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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  February 18, 2019 4:30am-4:59am PST

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good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2 . it is friday, february 18, 2019 , presidents' day. it is cold after things calm down over the weekend. there is hail and a rainbow and then clouds. it is calmer today. 30s and 40s. livermore is 30 degrees. yesterday, there was hail and a rainbow. this is a line on sunday. it was widespread also saturday. everything is coming out of the north and it a cold pattern. probably if you build ups later on but
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already. 33 in fremont and 38 in montero . it is cold on the coast. the cool pattern but mostly sunny and breezy picked the next system is wednesday night into early thursday. the week looks to be cool. it is 4:31. a story where eight napa county sheriff deputy shot and killed a suspect. this was on henry road around 11:00 last night. therapeutic details on what happened except the deputy may contact with a male driver and the deputy opened fire. officials say the suspect is a man with a weapon. the scene that will bring us a live update in the next hour. the police for the person w had a car hit a seven-year-old
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girl and took off. sarah spoke with the little girl and her mother and there was surveillance video. video maybe disturbing to some of you. >> we spent time talking to neighbors who are shaken up about this hit and run. know when is as worried as this little girl's my. she wants to find out who did this to her daughter. >> reporter: the screams after his sister was hit by car, hazel was crashed into and thrown several feet. surprisingly, she is okay. >> my brother was screaming. >> her brother and another neighbor were crossing louis krohn drive when a black sedan hitter. innovative, you state drivers stopped, open the door and drive away. >> i'm happy my daughter is okay.
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>> reporter: she spent saturday and the hospital with scrapes and a bump on her head. she would like to talk about the traits she had there. .>> her mom wants answers. >> if that were me, regardless, i would stop and make sure the kid was all right. take my consequences. >> reporter: the police are looking for the driver. hazel has words for whoever hit her. >> watch where you are going. ktvu, fox 2 . sharp republican senator lindsey graham says he will investigate explosive claims by the former deputy fbi director and he told 60 minutes that the justice department discussed the possibility of removing president trump from office. >> we will have a hearing about who is telling the truth and what actually happened.
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he was leaking information to the press but you have to remember the source. >> it is alarming that there were those at the highest level considering whether the president is unfit to serve. >> mccabe says this involves using the 25th amendment that allows for removing the president named unfit to serve. there are concerns about his relationship with the russian government leaders. another presidential employee has bowed out. heather is replacing nikki haley as the united nations ambassador has withdrawn her nomination. >> reporter: sources say the decision to withdraw the nomination is primarily overconcernpast employment of a nanny who was not allowed to work in the united states. if true, that nanny lacked that work visa for which she had
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been high. the state department has not confirmed this element but only says the nominated process on top of traveling around the world and between new york to visit family has grown. this comment she said in a statement, the past few months have been grueling for my family and is the best interest of my family that i would draw my name from consideration. it is unclear whether she will retain her work or not. a substitute statement from her boss pompeo seems to bid her farewell. she is informed that her duties was unable to withdraw her name from consideration to become the nominee for the u.s. ambassador to the un. i have great respect. i wish heather nothing but the best in her teacher endeavors and she will continue to be a great representative in whatever role she finds herself.
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president trump selected her from a handful of candidates. >> heather will be nominated to work with nikki haley to replace nikki at the united nations. >> as for the vacant position, the state department spokesman says the president will make an announcement for the u.s. ambassador to the denominations soon. other includes names here previously considered, craft, the ambassador to canada and burnell, and dena powell and john gaines, if former candidate from michigan. fox news. details about what could have prevented a deadly shooting outside chicago. the initial background check did not stop a felony conviction that should block the man who
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killed five coworkers and wounded six others from buying a gun. months later, a second background check of martin found his aggravated assault conviction in mississippi involving the stabbing of the x girl from. that prompted a letter saying the gun permit had been revoked and ordered him to turn over his gun to the police. struck hundreds of people braved snow and freezing drizzle to attend a prayer vigil. five crosses were erected for the victims in opera, illinois. martin pulled out a gun and started shooting after finding out he was fired. he was killed in a shootout with p deputies say it is a miracle no one was killed in a drive-by shooting. a man and higirlfriend and her toddler in stockton when they thought they were being followed by car. they thought the car followed them in the gas station. >> they noticed the same
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vehicle was following closely behind them. they pulled over on the corner and this is when the suspect was vehicle shot 22 rounds into their vehicle expect the man was hit twice it is not seriously hurt. the mother and child were not hit at all. deputies are not sure if the suv was targeted or who may have fired shots. two juveniles are facing charges for stealing items that belong to the walnut creek police department. they stole items inside. this no a police car and tossed the evidence out a window and drove awre arrested later. a juvenile was released to a guardian and the other was on probation for robbery and was taken to juvenile hall. a man has been arrested after fleeing the police and crashed into a trailer that slammed into a house late
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saturday night. walton of cloverdale had to be extricated from the wreckage. they say the ambulance took him to the hospital where he started fighting with officers. he was taken to jail. he faces charges, including felony invading and driving under the influence. the outburst on a flight landed a woman in jail and in a viral video, we show you that video. >> reporter: a visibly drunk passenger flying off the handle and is kicked off that airplane. valerie gonzales from las vegas right,being seated next to a three-year-old, telling place she didn't want to sit in the child because she had been drinking all day. other passengers started to record the incident which starts with gonzalez on a facetime
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call and spitting on the passenger in front of her she claims was recording her. when she began to gather her belongings, she became more irate. >> what the[ bleep ]did i do? i didn't do anything. i sat down in my seat. i asked to go. who is taping is? who is taping is?>> reporter: as she gets her bag, the flight attendant is calling police to escort her off the airplane. not before she gave the other passengers a fond farewell >> goodbye. >> sonos attempted to reboard the airplane when the jetblue agent tried to stop her and she hit the employee in ahead and that landed her in jail. she was arrested and charged with battery.
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in york, fox news. encouraging news for those who like to get around on two wheels. the trend of people who depend on bicycles in san francisco. a controversy involving the american light for what a student refused to do and why the police were called. if you had your phone camera out yesterday, you probably had a report of hail. .
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welcome back to mornings on 2. anthony weiner , the former congressman from new york is out of prison. he was released and began a reentry program. he started serving a sentence after pleading guilty to sending sexual text messages to a 15-year-old girl he resigned from congress after his first 16 scandal in 2011. he will spend three years on supervised release and has to register as a sex offender. a florida elementary school student is facing misdemeanor charges after refusing to stand for the pledge it of villages andcausing a disruption in the classroom. substitute teacher asked the student why he did not go live somewhere else if he was not
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happy in the u.s. >> there was an argument between the student and the teacher that escalated and the police were called. the teacher did not note students are not required to stand for the pledge of allegiance. they say the teacher no longer works and that school district and will review its training for substitute. the sci-fi movie battle angel, top the charts in its first weekend. the movie earned estimated $27.8 million over that we can. analyst say this is the slowest presidential day weekend in the box office in years. the 91st academy awards a week away, we are looking for movies nominated for best picture and more. here is the potential winnings. with a historic night.
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the first superhero movie nominated for best picture. after three decades of making films, spike lee is an award nominee for best picture and the spanish language film earned netflix the best picture nod and ties with the competitor , the favorite for most nominations. running out the group is bohemian rhapsody and a politically charged green book and a star is born. best picture and best director goes hand-in-hand. it stands out that the the films. >> i always >> reporter: cooper is among the best actor nominees competing with christian bale and william. lady gaga is up for best
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actress facing stiff competition from one coast, olivia coleman and melissa mccarthy. there is surprises in the oscar original categories. songs from a star is born in "black panther" and mary poppins and these were nominated for best song but there were no nods for dolly parton. ashley, fox news. let's check your weather. steve is talking about the hail we saw and more. >> it is cold but there was reports out napa county and solana as the system went along the 680 quarter. ketahoe snow, on top of the snow with
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the totals, they had not updated since friday. i am sure there was more as far as the snow survey which keeps going up. in the northern sierra, 125%. the snow water equivalent is 20 eight -- 28 inches of liquid. it is 34 inches and the southern sierra. it is 28 inches equivalent. what about rainfall? everybody is over 100%. santa rosa at 109%. it is 103 in oakland. 116 and san jose. yesterday had hail. concord and san ramon and danville a little more. there was a lightning storm around pleasanton. yesterday afternoon, went right
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through solano county over vallejo and write down the 68 zero corridor. coming out of the north, cold air with a cool day and it is mostly sunny today with the temperatures in the 20s and 30s and 40s. is 30 and 40 in half moon bay. is 33 in gilroy. one observation, 30 degrees around campbell and santa clara. out of the north, the pattern is on hold the rest of the week. partly cloudy late in the day e we won't get any shower to midi. this looks to be the . this is a 10th of an inch or less snow on the
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sierra. 50s for the temperatures and low average. for some, you won't see that for the rest of the week. mostly sunny and clouding up on wednesday. this comes out of the north and another saturday and sunday. crowning the best in the bay area, heading to the national spelling bee petition and the word that sealed the deal. oh! oh!
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breaking news, the westbound lane of interstate 80 is shut down. this morning, three vehicles were involved in a crash on happy way. traffic is diverted and is backing up also. we will follow this story throughout the morning. tomorrow, the department of public works will take action . last october, chlorine was added to the water system risk of contamination was shows and a conducted water quality test. those test show there was still a possible risk for contamination >> authorities hope to eliminate that risk with the latest treatment plan. they want you to know what is happening and you may taste chlorine. the golden state warriors are a big part of the all-star
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weekend in charlotte, north carolina. it was all about the offense. >> reporter: there is curry. >> how did he make that past? look at that again. it went sky high over kevin durant. what a great play. the warriors played eight key part in the exhibition game. thompson scored 20 points. kevin durant was the most play >> the warriors are back in action thursday and host sacramento. >> at daytona beach, or hamlin is celebrating a at the big race sunday. >> start your . >> we are talking about the daytona 500. this was the grand marshal. 22 involved in a huge crash
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down the stretch. hamlin is the daytona 500 winter, is second when in four years. he was one of 14 to finish after 40 drivers started the race. position players resort to day. pitches and catchers reported last year and the rest will be in camp today. the giants struggled on offense last season. they hope for this friday, this is the spring training opening game against the angels in anaheim. the giants will honor two members of their organization who died recently with a patch it will honor willie recovery, the former team president, the ceo says those are the most important figures in the giants history. william died at the age of 80
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and mcallen died last month after battling cancer. the giants still are designing the special patch. the san jose earthquakes are coming to the aid of a youth soccer team. >> thieves stole thousands of dollars worth of equipment. cones and balls lights were stolenthe soccer league doesn'te players but only use volunteer coaches. that stolen equipment 3000 dollars for new . >> we work and we try to make that effort.
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that is why it makes a difference. >> parents with kids on the soccer team say it means the world to them. soccer is a great way to keep kids off the streets and involved in a healthy lifestyle. the bay area west weather is feeling like the midwest with snow in the mountains and hail around the area. the president's order wall plan facing opposition from congress and from a number of states. we will have more on that with the presidential veto coming up.
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a ride on a hot air balloon and sunday. the pilot's experience kept this crew from being worse. many drivers in the sierra spent the holiday weekend on snow-covered roads with the latest on conditions this it is 5:00. it is presidents' day. >> good morning. did you see hail this weekend? >> no i didn't but it was all
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over instagram. >> steve is talking about that and more. >> are you getting it all? >> it wasn't far away. it is cold right now with 20s in the 20s and 30s and 40s. the game was all there. there is a lot of snow. good morning. 28 and clouding with 14 inches of new snow this weekend. the amount keep going up. 91 at sugar bowl and 115 in squaw. there is the line that went through yesterday. it


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