. the top general in the middle east says no one consulted him about the decision to withdraw troops from syria. the general testified and said the fight against isis is not over. pentagon reports that isis could regroup in syria as soon as 6 months after the troops withdraw. >> they will not attempt to attack us but they will regenerate themselves. we will continue to put pressure on them to prevent that. >> the general quest comments are different from claims that president trump made in his state of the union speech that isis has been defeated. they are ordering troops to be withdrawn from syria but military a has been sent savard. arizona is authorizing new
5:46 am
digital license plate. california and michigan have the electronic place. arizona say they display public emergency notifications or an alert that your car has been stalled. they are the same size and they are installed using wireless lte technology and cost $500. some drivers have mixed opinions . >> it's scary. it is not necessary. it is for people to hack your affirmation. the old plate works fine. i think they are pretty neat. >> in arizona where it is thought, i would invest in it. >> there were plans to authorize digital plates in texas, florida, and washington. the park rangers in yosemite will reevaluate conditions there this point. the roads inside yosemite park are closed because of snow and
5:47 am
dangerous debris. the rangers say trees have fallen down and power outages. until they get the roads reopened safely, they are encouraging everybody to stay safe and stay indoors. >> good advice. of you plans in the spring and summer, the waterfalls, they will be spectacular. >> bursting and gushing. >> if you are a photographer, you could have fun walking around and taking pictures. let's talk about the super commute. traffic is busy on 580 and 205 with no major issues. it is busy with a earlier roadwork near the tracy triangle. we don't need a reason for it to be slow but people are coming in from the central valley towards the bay area for jobs. this is a look at the commute at hayward. southbound on 680
5:48 am
is slow. the bridge is fine but getting to it is slow because they are fixing potholes and rebar that came up. traffic is slow here. the bridge looks good. the san mateo bridge, it is fine. the bay bridge is backed up at the toll plaza. when you get to the span, it looks all right. here is mr. paulson. >> thank you. >> dave is clapping in the ground. >> yes, you do. we have cold conditions. it could be colder with a breeze. it is cold enough for us. as tim wilson says, jack frost must have made a wrong turn and ended up in the bay area. i would say so. he is not going anywhere soon. this is from yesterday. this is from marsh creek road.
5:49 am
that is a beauty we have a lot of those. snow from yesterday at mount hamilton, that was the 8 feet. santa cruz mountains had 2 to 3 feet. looking at some of the 4- day totals at the mountains, it is incredible. 75 at sugar bowl. sierra, 90 inches of snow. squall had 77. norstar had 72. 30s and 40s and 20s. fairfield is 28 degrees. there is a few in the east bay that north. 32 at mineral park. fremont is 33. 40s on the coast because of a north wind about 15 to 25 miles per hour. clouds are clipping
5:50 am
part of the coast of the peninsula. looks like you can see these coming down from the north. will keep cloud cover with isolated showers. cold air is in place and a breeze for many. the breeze at half the bay is coming down. lots of sunshine with great air quality. the sun will not be bad but the shade is cold. the cold air is not modified enough. we are below average with temperatures for the highs and the lows the next system moves in on friday. another on sunday looks to be stronger. it is very wet and cold. i see no reason. 50s for that temperatures. 55 should cover it for everybody . rain on friday. a break in the next system comes sunday. can we talk about golf? pro
5:51 am
golfers and music stars and super bowl here is? they are at pebble beach. we will tell you what is happening before the official pga tournament.
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5:53 am
welcome back to mornings on 2. the san francisco mayor says she does not want the oakland raiders to play in san
5:54 am
francisco next season. she said that yesterday here on mornings on 2 . >> we have things that we have been working to prepare for. we do not need another layer to add to what we already have in terms that area that is congested and filled with construction while host games were basketball and baseball over the coming months. >> they don't know where they can see the raiders play next year. they might play or host the giants at oracle part. the nfl networks reports the 49ers have not waived territorial rights to san francisco. the commissioner ruled out a move to san diego before the raiders move permanently to las vegas. governor newsom has a super bowl bet and he made a bet that the governor of the losing super bowl team would perform community service.
5:55 am
he will serve lunch to the homeless in sacramento. the san jose sharks won, squeaked out the overtime win in the latest version of the series. the sharks played the winnipeg they traded goals during regular and type. with the shark shorthanded in overtime, joe made the difference. he scored the game-winning goal. san jose won number 3-2. they are third place in the conference stand. tonight, they pay the flames in calgary. celebrities and pro golfers converged on the monterey peninsula for the pebble beach program. it is a fun filled week with charity events. the official pga tournament tees off tomorrow. dave was there and lynn was there and many others. they
5:56 am
competed in the chevron shootout, a charity that looks like miniature golf. >> you get up close and personal. you look at these guys in their element. it is so impressive i love this game so much. i am not near what i would love to be. >> he is one of the best. don't believe that. the entire athletes and entertainers will be in competition for charity. rain and snow in the bay area made be gone. we are bundling up because it is so cool. officials are helping people who are living on the streets. the board of supervisors are looking at stun grounds and three deadly cases are prompting a fresh look how they are used in law enforcement. >> i was talking to a guy. this is one of my friends.
5:57 am
traffic is busy on highway 4. the commute is better than we have had because of one thing. we will tell you about that coming up. it is cold in the 20s and 30s. it is not done. we will be back.
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it is a morning for coats and gloves and scarves. emergency officials are helping prepare for those who are stuck in legal. congress listened to the president last night. now, both parties are trying to work together to keep the government funded beyond next week. . good morning. thank you for joining us on mornings on 2 . >> good morning. we are talking about how cold it is in the day area. it has cooled off. >> is it crazy called?>> it is crazy cold.
6:00 am
i will agree with that. >> we are always cold. right? >> a warm heart anyway. the snow continues to be impressive. these are 4-day totals. homewood also at 90. mammoth, it is through the roof . it is unbelievable the snow that is falling. fairfield is 28. 30 in santa rosa. you know it is colder. 33 in fremont and tracy at 34. livermore is 32 degrees. 39 around the bay. el cerrito and oakland with a couple of observations in the 50s and 40s. we have mostly sunny and clouds favor the coast with showers towards santa cruz


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