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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  February 18, 2019 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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unanimously to declare a local emergency and what it means for victims of the recent landslide. a deputy killed a man behind the wheel of a parked car . colleen attention to the national emergency and the protest in several cities across the bay area. good afternoon. >> we are following breaking news out of san francisco in scottsdale, arizona. budget will retire after this upcoming season. >> he made the announcement a few moments ago. the giants have had several tough seasons. does this come to a surprise to anyone, really? >> it does. there are two subpar seasons but bruce did address us a short
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time ago. this is a first workout. we did not have an idea that anything was up. there was the daily media briefing. he dropped a bombshell on everybody. >> i will retire after the season. i will give you a brett brown. i did talk today but i told them, it goes back to less season. i spoke to sage and larry. i let them know what my thinking was. so, i decided to announce it now. the reason being, you know, there is been so many questions. it is not fair for larry or myself or the team. i will go ahead and get that out and put that behind us. you know, it is just, in my mind
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, it is time. managed with my gut. you know, i came up here in 2007 . it is a gut feeling that it is time. it has been an unbelievable ride. >> reporter: anxiety is the far hand, that is larry. bochy in making the decision, he took a lot of questions off the table. he was in the final year of his contract. honestly, that question was going to be asked whether or not this was his final year. he said, there is nothing he enjoys more than managing and is looking forward to the personnel and the chant that the giants have made. he did reflect on the things he has seen in his tenure in san francisco. his first year as a manager of the giants is where gary vonn broke the record. and tim played for him and a
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perfect game by matt cain. he is been here the entire tenure with buster posey and bumgarner and pablo. of course, three-year-old championships. bruce bochy success is unprecedented as far as giant managers are concerned. he is time to get in front of this and make this deception that now rather than be hounded year long. he is healthy and wants to have a good year for the giants. you did shock us a little bit when he announced he is retiring at the end of this season. >> 74 wins away from 2000 wins as the padres in the giants. joe, thank you. the city council voted unanimously to declare a local emergency pick
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>> that means the city will become eligible for disaster assistance money. on thursday, landslide brought home a home and left debris. officials say the number 1 priority is to make sure the hillside is stabilized. the road does not appear to be damage but an engineer has to inspect that road. survivors spoke out at a meeting, including a woman who lived in the home that was destroyed. >> there is a lot of people in this room that are affected. we need help. we need counseling. we need to know where we can go and what we can do. besides the loss of precious person of my life, my cat, i lost too many dollars. my life was saved. >> susan gordon had to be rescued in her home slid down that hill. she suffered minor injuries but now, she is dealing with pain
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and frustration. >> my life is done. i have to build from here every day. today, i woke up rested but very tired. i am just very tired. >> according to the police, 15 people remain displaced from her check red tags and two destroyed home. they want to let people in to gather belongings. marin county had so much storm damage that the state of emergency has been declared. tomorrow afternoon, the board of supervisors will hold a special meeting to ratify that proclamation. it will be sent to governor newsom. pip risk of the state can provide money to storm victims to make repairs. we learn about the deadly office in involved shooting. he killed a man who the police
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say had a guy. alyssa harrington has the story from napa county. truck we are looking at where this happened on henry road. a car was parked alongside the road. one person was inside and the deputy approached that man. shots were fired. you can see there is broken glass and tire tracks that were here is the car being towed on the scene. this happened in a rural part of napa county. there is been years old sonoma road. according to the sheriff's office, female deputy on patrol last night, she saw a car parked on the side of the road. she noticed a man and the driver coalesced seat and approached him to see if he needed help we are not sure what happened but there were shots fired. the man was pronounced dead and the deputy was not hurt. i asked if he fired his weapon and was told it is too early to say. officials will only say he was
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armed begun and they are calling him a suspect. there is a joint task force working on that incident, including chp in the district attorney's office. the names of the deputy and the suspect have not been released. alyssa harrington, ktvu, fox 2 . tesla walked away with minor injuries pick the driver crashed into a tree on porton around seven click. the car caught fire. there was assessment demonstrate the cause of the crash is under investigation but the police are looking into whether driver fatigue played a role. protesters are holding rallies against the national emergency declarations to get billions of dollars to build a border wall. protest are cross the country. this is a live picture from san francisco outside of the federal building.
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doesn't gathered in the city. there is a protest plant in oakland and walnut creek. this is on grand avenue in oakland. we have more on these protests across the country today. the declaration of the border emergency is expect to face legal challenges. there may be a move in congress to block it. you're the latest from washing. >> reporter: the challenges are numerous. this could lead to the first veto of the trump presidency the vision of the expanded barrier along the southern border could take shape but the idea of spending $8 billion is another matter. congress may have the votes to try to stop the emergency declaration. >> i think we do but whether war for eight over right in a veto is a nether story.>> reporter: some republicans think the president wet too far to build
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the wall. even if congress passes a measure of disapproval, the white house suggests the president well block it. >> he will veto it. he will protect that declaration. >> there is no chance it will be overridden. there were plenty of votes to make sure there is no override of the veto.>> reporter: we may wait a while with five states lining up to sue the president. >> we are prepared. we knew this might happen. with our sister state partners, we are ready to go. >> reporter: this may be more about the fight and the outcome as both sides begin building a case for 2020. in washington, fox news. shocking claims from the former fbi director, he tells 60 minutes the agency had good reason in to open the investigation into the russian connection a driver takes off and the surveillance video the police hope will lead to an arrest.
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yesterday. rob explains what happened. >> i thought they were doing this. >> reporter: the helicopter made the surprise delivery to a neighborhood park in, bringing out neighbors to look early sunday morning. >> we saw that law enforcement at the park. then, we seen three helicopters bringing in people to drop them up. walked over to ask what was going on. one of the fire department personnel said that air balloon went down. >> reporter: the balloon with 10 passengers and a pilot left sonoma at sunrise. around 11 a.m., wind pushed the balloon towards power lines and forcing the pilot to land, the remark marsh islands. as it was placed on a boat and turned away, a spokesperson says the pilot did the right things. >> he chose to land on that island. completely dry landing, textbook with no entries.
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it was not a dangerous planet. >> reporter: half of the passengers were staff members and all of them were on solid ground and they met with first responders and the sheriff department. chp and vallejo fire. >> i went to the back and i saw the law enforcement waiting for them. >> reporter: a harrowing trip but all state that >> the did fine. they were release. >> reporter: the balloon was chartered in napa county. they were taking passengers on scenic rides as far away as like tahoe. the pilot has eight years of expense and passengers with only one option. that was to be airlifted out pick >> he landed on the island but there were no roads to get the vehicles out to him. i spoke with him earlier this morning. he said if he were 100 yards,
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he would've been on land. >> reporter: this is neighbors talking for a little while. >> it is funny to see the helicopter landing at the park. >> reporter: the passengers will receive two free trips to go in the air. that balloon company has a spotless safety record and despite this little diversion, all the passengers had a great time. ktvu . the police are looking for the driver who hit the seven- year-old girl saturday afternoon and took off. sarah spoke with the child and her mother. she obtained video of that hit- and-run. before we share it, you might find it disturbing. >> we spent a lot of time talking with neighbors who are shaken up. no one as worried as the little girl is my picture wants to find out who did this to her
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daughter. >>[ screaming ] >> reporter: the scream of a boy after his sister was hit by a car. hazel was crashed into and thrown several feet. surprisingly, she is okay.>> my brother was screaming.>> reporter: her brother and another neighbor was crossing around 5 pm when a black sedan hit hazel. in the video, the driver stopped, open the door, and drove away. >> i will write. i'm happy my daughter is okay. >> reporter: hazel was in hospital with scrapes and sort ankles and a bump on her head. she would whether talk about the treats-- >> i got ice cream. >> reporter: her mom wants answers. that is i can't. if that were me, regardless of what situation i was in, i would stop to make sure the kid was all right and be there to take my consequences.
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>> reporter: the police are looking for the driver and hazel has words for whoever hitter. >> watch where you are going. >> reporter: sarah with ktvu, fox 2 . blue skies that we have had wild weather this holiday weekend. kelly woods sent this video yesterday through the new ktvu weather app from pleasant hill at a trader joe's parking lot. the hail is coming down and eight rainbow above. look at the hail in san ramon last night over the backyard of a home. it stuck around for a while. some people were having fun. in the south bay, look like the sierra. this is from lake observatory showing snow where 5 inches of new snow fell recently.
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after a crazy weather we can , it was in the form of hail and snow. riding and saturday, hail reports. yesterday words that east bay but that snow stacks up even though they are getting a break in the sarah. this is from reno. it looks like 2 feet in reno with less clouds than the base and. they can get buried quickly. not of reno had that much. gary had 6 inches of rain. it still depends. that is a lot of snow in reno. snow stacks up with 91 totals at sugar bowl at 115 at squaw and sierra. norstar is 95. they probably had more than that . some reports have not committed. i imagine we will add to the totals for the snopes survey. 125% of normal. the central sierra probably at
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150%. and the southern sierra keeps marching along at 149% of normal . the snow water equivalent if you melted down, 28 inches of liquid. the reservoirs will be renting. as far as the water goes, we made to 100% for everybody. san jose and oakland and santa rosa has 116% to go. clear and cold. cobb mountain checked in at 29 degrees. clear lake as well, dental made it down to 26. menlo park and cupertino checked in at 29 is so did alamo and lafayette. everything is carving out over the west. we are in the western edge of the system. they will continue into nevada and arizona. it
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looks like a cold system. we get that northerly flow temperatures are warmer. fairfield and napa had that northerly breeze. now, temperatures are warming up. you get that north wind that is cold in the morning but it warms up the afternoon. there's upper 50s and if you near 60 degrees per you will stay in the 50s if we don't get that breeze. temperatures will stay near average for the whole week a couple of systems are coming in . they are not a big deal. cool and breezy. late wednesday and early thursday, continued to be cool for the sarah. there were not be much out of the system and the thing that is saturday out of the north. this is champagne for that seer and not much rain for us. near 60 for the temps. it is cold breeze and it looks this
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way all the way into tuesday. wednesday clouds up. thursday and friday is nice. one more system late saturday night into sunday morning. the newly updated weather app is free to download. it has interactive radar and hourly updates and the seven- day forecast with the easy feature to upload photos and video. download it before the next big storm. barack obama's schedule to make a stop in the bay area what he is here for and a final preparations underway. i landed. i saw my leg did not look right. i was just finishing a ride. i felt this awful pain in my chest. i had a pe blood clot in my lung. i was scared. i had a dvt blood clot. having one really puts you in danger of having another.
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the diocese of oakland named 45 priesthood been accused of abusing children. is says the list as part of a larger effort to investigate past abuses and bring justice to surmise per michael barber called the release that act of contrition. they call the abuse quote monstrous crimes committed by priests who are supposed to model virtua grace and not sin and hardpacked the diocese is the second at the date area to release a list like this. san jose released a similar list and october. preventing sex abuse will be together with victims who demand the end to decades of cover-up >> the survivors will not address the summit of leaders which begins on thursday picked they will meet on wednesday
12:25 pm
with the organizing committee to express concern >> organizers of the summit audit a turning point in the approach to clergy sex abuse. permanent repairs on richmond-san rafael bridge will again tonight. expansion joint of the bridge bail. concrete fell down on cars driving along the lower deck. they installed metal decks during the emergency repairs now , they will work on the long time fixed tonight. it will last two weeks with work starting each night at 9:00 until 4:00 the next morning. one lane will be closed in both directions. the word is the work will be put on hold. the event to help african- american men to six weeks, 1200 people around the country have been invited to attend the convention tomorrow for the "my brother's keeper" alliance at the scottish right center in oakland. reddish lawmakers
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are accusing facebook of violating privacy. the new report released that lawmakers called for greater oversight of social media companies. a parliamentary committee that prepared the report says social media sites should have to follow a code of ethics over watching in the pending regulators to control fake news and illegal content. they called out facebook, saying the company seems to be design to conceal knowledge and responsibility for specific decisions. the investigation into the attack against jussie smollett. some believe it may have been stage. dangerous conditions in the sierra and how much snow fell from the latest storm. a warning if you are planning to reno or tahoe.
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here is a look at that top stores. the giants manager bruce bochy will retie. the giants's skipper made the announcement in scottsdale, arizona. bochy joined the orange in all three series championships from 2010, 2012 and 2014.
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this is the 25th season in the big leagues. he was with the padres. he is one 1926 games as a manager. the officer involved shooting is under investigation after the deputy shot and killed a suspect. the deputy was patrolling henry road last night and she spotted a man in a parked car. she approached him to see if he needed help. the place of not released the details of what happened next. the sheriff's office said the man had a gun. he was pronounced dead at the same. the deputy is not hurt. the city council voted unanimously to declare a local emergency and wake of the storm last week. the city will become eligible to receive disaster assistance finding the state. a landslide brought down a home and left a trail of debris on sausalito boulevard. the priority is to make sure the hillside is stabilized.
12:31 pm
several survivors spoke out at a meeting, including a woman who lived in the home that was . susan had to be rescued winner home slid down the hillside and she suffered minor injuries. people are heading to the sierra. there is still plenty of snow after the recent storms. brian spent the day along interstate 80 with a look at the conditions. >> reporter: it is a beautiful day in the sierra. clear skies at 5500 feet along interstate 80. clear skies and trees with snow and the crews are digging out. that is the story as people take away two clear the roads at the sidewalks now that mother nature slopped the tap off. squaw valley reports over 460 inches of snow and 200
12:32 pm
inches has fallen in the month of very, shattering the record. that is more than 17 feet of snow in february alone. that is a lot of snow. interstate 80 was a parking lot. drivers can expect more today. >> it is called. i ain't never seen snow like this before. i like it though. >> reporter: we got to the sierra, chain controls and he could drop them throughout the day. a homework if you come into the sierra. if you venture off a side road, they are icy. make sure you are prepared for winter driving conditions. i am brian hickey with ktvu, fox 2 . workers underway to reopen several lanes of traffic on highway 37. all a spout lanes are closed and the eastbound lane shut down because of flooding.
12:33 pm
tapped trans does not know when the work will be completed. pavers and front loaders are the equipment caltrans is using to clean up this stretch of highway 37 to highway 101. the roadwork got underway this my. this stretch of highway has been closed since thursday levy broke, sliding the lanes and one lane in the eastbound structure. detour route on atherton avenue was fairly busy, even on the presidents' day holiday. >> 40 mile-per-hour speed limit, residence and cross private, and other people are trying to use the neighborhood streets even though we are asking drivers to be courteous of the neighbors living along the race. prep drivers should expect to commute to be busier tomorrow. >> tomorrow is the first test because we are planning for
12:34 pm
that closure. so, we are asking drivers to prepare for longer than normal commute.>> i don't need to do this. i have been lucky>> reporter: this is not the first time highway 37 has flooded. people who live and drive in this area are eager for a permanent fix pick >> in the summer time is when they should redo the whole road. >> caltrans does not know when they will finish so drivers who take highway 37 on the westbound direction should be prepared tomorrow and should give themselves extra time. there are more questions than answers after andrew mccabe 's interview on 60 minutes. he told scott that he was fired for launching counterintelligence investigations against the president. >> i believe i was fired because i opened a case against the president of the united
12:35 pm
states. >> reporter: president trump lasting the allegations from fired deputy enter the cape. he was the attorney general, roger eisenstein, considered using the constitution to strip trump of the presidency. >> he raised the issue and discussed it with me in the context of thinking about how many other cabinet officials might support such an ever. >> reporter: trump tweeted this morning, this was the illegal insurance policy info action. the president went on to accuse mccabe of line and claims that line was the reason the former fbi director was fire. democrats say revelations should give everyone pause. >> it is alarming were apparently those at the highest levels of our government considering whether or not the president is unfit to serve. >> reporter: lindsey graham, the senate of the judiciary
12:36 pm
committee says this deserves a hearing. >> we are a democracy. . they cannot take it into the mac has. was this an attempted coup? i don't know. i know rosenstein denied it. we are going to get to the bottom of it. >> reporter: the department of justice dismissed claims that there was discussion of removing trump from office say the deputy attorney general is not in a position to consider invoking the 25th amendment. in washington, chickens with ktvu, fox 2 . we are mourning details about the weapons used to carry out a deadly shooting outside chicago. a background check failed to detect a felony conviction that should've barred the man from buying a gun. later, a second background check as the man identified his attacker found his aggravated assault conviction involving the stabbing of an at school from. that prompted a letter saying
12:37 pm
his gun permit had been revoked and ordering him to return the firearm to please. the police are seeking a follow-up interview with jesse so my. they say things changed after detectives questioned two brothers about the attack and released them friday without charges. the police spokesman declined to comment on reports that the police now believe that smollett stage that attack. smollett says he was attacked by two men shouting racial and anti-gay slurs.'s attorneys say he is devastating adding quote, he is now further victimized by claims that attributed to the allegedly traders that he played a role in his own attack . thousand the teachers are preparing to go on strike and 35,000 students and 87 schools will be effective.
12:38 pm
smith tells us about the options for kids. >> i wonder how long the strike will last. >> reporter: she is not sure what to expect as a. she may show up to school and her teacher may not be there pick >> we might be doing other projects and learn about what the strike is and why they are doing it. >> i don't think i should be thrown crumbs. i want the whole pie. i wanted all.>> reporter: thomas is among the teachers planning to picket at 7:00 and not wanting, her fourth strike in 40 years. she was a living wage and her pay is the lowest rate in alameda county. >> it is laughable we educate all the other people, the other professions. >> reporter: the education associations represent 3000 educators is demanding a 12% attractive pay increase. they are offering 5% and say schools will remain open expect if we
12:39 pm
have a strike, it is going to be an extraordinary day. parents will maybe take extraordinary measures to ensure that everything is okay. >> reporter: they are hiring as many teachers. >> we are organizing, will most likely be we will put students into different age groupings. >> reporter: they are planning to send the children to a solitary school. it is a place where parents who support the strike to take their children. there are 15 recreational centers available staffed with volunteers pick >> we have different types of classes. it might be, music or a space for art or a space for political education around the strike. >> libby is urging both sides to head to the table in touch with the mayor, following that walkout. governor newsom talks about his
12:40 pm
budget proposal. >> if his proposal passes, it is optimistic news that both sides have received to give more clarity about what this proposed budget could mean for oakland. >> reporter: smith with ktvu, fox 2 . >> the last time the oakland teachers went on strike was 1996 and lasted almost a month. there is complications with kids who qualify for free or reduced lunches. food banks are donating food. a meeting is scheduled tuesday to help parents. the oakland a's are facing opposition to the waterfront bar park different groups. according to the chronicle,, save the bay, has concerns about the environmental impact the paper says the association is worth the ballpark light will lined the pilots as they are steering ships into the port of oakland. the tenants complain about
12:41 pm
additional traffic impacting trucks getting into and out of the port. it is black history month. organizers are focusing on introducing wine lovers to african-american winemakers. they say diversity is important and how one got her start. we're getting a break from the rain. coming up, steve paulson has more in the next storm system will arrive. for comfort food at a comfortable price, try my sourdough patty melt combo with fries and a drink for just $4.99. it's the perfect remedy for the uncomfortable things in life... like flying, the dentist ...and guys named ronald. i have my reasons. try my $4.99 sourdough patty melt combo today.
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on toasted sourdough, plus fries and a drink. it's comfort food for the uncomfortable things in life. yep, this guy knows what i'm talking about. try my $4.99 sourdough patty melt combo. london brie took part in the black history parade it started on third street at ended at the opera house. this is the second year the event has been held in the bayview district. all of february, we are highlighting the contributions of the african-american community. >> wine lovers will gather for
12:45 pm
black violence, which is a platform to showcase why. this is one of those vendors how diversity can benefit the entire wine industry. >> we are going to try our 2018 rose. >> reporter: we met her at this and also where her grapes are transformed into wine. >> this is jan. it will not taste like when you open a bottle and drink it. you should expect a little tannin. it needs to lay down a lot longer. it is really young. and you taste the fruit?>> reporter: she is known as the queen of the vineyard. she founded the vineyard back in 2003. she will tell you she loves wine
12:46 pm
. she will also tell you when she sits in a room with other winemakers-- >> i'm usually the only black woman. >> reporter: that is what she is hoping to change. she tells her story. she is a lawyer and backing up '90s, her work took her to napa and she said there were so many moments where she would look at the vineyards and think about her childhood. her father had a farm outside of dallas. >> i could not raise cattle but i could grow grapes and sell them to winemakers. >> reporter: she did not know much about wine. shoe educated herself, taking classes and turning to the experts. she bought land in 2001 but her plan to sell her grapes to winemakers hit a hitch expect i had to bring in arrange. i picked the gray. the sugar level. he rejected those grapes. i had 8 tons of grapes with no home. i found a place to custom crush
12:47 pm
them. i bottled my edit one gold at sunset exiting. >> reporter: she's faced with something else, a lack of diversity. >> there are other african vendor vendors but they are few. >> reporter: the event was created. she says it is important to shine the light on african- american winemakers. >> this started as a black history celebration, the owed to , just celebrating us. i wanted to focus on not just history but the future of art, the future of wine, the future of music. >> reporter: diversity in winemaking matters. >> when you don't include a demographic, oftentimes you don't get the variety that you are missing out, everyone misses out when we aren't inclusive. it influences young people who
12:48 pm
may have never thought they could be in the wine industry. i see people that look like me doing it, i can do it also. more are joining in the community of wine lovers grows. >> i have people now were only like hard alcohol drinkers. i would never thought it would be a part of the wine club. >> reporter: each bottle comes the story. >> this baby, lots of pepper. >> reporter: every glass offers a peek into the people who brought it to you pick >> it is big and bold, just like me. >> reporter: each winemaker hope you will give their wine a chance and a taste of the dedication and diversity of every bottle. >> we are pouring this at black vine. cheers to that. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> black vine is host to black wineries and they are open to everyone saturday.
12:49 pm
>> tickets are available on line. you get wine and hors d'oeuvres any keepsake glass. a quiet day after a couple of wild days over the weekend. there was reports of snow and hail. yesterday was about the east bay but over the weekend, many locations with cold air. the lows called. the coldest was 21. 26 around lakeport. healdsburg was 27. cupertino and alamo and lafayette all checking in in at 29 degrees. it was called. it was enough of a breeze. everything's goes to the four corners. a stronger system is dropping down wednesday and thursday. we get that northwind. you could holter temperature up and temperatures running warmer for most.
12:50 pm
by this morning, most locations were colder fairfield is getting cold. there is the breeze in place with a blustery day. it is right down out of the north. tonight, it will tail off with a cold night tonight into thursday morning. we look good in the upper 50s. maybe clouds are spilling over. a cold system is on the way wednesday night and thursday. this will favor the sierra. it will drop into arizona and southern california for a major system. not much rain for us. we are in the western edge of this system. there's another one late saturday and sunday. maybe march, signs of rain returning. temperatures are in the 50s near 60. most state hello average. wednesday and thursday could have light rain. it is dry thursday and friday. early sunday, one more system
12:51 pm
with light rain. the newly updated weather app is free to download. it has interactive radar and hourly updates and the forecast. it has an easy feature to upload photos and videos. tonight and tomorrow morning, you can see the superman pick is the closest any full moon will be this year. fewer than 220,000 miles away. we are days away from the chinese new year parade. we will introduce you to the new miss chinatown usa.
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via academy awards are less than a week away. we are looking at pitchers nominated. >> reporter: "black panther" is securing a historic nod as the
12:54 pm
first superhero movie nominated for best picture. after three decades of making films,'s biweekly is a nominee for best picture and director with black klansmen. the spanish-language film rama earned the first best picture and it ties with competitor, the favorite for most militias. each boasting template rotting out the group are biopic's, we demand rhapsody, vise, gradebook , and a star is born. the best picture and best director goes hand-in-hand but it stands out that the director of those films, peter and bradley are among the snobs. >> i always knew that you may be something. >> reporter: cooper is amongst the best actor nominees competing with christian bale and william. lady gaga is best actress
12:55 pm
facing competition from glucose, olivia coleman and the surprise entry of melissa maccarthy. there are surprises in the original song and score categories. songs from a star is born and lack panther and mary poppins returns and the valid of buster were nominated for best songs. there were no nods for dolly parton or first man. fox news. the warriors were a big part of the all-star weekend in charlotte, north carolina it was all about the offense. >> there is curry with a high bounce. >> that is a bounce back. a good thing that my third- grader is watching. the past went high over kevin durant. all three wires played a key part in the game. there were eight rebounds.
12:56 pm
curry put up seven team rebounds , kevin durant had 31 points per young woman is the news. katherine wu to come the crowd. there were 12 contestants and they came from all over the country from honolulu and michigan and new york. she said she entered the pageant to show other young women with hard work, anything is possible. >> i started this pageant because i wanted to be an ambassador for the chinese community and connect with my cultural heritage. i feel like i have done that. >> she will ride on a float in the chinese new year parade. you can watch it here on ktvu, fox 2. life coverage begins saturday night at 6:00 until 8:00 we will rebroadcast the parade on ktvu from 9:00 until
12:57 pm
11:00. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. we are always on .
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>> grocery store steak. so many cuts to choose from. we are going behind the butcher's counter. >> you could slice your meat in half if you know what to look for. >> are you getting the biggest bang for your buck? >> what do you feel that moment you press click? >> are you addicted to online shopping? >> you are spending between $3,000 and $4,000 a month. >> affecting your brain the way drugs do. >> coming up next. dr. oz: are you ready for season 10! audience: yeah! >> i love you, dr. oz. [cheers and applause]


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