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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  February 18, 2019 10:00pm-10:59pm PST

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flames ripped through an apartment building in san francisco, the lives 15 of people without a permanent place to leave it. >> mickey's, my wallet, my fun. that is it. >> five apartments burned, fortunately everyone was able to get out safely. good evening and frank somerville. >> i'm juli hayter. the fire spread quickly and people scribbled help each other escape into the building the brand is in the 1200 block of page street near baker between the panhandle and buena vista park. live coverage from ktvu's rob malcolm. fire crew still on the scene tonight. >> reporter: the fire crews left moments ago. the only people on scene right now are the restoration management company. as you see, they are busy shoring up this building boarding up the windows here. we know that the fire department told us the fire started in the front room of one of these apartments.
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they could not confirm which one but the tenants got out escaped with just their cell phones and wallets and that is about it. firefighters responded to the blaze at 3 p.m. and found a three-story building fully engulfed in flames and smoke pouring into the street and high into the air. tenants who managed to escape gathered across the street, choked back tears and watched it. >> it is hard to come out and see your house and flames that is not a very fun thing. >> reporter: clayton and his roommate charles live on the second floor they got what they could and ran. >> i got my keys, my wallet, my phone and that is it. >> what about you sir? >> i was at my office he called me when i was at my office. when i got here all i saw was flames. >> i got home and heard it pretty loud explosion and i heard glass falling i got my stuff and ran out.
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most of the damage on the first and second floors. christina mattea lived in a middle unit and our family owns the building. >> the building has been in my family for a while, so it's pretty upsetting. my dad has on the building since 1949 and he passed it on to me. she calmly and i said there's a fire in the building and i said get out. >> reporter: by 4:00 p.m. the fire was contained and they saved other homes by hosing down exteriors. in the tightly built neighborhood data with power lines and trees and found other obstacles once inside. >>'s firefighters got up there, they found that the building had been -- the floorplan had been altered from what was normal, so with zero visibility and high heat, takes a little bit of extra effort to find your way to the scene of the fire. >> reporter: an adult cat is still missing but everyone is counted for.
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the mattea's are the last remaining original owners of a building on the street. >> i hope it's not a total loss. >> reporter: it is been here since 1949 in the mattea family. the cause of the blaze is still under investigation. the red cross is helping those displaced tenants find homes. 17 tenants now without permanent housing. frank and julie. >> reporter: rob, thank you. thousands of protesters rallied across the country today to oppose president trump's emergency declaration and tonight, california is leading the charge to stop the president from diverting billions of taxpayer dollars toward his border well. late today, california attorney general have your becerra filed a lawsuit in federal district court in san francisco which names donald j trump is the defendant. >> 15 other states have joined
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that lawsuit to prevent the president from bypassing congress and bowling the wall. lauren blanchard is now on capitol hill, and has more in the lawsuit in the legal fight i had. lauren. >> reporter: while the white house continues to try to make their case for this national emergency declaration, anti- while activists are making it clear that they are against this move by the president. protests from los angeles, to chicago, newark, to the shadows of the white house, the president and his administration are getting ready to defend the move even a filed. the group public citizen has filed against the declaration in dc district court. california attorney general xavier becerra taking present trump to court on monday. >> donald trump is acting
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outside the line declaring an emergency and house acting outside the lot to rate a pots of money that have already been allocated by congress. >> reporter: the white house is taking money from other areas to build the wall. he already got $1.4 billion last week. the sticking point the administration wants to shift $3.6 billion from the military construction budget. the white house says they have the legal authority, but democrats say they will introduce legislation to block the declaration. >> we feel like we are on solid legal ground on this issue. >> reporter: white house officials say if the democrats bill passes in congress the president may, for the first time, use his veto power to kill it. frank, julie. >> lauren blanchard in washington tonight, thank you. or protests here in the bay
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area, in san francisco hundreds of people gathered on the federal building to speak out against the president's emergency action. organizers said they are glad california is moving ahead with the lawsuit but they also want congress to do its part and challenge the administration. >> therapy lawsuits all across the country, this cannot be allowed to stay in. congress needs to pass legislation there are bills in the house and senate because emergency powers does give congress the power to overrule this emergency declaration. across the bay in oakland, protesters formed the word wall with an extra above a large american flag. we posted our interview with state attorney general on our website, you will find it on our homepage at work is underway on flooded highway 37 in the north bay. crews are hoping that by wednesday it will be totally back open to the public. debora villalon is there
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tonight with how crews managed to shave time off of their estimate. >> reporter: it is nonstop out here. disclosed highway has a traffic jam right now. construction vehicles working around the clock. tonight, crews are already paving and they will soon begin stripping, which suggest caltrans might beat its own production. floodwater is being taken off of highway 37 out of the washed out levy has been shored up, the focus is getting westbound traffic lanes reopened. since sunday afternoon, construction has been battling water, building a series of dams and pumping water off the highway. safety barriers are not designed by water, but by trial and error, bolstering it with worki >> they are holding back water and it is like the finger in
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the dike. the water is fighting to get past the dam that we have built. >> reporter: since the levy failed, water from the bay and the bottle creek has flown. pleased with the progress come the local caltrans director says sunny weather has helped in the monday holiday caps traffic later. allowed construction vehicles easier access. he cannot rule out this happening again, because of the highways low elevation and a rainy season not yet finished. >> just like our infrastructure there's been a backlog in maintenance and i am sure that there has been a backlog and maintenance on the levee system as well. >> reporter: with traffic taken off the highway and eternal neighborhood streets, director of r's notes that caltrans has 15 projects over the next decade that will correct issues ond raise at higher.
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>> we are not just sitting back waiting for this to happen, we have some interim solutions moving forward. >> reporter: first, this emergency. the roadway simmered for so long, settled unevenly. some parts need repainting. the new asphalt will sit 6-10 inches higher than before. >> it is not, that we do not in this weather and under these conditions but we have no choice. >> reporter: drivers letter will see a lot of water all around, not across the highway things to improvisation like using a plow, and for pushing snow. >> one of the caltrans people are starting to suggest in my truck, and now, he's a genius. i told him things. >> reporter: the caltrans district director told me that none of this was budgeted for, so the money will have to come from other projects. again, wednesday morning is the projected time to reopen. at the pace they are working, frank, tomorrow might actually be in the cards, we'll have to see.
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>> just to clarify it is only one direction of 37 is shut down, right? >> that is rated as the two westbound lanes on the eastbound side heading toward vallejo. they are down to one lane most of the time, that is not because of flooding, it is because of construction work on the broken levy over there, they need one lane to create a shoulder for the work to go on. a live look now i traffic heading to the toll booths at the rich and richmond san rafael bridge. it is light at this hour and that is why caltrans is play planning lane closures in the overnight hours. tonight inspections are taking place on the bridge ahead of permanent repair work that is set to begin tonsion joint fell upper deck to the lower deck earlier this month hitting at least one car.ate to cover the as a temporary fix. now, they will work on a long-
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term fix. take two weeks with work beginning each night at 9:00 and running until 4:00 the next morning. during that time, one lane will be closed in each direction. the manager who led the san francisco giants and three world championships in a five- year span announced that he is retiring after this season. bruce bochy broke the news that spring training camp in arizona. he is the most successful manager in giants history. he turned 64 in april and has had heart lems in the recent years. the veteran manager says he has been considering stepping down for months and he finally decided the 2019 season would be his last. after 13 years with the giants. >> in my mind it is time. i have managed with my guide, it came up here in 2007 on my got a gut feeling that it is time and it has been an unbelievable ride. >> he made it clear that he wants the ride to continue with
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the fourth championship this season. we will get more with ktvu just ponzi and he has reaction from giants players and the team's ceo, larry baer. former president obama is in town. the youth empowerment summit that he is hosting and the kickoff of that, attended by young men from around the country. a cold one again tonight. a five day forecast that has rain in it. we will talk about that when i see you next. a 19-year-old man shot and killed near a gas station six mo police sketches released today and hopes of what's better than having fast,
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hundreds of young people from around the country are in oakland this week for a first of its kind summit sponsored by an obama foundation group called my brother's keeper. it is designed to help young men of color. amber lee has been talking to those attending the event and she joins us now with a live report. amber. >> reporter: julie, tonight's community dinner was held here inside the scottish rite center. now press was allowed inside, but we were able to speak with young men who tell us they are receiving help in realizing their full potential. >> i am here to make the world a better place and we are stronger together. >> yes! >> reporter: these young men are partof mbk, new york city
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chapter. filled with anticipation, they say that this is an event of a lifetime. >> this is my first time in california. >> reporter: the obama foundation started my brother's keeper. it's goal is to empower and inspire young men of color through mentorship programs. one 18 is an immigrant from the dominican republic. >> i come from a low-income family a you move to the u.s. five years ago. so, i struggle with school and stuff. >> reporter: many young men grew up without fathers. they tell me that mentor set on the right track, they're headed for college. now, they want to set an example for others in similar shoes. >> being here and being part of this shows me that if i can do it anyone else can do it, too. >> reporter: hundreds of people are attending the street and then. one group is from south-central los angeles, called the brotherhood crusades, nonprofit serving underprivileged youth. teens say mentors help them see a world beyond violence.
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>> they bring you around people and open your eyes to the world a little bit more. >> reporter: on day one of the summit, young people worked on service projects. one was held at martin luther king elementary school. >> this will be a timeless event, and they will remember forever. >> reporter: former president barack obama scheduled to speak to young people tuesday along with stefan curry and musician john legend. i asked one teen what he would say to the former president if he gets an opportunity. >> i tell him to come to my school. >> reporter: people inside shared photos with us. speakers included 49er richard sherman, and oakland mayor libby schaaf were also here. i am told that mr. obama is here in the bay area tonight and that he is attending a private fundraiser and again, he is scheduled to be here tomorrow. julie. >> reporter: it is a three-day
10:17 pm
event is in it?'s >> reporter: that is correct and hundreds of teens from all across the country are here. >> amber lee and oakland's tonight, thank you amber. police say released sketches and two men suspected in the murder of a 19-year-old man last summer. police also released surveillance video taken on august 19th from a gas station in summersville road. it shows the driver of a silver dodge charger with black racing stripes crouched down and hide as the victim, anthony singh, drove past. you then see the driver get into his car, shut off the lights and police say he followed singh to the murder scene. the driver can be seen wearing a distinctred sweater what appears to be also as a people on the front. hears another look of the sketches of the two suspects released tonight. anyone who recognizes these men or has information about the killing of anthony singh is asked to contact antioch please.
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to napa county and the investigation underway involving a napa county sheriff's deputy. it happened on henry road near dealey lane in an unincorporated area filled with vineyards and wineries. it is in the southern part of the county. the deputy says she came upon a parked car with a single person inside. investigators say the suspect was only described as a man who fired the first shot from inside his vehicle. the deputy returned fire, killing the man. investigators say he was pronounced dead at the scene orities also say that the body camera on the deputy should show what happened before, during, and after that deadly encounter. a good amount of snow in the mountains, rain around here. it has turned itself into a good percent of average for the
10:19 pm
snow and rain. let's take a look at some of the amount totals. almost 150% of where we should be for this time in the central and southern sierra. that is great news. again, what happens in that sierra is probably really the most important thing, in terms of water in the state of california for the entire year. so, this is big. the reservoirs are good, we know that. will take a look at some of the percent of average and the city. some of the reservoir watersheds, we are looking at 100%, 110%, 116%. really good stuff, considering the years of slow rain and snow slow snow. it is really state wide. the state is doing great. southern california some places it's 150, 180% of average. we have a chance for more activity this week. it is not a big deal. tomorrow starts off cool just like today. mostly sunny, mid-50s and upper 50s. when i come back we'll take a
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look at the range hands on wednesday. see you back here. the city of sausalito joined marin county in response to last week's big storms. this will allow sausalito to apply for state and federal disaster relief money for monthly damage and other problems. this emergency declaration comes after a rainsoaked hillside gave away a long sausalito boulevard sending a duplex sliding into another home. susan gordon, the only person in the duplex at the time, was rescued from the rubble and suffered only minor injuries. >> i do not understand how i came out of that. it all happened so fast and it was over with pretty fast that it was impossible for me to comprehend how i escaped out of there with nothing but the scratches on my face. >> a section of sausalito boulevard remains closed while engineers conduct safety
10:21 pm
inspections. several homes on the street were destroyed or red tagged. oakland catholic diocese releases its list of clergy who they say have been credibly accused of abuse. why some say that list is incomplete. the sharks and bruins game had a little bit of every thing tonight, a penalty shot, hat trick and overtime. jason will tell us who finally got the win later in sports. coming up, engineering students from santa fe state and santa clara universicommuni their high-tech solutions to soou've been to the happiest place on earth. it's great right? but i bet you haven't done this. or i bet you haven't met her, or him, or them. ooo, dance-off! this is... incredible. you, see what i did right there. and when is the last time you felt like this, or that or (sighs deeply) i mean, come on-
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the catholic diocese in oakland has released the names of 45 clergy members who they say have been credibly accused of sexually abusing children. >> all the accusations are before 1989, 30 years ago. as cristina rendon joseph abuse victims say there should be many more names on that list. >> the diocese is acknowledging the names of 45 clergy credibly accused of sexually abusing children in past decades. only six men on the list are still alive. >> today is a milestone for us. we consider this a living list. part of an ongoing process to be transparent, healing of our vic. >> reporter: the list in
10:25 pm
priests, deacons and brothers. no active members face credible allegations. >> they could have had a lot more names on it they should have. >> reporter: jelly is the northwest leader of snap, those abused by please. he was abused by father willens and his name is on the list. >> they have never apologize. they went through a bitter lawsuit for years and lost and this is the first time they've ever acknowledged it. >> reporter: he says the list does not include lists of people not ordained. snap has compiled a list of roughly 100 namee of oaklahere a danger to all children. >> i am kind of worried for people whose abusers names are not on the list, because it is very painful if they reported to the diocese and the names on the list, to them it's like
10:26 pm
they didn't believe me. >> we still have work to do. we admit that we have work to do on these lists. >> reporter: denies he says he was only focuses on religious members. there are safety initiatives and place in the church is making strides in changing the culture. >> your focus an keeping our kids safe. >> reporter: it is handed over the list of names to the district attorney's office. also encourages anyone who is experienced or has knowledge of abuse to reported to authorities. cristina rendon, ktvu, fox 2 news . people came out in illinois to attend a prayer vigil for the deadly workplace shooting victims last week. it happened in downtown aurora, a few miles from where ng took place. mourners held a minute of silence for each of the five people killed. police are blaming an angry coworker for their that's. they say 45-year-old gary martin brought a gun to work
10:27 pm
because he knew he was about to be fired. his deadly rampage ended when he was killed in a shootout with police. at 10:30, she says she was fired for taking care of a dying in law. a woman's fight against our former employer and how california law can limit paid time off for people carrying caring for aging in-laws. plus -- >> i believe as because i have a case against the president of the united states. the reaction washington following the interview with andrew mckay. she was last seen in a parking garage in el dorado county. the search for a mother of two who has been missing since valentine's day. closed captioning provided by mancini's sleepworld. visit
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back when i find out that i lost my job. >> this woman said she was a loyal employee for 13 years but was fired after taking time off to care for our dying mother-in- law. the company she worked for claims in-laws do not qualify for family leave. so, she said. >> berkshire roses questioning what can be done to close a loophole after finding limits in the law surrounding family leave.
10:31 pm
>> reporter: there are two laws covering family leave, one covers caring for sick in-laws and the other does not. the legislature passed a bill that would clear up the discrepancy and extended family leave to include in-laws. the governor jerry brown. that. now, experts in work and life law there is a pattern of discriminatory terminations. a loving family. for avonia what is the recipe for happiness. >> it feels good to be there for people when they need you. >> reporter: for 13 years she has done that by working in south san francisco, employed by bon appitit, she was assigned to food services there. >> really like my job. >> reporter: bon appitit was happy for our performance until she got sick and hurt. with follow-up appointments she says that our bosses were angry and inflexible. she got written up for taking
10:32 pm
time off to get a doctor. >> it makes you feel like they really wanted to get rid of me, they were just waiting for something. >> reporter: our lawyer explains that bon appitit has a culture of intolerance of poor employee illnesses and grades the manual and how often they are sick. >> it made me mad, it made me very angry when i first saw it. >> reporter: what got rob nelson involved, it was not our being sick but losing our job. bon appitit said she left work for weeks after not getting permission. >> reporter: should she have been fired? >> uppsala not. absolutely not. >> reporter: she was caring for our ill mother-in-law. she claims that she told our supervisor and others she had to join our husband at our mother-in-law's bedside. emails showing manager explained that she had gone out of the country for a family emergency and confirmed that she was caring for a family
10:33 pm
member. she was later told that in-laws do not qualify for family leave. then, she was fired. >> you are free to have a heart and behave like a human being and allow them to take the time off it is a compelling situation such as this one. >> reporter: she was not able to use our personal time, brickman time or vacation time to deal with it. bon appitit blames it on software. >> i don't see how human resources with a computer without the human part of it. the system concluded that she had to be fired. even assume this computer system did make the decision to fire our, it did and in a way that looks terrible and discriminatory. >> reporter: 2 investigate requested answers to the lawsuit. >> i would need to get an okapa >> reporter: after weeks of waiting we showed up to the bon appitit corporate office. >> i am not going to discuss it. our attorneys the. thank you. >> this looks we'll weird. >> reporter: joe williams runs
10:34 pm
the center for the work life law. before the 1990s mothers were discriminated against until laws were changed. now, this kind of discrimination against employees taking care of their sick parents is becoming increasingly common. >> this is not a lot of money, and the downside is looking quite heartless. >> reporter: under california paid leave law, and losses covered under the california rights act care of and losses not covered. it creates a gray area for employers. >> it does not make sense. >> reporter: williams expects another push for legislation and expected to pass. >> i think maybe they should be more compassionate to workers. >> reporter: our mother-in-law did pass away and she attended
10:35 pm
the funeral. the recent bright spot is that she got a new job. for the past year, she has been fighting bon appitit after we started trying to understand how this happened, bon appitit suddenly budged. days before trial, the case was resolved. in the end, this mother hopes this is a learning opportunity for large countries. >> to me, i think it is wrong. it's about family. >> reporter: for our, family is what most important. >> the company says santino worked for bon appitit. bon appitit also tried to deny our unemployment benefits but was unsuccessful. the case was pushing for the trial and it was scheduled for this week. it was just settled last week shortly after we started asking questions. ktvu, fox 2 news > if you have investigate and send an email to the email address on your screen or
10:36 pm
you can leave a message at the tip 1-510-874-0222. lindsey graham says his panel will launch an investigation into whether top officials in the justice department and fbi lauded an administrative crew to drive president trump out of office. that is in response to form acting fbi director andrew mccabe's claim in a 60 minutes interview that aired last night. mccabe said that deputy attorney general rod rosentstein discussed the possibility of removing president trump through the 25th amendment because of concerns the president had inappropriate relationships with russia. >> rod raised the issue and discussed it with me in the context of thinking about how many other cabinet officials might support such an effort. >> grandmas kong mccabe statement beyond sending and promises to launch a full investigation on capitol hill. and, graham adds, he will subpoena mccabe and rosenstein if necessary. earlier today president trump responded to the 60 minute interview on twitter's saying wow, so many lies by andrew
10:37 pm
mckay. he was fired for lying and now his story gets even more deranged. he and rod rosentstein, who was hired by jeff sessions, another beauty, look like they were playing in a very illegal act and got caught. please in chicago have more questions about the alleged attack on actor . now the investigation has shifted. i will have the five day forecast as well. thousands of oakland teachers that go on strike thursday. optimistic it could be a short walk out. >> i am hopeful this can remain a one-day strike. [phone ringing]
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oakland public schools were closed today because of presidents' day. come thursday, more than 3000 teachers say they plan to leave the classroom and go on strike. rob roth spoke with oakland's mayor who says that there may be a reason for optimism that the strike could be settled relatively quickly. >> reporter: teachers are making preparations to go on strike thursday, and no talks are scheduled right now. >> we're waiting for the district to bring us a proposal that really addresses dramatic
10:41 pm
changes in oakland for our students. >> reporter: the oakland unified school district says it has any proposals. teachers that have not seen it yet. >> we hope sometime this week that we can sit down and talk about this proposal. >> it addresses dramatic changes that improve education outcomes for our students, then we will meet. >> reporter: the oakland mayor says she has reason to be optimistic a strike would not last long. >> i am hopeful that this can remain a one-day strike. >> reporter: she says more state funding may be available. >> the governor's budget definitely represented an increase and possibly more resources than people were aware of initially. >> reporter: teachers are asking a
10:42 pm
sizes and more classroom support. the district is offering 5%. the district is facing a $21 million budget deficit. this mother of a kindergartner with special needs is not sure about sending him to a school thursday while his regular teacher will be on a picket line with a substitute in the classroom. >> my concern is that the new people coming in the school system may be disruptive. >> reporter: the district says all schools will remain open during the strike and the city will be opening rec centers during the day as well as library so students will not have to cross picket lines. some churches say they will be opened as an alternative. the message for parents? have a backup plan for thursday and beyond, because a ktvu, fox 2 news . please have more questions for empire actor jussie smollett over his claims that he was the victim of a racist and homophobic attack last month. his attorneys say he has no immediate plans to sit down with investigators, despite questions surrounding what happened and whether he staged
10:43 pm
the attack. he says that he was attacked by two white men wearing masks. he is black and gain claims the two shouted racial and homophobic slurs. he also claims that they had him in the face, port chemicals on him and looped a rope around his neck. these two brothers were initially detained and questioned but later released without being charged. >> innocence prevailed. my guys are walking home. they are not charged, they are not suspects in this case. >> reporter: police now say the investigation has shifted amid allegations thatstrating the attack. still ahead tonight, two teenagers lost near a reservoir in santa clara county. up next, the rescue prompting a warning to other hikers. bill martin says that we should finally have a chance to dry out, his forecast for the week ahead. everyone's got to listen to mom.
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click, call or visit a store today. the search continues to try to find a woman who went missing in el dorado county.
10:47 pm
49-year-old brooke harris has been missing since valentine's day. she was last seen driving a 2015 great toyota highlander with california plates in the parking garage of the redhawk casino. our husband reported our missing the same day. family members say they are worried because it is out of character for our to disappear. however, investigators say they do not suspect foul play. >> herself and was found in the house, there is no evidence of foul play, just to check welfare this point. when a missing person's reported to us we do everything to that we can't find out where there. >> she is 5'6" and weighs about 140 pounds. if you see our you are asked to call the el dorado county sheriff's department. two teenaged hikers had to be rescued after getting lost on a dark mountain trail in santa clara county. they were hiking in the reservoir when it became dark. search crews were eventually able to track the hikers and
10:48 pm
bring them to safety. it is prompting officials to put out a warning. if you are going for a hike this time of year, they say be prepared. >> they did not have any good lighting or good clothing and we do not know what their original intent was but they also started their trip or adventure posted desk which is not really good formula. >> we usually hike with a backpack that has water snacks and a lantern or swiss army knife or something with you, you have to be prepared. >> reporter: and hikers were checked out at the scene and released to their parents. again, officials say they want people to take advantage of the parks this winter, but they also say use extra caution while doing so. the weather has been pretty gnarly the last couple of weeks and it is now getting better. we have nice patterns that we are under right now. today is beautiful, tomorrow will be beautiful, once a few sprinkles. overall, we have a pattern that is shifting off of what we saw
10:49 pm
last week. this deep trough in the jetstream is going this way. as echoes, high pressure comes in from the west. that high is going to stick with us all day tomorrow and to a lesser extent on wednesday when the showers come and it will weaken it a little bit you see the wind direction. that is the clockwise flow around the high. offshore winds, temperatures are generally on the cool side it will be cold again tonight. that is the big weather story, it is cool. we will see frost in some locations. overnight lows will be down to the low 30s and maybe even upper 20s. 32 in santa rosa but out of the valley could go 29 in clayton you could go 29 would not be hard to do that. look at san jose, 34 degrees, cool there. beautiful night on the bridge, and no fog, obviously. very few clouds. it is amazing how well the bridge lights up the bay, as well. as we go to tomorrow, beautiful day. you know how beautiful today was? tomorrow is better to start off cool. this is how the whole day looks. this is the model just for tomorrow.
10:50 pm
the next model i show you will be two-dimensional and it is going to take us right through wednesday. you get the idea that tomorrow's going to be nice. unlike tomorrow afternoon, the wind shifts a little, hello comes on like this but it does not have a lot of moisture. 8 a.m. is that a wet morning commute? is that a wet afternoon commute? there'll be a few sprinkles and that is it. in the mountains will see snow advisory or some type, we will get low elevations now with a system like this. we get right back into thursday and friday it looks like that. forecast highs for tomorrow upper 50s and mid-50s and a five day forecast. a nice break after lots of rain with flood warnings and winter storm warnings and a little bit of everything. we saw out, wind advisories and there is sunday where we do have a slight chance for a shower. coming up on the 11:00 news. inventions by collagens with a goal of community service. how one of them may see the
10:51 pm
next big thing to solve silicon valley's problems. a shark and severance. game had pretty much everything including a hat trick. it also went into overtime we will find out who came out on top, that is next in sports. this is not a bed.
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marcus off, jason is here tonight. tonight's game between the sharks and bruins, that is why i love hockey so much. what an incredible game. >> great game. mark does not go to many hockey games, but he was there tonight and he picked a good one. not the results the sharks fans wanted, but the sharks fell behind 3-0 before rallying back in a game that did feature a little bit of everything except a sharks w. joe thorton, his best game in years against his former team the boston bruins. sharks down 3-0, late first period. joe denied on the wraparound but thorton is there is and there's three seconds to go. the sharks are on the board. 4-2 flips it to the net. second goal of the day 4-3 balloons. sharks tied up at 4. thorton, third goal of the game for joe thorton. you see on the replay the puck
10:55 pm
the flex off charlie mcavoy's knee and ends in the first hat trick as the hats come down on the ice. look at the emotional and joe thorton. you better believe he is loving every minute of it. sharks take a 5-for lead. they get it back with a minute 49 to go. chris wagner on the rebound. he reaches up and redirected in. it looks like it could have been a high stick, but the goal has allowed peter --'s stick was above the net. the goal is a lot. we gone three on three hockey at overtime and right there the slapper, mcavoy 21 years old. game-winner for boston as the bruins, they went wild 16-5, but the sharks do get a point. doesn't seem to come out of nowhere. giants manager bruce retiring
10:56 pm
after the season. the 63-year-old made the announcement this morning in spring training on the first day of full squad workouts. joe fonzi was in scottsdale and he has more on today's surprise announcement. >> i will be retiring after the season. in my mind, it is time. i have managed with my gut, came up here in 2007 on my gut so, it is a gut feeling that it is time and it has been an unbelievable right. >> in the final year of his contract, his announcement illuminates a whole season of speculation and questions about his future. >> i have been asked a lot and it is getting harder to answer the question without being truthful, this moment i need to focus on getting this team ready. i look forward to one more shot, we are going to have a big year. >> at 12 years of giants managing could not provide a more impressive resume. three world series champions in five years, topping the stars that he has made it that he is
10:57 pm
marriage from barry bonds to rose gardner. his contributions are recognized at the organization. >> one of the most important people in history of the giants, he makes you proud to have them in the organization and honestly one of the most important hires we have made, maybe the most important higher. >> he is one of those guys who knows the right thing to do in writing this at the right time. sometimes it is tough love, sometimes it's encouragement. >> he says that he is healthy and excited about the 13th here is as manager of the giants. he has a lot of decisions to make this spring toward making that final season a successful one. in scottsdale, joe fonzi, ktvu, 1. fox 10 miles to the southeast in mesa, designated hitter, chris davis, is 48 runs the majors. he turned heads by saying he is willing to take a pay cut to
10:58 pm
stay with the a's. he is making 16.5 million and he would take a bit less and that says a lot about this team and what they are trying to build. >> i think what other teams are going to be looking out for us this year, and the coach has been saying we are pretty much -- that is pretty much our attitude. nobody is going to take this lightly. >> he cannot say this enough, last night's nba all-star game most definitely warrior centric. kevin durant was the mvp and then you have steph versus clay. >> i've got clay! i've got clay! good defense! good defense! >> they guard each other in practice but in a game, clay
10:59 pm
fouls stuff on the three- pointer and steph makes it. we have seen steph do that to 70 guys his family loved it, and after the game, steph got bragging rights. >> from the time he checked in we were going back and forth, i wanted to guard him every chance i got and vice versa, worked out in my favor that that position, he fell asleep for a hot second, tried to close out and i sold the call for sure. >> the play of the game also courtesy of staff. giannis antetokounmpo throws it down, exciting stuff from the all-star game. i will be back in about 25 minutes with a nice addition of in case you missed it. now it is time for more news and frank and julie. next >> the responsibility to determine where our taxper go is congresses response ability, donald trump cannot
11:00 pm
usurp that. >> president trump is leading the charge against president trump's emergency declaration in 15 other states are joining the lawsuit that was filed late today by california's attorney general. california goes to court to try to stop president trump from diverting billions of taxpayer dollars to build his border wall on the u.s./mexico border. hello i am frank sommerville. >> i'm juli hanner. on this presidents' day, there are protests across the country against the president's move to bypass congress and fund has well. in san francisco, hundreds of people gathered at speak out against the president's action. across the bay in


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