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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  February 18, 2019 9:00am-9:59am PST

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parade. live coverage of the parade begins this saturday night and we'll rebroadcast it from 9:00 to 11.
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what movie is that from? "pulp fiction." phenomenal film. it was on one night. and you just get glued into it. it's one i have to watch start to finish again. great actor, movies across the board, phenomenal. happy birthday. behind us, blue skies, can you believe that? we've had wild weather for this holiday weekend. including hail. one viewer sent us this video through our new ktvu weather app. the hail came down in a trader joe's parking lot. even a little bit of a rain dough over pleasant hill as well. >> not too far from pleasant hill, we got video of hail in san ramon last night. take a look. it was coming down. you have to run out there. see it. jump around in it. >> also pictures are coming in from lake observatory showing the snow on mount hamilton.
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where about 5 inches of new snow recently fell there. a little bit steve, over the holiday weekend in the bay area. >> and the full february snow moon is tomorrow morning. and for once, that actually applies to us as well. a little quieter here now. south lake valley was down to 1. they're warming up to 8. truckee is at 12. a lot of snow around reno as well. the snow totals. there might be more than this that's come in over the last couple days. 91 to 155 to 9 feet. snow on top of snow. and the snow survey, the next time they take it. th have to go to lowe's or home depot and get a longer pipe. i don't see how they're going to measure it. it's 147 for the central. that includes lake tahoe. you melt that down, snow water equivalent, 28 inches. 33, 28. and i'm sure there's more on the way. how about rainfall.
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thankfully, and finally everyone here on this panel is over 100%. with san jose leading the way as a percent of normal. 116%. 111 for the city. 103 for oakland. 109 for santa rosa. cold this morning. cob mountain was one of the 26 menlo park 29. 30s and 40s now. if you have that breeze, napa county, solano county, you're in the mid to upper 40s. but for most, it's a slow process to warm up. lots of cold air continuing to plunge in. we'll have a couple weak systems. we'll talk about that at the bottom of the hour. we're continuing to follow a deadly officer involved shooting shooting in napa county. alyssa is live at latest. >> reporter: this was a female deputy that shot and killed a man who officials say was
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armed. what we know is that that man was parked in a car on the side of the road. the deputy made contact with him last night at around 11:00. i just got off the phone with the sheriff's office. what they told me is she saw the car on the side of the road and she saw a man sitting in the front seat. she decided to approach the vehicle to see if that man needed any help. we don't know what happened next. but just minutes later, shots were fired. we also don't know if that suspect in the car fired any shots or if it was just a deputy. they're still investigating and say that it's too early to make any comment on that. this is in a very rural area of napa county. we're on henry road. and we're just surrounded by vineyards. this is about four miles from the downtown. so again, we don't know what that man was doing on the side of the road. and officials say that we should have a little bit more information early in afternoon. live in napa county, alyssa harrington, ktvu, fox news. time is 9:04. we're following the fall out of
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andrew mccabe's explosive interview on cbs news 60 minutes. mccabe says he was fired for launching counterintelligence investigations against the president. grif jenkins reports from washington. >> i believe i was fired because i opened a case against the president of the united states. >> president trump now blasting the latest allegations from fired deputy fbi director, andrew mccabe. the then deputy u.s. attorney general rod rosenstein considered using the constitution to strip trump of the presidency. >> rod raised the issue and discussed it with me in the context of thinking about how many other cabinet officials might support such an effort. >> trump, fighting back, tweeting this mornings, this was the illegal, and treasonous insurance policy in full action. the president went on to accuse mccabe of lying. and claims that lying was the reason the former fbi director
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was fired some democrats say the revelations should give everyone pause. >> it is alarming that there were apparently folks at the highest levels of our government considering whether or not our president is unfit to serve. republican senator lindsay graham, chairman of the senate judiciary committee saying all of this deserves a hearing. >> we're democracy. people enforce the law, can't take it into their own hands. and was this an attempted bureaucratic coup. i don't know. i don't know if the president is telling the truth. i know rosenstein vehemently denied it. >> they dismissed claim he discussed removing trump from office. saying the deputy attorney general was not in position to consider invoking the 25th amendment. in washington, grif jenkins. police are looking for the person who hit a seven-year-old girl and then drove away. it was all caught on a video's
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surveillance camera. hazel was crossing the street on saturday with her brother and a neighbor around 5:00 in the evening. when a black sedan crashed right into her. sending her into the air. luckily, she was able to jump up and run to safety after she was hit. now, the driver briefly stopped. opened the car door but then drove away. >> my brother was screaming. >> that's my kid. that's someone's kid. if that was me. regardle was in. i would stop. make sure the kid was all right. and be there to take my consequences. >> hazel spent saturday in the hospital. she has a few scrapes, on her ankles and a bump on her head. this morning we're hearing more information about the pilot of the hot air balloon avoiding a disaster. a balloon made an emergency landing in the marsh lands of
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skags island. winds pushed the balloon toward power lines and that's when they decided to make ab an emergency landing. >> he landed on the island out there. so there's no roads or anything to get vehicles out to him. like i said, i spoke with him earlier this morning, he said if he was 100-yards over he would have been on the mainland and it would have been a nonstory. >> we see the balloon was put on a boat and then towed away. thousands of oakland teachers are getting ready to go on strike on thursday. this will affect 35,000 students in 87 schools. ktvu reports on the options parents have for their children. >> i wonder how long the strike will last. >> ten-year-old luna sue isn't sure what to expect come thursday. we might be doing other projects and stuff and also learning about what the strike
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is and why they're doing it. >> i don't think i should be thrown crumbs. i don't want a slice. i want the whole pie. >> reporter: she's among the teachers planning to picket at 7:00 in the morning. her fourth strike in 40 years. she wants a living wage. she says her pay is the lowest rate in alameda county. >> i think it's laughable. because actually we're the ones that educate all the other people. all the other professions. >> the oakland education association which represents 3,000 educators is demanding a 12% retro active wage increase in three years. the district is offering a 5% increase and says schools will remain open. >> if we get to thursday. if there's a strike, it's an extraordinary day. so parents will have to be prepared. families will take extraordinary measures to ensure everything is okay. >> the district is hiring as many emergency teachers as they can. >> at this school we're
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organizing. it will most likely be that we'll group the students into different age groupings. >> she's planning to send her children to a solidarity school. and running one for herself. among 15 recreation centers available staffed with volunteers. >> we'll have different types of classes. so it might be -- we might have some space for music. we'll have space for art. we'll have space for political education. around the strike. >> mayor libby shaf is urging both sides to head back to the negotiating table. and governor newsom about his budget proposal. >> if his budget proposal passes, it is otsides have rece to give more clarity about what this governor's proposed budget could mean for oakland. ktvu fox 2 news. happening today, san francisco mayor london reid is
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taking part in the second annual bayview black history parade. the parade starts at third street and carol avenue. it begins at 10:00 this morning. this is video we're sharing from last year's parade. the first in the bay. former president barack obama heading to oakland for an event to help young men of color succeed. 1200 people around the country have been invited to attend his my brother's keeper alliance. it will be streamed live at troubling news involving an alleged attack on the empire star, actress jesse. why at least one group is calling for him to be arrested. a substitute teacher and a student have a heated conversation over the pledge of allegiance. what happened that means the teacher will not ever come back to the district again.
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happening today, protesterss plan to rally against the president's national emergency declaration here in the bay area and across the country. the aclu, and several other groups organized protests nationwide. at noontime today, demonstrations are scheduled at the federal building in san francisco. merit college in oakland and downtowns walnut creek. organizers of to day's protests are calling the president's declaration a quote dangerous power grab. doug takes a look at the lawsuits that are all ready being formed against the declaration. >> the challenges here are going to be numerous. this could lead to the first veto of the trump presidency. president trump's vision of an expanded barrier could soon take shape. but the idea of spending up to $8 billion there is another matter. and congress may soon have the votes to at least try to stop the emergency declaration. >> i think we do. whether we have enough for an over ride ent story. >> democrats may join forces
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with republicans who think the president went too far with the plan to take money from other departments to build a wall. if congress passes a measure of disapproval, the white house suggests the president will block it. >> yes, he will veto. >> he's going to protect his national emergency declaration guaranteed. >> i don't think there's any chance that the veto will be over ridden. there are plenty of us to make sure there's no over ride of the president's veto. it's going to get settled in court. >> five states now lining up to sue the president. >> we're prepared. we knew something like this might happen. and with our sister state partners, we are ready to go. >> but all of this may be more about the fight than the actual outcome as both sides begin building their cases for 2020. in washington, fox news. today is the president's day holiday. federal, state, and local government offices are there's no mail delivery today. the stock market is closed. and banks are closed as well. fewer people are commuting because of the holiday. bart run ising on a saturday
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schedule. -- is running on a saturday schedule. the ace train modified its schedule. there are just two morning and two afternoon trains. in san francisco muni is running saturday schedule today. that means fewer buses and rail cars and there's no express service. there's no break on parking however. we still have to feed the meters when we're in san francisco. payless shoe source liquidation sales under way. the company is planning to file for bankruptcy a second time. they've not commented on future plans but reports say the search for a potential buyer for the company has been unsuccessful. instead, payless is preparing to liquidate. they plan to close all stores by the end of the month. including four stores here in the bay area. new information shows a record number of people are behind on student loan payments. bloomburg found that more than $166 billion in owed in late payments. including the total amount owed and the percentage delinquent. the rate continues to climb
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even as the unemployment rate has fallen. that suggests recent graduates aren't making enough money to pay loan obligations. student debt could soon mean less pay. a proposal would require employers to deduct payments. they wouldn't pay more than 10% of their income and the money would be deducted tax free. supporters say they believe this will help people pay off loans faster but critics call it mandatory wage garnishment. rates are at an all time high in the states. car insurance rates are up 54% since 2011 according to a report from the search engine zebra. rates in the bay area cities, oakland, san jose, and san francisco are 22% higher that than the u.s. average. rates in the livermore area are also among the highest in the bay area. chicago police are seeking a follow up interview with actor jesse after receiving new information that shifted their
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investigation into a reported attack. >> investigators say things changed after detectives questioned two brothers about the attack. and released them late friday without charges. a police spokes plan declined to comment on a report that now believes he staged the assault. he says he was physically attacked last month by two masked men shouting racial and anti-gay slurs with this latest development from chicago police, one activist group is calling for justice against him. project hope is calling upon the arrest and criminal prosecution of empire star and actor jesse smallette. we believe he lied about being the victim of a hate crime. >> smallette's attorney denies the reports. adding he has now been further victimized by claims attributed to these alleged perpetrators
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that jesse played a role in his own attack. coming up, we're going to take you to scottsdale, arizona, to chec san francisco giants as they gear up for the new season, more pushback for the oakland a's new ball park proposal. the two groups speaking out saying howard terminal is a dangerous choice for the new site. let's go.
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bye, mom. thanks for breakfsat, mom. with quality ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa,
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nutella is sure to bring a smile to breakfast time. time is 9:21. the san francisco giants will honor two members of the organization who recently died with a patch on their uniforms for if upcoming season. the team's ceo larry baird said the men are two of the most important figures in san francisco died at the age of 8 october. and the other died after a battle with cancer. the team is still designing that patch. the entire team is hitting the field as position players join the rest of the team to kickoff
9:22 am
spring training. >> joe is live for us this morning in scottsdale, arizona, joe, good morning to you. good morning, mike, very appropriate i think that the giants honor those two guys. you know, very instrumental in really getting the giants here to scottsdale. peter was some time ago. and then willie mccovey. sadly losing both of those people this off-season. but i don't want to hear anything about getting the long straw in sunny arizona. i know you've had cold weather and snow in the bay area. it's very cool by arizona standards here as well. for the first full day of work outs, the giants have cloudy skies, it rained last night. it's actually sprinkling a bit now. but the giant camp this year is very different than it has been in last seasons. in past seasons, there have been very few roster spots open. and we're going to give you a shot right now as i watch the players come out here for their
9:23 am
very first work out. timing's perfect as they come out here. lots of rockford icehogser spots open on the giants this year. and they've acquired some established major leaguers to acquire competition for guys all ready on the roster. i'm thinking people like cameron maybin who was signed. geraldo parra. it's something joe panik talked about, the competition that's going to be on the lost they are season. >> -- the roster this season. >> when you have so many in the clubhouse that are proven major league talents, the depth you have this year, there's always injuries, it's good to have that depth. good off-season in that aspect. >> coaches and managerscompetit it does bring out the best in everybody. and i suppose you fall in that
9:24 am
category as well. >> you wouldn't be here if you're not a competitor. so it will be a fun spring training. >> everybody will go out there and do their job. everybody knows how to play the game. they're going to go out there and do what they have to do. >> when you look now, as i said, our timing is perfect. the giants players coming out for the first full squad work out. i saw brandon belt. and joe panik. jeff walking by me, pablo sandoval. so here they all are. and it's time to start competing guys. this is the time of year that everyone looks forward to. if you're a baseball fan. because the fact that the guys are out here on the field, even though it's a little bit cooler than normal, means that baseball season is right around the corner. >> let's hope for a great spring training. and hope that no one gets hurt as well in the process. all right, joe, thank you,
9:25 am
appreciate it. the oakland a's held their first work out saturday. and they're eyeing their first game thursday against the mariners. the a's and mariners played tear regular season opener in tokyo next month. a week before everyone else. the two games in tokyo are scheduled for march 20th and 21st. and opening day, the rest of the league, slated for march 28th. the oakland a's are facing opposition to their proposed waterfront ball park at howard terminal. accord fog the chronicle. the organization save the bay has concerns about the worried the ball ct of bar pil park's lights would blind the pilots as they're steering container ships into the port be complaining about traffic in the area. impacting trucks trying to get in and out of oakland. snow covered roadways across the syria. the warning from chp that it's giving drivers as they head back from the holiday weekend. inmates to the rescue, why
9:26 am
it was more than okay for them to break into a car while law enforcement was standing right there.
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welcome back. a lot of people from the bay area headed to the sierra over the long holiday weekend. there's plenty of snow. record amount of snowfall for the month at some resorts. but you have to get there first. the getting there is not half the fun. it's been a headache since the holiday started. we just checked. both highways are open right now. but you have to have either four-wheel drive or chains on your tires. the chain installers have been busy all weekend. but some would rather save money and try to do it themselves. >> is this the first time you've put on chains. >> i've done it a few times before. but in the past ten years, this is the first time i'm doing it. >> so once you get there.
9:29 am
all of those ours in the car melt right away. many say it was the first time they've seen snow and they loved playing in it. tonight, expect a lot of traffic coming back from the sierra after the long president's day weekend. no one was hurt after a tree came down on to a placer county patrol vehicle. the sheriff's office believes heavy snow, strong winds caused this tree to come down, no one was inside that vehicle when the tree fell. let's talk more about the weather and what's facing us in the bay area. can you see this blue sunshine behind us on the colanders true ware. >> more on that snow -- behind us on the oakland, estuary. >> it's stacked way up there. i haven't been in truckee for a few weeks, trying to get my driveway cleared. it's beyond my snow blower's ability. six feet in the banana belt of truckee. that's a lot of snow.
9:30 am
there's a lot of snow in reno. some plows can work around the basin. but it's tough to get around to reno. there's so much snow. from sugar bowl to squa. i'm sure there's some coming in higher than that. the amount on the snow survey, which will be updated tomorrow. i looked and it wasn't updated today. these will go up from 125% of normal. probably 150 for central. and i'd say over 150 for the southern. you melt that down, 28 inches. 33 and 28. the reservoirs will be full- full-full. everything continues to dive into the deep part of the west. all the way down to southern california and arizona. and they're going to get a big cold system coming in late wednesday into thursday. that will clip the sierra with some light snow. we'll get light rain out of it early thursday. not a big deal. temperatures, 20s. 30s. and 40s. there's enough of a breeze holding things up here a little bit. they didn't get as cold as others, that breeze will
9:31 am
continue to be with us throughout the day. 25 to 30 miles per hour through vacaville and travis. other than that, it's sunny, mostly sunny and nice. but the cold is in place. it will be reinforced toward wednesday and thursday. but a break from the rain and the hail that we had. the next system will be late wednesday and thursday. not a lot of rain out of this. another one late saturday early sunday. these favor the sierra more than us. the next sign of rain would be next week. end of february and early march. 50s on the temps. except for partly cloudy the next few days, we're good to go. it's going to stay cool to cold and breezy for the next week. steve, thank you, keep in mind that our newly updated app is free to download from the apple and google play stores. it has interactive radar and the seven-day forecast. there's an easy feature to up load weather, photos, and videos. time for more on the other headlines we've been working on. let's get to dave clark. here are some of the top sorries we're following.
9:32 am
we're starting with the developing story in the bay, was patrolling about 11:00 last night. he spotted a man in a parked car on the side of the road. there are very few details on what happened next except the deputy made contact with the man and the deputy opened fire. the sheriff's office says the man had a gun. he was pronounced dead at the scene. there are no other suspects. the deputy was not hurt. a woman from martinez facing charges of attempted murder. she reportedly stabbed a chp officer who pulled her over on interstate 5 north of sacramento. the officer says the 25-year- old was going 100 miles an hour near the town of williams. the officer pulled her over. asked her to take a sobriety test. officials say she pulled a knife. stabbed the officer in the back. then tried to run away. people are stunned.
9:33 am
>> that is crazy. i can't believe some stuff like that would happen out here. >> a tow truck driver saw the injured officer, stopped to help. he restrained miss neil and called for help. the officer is now recuperating at home. we're getting details about what could have prevented a deadly shooting outside of chicago. according to officials in illinois, an initial back grown check did not detect a felony conviction that should have prevented the man who killed five coworkers and wounded sick others from buying a gun. months later, a second background check of gary martin found his 1995 aggravated assault conviction in mi stabbing of an ex-girlfriend. that prompted only a letter stating his gun permit had been revoked and ordered him to turn over that gun to police. hundreds of people braved the snow and freezing drizzle
9:34 am
yesterday to go to a prayer vigil for those shooting victims. five white crosses were erected for the victims in aurora, illinois. he pulled out a gun and started shooting right after hearing he was being fired. he was killed in a shoot out with police. that's a brief look at some of the top stories we're working on. work is under way to try to reopen several lanes of traffic on highway 37. all westbound lanes are closed. one eastbound lane of the highway is shutdown due to flooding. allie rasmus is live with the update. >> reporter: the traffic isn't too bad. especially this late in the morning on a president's day monday. we'll be able to show you where the closure is. this is a three-way stop. atherton avenue. just off highway 37. this is where traffic is being diverted from. westbound highway 37 all the
9:35 am
way to highway 101 is closed because of the flooding problem that's been going on since thursday. traffic moving on to atherton avenue. that's the main route this morning. here's what it looked like. it was fairly busy. the chp says there haven't been too many problems since the closure of westbound highway 37 went into effect on thursday. that's because it's been a holiday weekend. with a lot of lighter than usual traffic. in the mean time, while it remains closed. the chp will have extra president obamas along and around that main detour route of atherton avenue. >> we're asking drivers to be courteous of their neighbors living along the road. cal trans closed the westbound lanes on thursday night because of flooding from the storms and a nearby levy that broke. cal trans public information
9:36 am
officer says the plan for today is to bring in more heavy equipment. including sandbags and bolders to stop the flow of water from the levy. once the water removed. cal trans says they will likely repave the westbound lanes of 37 because after they've been inundated with water for the last several days, there's probably damage to those roads. back here live, you can see chp officers trekking traffic through this de -- directing traffic through this detour. if this is your commute tomorrow, the word of advice is to plan ahead. give yourself extra time you'll either have to take this detour or find an alternate route. permanent repairs are about to start for the richmond san rafel bridge. chunks of concrete fell down to the top of a car on a lower
9:37 am
deck. crews installed metal plates to discover a seven foot hole. now they're working on a long- term fix starting tonight. it's expected to take two weeks with work starting each night at 9:00 and going through 4:00 the next morning. one lane closed in both directions. initially the work was put on hold because of the recent storms. the council is holding a special meeting to declare a local emergency. this is after last thursday's mud slide that brought down a home and left a trail of debris on sausalito boulevard. the road doesn't appear damaged. but in the mean time, have a structural engineer check it out before they can reopen genc the woman who lived in the home destrothe meeting this people in this room who were affected we need counseling.
9:38 am
we need to know where we can go and what we can do. susan gordon had to be are rescue on thursday when her home slid down that hill. amazingly, she only suffered some minor injuries. new this morning, the dynasties of oakland name 45 priests accused of sexually abusing children before 1989. the diocese says the list is part of a larger effort to investigate past abuses and bring justice to survivors. bishop michael barber called the release of the list an act of contrition. monstrous crimes committed by priests who are supposed to model virtue and grace not sin and harm. a florida elementary school student facing misdemeanor charges after refusing to stand for the pledge of allegiance and allegedly creating a disruption in the classroom. when the sixth grader refused t substitute teacher asked the student why he didn't go live
9:39 am
somewhere else if he wasn't happy in the united states. an argument between the student and that teacher escalated and police were called. apparently, the substitute teacher didn't know that students are not required to stand for the pledge of allegiance. the school district says the substitute teacher is no longer working in the district and it will review training for substitutes. a father in florida locks his baby inside the family suv. but it's who stepped in to rescue the child that's surprised some. >> reporter: it's not a scene you see everyday. inmates helping police break into a car. a scary scene unfolded outside a courthouse on thursday when a father accidentally locked his one-year-old baby inside an suv. after strapping the child into its car seat. >> are you okay baby? >> the parents called authorities and told poli they could not cided to break the window. phone capt action, and the anxious parents and police looking on, five men dressed in black and white
9:40 am
stripes took only minutes to tofront door open. yes, thank god. >> somebody had a wire coat hanger. >> the sheriff admitting it was a unique situation, but he was happy these unlikely heroes had the tools and skills to break in. unfortunately, the child was not injured. a lot of them, like these individuals, they know they made bad mistakes and bad choices, but they want to do the right thing in life. >> the mom is so grateful for the inmate's help. she wants to learn their identity to add ccnts as a than you. coming up in a moment, we've had some wildhome certain just the start of what's sweeping across the country. what's heading east after pummeling california and the rockies. a soccer player with a big
9:41 am
bag of trick shots. in our latest install. of that kid's got game. this portion of ktvu news is sponsored by honda. great deals are waiting at your honda dealer. i was at a place where i was unhappy in my career he saw something in me that no one else saw. and that changed everything- for my life and my family's life, honestly.
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it doesn't even matter how many you are. ♪ restaurants come to you. delicious at your door. download doordash. first order, no delivery fee. new video of a big crash out of tennessee. an suv was on the highway when a rock slide suddenly happens. the driver hit as large rock and then the vehicle goes airborne. it actually crashes right into a patrol vehicle in the opposite lane. the officer was trapped briefly in his vehicle. but he and the driver of that suv were able to escape without injury. the biggest attraction on the l vegas strip, the snow. snow started coming down last night and fell into the morning hours. in some spots, the snowfall
9:44 am
measured about 2 inches. 2008 was the last time there was measurable snow in las vegas. the entire west coast has been getting pounded with a rare winter storm. now meteorologist janice dean tells us how the storm is headed east. >> pretty cool and fun. we don't really get to see snow where we live at. >> much of the western u.s. is turning into a winter wonderland as a storm system dumps snow in the region after folks there thought winter. >> we thought maybe there's an ender in sight. >> the rockies and parts of new mexico could see snow all day on monday before the system makes its way further east. people stopped by stores to pick up shovels not everyday th streets are blanketed with ese in this area. it's good for the local businesses. >> even las vegas is getting
9:45 am
pummeled by winter weather. four inches of snow falling over night into monday morning. the first significant dusting in a decade. a wintery mix making travel a nightmare. the state highway patrol shut the freeways on sunday night leaving drivers stranded but locals off the roads say the rare snowfall is fun. >> i love it's quiet. it makes the sound muffled and everything. it's like a blanket of white. it's pretty awesome. >> temperatures are expected to remain cold throughout the west. a wintery mix is expected to make its way through the midwest and the east by the end of the week. in new york, janice dean, ktvu fox 2 news. some major,s airlines plan to change their ticketing process to get passengers more options when it comes to identifying their gender. the option on airline sites will incsuch as undisclosed or unspecified. american, delta, united, southwest, alaska, and jet blue said they're in the process of
9:46 am
updating booking tools. they're making the change to be more inclusive in dealing with a diverse population of challenges. >> valerie gonzales was taking a flight from fort lauderdale to las vegas on thursday when she became upset that she was seated right next to a three- year-old child. >> what else should i do? >> my mom's going to be so proud of me tomorrow. i don't give a [ bleep ]. i didn't do anything. i sat down in my seat. and i asked to go somewhere else. who is taping this. who is taping this? >> gonzales reportedly told people that she had been drinking all day. in the video she appears to be talking to someone via face time on her phone while complaining that she did not do anything wrong. other passengers begin to record her and at one point she actually spits on the passenger in front of her, later the woman shouts at passengers while gathering her things
9:47 am
before leaving the plane. >> bye. enjoy yourself. >> gonzales reportedly attempted to reboard the plane when a jet blue agent tried to stop her. she hit the employee in the head. that landed her in jail. she was arrested at the airport and charged with battery. let's do a total 180. a brand new piece of video. every week we like to highlight the incredible athletic abilities of children and teens in a segment we call that kid's got game. meet berkeley fuller from he's trick shots. and hopes to bring those schools to the bay area. he's been playing soccer for 13 years. he started working on these shots five years ago. where did he get them from? he was watching videos on youtube. look at that one. in the snow. very nice. now he says working on these trick shot haves given him more confidence in his game. which he hopes that will eventually get him on to stanford's soccer team.
9:48 am
>> i like it. >> i'm sure they're listening. >> if your little one can do incredible things, we'd love to see it. submit your video. send it to us to the ktvu facebook page, or on twitter. use our #thatkidsgotgame. we're less than a week away from the academy awards, up next, the top contenders and historic nominations for this year's oscars, plus a deeper look at best picture nominee vice and what it took to actually make that film. emerge restored, replenished, fortified. emerge everyday with emergen-c. packed with b vitamins, electrolytes, antioxidants, plus more vitamin c than 10 oranges. why not feel this good every day? emerge and see. steven could only imaginem 24hr to trenjoying a spicy taco.burn,
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breaking news in the east bay right now. a live picture from the city of fremont. there's been a solo vehicle crash. this is involving a tesla that crashes right into a tree. this happened a little bit after 7:00 this morning. now that crash resulted in a fire. you can see the tesla heavily burned right here. this happened at the parkway and horton avenue. we're told the intersection is closed as the investigation into this crash continues. firefighters remain on scene here. now fremont police say the driver is lucky to be alive. the driver has injuries and was transported to a hospital. also tesla engineers expected to head to the scene here in fremont to most likely launch their own investigation into this particular crash. a solo crash involving tesla
9:52 am
vehicle this morning in fremont. the oscars will be handed out this sunday and it could be a historic night for hollywood. black panther is the first movie nominated for best picture. even after three decades of making films, spike lee is finally an academy award nominee for best picture and director with black chance man. >> green book and a star is burn. the politically charged film vice may take home the top prize. ashley caught up with christian bail to find out what it was like to play former vice president, dick cheney. >> garnering eight oscar nominations. including one for best picture, vice stars christian bail and amy adams playing dick and lynn cheney. it's about the former vice president's rise to power. regardless of their political beliefs. they walked away from the project impressed. >> respect in terms of
9:53 am
understanding that he is quite brilliant from his many, many years of his decades of being in government. of truly understanding how government works. >> hello. >> i'm very challenged to approach a role, especially like lynn without judgment. i think it's imperative to tell the story in a truthful way. >> gaining 40-pounds for the role, christian never met cheney and doesn't expect to. >> yes, of course, i would have liked to have met him. i don't know if he would have liked to have met me. i don't know if it would have been on his radar. i would imagine i'm of complete insignificance to him. >> amy is hopeful the film will educate and entertain. >> i hope people come away with a real curiosity about the way our government works. >> what's the plan? >> to take over the place. >> fox news. a young woman from san francisco is the new miss china
9:54 am
town 18-year-old katherine woo took home the crown saturday night at the palace of fine arts in san francisco. there were twelve contestants in the contest. she entered the pageant to show women with hard work, anything is possible. >> i started this pageant because i really wanted to be an ambassador for the chinese community. and i really wanted to connect with my cultural heritage and roots. and through this pageant, i feel like i've really done that. >> woo has been accepted to rice university in houston. the new miss china town u.s.a. is also a top archer and hopes to compete in the 2020 summer games in japan. on saturday night, she's going to ride on a float in san francisco's chinese new year parade. you can catch this year's parade right here on ktvu fox 2. or ktvu plus. we'll have live coverage saturday night from 6:00 to 8:00. then we'll rebroadcast the parade on ktvu plus from 9:00
9:55 am
to 11:00. ben and julie will be your hosts. >> a seventh grade boys the bay area regional champion. and he won with a word i had to look up. let's focus on the fact big congratulations are in order. he spelled the word correctedly. so defines it as a green skinned fruit with white meat that can be used in a drink or it can be eaten. he won a free trip to the scripps national spelling bee in washington this may. congratulations and good luck. the golden state warriors were a big part of nba all-star weekend in charlotte, north carolina. the game yesterday of course was all about offense. ss here's curry. >> beautiful play right there. steph curry with the bounce pass assist that went sky high
9:56 am
over his own teammate kevin durant. clay thompson had 20 coming off the bench. steph occur i had a good game. 17 points 9 boards. kevin durant with the mvp of the game. 31 points. 7 rebounds. the warriors back in action at home thursday night against those sacramento kings. ♪[ music ] ♪oh say does that star spangled banner yet wave ♪ . >> and charlotte native, anthony hamilton's national anthem getting a rave review out there the rendition with just two acoustic guitars drawing comparisons to marvin gaye and whitney houston on twitter. gorgeous, tomorrow on the 9, the unified school district superintendent is joining us in studio. >> we'll talk with her about the latest developments in the
9:57 am
district's contract talks with teachers and how she's preparing for this planned strike which is said to take place on thursday, we'll have her on tomorrow morning. right here on the 9. thank you for joining us today. enjoy the sunshine if and when you can. and the snow. >> yeah. oisture... and keep us protected. we've got to have each other's backs... and fronts. cerave. what your skin craves. super stay foundation... from maybelline new york. with full coverage pigments...r. super stay foundation only from maybelline new york.
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