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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  February 13, 2019 5:00am-5:58am PST

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according to my weather station, we picked up an third of an inch. that is pretty good for antioch and more is on the way. it does not need to heavy rain will not get to other areas. we have a flash flood watch for heavy rain and maybe 8 to 10 inches is possible. went, a high wind warning is out. it looks like rain at tahoe and truckee. a howling wind with gusting up to gate 60 miles per hour. we get a secondary impulse and a cold system comes in friday. 57, there is temperatures to the south and on the insulin and it could reach the mid-60s because of that south wind. look for rain and wind to
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continue. more energy could roll through with impressive totals over the next number 3 to 5 days. 5:01. it is nothing? people are spain out. i cannot tell you about all of them. be careful. i will tell you about the major crashes. this is a look at the richmond bridge. traffic is doing okay. there is a traffic hazard report and we are looking at the bay bridge and it looks like traffic is slow. there could be something new or something earlier. look how slow it is. that will slow the toll plaza. traffic will be busy throughout the east bay. there is a crash and it will be slow. there is a crash near 580. there are all kinds of crashes.
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you can see traffic is slow. east bay, not too bad. this is interstate 880 with a lot of spin outs, people going too fast. they ended up facing the wrong way on the freeway. this is a look at the toll plaza. there are problems on the bridge. we are watching damage from the storm in sonoma county. this is overnight where the crews were busy cleaning up mud on springs road in santa rosa. the debris was blocking traffic lanes but workers cleared the road overnight. this was the same overnight as trees fell over after midnight on coleman valley road. firefighters and pg&e were on the scene to clear the power lines. the road reopened after 90
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minutes. allie is live in marin county. a spot is known to have problems with flooding. how does it look? >> reporter: it looks okay. you of heard about spin outs but these road conditions create that problem behind us. a lucky driver, we have seen cars driving there here. there is a roadway flooding. every time we see a larger truck like that when, it splashes with water. people slow down as they had through this morning. chp issue an alert about roadway flooding here. there is a lot of spots throughout the bay area with heavy rain expected. here are the driving conditions in the east bay at the 80 corridor through berkeley and richmond. windshield wipers are necessary.
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expect to get splashed on the highway. these are the conditions we expect. back out here live, you can see larger trucks getting through the flooded roadway. it is not causing problems so far. people expect highway 101 to be a space where you have to slow down. there is water pulling up on the roadways. we expect a similar case around the bay area. we are live with ktvu, fox 2 . is 5:04. jesse continues coverage. you are along the highway were part of that busy road was closed overnight. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are at lincoln way. it is closed where i am standing.
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you can see that barricades are up. it is all the way down. the great highway is closed. as you know, when you get heavy wind and rain, it can blow through the sand dunes here across the roadway and also there is the risk of flooding. they have closed the roadway around three hours ago. that is closed if you are heading out. let's roll the video. we saw through san francisco this morning, heading into oakland from the south day. we are talking from san francisco as we move across the city. you see heavy rainfall on the roadways. you want to pay attention to debris that is blowing into the roadways and a factor is a lot of pooling of water on the sides of the roads. if you are on the see spots of water. u
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we are live at the great highway with the example of how deep the water is. this is a half inch or a quarter of an inch of pooling water. be careful this morning, there is a lot of water on the roads period. we have an update in the next hour. live with san francisco, ktvu, fox 2 . we will head back to you in the studio. people in the south bay were flooded out by a storm two years ago our getting ready for the forecasted system that is heading the bay area today. lock springs, memories of the floods are hard to forget. coyote creek is rising water from the anderson dm was relieved by the district before mod him. >> it takes me ha done a good j
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not let this happen again. >> thsays there is no fear that the anderson reservoir will fill up because of this storm. on days like this comment make sure you have the new ktvu weather app. it has interactive radar there are hourly updates and a seven day forecast with the easy teacher to update your weather photos and videos. the weather app is free to download at the apple or google play stores. congress is expected to use today and tomorrow to vote on the details of the agreement reached on monday to prevent a government shutdown. president trump would then have to sign it. it will provide one fourth of the money he demanded for a will. the president does not think there will be a government shutdown and leaders are urging congress and the president to
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approve the agreement.let's be parties. let's expect this is a down payment on where the president wants to go and where we want to go with him. >> the president said the agreement does not make him happy but he will take money from other programs to build the wall. in the state of the state address, governor newsom says california is strong with a budget surplus and a world- class education system. it is speech at the capitol, he says there are issues that california needs to deal with and some are still left behind. >>you want california for all, we have to build housing for all>> he is offering a plan to spend money to create affordable housing and offering
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$500 million in grant money. he plans to confront the moral problem of homelessness. >> too many are suffering from schizophrenia and. now and south laurel are self- medicating. the consequences is the homeless crisis is a public health crisis. >> the governor wants to spend $100 million for services to help the homeless. he also addressed several other issues. he named maria shriver to head up a task force on alzheimer's. he wants the overhaul water policy and change the twin tunnel plan to a single less- expensive tunnel to serve as the centerthe complex water delivery system. the governor promised to have a plan to deal with pg&e bankruptcy within the next six days. the position on jerry brown's pet project of high-speed rail
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surprised people. he seemed to step back from that position when he posted on twitter quote, we will continue our projects north and south, connect the central valley to other parts of the state. he said quote, this is so much more than eight train project but a transformation project, anchored by high-speed rail that we can align our economic and workforce and transportation strategies to revitalize communities across the state. the public utility commission is hosting a public restaurant to discuss wildfire mitigation plan. pg&e wants to expand the policy of turning off power. the plan to deactivate lines as a last resort. it expands the power lines eligible for blackout >> the meeting begins at 9 a.m. area elementary e will take youa
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school wh at is being done in the meantime. struck a school board is spaced with a choice of whether or not to replace a long-standing name. we will take you to the heating meeting that drew hundreds of people last night. we have slow traffic in many areas with standing water. be careful. there has been a lot of accidents. in front, the rushing river era has rained. some, not so much but it is picking up for all assume.
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welcome back to mornings on 2 . the man accused of fatally stabbing wilson at the b.a.r.t. station will be back in court. john is accused of killing wilson and injuring his sister. he says he is becoming delusional and paranoid and cannot help in his defense. prosecutors say the behavior maybe tied to substance abuse. a judge ordered a mental evaluation and a doctor is expected to release a report in court this morning. two men have been held,
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suspecteoffalse s aim they are members of a worldwide collective of hackers. they set threats in emails and the fbi arrested a man in north carolina this week. the other suspect is a british man serving a prison sentence in the uk for a threat aimed at an airline. it came back in december and targeted 20 locations in san francisco, including apartment buildings, hotels, community organizations and media outlets . the controversy of the name of a marin county school district will continue. the dixie school board had nigh many of the speakers were confrontational and everyone ha argument. >> the dixie cups, have they
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raised issues about dixie cups ? >> it is not an races were. black women are named dixie. >> the board did not take a vote that they want to hear from the community on possible names. a short list has been submitted but board members want to hear more ideas from a wider group of people before making a big change. the storm will cause conditions for students and staff at the oakland elementary school that has not had heat for almost a week. the crews will keep working at brookfield elementary to repair a gas pipe. the gas was turned off last thursday when the leaky pipe was found. that has led to no heat at school and the kitchen cannot punch a. >> there is nervousness around it. we make sure the gas is off. >> i would rather the gas be off than on and to have a
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problem. we can bundle up. >> the crews told ktvu, it may be a. wells fargo is helping the school, providing high lunches for students through the end of the week. it is 5:17. we want to look at traffic this morning which could be a little dicey with water on the roads. >> we have crashes already. the most serious at concord avenue, the overturn vehicle. they are trying to get someone out of a car. let's go to the bay bridge. there is a backup because of the earlier problem on the span. it is windy and rainy. it will take you a lot longer to dry. i would not recommend driving you can avoid it. there is some sort of traffic hazard and lakeshore, a crash. highway 24, a new crash and at
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expressway at the accident at interstate 80. go right to san jose, this does not look too bad driving into san jose. give yourself extra time in the south bay. still, right now, not a lot of volume so you can take your time because it is not good driving weather. >> i think you know the weather. it is raining and windy. i cannot keep up on the rain total >> the second i write them and i look again and they go up again. casa darrell is 2.5. 2.75. a check and they are up to 2.74. other locations, some of these, let me look. let me look. almost 2, 1.80.
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santa rosa is normal to. north of town towards the airport, there is more. lakeport, 1.64. using michael for the city, 0.74 . oakland 0.31. these have gone up in the last 10 minutes. you can see what is coming in right now. really, i am awaiting. santa cruz has a strip. maybe 10 isolated around rushing river along the sonoma coast. a wind warning until tomorrow. a winter storm warning is out and yet it is raining. mammoth is with 37 feet of snow, that is the greatest. southeast wind, gusting about 35 to gate 40 miles per hour. the a dynamic
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circulating with the left. watch how it circulates. above lake level, heavy wet snow. we have had a lot of powder. 38 at southlake tahoe. incline is 32. winter storm warning applies. wind can be a bigger factor. above 7000, you will see 2 to 5 feet. it changes almost by the hour. tracy at 57 and 40 in lakeport. the wind will make for a mild day in the peninsula. look for rain and went off and on. a serious system will come through friday with a colder pattern with impressive totals. 50s and 60s for your temperatures. warm-utosouth because of
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that roaring wind. i would plan on rain often on into sunday. the newly updated weather app is a download. daforecast t you updated. it has upload your weather photos and videos. wildlife battle caught on camera. we will show you which animal came out on top when the owl took over the hawk nest. a woman accusing the virginia lieutenant governor speaks publicly and hear what she told the crowd at stanford university.
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welcome back to gate mornings on 2. we have video of a wildlife battle caught on camera. we showed you a picture of the orange that took over the nest of a hawk. at some point, the hawk came back to claim the nest. this video shows the animals battling it out. the hawk was the winner this time but the owl has reclaimed the nest and we do not know the condition of the eggs that were laid. today, change to benefit renters. the plan would increase the renter tax credit for the first time in 40 years. single renters can claim $60 estate taxes couples get twice that. the plan would change that to $220 per household with children's. that is
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today, santa clara county holds the homeless memorial ceremony, supervisors and officials and community groups will read the names of the note people who died while living on the streets last year. they tell us 130 homeless people died last year. they ceremony will be held at the reception center in san jose at noon. the public is invited to come and pay respects. a new textbook on transgender studies written by a professor llege. to transgender studies. is the first book of its kind. it was written by ardell thomas who has taught at college 14 years and chairs the studies program. the book includes
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transgender information and resources from city college and students and faculty members and related writings around the world. the woman at the center of a scandal involving the lieutenant governor spoke. she took the stage as a panelist for a long scheduled symposium called betrayal and courage. she made no mention of her personal experience with the lieutenant governor. instead, she spoke more generally about the experience of sexual assault expect when you're thinking about women and girls, you are looking at roughly 65% of the u.s. population will be or a victim of sexual assault, make no mistake. it is epidemic. >> she is accusing fairfax of sexually assaulting her at the democratic national convention. the lieutenant government has said that encounter is
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consensual and is receiving calls to step down. cars were broken into block after block. the burglaries that have drivers upset. will there be ideal to prevent a partial government shutdown and provide money for the border wall? i am in washington and it comes down to the president. good morning. it is raining and or drive to work is not going to be optimal. right now, traffic is moving well in both directions. rain is moving in many other areas are picking up moderate to heavy rain. we set up a phone interview and from there i was hired. linkedin was the matchmaker.
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good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. it is wednesday, february 13, 2019. . >> thank you for joining us. we are taking a sneak peek at the russian river with a lot of rain. >> it is verifiable. >> will we see big flood in? but we are watching the russian river. there is impressive totals but we are just getting started. i cannot keep up.
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there is over number 3. tessa darrell has 2.5. i'm sure they have more than that. i am trying to get as many locations as a can pick you see totals from napa. santa rosa at 2. the santa cruz mountains closing in at an inch of rain. there yoan inch of rain. concord and danville and vallejo is shy of half an inch of rain. there is not been much to the south in san jose. it is picking up in intensity. we were rotating in the moisture. you will slide to the south and pick up words the santa cruz mountains. the possibility of 8 plus inches of rain at the ian
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river. there is a high wind warning. a winter storm warning is out. it is raining on the observation. there is a strong wind at 85 miles per hour 40s and 50 and almost 60. there are warm temperatures on the peninsula and the santa clara valley. the secondary empowers rotating with more rain and friday into the weekend, fast movers coming out of the northwest. you are looking about trinity to almost 5 inches of rain. you will have to keep it to about a minute. almost three ti it is. chp is busy. you don't want to be one of the problems they are de driving slowly and carefully. 80 westbound through vallejo is
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slow. 37 is slow. north and south with the very windy area into fairfield and all slow this morning. you can see traffic is okay. the hercules towards richmond and these other freeways are slow. highway 4 and concord avenue, they are clearing up an injury accident. we had a couple of crashes. you know how dicey it can be when you drive down the hill with the water, that is very challenging. 80 westbound, 22 minutes to get to the macarthur maze. this switch to the metering lights, they are waiting for traffic to clear out after the earlier crash. a lot of stuff is going on. i cannot mention all the crashes. there is a lot of spin outs and standing water.
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the rain keeps coming out and concerns about flush flooding. some waterways are swelling nea they are getting a lot of rain. good morning. >> reporter: actually, sonoma county is under a small street flood advisory. we are by santa rosa creek. the creek was less than normal four feet away from the flight estate, over 65 feet at this point. it is rising over the last couple of hours. it is gone up up almost to feet the rain is coming down. there is a flash flood in effect until thursday. rainfall saturated soils so with a heavy rain coming down, there is the possibility of landslides and debris flow. that is a big concern over the
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north bay. there is a wind advisory in santa rosa until 10 a.m. thursday with gusting up to 50 trees and power lines. be prepared for possible power outages. the creek in force till is at flood stage and we will keep an eye on santa rosa creek because it is approaching about 70 feet. it is over 65 feet right now which is really close to the flood stage. we will keep an eye on this but in santa rosa, ktvu, fox 2 . the weather coverage expands on and our ktvu weathth updates and interactive radar. you cause it to uploadyour photos and send them to our weather team. the app is free to download. a triple murder case will
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be in court this morning. antonio durrant is accused of killing three peaceful and west oakland. two victims will shot and a third was shot while standing near a car. prosecutors added special circumstances to the murder charges meeting durrant could get that death penalty. investigators say the shooting stemmed from eight personal dispute. a man convicted in a bizarre napping, the police and vallejo one it dismissed as a hoax and will be back in court today. matthew mueller is sentenced to 40 years in federal prison for abducting denise ands of , kidnapping, robbery , and they been subpoenaed to testify in the case. mueller is acting as a zone lawyer after firing his public defender may be allowed to cross-examine his victims. there is still time to prevent gottsch -- shut down
5:37 am
but it depends on the white house. we are live from washington dc to explain the deal and the likelihood the president will sign it. doug? >> reporter: there are democrats and republicans who were supporting the deal but the ball is in the president to escort. president trump did not mince words at the cabinet meeting. >> the answer is no. i am not. i am not happy. >> reporter: not happy about a deal to prevent the government shutdown that would provide a fraction of the border wall funding he was seeking. republicans were scrambling to make the case. >> i said mr. president, this is a . i said, they said you weren't going to get any money and we did get you somebody. >> reporter: money for 55 miles but there are plenty of critics among the talkshow host. >> the compromise is typical of the dc sewer and swap.
5:38 am
>> they will find money elsewhere. >> he ought to feel free to use whatever tools he can legally use to enhance his effort to secure the border. i would not be troubled by that. >> reporter: democrats are troubled and they are bracing for that fight. >> as for moving around money, he needs permission to do it. >> reporter: we may start seeing votes quickly if they will get this done by the friday deadline but it depends on the support of the president. thank you. the police are investigating a rash of car break-ins. 39 cars in a 1 1/2 mile area burglarized yesterday morning. someone smashed car windows but nothing of value was still. the car owners may have to pay hundreds of dollars in deductibles to fix the damage
5:39 am
1974. it is shocking. >> why? you will not get much but you are taking chances. >> a homeowner turnover this video to the police and it shows what appears to be the car of the suspect, a light colored sedan and possibly two suspects . one is heavyset. authorities at american kennecott two people in connection with similar car break-ins. the police in venetia are working with the american canyon investigators to figure out if the same suspects are responsible for crimes in both cities looking for two men caught on camera robbing a convenience store at gunpoint. they were walking on east julian. take a look. one pulled out a gun and demanded the clerk opened the t
5:40 am
they demanded liquor from behind the counter and left the store. the man on the left was carrying a gun wearing a black rain jacket at the time is described as latino, 18 to 25 years up to to a panel >> the man on the right, the second suspect wearing a red baseball cap, he is described as latino with a mustache about 160 pounds. he was carrying a shoulder bag two, yellow and green stripes. call the police in san jose. in san francisco, the police are searching for three men they believe robbed a woman in union square and burglarized her hotel room. here are the fire is. they say they stole her purse about 9:30 saturday pick went to the hotel where she was staying and use the hotel key in her purse and stole her
5:41 am
luggage and passport from her room. again, if you recognize the suspect's, call the san francisco police. check outrage after a mountain lion was shot and killed, next, we hear from the family but the reason they felt they had no choice. you are about to meet a father who worked to be a marathon record while he was pushing his five toddlers. rainy and wet with vehicle accidents with people driving too fast. on the road. of those out rain, rain. a lot of areas are picking up rainfall. and tendencies as the heaviest rain is north of the golden gate. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones.
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during business hours. welcome back to mornings on 2. the giants begin spring training day. the pitchers and catchers will report. it was a slow off-season. they did not make any big deals like they have in previous years . there are still big fish to sign possibly harper. the position players will report on monday campus is underway for the oakland a's. they want to build off the short playoff run. they had a a new stadium in oakland along with reportg several free agents. on friday. questions remain.  >> yes. they remain whether the oakland raiders will play football. the director told ktvu, they held discussions last week with the
5:45 am
raiders about playing 2019 at the coliseum. they have been planning to leave the coliseum until the city suit that team and the nfl. right now, they don't have a place to play heading into las vegas. the crews will take down the old signs at the at&t park so that new oracle park signs can't go up letters were taken away on a truck. removal process will continue over the next two days. a man from mountain house ran a marathon in southern california, pushing all five of his babies in the mega stroller. chad ran the surf city marathon , marking the first birthday of the quintuplets. weighed about 100 pounds. throwing the weight of the
5:46 am
stroller, he was trying to run the marathon in 4:45 to set a guinness world record. it took 5:31. he says he will try again to set the new record. family is criticized for shooting and killing a mountain lion that attacked their livestock. they say they killed two sheep on consecutive nights last week. they shot the big cat when it returned on the third night. some say the family should have stored the sheep in a covered cage. wildlife group had begun to track the mountain lion by installing a collar around its neck. the animal had recently killed a goat at another home. >> we should never see mountain lions here. i knew they were around. evidently, the fire changed in relocation and habitat. >> base tell us they called
5:47 am
wildlife agencies for help but no one came and the family had to protect their sheep and their children>> is just normal for miles from downtown napa. a lot of people are walking around. a busy wednesday morning. you don't get to rest today. there was wind and strong reign. >> that is right. people are driving too fast and they have to stop. may find the vehicle fish tailing and sometimes it hits thinpictures. also the maps, i want to show you how many icons on the map. there are crashes everywhere. lake shore and 24 near the 580 interchange with flooding near the macarthur maze. just a lot easy. usually after cars get on the
5:48 am
rights, they look at this, more people get on a road and there are fewer accidents because people are forced to go slower this is the day bridge where people are creeping along. it is slow. when you get on 880, it looks okay. there's been no major problems in your right but some commutes are slow. let's bring steve in. >> levels coming up in a second. mckenzie says pouring at smart station. the cars are spinning out all over the as far as the russian river goes, currently 5.56 and expecting to go to 18.4 feet on tuesday. kernville, 10.8 feet and
5:49 am
expected to 34.4 flood stage at 32. we watch that on thursday into friday. snow levels change fast and i will keep an eye thing. rainfall is favoring russian river. the nato over 3. mont to rio, 2.75 and closer to 3 with good rain into lake county. santa rosa, ross and marin county, probably an inch of rain. they will pick up the system drops to the south. san francisco 0.74. most locations have a quarter to get a half inch of rain. rain continues with a lull later on when the system works its way through. i expect a lot of rain and wind taking us into tonight and tomorrow. the possibility of maybe 10
5:50 am
inches of rain in isolated areas. a high wind warning is out. a winter storm warning is out but the snow levels are going up. there is a southeast breeze gusting up to gate 40 miles per hour. tahoe and truckee has light rain. the snow level again might be a rain-snow mix. the heaviest above 7000 feet and maybe they can get 2 to 5 feet in champagne powder. that is not the case with this system. it drops back down to 2500 feet . 40s and 50s for the tabs. if you are to the south, probably not too much but this will drop to the south into central florida. between now and sunday, were looking for 3 to five inches of rain.
5:51 am
50s and 60s and santa clara valley. time is 550 one, the man who was driving blames his autopilot feature, how tesla is responding to that claim.
5:52 am
5:53 am
welcome back to mornings on
5:54 am
2. a man is blaming tesla's autopilot feature for causing the crash. he says he was driving his texan when he claims the autopilot feature caused the car to veer off the road and drop a curb before stopping. the driver claims he could not disengage the autopilot and regain control of his car. no charges have been filed yet. the driver was not hurt but the incident is raising questions about self driving teachers on vehicles and the responsibilities of the driver. >> i think at this point, i would let myself do the driving. as smart as the car might be, autonomous driving systems are the future but not quite the present. >> tesla issued a response think what the driver can easily overwrite over pilot by lightly touching the steering wheel the brakes. the brakes have the independent bypass circuit that cuts power
5:55 am
to the motor no matter what the autopilot computer request. today, a group of healthcare workers will speak out against a proposed deal. the hospital board is meeting to talk about plying five south bay medical clinics after it filed for bankruptcy. workers and lawmakers are worried that el camino may lay off clinical staff. the jobs including medical assistance and radiology technicians and patient service representatives and there is a question about a separate deal wha county is considering buying two and the supervisors approved that million purchase. the county wants to take over the cost -- hospital at the valley medical center. the possible nurse strike at
5:56 am
the hospitals and legal challenge and by the attorney general over the standard of care may delay or threaten the deal. a big storm is hitting the bay area right now. it is dangerous in some spots. reports on the conditions on the roads and on the rivers that are filling up and where the heart of the storm is. standing water as you can see on that video. you can see traffic there is so crashes. we will give you the state of the roads when we co
5:57 am
5:58 am
across the vieira, creating challenging driving conditions. we will look at highway 101. >> roads are wet and strong wind is across most of the bay area. we are tracking the problem spots. there are those that could come for the afternoon drive home.
5:59 am
good morning. thank you for joining us on mornings on 2 . >> good morning. look at that. >> that is a lot of rain. >> another storm is pounding the beer a, including strong wind with rainfall and flooding. here is a look at the damage so far. cleanup crews had removed a rockslide in north santa rosa. they cleared a tree that fell on a road in sonoma county right here. firefighand pg&e crews were at the same to turn off the electricity and clear the power lines. we have live coverage you. allie is up the north bay where areas are getting drenched with flooding. san francisco, you are watching the rights. let's check in with steve paulson who is tracking the storm. >> i am indeed. we will look at vallejo.
6:00 am
good morning. not too windy but plenty of rain. a half inch of rain is in vallejo. but west, 3.64 and monterey almost three inches of rain. and the search of moisture continues to move through the heaviest is about marin county to the north but the russian river is out in front, taking the heaviest of the rain with 8 itches of rain are more. we have a high wind warning and a flash flood watch. some flu


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