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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  February 15, 2019 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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where rivers are rising. how much longer will the rain stick around? we look ahead to the weekend. we have borders or worse we should've never been in any cases. we don't control our own board of. >> president trump declares a national emergency and what it means for the border wall funding and how governor knew some is respondent. there is a chase and hostage situation that ended with a suspect shot and killed in san jose. good afternoon. >> we continue to track the latest on the recent storm. there are major problems from flooding to landslides. the crews are working overtime and crews are working to clear 50 and 880. rosemary? >> we will see scattered
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showers on and off today and the weekend. thankfully, not as bad as what we have seen. earlier this morning, the rivers along the russian rather have actually peaked. they will begin to slowly recede. right now, ernstville at 33 feet. blood stage is 32 picked advisory and warnings continues flooding until early tomorrow morning. it is moving in the right direction. highway 116 will continue to flood. the maryville trial will continue to flood for the next perhaps 24 hours before the water recedes. let's look at storm tracker 2. we will check where we see scattered showers that role across the bay area. along highway 101, you can see some here. as we shift near st. helena, we
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have rain-snow mix. this round of rain will lower the snow levels. we expect local hills again to see some of this. you can see copper mountain with it expected to drop to 2000 feet tomorrow. the east bay with scattered showers and perhaps a downpour around the area near lafayette and to routes one creek into the south make, you can see to the east, over the diablo range, we have rain and snow mixing. mount hamilton at 4000 feet with new accumulation today. one more shot along the peninsula where we have moderate to heavy rain near half moon date and towards the peninsula around the cemetery right here between 101 and 880, a slick roadway.
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this will continue today with on and off showers with heavy downpours. look at the sierra where winter storm warning continues with snow levels along highway 50 and file facts and getting up to the west slope and into the sierra is going to be tough. a winter storm warning for the sierra until early sunday morning and for us, we have a hi surface advisory from today and to tomorrow night that is expected along the coastline. the headlines to date with isolated thunderstorms. the high serve warning as well as a winter storm warning with lowering snow levels. we will have the details in a little bit. flood warnings are in affect in sonoma county. it is familiar with flooding and kernville. the russian river crusted overnight and it rose above the flood stage.
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this is now at 33.6 feet. the water is so deep that people had to be varied across the water to dryland on the other side. the have seen the dangers firsthand. >> it is not something to fool around with. get out. get your cards to higher ground. get your propane tank secured. >> the russian river is expected to recede later today and will not rise more than 40 feet. that is compared to the 1980s and 1990s, it was 50 feet. the westbound highway 37 is closed with no timetable when they will reopen. the crew westbound after 3:00 this morning, it was closed. we were told it would be opened by eight a.m. but it did not happen. drivers are routed onto trade
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26 street. cars are diverted at setup. >> the officials will watch the hill after part of it with a home came down yesterday morning. a woman was trap but was later rescued. the crews will monitor that area for movement in the hillside as those who live around the area prepared to evacuate at a moments notice. >> it expected to be a busy week it it the sierra. this is welcome news for skiers but it is also creating dangerous conditions. >> if you're heading to the sierra to take advantage of the weekend, expect unsettled weather through sunday evening until monday with snow in the forecast. we have seen snow off and on again but interstate 80 has been shut down. this is from the caltrans camera along interstate 80 westbound and one day you see it in the
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next you don't. whiteout conditions shutdown interstate 80 late thursday night and remains closed through the morning. drivers basically camped out at colfax were the road was shut down. there waiting for the road to reopen. caltrans says you can expect more of that heading to the sierra this weekend. >> i love the snow and the temperatures. like you said, is usually -50 so it is not bad here. truck make sure you come with a vehicle with chains that fit your car or a four-wheel drive with good snow tires. also, make sure you are ready if you do not get through. have a full tank of gas and blankets and snacks to wait it out because who note how long you will be stuck. ktvu, fox 2 news . download our new ktvu app
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with the interactive radar and hourly updates and the forecast at your fingertips. there is the easy way to upload your weather photos and video and is free at google play or apple stores. san jose police chief is providing information about a deadly standoff last night. the police officers shot and killed a man they say carjacked a ups truck and held the driver hostage. >> we are live from police headquarters. jesse? >> reporter: good afternoon. they are addressing the media inside a conference at police headquarters in less than 30 minutes. there is new information how the police department became involved with a suspicious vehicle check by deputies. let's look at the video. they say those deputies approached a vehicle parked in the light rail station lot at pearl avenue around 5:00
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tuesday afternoon. the driver sped off and initiated the chase the sheriff office says the suspect got out of the car and communications stop but he carjacked a ups driver while the driver was behind the wheel of the truck. he works at the distribution hub on south seventh street. workers tell us he is a new employee between 12 and 24 months on the job. he was leading deputies on the chase forcing them to deploy spike strips. >> shots were fired during that pursuit by the suspect. it appears to be a long gun, a shotgun but there were multiple shot fired at our deputies. one shot hit our deputy's vehicle. >> the ups truck stopped at north first street near south kimball road. the suspect got out and made a
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run for but with the gun in hand and prompted a police sniper to open fire, killing him. friends identified him as mark morasky of san jose. they say was panicked over the possibility of a third strike which would have sent him back to prison and was up right. >> he wanted us to call dispatch and tell them to back down and give him time. he was crying. you should have heard him. he was scared. they thought they were going to shoot him. >> reporter: friends say he leaves behind a daughter in the sheriff office took one female suspect into custody and it is unclear of her relationship to the suspect. that ups driver was a hostage and is at home recovering from his ordeal. the press conference begins at 1230 live on air and online.
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we are live outside police headquarters. ktvu, fox 2 news . dramatic rescue in southern california and what happened with two people on the roof of a car. president trump declares a national emergency and the decision is sparking a debate across the country. cvs pharmacy.
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ed gets copays as low as zero dollars on medicare part d prescriptions. ed gets labels clear as day. and, lily.... lily gets anything she wants. ed knows he could just have us deliver his prescriptions. but what's the fun in that? switch to cvs pharmacy. the president is standing a
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dispute and starting another. he declared a national emergency at the u.s.-mexico border to get the funding for the border wall. >> i am going to sign a national emergency to fight wars that are six miles away and worse we have not been it. we do not control our own board. >> the president declares a national emergency on the southern border, make the case as to why he will move $8 billion to build a border area.>> is not like it is complicated. it is very simple. we want to stop drugs from coming into our country. >> reporter: this is moments before the president would sign the spending averting another shutdown while allocating nearly $1.4 billion for border areas but the president says that is not enough pick >> they skimped on the wall. it is an invasion. we have and envision coming
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into our country. we don't have a border or a country.>> reporter: democratic leaders chuck schumer nancy pelosi calls it a lawless act and a gross abuse of the power of the presidency. republicans are divided over whether the president has the authority. >> i think what will happen is soundly, we will be sadly going through a process and happily we will win. >> reporter: given the declaration, schumer and pelosi pledged congress will defend the constitutional authority. whether that means a lawsuit or voting on resolutions to stop the present, so far, they have declined to say. in washington, ktvu, fox 2 news . newsom responded at a news conference a short time ago. >> no other state will be more impacted than the state of california.>> newsom also said
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president trump is manufacturing a crisis and declaring a made up national emergency to seize power and subvert the constitution. this is a national disgrace and blame lays solely at the feet of the present. california will likely sue president trump over this emergency decoration. i lot of people are wondering with the rain will let up for good. >> it will take a few days. we are looking at rain and showers with the possibility of thunderstorms today and even through sunday. look at that view. there is a mix of sun and blue skies and this occurs. we get the dark clouds billowing up and the possibility of not only rain but hail and picking up on lightning strikes in the sierra foothills. we move forward and let's look back. these numbers are preliminary. you can imagine, day after day of rain, it is hard to dial in
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how much but looks like close to 5 inches of rain in the past three days. we have napa about the same and oakland about a quarter. redwood sitter almost about to. concord this morning about number 2.7. not as widespread but we also have the possibility of a lightning strike. here is a look at the steady rainfall along highway 101 and san rafael stretching towards mill valley and sausalito we are talking about lowering this note levels to 2000 feet by tomorrow. the hills are getting more snow. here is a view of the east bay highway 24 into walnut creek stretching towards concord, it looks like rain and maybe hail falling over the diablo era.
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the space short down through fremont and off over towards the diablo range picking up on snow in the north hamilton area. san mateo and bay bridge and the peninsula, there is that lightning strike with the possibility of a thunderstorm rolling through all along the peninsula over the santa cruz mountains. the sierra, we're talking about this this morning, snow levels are falling down to about grass valley on i-80 and highway 50. as we mentioned, there is a winter storm warning all the way until early sunday morning. snowball in the last 24 hours, number 2 to 3 feet and 4 feet is possible why the end of the weekend. we have a mix up sign and clouds scattered showers continuing. here is a look at that temperatures, 54 in downtown
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san francisco. the afternoon, low to mid 50s are expected. we will not see a lot of change but here is a look at the extended forecast was scattered showers on saturday. sunday will be the coldest and we are looking at the snow was levels that are finally with dry weather. we should keep in mind that flood warnings are in effect for salado and sonoma counties. and kernville, harrington reports the russian river crested overnight and water libels reached nearly 3 feet over the flood stage. >> reporter: this is bailey road which they call that the only canal when it floods like this. there was about number 3 feet standing water. we took a boat ride and one was helping a friend get back-and- forth. >> would you like a right? truck bruce is going through the water to the dryland on the
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other side were friends were waiting. her feet were not getting wet. >> we went to play with the ukulele group. i will be treated with big arms because they know what i went through to get here. >> reporter: this is something bruce and other residents do when the russian river was, help others get around while they wait for the water to receipt pick >> up feels like an island when it floods. you know, would be in together. >> reporter: we went across homes and eight truck and water. we saw others kayaking and canoeing and even walking across the flooded road. >> some like it. it is a little bit fun sometimes. at the same time, you have to be careful what you are doing>> i work with the helmetless population. we see a increase in the intake in the shelters during storm,
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we allow them to stay in a date. >> reporter: they showed darker setup to let people see how high the water is. there is the evacuation advisory in effect for low- lying areas. they know the drill. >> my backyard is a lake. this year, as opposed to two years ago, everything floated away. this year, i moved everything to hire ground. >> reporter: ktvu, fox 2 news . still to come, a major retailer is closing its stores and what we are learning about the state of payless shoes after plans to file bankruptcy. you know when you're at ross and... wow! realize you can totally eat out more? that's yes for less. get the latest spring trends for your home at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices. at ross.
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welcome back. we would like to bring you amazing pictures. it has been raining and water levels are getting high. this is what happens. sky fox is above lexington reservoir and san jose. there is is releasing quite a bit of water. this is part of the santa clara water district. we will be in contact with officials to make sure this is what is supposed to be happening. the headline is that there may be a break for the storm but there is more rain to come. we will see a familiar scene on the date area with other lakes and reservoirs. we are getting word that colin kaepernick agreed to
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reach a settlement with the national football league. two former players filed a complaint against the league that claimed that the team owners ostracized him because he had protested racial injustice by kneeling during that national and the pick the terms of the settlement are kept confidential. kaepernick has not played free agent and 2016. he has filed his grievance after he filed with the nfl. also, the supreme court will decide whether the senses can include a question about citizenship that could affect seats with billions of dollars in federal money. the justice has agreed to a speedy review of the lower court ruling that has blocked the trump administration from adding the citizenship question to the census since 1950. the argument will take place in late april. a decision should come by late june.
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we have information on the first democratic presidential debates for the 2020 election the committee officials outlined the rain work for the june and july events. as many as 20 candidates can participate if they meet certain fundraising thresholds. if more than 20 candidates meet the qualifying thresholds, the dnc would use polling averages to narrow down the candidates. harris has pit up the endorsement for her presidential candidate. lee tweeted she is supporting harris. lee is a former chairwoman of the black caucus who has been a powerful political force on capitol hill. they have grassroots in oakland . look at the market with the dow jones in positive territories. there is a surge in the morning trading at the officials as they agreed to continue trade talks next week. there is that news for those
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who like to shop at payless shoe store >> the retailer plans to close all of its stores as it files for grabs a. you'll be the second filing and be one of the most high profile brick and mortar businesses to shut its doors. payless has been trying to find a buyer but could not. they now will liquidate instead. sources say look for the going out of business sales at shops within the next week. rain appears to be over but there are still many problems. we will look how long the rain is sticking around and concerns heading into the wicked. we will hear from the police chief of san jose. they were released information about a chase and hostage situation with a suspect shot and killed in san jose. the podium and the cameras are up. ♪
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we track the latest on the storm. there is major problems across the bay area. officials are watching the russian river as the flood warning is extended through thursday. 37 is flooded and first responders are still monitoring the hillside that collapsed
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yesterday my. the sierra is getting pounded by snow, making it a very tough drive for those heading to reno for the long holiday weekend. will bring you rosemary on where we stand now. >> we've got thunderstorms firing off over the bay area. scattered showers means wet weather will continue. it is not as steady as it has been but again, be prepared for the possibility of lightning and thunder and hail with a view where we have sort of this sky over concord. before we go back to the radar, let look at the russian river pick up you are just joining us, ernstville, it paid early this morning pick you begin to see it is received. ernstville at 33.6 feet. we are at flood stage at 32 feet. it is going to take a while
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before we finally see the flood warning cancel. it will take until early tomorrow morning and that will continue and ernstville at drake road and the maryville trailer park area these areas will remain on the floodwater for the next 18 hours or so. let's get back to the storm tracker 2. you can see multiple lightning strikes at this time. this is over san francisco, we showed you the golden gate bridge where it was really dark . you can hardly see anything. there it is now. we have a thunderstorm over san francisco and a treacherous right across the day bridge. it looks like lightning and thunder here with the possibility of hail. that is this for the afternoon today. peninsula, and near potala valley, perhaps a thunderstorm
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there. in addition to scattered showers, the possibility of thunderstorms. there is snow back over the bay area hills. we expect levels to drop to about 2000 feet. the northbay has steady rain over sonoma and the napa areas. further to the north, lake county and cobb mountain with snow. the sierra, this was mentioned, a treacherous right with a winter storm warning continue through the week. it does not expire until sunday . that's no level continues to fall which is about 2000 eight. today, scattered showers with the possibility of isolated thunderstorms. a high surf advisory until tomorrow night. storm warning for the northbay locations and snow levels continue to fall in over the overnight. details when we finally try out coming up in the extended forecast. san jose police are about
12:33 pm
to give an update about a chase and hostage situation that ended with a suspect shot and killed. this is a live picture where we are waiting for the chief to walk into the room to deliver new information. this started last night as the attempted traffic stop that turned into a police pursuit that began in south san jose around 5:00. the sheriff office said there were multiple shots fired at their deputies during the police pursuit. one deputy's vehicle was hit. the sheriff also says the suspect got out of the car and then carjacked a ups truck with a driver inside. there was a standoff right there in san jose. the driver of the ups truck was let go and walked away but around 7:00, the subject jumped out the truck and started running off. law enforcement fired shots, killing him. this happened last night. we
12:34 pm
get new information from the police chief. when the news conference gets under way, we will bring it to you. the family of a man shot and killed by police, relatives of william mccoy say they are angry. he was a promising artist studying music at lane college and his only crime was falling asleep in his car in a drive- through the did not make enough effort to end the situation peacefully. >> my question is, if that was a police -- any of those police officers that were there, that fired shots, if that was their child, when they have immediately reacted in the same way? >> the vallejo police say he passed out in his car with a loaded gun and they say he reached for the weapon after they ordered him to put his hands up. five teenagers are facing charges, accused of beating a
12:35 pm
69-year-old man at west homestead road. the police say five students were crossing the street when they got into an argument with the driver as he passed the intersection. the man said the teenager >> on him which led to a fight outside of the car. bystanders took cell phone video of the teenagers beating the man. >> he ran into juveniles crossing the street and possibly horsing around and possibly nearly hitting him for an safety, he said something, be careful and stop horsing around expect the man was hospitalized for injuries. students are held in the county juvenile detention center. governor newsom says help is coming. the governor went to the buyer zone. the governor told victims that he just signed two bills for financial help one gives millions of dollars to pay for
12:36 pm
property tax losses in the second gives the governors powers to use reserve money. the governor newsom says he knows families are hurting. >> i have a lot of work to do. i don't want to overpromise but i assure you that the entire purpose of this trip was to understand with those concerned worse we can address them. >> governor newsom says he does not think president trump will pull fema funding from california. he has a good working relationship with the president with disaster relief. officials suggest california get insurance to cover costs during fire season. they would have to negotiate coverage with private riders instead of self-insure. california experiences 11 of the most destructive fires in state history since 2007. the state spent nearly $950
12:37 pm
million on qualifiers. that is 450 dollars in estate budget. the driver rescued a driver walking a lamb in the pouring rain. dale had dropped off a passenger at 10:30 tuesday night with the girl stopped in front of his car soaking wet and cry. he decided to look the family at the crossroads apartment complex. he did not find anyone, he decided to call police and took care of the little girl until officers arrived. >> she was crying her eyes out. she was crying hard, hard, looking around. she was looking for an adult or parent. >> it sounds like oversight or the child open the door herself. she was tall enough to do that. >> our crew found the little girl coalesced mother and she told us that she had no idea
12:38 pm
that her daughter had disappeared until we told her because her nephew was babysitting at the time. the girl had been outside for only a few minutes and had no charges that were filed. in the midwest, focusing on aurora, illinois, which is an hour west of chicago there is the active shooting situation reported at the henry pratt building in aurora. you can see above, a number of police and emergency vehicles on the sea. we are working to find out if any shots are actually fired and if anyone was hit or hurt or perhaps worse. we are working to find out who that shooter might be but certainly, you hear active shooter, law enforcement is taking it seriously as we do. this is a situation as it is and voiding in aurora outside of chicago. the workday is beginning to wrap up at a manufacturing plant. we will get you more information and bring you the latest as soon as we get it.
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welcome back. sky fox overhead and san jose international airport. you can see there what appears to be emergency vehicles, that yellow trucks at the airport. i cannot tell if they are running lights but we are told there is an emergency landing. there may be the emergency landing about to happen at the san jose international. we have not seen anything from the airport. we're making phone calls trying to get more information. you can see this particular
12:43 pm
vehicle down the tarmac at the international runways that are wet. we have had whether in the area. in your neighborhood, reports of hail and thunder in other neighborhoods. it is unstable weather which can be a problem in and out of the bay area airport. sky fox is overhead with san jose and as we get information what is happening, we will bring it to you. let's go to terrifying moments were a man and a woman was stranded on the car as heavy rain sent water rushing down the roads. >> reporter: this man and woman huddled on the roof of the car after attempting to cross with water. rushing tied is too strong and sending them into deep water. they are getting carried downstream with debris and
12:44 pm
rocks and found refuge on an island. >> the water was moving rapidly . you can see along the colorado river, maybe even faster. it took hours before a weather delay chopper was able to help the victim that needed to be rescued after jumping in disobeying orders to csrdoba. >> it becomes a nuisance for us because we put a lot of safety measures in place. our guys are very trained on this. they have the proper safety equipment. instead, called 911 and get the property authorities out there to handle the situation. there was a man rescued after stranded. the rescue team brought him to safety paragraph. and adults and a 14-year-old were stuck in rushing water. this is volatile.
12:45 pm
>> to attempt to cross anything like this, they are taking direct lives and an has.. conditions are more dangerous and more unpredictable than you might think. >> do not attempt to cross the situation. if the road is closed or not, if you see water that is going through the intersection like this, turn around and don't drown. >> reporter: they were in over their heads. >> we are experiencing whether at home, rain for the next couple of days. >> we have wild weather this afternoon. in addition to the sun and clouds, scattered showers, we have lightning and thunderstorms activity and hail reported in many areas. at the golden gate bridge in the last half-hour, it was tough to see. was very dark and ominous. the thunderstorms were rolling over. you could not see it.
12:46 pm
it is going to be that kind of date where it is a downpour one minute and blue skies the next. you will catch a rainbow between. this comes from san francisco a little while ago. hail and thunder in the san francisco area with numerous reports from the national weather service in the last half-hour. storm tracker with scattered showers pull and. if i squeeze in closer, we will look at lightning strikes that have moved in the last 20 minutes or half-hour. moving through, we are watching clearings that we are not done yet. we will continue with scattered showers. over san francisco, we have hail and thunder and lightning. there is blue skies followed with sunshine. here is a look at the peninsula with 280 and 101 down to the south bay. you will notice pink and white. the snow levels are dropping
12:47 pm
the spay is widespread perhaps thunder and lightning with hail as well in alameda and coat oakland and highway 24th and towards 680, a slow commute. sam wrote over towards pleasanton and livermore and over towards the south bay. little bit closer along highway 24, walnut creek and as we get into the sierra, snow levels are dropping all the way down to about 2000 feet. along highway 50, let's look at the latest numbers, well above 100% of average and even 139% over the central portion of the sierra. is boris these update numbers, we are all above 100% average. this is good because you remember we had a late start to the reigning cesium. it did not roll in until
12:48 pm
thanksgiving. this is through the weekend and scattered showers tomorrow morning and scattered showers continue. it looks like sunday, we finally get a break. as far as rainfall, a quarter inch to a half-inch through the end of the weekend. we do not see the heavy downpours. temperatures in the 50s and will continue. the extended forecast with temperatures that are not changing. we are colder the weekend with temperatures in the 50s in the afternoon. be sure to download our all new ktvu weather app on your smart phone with interactive radar and hourly updates. there's also the easy feature to upload photos and videos. please send photos and. the weather app is free in google play or your apple store. we want to take you back to the mid-san jose international.
12:49 pm
there is an emergency landing right now you can see that alaska flight text down a couple of minutes ago. the firetrucks are following that airplane. whatever the emergency was, it brought this particular airplane .
12:50 pm
12:51 pm
in aurora, illinois, about an hour or so west of chicago, high above a shooter situation at eight manufacturing plant, we have new information that says four officers have been shot and civilians have been shot. we do not know the conditions of those people but it is an ongoing situation. we are working to learn more information what we can tell you is reports that four police officers have been shot and
12:52 pm
other civilians were shot as well. we have shown you the massive police response to this situation. the aurora police department issued two very short tweets in the past 11 minutes saying that it is asian shooter incidents it and archer avenue is active. avoid the situation. we are streaming this life picture live on the ktvu facebook page. we are minutes ahead of the close for the day and this is then a friday for the marker. the dow jones will close by almost 400 points. a strong finish for the s&p by almost 1% and the nasdaq gained almost 0.5%. the sheriff office deputy is on leave after being charged with attacking three inmates. >> henry lee is gathering information we have that latest again today at four clock.
12:53 pm
this is the day after valentine's day. many couples remember the moment they said idea. women have assembled a dazzling display of wedding dresses for everyone to enjoy. >> this is a walk through wedding fashion history. >> reporter: wedding dresses, i love the classic style. >> this reminds me of grace. >> it is what you expect to find at eight museum. truck gals reflecting the past like this dress from 1907. >> imagine that was hands out. but we are at don't reach creek . truck the dresses are from employees and families. >> it had been something similar at veterans day when we put uniforms on display. i wanted to do something to celebrate the ladies. >> reporter: it is easy to spot that everything old is new
12:54 pm
again. >> the gunnysack dress next to the victoria address, they look like they could've been the same era but they are different times. >> reporter: they spent decades and cultures. >> from 1952, the resident served her mother-in-law tea in that outfit. >> reporter: many appeared with lichen white photos showing the brides on the big day years ago expect my mother was from 1939. it was the oldest of our collection. it is just dutiful satin which held up 80 years. >> reporter: cindy brought three generations of dresses. >> my dress is from 1970. the lace train, we used it as a shawl for my daughter's dress from 2010. it is fun to see the reactions and they loved it. >> reporter: this display has been so popular and they decided
12:55 pm
to keep it up after valentine's day weekend without rest of the month and making this display yearly tradition. >> i have other residents who say they found those and they would like to add those. we would like to add to it as well as create a book with the stories with these wonderful dresses. >> reporter: a walk-through history, inspiring fond memories along the way. ktvu, fox 2 news . our review of documents regarding the site where the oakland ace plan to build a proper. chronicle reports the soil beneath the asphalt contains hazardous and cancer causing chemicals. this is been the industrial center for roughly 100 years and was home to manufacture gas plants and they made charcoal blocks but the toxic matera goal will be addressed when they began the environmental review in a few months.
12:56 pm
the songwriter fantastic negrito will celebrate with his second grammy award. fantastic negrito will perform saturday. send it, he won the second grammy for best contemporary blues album. he says this is part of the journey he shares with fans here in the bay area. fantastic negrito is working on his next album and his next concert will be march 9th and he takes off for a world to work. raking news on this friday afternoon. there is a report of the active shooter right now in aurora, illinois. there are reports that officers have been shot or individuals have been shot at at the henry pratt company. we are keeping an eye on this story weekly pick there is that emergency landing in san jose and also a press conference
12:57 pm
underway at police headquarters without place cheap regarding the officer involved shooting from last night in san jose. there is a lot going on here go to for the latest.
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>> stories of surviving death. >> it was magnificent and frightening at the same time. >> vivid details of what they saw. >> this beautiful garden. >> this river of light. >> and a medium that unravels the answers they need to hear. dr. oz: why do you think you were sent back? >> plus, filthy february. you won't believe how dirty these everyday items are. dr. oz: 10 times more germs than your toilet. >> coming up next. ♪ dr. oz: season 10 starts now.


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