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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  February 15, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PST

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him time. >> i man shot e a stolen ups t with a hostage. we hear from family and friends who say they were on the phone with the suspect. we are hours away from the national of the national emergency over the border. we will take you live to washington dc for a debate about border security and presidential powers that is about to intensify. good morning. thank you for joining us on mornings on 2 . >> it is a long and hectic week . >> good morning. i am dave clark. >> steve is here with the latest . >> the latest is that it is colder ow levels as the system swept in. we have gone from that atmospheric river into southern
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california and is replaced by, cold fronts with isolated showers envelopes snow levels through mount hamilton and areas to this year has turned from rain to snow. there is plenty of that with updates. temperatures in the 30s and 40s . you can see mid-30s for some and 40s for others. i would get ready for a cold air mass. better snow and reports of hail with temperatures cooling off. it is friday and 4:01. it has been a quiet week. >> there's nothing to do. exactly. right now, we are starting off the morning with the quietest morning for the whole week right now, 205 looks quiet. hopefully we will have a quiet commute. driving to work, i saw steaming
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water still. i am sure you will also. this is the freeway traffic where traffic looks okay. 880 n. and sound looks fine for now. it is not that bad. the big storm is finally moving out of the bay area with lots of problems, including a levy breach in the north bay. downed trees knocked out power and a huge mudslide destroyed two comes. low-lying areas are flooded. the water crested. male cause moderate flooding, deborah says the evacuation advisory has been issued. >> it is getting deep quick. truck this business, those who could drove through russian river floods, carrying people in and out of areas cut off.
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understory skies, the community pitches in but it is not considered a real slide without water on main street. it is seeping into the main spots. the river resembles a lake. this is johnson beach, unrecognizable. >> that is a lot of water. >> i was pounding on the door to get people out to rescue people expect most of these houses were built here for a recent. >> reporter: they hope not to make rescues. even with the water coming up more rain coming down. local people know the floods. >> people who have been through one and wait until they are surrounded by water and innate don't move in time and that kind of stuff. >> people are concerned but not totally freaking out yet. truck this is a veteran of many flights. >> it is not something to fool
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around with. if you think you are flooding out, get out and get your propane tanks secured and everything they tell you. >> reporter: blue skies are no guarantee that the river is not writing. runoff is pouring into the watershed, making this a sign of the times for another day. is quitea sightseeing the river this white. >> reporter: it is more spectacle than emergency because the rain tapered off. anytime a crest under 40 feet, this is a good development. the historic flight of the '80s and '90s, fox 2 . people are without power. pg&e tells us nearly 11,000 homes and businesses do not have service. 6800 are on the peninsula. 28 in napa county.
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there are businesses in san francisco, almost 40,000 outages in the bay area yesterday. interstate 80 and the sierra is closed because of white out conditions. cars are turned away to the nevada state line. caltrans confirmed more snow and high wind and low visibility. make sure you have the new weather and traffic on our ktvu weather app on your smartphone with updates and our forecast. you can upload your weather photos and video and the app is free to download. today, president trump is expected to sign the bill passed by congress to avoid a government shutdown. the white house says the president plans to declare a national emergency to get the billions of dollars up biting he wants for a wall along the u.s.-mexico border.
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the president will speak in three hours. we have live coverage at 4:30 and a live report from washington dc on the controversy over the national emergency declaration. it may feel like it is too early but we have details on that democratic debates for the 2020 election. the committee official outlined the framework for the june and july events. 20 candidates will take part if they meet certain grassroots fundraising thresholds. 20 candidates meet the threshold but that the candidates are weeding out counties. the california senator harris took up a endorsement and barbara lee tweeted yesterday, she is supporting harris. lee is a former chairwoman with the black caucus who has long
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been a powerful political force on capitol hill. bose congresswomen lee and harris have roots in oakland. the police will give the update on a chase and hostage situation that ended with the armed suspect that a shot and killed. the police say the suspect stole the ups truck and held the driver hostage. there was a police chase and a standup. smith tells us why the police say they had to open fire. >> reporter: this dramatic end to the standoff with the vehicle boxing san jose. held up in that truck, a suspect fired a shot unning all. killing him. moments later, a tarp was placed overbody. the 5:00 with the traffic stop in south as a. the south car chase--
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>> shots were fired by the suspect. they were paid to be a long been, a shotgun with multiple shot fired at our deputies. one shot hit our deputy's vehicle. truck the suspect got out of his car near communications hill and carjacked a ups truck with a driver inside. deputies deployed spike strips and the truck stopped at south trouble, prompting a heavy police response. >> the negotiators arrived and we rescued the hostage. we got him out safely. >> reporter: france identified the suspect as mark morasky . they say he leaves behind a one- year-old daughter. they claim he client called him from inside the ups truck. >> he wanted us to call dispatch and tell them to give him time.
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he was sobbing and scared. they were going to rush him and shoot him. >> he stole the truck to avoid police. there is residential burglary and drugs and they wish they didn't use for >> but he was about to go into life in prison. they took that option away from him. >> reporter: ktvu, fox 2 news . still had, the family of a man from vallejo who was shot and killed by police is speaking out. coming up, why they say he was not a threat to police. out of nowhere, a baby walked in front of my car expect the incredible story of a lyft driver found that toddler walking alone at night in the pouring rain. we have a nice start to a friday commute for the first time in a while, thinks look
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normal on 88 zero. steady rain is replaced by off-and-on rain and cold temperatures. thunderstorms are possible.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. a lyft driver rescued a
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child walking alone in the pouring rain. he took care of that little girl until police arrived. we spoke with the mother and she has a message for that driver. >> reporter: dale had dropped off a passenger in santa rosa and was about to leave when he stopped and shot.>> a baby comes walking in front of my car . >> reporter: it was 10:30 tuesday night. >> it was freezing cold. it was 40 degrees and pouring rain. >> reporter: the girl was soaking wet. her teeth were chattering. she had on a wednesday and a diaper. >> she was crying her eyes out. she was crying hard. she was looking around. she was looking for an adult or a parent. i picked her up from where we were standing. he looked for the family at the crossroads apartment complex. >> i knocked on four doors
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there and nobody recognized her. >> neighbors did what they could to help pick >> we gave a blanket. >> reporter: they called the police and waited and took this video in the car. >> here is a baby walking around with no shoes on. know nothing. the cops are on the weight. >> reporter: the cops reunited the girl with the family. >> anybody in essay she went would do what i did. you know? to me, it is less heroic and what you should do. >> reporter: they found the mother at the complex and had no idea her daughter had gone missing until we told her. her nephew was in charge as she went to work that night. >> she just has to pull the handle down. we are not allowed to add anything additional.
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kids get to be of a certain age and they follow the parents out the door and wondering where they went. the police say the girl would not have charges filed. >> it seems like an oversight. >> reporter: the mother says she's is trying to find a way to secure the door. she had this to say to the driver. >> thank you for getting my daughter out of the rain.>> reporter: ktvu, fox 2 news . the family of a man shot and killed by police are questioning the use of deadly force. relatives of willie mccoy are angry and they say he was a promising rapper studying music and his only crime was falling asleep in his car. they say the police did not make an effort to end the situation peacefully. >> if that was any of those police officers that were there that fired a shot, if that was their child, when they have
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immediately reacted in the same way. >> aa help police say he passed out in his car with a loaded gun in his lap they say he reach for that weapon after they ordered him to put his hands up. let's get you to where you need to go. what is it like on the right? >> it is still flooding. we want to let you know the roads have not started to recede -- the water has not receded yet. this is highway 101 that is close. there is a detour in place. to indefinitely. they don't know you know, the drains don't work. some of the areas are low-lying
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and they are not sure when the water will recede. there is a closure. let's go to the gilroy super commute northbound 101 and it looks okay. as you drive through, we have had tough commutes. yesterday, a tough commute on highway 17. i suggest you be very careful and keep it slow as there is serious crashes on 17 in the last few days. mainly, they are associated with the weather. you can see at 280, it has been raining as the roads are wet. you could see the san mateo bridge traffic is moderate. let's bring steve in. i say from oakland to walnut creek, i was that guy. it was raining. >> when it rains, i am slow. when it is dry, i'm not. we do have off-and-on rain and
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the cold came in last night and that puts there is low snow levels over the weekend and isolated squalls coming in. the showers possible thundershowers as well. the subtropical moisture is south for now. we are under the northwest direction with cold air coming in and scattered showers. it could be brief or light. it is moving in towards san francisco over the golden gate. the could be isolated thundershowers or brief hail or moderate rain. it's not the story in the sierra with that high snow level is going down. that will make for low snow levels today through the weekend . 30s and 40s for that temperatures. mainly 40s. it is 43 and mid-40s for everyone that is pretty close.
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look at that cold low dropping in around the specclouds. are s there is not a lot of rain but you could get brief heavy downpours. it looks like a break monday and tuesday. there are a lot of 50s and some are cool at the higher elevations. off-and-on rain mixing with sun clouds with a break monday and tuesday. it will be cold for the lows. i have a lot of work to do. >> governor newsom spoke to families who had homes destroyed and a campfire. the promise he is making to help them rebuild his next. we are inside the recording studio. he shares unrecorded music.
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welcome back to mornings on 2 . >> the well-known oakland singer and songwriter will be in san francisco to celebrate winning his second grammy award. >> amber lee spoke with him one- on-one to talk about his big award. >> reporter: he creates you sick inside this building. it was once a liquor store. he embraces the ambience. it is
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home. it is not a traditional recording studio in, it fits his music.>> we are presenting this black roots music in a way that feels fresh and new to people. trump a sound that resonates with fans and the grammys. >> the grammy goes to please don't be dead. >> reporter: on sunday, they album one the artist his second grammy and it was made with old material from a local designer and this is a part of the journey he shares. >> oakland, california. >> reporter: the first when was last year. both times for best contemporary blues album. each sne was the dope dealers and where they used to walk.
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>> reporter: he said he is lost a brother and relatives to gun violence in oakland and berkeley. he sold drugs growing up. at 19, a turning point.>> i thought i was going to be killed, execution style in west oakland. >> reporter: he said survival is a testament to those who helped raise him, teachers and community activists. his music as a nod to his african-american ancestors. >> our tradition is about survival. having nothing, you know, we were given the worst food and a slave cabin. >> reporter: he expresses gratitude to supporters, including those who tipped him at b.a.r.t. stations. >> [ music ] [ music ] i am nothing without you nothing without youmusic ]
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>> reporter: he is working on his next album. his next local concert will be march ninth. after that, he goes on a world tour. in oakland, ktvu, fox 2 news . lots of trees and power lines are down. >> storm coverage, including the highway closure that will affect the morning commute. congress voted to find the government but the president is expecting to declare a national emergency today. i am in washington with more. it is wet and there are closures because of flooding. we will let you know where the drives are clear. it is one of those weight 5
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minutes forecast with clearing and then we get rain and then it moves off.
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good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. it is friday, february 15, 2019 . >> thank you for joining us. it has been quite a week. when i thought everything had calmed down, there was loud wind and rain. it was very loud>> i did the sa e wind. >> will we see more today? >> there is cold air and brief heavy rain and thunder shower activity moving on shore. that cold and a stable air with snow again at tahoe and truckee
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done to blue kenya. a winter storm warning until number 4 a.m. sunday. that is a long stretch. the snow level will go down to 1800 feet. it will get down to 2000 maybe on sunday. lake level at 62.5. it is 3 to 6 feet possible. there is no more rain but snow. isolated thundershowers are possible with sun and clouds and cold air sweeping a. highs are in the if these. that moisture stays out for now but look for the shower activity with sun that comes back in. some is moving on shore right now with highs in the 50. i hope things are quieter.
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there is one spot, a couple of things. i can tell you that highway 80 is closed because of whiteout conditions. except, actually completely closed but highway 50 is open. i want to talk about flooding if you are talking about getting to marin county, highway 37 is closed because of water in the area that is taking over the freeway. we have seen this before with this heavy rain comes. the alternate route is to use appleton avenue and drive over to highway 101. eastbound, the same thing goes. most are coming westbound and this is until further notice because of the flooding. when they receive purple on a maps comment you think purple means closed. people asked me. it means closed . all right. let's talk about the fairfield- vallejo commut


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