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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  February 14, 2019 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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storm may be over but there are concerns around the possibility of flooding around the year. we have your full forecast coming up. a home slides down a muddy slide with one person inside and the damage caused by the stone. the people in the south bay and they officials are watching the guadalupe river. good afternoon. >> hello. >> the big story continues to be the storm. there is a lot of problems from landslides to trees down to power outages and flooding concerns. we follow the latest developments across the bay area . >> we have team coverage where people are evacuated due to concerns with flooding. alyssa harrington where a home came sliding down the hillside. let's take it out to mark with
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the latest on this storm. >> it is a torrential rainfall. we are watching a few breaks. we are not dry yet but the signs the clouds are clearing up for this rainbow to form. you can see the right here with clouds and lingering rain and also breaks in the clouds which is a welcome sight it will not stick around but right now, this has been in the last hours, look at that lightning strikes detected on the right portion of your screen. as we come close to the bay area, we have flood warnings in place that is changing around towards marin county, until 4:45 including mill valley and nevada and fairfax and towards black point. we are watching out for that it marin and sonoma county until 1:45 this afternoon including
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santa rosa and out towards solano county towards fairfield until 7:30 this evening. it is not as concerning here but we have a flood advisory for the areas shaded in blue. this is alameda and san francisco until 1230. that is a flood advisory. look at this with 8 inches of rain. lake sonoma over 6.5 inches. santa rosa approaching 5 inches and san francisco 3.38 in oakland around number 3 inches. the rainfall there about over an inch. you can see a little bit of a break to the west but enhancements with yellow and red showed up. storm reports up in the north bay. this report from this morning, a creek overflowing and impacting the train routes on
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37 eastbound around 101. this is in portions of the north bay. as we move around here, not as much for simba cisco and oakland but as we move the maps around two around martinez and the crockett area at out towards concord and bay point, heavy rainfall rates. as we scoot closer to the santa cruz mountains, development for santa cruz and scotts valley and over the summit towards sunnydale and san jose in the east foothills with rain coming down. still have the active weather pattern but to the south, atmospheric river, we are looking to the north and that could lead to thunderstorms. we talk about this pattern with your full forecast in a few minutes. a woman is recovering after home was destroyed by a lay flat.
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>> she lived in the top floor of a duplex. her home plunged down the hill and she was trapped under the heavy debris. alyssa harrington reports from the neighborhood where it is now under evacuation. >> reporter: you can see the path of that house when it slid down the hill and you can see the nation. what we are looking at is a bulbous, sausalito boulevard where the initial duplex was. one woman was inside when it slid down but and it went all the way down to crescent avenue where it took out a home that firefighters say was vacant. >> is sounded like a tornado. >> reporter: what you heard was this, a massive mudslide surging down the street and sausalito . >> it is scary. we do a lot in terms of engineering. when something falls from up above, all the land releases, there is not what you can do. >> reporter: a duplex broke
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free from its foundation a woman inside as it crashed through trees and hit a power line and broke into pieces. the neighbors heard her calling for help. firefighters found her trapped. >> to determine there was one individual located in that first home. the crews extricated that person. she was transported to the hospital and has minor injuries. the hillside at a gas leak forced evacuations of harms. evacuate say they had time to grab the dog and get out. >> this is where we lay our heads. you can imagine the sound i would think something would shake down there but it is hard to go back to go to sleep again. we have to accept that. >> reporter: the debris covered the size of a football field covered the police say five cars are buried in the mud and search dogs were brought in to make sure nobody else was trapped. >> the city of sausalito is
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built on a hillside. we have unusual rainfall. it is anticipated to have some form of slide activity but we did not expect this that significant. >> reporter: the rain has not let up. it is windy and raining in sausalito. pg&e is dealing with down to power lines and the gas leak. ktvu, fox 2 . >> people got the all clear to return home this morning after a warning prompted evacuation. >> allie is live in san jose where residents and emergency officials are keeping a watchful eye on that guadalupe river. >> reporter: there is more rain and a forecast today and tomorrow. the water level where we are has dropped by several feet over the past several hours. this morning, the water was up past that 15-foot marker on the
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bridge. four clock this morning, we could see the police going door- to-door in the neighborhood after that weather service issued a flashlight why. policemen came to the house. >> they said you need to think about evacuating. and so, i did. >> i'm surprised. i have lived here for a few years and never heard of anything like this happening. it is interesting. timing, just get out, i guess and be safe. >> reporter: the red cross opened a shelter and 20 people went there. by 6:30, the rain had stopped and the guadalupe were what river had crested an evacuation orders had crested. >> we have reach the peak in terms of river levels here. we will monitor the water that is coming down. >> we are okay right now. we really have to be aware.
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>> water took the homes out of here and clean these little areas. >> reporter: there were in camas? >> yes. there were some under the bridge and it is all wiped clean. >> reporter: people came by to check out the guadalupe river for themselves and they were amazed by the rainfall that led to this evacuation. >> the last systems were really drenching. >> i am so glad the water is going to. i don't know what i would've done if it went through the house again. >> reporter: the guadalupe river has caused flooding problems and not pass. emergency officials put up a flood watergate to monitor the water. there is more rain on the way the word from emergency officials is for people to be aware and to have yourself prepared in case they have to issue the evacuation order again. live in san jose with
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>> reporter: for. authorities are watching the russian river that could overflow like it did two years ago. this video from 2017 showing the water a foot deep with lots of mud. level shows 29 feet in the flood level is 32 feet. this video is sent in from a viewer named laura shows a 4.4 water in greenville. the water is still rising. you can see the water is covering the bottom part of many homes. >> chp and the marin county sheriff department our monitoring highway 37 for potential flood situation. 11 eight was breech causing water to flood the field near the freeway. 37 is not close but chp says of water gets on the road, they will closed 37.
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of course, we will monitor the situation and bring you updates as we get them. on the nevada city streets, roads were underwater. the extent of the flooding damage is still being determined. south between eight and mark courts as well as parts of simmons lane are closed. >> commercial boulevard is also closed because of the police are warning that many streets are without traffic signals and streetlights because of the storm. officials are concerned because the water make cover debris in the right drivers may get stuck in that water. they are asking people not to travel anywhere if you don't have to. and nearly 500 homes and businesses are without power because of bad weather. the north bay is the hardest hit with 14,000 pg&e customers in that dark. the next hardest hit is along the peninsula. pg&e says they have crews
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working to restore power quickly and as safely as possible. for the customers. flights are affected either weather we got the update out of sfo and flights are experiencing the average delay of 45 minutes to about an hour with a total of 105 cancellations. if you are flying out, check the status before heading out to the airport pick >> if not done it already, you can stay up-to-date by download our updated ktvu weather app. it is free with interactive radar. this is the easy way to share photos and videos. we are learning about the fate of the future of the amazon new headquarters and the reason new york is officially being pulled off that list. parkland, florida, remembering lives lost a year ago today. this is the remembrances for
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the students and staff that are coming up. there are downpours across portions of the bay area. rainfall is backing off. we will talk about the timing of rain coming up. ♪
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they say you should always listen to your heart. and where better to do that, than the island of ireland? after all, your heart is the best compass there is. so get out there and fill your heart with the stuff that keeps it beating. fill your heart with ireland. welcome back. the weather continues to be the big story of the day. the small picture on the left
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is a live look at san jose as carr are making their weight to the south bay with raindrops on the camera lens. that is the case on and off for the next few days. meanwhile on the right-hand side, a big picture shows rain bar from our. down in southern california where heavy rain is falling in areas forced by wildfires. there are mandatory evacuation orders along los angeles and orange county batteries. roads are low >> you can watch the path pick it is a year since the government -- the gunman went on a shooting rampage in parkland, florida. his this how they are marking the anniversary? >> i am going to make sure in his legacy, we save lives. >> reporter: a somber day in parkland florida at 323 as the community members the horrific shooting when you're go pick
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the school district marking a moment of silence at 10:17 for the 17 students and staff members killed when a former student went on a shooting spree that lasted 6 minutes. we mourn back, we must also celebrate the possibility of what can be. >> reporter: for many people come in they say life will never go back to normal. instead, they say they are working to adjust to a new normal. in the year since that day, the tragedy is an ominous with new gun laws. there is been a large student led effort to advocate for the change. many students expressing discouragement for how slow things are to progress. i went to, desantis issued the executive order and he pushed to increase school safety. >> if you are proactive, you are approaching it like the intelligence operation come you have the intervention before
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this happens. >> this is dedicated as a day of service and love. several students had breakfast fed to first responders to thank them for what they did for them when you're ago. ktvu, fox 2 . the teacher strike in denver is over as they vote for a pay increase >> they posted this message on twitter same endeavor teachers when for students. date will pay 11% with built in cost-of-living increases and opportunities for future salary hikes. this is an oakland in the middle of a break. >> is nice but don't get fooled because more rain is coming on board. the sunshine that you seek candice aviles the atmosphere and lead to a thunderstorm that could lead to solid downpours and lightning
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strikes or hail. right now, there are clouds and the tree branch moving around. there is a bit of a breeze. here is the rainfall in these numbers have been moving around. you can see this forecast model is expecting. not extreme amounts but still, we were at rainfall to the right buckets over the next few days and even the weekend. the radar imagery right now, the bulk of the rainfall is inland down towards the santa cruz mountains and the south eight with storm reports throughout the morning. it is showing this towards oakland at. emeryville, this morning, a roadway flooded with the on street ramp. here is the coverage in the north bay. we are not talking about green or yellow or red but there is still green coverage indicating light to moderate rainfall.
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there is the break over san francisco. the rain tracks moving out towards the east. here we go with rain showers out towards the danville and it looks towards pleasanton and union city around the fremont area. the action is focused in the santa cruz mountains. over the summit towards the santa clara valley looks like that is a and more enhancement here. you can't pick out the intent downpours. as we widened the view, you see the atmospheric river shifting to the south and impacting southern california. this is cold air on its way as we had towards tonight and friday in into the weekend. in the 50s and upper 40s to the 50s. we are dealing with the warm part of the system. now, the cold part. russian river is expected to remain below flood stage.
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right now at flood stage in kernville. it is expected to crest around the stage early friday morning. we are watching the napa river and a flood warning posted. it could be close to what stage in the next few hours. that is 22.3 feet. the atmospheric river to the south and called air moves in. this is what we are watching friday and saturday that could lead to thunderstorms and snow at the bait area hills. this shows rainfall and snowfall piling up with the winter storm warning in place. cool moves in from the north as we head into the weekend. this is 3:00 this afternoon with more development. this is thursday evening. friday has scattered rain showers and the possibility of a thunderstorm with more breaks
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in the action. this racist and from the north. keep the umbrella nearby and be prepared for downpours friday into the weekend. sunday has rain and decreasing showers by the afternoon with a nice break as you head into next week. >> did you say break? i think you are right. still to come, decision date in washington but will that compromised many deal and up on president trump's desk? we have the latest to prevent the government shutdown. you know when you're at ross and... wow! realize you can totally eat out more? that's yes for less. get the latest spring trends for your home at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less.
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president trump has the new attorney general pick the senate approved william barr to lead the justice department and he received support from almost every republican. he was the. and democrats race concerned but the views on executive power with robert mueller's investigation and the russian meddling of a 2016 presidential election. there is one more day to pass a spending bill to avoid that government shut up. mitch mcconnell said that president trump has indicated he has prepared to sign the funding bill. lauren reports from washington. >> reporter: 1159 pages to be exact, the full text of the compromised bill released tonight.
12:25 pm
it is a race against the clock lawmakers given less than 24 hours to read the bill before the vote. >> we have past this before but you will look for surprises. you want to make sure you know what is in there. >> reporter: more than $22 million in total border security fighting but that money has restrictions on how it can be used. according to democratic congresswoman, one of the architects, this agreement denies buddy for president trump's pulpit republicans disagree and say the $1.4 billion designated for border fence and will find roughly 55 miles of the physical very. but that barrier money also has stipulations on how and where the fencing can be built pick >> provides a significant down payment on the plan to secure the borders with new ethical areas. >> it does not fund the wall. it does find smart border security at that both parties
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support. >> reporter: will the president signed the deal? >> as we review the new proposal from congress, i can promise you this, i will never waver from my sacred duty to defend this nation and its people.>> reporter: a vote will start in the senate later today and then to the house. both pass it, it will be on the president west desk as early as tonight. in washington, ktvu, fox 2 . stocks on mixed on wall street. they started lower with a surprise drop on retail sales but stocks have recovered and the dow jones is down slightly. the s&p is flat and the nasdaq has the almost one quarter of one percent bump. and amazon is ditching plans to
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build a headquarter in new york city. amazon said the facility would've brought 25,000 jobs but some leaders oppose the idea and they would receive $3 million in tax incentives under the proposed deal. we are continuing coverage with the street flooded and trees are . how long this wet weather is expected to stick around. weight follow the latest developments in sausalito when ari home sled down the hill overnight and the evacuation of the homes.
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the story continues to be the storm. there are problems out there. this tissue there is still a lot of rain coming our even though you feel you are in a break. it started at 4 a.m. and we are busy covering landslides and power outages and we continue to follow the latest developments across the bay area. i am bringing you the latest on this storm. >> some areas taking a break but not everyone. there is still yellow and oranges flooring up in the santa cruz mountains approaching the south bay. it is not much action in the
12:31 pm
south bay. these eight areas shaded in red as a flood warning in place until 2.45 this afternoon. and the fairfield area, that is in place until 7:30 smart. blood advisories for the areas in blue. these are in place until 1:30 this afternoon. the rain totals are adding up with over number 8 inches of rain. lake sonoma over six point five . look at santa rosa at 4.83. san francisco downtown 3.83. here is the radar coverage. you can see the northbay with rain developing to fairfax and up to the north and portions of sonoma county. we have heavy cells in the east bay, especially in the
12:32 pm
livermore area along 580 with this heavy rain. the rainfall rate is coming down about half of an inch per hour. the orange is popping here indicating heavy rain. you cannot see heavy downpours in sunnydale approaching san jose. we are not done yet but more rain clouds towards that weekend. we will talk about this pattern in a little bit. a woman is recovering after her home was destroyed by a mudslide. she looked at the top floor of a duplex at crescent avenue. home plunged down the hill and she was under the heavy debris and it took out trees in a car and another home on the way. evacuations were forced of 50 other times. evacuees say they had time to grab a dog and get out. >> it is 15 feet away from
12:33 pm
where we lay our heads. you can imagine the sound. i would think something had to shake in there but it will be hard to go back and sleep again. >> the debris covered the area of the size of a football field. the police say five cars are barrier and search brought dogs were brought to the scene to make sure nobody else was trap. we will follow the story and bring you the latest right here on one. jesse spoke with the engineer professor at san jose state university about the risk of landslides during storms and what you can do to keep your home safe. >> the heavy rains are causing flooding and a potential for mudslides. we have seen sliding in the northbay. we are joint by doctor green, a civil engineer. what about the mudslides? is there a way to know where could
12:34 pm
hit? >> we know that areas that are of high risk but we cannot predict where exactly the slide will happen. the most important thing is to be aware of what is going on and to make sure they stay up to date on the news and heat evacuation orders. >> are there signs like maybe a couple of inches of rain over a short period of time in your area, should you start watching the soil to see certain things? >> the most important thing is to watch drainage. if you seat movement happening cut drainage of the property is the best prevention that homeowners can have. >> reporter: for lehman, the exact cause of the slide, is it so much water? the dirt gets weak and cannot hold? etc.? >> the mechanism of these slides is the water infiltrating the soil and creates a weaker material.
12:35 pm
there is more water than the soil can handle and you end up with muddy conditions. that is acting like a liquid almost. >> we have seen the slide and northbay today. do we expect to see more as we see through the period? >> yes. the less chance the soil has to dry out. the more risk this will happen again in another area.>> we appreciate your time. >> reporter: that is the latest from san jose, ktvu, fox 2 . >> a flooding site is ever. people in live in that willow hood and bread are back home after they had to scramble to evacuate. they received cell phone alerts about the impending dangers. authorities were worried that the guadalupe river whatever flow it's bank. >> i am so glad the water is going down. i don't know what i would've done if it went through the
12:36 pm
house again.>> reporter: area had been lighted before but the weather service says they expected to receipt through the day. the red cross opened really shelters. look at this video just him. flooding on highway 121 and highway well. this was tweeted out by chp that river water is covering the roadway. do not drive do this because you do not know how deep it gets. the road is shut down. and heavy rain has caused problems to the cell on highway 17. this is the santa cruz mountains. the crews spent hours working to remove the debris. yesterday, it was blocked in both directions. there is a tree that felt down over night and blocking traffic several hours. spec homes and businesses are without power because of the bad weather. the northbay is the hardest hit with more than 13,000 customers
12:37 pm
in the dark. the next is along the peninsula where 10,000 people are affected. pg&e escrows working to restore power as quickly and safely as possible. san jose city college is open after weather-related power outages shut it down for smart. the power is on and classes will resume about 1:45 this afternoon. the school set out the alert this morning telling student staff about the outage. officials say it happened on their grid and it knocked out power to gate 2000 homes and that neighborhood. the storm brought down trees across the bay area these are photos from police that shows trees are down in several areas around campus. that includes claritin and delbert avenue. and medical way. >> a home was yellow tagged after a tree fell on it. the homicide center street with
12:38 pm
reports that several trees are down. there has been rain related problems in the northbay with flooded roads just about everywhere. the combination of high tide hitting creeks at almost continuous rain that left front yards underwater. the northbay with creeks escaping the banks and people are watching the skies, hoping the rain will end up. >> i worry about the eucalyptus trees because the roots are so shallow. >> chp says the most dangerous thing people do is to drive through standing water. it rises quickly and it is not a shallow as it appears. i cannot believe the semitruck is trying it. turn around and do not drown. this is tweeted out by the fire department with dangerous conditions and streams that are posing a possible risk for one. there monitoring conditions through the morning.
12:39 pm
five officers with the sunnydale department were hospitalized overnight because someone they rested exposed them to an unknown narcotic when they were processing the suspect who had been arrested on a suspicious person call. they conducted a hazmat incident and set up operations in a temporary command center pick >> we had a contingency and place. we were able to receive 911 calls for service. i think that was the most important thing. >> that suspect had two warrants and the narcotics are processed in a lab. the board of directors voted unanimously to designate the unnamed street next to the b.a.r.t. station next to oscar grant way. a black man from hayward was fatally shot by a b.a.r.t.
12:40 pm
police officer on new year's day back in 2009. the shooting was captured on other b.a.r.t. cell phone cameras and has been cited of one of several police killings of young like men that contributed to the black lives matter movement. a lesson that cannot be found in history books come up firefighters are teaching elementary students during black history month. we are tracking down downpours, especially in the south bay. we have a change in the forecast. if you are tired of rain, you might like it.
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we monitor the storm by looking at storm tracker 2 with green and yellow and red. this means the rain is far from over. a live look at the golden gate bridge is great and rainy and
12:44 pm
drivers are making there way to san francisco and the other way around. newsom is meeting with leaders in paradise as well as survivors of the campfire. that was the most destructive fire in the history of california. 50,000 homes were destroyed. the visit comes after the government signed the first bills, including one for my recovery. you would help governments stay afloat during recovery efforts providing emergency money. this is the third visit since the campfire happen. a judge is debating answers . part of the utility plan includes removing 375,000 trees and clearing hundreds of miles of vegetation where the fire threat is high. today, the judge said it could take him to 10 years but the judge is overseeing the criminal conviction against pg&e from the gas line explosion in san
12:45 pm
bruno. ktvu is highlighting the contributions of the african and american community in the bay area. >> fighters met with students for a presentation you cannot find in the history books. it was meant to educate and empower children. >> reporter: a unique history lesson in emeryville. doesn't a black firefighters from agencies across the bay area teaching elementary school students about the history of african-americans in the fire service. >> we have the chief who was the first female chief of the fire department. let's not forget robert as the first african-american fire chief of services go. >> the fire captain randall west and tiffany johnson worked
12:46 pm
together to start this black history month event five years ago pick >> historically, african- americans have been left out of textbooks. >> reporter: it is called chief is my belief, bringing firefighters and students together for a reason tatian that is meant to be fun and educational. >> we have a push towards being inclusive and making sure that history is shared with our children. >> reporter: students got to meet the part of history in person. >> i was the first black female they hired>> i did what i came out here to do, to not only teach them but to let them know they can do whatever they want. , whatever the desires.
12:47 pm
>> reporter: it is a lesson they hope will make a lasting impression on these young minds. >> they look at the firefighters again see i can do this. they look at the chief and say i can do that. >> it is a good idea to bring us together. it one day, they might want to be firefighters. >> reporter: alex savidge, ktvu, fox 2 . it has been a wet week and a wet month. we have more of the same coming. >> the first half of february has been productive. there is more development with breaks and rain showers redeveloping this afternoon. this is a look towards emeryville. we have clouds in place and rained nearby. come closer, the focus is in monterey bay approaching san jose with a few lightning
12:48 pm
strikes closing in on santa cruz. the coverage is backing off in the northbay. will move the map around it looks like the richmond bridge has a wet right. is centered around san pablo bay. mark coverage close to livermore and more downpours towards discovery bay around brentwood and moving the mat to the south, santa cruz county, rain will is doing it. we have over the hills, more developments with the rainfall rates for los altos and sunnydale. in fact, we check out this committee around santa clara and san jose, some of the rainfall rates in this region looks like they are ramping up by .42 inches per hour showing up at the map, we are dealing with two systems.
12:49 pm
atmospheric river is dripping into southern california and we are about to get into this part of the pattern as the cold air moves in. the temperatures are dropping off a possibly low snow levels around 2000 feet into the bay area weekend. most areas are in the upper 40s and the lower 50s. we are watching the river closer at kernville. it is above flood stage at 32.3 feet and expecting to crest tomorrow morning. it could be about 4 feet of love blood stage. napa river, especially that continues to go up at 23.3 feet. between 1:00 and 2:00, the river forecast, it could be right at flood stage this afternoon at 25.1 feet. pattern, the
12:50 pm
atmospheric river today, with cold air moving in from the north setting up often on rain riding into saturday. there is a chance into sunday and all this action is moving in from the north and keeping things wet and unsettled with thunderstorms. this afternoon, not as much coverage but more development by this evening. 7:00 and 9:00 with localized heavy downpours. friday morning with scattered rain that can be heavy at times. maybe a break at 1:00 in the afternoon. here is a look at your five day forecast. keep the umbrella nearby with off-and-on rain showers and heavier downpours and maybe rain sunday with a decrease in the afternoon and a break for sunday afternoon and next week. i lot of whether happening. a new tool is the new updated ktvu weather app . you get the hour by hour forecast and video
12:51 pm
and it will easy way to submit weather photos. check it out in your fox 2 weather app. will take you to the artist with the ingredients to ingenuity, we will tell you how everything in entire cupcakes are made in the bay.
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we are following developing news where it appears that president trump is prepared to sign the latest government funding bill.>> this will avoid a partial government should impel but mitch mcconnell says the president will declare a national emergency on the situation at the border. the details are coming up today. artisan cupcakes are a growing trend and building business in cities across the country. >> pam cook found sweet treats
12:54 pm
that are made in the bay in time for valentine's day. >> reporter: carolyn was the executive in san francisco with a glamorous job and a big expense account. >> i threw it all in for floor mac and sugar. >> she's that it to perfect her lava suites which started when she was a little girl and the doctor of a dentist. >> i was never allowed to have sweets but i ate suites. what i like about suites is the color and the texture. it is a design since about it. you can paint and it's almost like coloring like the coloring books we have. it is like the zen of painting and creating and you get to eat it.>> reporter: people like to enjoy her creations. she opened her first shop in 2006 and could not keep up with the map. >> people were banging on the doors. valentine's day was nuts. we ran out of everything.
12:55 pm
>> reporter: that success led to nine bakeries all over the bay area. the mission is to share success with other businesses. the ingredients come from the bay area expect the chocolate is cocoa powder and a butter is delivered daily as well as the buttermilk and a milk. the salt is ingrained and whipped into cupcakes everyday. >> reporter: why is this bit of goodness big business? >> i grew up baking with my grandma's. i think it is the celebratory part of how sweet cupcakes and desserts and general resonate with people. we have birthdays and weddings. they are happy and sad moments. we are part of their lives. >> one is gluten-free and
12:56 pm
another is vega. how do you have a party? you cannot appeal to everyone. >> reporter: she admits the part of running the business that is not so sweet, i lot of work, 24/7. >> i just to look at the highs of creating this great company and provided jobs. i created celebratory moments for our guests and employees. it feels good.>> pam cook, ktvu, fox 2 . our editor here pulling off quite the feet when he surprised his wife with a trip to paris for valentine's day. >> turnaround. happy valentine's day, honey. >> that is so sweet. >> he kept it a secret and line invited his wife and took her
12:57 pm
to the airport. they are in paris. we have more of the video on that ktvu facebook page. >> he set the bar high. call or visit
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call or visit >> love scams that have taken dignity, money, and even lives. stories of women who fell for the very wrong man. the part details on family tragedy. of six tohis mom drive her entire family of a cliff. a true crime investigation, coming up next. ♪ dr. oz: season 10 starts now. filthiest scams there is. men conning women who are log


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