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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  February 9, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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try my $4.99 sourdough patty melt combo. >> you're watching ktvu fox 2. a plane slamming into a hill killing the pilot, what we are learning about the crash from federal officials tonight. another fatal traffic accident caused by a wrong way driver, the 2nd in the bay area in less than a week. >> this is ktvu fox 2 news at six. >> good evening. >> we begin with breaking news out of contra costa county, the discovery of records from a small plane that crashed on mount diablo. >> we know one person was killed in the crash, generally martin is joins us live with details tonight, rangers say they haven't determined when this plane crashed. >> reporter: they had not an exact time of when the plane crashed, but they believed it was friday night. we are 2500 feet up on mount
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diablo, the plane is above us, about 100 feet up, but because the brush is about 6 1/2 feet tall, and because of the fog you're not going to see anything up there. rangers tell us that earlier today, the clouds were listed and it was a hiker who discovered the plane not far up the trail, identified a maintenance worker, park rangers have been here since 2:30 this afternoon for the faa says it's a single engine in 20 that was traveling from hayward to lincoln california took off on friday after smashing into the hillside, rangers say [ inaudible ] we did get confirmation from the faa that the pilot is dead, the family member of the pilot had reported the pilot missing today. he did not arrive at his destination at the scheduled time. the corner was out here at this time they have not released the
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identity of the pilot. on mount diablo, lee martinez, ktvu fox 2 news. >> think you that live report, this weekend as you can see , we are off to a soggy start today, with chilly and wet weather moving to the bay area, and this is what it looks like in lafayette earlier today, people have their umbrellas out, and the raingear on as well as this storm moved on shore. >> is quite confusing, sunny and then pouring rain. this latest weather system is bringing more snow to the sierras, just as people are digging out from the last snowstorm. and avalanche watch was issued this morning for parts of the sierra, including the tahoe basin. getting to tahoe will likely be slow over the next few days, a 95 mile stretch of interstate 80 is closed. starting at colfax due to mute multiple spin outs and chains are required on highway 50. >> marcus with more on the weather, we are inspecting throughout the night and in this year's as well. in the series, they have a winter storm warning in place, and so far they've been
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thinking of foot, but it's still early on with the storm system, so a lot more expected tonight, and into sunday, so far, for the past 24 hours, sugar bowl 15 inches, squaw valley one foot, and these numbers will be going way up over the next 12 to 24 hours. back here in the bay area, rainfall totals about, for friday and saturday, the last couple days, canfield approaching three quarters of an inch, concord and redwood city over half an inch of rain, close to half an inch for san francisco and san jose .37. not extreme amounts, but still some heavy downpours throughout the day today, it's one of those deals where you saw sunshine, the cloud buildup, the downpour, then back into the sunshine again. here's our radar showing the snow showers to the east, and still rain showers here in the bay area, as we come closer, scattered around portions of the north bay, and now white links up to snowfall, so they are talking about low elevation snowfall once again, especially up in portions of the north bay,
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scouted around the central portion of the bay, open hayward san ramon, still seeing coverage here showing up on the radar, and outside right now we have some of the bay bridge out of focus, mostly cloudy skies and scattered rain showers, here's the developing weather situation, if you thought it was cold today, temperatures will get cooler, cold enough that we can have snow levels down to maybe 1000 feet, in the north bagels from the bay area hills possibly as low as 2000 feet you get snow levels that low, there's possibly a mix closer to sea level, as a result, the national weather service has issued a winter weather advisory until 10 am sunday, up above 1500 feet, we possibly could have amounts going around 2 to 4 inches. another dusting of snow in the bay area, and more than dusting for the higher peaks, we will have more in the forecast for tomorrow, coming up in a bit. >> we could have moments of rain, so this might be useful to you, ktvu is offering a newly updated ktvu weather app work will find live radar,
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hourly updates, and the seven day forecast as well as videos from our weather team. you can also submit your own weather picture's to the app as well. turning now to pacifica where two people were killed in another wrong way crashed. >> this is the 2nd fatal runway crash in the bay area in less than a week. we have more from pacifica. >> reporter: it took five hours, but finally all the lanes on northbound state highway one reopened, and it was really tough for the chp to respond to that scene, and for people who were driving by to see it. two times in six days. >> >> reporter: san francisco chp responded to a fatal runway crash. >> it never gets easier, and it's obviously something i never want to see. >> reporter: every 3rd on how in it 101, two killed, 900. now, saturday morning on state highway 201 in pacifica, two killed, three hurt. >> i take this route every day to go to yoga, so it's pretty scary to see something happen like that. >> reporter: the chp says a call came in at 4:13 am, a
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driver got on highway one northbound going south. at 48:18 a.m., another call. within five minutes, the driver of a white prius crashed head- on with a chevy silverado at clear and on room. >> i could see the prius and a big truck, a lot of smoke, the emergency vehicles on the scene, it was a pretty gnarly looking scene. >> reporter: the driver of the prius has critical injuries. two passengers in his car were killed. one man who wasn't wearing a seatbelt, and a woman, all three are in their 20s or 30s, per the chp. the driver and passenger of the chevy have non-life-threatening injuries, and are also in their 20s or 30s. the chp is investigating whether or not the driver of the prius was under the influence. officers on scene say paying more attention could save your life. >> on the freeway, the features we have, the bumps in the roadway, they will reflect read back at you, as you're driving with the headlights on, so if you see that, it's best to pull
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over off the freeway if you think you're doing something wrong. >> reporter: in pacifica, ktvu, fox 2 news. police are investigating a violent confrontation on board a train last night, it happened at the 16th street mission station in san francisco, at about 7:30 last night. mark called it a physical altercation involving a weapon. the fight involved as many as four men, and authority say one person was taken to the hospital while a person of interest was detained. the station was closed briefly well bar police investigated. san mateo valley investigators were searching for more possible victims of a man who pleaded no contest to a string of molestations. the sheriff's office says 71- year-old daniel miranda of pescadero admitted to multiple counts of sex abuse of girls dating back almost 20 years. he was sentenced to 10 years in prison. investigators believe there are more victims out there, and are asking anyone who had contact with miranda to call the san mateo county sheriff's office.
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police in san francisco are investigating after a body was discovered floating in the bay early this morning, the body which police said is that of a female was found near pier 43 at about 7:10. the san francisco medical examiner is trying to figure out how the woman died. officials have not released any information about whether foul play is suspected here. authorities in gilroy are looking for an at-risk man who hasn't been seen since thursday evening. 66-year-old david left his home on wren avenue thursday at 6 pm, and has not been seen since. the family says he suffered from a medical condition that causes them to become disoriented, without his medication. they say he maybe driving a 2002 blue honda odyssey minivan, and anyone with information is asked to call police. to burial law i make today hosted a town hall meeting on gun violence. congressman mike thompson say the forum focused on comments and solutions to fighting the gun violence epidemic. some of the proposals include the bipartisan background checks act which would expand the use and scope of background checks. the father of one person of the
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town hall was murdered by a man with an assault weapon 19 years ago. >> it was a targeted assassination, the gun was legally purchased, but the question is, why is a gun of that capacity even available for sale to begin with? >> constituents have a chance to ask questions and share their thoughts and ideas about how to curb gun violence. the town hall event was held this afternoon at a high school in martinez. san mateo county supervisor has plans to introduce new ordinances next week requiring the safe storage of firearms. the new legislation will mandate that guns in homes must be stored in a locked container or disabled with a trigger lock. it is a common sense approach that will protect them from accidental gun deaths. and will decrease the risk that a gun will be used commit suicide, homicide, or cause injury. he's expected to introduce the proposed ordinance on tuesday. all lanes of the richmond
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bridge are back open after engineers worked overnight to adjust the temporary repairs to the expansion joint on the bridge. the work comes after concrete broke off the bridge and fell onto a car thursday, causing the bricks to shut down for several hours. caltrans blames the failure on a warrant expansion joint, expecting to close more lanes of traffic starting monday night at 9:00 and finishing up around 3 am on tuesday. coming up, elizabeth warren kicking off her bid for the white house, the appeal she's making for working-class voters. the rear side in the pacific northwest, as a winter storm pounds the seattle area with several inches of new snow.
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senator elizabeth warren making it official, the
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democrat kicking off her bid for the white house today, in her home state of massachusetts. >> we have more on the central themes of warren's campaign. >> i stand here today, to declare that i am a candidate for president of the united states of america. >> elizabeth warren declaring her candidacy for the 2020 presidential election saturday. the democratic left-wing firebrand bowing to join americans in the battle that lies ahead. as she put a spotlight on her efforts in behalf of working- class americans. >> this is the fight of our lives. the fight to build on america where dreams are possible and america that works for everyone. >> reporter: senator warren getting reelected in november to a 2nd term representing massachusetts, she's pushing her progressives ideology, saying the economy has been rigged so far, in favor of the rich and powerful, and working- class americans are at risk of being left behind. >> some rich guy screamed class
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warfare, let me tell you something, these same rich guys have been waging class warfare against hard-working people for decades, i say it's time to fight back. >> reporter: warren made no mention of the ongoing controversy over her past claims to have native american heritage. which made headlines the last few days. she previously apologized to the cherokee nation for taking a dna test to prove her native american ancestry. >> i am sorry that i extended the confusion about tribal citizenship. >> reporter: the messages was the 1st big-name democrat to launch and explore tory committee in december. fox news. on warrants presidential run, president trump tweeted today, will she run as her 1st native american presidential candidate, or has she decided that after 32 years, this isn't playing so well anymore? see you on the trail, the campaign trail. trail is capitalized and some are interpreting it as an insensitive reference to the trail of tears. the forced relocation of native
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americans leading to the deaths of thousands of cherokees in the mid-1800s. elizabeth warren joins a number of other democrats running for the white house, including california senator kamala harris, senator kristin hildebrand, senator cory booker, former husband secretary julian castro, congressman kelsey gabbert, former congressman john delaney, and mayor of south bend indiana, paul judge. ralph northam says he will not resign, instead, he says he plans to spend his remaining three years of his term pursuing racial equality. in an interview today with the washington post, northam said there must be a higher reason for the horrific reckoning over racist photo that appeared in his 1984 medical school yearbook. the image shows a man in blackface beside someone in a ku klux klan robe. northam apologized for appearing in the photo, but later said it wasn't him. the democratic party in virginia is calling for lieutenant governor justin fairfax to resign.
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the party chairwoman issued a statement today, saying fairfax can't serve effectively because two women this week made credible allegations of sexual assault. fairfax has emphatically denied the allegations, and that he will not step down, as a week ago, fairfax was a rising star in the democratic party, he's only the 2nd african-american to ever hold statewide office in virginia. president trump was given a clean bill of health after undergoing his annual medical checkup. the presidents doctors are saying mister trump is in very good health and is likely to remain so for the duration of his presidency and beyond. doctor sean connolly said that over the course of the four hour medical checkup, he supervised the panel of 11 board-certified specialists who were examining the 72-year-old commander-in-chief. apple is cracking down on the number of smart phone apps after discovering it may track a person's activities without giving user consent. >> we report the ones in question are popular airline hotel and even retail apps.
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>> what these people did is they violated the agreement. >> reporter: this is a company that develops websites and smart phone apps, and in his world, the news is big as some app developers may have been snooping on customers without anyone ever knowing. the article appears on tech, alleging a number of travel related apps have been using the tool to track user activities without ever asking for permission or disclosing that it was happening. >> they were recording swipes, zoom in, zoom out, how much time do you spend in a specific offer, what are your destinations, all that. which is invading the privacy of the user. >> reporter: according to the tech crunch investigation, app store selections like expedia,, and air canada were all implicated in the practice. rather than burying the data collection in the fine print, the practice instead appeared to direct violation of apple's app guidelines that explicit user consent is such things be requested.
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torres said that information would be marketing gold. >> i know exactly how this person feels, thinks, act. and by that, that becomes very powerful, because i can influence that person aced on their behavior. >> reporter: the company that provides the tracking tool to app developers tells tech crunch that the information is only used to make the apps perform better, but apple is not having any of that. telling the magazine in a statement, we have notified the developers that are in violation of the strict privacy terms and guidelines, and will take immediate action if necessary. that means no more apps. it would be a short-term victory, but torres says the urge to collect that personal information will remain strong among those who seek to influence in both good and troubling ways. >> the way you behave with your phone is the way you really think, the way you really feel. switching gears here, they
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are accustomed to rain, but folks in seattle and surrounding areas are seeing a rare snowstorm, some areas are more than a foot of snow, snow clouds were out clearing salute street in residential areas today, you are being asked to stay indoors and off the road. if possible. here in the bay area, we can be talking about snowfall in the hills, down to some low elevations once again, as you know it's very cold out there, with the moisture moving in from the north, they could translate to snow levels possibly coming down to maybe 1000 feet in the north bay hills, the rest of the bay area down 2000 to 2500 feet, national weather service issuing this, the winter weather advisory until 10 am on sunday, up about 1500 feet, there's a chance we could have amount approaching four inches, so this in-place begins at 7 pm this evening, running until 10 am on sunday. look at the action on the rater once again, the snow showers out toward the sierras, heavy snowfall there and has been active day here in the bay
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area, there's the current radar pattern as we show you some coverage up in the north, and some yellows and oranges linking up to have your downpours right now, really moving into portions of solano county, right around napa, and approaching fairfield and vacaville, as you move the maps around, it looks like we have more development closer toward san francisco, let's zoom in on this around san francisco, and out toward richmond and berkeley, so more yellows and reds linking up to have your downpours on this panel, and then down in the south bay, more coverage developing for sunnyvale, approaching campbell, santa clara, san jose, and approaching portions of the east bay, lots to track on the radar for tonight, still talking about downpours, current numbers, as you know, very chilly, 40s and 50s right now, santa rosa 47, san jose 50, livermore in the upper 40s, like camera looking out for the bay toward san francisco, we do have rainfall in the bay, we are tracking the rain for tonight, could be heavy at times, so be prepared for that. possibilities and scattered showers early tomorrow morning,
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which are starting out tomorrow in the 30s and 40s, now we are looking ahead here, here's a seven-day rainfall forecast model as you can see, some rainfall in the short-term, but look what happens as we head into wednesday, these numbers really go up wednesday, because possibly a strong storm could be developing by midweek, that's something that would definitely be watching for over the next few days. for today, the cold rain showers unstable even a few thunderstorms, the coldest part of this system is still up here, that moves in tomorrow, so get that rain showers for tonight, could be heavy at times, a possibility of thunderstorms and the chance of scattered showers on sunday, tomorrow should be better than today to get outside. in this era, this is a winter storm warning that will continue for the rest of the weekend, and in the early tomorrow, it's early monday morning until four clock, and up about 7000 feet, could have amounts going up above three feet approaching four feet. here we are tonight, the rainfall paying us a visit, you'll notice tomorrow a lot of
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breaks in the action, probably better bets to get outside tomorrow afternoon, not too much action here, partly cloudy skies sunday afternoon, and then on monday we could have a few clouds and maybe a few sprinkles, a few scattered light showers. high tomorrow will be in the 50s for your sunday, and here's a look ahead, your five day forecast, a lot to talk about here, but it looks like a better chance to get outside for tomorrow, still a chance of those showers for the morning hours, maybe some more showers today, but then we are going to zero in on the stronger system by wednesday, that could bring in some flooding concerns for us, but between now and then, if you were a little bit annoyed with the weather pattern today to get outside, i think you'll like the forecast better tomorrow. >> that's something to look forward to, thank you. >> sports is coming up next, 3rd round of the pebble beach throw is in the books. >> and the giants franchise was more about a player not on the roster, next, with sports. [music playing] (sashimi) psst. hey, you!
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>> the weather wreaked havoc on outdoor activities for >> if you have to slog your way through one of those days with a little bit of everything, it was a vintage crosby weather day at pebble beach today, for the 3rd round of the national
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pro-am, a considerate bill murray brought donuts before today's play, and has been present in the past, murray has game, he's putting for a birdie for he and his partner, mikel simply double today, and i shot on the par 5/14 hole to set himself up for a bit an eagle opportunity. mickelson made eagle, and he is three shots off the lead after 200 par round. of 70. the leader is paul casey, who today played spyglass hill, pc for birdie on the 4th hole, and then on number nine, it's casey with another birdie attempt that he drained, he's 1500 par for the tournament, they will all be at pebble beach for tomorrow's final round. next week at this time, major league baseball spring training camps will be open to get their fans back in a baseball mood, the giants held their annual fan fest today at their ballpark at 24 willie mays plaza, the fans had to be willing to brave a little rain for the chance to
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get up close to the lights of buster posey and joe panic. they were the usual townhall sessions featuring q&a, but what's interesting is that one of the major topics of conversation centered around a guy who isn't even on the team. there's obvious interest about reported negotiations, but one of the offseasons most high profile free agents bryce harper spills over to the players. >> to be able to add the type of player to the roster, we want to win here, it's a culture of winning here in san francisco, and that's what we want to do, we are going to continue to grow, and try to get better as a team, and hopefully continue to direct that way. >> liking jones and the bears still looking for their 1st conference win, and corvallis this afternoon against oregon state, the bears giving themselves a chance within four early in the 2nd half, after that lot from matt to connor bent over. bears stay within striking range, often to banner, who hits the three, bears within two
6:28 pm
with 1:45 to play, but the bears never scored again. stephen thompson to kylor kelley, kelly stays with his own miss, gets the hoop to beavers when 79-71, cal season only gets more miserable at 5- 18 overall, 0-11 in the pac12. hard to find something good about 0-11. [ laughter ] >> think you so much. all right, we will keep on the weather as well, it's scattered throughout the night, we will have an update online and on the website. >> watch out for a downpour, still out there. >> thanks, march, things for joining us tonight. >> we will see you back your 10:00. ♪
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