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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  February 12, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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of the biggest issues facing california. >> shelter, and supportive services and is big enough that on the future of high-speed rail. rising flood concerns, another atmospheric river is set to soak the bay area, prompting officials to release water from reservoirs. live coverage of its approaching storm. and debate over dixie. the decision expected today on the fate of the school districts name in the northbay. >> dixie is emblematic of slavery. >> the push to give the community, not the school board to have the final say. >> for us not to have a polite dialogue about this right now is sad. from ktvu news, this is the four.
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california governor gavin newsom looking to distinguish himself from his predecessor in his state of the state address in sacramento, outlining a different approach to solving some of the state's most pressing image issues from immigration, housing in homelessness, to high-speed rail and state water projects, the governor talking on several different topics. >> the governor laying out some details today, saying he will scale that high-speed rail and form a task force on homelessness. christina rendon was in sacramento for the speech today, and she has more on the governor's new approaches to key issues facing california. >> reporter: please stand for governor gavin newsom. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> reporter: in his first state of the state address, governor gavin newsom with a no time getting his priorities. >> this border security is nothing more than a manufactured crisis, and california will not be part of this political theater. >> reporter: he quickly moved to high-speed rail, announcing he is scaling back the project to run between merced and
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bakersfield. the current plan, he says, would take too long and cost too much. >> i know, i know some critics are going to say that is a train to nowhere, but i think that is wrong, and i think that is offensive. >> reporter: on water issues, newsom is downsizing the dental plan tunnel products from two tunnel to one that is clean drinking water is a priority . he reiterated his commitment to addressing the housing and homelessness crisis. >> do we want to california for all? we have to build housing for all. >> we have so much work to do in this area, but he's articulate how >> we got to put a roof over everyone's head to make sure we are bringing our californians home. >> he has a plan that bring some art homelessness, protect our renters, and increases our supply come exactly what we need. >> reporter:'s other issues include education and caring for the aging population. maria shriver will lead a task force on leading research on
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alzheimer's disease. >> so it is nice to see how that is manifesting on a statewide plan. >> reporter: republican say they are willing to come to the table on many issues, excited about what they heard. >> in looking at the fiscal impacts of their daughters, i think that was very responsible, and like i said i am pleasantly surprised, very, very responsible in some of the things he's brought forth. >> usually they are hard decisions ahead, and he said he will pretend to have all the answers, but he says we must face these issues honestly. at the state capital, christina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news. >> the governor put a lot on the table with that speech . for more on all of this, we are joined by our political analyst. let's start with one of the
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issues a lot of folks are talking about. today, governor newsom say wants to back away from the controversial high-speed rail project. he said it's going to take too long, cost too much money. he's really veering off course from his predecessor here. what is the rationale behind this decision? >> you are looking at something with high-speed rail that has a cost attached to it of $77 billion to make this thing work throughout the state, and i think the governor took the decision that there is no way this thing is going to be completed in the new future, and he has other things you want to spend money on. >> he broke from jerry brown, and only on high-speed rail, but understood water projects. he surprised at all by sort of him taking this stance this early? >> i think there is some folks out there that say hey, he might've waited a little while longer to allow the jerry brown legacy to cement, but on the other hand i think he signaled in the campaign that both of these projects were on the front burner in terms of his evaluation, and he has taken action on that. >> and he is also zeroing in in many ways. i know he touched on a lot of
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issues. he was all over the board in some sense, but he's really put a spotlight on the issue of homelessness and affordability here taken california, talking about forming a state commission to deal with the homeless crisis and allocating $5 million for shelters and navigation centers. how do you think is going to differ from his predecessor in how he approaches this issue? >> well, this is somebody that was a big city -- so was jerry brown in oakland, but he dealt with homelessness. i think he thinks he's on the right track around some solutions, but he also asked that the best minds come together and try to collectively come up with answers. homelessness, anyway you slice it, it's a very, very complex issue, and money does not solve the necessary. >> he's even admitted it. he did though, brian, spent a lot of time talking to president trump, talking about the policies of the current administration. you think he spent too much time talking about things on the national state as opposed to focusing on california issues? >> i don't know if too much time would be the phrase, but
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enough time so that we recognize that this is going to be on ongoing thing between gavin newsom and price president, and the question is when you have a deeply blue state like california, other than just kind of stating the obvious for a lot of people in california, the question is what are you trying to accomplish? and i always deconstruct his speeches and say, what is the point? >> i want to bring up a tweet from the california gop because they quickly went after gavin newsom on that, saying instead of just blindly opposing approaches in your first california state of the state, governor gavin newsom's the focus of your california issues such as housing, water transportation costs, and dmv. make this about californians, not petty partisan politics. as we know, there are a lot of speculation that gavin newsom has you know, has hopes, aspirations beyond california,
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so i don't really know that he is going to shift. >> well, no. i've been saying for the longest time that you know, in the world of checking boxes up the ladder, he's got another box to check, and this gives them a great platform as governor of california to continue talking about washington, d.c. the fairness of the argument, however, is that there are 50 governors in california, and he is one of those, and -- but at the same time, he is somebody that i think he's going to use this as a platform. >> and inherent risk in focusing too much on president trump. >> well, in a sense. california, again, is deeply blue. you are throwing sort of jump in the water heater people in california do not like donald trump or the republicans in washington, d.c., so that is easy, but what is going to be difficult is governing a state of 40 million people and actually making something happen, and you know, who am i to say anything in this regard, but you know, concentration ought to be on governing for
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california. >> yes, that seems like most people here are going to be focused on is the result you get for us here in california and our constituents. brian, always a pleasure to have you on. to watch governor gavin newsom's whole state of the state address, you can find it on our webpage, we are going to pop out, give you a live look i cloudy skies and more rain, a lot more rain is headed in our direction. it will be upon us here in a matter of just hours. mark tamayo standing by and tracking this latest system. how was the looking, mark? >> this will be a powerful system, especially for the wednesday morning commute. extremely challenging here in the bay area. we still have some lingering snowfall in some of the bay area hills. this system, a much warmer one, with what we call an atmospheric river link out to the hawaiian island chain. we're talking that excessive rainfall totals, a big rain here, 127 inches. winds to be 40 to 60 miles an hour, and this will be a winter storm warning in the sierra. already, the national weather
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service has prepped this. a flash flood watch from 10 pm this evening all the way through wednesday until 10 am on thursday. urban flooding possible. shop creek rices, and a higher chance of some mudslide and some debris flow. the wind is a big factor as well. a high wind warning and a wind advisory kicking up at 10 pm today until 10 pm thursday. that 10 pm is targeting the coast, the bay, and bay area hills. we can have when tackling up about 50 miles an hour. here is our live camera looking at where the golden gate bridge. not too much happening. but here is the pattern that we are concerned with. you can see the upper level winds transporting that moisture all the way toward the california coastline, targeting the bay area, so here's what happens. as we take this in tonight, rainfall on the increase. this is your wednesday morning
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commute. excessive rainfall rates especially up in the northbay. 3:00 and 7:00, so we will talk more about this incoming system. this will cause him problems and externally challenging conditions for the ride tomorrow and also in the sierra , this will be a significant rain and snow producer. let's talk about in your forecast. >> it looks like the morning commute is going to be a rough one. mark, thank you. before the rain even arrived today, san jose firefighters made a water rescue. this happened in coyote creek around noon today. you see that man sitting there on a log in the middle of the water, and while sky fox is overhead here, fire rescue team was getting ready to go into the water to rescue that man. the san jose fire department twitter page said that the man was safely pulled from the water, at at 12 at around 12:30 this afternoon. this store makes its way toward the bay area. >> lori naylor joining us live from hicks road in santa clara county, where they are still
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cleaning up from the last storm, and getting ready for even more rain. >> reporter: you talk about those rising creek, so take a look at guadalupe increase behind is. is moving swiftly this evening, and it is with the storm, the warning of rising cliques. all over the south bay, we found people preparing for the next round of rain. >> you see the branches hanging on? >> reporter: in san jose's valley, crews from the santa clara valley water district cleared the tree near hicks road and. >> mostly floods right here. this is the lowest point. >> across ran off the road, this woman says she is living her own personal . the san jose resident said she did not want to be identified. this range backs up, and the low lying area near the garage flights. >> my worries go toward basically sandbags. if i am prepared for you know, property damage or dinging to
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my car, making sure i have to rush to get to my car. >> reporter: people are preparing for the incoming storm, and in the rush springs neighborhood, several neighbors and the 2017 flood said the rain still makes him nervous. >> well, it takes me back, and i worry is that going to happen again? but i think the san jose has done a pretty good job of trying not to let this happen again. >> reporter: she and others have noticed the increasing flow around the coyote creek. at the water district continues water releases. >> we are currently releasing from anderson to keep it at a low level so we don't come too far behind. >> reporter: crews are still working to clear that landslide, saying it could be friday when it is finally cleared. coming up at 5, we will introduce you to some people affected by the closure today. in the meantime, and the water district says it does not anticipate any flooding or major problems because of this incoming storm. as you mentioned, everyone is pointing to the morning commute. the water district expect some
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smaller reservoirs to fill up because of the incoming storm. >> maureen naylor, live in the south bay, thank you. the cold weather is making it really tough for student at oakland school weapon without central heat for the past several days. allie rasmus has more on the work underway to restore heat to brooksville elementary. >> reporter: you can see some of the work trucks and construction equipment behind us on the ground of brookdale elementary. the plans for school district crews to get on the roof of the building to replace some of the old, leaking gas pipes on the campus. the students, teachers, and staff here have been without central heat in the classroom since thursday. student at richfield elementary bundled up with cousin actually is before heading inside, ready to face another day with limited heat in the classroom. >> my teacher has this oh what is it called? two heaters, so you keep warm in there. >> reporter: did you pack like more layers and coats? >> yeah, i got two sweaters.
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>> it is been cold in the classes for the kids, but they've been doing fine. >> reporter: staff members discovered a gas leak on campus. they shut off the gas, and the school has been without central heat or hot meals in the cafeteria present. >> honestly, i would rather the gas be off than to be on and it be a problem. >> reporter: the district provided 18 space heaters, but it was not enough to combat the cold in this traffic, 50 old building. >> we brought in space heaters on friday, we didn't really become aware until yesterday that the space heaters were not doing the job that we hoped they would do. >> reporter: the shivering might come to an end. oakland school district's crews started installing the larger wall unit heaters for all of their 13 classrooms. >> they are pulling at the windows and putting in the intake valve, if you will, in those windows, and they are connecting these units to that, so it draws in outside air, keeps it out. >> reporter: the long-term fix
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of replacing the gas pipelines over the roof of the building is expected to take a week or longer and could be delayed by the rainy weather until there's a permanent fix. the cool school to have it you can only prepare cold cereal and sandwiches for mealtime. during our tour of the school district, johnson county got a call from wells fargo. they heard about the heating and lunch problem here at the school from our store this morning, and they told the district they would like to donate free pizza for all of the schools 329 students tomorrow, so students will be getting a hot meal at school at least once this week. allie rasmus, ktvu fox 2 news. we are learning more about a staff shortage at the e cpuc nia public utilities has 34 people to oversee the state's electric infrastructure, including wildfire mitigation specialists. we learned that eight of those 34 jobs are vacant. we are told that four vacancies
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are due to employees being promoted, at least two positions are in the hiring process now, and one will be field this week. the cpuc is also facing criticism in the past for being too cozy with pg&e. coming up at 4:30, congress has a budget deal that includes border security, but will the president sign it? what he said today about the chance of another government shutdown. a contentious battle over his school district name is coming to a close. more on the controversy surrounding the dixie school district.
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just over an hour, meeting will take place in marin county to decide whether to change the name of the dixie school district. sara zendehnam reports on the content of the paid ahead of tonight's meeting. reveler we talked to people on both sides of the debate. everyone is very passionate. what they really want is for the school board to hear them out before they vote tonight. now, let's break down arguments for and against the dixie school board name change. changed the is a website started in support of the name change. noah griffin, cofounder of the site, said the word dixie is racist and a symbol of slavery. he tells us nearly 2000 people submitted their names to the website in support of the change. if the board supports to change the district's name, he said the foundation will pay to update signs, buses, and logos. this is not the first time this effort has been made. people pushed for this three times in the past 22 years. this time around, griffin was behind the last two efforts.
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>> this stage is emblematic of slavery, what went on during the civil war, and we cannot escape that history, but what we do need to do is put into a museum, maybe keep the old dixie school, have a plaque saying why it was named, why the name is changed for the district itself, so it's an educational moment, a teachable moment for the students and also for the community. >> reporter: for the website we are, they are against the change. we spoke to group representative mercy chew. she says the decision should be put on it advisedly valid where the community can vote without external pressure. there are about 1350 members of that group, you want the name of the district to stay according to judas and. she called the district excellent but once the choice to be left to the community for an official vote, not allow the board to make the final ruling. chu argues there is no name
4:21 pm
proof that the name has confederate tires. >> i think people are entitled to believe what racism is, and as a minority, i have my views and i believe others have theirs, and for us not to have a polite dialogue about this right now is sad because it takes away from what racism and the conversations around racism should be. >> reporter: the meeting is tonight at miller creek middle school. doors open to the public at 4:30, and the meeting officially started at 5:30. in san rafael, sara zendehnam, ktvu fox 2 news . san francisco giants fans are going to have to get used to using local park. from here on out this morning crews removed the old at&t park signs so that new oracle signs can be installed. the old signs and letters were taken away on a flatbed truck today. the giants say the whole removal process is going to continue over the next three days. the the giants home opener by the way at oracle park is set
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for april 5. it does take some getting used to. >> it does. for so so, was at at&t park him and that shift oracle. not really baseball weather outside. >> we had a rain delay. >> i think they would have to probably reschedule. i had a friend who just kept calling it the phone company park. exactly. weather was, we are talking to some clock, scattered rain showers. the main event moving late tonight into tomorrow morning, and i want to stress, this will be a powerful system impacting the bay area, so do have a flooding concern. highway, some debris flow and mudslides. here's the timing and commute tomorrow will be an extra challenge fee extra time. if you have the option to work from home, might consider doing that because the more morning maybe you're going later because the morning commute we are expecting some intense downpours, some strong winds. a flash flood watch, winter
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storm warning for the sierra, a high wind warning, and a wind advisory here in the bay area. rainfall expectations, we could be talking about amounts maybe seven inches in the coastal hills. most areas in the valley locations 1 to 2 inches, but up in the north bay around 3 to 4 inches. outside right now, not too much happening. not much in the way of rainfall just yet, but that will be changing later on this evening. here's a look at the current radar coverage, and most of this is just rainfall falling in the upper atmosphere and evaporating before it reaches the ground, but you can be daunting if you scattered rain showers out there. you can see what is happening. we have this area of low pressure here, and then this moisture source being connected to the hawaiian islands, the two emerging, syncing of to generate the rainfall, and as a result we have a flooding concern here and the rivers, a sharp rise. look what's happening on the russian river. a big rise here, and in crainville, flood status 32 feet. could be going above flood stage potentially with his rainfall coming in, maybe maxing out over 34 feet.
4:24 pm
napa river and st. helena right now only two feet. forecasted to go about 17 feet. napa river, napa currently 6.1, approaching flood stage. both of these points approaching flood stage. we will be watching up for the two rivers. those numbers will probably be trading around quite a bit. the rainfall picking up especially up in the north bay. this is early wednesday morning. some intense downpours. if i can modify this map, i will probably add some red to this because i will be happening throughout the morning hours. this is your wednesday morning commute, 7:00. the commute will be extra challenging, there's a chance we could have some flooding on the roadways. there's a flat advisor or flash flood warning. the problem is this is an extended period of heavy rain that will cause some problems, so get ready. the rainfall, wind. we'll talk more about your wednesday forecast and more rain clouds in your five-day coming up in a little bit. after witnesses and nearly 3 months, infamous mexican drug lords "el chapo" found guilty
4:25 pm
on all counts. coming up next, details on his sentencing and the testimony that swayed the jury. we hope you tune in tonight for all the episodes of "lethal weapon" followed by the "gifted.". stick around for the 10:00 news and 11:00 news right here on ktvu.
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the jury in new york today found the mexican drug lord known as "el chapo" guilty on
4:28 pm
drug and conspiracy charges. the jury, whose identities were kept secret for their protection, deliberated for 6 days before convicting him on all counts. as fox's brian yan tells us, joaquin guzman will likely spend the rest of his life behind bars. >> today we say american justice has been served. >> reporter: notorious mixes again drug lord joaquin guzman guilty on all counts. the jury announcing their decision to the in a federal courthouse in brooklyn. 61-year-old guzman staring at jurors, showing no dimension at all 10 guilty cans were read. the most crucial of those charges engaging in a continuing criminal enterprise. >> guzman's deadly drugs destroyed many american families. for nothing more than greed and
4:29 pm
power. >> reporter: the jury finding that "el chapo" was in fact the leader of the cental cartel with evidence showing that under his direction, drugs like cocaine, meth, and heron poured into the united states for more than two decades. over the course of nearly 3 month, jurors heard from 56 witnesses with some of guzman's closest associates heading incriminating text messages and phone calls. and a powerful eyewitness account, guzman's former bodyguard testifying that he saw a drug would kill three people, shooting two in the head and shooting one while being buried alive. guzman's defense team saying while they fought hard, it was difficult to fight the overwhelming evidence presented in this case. >> the fight is not over. we will continue to fight for joaquin guzman until i last breath. >> reporter: guzman managed to evade authorities even picking out a mexican prison for life will spend the rest of his life behind bars. >> there is no escape and no return. >> reporter: guzman is said to be sentenced on june 25. fox news.
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mark kelly announced today he will campaign to fill john mccain's old senate seat in arizona. kelly of course is the husband of gabby giffords. the former arizona congresswoman who was shot and a failed assassination attempt. kelly will campaign as a democrat in 2022 fill the final two years of mccain's term that runs out in 2022. congressional leaders reach a tentative budget deal that may keep the government shutting down again. we will talk with an expert to learn more about the details of this deal, and just whether president trump will sign it. gear up during the spring fishing classic
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after all, your heart is the best compass there is. so get out there and fill your heart with the stuff that keeps it beating. fill your heart with ireland. >>oid another government shutdown and fund the government through
4:33 pm
september. as fox's lauren blanchard reports, it is still not clear whether president trump will in fact sign it. >> reporter: president trump said he's not happy with what democrats have approached in a deal to keep the government opens, but he says there is some real negotiation. >> it is not doing the trick, but i am adding things to it. >> reporter: the tentative agreement from the conference committee would have almost $1.4 billion for physical barriers, far less than the president's original $5.7 million asked for a border wall. >> am i happy at first glance? i just got to see it. the answer is no. i am not. i am not happy. but am i happy with where we are going, i am thrilled. >> reporter: it would gradually reduce the number of i.c.e. detention beds and would include funding to improve temporary customs holding facilities. leaders and both
4:34 pm
parties are urging the president to support the bill. >> if you look at the overall contours of this deal, the president gets to build a wall. >> we have a compromise. there are parts of it i am not happy with. i wish we had been able to achieve more, but that is what happens when you sit down into a bipartisan, might. >> reporter: a deal has to be signed by midnight on friday. >> please, mr. president, not everybody got everything they wanted in this bill, but sign it and don't cause a shuttle. >> i don't think you're going to see you shut up you >> reporter: president trump also suggested he's open to using something called transfer authority, a privilege he has to move some of the money in bill after the house approved the. that would potentially give him the ability to put more money toward a wall. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. let's talk more now about this border security deal with bill whalen, research fellow there in stamford. thanks so much for being here. the president made it clear he's not happy about this deal,
4:35 pm
but he did stop short saying he would kill it. you expect him to sign off on it? >> yeah, i think i wager he will sign it. when you go to don trump rallies together, the song they play is rolling stone, you can always get you want, but sometimes you get what you need, and donald trump needs this and needs to get out of the subject. he's not going to get a $5.7 billion he wants. he's not happy at $1.35 billion, but he needs to put this issue behind them, so i suspect he will sign it. >> but does he come out of this looking victorious, or the democrats? >> democrats get the short-term win. this is like baseball season. baseball teams lose a lot of games in the regular season. president trump gets a l on this. kellyanne conway, his advisor, and ivanka trump who was not
4:36 pm
the shot but sitting next to her. i expect ivanka is telling him to take this and run. trouble take a loss the short term, but he has a couple of options here, heather, watch where he can go scrounging around, using executive authority. you get close to the $5.7 billion he originally wanted. >> i want to talk a little bit about that because he said he could add to this deal. what might some of those additions look like? >> well, it's a matter of going around the executive branch, heather, and finding available cash. for example, the agriculture department has tens of billions of dollars in loan. he could sell it to a private sector and get billions of dollars that way. barack obama did several things with healthcare, george w. bush did this for funding wars. he needs to learn a lesson. i think the lesson here is about marketing and branding. he's made this about money at all times, not so much about border security, but money with at $5.7 billion figure, and he set himself up a loss because of a divided congress. he's not always going to get what he wants. >> which we are seeing now. bill, what you think about this option of declaring a national emergency? you still see that on the table
4:37 pm
here? >> yes. we talk about there is options. option number one is silent, option number two is to not sign it and create a shutdown, third option, heather, is to declare the national emergency, and here republicans hate the idea. why? two reasons. if he declares national emergency, the house will do a joint declaration to deny the emergency that will force republican senators to vote on the matter that they don't want to vote on, but open to a democratic president coming along in 2020. if that happens and the president can declare a national emergency on climate change, gun control, whatever he or she thinks come so republican would like to see the government avoid that option. >> before i let you go, bill, say the president does in fact sign this deal. where does the issue, where does the debate on illegal immigration go from here? >> comes to the 2020 election, heather, and if trump is smart, he just talks about which party is better on border security, he talked about drugs, he talks about immigrants coming in. he just get away from the
4:38 pm
dollar funding, and on we go. the 2020 election is going to be rough on a lot of things, including illegal immigration. thank you. prioritizing research and development into artificial intelligence. coming up, we're going to talk live with the tech analyst to learn more about the executive order fast tracking ai. and weather, clouds moving into the bay area so far. the rainfall will be developing quite a bit over the next few hours. get ready for excessive rainfall to be headed here once a forecast. we will talk more about the timing coming up.
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president trump signed an executive order yesterday to prioritize federal research and development into artificial intelligence. the order also calls on federal agencies to protect privacy and civil liberties as they develop ai technology. however, the measure does not include any new, any funding details are new funding. the administration says it is up to congress to appropriate such funding. for more on this order, we are joined by tech analyst larry. thanks for being with us today. so the order here from the president, the executive order does not include any new funding, so help me understand exactly what it will do, how it intelligence industry. >> well, without funding it's going to be a little tricky, but the purpose is important to compete with china, which is investing a huge amount of
4:42 pm
money on artificial intelligence, and arguably catching up or even ahead of us in some areas, certainly in terms of government going into ai, so that is a big part of it, and as you mentioned try to get some ethical issues, privacy issues, those things in place as well. some of it is symbolic, and if money were allocated, it would obviously have more teeth to it. >> do think as far as getting more money for ai research, that in order like this potentially makes it easier for scientists, researchers to be able to get some of those appropriations from congress in the future? >> it certainly does not hurt. i don't think there's a lot of controversy within congress about the importance of artificial intelligence. now some people might argue that the private sector should be doing the bulk of the funding rather than government money, but i think that some government monday is appropriate just as it is appropriate in some forms of scientific and medical research, things of this nature, so i think this is going to be both a government and private effort, with the
4:43 pm
bulk of the money coming from the private sector, but some come from the government as well. just make sure the ethics in privacy and security are built in. that is really important, and i would like to hope at least that both parties would agree on that. >> i know we talk a lot about you know, some of the ai technology that is out there, the facial recognition technology. a lot of people point to that and some of the concerns around civil liberties. what concerns you the most when you look at some of the ai technology that is out there are in development? >> well, my biggest concern is it is now why do more causing more problems than it solves. award, for example, with ai being built into economy driving, very important, but you want to get it right. you don't want to cause accidents. you want to prevent accident, but i do believe it will, but i believe it's important we get it right as well. ai in terms of security, we want to make sure it locks your house and let you unlock it, and does not let anybody unlock it. it had to be very smart and also be fair.
4:44 pm
i mean any prejudice that goes into programming could be reflected in the final outcome, so we can have racism and misogyny within ai if we are not careful. >> lastly here as we wrap up, larry. what you think looking to the future, what are the biggest ways in which ai is going to change all of our lives? >> i think medicine, education, and transportation are probably the key areas i am looking forward to. >> all right, wonderful. thanks for coming out. check analyst larry magid. take care. a new study shows north korea is a developing nuclear weapons. this by that countries pledged to denuclearize ahead of a planned second summit between president trump and kim jong- un. greg has the latest now from london. >> reporter: a nuclear threat from korea is not over. and weapons lab shows the north have continued stockpiling nuclear materials, and according to the satellite imagery it is enough to build another seven bombs, all while
4:45 pm
continuing denuclearization talks with the trump administration. >> these are the best deterrent against any threat from north korea, so i will continue to emphasize military readiness. >> reporter: the north is emphasized to have 20 to 60 nukes. the study is not stopping president trump from pursuing a diplomatic solution, and he said a plant cell and kim jong- un is on track for later this month still. >> now you have no missile launches, you have no testing, nuclear testing. i have a good relationship, maybe even a great relationship. >> reporter: a number of external factors are, getting the preferred denuclearization, including high-stakes trade talks with china. trump try to broker new zealand beijing, while pressuring the chinese to pressure the north korean program. they want to make a comprehensive deal on both
4:46 pm
issues, but the white house and that won't happen anytime soon. >> at some point, the two presidents will meet. that is what president trump is saying, but that is all still in a distance. >> reporter: the second prominent involving president trump and kim jong-un is set in hanoi. ktvu, fox 2 news. back in the bay area, all of us getting ready for the next storm system heading our way. giving you a live look at now at downtown oakland. already sort of looks a little bit ominous there, mark tamayo. >> some class have been steadily marching into the area. in terms of significant rainfall, not much showing up yet. a little bit of action on radar so far. the next few days, forecast models covering all over the place on the intensity of the storm. over the past day they've been diverging into one forecast. is like a significant storm will impact the bay area, especially for your wednesday morning commute. big rain and rainfall totals, one to seven inches. the coastal hill could be picking up a seven intima.
4:47 pm
wins about 40 to 60 miles an hour. in the sierra, this will be a winter storm warning with snow levels initially going way up that eventually going way down. here's the forecast model. right now we are showing you bunch of the road, and this is one of the forecast models. there are quite a few that are giving out forecast. you can see those numbers going up, that is not a big deal until about 3:00 tomorrow morning, except up in the north bay. santa rosa up toward portions of sonoma county. rainfall does pick up later on tonight. a could be heavy at times. look what happened between 3 am on wednesday and 10 am on wednesday or 11:00. those numbers go up quite a bit, so within that timeframe of course the morning commute, we are expecting very charging commute tomorrow morning, and throughout the day on wednesday the problem is we are going to keep adding to the totals the wednesday night and then into thursday. the most intense part of the storm, well, two waves we are tracking the flow will be tomorrow morning, and once
4:48 pm
again as we had one wednesday evening, especially up in the north bay peer you can see other cloud streaming toward the bay area , and the rainfall. the main soca so far has been up north, but that will be changing. you can see s'more development offshore. that will impact our forecast this evening. right now, some scattered rain moving into portions of the north day. not all this reading the ground yet, we have some rain, and he is alive came a look out towards the golden gate bridge. still dry here. not much showing up just yet. on the right portion of your screen, not moving much yet. to more money, think about the morning commute tomorrow morning because the rental and also strong, gusty winds will add the very charging conditions out there. 12:00 rain lightly, and he might scale back. we are still not completely dry, but we will scale back on the intense rainfall from the morning hours. the strong storm tomorrow developing out here. here's hawaii and here is a continuous band of moisture being directed right toward one spot. that one spot, the atmospheric
4:49 pm
river, will meet portions of the bay area, so wednesday we talked about that. wendy, and into as we approach the weekend, unsettled weather pattern. there will be brakes thankfully, but in the sierra as i mentioned, this will be a snow producer, especially up about 8000 feet. snow levels go up up lake level tomorrow and coming down as we go up thursday. here we are tonight. this is 1:00 in the early tomorrow morning, and the rainfall really picking up. this is for a.m., 7:00, 11:00. you know this is not really a defined break here. we just scale back on the intensity into the afternoon hours. the rainfall could pick up once again, especially up in the north bay. late wednesday night and into thursday, we will definitely need this break. is 9 am thursday, then we will probably have more of a break as we head toward thursday afternoon. here's a look ahead, your five- day. each day has a rain cloud. it is not a rainy period each hour of the day, but some off and on showers into thursday, showers likely into friday,
4:50 pm
just a chance and saturday. should not amount to much, and scattered showers on sunday. but this is what we are concerned with because we've been getting away with these successive storms, but they each have an effect. is kind of piling up on what happened in a pretty active february so far. on the cumulative effect. >> we will be watching the road, especially tonight, tomorrow morning. julie is here now with a look at some of the stores we are working on for ktvu fox 2 news at 5, and we are learning more about a bizarre string of crimes. >> arrested at a an acute of temping with food in bay area safeway stores. allegations include pouring breach on eggs on beer bottles. the man is also a key supporting hydrogen peroxide onto rotisserie chicken. coming up tonight at five, the pattern of attacks stretching across two states. it's not often a city find itself flush with cash. a nice problem to have, and it's happening in san francisco. winfall totaling 100 a $5 million , and many ideas on how to spend it. coming up at 5, the two areas the city is planning to focus
4:51 pm
on. it's all at the top of the hour. coming up here on the four, a scam: camera. why this guy pretends to be hit by a car, and it was not even a very good -- >> it was a poor attempt. >> did this work? find out next.
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
all right, a man apparently try to scan a driver gets caught on camera. >> he is seen in the video walking in front of a car
4:54 pm
pretending to get hit, and then asking for cash to go away. fox's jeff mcadams shows us the video. >> reporter: the time is 10:43 friday morning. noticed the man sitting on the curb? so did nick lou. >> it was kind of suspicious. >> lou brought his dash cam nearly 2 years ago. >> my car got bumped into, so that's what i want to have this. rep a good thing too. he was exiting the 10 freeway on the san gabriel boulevard. the driver in front pauses for the pedestrian. >> she offered him to go, like she stopped, like let her go. he did not go. he waited till she started moving, then he started walking. no doubt, yeah, there's no doubt. >> reporter: the man popped up and walked over to the driver side window. >> i guess he is trying to like negotiated deal, like how you know, making some money to go
4:55 pm
away, but i saw her pointing  like she has a dash cam to mecca. >> reporter: the woman drove off without paying, but liu was still in pursuit of justice. first showing the video with police , then to radical on book. >> my mom drives down the block all the time. i mean i don't want anything like that to happen to her all the time. a lot of people, because they don't speak english, they might be compelled to give them some money to go away. >> reporter: the video has been viewed tens of thousands of times and a couple of days. police say they are looking into it. liu says he has nothing the pedestrian before him up but he had heard of scams like this in other countries. he suggests buying one of these for yourself. if you don't? >> hopefully the person in back of you have got your back. >> reporter: foxnews. an early valentines gift for some of our feathery friends here in the bay area. the california academy of sciences served up a special treat today in san francisco . dozens of people gathered to watch as some african penguins received heart-shaped valentines for their nests. traditionally, the male penguins grab the heart and take it back to their mates. the cards get torn up a.
4:56 pm
they just rip this hard? >> i guess that is one way to look at it, alex. they call it the romance. >> i no. >> fox two news at 5 is next. we will see you at seven on ktvu plus.
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ktvu fox 2 news at 5 starts now. a strong storm is taking aim at northern california. a flash flood watch goes into effect for most of the bay area tonight, and will remain in effect until thursday. good evening, i am julie haener. >> i am frank sommerville. the storm is to make tomorrow's morning commute debacle. the golden gate bridge, you can see the traffic moving along just fine, but you send see all the clouds in the sky. >> another live look in the traffic camera. this is looking toward mount diablo in the creek. you can see the low clouds and overall gray day just all around the bay area today. >> let's bring in our chief meteorologist bill martin. >> that a lot of what weather.
5:00 pm
between late tonight and midmorning tomorrow. this really just tells you the morning commute is going to be not great. there is wind in the morning commute as well. there will be high wind warnings on the bay bridge is. 9:00 on thursday, those are some of the totals. here is a system right now. what is significant about the sythe south. it's got his attention to the north which is driving it, and it is are pushing right into the bay area.


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