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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  February 11, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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say he did not have to die. i have learned that six police officers opened fire and were forced to do so when he reached for a stolen done. >> a memorial of flowers and candles sits near the taco bell drive-through in vallejo were 21-year-old willie mccoy was shot and killed by vallejo police on a saturday night. >> willie was a good person. he didn't deserve that. >> it started when eight taco bell employee called 911. they said a man was slumped over in the mercedes in a drive- through on admiral callahan lane. officers arrived and found him unresponsive and with a gun in his lap. his car was locked. the transmission was in drive. police say mccoy started to move. the officers told him to show his hands. but he quickly reached for the gun. police shot and killed him. police say they recovered a loaded 40 caliber semi automatic handgun with an extended magazine. the gun had been reported stolen out of oregon. >> willie had a lot on his shoulders. he was a good young man.
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he made everyone left him. >> you can see numerous bullet holes in the windshield of his mercedes, which was towed away as evidence. the shooting is under investigation from vallejo police and that solano county. mccoy was a rapper. he was part of the group ftb. and his music he spoke of challenges in his life, including losing his father. throughout the day, his family and friends stopped by to drop off candles and voice outrage, to be passed out and abruptly woken up out of slumber, no get your hands up or surrender or whatever. you are not thinking coherently. he and others as they police should have given him time to gain his bearings. >> so he has a gun? they have guns. this is the thing, let the man have some kind of fighting chance. >> i have no words for the lease department. that is not protecting and
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serving. they are not supposed to shoot to kill either. >> six police officers have not been released, the names. the mccoy families say that they intend to meet with eight civil rights attorney. live at the vallejo police department, i am henry lee. >> tapley's or family or friends been able to shed some light or explain why he was slumped over and why he had a stolen gun on his lap? >> vallejo police say they are still trying to figure out how the gun came to be allegedly in mr. mccoy's possession. they have notified the organ law enforcement agency that took the stolen done report. at this point, we do not know why mccoy was slumped over or whether he was under the
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influence of under a substance. or if he was simply tired. we are told he was on tour as a rapper. >> henry lee live in vallejo tonight. henry, thank you. a shooting in oakland injured a juvenile and an 18- year-old man. it happened after 12:30 pm this afternoon your the kfc on for help boulevard and 30 ford, 34th avenue. one of the victims was shot in the arm. it is unclear what led to the shooting. the suspect may have given away in an older model pickup truck. the oakland unified school district is looking for replacement teachers in case there is a strike. it is also so the district can keep schools open. teachers and parents have concerns about the qualifications of those replacement teachers that the district may end up hiring. we are live in oakland with more on all of this. rob? >> teachers have not yet set a strike date for the oakland unified school district is actively recruiting teachers just in case. >> the oakland unified school
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district has placed this ad on craigslist, seeking emergency temporary teachers. it is one of several websites the district is using. according to the ad, candidates must have at least a bachelor's degree. the pay is $300 per day. that is more than double the $113 daily rate for substitute teachers. chas garcia is a special education teacher and a union vice president who have concerns with the ad. >> they have reduced the requirements substantially. there aren't any letters of recommendation requested as in a normal substitute teacher hiring process. they're looking to do so in such a way?. >> the school district says it intends to keep the schools open, even if teachers do strike. >> we are certainly hoping to get the staff we need to take care of the situation. officer, a strike can be disruptive. we need to keep schools open because a lot of families depend on the schools being open for making sure the kids are there safe. the teachers are seeking a 12% pay increase over three years less smaller class sizes and more support in the
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classroom. the district is offering 5%. no negotiations have been scheduled. students have walked out of class in march of support of the teachers. parents might soon have to decide what to do with their kids if there is a strike. send them to school with a temporary teacher or somewhere else. lakisha young has a daughter in high school and also runs reach, a parent run program that advocates for schools. >> if there are safety issues you wonder about, the care of the children, i think each family will have to make an individual decision. having someone in the classroom who is not familiar with the kids or has the relationship, it could be high risk for families. some families might not have a choice. >> a panel is expected to issue its report this friday and it could happen that teachers will strike by late february. >> rob, thank you. a motion was denied today to add more defendants to the go ship warehouse trial.
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the judge turned down the motion filed by the attorneys for the master tenant, saying she did not have the power to file charges. defense attorneys had asked that the buildings owners and firefighters be arrested and charged. amanda and harris are charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter, one for each victim of the fire in december 2015. the california public utilities commission has been accused of being to cozy with pg and e., there are concerns whether there are enough. so they will do the inspections. >> it is amazing what you find out sometimes. that cpuc claims that has inspectors to make sure that california's electrical system is safe. or do they? >> with more than 1000 employees, that cpuc regulates electricity, natural glass,
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water, and transportation companies within the state. the electricity, safety and reliability branch has 34 people to oversee the entirety. but the electricity infrastructure in all of california and all land telecommunications infrastructures are included as well. 19 positions appear to be for full-time inspectors. but the cpuc is not able to tell me if all of this positions are filled. odds are, says the state senate office, they are not. it is hard to imagine how 19 inspectors could protect the millions of consumerrelatively number of cpuc inspectors, we basically have a trust and verify system. trust that the utilities are doing their jobs and hope that we can verify i state and for specters that they are actually doing it. the question remains, in this new season of wild fighters
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beyond control, is that closely enough inspectors? >> with a look at the number of positions they have and those sessions should be filled and operational. they should be in the field making sure that our utilities are safe and that they are operating safely. >> senator hill is quick to say that southern california edison and san diego gas and electric are consistently better corporate systems, they say pg&e often breaks the rules. >> unfortunately they have consistently felt that getting caught is a lot cheaper and of less consequence and that is what they have historically done. >> we see no reason to trust pg&e. they have lied to this commission. they manipulate it. why would you trust pg&e? >> at the very least, critics of pg&e and the cpuc say that the current trust and verify system should be replaced with a trust but verify system. pg&e insists that safety is
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still a high priority. delays and overcrowding marked the first day of changes to bart warning schedule. buses replaced trains during the 4 am hour today. a change that will continue for at least the next three and half years during the seismic retrofit of the trans a two. there 50 new bus lines making stops at 21 key stations. until bart trained start running eight. passengers gave mixed reviews. others complained that the buses were late and packed. >> the ride was pretty good. really quick with no stops. it was great. it was hectic. >> i didn't like it. i am late to work already. >> bart officials called today's issues hiccups and will work on fixing them. about 2800 writers use bart during the 4 am hour. >> directed of a small plane that crashed on mount diablo remains on the mountain. i park ranger says that weather
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and rugged terrain has hampered efforts to remove the plan. 49-year-old chris of sacramento was killed in the crash. he was piloting the single engine plane when it went down sometime on friday night. it was heading from hayward to lincoln, north of sacramento at the time. the faa and the ntsb are investigating the accident. new housing ideas in san francisco coming up tonight at 5:30 pm. the two new proposals to increase affordable housing in a city that desperately needs it. >> plus scientific breakthroughs or pushing an ethical barrier? how stanford finds itself in a worldwide controversy over jean editing babies. we have weather to talk about. rain is not going to get here right away but when it does, you will notice it. especially on the commute. back year after the break. secondhand smoke can be closer than you think.
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but what's the fun in that? switch to cvs pharmacy. some call it a scientific break through. others call it an unethical science. some faculty members at stanford university are under investigation for possible role in helping a chinese scientist great the first gene edited babies. >> reporter: the announcement came last november as some of the best and brightest gathered in hong kong. chinese scientists revealed they had produced the first gene edited babies. twin girls underwent dermal line editing. the dna was altered to make them resistant to contracting the hiv virus. >> this kind of editing affect the patient's but also their future progeny and future generations. therefore, any unintended
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consequences could affect populations, not just the individual patient. >> and is an ethicist at santa clara university. the center for applied ethics. global condemnation has been swift and uniform because international community has guidelines in place to prevent human trials on jean editing. >> we don't know a lot about genetics. we don't know what is going to happen if we change one gene. we are trying to stop the disease but maybe there will be unintended side effects. for example, ones that are negatively adapted for evolution. people are disadvantaged or it will actually harm their health. >> multiple stanford faculty members say he contacted them about genetically modifying human embryos and implanting them in women. the university is lush investigation into the actions by those who were contacted. >> we were to meet look into the concerns that are brought to us at stanford. the school explained that we
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have a review underway of the circumstances with the doctors interactions with the researchers at the university. >> the chinese government is also investigating. they found that the doctor violated some of that country's laws and that he might face a criminal investigation. experts say the fact that he was able to complete the experiment despite strong global opposition may signal the need for greater oversight of the scientific community where jean editing is involved. >> it is raising questions about the regulation of international science. the scientific community is trying to handle this by voluntary deadlines. ones that are widely agreed- upon. >> the answer might be years off as action seems to be outpacing difficult questions. jesse gary, ktvu fox2 news. in oakland chef is
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negotiating to bring more transportation options to the city. the groups will offer free lift rides for low income residents and set up a free bike library where people can check out a by. the one million-dollar program will also invest in new bike paths and parks. the mayor says she hopes to bring transit equity to east oakland. this idea of getting this community excited about the creativity, the opportunity and honestly, the job opportunities and learning how to repair bikes. the job opportunities with companies like lift that are now expanding their vision of mobility to include things like bike share. >> the company is donating $700,000 to support this initiative, which will include subsidized transit passes and bike and scooter rentals for 5 dollars per month. >> new figures show there has been a slowdown in trees dying
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in california as the city is saying more rain. many of the trees died last year. that is compared to 27 million the previous year. in 2016, during the peak of his, california's historic truck assisted 2 million trees died. while the diaphanous is slowing, he warned that browning trees to do to pose a serious threat. serving as fuel for catastrophic wildfires. that weekend storm brought more snow to bay area mountain peaks. this video is showing mount diablo capped with white tops. over the weekend, the bay area's highest peaks got a wearing county and mount hamilton. this week's forecast calls for another storm. but it will be a warmer storm. we are not expected to see any more snow on bay area peaks at
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least for now. let's bring in our chief meteorologist. it is feeling like some rain is on the way? >> you can feel it outside. it is so cool but temperatures will warm up as the storm is coming in. tuesday night and wednesday. it is further south in location. with the weather service has done is issue a flash flood watch through tuesday night and thursday morning. it is not just because of the rainfall, but is also because we have had ground saturation. the ground is saturating. don't freak out when you see that. is mainly for urban flood advisories, not big river flooding. the small stream flooding. it happens because the rainfall gets going hard. when you get saturated, the water pulls out. that is what we are looking at. the winds are the real deal. we will see gusts of 40-50 miles per hour. around some of the higher areas of the bay proper. up to 60 miles per hour up in the hills. not unusual for a storm. but there is a wind advisory in
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effect. i suspect that on your wednesday morning commute. it will be the most wind issued. with that in mind, the rainfall total is not amazing. 1 inch to 2 inches for 72 hours in the central bay. the coastal areas are 6 inches of rain. it seems like a lot but it isn't for a typical day. ground saturation, quite frankly, if there wasn't, if there was a storm behind us, or a storm in front of us, we would be a different story. it will be a sequence of storms. with this situation, there is nothing back here that will pummel us on thursday, friday, saturday. be a few sprinkles but nothing will pummel us. look at is what is coming. we call that a pineapple express, a tropical jet stream. now the terminology is the
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river. don't forget when you hear that. but it does need to me is that southern california and central california, santa barbara, they are well over 100% of average in those areas. they will get a lot of rain for the system. a lot more than they typically would. in some cases more than us. especially the central coast. there you go. when i come back, we will talk about what you can expect as we move forward. you can also, it works out that you can use our app. everybody seems to really like it. not everybody but most people really like it. it is really smooth. it is neat. you can put on your homepage. just like that. you can scroll through it. it is very smooth. i am a big fan of the raider. most of the radar, you look at them and any, the clarity is not good. these are updated. the level ii radars, these are the ones we use at channel 2. >> first-round draft pick has announced that he will play football instead of basil.
5:21 pm
it was always known when they drafted kyler murray and gave him a four have million dollars signing bonus. but he decided to go back to play in oklahoma as one more year for the sooners. he ended up winning the heisman trophy. now it appears that he will be a first round pick in this year's nfl round draft. he is fully committed to playing football. he was scheduled to report to the a's spring training camp this friday. everyone was wondering what he was going to do. coming up, president trump is in texas right now visiting a border town before another government shutdown possibility over funding for a border wall. it comes the same day that governor gavin newsom told the national he plans to use them instead. >>lawsuit against the scooter company after a woman sues regarding negligence that
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and is greeting people in el paso. former texas congressman beddoe or rourke will have a counter rally against a border wall. president trump will speak to the crowd at the coliseum. the president met with a group of shares at the white house where he said a border what is needed to keep criminals out of the united states. >> we need a wall. we can call it anything. we will call it a barrier or whatever they want. but now it turns out that they want to give us the money for the wall, but they don't want to give us the space to detain murderers, criminals, drug dealers, human smugglers, etc. >> bipartisan talks of the federal budget and border security broke down over the weekend. late this afternoon, a glimmer of hope. lawmakers said they were back on track for a deal to prevent another government shutdown at the end of the week. >> governor gavin newsom plans to remove several national guard troops from the southern border. as mike lurie explains,
5:26 pm
california will know participate in what he calls the theater of the absurd. >> i affixing my signature. governor newsom offered two thirds of the national guard troops on the border to begin leaving effective march 31st. >> the president of the united states have added to 50,000 troops to be sent to the border. if you're going to add 300 and, three and 50,000 troops, what you need the national guard for? >> he will use them to suppress wildfires. another 150 will suppress drug trafficking. just 100 will remain at points of entry, targeting criminal organization. >> the california official is drawing down its troops. >> the whole thing is the theater of the absurd. california has had enough. >> he is playing politics. this is all political theater.
5:27 pm
revolt can assemble them in devon mathis served and earned a purple heart after he was injured in iraq. >> we have a huge human trafficking problem. >> today i put that question to governor newsom, >> what is your response to some republicans that they the your executive order ignores the issue of human sex trafficking. >> there's a great new yorker piece they should refer to. there are legitimate concerns, they are just overstated from my humble perspective. the deeper issue is drugs. that is real. that is not manufactured. >> that is mike reporting. governor newsom says he has not talked to president trump about this but it will likely henry a reaction from the white house. still to come, everyone knows how hard it is to find affordable housing in the bay area. up next, to leaders in services go have a one-two punch that
5:28 pm
will create new affordable housing in the city. the be surprised if your tax return is smaller than it was last year. coming up, but that doesn't mean you are actually paying more in taxes. >> 50 years after the black panther hardy was founded in oakland, there is a new exhibit, offering a unique perspective on this controversial group. ♪
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city leaders in san francisco are taking on the affordable housing crisis. ktvu's christian is in the city tonight with a look at what they are proposing. >> reporter: the affordable housing is scarce here in services,. the mayor and state senator are pushing for plans that will loosen up the city's notoriously high housing market. >> mayor toward the mission today. for areas where affordable housing might fit in. cmos from the mission housing development corporation says that a lack of affordable housing is driving up prices, leaving some priced out or in some cases homeless. >> there are so many people one
5:32 pm
paycheck away from being homeless. so many people who do not consider themselves to be at risk, it is scary. >> affordable housing has been on the mayor's raider. >> services go does not have enough places to build. but if we open our eyes, if we look at underutilized sites, we do. >> ending the permitting fees for portable housing projects, also accessory dwelling units. the city says permits account for about a percent of the total cost and permits for affordable housing can range up to 100-$150,000. >> it is important because it is an incentive to get someone to choose to go this route, to provide this much needed housing. >> sentences is state senator is pushing for senate bill 50. allowing for housing to be built near rail lines and transit hubs. it will allow for people to live in denser populated parts of the city. and allow for construction in less dense appellations. >> you should be able incertain
5:33 pm
i am not talking about a skyscraper but at least a building so that more people can access housing and so it is more affordable. >> that could mean more developments and this area. >> i think it is a good idea. as long is it is limited. you don't want too much of anything. >> others worry that it could control the thing that makes neighborhoods like this so charming. >> i think in this neighborhood, it would be a tragedy if they are going to put housing in this area. because you will not find it anywhere else in the city. >> the mayor's plan to waive those fees heads to plans are going to committee in march or april. we are live in san francisco. ktvu, fox2 news. one person is recovering after a pickup truck crashed
5:34 pm
into a home in antioch. it stopped just inches away from the homeowners. it crashed on golden bear drive and bear which way. it took down the street sign along with it. crews say they responded to the call just after 1130 last night. the couple living in the home was asleep and say it was a close call. >> i didn't know anything. i heard a boom and i thought someone was shooting. >> the driver of the truck was taken to the hospital with major injuries after the truck rammed into the two-story home. no other details have been released. >> you might be in for a surprise when it comes to filing your taxes this year. so far the irs reports that the average refund is lower for people compared to last year. due to sweeping changes to the tax code in 2017.
5:35 pm
ktvu to christina is in our newsroom with more. >> tax rates did go down but your refund could be affected if you did not adjust to your paycheck withholdings. >> the irs says that tax season is getting off to a slower start. >> i am not looking forward to it. but i have already started. >> agency has processed less returns compared to this time last a. under the new tax code, or if you, your refund could be lower. >> withholdings are down. >> art anderson acpa in fremont says the overhaul of the tax code rot many changes. the standard deduction nearly doubled for most taxpayers. the personal exem disappeared. rates went down as did withholdings. some people may not get the refund they were expecting. >> a lot of people come in thinking, if my taxes are going down, right my refund should go up. but that is not the case for people with taxes withheld. the new withholding tables correspond to the rate reductions this year.
5:36 pm
>> irs staff actually average refund is down 8%. refunds for 2017 average over $2000. compared to roughly $1800 for 2013. refunds are smaller by an average of $170. >> if you have two earners that are both going on the same joint return, sometimes the withholding tables do not account for that properly. >> other changes include tax cuts for companies lowering the tax rate from 35% to 21%. experts say getting a smaller refund doesn't mean you're paying more in taxes. >> you have to get used to the lower tax bracket. so that we can pay enough tax. >> for most people, the goal is to break even. >> i advice is to start early. if there is tax due, you want to know as soon as possible. >> refunds are anticipated to continue. there could be some delays like there were during the last shut
5:37 pm
down. frank? julie? >> almost request had a mixed finish. the dow fell 53 but the nasdaq was up nine. the s&p was up one. traders are looking ahead to thursday when higher-level trade talks are expected to resume between the united states and china. >> southwest airlines announced that it starts to fly to hawaii. it is lowering prices for other airlines that fly to the islands. southwest completed a successful run from oakland to honolulu and back to texas last week. now, southwest is waiting for federal approval before it can start selling fees. other airlines flying to hawaii have already dropped prices in anticipation of southwest approval. some roundtrips flights are dropping to as low as $200. ys initially fight to hawaii from oakland, san jose, sacramento and san diego. >>.com, some storms are making for great skiing conditions in how the snow has left thousands of people without power for one week.
5:38 pm
virginia's governor is defending himself as efforts to impeach him are slowing down. i will have the details coming up to
5:39 pm
5:40 pm
we have breaking news right now out of washington dc, where negotiators of both parties say they have reached an agreement in principle to fund the
5:41 pm
government and a void another shutdown at the end of the week. the negotiators said earlier today they had made progress on a deal. still no word on what means for border walls or security. we will update you with the details as soon as we learn them. right now this is a live look at a rally tonight in el paso texas where president trump is expected to take the stage at any moment. we are keeping an eye on this rally to see if the president talks about this agreement. we will keep you posted. a freshman congresswoman is apologizing for tweets about a pro israel interest rate. democrat tweeted that they paid members of congress to support israel. she treated that she unequivocally apologize. her intention is never to offend constituents or jewish americans as a whole. na other
5:42 pm
democrats had rebuked her for the tweet. in virginia, the three top lawmakers are facing political backlash. they are not stepping down. garrett tenney tells us that this comes after eight move to impeach the was too, the lieutenant governor was halted. >> lieutenant governor justin fairfax under fire from both parties following multiple allegations of sexual assault. a bill impeaching fairfax was scheduled to be introduced today. but it was pulled at the last minute. patrick hope, the lawmaker behind the bill tweeted that there has been an enormous amount of sincere feedback that has led to additional conversations that need to take place before anything is filed. >> if it comes general assembly and we have these hearings and we don't even have the ability to subpoena witnesses. what is that going to do to the victims? >> meanwhile, the governor is facing calls to resign after the disclosure of the back fillets your book photo. he is not going anywhere is what he says. >> i have learned, i admit my
5:43 pm
mistakes and i'm going to improve my life and to better. to be in a position where i can help other people. that is why i do what i do. >> the attorney general is facing a black face controversy of his own. he is accusing democrats of playing politics instead of doing the right thing. >> shining the light on the attorney general because they're focusing on power and politics. they are throwing principle out the window. >> lieutenant governor and attorney generals stepping down, it would be the house speaker who would be governor next. in richmond, virginia, i am derek tenney, fox news. >> is teachers in oakland prepare for a possible strike, their counterparts in denver walkoutside schools the snow-co today. the labor action comes after contract negotiations broke down over the weekend. the dispute is over the school districts pay system and emotions are high. teachers said they would rather
5:44 pm
be in the classroom with their students. >> i am sad that they can't see us and they cannot see what our worth is. >> the most important thing we can do is this. my goal is to spend as much time as it takes to get a deal. >> schools were made opened with substitutes and administrators filling in. many students walked out of classrooms and solidarity with the striking teachers. negotiations are expected to resume again tomorrow. >> 50 years after the rise of the black panthers, we are here at the san francisco art th ori shpeople behind the movement. how the message behind these images still resonates today. >> a little bit of a break today. a cool start this morning. we are tracking weather headed your way as we had in this wednesday period. it will be pretty wet. details when i see you next.
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it is black history month and all february, ktvu is highlighting the contributions of the bay is african-american community. more than 50 years after the black panther was founded in oakland, a new exhibit at the san francisco art institute is offering a unique perspective on the controversial militant group. as ktvu news alex severs tells us, never been seen photos are now showing and resonating with today's it. >>? doing a tiny baby.
5:48 pm
a kiss and a smile. children being fed. >> showing panthers as a family. >> this collection of original photos is part of a new exhibit at the san francisco art institute. it is meant to paint a more complete picture of oakland's black panther party. >> it showed a true story, that there were people with homes and lives and children and love. >> the exhibit is called vanguard revisited. poetic politics in a black futures. some of the photos have never been shown before. others were originally put on display at the museum 50 years ago. >> all of these images were taken by two photographers. a husband and wife who were essentially embedded with the black panthers in oakland in 1968. they spent several months capturing intimate moments that helps highlight the nuance and complexity of the movement. >> photographers ruth mary and farouk and purple jones who were students at the san
5:49 pm
francisco art institute didn't shy om the militancy of the black panthers but that was certainly not the focus. >> they thought that the panthers were being shown as menacing thugs. they were being demonized. they realized that there was a different story there. >> librarian f gunderson led a group of art students on this project as they poured over more than 2000 original photos owned by uc santa cruz and ultimately put this exhibit together. while the pictures are more than 50 years old, they still have a familiar same. the black panthers rose up against the police brutality and inequality. struggles that continue today. >> it seemed the, very timely thing to do. especially given the current political situation that we are in now with black lives matter. it with issues of race. >> this exhibit was free. on display through april 7 at the san francisco art institute. alex savage, ktvu, fox2 news.
5:50 pm
>> heavy snow is what some people in this era foothills have. 4500 customers are still waiting for the power to come back up. pg and he says that downed trees snapped power poles and lines. they said that it is difficult for pg in the crews to get in there to fix the lines. [inaudible] not as much as the last round.
5:51 pm
this is a one and done even though it touches into tuesday and thursday. the main event is on wednesday. with that said, it is a warmer storm. you have all of this moisture coming on from the south. it came right off the canadian plate. this is the engine. we have had cool air that will suck in all of the tropical moisture together over the bay area. that raised the snow levels. it increases the rainfall totals. increases the snow totals and the water content of the snow. the lower elevation areas are carrying a foot of snow right now. there is a chance a lot of that will rain off. >> nice. >> so the ation, tomorrow will look a lot like this. a few showers this morning up in in the north bay. there are chances for scattered showers tomorrow. very similar today to what we
5:52 pm
have tomorrow. increasing clouds. warmer tomorrow morning because the cloud cover, there are not cause out there now, but you can see clouds showing up there. overnight lows in the 30s. and the upper 20s. in the model, this is what you want to see. tomorrow morning, it is not bad. the commute should be dry. tomorrow afternoon it still looks good. you can see, tuesday night into wednesday morning. you can see the southerly component. that is when the fuel comes in. at 7 am, it looks like a wet morning commute. this is about the time the winds kicked up as well. we will see significant winds with this. the commute on wednesday will be dicey. the afternoon commute will not be too bad. it will be wet but not as bad. that is what i was pointing out early. if there was something behind the storm yoground saturation a inches of rain. we don't really have another one. we have some weak areas that might slide through but nothing to step on us. so the forecast, you look at the rainfall totals, santa rosa
5:53 pm
all the way through monday. maybe 3 inches of rain. san francisco almost 3 inches of rain. that is a seven day forecast total. that is not hard to do. we can manage the water. here is the 5-day forecast. the take away here, the headlines will be basically that you are talking about a wednesday commute in the morning. everything is less than desirable. it is a nasty morning commute on wednesday. that is the story. in the mountains the snow levels are higher. you have the white snow on top of the dry snow on top of the ice. the usual things will happen. wednesday morning commute is not good. >> as he said, there has been a productive storm. thank you. a reminder here, if you want to stay up-to-date on wall of the weather conditions, you can download our app. it is free and has hourly updates. it has an easy feature to upload the weather pictures and video. >> been in music walked away from this year's grammys with a lot of the spotlight. wins for a boom of the year and
5:54 pm
artist of the year. >> casey musgrave took the top honor for golden hour. new artist of the year was here. party b became the first woman to win wrap album of the year. it was also a tribute to dolly parton and diana ross. they also honored the late aretha franklin. it was also a big night at the grammys for bay area artists. vallejo's own her was nominated. best r&b album and also best r&b performance. oakland native also won contemporary blues album for please don't be dead and oaklands high on fire won for best metal performance. still to come, on demand
5:55 pm
grocery delivery by robots. now even closer than ever. the company in silicon valley that just up at six, the golden state warriors are posting a new development with a hotel and condos right next to the future homes in san francisco. >> a san francisco scooter company, lime is now facing a lawsuit after woman was left in a vegetative state when she crashed after using the scooter.
5:56 pm
(music throughout)
5:57 pm
nearly $1 billion that is the massive investment being made into the view start up called mural. the company announced it raised nearly $1 billion nk. and ruben tells us that the money could mean driverless delivery coming to your home. >> reporter: nearly $1 billion. that is how much softbank's vision fund is investing in the
5:58 pm
delivery service. you see these unmanned vehicles to deliver groceries. >> they have a very strong belief that autonomous of vehicles are the future. tech x per it to him says that with this kind of investment, that belief may soon become reality. neuro- is already delivering groceries from kroger in scottsdale, arizona. with this infusion of cash, company executives say they will expand to new areas. they will add new partners and grow the fleet of tiny vehicles. >> the bigger thing that the folks are saying is that this will allow them to expand faster. it means getting it to market sooner. >> in a crowded field, that may make all the difference. there are already companies like auto x testing self- driving deliveries in silicon valley. in a statement, he says that they haven't scaled the driving
5:59 pm
technology out of the lab and into the street. the company may be adding more street in the months could come. >> they will give them the edge over the competition. >> while neuro- is based in mountain view, they don't deliver here yet, no word on whether local delivery is in the expansion plan. this is ktvu fox2 news at 6:00. >> gavin nuisances he is pulling back national guard troops from the border with mexico. he says the president trump's description of problems there are way overblown. >> i think this whole border issue is manufactured. the crisis on the border. it is a manufactured crisis. and we are not interested in participating in this political theater. >> we will have more what the governor has said in the moment. first breaking news in
6:00 pm
washington dc. we are just getting word of a deal in principle to avoid another government shutdown. good evening everyone, i am frank somervell. >> i am julie. the bipartisan committee has reached an agreement to fund the government. congress is under a deadline of midnight on friday. there putting forward a bill for border security. details of the agreement have not been released. we are working to find out more but president trump's earlier demand for $5.7 billion towards a border wall is not likely to be met. >> now to the executive order signed by governor newsom today. he is redeploying 250 national guard troops have been on assignment at the border. >>how the governor plans to redeploy the troops. >> governor newsom once it number the end of march. he says nearly 100 troops will remain at the border. he says they will only combating rugs and trafficking. the state of california would play no part in the administration. >> tensions are mounting between the trump


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