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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  February 14, 2019 4:00pm-4:59pm PST

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woman trapped inside, and aerial footage showing the extent of flooding acr >> parkland anniversary. >> we should be learning and thinking about our tests, not about thinking that if we are going to get killed. >> one year later, students and stafthe school shooting that left 17 dead. and border deal approved. the senate greenlight a funding plan, and the president says he will sign it and go one step further. >> you will also be issuing a national emergency declaration at the same time. from ktvu news, this is the four of . a sausalito neighborhood, one woman survived as her home was swept right down this hill on a torrent of mud. fortunately, her injuries are said to be minheather holmes. >> and i am alex savidge. sausalito is one of the communities being threatened by
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landslide and this wet, windy store. you can see about 4.5 feet of floodwater swamping homes along mills court in gardnerville near five creek, which feeds into the russian river. in marin county, a foothold on butterfield road has been ransacked after a 60 foot tall redwood tree fell on it. there are no reports of interest here, but works crews struck a tree to the crane and lowered it to the ground where they could cut it up, and by 2:00 this afternoon thus an upd destructive mudslide and the efforts to rescue the woman who was trapped inside. >> tom vacar was at the news conference and joins us now live with that and the next up, tom, for that you take away the neighborhood. >> reporter: the damage here is a lot greater than i think anybody really knows up until i
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tell you this, and the reason for that is we thought it was just a couple of homes. it is way, way more than that. it is still early in the game, but the damage is very, very real. here are the facts. the torrential rains came just before 3 am, and in seconds a 250 foot long landslide wiped out a duplex structure in a standalone home. a woman was trapped in one of those homes that collapsed, and using the jaws of life like tool, she was quickly extricated with only minor injuries and then released. a search and rescue team is still searching the area to assure that there are no other victims. it is now believed there are. the slide took out gas and electric utilities, leaving the neighborhood without essential services. this resulted in the evacuation of dozens of people living nearby, and an evacuation is still very much in effect. here's the additional damage. to other duplexes and one standalone residents have also
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been red tagged for now. >> if i had concerns here outside of the town that i said we were red tagged, we are talking right now that if there's any homes we need to keep homes out of. >> reporter: they have to take what he says with a little bit of a grain of salt. here's why. the land here now is completely different. the watershed has been changed. geotechnical forces at work are different than they were yesterday. the land is diluted and more rains will keep changing all of these dynamics second by second, so in a few words it is an extremely dangerous situation changing as we have said second by second. reporting live, tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. in marin county, chp caltrans, and marin county sheriff's deputies monitoring highway 37 for a potential flood situation. this after a levy was breached,
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causing water from novato creek to flood a field near the freeway. so far 37 is not closed, but chp says if the water gets on the roadway they will in fact close highway 37 between atherton avenue and highway 101. >> you can see a lot of sunshine across the bay area today, so we are getting a bit of a break from the storms right now, but mark is here to tell us that more rain is coming later tonight. maybe tonight, another 0.25 to 0.5 inches. but that second one this morning that really yeah, causing those problems once again, we still have the more rain in the forecast over the next few days. as far as rainfall totals over the last few days, take a look at some of the numbers. roth and marin county picking up over eight inches of rain, santa cruz mountains, nearly 7.5, monte rio, up in sonoma
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county, 6.85. santa rosa is approaching five inches. san francisco just about -- san francisco and napa close to 3.5 inches. oakland over three inches, livermore over two and san jose -- those numbers are bumped up a little bit from the past 24 hours. 1.33. flood warnings out for the russian river in kernersville, and guadalupe river near the almaden expressway. russian river in gardnerville, that will likely crest several feet above flood stage as we head into friday morning. take a look at the satellite and radar over the past 12 hours. look at other activity not only the bay area but heading out toward the sierra and dropping snow levels, quite a few thunderstorms as well. flood warning still out for the areas in red. these likely go down over the next few hours, but as you can see closer to sonoma county until 4:45 this afternoon, so a few more minutes of this and places toward petaluma, sits a loser, and out toward solano
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county until about 7:30 this evening. thankfully, we have this radar to show you right now, that includes a lot of breaks in the action. a few scattered showers, kind of hit and miss shower activity, so we are not completely dry. at least we are not talking about a big area of heavy rainfall. santa cruz mountains they need a break, and san jose showing some break and cloud cover. it is this guy that is cold air that will send in some more rain showers this evening and over the next few days as we head into the weekends. we'll talk more about that system and update the river level coming up in a little bit. people living there hand hoses little san jose's willow got the okay to return home after a flood wanting prompted evacuations overnight. that issue just one of many around south day. maureen naylor joins us live with more from guadalupe river. maureen? >> reporter: alex, the sun is out which was not the case earlier today. i am standing by the guadalupe a liver, one of the biggest
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concerns. at one point earlier today this was at the 16 foot level. it has now receded to about 12.5 feet, and officials now say they are in the monitoring phase. rain soaked the south bay thursday, leaving some to describe this storm with one word. >> never ending. >> reporter: they started with evacuations for about 800 people living near the guadalupe river. they were asked to leave their homes because of concerns of letting. >> two policemen came to the house and said you need to think about evacuating, and so then i did. >> reporter: about three hours later, the evacuation order was lifted. >> we were very concerned that the water was at that point where it would be too late to put out a notice. you always have to stay in front of it because you want people to be safe. >> reporter: in los gatos, a
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massive eucalyptus tree branch came down the storm. atlanta on power lines, forcing the closer of shannon redden happy acres. while pg&e worked to prepare the hazard, it was without power for neighbors. noah lost power at his home and needed a generator to open his gait. >> we're lucky we have a generator. and at around five this morning, maybe earlier, so it has been seven hours, seven hours too long. >> reporter: in san jose, pg&e worked to repair another downed power pole after another creek came down. >> reporter: a lack of electricity did not talk their valentine's day celebration, which included flashlights hung from the garland. outside the kids hung park in the rate. >> this nature, it happens, and we respond to it, and adjust accordingly. >> reporter: the water may be receiving here at the guadalupe river, but a hazard remains. official keep coming by to check these levels.
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many people came by and took pictures. it is quite muddy here and slippery down there. they are concerned someone could slip and fall into that, so keep that in mind. back to you. now we got to san francisco, where this second day of rain has led to even more flooding and downed trees there. officials say they have received reports of at least 65 trees falling in this storm. the wet ground leaving the trees with this little to stand on. >> reporter: christien kafton is live on davis street with a look at the damage there, and more than 65 trees have already come down. >> reporter: yeah, a lot of trees, guys. you heard maureen talk about it, we are enjoyed the respite between storms right now. it is bright, sunny, actually pretty nice out in san francisco right now, but the story in the bay, trees. this is just one of those trees that came down overnight here. crews have been working throughout the day to remove this tree and davis repeat it is a story that repeated all over the city today. around san francisco's , crews
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scrambled from one downed tree to another. appeared eucalyptus trees came crashing down in the early morning hours. >> my husband woke up around 3 am to kind of a rumble, and the big crash, and it happened again i don't know, 15 minutes later, and our first thought was earthquake! replica crews using giant cranes this morning to remove those trees, and if that was not enough, a third tree just a dozen yards away came crashing down as well. this one dragging down power lines. >> when we woke up this morning, no power, there was a big tree that had fallen into our apartment complex, and landed in somebody's living room. >> reporter: pg&e throughout the morning worked to restore power, crews work to remove the tree. along the waterfront one bark acree came down crashing on a pickup truck. they remove that tree as well. san francisco department public works that it all, more than
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65 trees came crashing down. >> yesterday's storm was a very different pattern. >> reporter: san francisco public utilities commission charged with clearing drinks for the city is now using state- of-the-art data to track this series of storm. overall, 29 rain gauges are positioned throughout the city, feeding that real-time but data about how bad the storms are. >> it is a pretty intense storms been one of the largest storms in the city. >> other data pouring into the utility position responding quickly in a crisis. >> being able to take advantage of the latest technology through wireless devices, centralized computer system, access to all this data within the organization to make that happen. >> reporter: and it was not just refrancisco. sand and water forced a closure of the great highway for a second day. crews there worked hard today to reopen the northbound lanes, but no word when the southbound lanes will reopen. those are the lanes that are closer to the ocean in this
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case. keep in mind, they say they have workers covered and water just this afternoon, so still might be a lot more cleanup to do, and guys, more rain in the forecast. we are live here in san francisco. christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. and you can stay up-to-date on all the weather conditions by downloading our newly updated ktvu weather app . it has interactive radar, hourly updates, and the seven-day forecast. it also has an easy feature to share your photos and videos. still to come here on the four, i'm going to sit down with a student and educator to learn more about interventions that amy to get more girls into jobs in the fields of science and technology. developing news on capitol hill. the president says he is now ready to sign a budget deal to avert a government shutdown, but he is also expected to make a controversial move to get money for border wall. details on that after the break.
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the u.s. senate overwhelmingly passed a bill, offering $1.4 billion for border security. lauren blanchard tells us president trump is expected to sign the bill and then declare a national emergency to get even more money for his border wall.
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>> reporter: president trump and his team spent the day going over this, more than 1100 page bill to look for landmines before he signs it, and the senate leaders says it is going to get the go-ahead from the oval office. >> i would say all my colleagues have indicated he's prepared to sign the bill. he will also be issuing a national emergency declaration at the same time. >> reporter: the president and leader mcconnell speaking today. many were wondering if the president would declare a national emergency after he signs the bill to avert the shutdown in order to get more border money. a number of lawmakers have been against a declaration because of the precedent it sets and because it is likely to face legal challenges. >> i'm going to support the national emergency declaration. >> when the president declares this emergency, first of all it is not an emergency. >> reporter: the bill look like it will also have enough support in congress. first the senate passing the bill, next the house will vote. if it passes, it heads back to the white house. >> we had to deal in facts that are based on reality, not
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rhetoric based on political fantasy. >> reporter: the proposal will provide funding for 55 new miles of border barrier, but it is nowhere near the amount the president wanted, and the bill does not call it a wall. >> the agreement provides smart border security. it will not fund the president's expensive, ineffective wall. >> reporter: in a statement, the white house press secretary confirming the president will sign the funding bill and declare a national emergency, saying it is part of delivering on his promise to build the wall and secure the border. in washington, lauren blanchard, ktvu fox 2 news. only nine republicans and five democrats voted no., harris was one of them. she said she opposed more funding for immigrant attention at the border. three fellow children, elizabet
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cory booker also voted no in a vote that could likely become a campaign talking point. let's talk about the event center unfolding at capitol hill today, and we are joined by henry e brady, dean at the golden school of public policy at uc berkeley. thanks for coming on with us. it looks like we will be averting another government shutdown. the white house is practiced trump is going to sign this spending bill, but of course we have seen him reverse course before at the last minute. any chance at all you think that president trump may be surprises everyone? >> i think it is unlikely. i'm sure he will probably sign the bill, but the national emergency, the interesting thing and to see if it really does that, it's an unusual national emergency.'s usually wars are terrorism, that is not quite this. >> how was he going to justify the declaration of a national emergency? >> he's going to try to argue it is like a terrorist attack or it is like a natural disaster, but i'm sure there will be people who will probably come up with blockades
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and ask whether that is really true, and they're going to dispute it. it is an unusual case. obviously, president in the past including president obama, they have obviously declared national emergencies, but help us understand how rare it is for a president to declare a national emergency in order to fund a domestic construction project that congress is unwilling to fund. >> well, there may be a case, but i reviewed all the cases that i can find, and i could not find a single one that was really about funding something like this. usually what they are is embargoing some country and saying we are not going to have trade relations with them or try to find ways to limit terrorism and things like that, but it is not about using already allocated dollars for do in this case. >> help me understand where the legal challenges are like to come from once the president declares emergency. >> it is conceivable congress will decide to override his decision. they have the right to do that under an act passed in 1976 that said congress can pass a direct resolution, and if the
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president signs a joint resolution, he would be prohibited from doing a national emergency declaration. but then if he vetoes that, which he likely would do, the house and senate could override him with two thirds vote, and that might happen. that is not impossible. >> it sounded like there's a lot of republicans in congress were certainly not on board of this idea of an emergency declaration because of the president in my sent moving forward. >> will initially, mitch mcconnell said he was not in favor of a national emergency declaration and would not support it, and in the area because he did not want to have a shutdown of the government, partial shutdown, he decided he would go along with it, but he's indicative of a lot of republicans who actually think this is a bad idea, and they worry about a president who might be a democrat for example in the future who would cite this is an example of how they can do pretty much anything they want to do with money that has been appropriated already for another purpose. >> before i let you go, with an
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emergency declaration, the present is talk about what sort of departments or programs are likely to lose out on money in that case? >> it seems probably easiest to get some of the parts of it from the department of defense where there are some existing laws that you can maybe take some of that money to deal with military problems. he may have other ways that he can do it. i'm sure there's going to be court challenges if he does it. >> henry e. brady, the dean of golden school of public policy in uc berkeley. mark, we've been talking about the weather. we were going live to our reporters earlier. you can actually see some blue sky out there. >> we will take it with some breaks in the rainit's not goin we have some clouds, breaks in the clouds, and a bit of a breeze, so we are transitioning to the cool part of this weather pattern, and you will
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definitely feel that change as you head into the friday forecast to look up a storm reports scattered around the bay, down to the crisp county. you can see a lined of wind damage reports on felton, some strong winds there in that region. we can move the map and show you all the storm reports from earlier today really focused up in the north bay beta reports of some flooding and some wind damage as well. show you this up in sonoma from around 10:40 this morning with that wind damage, at least the rain and wind coming after this portion of the area. checking out radar right now, as you can see the bulk of the action right now is shifting out toward the east. look at lightning strikes being detected in the east approaching the sierra hope mills we have a little bit of a break. we are looking at the rainfall. we will show you a few scattered showers out there for here's the coverage up in portions of the north bay. it look like right around st.
4:23 pm
helena . we do have them coverage here just outside of napa, toward calistoga as well. shifting the naps around toward the east bay neighborhoods inland east bay, where livermore and san ramon, so notice no reds, no yellows showing up, just him scattered rain across the region and that activity has been backing up quite a bit. look what is headed our way though, so you can see what's headed out. that's moving into southern california with a circulation, that speckled cloud cover. that is a sure sign that cold air, cold, unstable and will move in tonight and tomorrow morning. outside we are break enjoying the break in the class is evident as we head into the evening hours, and still we are expecting some more rain showers for this evening. now russian river, here the river check, healdsburg expected to remain below flood stage be the russian river at guerneville right now 33 feet. that is above the 32 foot flood stage. expect it to crest sometime early tomorrow morning, possibly at 35.8 feet. now napa river at st. helena expected to pa river, napa get
4:24 pm
close to flood stage in the short term, and by 8:00 this evening expect it to go down possibly 19 or 18 feet, so it looks like the one we are really what he will be russian river at guerneville. here's the forecast model tonight. 7:00, look is headed up here -- heading our way, i should say. is moving up from north, and you can see the rain while picking up. if you have plans this evening, this could be a factor with maybe some moderate to heavy downpours. this is 11:00 tonight, and in your friday once again this is friday morning. 5:00 friday morning, 10:00, and still some scattered brakes early tomorrow afternoon, and we could be tracking another band of rain moving in friday evening. we had a band rain move in, moves on out, t will have a break another band moved in so we will talk about this unsettled weather pattern. your week and could include some more rain clouds. we will have more about that coming up in a little bit. i am going to make sure that in his honor and his legacy, we stabilize.
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>> remembering the 17 lives lost one year ago today at parkland high school in florida. the changes at that school, and how survivors spent today. we hope you tune in tonight for the final season of "gotten. and continues at 8:00. that is followed by "the orville" at night, and stick around for the 10:00 news and 11:00 news all right here on ktvu.
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it's been one year since a gunman went on a shooting rampage inside a high school in
4:28 pm
parkland, florida. bill keating has more on the impact of this tragedy, and how the school is marking the anniversary. >> they should not be happening. >> reporter: it was you and year ago on february 14, valentine's day in parkland florida. a gunman opened fire at marjory stoneman douglas high school, killing 14 students and three staff members. >> this is why i protest for gun control. >> reporter: no more massacres, but that will be the last massacre forever. >> we worry every day now but what could happen when you drop them off in the morning, and no american family should carry that burden. >> reporter: today, students and the community devastated by the massacre holding moments of silence and first anniversary. many across the countrwith vigi to honor those who died. others conspired to demonstrate as the shooting continues to generate widespread calls for legislative action. should be learning and
4:29 pm
thinking about our tests, not about -- thinking if we are going to get killed. >> reporter: the mark lind massacre and gun violence and safety the bed, turning some parkland parent and student and political activist. florida governor ron desantis requesting a renewed investigation asking this today brett court to look into the safety measures of the supreme safety measures. >> i also want to protect floridians moving forward. >> reporter: and president trump honoring the fallen, tweeting in part, quote on this sober anniversary, we honor the memory and recommit to ensuring the safety of all americans, especially our nation's children. and members of march for our dent led organization formed after 4 day
4:30 pm
starting today. in parkland, florida, phil keating, fox news. as teacher strike endeavor is now over and they expect a deal for pay increase. the denver teachers association posted this message on twitter saying denver teachers win for denver students. school officials agreed to raise pay by over 11% in growing living costs. the deed three day strike with the latest action and the weight of the activated this last spring, when teachers walked off the job in west virginia, sparking strikes across the nation and a strike here in oakland is still in the works. coming up here on the forecast, helping girls interested in science, technology, engineering, and math. we're going to sit down talk live with the students and educators to learn more about this she stems some of. amazon is not in the new york state of mind. the reason the company pulled out of this plan to build a headquarters there.
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this afternoon, william barr was officially sworn in as the new u.s. attorney general. earlier today the senate approved president trump's nominee to lead the justice department. while he received support from nearly every republican, most democrats did vote against him. he was a controversial pick for attorney general. democrats raised concerns on his views on executive power and oversight on special counter robert mueller's investigation into russian
4:34 pm
meddling into the 2016 presidential election. the former deputy director of the fbi's the top justice officials have dire concerns about president trump's decision to fire bureau director james comey in may 2017. andrew mccabe says they were so alarmed, the even discussed whether to recruit cabinet members to invoke the 25th amendment to remove mr. trump from office. those concerned also prompted mccabe to order the team investigating russia's election meddling to look into whether mr. trump had accepted justice by firing comey. mccabe made these comments during an interview with cbs and 60 minutes. amazon has pulled out its plan to build an expansive headquarters in new york. the move comes after the e- commerce site received fierce backlash over promises that the project would result in massive tax breaks for the -- for amazon. christina is in new york with details on amazon's abrupt withdrawal. >> reporter: amazon drafted big apple is one of its new headquarter location, but much of the cancellation was due
4:35 pm
from backlash from local politicians and residents. a number of state and local politicians have made it clear they oppose our presence and will not work with us to build the type of relationships that are required to go forward with the project. the seattle-based retail giant now plans to build a campus in the queensboro of new york back in december. promising to bring 25,000 jobs to you new york and spend $2.5 billion constructing the offices. >> i thought it was more akin to the money they were offered . it was like the cities putting up money for football stadium, which comes to fruition but never the economic result. you know on the other side, that all cooperation get that money, so amazon is free to do that what they want? i don't think new york city is going to suffer one iota, to be promised. >> reporter: amazon phase fierce opposition and critics said it will provide much benefit to new yorkers. >> this is actually an important moment not just to new york, but for our nation.
4:36 pm
this should be a launching point to discuss the logic of these corporate subsidies that are plaguing the entire country. >> reporter: at this point, amazon says it will continue to build offices in nashville and arlington, virginia but does not plan to look for another hq 2 location at this time. in new york, christina, foxbusiness. more than 400 high school girls from across the east bay gathered for imported summit at the richmond memorial auditorium yesterday. it is part of an effort to steer young women toward careers in science, technology, engineering, and math, fields that have long been dominated by men. joining me not to talk more about this effort is heather small, vice president of development for the junior achievement of northern california. the organization the put on yesterday summit. thanks for being here. also with us is joey, a student at a high school here.
4:37 pm
thanks for being with us too, joey. this event was strengthening her education, and the students, they met with professionals in s.t.e.m. -related fields , and what was the goal to bring them together? >> right. we are very excited to bring together a panel of inspiring speakers, women speakers from many of our biotech companies and tech engineering companies to inspire and empower our girls to consider a career in healthcare and s.t.e.m. in engineering so that they can feel more career ready to study in those areas and see themselves in those roles. >> in order to see themselves in those roles, you had professionals from various companies here in the bay area, kaiser, cisco among others, and these professionals are meant to be role models. >> that is right, and they spent a large part of their day doing speed mentoring and answering questions and sharing their journey, which has an
4:38 pm
opportunity to talk about their education and the experience they had as you know, young women themselves in exploring whether this was their passion and their past , and what struggles they had, how they overcame them, who was their mentor, how do they build their trust and support system and the resources they had to be successful. >> joey, let me ask you. you were there for the summit yesterday? >> yeah. >> what did you take away from it? how helpful did you find the event? >> i realized that like going into like a medical field, it is not only doctors and nurses. it is more on like is more spread out, and they have like financials and they have like marketing and like people finding new jobs for the medical field, and it is not just -- yeah, doctors and nurses. >> what area specifically do you want to get into in the future? >> right now it is undecided because i know if i decide now
4:39 pm
i'm going to change it later anyways. so i am just trying to think of something that will spark and will like help me be happy when i succeed. >> did seeing some of the professionals that you met at the event yesterday inspire you? >> yeah, actually we had a workshop with kaiser, and she had a mind for this session, what it is like being happy and loving yourself and like loving others and not hurting yourself. >> okay, looking inward, yeah. wonderful. so let me ask you more broadly here. there is some estimates that suggests that women make up less than 25% of the workforce in s.t.e.m. -related fields . first off, why are fewer women moving into those jobs, and how do you address that gap? >> right, well i think it is an issue for all of us as an entire community that we need to provide more opportunity, and what we do very well is
4:40 pm
connect our business community and put them as volunteers into the school during the school day so that they can model to students the opportunity to you know, to be part of you know, the high growth, high in demand businesses like the s.t.e.m. businesses who partner with us , cisco and roche and genentech which we mentioned, and also to give them the actual hands on skills that the schools need us as partners to give him. >> what does an event like this -- how does this move forward? i mean at are built. how are those fostered moving forward between the students and the professionals? >> right, so what junior achievement does, we offer curriculums every week. that's happening every week, and with our capstone events, the hands on skills that they get continue with job
4:41 pm
and the mentorship opportunities. we also have internships, and if it happens organically than the students, as joey witnessed, she can connect with those businesswomen and reach out to them through you know, business cards and linked in, and then -- exactly, exactly. >> is what it is all about, connections, no matter what field you're getting into. heather small with junior achievement of northern california and joey ow from panola valley high, correct? take care. and in weather, still a little bit of a break in the shower activity, but the rainfall will redevelop. i know it has been quite the week. a little breakdown of the timing of rain coming our way after the break.
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the same system that has been bringing so much rain to the bay area is also ared it wa mix of valley of with the heav mountain snow above yesterday, so for on the current conditions and how they are gearing up for much more snow, they are hoping and n, i'm joined by john slaughter, director of marketing there at sugar bowl, and john , you've got to be happy with what you've seen so far this winter.
4:45 pm
>> i mean it's been incredible so far. we've seen 10 feet of snow. we've got a little bit of rain today. they did shut down the resort, but now you can see it turned back to snow. we picked up eight inches today, and will keep on coming. >> when you add in that rate, it sort of raises the possibility of something we don't like to talk about some but something very serious, and that is avalanches. how concerned are you about that in the next couple of days? >> reporter: our team does an excellent job. they're always in avalanche mitigation. that was part of the decision not to open the resort today because new snowfall over it. they will be out again tomorrow morning, so we are confident that we provide safe operation. >> you were expecting to open tomorrow? >> yes, absolutely. i don't know if you saw behind me. they are preparing the mountain for tomorrow. we will have a team working overnight. we do anticipate a few slight delays, but we should be open no problem. >> talk with me over all the
4:46 pm
conditions up there. i mean you are getting so much more snow than last year, for example. >> yeah. the snow has an absolutely fantastic. literally we do not get these cold storms. in the last 2.5 weeks, we have had below freezing temperatures except for today, below freezing temperatures is fantastic snow. not something we normally see, so we've had absolutely phenomenal conditions. we had a massive snow pack. we have not had much settlement going on, and we are at almost 400 inches this week, so that is the average is 500, so we are almost there for mid- february. >> so for folks that are thinking about heading up there maybe for this long holiday weekend, best advice to them? >> make sure you know how to use your chains before you get on interstate 80. always best practice one >> suc and if anyone is heading up up
4:47 pm
there tomorrow, let's give you a live look outside in bay area, and you can see some nice slinging clouds there and sunshine peeking through. this is in the east bay looking out toward mount diablo. that is a new shot there, and we are seeing a break in the rain, but things expected to pick back up a little bit later on tonight, mark. >> get a loan between those rain clouds, so things changing rapidly for this evening, but i think we will take what we won't get. been a quite. with the 10th downpours. right on the radar, you can see all the action is to the north and east of the ba there picking up some snowfall, and they have not picking up rainfall as well. earlier today, you see all those reports scattered around.
4:48 pm
king speech reporting nearly 4 inches of rain, but that cold air moves in. that will drop temps quite a bit. we are already reporting light snow up at the blue canyon right now. on the radar right now, showing just a little bit of them scattered green. is not intense rain, but still some scattered showers, especially up toward portions of st. helena and napa right now. the valley, we are getting this break at least over the next two hours. outward san ramon a scattered showers, but we are in somewhat of a improvement. if you need a chance to dry out, we are getting that chance right now. as i mentioned, this is a cooler part of the weather pattern. mainly in the 50s. santa rosa right now 52, san jose mid-50s, and fremont checking in 53 degrees. hour live camera looking out toward the golden gate bridge, and those hillsides of course getting quite the soaking over the past couple days, we will continue to track some wind and some rain for tonight. quick check, russian river in guerneville, you can see they have a flood warning. the last report, overflight states, 33.8 feet . expected to crest several feet above flood stage early tomorrow morning, and gradually backing off as we he saturday morning interesting here, they could remain just above flood stage for a good
4:49 pm
portion of friday. a little bit closer in the county the coastal flood advisor begins friday at 5 am until 10 am, and this will likely be reinsured as we head into the weekend because we have those king tides to deal with. those tides creeping up each and every day both saturday into sunday, so we will have those coastal flood advisory at least the next 2 to 4 days. unsettled for tomorrow, what we mean by that? we could be picking up a lot of rain, some sunshine, some clouds, so this is all in the forecast for tomorrow, clouds, sunshine, showers, thunderstorms. get ready for little bit of everything in your friday forecast. here the overall weather pattern. we've been talking a lot about the atmospheric river over the past few days. it is shifting to the south, so that is -- that was the deal for yesterday and today. now we are watching this, that speckled cloud cover moving in for friday and saturday. this will generate some showers
4:50 pm
and possibly some thunderstorms, we will hold onto that check into sunday. here's the forecast model. if you're making plans for tonight, we get that break right now looks wet developing and then i pay by 8:00, and into the evening hours by 9:00 , approaching san francisco, oakland, san mateo, hayward . notice not much happening in the south bay just yet. 11:00 tonight, and as we take this into your friday morning some sunshine or some clouds, and some passing hours throughout the day once again by 12 and 1:00, and the weekend is almost here as well, we will take this into your saturday. this is the same deal, some clouds, showers quickly moving in from the north, and another round of showers. forecast high for tomorrow will be in the 50s, dealing with the cooler part of this weather pattern. low to mid 50s would wind picking up between 20 to 30 miles an hour. your five-day forecast, it's one of those deals where we say keep the sunglasses nearby, keep the umbrella nearby. you will probably of
4:51 pm
the activity will be in the morning hours, and finally we get a chance to dry out on monday and tuesday. it's one of those deals -- today i saw the sunshine. i will get a cup of coffee, go for a walk, and that it gets hot. that could be having. >> don't get caught, thanks. remember you can download our newly updated ktvu weather app . it is free and has interactive radar, hourly updates, and of course that seven-day forecast. it also has an easy feature that allows you to share your own photos and videos. >> julie is here now to look at some of the stories we are working on for ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 , and julie, a lot of people are praising actions of a local rideshare driver. >> a toddler found walking all alone in the pouring rain tuesday night until a lyft driver failed her. >> she was crying her eyes out. i me she was crying hard, hard, hard, hard. you can tell she was looking for an adult or parent. >> and coming up tonight and 5, the girls mother tells us what happened. we are working on the stories and much more.
4:52 pm
of course, love is in the air, and that means a lot of people looking to tie the knot at city hall. ♪
4:53 pm
they say you should always listen to your heart. and where better to do that, than the island of ireland? after all, your heart is the best compass there is. so get out there and fill your heart with the stuff that keepst fill your heart with ireland.
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it is sad on this valentine's day there's a warning for you to look at romance related scams that cannot only break your hat, but your wallet too. the federal trade commission said the scams usually begins on the internet.
4:55 pm
criminals will set up phony profiles on dating sites, and social media, and that is where they find their victcon artist will then ask for money to consumer advocates in the money is often wire given as a gift card, making the criminals hard to track down. on other occasions scammers will ask for partial information to facilitate identity theft. >> they prey on people that are lonely, that are in need of somebody to talk to. >> the sec says romance scams are on the rise with more than 21,000 people fallen victim last year. the financial loss amounts to about 143 million dollars. the clerks offices across the bay busy on this valentine's day. they are handling the expected record number of couples who decided to tie the knot on this most romantic day of the year. the alameda county clerk's office in oakland opened its doors at 9 am. they have been handling weddings all day long. it has always been busy of course, san francisco city
4:56 pm
hall on valentine's day, that was the case once again this year. there were so many couples getting married today , that city officials decided to perform ceremonies at five different locations in city hall, including the mayor's private balcony. >> the good thing is you can't forget your anniversary. >> that's right, it will be a constant reminder about that. no excuse. ktvu fox 2 news at 5 begins after the break.
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4:59 pm
ktvu fox 2 news at 5 starts now. mudslide, evacuations, trees down, and more flooding. another day of heavy rain and strong winds around the bay area, as those rain totals are really starting to add up. i'm julie haener. >> and i am frank somerville. we start in sausalito tonight were a soaked hillside gave way and took down a duplex. from sky fox, you can see the duplex slid down the hill before crashing into another home. both of the homes ended up destroyed. a woman was actually inside the home when it slid down this morning. she was taken to the hospital but is now being released. the unsteady hillside fourth evacuations of at least 50 homes. >> police department. sorry to wake you up.
5:00 pm
>> those evacuations weren't the only ones overnight. san jose police went door to door near willow glen because of rising water levels in the guadalupe river. the evacuations they are started around 4:30 this morning. they were given the all clear to return home about 2.5 hours later. >> in marin county, home on butterfield road has been red tagged after a 60 foot redwood tree fell on it about 5:30 this morning. fortunately no one was injured. public works crews strapped the tree to a crane and lowered into the ground, where they cut it up by 2 this afternoon, the tree had been removed. >> there's been substantial flooding in the guerneville area. about 4.5 feet water slot homes on mill court near five creek. and evacuation advisory has been river and its tributaries. the river is expected to crest at 36 feet at 1:00


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