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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  February 20, 2019 7:00am-8:56am PST

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about 30 principles with oakland public schools will head to the state capital this morning. the changes they will be lagering for ahead of the teacher strike that will start tomorrow. major repair work in the north they continues this morning after the recent storms. what is happening to reopen highway 37 along with fixing the broken concrete on the richmond san rafael bridge. from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. another cold day this wednesday, february 20. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> i am dave clark. we are starting with new information coming in right now. a fire that is now deadly at a home on duell road just outside of the the scene they went into the house, they found one person dead. however, they have not said much else about what started that fire. these are live pictures. you are seeing this as we see
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it. the flames are out, but it is still a very active fire scene, an investigative scene. we are going to keep an eye on this and bring you updates with new developments about this fire in santa rosa as soon as we get it. a lot of you feeling the chill. some of you feeling winds at their. >> wind and light rain in the north, so week system, but a lot of cloud cover and not much rain. alleys from the system. there will be another one of a similar ilk coming on sunday, but it is producing a little bit of snow in the sierra, but stephanie helps you get some soft rain. branded said steve, i cannot wait to see soft rain at bottle rock this year! thank you for playing along, brandon. we appreciate that. some of the rain ben loman pick whopping two, but now we are on ronald park getting light rain. this system is rising straight down on the part. there's been some light rain in mendocino county. that is how light it is to the
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north, but the snow is showing up in the sierra, so maybe isolated 3 to 6, maybe from the system. 30s, 40s, 50s in the temps. cloud cover and breeze holding stuff up. once the system drops down, we will be on a windy and cool pattern tomorrow as the system develops in southern california and also arizona. it keeps the well below average with rain, snow. 50s on the temps today. the traffic is looking what, moderate? it is getting busier. moderate. it's not the heaviest i've ever seen. it's also not like. let's take a look at highway 4. we will start in contra costa county. pittsburg and bay point, as it normally is, driving through 680 is slow to walnut creek, and highway 24 is crowded, but again it looks all right. going to be a decent commute here on the richmond bridge approach. more people have been using the richmond bridge these last few
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days, at 37 w. has been closed. people have not been really keen on using 37 in the detour. so we are going to stay on this freeway for another day or so until the open . golden gate bridge, southbound 101 traffic looks good, and there president trump macarthur way from the carquinez bridge 35 minutes. at the bay bridge another 20 minutes there, and traffic of 880 is a little bit slow. traffic beginning to fill in but mostly good. 7:3, let's go to the desk. teachers and principals at the oakland unified school district i meeting this morning to head to the state capital, one day before teachers are set to go on strike. allie rasmus is here to tell us about the plan to lobby state lawmakers. >> reporter: there are about 30 principles from oakland unified public schools headed to sacramento, the state capital this morning. they are gathering here at this coffee shop here in oakland, and a handful of them have already arrived. clip-on, you are the principal
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>> we are going to be the meeting with several legislators, senator today and we are really asking for 3 things. the first thing is a short-term solution to our budget problems in our district, which is to. we took on $100 million loan. >> that is when the state had to take over take temporarily. >> we paid off about two thirds of that, and most of the students are in oakland unified today weren't even born at that time, and none of the leaders that it in our system now were responsible for the decisions, and so we feel like it is a good time for us r that cancellation, which would go a long way to helping with
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at does california ring? >> right now we are 41st amongst the states. we were way higher before prop 13 hit in the 70s, and now we are 41sost we want to go and ma sure that as the legislature and governor set up their budget, that when may hits, when they do the rate may revise, and we may see every increase in funding. >> reporter: i believe new york spends 23,000 per student almost double, more than double what california spends. how often that you're going to get some sort of solution in the near future, especially with this tedious strike scheduled to happen tomorrow? >> i'm not sure. there are a lot of m excited that we are able to set up the seven appointments within the last few days, and i feel like there is interest in talking with as. everybody in oakland, especially the teachers want the kids to thrive, and it is not just about the students
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it's about all of our society, so we are all on the same team, and we are trying to do all of our parts to make it work. really, the long-term thing we are going to ask for is to see a prop 13 reform, which is coming in the next couple of years, and next year, so we are hoping to talk to the legislature and legislators to make sure they are ready for that as well. >> reporter: thank you so much for briefing us on that. cliff hung, principal of roseland middle school. one of 30 oakland school principals headed to sacramento to lobby for more support for students in public schools. live in oakland, allie rasmus, ktvu fox 2 news. two mysterious incidents over the presidents' day weekend being invepolice. they involve women. early saturday women unconsciou people's park. she told police she did she got in the second incident a
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different woman walking on hilgard way sunday afternoon says a stranger lifted her coat from behind and touched her inappropriately. she went to a nearby building, call the police. the investigation continues. caltrans says the westbound lanes of highway 37 in marin county are open. this is just into our newsroom here. you will remember a lovely proctoring last week storm, closing the westbound lanes of 37 between atherton avenue and highway 101 and novato. crews have been working around the clock to make emergency repairs, and here we are just past 7:00, and those lanes are now open. we talked with a congressman. he said the aging levee system and the highway will need a more permanent fix. >> highway 37 is going to be big, heavy lift that will certainly, i will try to get several dollars for that. >> congressman hoffman says he hopes to see a infrastructure and bill passed later this year
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of concrete from a worn-out expansion joint fell from the upper back to the lower deck and had one car. crews put in a metal plate as a temporary fix, but not to our overnight lane closures for the next two weeks while the work is completed. caltrans is one lane will remain open in each direction during that were. a 29-year-old man is in jail for allegedly driving a car that hit a 7-year-old girl in santa rosa and then driving off. surveillance video help santa rosa detectives tracked on a plan to bmw that hit the girl along camp point street last saturday. fortunately, she is okay. the suspect is 29-year-old dominick weaver of santa rosa who is facing charges of felony hit and run. also weaver had three outstanding warrants for his arrest for not showing up in court and other cases. and update is expected later today on the investigation into a deadly shooting of the weekend involving a napa county sheriff's deputy. late sunday night, the deputy said she saw a parts car with a man inside. authorities said they demanded
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fire, the deputy fired back killing the man. authorities said the deputy's body cam a showed what happened before, during, and after that deadly confrontation. unofficial update on the investigation is expected by this afternoon. the first legal claim has been filed in connection with a massive gas line explosion and fire in san francisco earlier this month. the suit was filed on behalf of two people who lived in the building destroyed by the fire on february 5th. this lawsuit named verizon and several contractors including masstec, advanced fiber works, and engineering. those contractors willing fiber optic cables for verizon when the gas line ruptured. >> they use a backhoe and drove it into this pipeline, which created a 30 foot inferno that burned five buildings and for 2.5 hours, so the concern here is what safety precautions were taken by these contractors? >> the suit seeks civil damages
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but does not specify a dollar amount. no one was hurt in the explosion and fire, and cal- osha is investigating what happens. an autopsy will determine how a skier died this week at heavenly mountain resort. a search and rescue team found the body is 82-year-old brett herrick of seaside tuesday morning. he had been missing for a day. he was skiing in an area off the trail but was inbounds at the resort near the nevada state line. herrick was unexperienced skier but investigators think he either suffocated in deep snow or died of exposure. there's growing frustration among people who live on treasure island that said they have been left in the dark and the cold too many times. 1800 households on the island lost power for 12 hours on monday, and a san francisco public utilities commission confirms it was the fifth and
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longest outage on that island in the past six weeks. according to the examiner, the main problem here is the aging infrastructure. the equipment rti is at least 10 the 20th past its normal lifespan. democratic state lawmakers once again are trying to pass legislation into reducing the amount of soda and other sweetening beverages that the people california drinking the lawmakers are introducing five bills today. one would limit the size of sugary drinks sold in unsealed containers at restaurants and grocery stores to 16 ounces. another bill would require a health risk warning label on sugary drinks. this comes after legislature was pressured by the soda industry to pass a bill last year that banned cities in california from passing new taxes on sugary drinks for the next 12 years. so lawmakers are trying to tackle this issue statewide. strong words for the united states overnight from russian president vladimir putin. the new military threat this morning from the russian president. this came during a nationwide address. we could have another farewell season for the raiders in oakland. when negotiations are picking up steam to bring the raiders back to oakland for one more
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season until they moved to vegas. just got some good news from caltrans. highway 37 has reopened, which is good. we are also looking at other commutes from the bay including this one approaching bay bridge. some light rain is finally mating it here around sant on t coast down to san francisco and also toward santa cruz .
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welcome back to mornings on 2 . the raiders, they may end up playing of the caller season one more season after all. we told you the raiders and the coliseum authority had resumed the negotiations. according to the chronicle, both sides are closing in on a deal to play at the coliseum for the
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2019 season with an option for 2020. the raiders reportedly would pay $7.5 million. the option for 2020 would only be exercised if the new vega stadiumthis week or early next week. the giants for spring training game is saturday. the oakland a's played their first game tomorrow against the seattle mariners. major league team training in arizona. for the warm climate, but arizona is caught up in the winter cold snap this week. we see frost covering the field at the it is facility in mesa, arizona. manager bob melvin says the team can actually benefit from this because they will have to travel early in the regular- season to baltimore in april. >> you know, as long as you want to play a wet ground and you're worried about somebody slipping or something like that. is not ideal conditions. we usually come to arizona for good weather, but we do have a little different, early in the season schedule, so maybe this gets us used to that. >> baseball analysts it is an electric atmosphere within the a's. they have power and gold glove
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defense. if they can shuffle up their starting rotation, many say they have a good chance at returning to the playoffs. hazardous chemicals there have to be cleaned andferred. rob manfred was asked yesterday about the it is stadium proposal. he praised the a's owners and executives for being committed to building a new ballpark at howard terminal, but the chronicle reports that site is contaminated with cancer- causing chemicals. commissioner manfred does not seem phased. he told the chronicle, quote, i think it is important for us to stay in oakland. most fundamentally because of our commitment to commuters. oakland is a major league market. we should have a club there. best to the weather. hundreds of flights across the country are canceled today because of a new winter storm that is heading in area from the great plains to the northeast. all the bay area airports experiencing disruptions in sfo tells us flights to and from
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washington, reagan national, and baltimore airports are canceled, along with a flight from chicago's o'hare airport. airlines awaiting rebooking fees because of the weather. >> them movie storm can affect more than 200 million americans. that is 60% of the u.s. population. the storm will dump snow, ice, and rain to as many as 39 states this week. winter storm warnings are in effect for areas like minneapolis, omaha, the d.c. region, new england. >> i'm ready for winter to be over. >> all hands are on deck. all these events are unpredictable. we prepare for the worst and hope for the best. >> parts of iowa and nebraska could get a foot of snow through tomorrow. some school districts, they are canceling classes today as a
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precaution. it has been a rough commute, but good news we brought you? 37 up in marin county is open. >> they have opened it up, and this is going to take a lot of stress off other roads that people have been using his alternate routes. i think the people who live in atherton there are and black point area in novato are going to be saying yes because more people will stay on 37. people have been using atherton avenue, and really that road is not designed for so many cars. to the it is going to be much better. 37 is now a direction frunty ov sonoma and also sonoma county, vallejo, people you 37 to get to marin and into nevada. we are looking at some of the other commutes. the word has gotten out yet the richmond bridge approach is going to be a little heavier today, but as people start adjusting to it, we are going to see evening out of the commute. the marin commute is also going to be average this morning. a little bit slow from novato to san rafael. 80 westbound about the same. it's typical backup. 38 minute drive from the macarthur maze . when you get w
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the span. nothing unusual about that. as a take a look at oakland, ballots find. 880 ulties, and now the south they commute in the last half hour so became a lot more slow traffic heading out west into sunnyvale and cupertino. 7:19. let's bring steve and. starting to get light rain and, sal. we do have some to the north, also little bit down to santa cruz, santa cruz mountains, and moving into the marin coast. see some light rain falling in rohnert park. you see that going from santa rosa petaluma, novato, along bodega bay, point race, and it looks like overt some beaches as well. >> even down towards -- it looks like ready to move into part of the san mateo post, and flirting with santa cruz, santa cruz mountains most of the mountains.
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system is dropping down from the north. not a lot to it but it's giving us a lot of club covers. the breeze has picked up and some light rain and snow in the mountains. another isolated three to six inch amounts on top of the amount they've already had. incredible amounts there are. that will continue to add up with another system on saturday. 40 to 50 at half moon bay, and there's a westerly or northwesterly breeze at least for most. a component of that, it's been up to 25, 35 miles an hour from sfo and the san mateo bridge. you can see how the system is driving north to south. we are mainly on the western edge of it, but enough is there to give us cloud cover, breeze, and cool temps, and some light rain. this system will be even stronger as it develops a low in southern california and was into southern arizona, so don't expect warm temps in arizona. they were in the 30s, and they're going to take will and the weekend. geisha, that now.
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the latest and greatest from samsung. the big announcement about new product, and it's happening in san francisco. more troubling revelations in the case involving jussie smollett. they "empire" star and r. we will have the new information as his attorneys continue to insist smollett is telling the truth.
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new this morning, russian president vladimir putin says russia will respond to any u.s. deployment with in an immediate nuclear rage in europe.
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the state, president putin said russia wants friendly relations with the united states and remains open for arms control talks in washington. he said russia that russia would not be the first to the paul newman intermediate missiles in europe in response to president trump's decision this month to pull out of the 1987 arms-control treaty. he warned russia would retaliate if the u.s. put such missiles in europe. organizers of the pope summit on preventing clergy sex abuse are meeting abuse victims. the victims have traveled to rome to demand an end to decades of coverups by church leaders. survivors are addressing the summit of church leaders .
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instead they are meeting with the organizing committee to express their concerns today. organizes of the summit have called it a turning point in the church's approach to clergy sex abuse. the pepple summit it's up against tomorrow. the fbi's getting involved in an activation into actor and santa rosa native jussie smollett. two brothers and told police that smollett hired them to stave and consult on them. they say the actor himself orchestrated the attack after a threatening letter he received on the set of his show "empire" did not get an immediate attention. both the fbi and u.s. postal service are looking into whether the actor sent the letter himself. smaller's lawyers insist the actor did not states the assault. we've also learned back in 2007, smollett gave false information to police in california when he was pulled over for driving while under the influence. court records show he was accused of identifying himself as his younger brother and signing a false name on a promise to appear in court. he pleaded no contest. a new law in new york city protects people of color from being discriminated against because of their hair. the new york commission on human rights announced new got it on twitter with the slogan hair is a part of you. the new york city human rights law says antiblack racism takes many forms, including bias against natural hair.
7:26 am
part of the new law says quote, bans or restrictions on natural hair or hairstyles associated with black people are often rooted in white standards of appearance and perpetuate racist stereotypes that black hairstyles are unprofessional. this by the way is said to be the first law of its kind. now protecting the lgbtq community. the changes the trump administration wants to see from other world leaders. and it is the final day of the my brother's keeper alliance here in oakland. we will tell you what is expected on day three of this inspirational event coming up.
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from ktvu fox 2 news, this
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is mornings on 2. we are giving you a live look here at the bay, the bay bridge of course . right there in the center, somewhere there are the ktvu studios. happy to be based in oakland were it's usually a little bit warmer than things are let's say on the coast. today i think we are all waking up to a bit of a chill. >> it is wednesday morning. it is february -- when it is it? the 20th. >> the chinese new year parade is this saturday, and that is the 23rd i am guessing. let's help you get out the door probably with that jacket, maybe even an umbrella. >> we were thrown off. >> i wish san mateo as
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as well as the marin coast. you know what? i'm tired of this cold. i'm going down to arizona, taking spring-training. i would bundle up. 30s, and it's going to be colder probably on thursday and friday. you know they can rebound fast in the desert southwest, but the next couple of days are going to be cool. system taken from the north and carve themselves out over southern california and arizona, and the next one is on the way now, so some very light rain. not a lot, but there's a little bit showing up here. there's been some up in mendocino county, some santa rosa, rohnert park, and off the marin coast. is a little bit of drizzle being reported. santa cruz nouns, santa cruz has a little bit. this is also an an event for the sierra in the way of snow. but soup over the mountains. 40s and 50s on your temps. there's a decent breeze that has been kicking up its heels in the morning. pretty good gust on the san mateo bridge, so-called pattern
7:31 am
still in place. is working temperatures in the cool side and the windy pattern seems to be on top for tomorrow. temperatures in the 50s today. 7:30 morning, sal will tell you the traffic is -- >> moderate, kind of a normal day which is not light, not too busy, but highway 37 has reopened this morning. you can now drive directly from sonoma county to marin without having to use a d torpedo it is open all the way to highway 101 this morning. the traffic over here in novato is just a little lighter than usual. usually it is backed up to rolling. today it is backed up a little south in the ygnacio area and the marin. on 80 westbound, you can see traffic is busy. each found franklin canyon which is the noncommitted direction, there's an injury have from herctter now that 37 is open . take a little pressure off this bridge heading across to marin county. here's a look at the approach from the carquinez bridge and
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the macarthur base bridge. san francisco, moderately heavy, northbound 101, and if you driving on the san mateo bridge, it could be a little windy. 7:31, let's go back to the desk. about 30 principles oakland unified school district are meeting to had to the state capital . this is happening one day before teachers will go on strike. we have video of the principal, the once in the rotations, gathering and a coffee shop in oakland a short time ago. they made signed and grouped into carpels for the quick trip up to sacramento. principles have meetings set up with lawmaker to lobby for more education funding. they are also scheduled to attend a form with the state superintendent's public instruction, tony thurmond. >> everybody in oakland especially the teachers want the kids to drive. is not just about the students. it's about all of our society, so we are all in the same thing, and we are trying to do our part to make it work. >> california ranks near the bottom of funding for pupils.
7:33 am
new jersey in canada can spend about $21,000 per people per year. that's about double what california spent. >> our time is 7:32. pg&e has until today to submit comments on the san francisco federal judges ruling , deciding whether to issue an order about preventing wildfires. the judge called the situation an emergency. they first proposed pg&e inspectors entire service area and remove all trees that could fall down onto electrical lines or turn off power during high winds. pg&e and the california public utilities commission argued that plan would endanger lives because it would shut off power to essential services. includes medical equipment and communications systems. pg&e says it is developing better plans for preventing wildfires. and east lake congress and will host a town hall in concord. he will be updating constituents about the recent border security deal and other
7:34 am
issues before congress. the event was scheduled for last month but was postponed because of the partial government shutdown. the townhall is happening at clinton valley charter school on alberta way. it starts at 6:30 tonight. president trump is moving forward with plans to pull plans funds from california's high-speed rail project. announcing the termination of a $992 million federal grant. the president also wants california to prebaked the $2.5 billion it has already spent. this all comes after governor gavin newsom announced last week he is scaling back the project. completing only the segment currently under construction between merced and bakersfield. the governor responded saying he would like to keep that money, adding this is clear political retribution by president trump, and we won't sit idly by. this is california's money, and we are going to fight for it. construction has started in san diego to replace 14 miles of border barriers. steel barriers and barricades will replace a steel mesh fence. the people have been able to cut through. the cost is more than $100
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million. last week, a federal appeals court upheld a judge's decision to let that project go forward without environmental reviews. the trump administration is launching a campaign to decriminalize homosexuality around the world. the u.s. ambassador to germany, richard grenell, who is openly is leading this effort. he hosted a meeting with lgbtq activists from across europe and berlin yesterday. at least 70 countries still have laws that criminalize same- sex relationships. in eight countries, homosexual activity can result in the death penalty. happening today, the final day in oakland of the my brother's keeper alliance summit. former president barack obama and warriors star steph curry were on stage yesterday encouraging hundreds of young men of color to build safe and supportive communities. ktvu sara zendehnam is in oakland this morning talking da the event is called mbk rising, and it wraps up today
7:36 am
but not before a full day of what is expected to be powerful speeches and panels. the first talk of the day starts at 9:30. we know that today's former nfl player, victor cruz, actor michael b jordan, among other stars and influential speakers will be joined by my brother's keeper members and leading discussions through the day. topics include criminal justice reform, reducing violence, effective mentoring, and having meaningful conversations about the future. the goal of my brother's keeper alliance is to inspire boys and men of color and give them tools and support to create better lives for themselves. tuesday was a big day ma and warriors star steph curry taking the stage together. audience members at at a lot of questions, including one about masculinity expectation. >> what we want to do is create a space in which young men of color and young men in general don't have to feel as if, for me to be respected and admired
7:37 am
in my community, i've got to act a certain way. >> reporter: the first talking session start and 9:30 this morning, and the last one start at 3:30 this afternoon. we will be outside covering everything that is going on out here. alyana gomez will be inside, so we will bring in continuing coverage on this event throughout the morning and into the afternoon. in oakland, sara zendehnam, ktvu fox 2 news. new numbers show a small decline in the number of homes in california. a california situation compared to other states. >> reporter: taking a look into the future during the chinese new year. we will hear from an i ching master in the year of the pig. still there good morning, let's talk about this commute, which ising, as steve said there might be some showers here and there. your commute can change really quickly. right now it is dry.
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plus, 24-month financing on all smart beds. ends sunday. sleep number. proven, quality sleep. welcome back. chinese new year celebrations continue. they traditionally last 16 days , and the lunar stew you year starts february 50 to there are many years to celebrate the lunar new year and the year of the pig you one of them is to fortunes and readings based on the zodiac sign. >> claudine wong said that would master. >> reporter: it was an interesting discussion about the what in the year of the pig in i.t. n. he's got a masters degree in computer science, but he learned the art of i ching
7:41 am
reading, and he tells at the zodiac calendar can tell us about what were, love, and politics look like in the new year. >> basically, i am a life coach using each principles. >> what is i ching. >> teaching is -- we look at it like a combined chinese astrology and fortune-telling, feng shui type thing. revlimid how accurate you think this is for telling someone how their year, the year of the pig, is going to shape up, it really what the tendencies will be? >> is a fortuneteller is able to achieve 70%, that is really good because if fortune tell you tell you 10 items, their seventh item is correct, that is a good items. >> that everybody is curious. >> everybody, when they have issue, they would like to have a solution.
7:42 am
>> reporter: yes, we can all use some solutions. >> it's very similar to i.t. i.t. also fixes. >> that is true. [ laughter ]. >> that is why i said those two are very similar. >> reporter: what are you telling people about this year. >> this is a great year. this is the year of the pig. it is also known as a temple pig because it is a wild pig picked up, raise it, and domesticated by the temple people as a pet. so there is a transformation, and also in the chinese zodiac, the earth pig is a sign of good luck, good fortune, and joy in life. the earth pig cherish friendship. they take full responsibility on their work, you know, take ownership of their job, and also like to build relationship, trust, and credibility. and willing to compromise to
7:43 am
resolve any issue. >> reporter: so it is a year of compromise? >> political thing, we need to look at the speaker. nancy pelosi, she is born in 1940 as a metal dragon. in our president, mr. trump born in 1946 as a fire dog. in chinese zodiac, the dragon and the dog crash because they cannot tolerate each other. >> reporter: but you say people come back to you every year and say okay, what can you tell me this year? you speak to the say realtors group for 15 years, right? >> i, i have speak engagement with cupertino library at least 16 years. every year i wrote 40 pages of powerpoint, very detail
7:44 am
oriented. i treated as a research. >> reporter: people come back and say what you told me, that actually happened? >> my deliverable is always road map. every month, what you are going to do, what you are going to see, so those are raw data. >> i don't like to hear bad things. so people get to say only tell me the good stuff? roadmap the positive, or do you give it all? >> i have to tell people the bad thing. however, there is always remedy. >> reporter: a good year and a year of change. >> and also more -- >> reporter: and compromise. i will take it. all right. we will take it. >> you heard about matters on talk about this 40 page plus document he talked about, and we put it on our website. he is busy with the year, and to get a personal reading, how it corresponds to this year, what is in your palms, hands,
7:45 am
and face, he says he treats delay research. with a 70% accuracy rating, he's hoping his research is going to improve upon that. >> wow. we know her son learned what he learned from his dad. is he teaching his kids? >> his that kids don't want to learn how to do a reading, but they will call him and say dad, i have to take a test! what day should i take this? when should i do this, and he says they follow i ching because it never hurts, right? it never hurts if you say do on tuesday instead of wednesday. they won the cliff notes version. i guess you can take the shortcut. >> very informative, claudine. don't forget, we are going to be bringing you live the chinese new year parade this saturday right here on ktvu as we have for years. we are going to bring you live coverage of the floats and all the fun along the parade route. starts at 6:00 the saturday night right here on ktvu . if you have not
7:46 am
done it in person, you have to do at least once. it a ying sal! >> everyone yelled for sal, absolutely. >> it happens every year. >> i have a picture of all you. i have a particular picture of gasia right after she had joined the station. >> i am a baby! >> gasia, you and i look younger. we still look good, the same pretty much. let's start with 280. caltrans is moving along pretty well, getting up the highway 17. northbound 17 traffic also looking better . what a difference no rain makes. the traffic is okay here in downtown san jose. we will say this, though. it's a low whistle on 101, but here it looks okay. up the road it does slow getting up to sunnyvale. 85 is also very slow.
7:47 am
you look at the peninsula. 112 san mateo's okay. there have been no major issues on 1012 s. city and into san francisco, but it is the typical flow traffic if you're driving from into san francisco. by the way the bart service is doing well there. bay bridge toll plaza backed up for about a 20 minute delay before you make it onto the span. highway 37 has reopened. now it is a straight shot from vallejo to marin on 37 with no detours. 7:47. sal, i know you were off on monday, but we had our first tweet from broadmoor. >> broadmoor? that is very close to daly city. >> we had to make sure to research that to make sure we were right on that. i was first in broadmoor. we have a lot of cloudy skies, some cool conditions here. code for some. the priest is there. mosley cloudy. some light rain is beginning to make it. there has been some up in ronald park, going right along the san mateo coast, also marenco's about to move in on the san mateo coast out in the santa cruz coast area. is a lot of cloud cover there, the temperature today will be
7:48 am
in the 50s with someone with a splash and dash rain. not a big deal. we will take a look at this at 10, 15 minutes. back to you, dave. can you imagine all green lights? we will tell you about a new feature to avoid cars getting stuck at red lights. we will take a break. dearest britain. we love you. maybe it's your big hearts. your sense of style. welcome to ba100. (ba100, you're clear for take-off). how you follow your own path. you've led revolutions... of all kinds. t about it. it's just not in your nature.
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instead, you'll quietly make history. cake. beds. poetry. trouble. love! hope! and rather a lot of tea. the best of britain, from the moment you step on board.
7:50 am
welcome back to mornings on 2. vermont senator bernie sanders, once again the presidential campaign , is
7:51 am
already setting the bar high when it comes to funding is 2020 presidential campaign. the sanders campaign says he raised more than $4 million in the first 12 hours after he announced his 2020 bit. before the sanders announcement, california senator, harris who was the biggest fundraiser and the rest. claire lau, phone touted the san francisco bernie track in 2016, raising money for the sanders campaign. she says her phone was ringing nonstop after his announcement yesterday. >> people are just really excited that he is running. we've been waiting for him to run. when is bernie running? >> back in 2015, bernie sanders ran a grassroots campaign to put him in a tight race with hillary clprevious platform, advocating for $15 an hour minimum wage, universal healthcare, and debt-free college , will also be part of his 2020 campaign. in oregon there's an effort
7:52 am
underway to lower the state voting age to 16. students gathered at the capitol building in portland, showing support for an amendment to the state constitution. it was introduced by a state senator who says young people should be able to weigh in on issues that affect them. if the bill passes in the state legislature, it would go on the ballot in the 2020 election for voters to decide. if it passes, oregon would become the first state to lower the state voting age to 16. well, one of the most highly anticipated phones in recent years will be unveiled today in san francisco. the samsung galaxy fold is expected to be revealed during samsung's unpack 2019 event. reportedly, it has a seven inch display, a folded wallet design, and would cost more than 1500 bucks. also samsung is releasing the latest galaxy as well as some other surprises. the event today starts at 11:00
7:53 am
at the bill graham civic auditorium. well street is waiting for what will be said today between the opening bell in the closing be. pam cook is in the studio with today's dollars and sense go. >> reporter: waiting for the federal reserve. the federal reserve wrapped up its latest meeting today. investors will be looking at clues for interest rate speed allotment you might remember the feds set it will be patients when deciding on monetary policies, so those comments come out at 11:00 our time. when the opening bell ring this morning, drop after reported quarterly earnings and issued a week outlook for the year. cvs is executives blame rising costs and its takeover of aetna. by the way, the special olympics new york ringing the bell. checking in on the new york stock exchange, the big board, dow jones up slightly. 18 points, 25,000 909. the s&p 500 up a little bit more than that percentagewise the the nasdaq getting a little more than one-4% .25%.
7:54 am
a lot will happen after we hear from the federal reserve. more company's across the country are worried about workplace shootings, and they are installing gun fire detection systems. most of the companies are quietly putting the systems in place and not telling employees. the increase in the installation follows a wave of workplace shootings in the past years. the latest occurred friday in aurora, illinois. other deadly incidents in recent months include shootings at the san bruno headquarters of youtube, and at the capital gazette newspaper in maryland. it was set to reverse the aging process, but now the food and drug administration has ordered a startup called ambrosia to stop offering plasma transfusions. we first told you about this controversial tra statement, the fda said there is no pvebenefit to the transfusion. the company was founded by a stanford medical student
7:55 am
grthe treatment cost $8000 for 1 liter of plasma from donors aged 16 to 25, but the company says it has now halted those treatments. anyone in a hurry will be interested in the latest technology from audi. and has developed technology that is designed to help drivers catch every greenlight. audi first introduced the system in 2016 that allows the court to communicate with infrastructure in major u.s. cities. drivers would know how long before the light will turn from red to green. the high-tech new site tech crunch reports a new technology advisor drivers on how fast they had to go to catch culate information including traffic signal data, the car's speed and location. si law enforcemen and others might step into have some safety concerns about this. >> right. sounds good, though. >> it sounds good on the early
7:56 am
morning commute when you're hitting all those red lights. oakland schoolteachers set to walk picket lines tomorrow. what oakland school administrators and principals will do today in the state capital one day before the teachers strike. muni is under pressure to improve service. what the agency is doing to make subway service more reliable. so i can save up to 40% on appliances?
7:57 am
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7:59 am
a group of about 30 oakland school principals are on their way to sacramento this morning. we caught up with them before they left to talk about the changes they will be lobbying for in sacramento ahead of tomorrow's teachers strike. and selling drugs through an iphone gang. to uc santa cruz studded is accused of selling cocaine and methamphetamine there and at. more uncertainly for california's plans for high- speed rail. the federal government pulling nearly $1 billion away from the project. from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. welcome back to mornings on 2. i am like me back. >> and i'm gasia mikaelian. just about anyone can tell you it is still cold. >> cold, cloudy, very cold rain.
8:00 am
not much to the system, but it is cold out there, although our lows were cold yesterday, but we had great visibility and clear skies. that is not the case today. some very light rain is making its way in san francisco, and there's some about to head to the san mateo coast. before we get to there, national weather service in las vegas, chilly again in mccarran airport which bottomed out at 32 degrees. that is aforetime in renter to reach the freezing mark. it only happened once last year, and guess what? it's going to happenthere's a l air coming down, and nix. if you are heading to in mendocino county in the marin coast come over the city and about to move in to the san mateo coast. there's a few isolated cells there, which could produce a brief moderate rain. it has been clipping the santa teresa crows. some sierra snow is on the go. maybe 48 inches of snow up
8:01 am
there, so on top of the incredible snow they've already had, 40s and 50s on your temps, and is a little bit of a breeze. it was stronger earlier, but i expect a cloudy, blustery day with some off and on, very light rain as the systems come down from the north. after today, i think we need to focus our attention to the west. there's a wet pattern beginning to establish in the south in the we can. cloudy, breezy with some light rain. 50 today. here is sal. steve, thank you very much. let's take a look at 280 in san jose and some of these other commutes. i want to show you traffic is doing okay on 280 downtown, but some of the other freeways are going to be okay as you drive through downtown. if you're going to san jose, it looks pretty good. northbound 101 coming up to the airport. you can see it is slowing down view. kitchen continues into as you look aand 280 are usuall slow. the northbound to 80 from daly city , just north of daly city, san francisco boundary there
8:02 am
into the alameda main toe brows 81, let's go back to the desk. firefighters at the scene of a deadly house fire near santa rosa. it student early this morning at home on dewar avenue not far from an avenue. the home was in flames. fire was coming from the roof when the crews arrived. >> crews arrived this morning, earlier this morning to find house fully involved. there is fire through the roof. about 100% of the roof. they did a quick attack, fire attack, and they found a fire victim inside. unfortunately, they did not make it. >> the name of the victim has not yet been released. the cause of the fire is being principals and administrators with the oakland unified school district are headed off to the state capital just one day before teachers are set to go on strike. allie rasmus live to of
8:03 am
gathered here at his coffee shop in oakland to head up there, and we caught up with them and had a chance to see them making their signs, getting their stuff together, and getting a message together ahead of their trip to sacramento. they've had several meeting plans with several state lawmakers, including the state superintendent of schools, tony thurmond. they are asking for more funding not just run oakland but around the state and as well as other states. california ranks bottom. we spent about 10,000 a year per student, while other states like new york spent 23,000. >> if we don't change the way that our schools are funded across california, we are not going to fix our problems in oakland, and we are also going to have can tinnie problems across the state.
8:04 am
>> reporter: some of the other things these principles are asking for from state lawmakers, debt cancellation. oh usd had to take out a $100 million loan 16 years ago when the state had to take over the district temporarily. they are still thing that back in the teachers, and principals are lobbying for some debt forgiveness. they said that would go a long way to help the district balance its budget going forward. the principles will also be lobbying for changes to state laws, revising state laws about creating new charter schools. district officials argue that all of these things contribute toousd's budget deficit, and that is a big part of the reason why they say they cannot meet teachers the man's for a 12% raise, and that is of course one of e main ing a car that hit a 7-year-old girl. surveillance video helped them track down a video. unfortunately, she is okay. the suspect is identified as 29- year-old dominick weaver of
8:05 am
santa rosa who faces charges t also weer outstanding warrants for his arrest for not showing up in court in unrelated cases. we expect to get an update into a investigation deadly sin shooting into the we can involving a napa county sheriff deputy. late sunday night that the deputy said she found a parked car with a man inside. 30 said the man fired a shot at the deputy the deputy fired back, killing the man. authorities to the deputy's body camera should show what happened before, during, and after that deadly confrontation. officials will update the investigation this afternoon. cords of authors or shooting other misconduct must be made public even before state law goes into effect. the los angeles superior court ruled yesterday against the los angeles police union. the decision will take effect until march 1st, which give the union time to appeal. the ruling follows a similar ruling in a similar case in
8:06 am
contra costa veral police unionv to court trying to block public release of records in six different counties. the issue may eventually line up before the california supreme court. we have been keeping track of which police agencies are releasing the personnel file and which are not. you will find that information on under web links. the first legal claim has been filed with the nasa gas line explosion and fire in san francisco earlier this month. the lawsuit was filed on behalf of two people who lived in the building destroyed by the fire back on february 5. a lot masstecof names verizon and several contractors including , advanced fiber works, and killed engineering. investigator status contractors were laying fiber optic cable for verizon when building the gas line ruptured. >> the use of a backhoe into this pipelio the concern here is what safety precautions were taken by the contractors? no one was injured in that
8:07 am
explosion and fire. cal-osha is investigating the incident. fremont police is increasing patrols after an increase in car breaking. police say they have been more than 300 break-ins and burglaries in the past six weeks. they typically happen in parking lots and shopping centers and i. at night. pacific commons, ranch 99, marina market, and club sports have been targeted most frequently. police say the thief seem to be looking for cards with laptops and electronics inside.go in to get dinner for the evening, go what to movie , something like that come in a large parking lot, and n surveillance video. he was seeing if you. a red sweater get out of the black suv. he walks over to that part previous. he breaks into the back window using a burglary tool, then a.
8:08 am
use digital signs of offramp to warn people about the spike and uc berkeley police are involving investigating incidents involving two women over the presidents' day weekend. they found a woman unconscious and people's park. she told authorities she did not know how she ended up there. the second incident, a different woman walking on hilgard way sunday afternoon says a stranger lifted up her coat from behind and touched her inappropriately. she went to a nearby building, and then called police. an 18-year-old student basis federal charges of selling drugs through an iphone app he created. 18-year-old collin howard from sunnyvale developed the banana plug app. at first glance it looks like the game, but prosecutors say howard created the app to sell cocaine, meth, and other drugs at uc santa cruz. he was first arrested back in november and arrested again last week on federal charges. they have convicted him. he's facing up to 20 years in prison and a $1 million fine. caltrans now says the
8:09 am
westbound lanes of highway 37 in marin county are open. the levee broke during last week storm, closing the westbound lanes between f and it have a two and one one in novato. crews have been working around the clock to make emergency repairs. congressman jared huffman said the aging infrastructure system and the highway will need a more permanent fix. >> highway 37 is going to be a big, heavy lift that will certainly -- i will try to get federal dollars for that. >> congressman huffman said he hopes to see conversation infrastructure and bill passes you. caltrans chris student to make repairs on the san rafael bridge. a worn-out . weeks while the work is completed. caltrans is pen in each directi during that work. reduce delays on a light
8:10 am
rail train. the acting director told transportation leaders yesterday that she plans to cut delays by 10% in the next three months. measures include more equipment inspections and turning around transfatty at the embarking station for those returned bricks. muni express six major delays and the subway service last month. that is way times of at least 20 minutes. muni is also considering setting up gas trains, which are strategically located trains but offset gaps in service. the trump administration withdraw some funding for california's high-speed rail project. the state is now trying to figure out how to fund what is left of the project. remembering blake bay area blues history. helpless physicians are celebrating the musical it legacy. the former african-american community in the east bay. by now we do see traffic that is doing okay. it is seeing some improvement on highway 24, but it is still slow in marinda. a lot of cloud cover. mostly cloudy, some breaks to the north and light rain has made it, favoring areas in the coast in the city on san mateo coast and santa cruz area.
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
in honor of black history month, ktvu is highlighting the contributions of the immaculate american african-american community. >> we take to to wrestle city. it's located in what is now the western shoreline of haywood. that is where some of the greatest blues legends performs before that town was wiped off the map. allie rasmus now with the
8:14 am
legacy that russell city lease behind. >> ♪ >> reporter: blues legends like big mama thornton. ray charles. and etta james. >> ♪ >> reporter: they all made stops in an east bay town called russell city. >> russell city was somewhere that all the artists respected. russell city, los angeles, oakland, richmond are the four major cities that created what is called west coast blues. >> reporter: alameda county after world war ii, russell city was an incorporated town of about 1400 people. >> large numbers of african- americans from the south migrating for job opportunities in the bay area.
8:15 am
robot historian maria ochoa wrote about russell city. she says because of segregation and title restrictions in the bay area at the time, most of russell city's residents were black and latino. >> which means they were permitted to either rent or buy housing in the larger communities. they were in other areas, russell city being one of them. >> people had no infrastructure, so they have electricity because they hooked up car batteries. they had water because there was well water. >> reporter: but what the town lacked in wealth, and made up for in cultural riches and entrepreneurial spirit. the committee they built it on schools. there are several different churches between the towns 12 square block, and club like the country club hosted music legends. >> bobby forte, ray charles a beatmeyou to come out here, and they had to come out here and really learn. >> reporter: ronnie stewart is the executive director of the west coast blues society and
8:16 am
founder of the russell city blues festival that takes place every july in hayward. >> i tell the youth that this music that they are listening to, the roots of it is right out there in russell city, right in west oakland. >> reporter: if you come to alameda county looking for russell city now, this is what you will find, the city of hayward incorporated the land, tore down the town, and put up an industrial park. >> it was basically culturally gentrify. >> to erase all vestiges of the people who lived there. >> reporter: a mural in downtown hayward is the only visual reminder of the town's vibrant past, music and musicians are its focal point. >> they moved to that library, and it is behind his house he. >> reporter: he spent the first three years of his life in russell city. >> they would help each other out. >> reporter: he and other past presidents have worked hard to keep the memory of their hometown alive. every summer for the past four years, they reunite. one of the heartwarming reunion was filled as part of a
8:17 am
documentary product russell city. >> to see that warmth and hug, color did not mean nothing. these people would hug each other. that is worth it. you cannot buy that, you cannot buy that. >> reporter: a city lost to the map but still felt in the memories of the people who once called it home, and the musical legacy left behind. in russell city, allie rasmus, ktvu fox 2 news. maybe get rid of the industrial part. get back to the classics we heard back there. we check back in with steve, analytic rain is coming back, we will go to sal first. it is not raining on most commutes, mike, gasia, but you can see traffic is still going to be slow. if it does begin to rain or if there's even a little bit of
8:18 am
rain, issued slow things down. after what we had the last three weeks, i think people are pretty professionals , rain drivers if you will. nonprofessionals, but pretty good at it we hope. carquinez bridge to the maccarthur maze 35 minutes the the bay bridge toll plaza 20 minute delay. things are very typical. 880 is not as low as i thought it would be. yesterday we had a bad one. on the peninsula, it is. we had some crashes, but for the most part this commute is getting a little bit better. we still have a lot of slow traffic on highway 4 through pittsburg and bay point. and now we can talk to our friend steve paulson. sal come had to. the end of february, early march is looking wet . you might have to reengage that driving skills that they had last week. >> no trip in the convertible for us, steve. >> maybe tomorrow, how about that? let's get to it. we have a little bit of light rain. there's not much. there is some snow showers up in the sierra. the system is coming right down from the north. 22 degrees at incline. let's take a look here and 18
8:19 am
teens and 20s around lake tahoe with some cloud cover and some snow showers. they continue to me of the north as to our rain showers. as they are just kind of actually skirting the coast. there has been some light wayne. send a kido county, the system is a fast mover. we get more cloud cover than anything else and the breeze picked up, but along the sonoma coast, marin coast, moving to san francisco, sprinkles and also the san francisco coast . right down to senecas which has had some light rain off and on this morning as has the santa cruz mountain. not a lot but it ended up taking and towards monterey. 30s, 40s on the temps. near 50, and the breeze had been kicking up most of the morning here. a roary, but we had got snack around 25 miles an hour near sfo in the san mateo bridge. one more system coming down from the north on sunday. we had a system coming from the hawaiian islands. play with
8:20 am
the weather. it could be another start of another what pattern, but the models are certainly heading in that direction. look what happens early next week. they really start to ramp upand snow totals, so something to watch as we head what next week and into early march. 50s on the high today. cloudy, light rain, but mostly cloudy i should say, that we will get windy conditions with a dry pattern thursday, friday, saturday, maybe some light rain sunday evening. new numbers show a small decline in the number of homeless people in california, but certainly our state has some big issues to address. california's homeless situation as compared to other states. a kentucky high school student and the controversy via video with a native american activist is filing a lawsuit. what he says "the washington post" is responsible for all the suffering.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
a convoy of trucks carrying hundreds of civilians, men, women, and children left the enclave held by islamic state militants in eastern syria. the associated press reports in the area there were at least 17 such trucks. it's not clear if these militants are also on board. some isis fighters are believed to be holed up in the on clock. the u.s. backed militia in serious that it will launch a military operation against the isis fighters if they don't surrender. vladimir putin says that russia will respond to any u.s. deployment of intermediate- range nuclear missiles in europe by targeting not only the countries where they are stationed but the u.s. itself. the state, president putin
8:24 am
says russia wants friendly relations with the u.s. remains open for arms control talks in washington. he said that russia would not be the first to deploy new intermediate-range missiles in europe in response to president trump decision this month to pull out of the 1987 arms-control treaty. he wants russia would be retaliating if the u.s. puts such missiles in europe. organizes at pope francis a summit preventing clergy sex abuse. the survivors will not be addressing the summit of church leaders. instead, they are meeting with the organizing committee to express their concerns the organizers of the summit have called it a turning point in the church's approach to clergy sex abuse. the kentucky high 16-year-old nicholas salmon says the newspaper wrongfully targeted and bullied him by reporting he harassed a native american man on the steps of the lincoln memorial last month. he said the full video shows that did not happen. a lawyer for the post says the paper is reviewing the lawsuit
8:25 am
and planning a vigorous defense. is an effort on the way to protect the florida everglades and to stop any oil drilling from happening there or in the future. two years ago the epa said no to drilling in the everglades, but voters recently paa state a minute which allows that decision to be overturned. environment was opposed to drilling say their main concern is safety. the everglades is the largest source of drinking water for about 1 million people in south florida. >> i would say there is a break, an oil spill. that is going to be a catastrophe big-time. >> the group opposing the plan drilling hopes florida's governor stepped in to stop it. the company that wants to drill says it has a team of experts who are consulting with advisors about what to do next.
8:26 am
there's growing frustration among people living on treasure island that city have been left in the dark and cold too many times. 1800 households on the island lost power for 12 hours monday. is the san francisco puc confirmed it was the fifth and longest adage on the island in the past six weeks. according to the examiner, the main problem here is the aging infrastructure. equivalent on treasure island is at least 10 to 20 years past its normal lifespan. taking action on the reform. how san jose is taking another look at the city's gun control laws. former president barack obama's m bk rising event wraps up today, but not before a full day of powerful speeches m panels. we will! what to expect coming up. still credit out there. other things are going to be getting a little bit better as you are driving at what the maccarthur maze. this is a look of highway 4. little bit slower. a lot of cloud cover, breezy to windy for some. some light rain. not like there, but some will make it and some snow in the hills. maybe a little bit more with this system. so i can save up to 40% on appliances?
8:27 am
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on the sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your movement and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus, 24-month financing on all smart beds. ends sunday.
8:29 am
. >> welcome back. >> it was great to get my red sox team on the ballfield yesterday for a little practice. it has been wet as we know, but we finally got on the baseball field. >> don't get too used to it. i really think we are going back to a wet pattern. get the practice and games in. >> yes, sir. >> cloudy skies, weak system producing light rain but the breeze has been picking up. redwood city on the peninsula, light return showing up, started to sprinkle here in our wc, redwood city. very light rain but what i cut off the wind has been picking up and a good breeze out there. there is a pretty good breeze around sfo all morning long to san mateo bridge in 18-25 miles an hour. i know it can get stronger but it has been blustery at times. 4:00 a.m. 25-30 miles an hour.
8:30 am
sera ville 5000 feet, another beautiful morning in the sierra valley. light snow showers continuing in the mountains maybe isolated 3 -6 intra mounds. more snow on top of that snow as the system dives to southern california. it will moving to arizona, keeping them very cool, a pretty big system for them. light showers skirting parallel to the coast. they start north and favor areas along the coast from marin, san mateo, santa cruz mounds in monterey. light rain, 30s for a few, 40s and 50s. after the system, we have to watch the system coming from the hawaiian islands, that may play late sunday into monday, a warmer system. cloudy to mostly cloudy, breezy, 50s on the thames. sal is here to tell you about the traffic. >> east bay, slowest traffic there although we will not forget the peninsula and silicon valley.
8:31 am
east bay 37 minutes pretty good considering, for this time of the morning. a little shy of 40 minutes to drive from cortina's bridge to the spot. add 202 wait here. we see slow traffic on 880 south in union city. crash northbound sac city near the mission boulevard exit. the problem is southbound traffic is getting involved. you can see slowing on south around 680 passing the scene. it is unfortunate because the traffic southbound, none of the lanes are blocked but people are slowing down anyway. as we look at the south a commute, just a little better than normal. let's go back to the desk. president trump movi with p funding from california's high- speed rail project. the administration sent a notice announcing the
8:32 am
termination of a $929 million federal grant. the president also wants california to pay back the $2.5 billion it has already spent. this comes after governor newsom announced last week he is scaling back the project completing only the segment currently under construction between merced and bakersfield. the governor responded saying he would fight to keep the money , this is clear political retribution by president trump and we won't sit idly by, this is california's money and we are going to fight for it. construction has begun to replace 14 miles of border barrier in san diego. to cut to fence. the cost is more than $100 million. last week a federals appeal court allowed the project to go forward without environmental review. you spray congressman will post a town hall meeting and concord. you will update concessions
8:33 am
about the recent border security deal and other issues. this was scheduled for last month but postponed because of the partial government shutdown. it is happening at clayton valley charter high school on albert away. it is the final day of my brother's keeper alliance summit in oakland. steph curry took the stage yesterday and encourage hundreds of young men to build safe communities. >> reporter: people have started to show series that starts at 9:30 a.m. today, celebrities and influential speakers including victor crews and actor michael b. jordan will lead discussions about criminal justice reform, reducing violence, effective mentoring and meaningful conversations about the future. my brother's keeper was greeted by former president obama after the shooting death of florida team trayvon martin. meant to inspire boys and men of
8:34 am
color to give them tools and support to create better lives. obama and more your star steph curry took the stage together yesterday at the scottish rite center. some young men ask questions and with each answer obama made sure to leave them feeling motivated. >> you are the ones are going to make a difference and an impact. it's not going to be me is going to be you. and all we are doing here is providing a platform for you to meet each other, learn from each other and d your own into future. >> reporter: the first talk starts in about an hour. stick with us, we will is going on out here and inside as well. we will continue to cover this through the morning and into the afternoon. some 30 principles from the oakland unified school district are headed to the state capital one day before oakland teachers are set to go on strike.
8:35 am
we met up with the principles, they gathered at a coffee shop a short time ago. they made signs and grouped into carpools for the trip to sacramento. the meeting it hit set up with lawmakers to lobby for more education funding. also scheduled to attend a form with the state superintendent of public instruction. >> everybody in oakland, especially teachers, want kids to drive. not just about students it's about all of the society. we are all trying to do our parts to make it work. >> overall california ranks near the bottom of spending per pupil. for example new jersey and connecticut spent about $21,000 per people every year, about double what california spends. a tow truck driver is being called a hero after helping detain a woman accused of stabbing a chp officer. he just happened to see officer
8:36 am
philip martinson being attacked on interstate five in williams about an hour north of sacramento, last friday. martinson had just pulled over a woman, driving 100 miles per hour with her hazard lights on. as he was trying to give her a field sobriety test she stabbed him in the back. he help the wounded officer handcuffed and disarmed the suspect. >> i turned her over and realized the blade was still underneath your i grabbed the blade and put it on the 25 -yea neil of martng an attempted mu she told a reporter she was on her way to oregon to visit her sister and denies attacking the officer. out of state business recruiters trying to convince bay area companies to relocate. how texas business leaders are trying to poach talent from here in the bay area. san jose mayor sam liccardo wants to overhaul his city's gun ordinances. the reason why current gun laws need a second look.
8:37 am
we still have slow traffic out there of course. if you're driving in the east bay highway 24 is cleared up.
8:38 am
8:39 am
. state officials say the
8:40 am
homeless population is down slightly from year ago but homelessness is still a major problem. according to the department of housing and urban development, 130,000 californians were homeless in 2018, nearly a quarter of the national total. after a 14% jump from 2016-2017, 2018's numbers were down 1% from the year before. homelessness decreased in several counties, including santa clara and alameda, sonoma county saw a 6% increase largely due to recent wildfires there. several state and local efforts are underway to expand affordable housing and increase services for the homeless. san jose city leaders are proposing amendments to gun sales ordinances designed to reduce or eliminate so-called straw purchases. that is where one person legally buys a firearm and gives her sells it to someone else illegally. live outside san jose city hall to explain what the mayor has in mind. >> reporter: the mayor's
8:41 am
proposal is going to have what is called priority setting for the coming year, here at city hall. that means council and city staff will be directed to draft the ordinance of his proposal as soon as possible. let's take a look at video. yesterday, the mayor moved from his digs at city hall over to police headquarters, where he was flanked by chief eddie garcia and other community stakeholders, outlining his plan to combat straw purchases. he calls it a common sense gun safety measure and said from 2000 1-2015, 363,000 guns were sold in santa clara county, many in the larger city of san jose. he cited national statistics showing about half of all guns used in crimes were purchased illegally. the mayor is proposing four amendments to the existing gun ordinance to combat straw purchases and requires video and audio recording of all gun sales in shops. for axis by police need. prohibits ammunition sell within a residence, transfers all concealable file forms and
8:42 am
must display information about local gun laws and post signs about suicide prevention programs. >> we have seen enough studies demonstrating straw purchasing is endemic, particularly for gains obtaining guns often for being members that have a prior record. >> of this proposal san jose is on the forefront of gun safety laws and today's announcement is another sensible step to keep us all safe. >> reporter: chief garcia says last year his patrol officers seized 170 illegal weapons from criminals and supporters say the proposals are not radical and many have been standard business practices for years. the mayor says he expects lawsuits and also says his proposals are within the scope of the second amendment. his proposal will be considered by the city council early next month.
8:43 am
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. 2018 taxes on legal cannabis fell far short of original projections. the state says taxes on legal marijuana brought in just $345 million for . projections had been as high as $1 billion annually. experts say illegal cells are thriving, in part due to the high cost of legal marijuana. governor gavin newsom has
8:46 am
reduced the forecasted revenue to $355 million for this fiscal year. hundreds are still waiting for their edible arrangement deliveries almost a week after valentine's day. complaints came pouring in around the country after loved ones never received the bouquet themed fruit basket. in los angeles one man spent $90 to surprise his girlfriend on their first valentine's day together. they waited to get reaction from her, complaints came again after they never received it. let's l >> i thought everything was good to go. valentine's day comes, keep checking keep waiting for the text, thank you, nothing comes by 2:00 i'm starting to get nervous. >> in a statement a spokesperson said valentine's day was quote an extremely busy day and regrettably some arrangements were not delivered. customers should contact the store they place their order with first or customer care if they need more help. >> the roses are still going
8:47 am
strong. >> keep them going for michael flynn of the week. >> closer to the weekend? >> right now, on the richmond bridge, we are seeing some improved traffic. i think that has to do with highway 37 been opened. people have more options on 37 no doubt. people staying here but the traffic is moderate. you can see it is moving along well. this is a look at the golden gate bridge. little sun but mostly clouds. southbound 101 looks okay. westbound bay bridge 34 minute 8:47, hello steve. >> hello. cloudy day? >> mostly cloudy. thank you, sir. sierra first, getting light snow. if you are headed up there, not out but some snow showers moving through, additional 2 -4
8:48 am
, isolated 3 -6. everything continues to dig down toward southern california and arizona where it is unseasonably cool. a lot of 30s for lows even in phoenix and tucson and in the deserts of southern california. a little system clipping us, i expect a few 100. >> closer to the coast, moving to monterey most of the morning i think that will be the trend most of the day. 30s, 40s to 50s, west windsor hayward, sfo, northwest san jose and mountain view. breezy to blustery. you can see the source where it is coming from out of the north. however, to the west southwest coming up from the hawaiian islands that bears watching for sunday into monday and what could be the start of a wet pattern. we will see their are more hints that me develop in early march. some projections or increase the rain totals toward next week. today not much very light rain temperatures in the 50s windy,
8:49 am
cohen thursday friday saturday caught up on sunday. >> wall street is looking to the federal reserve for direction today. >> back with the details. >> they wrap up the latest meeting today, investors will be looking for clues about interest rates. last month the fed said it will be patient when deciding on monetary policy. no big moves when the old name bell rang this morning. economist say inflation isn't a big concern right now so it is hovering about 2%. no need to raise interest rates at this point. we will continue to watch this today. trading pretty quite ahead of that meeting and the release of the minutes. here is a live look at the dow jones 34 points, little less than a quarter of a%. the s&p 500 about the same. nasdaq posting the biggest gains today again a lot of what
8:50 am
can happen between now and when the closing bell rings depends on the federal reserve. southwest airlines apologizing to travelers after canceling hundreds of flights in the past few days, but not taking the blame. the company says it was forced to take a large number of planes out of service because of several maintenance issues. southwest is blaming the mechanics union which has been in contract talks with the airline since 2012, saying it has a history of work disruptions. the union was quick with a response saying southwest is scapegoating the mechanics quote safety is and always will be our number 1 priority. business recruiters from texas are headed here to the bay area this week, they will try to persuade more companies to consider expanding or relocating to the lone star state. this follows two origin 500 companies being lured to dallas in recent months. san francisco-based mckesson and south san francisco-based
8:51 am
core mark holding company. executives from the dallas regional chamber say they will call on bay area businesses that might find texas tax and regulatory environment more appealing thing california. apple is reportedly working on a way to make it easier to make and buy apps. bloomberg reports apple plans to combine iphone, ipad and apps by 2021. ill allow developers to make one app that works on all mac devices. bloomberg says it's being called the creation of new apps and software. again the fed releases its minutes from last month's meeting. that is what investors and economists are waiting for. what was said in the january meeting that might give hints as to what will happen but really interesting. i was reading a lot of analysis , some economists say no need to raise interest rates, some save by september we could see a lower interest rate, depending
8:52 am
on what happens in the economy. we will keep watching. you will have it on the noon news. coming up, only one school that has homework that includes epic guitar schools. i wish we could go but we are little to the goal. the new school of rock join us in studio and we will talk about the experience of a lifetime. a new deal that could mean raters are staying in oakland for at least one more season.
8:53 am
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. a man accused of setting fire to an east oakland construction site pled not guilty. he was in federal court yesterday in oakland. prosecutor say he started a fire last october at the hollis oak apartment construction site. they have not yet said whether the case is linked to other arsons at east bay construction
8:55 am
sites. he is being held without bail and if convicted could get up to 20 years in prison. learning more about a monterey county man who died skiing at heavenly in south lake tahoe. ski patrol members using a search dog found him yesterday. he was buried in deep powder. his body found in an area off the trail, but in bounds of the resort near the california nevada line. authorities believe he fell into the deep powder and just could not get out. valley transportation authority looking to make cuts to save many. staffers held a final community meeting in downtown san jose, looking at reducing or eliminating some routes to maintain annual budget of $360 million. some are worried people use routes late at night or early the morning, will be impacted by the changes. >> my fear is that they are going to be people out in the cold when the overnight is discontinued.
8:56 am
both homeless people and people coming home from late, overnight shifts. also worry about students getting to the university. >> a final draft plan will be presented to board members in may. at the new plan is adopted changes will happen later this year. kaiser permanente announced its new medical school will be free to attend for the first five graduating classes. the school expected to open in pasadena, next year. this is an artist rendering of the school, under construction. the goal is to encourage students from all backgrounds to pursue medicine without the fear of crushing debt. students will be able to address medical, societal and technical problems with a masters degree in games. the first of its kind program will become available this fall. they will study several areas including game design, technology, integrating subject matter knowledge, effective teamwork and career planning over the course of five academic quarters. professors say that it can be used to promote health and well-
8:57 am
being such as for stroke patients, companies in teambuilding exercises. the giants first spring training game is saturday. oakland a's play their first tomorrow against the seattle mariners. major league teams training in arizona and florida for the warm climate, typically the case that this year is on is caught in the middle of a winter cold snap. frost covering the field at the facility in mesa, arizona. we talked with the team manager, bob melvin. he says the team can benefit from this because they have to travel early in the regular- season to baltimore in april. >> as long as you're not playing what grounding worry about somebody slipping, it is not ideal conditions. the reason you come to arizona is usually for good weather but we have a little different early in the season schedule so maybe this gets us used to that . >> even though it is early, they say there is an electric atmosphere within the 80s.
8:58 am
power and gold glove defense. if they can shore up the starting rotation many say they have a great shot at returning to the playoffs. the commissioner major league baseball supports the oakland a's plan to build a ballpark at the port of oakland despite reports that hazardous chemicals need to be removed first. the commissioners asked about a ballpark proposal, during a news conference yesterday. he praised the owners and executives for being committed to building a park at howard terminal. the chronicle has reported the site, which used to hold shipping containers, has soil and groundwater contaminated with cancer-causing chemicals. but the commissioner does not seem phased, he told the chronicle, i think it is important for us to stay in oakland. most fundamentally because of our commitment to communities. t we san francisco's chinese new year's parade is this saturday. 2019 is the year of the pig. we are getting the first look at the over the top floats for
8:59 am
the southwest airlines chinese new year's parade. there will be 20 floats. designers used more than 1 mile of mylar and 1000 pounds of glitter. >> our team put so much love into these pieces, we really give it our all. blood, sweat and tears came in. we hope you will come out and enjoy the parade in a brings them joy and excitement. >> the san francisco department of emergency management is encouraged to text lunar sf to 88777. you will receive messages about any incidents that happened during the event. attendees are also encouraged to report suspicious activity and leave cars empty to avoid burglaries and don't use fireworks. as we do every year, we are proud to bring you the chinese new year parade. live coverage start saturday at 6 p.m. a last ditch effort before teachers go on strike.
9:00 am
what is happening in oakland and why dozens of principles are hitting the road. another round of winter weather will soon move through the bay area. more snow in the forecast for the sierra. san francisco's chinese new year's parade set for saturday. one bay area man takes a glimpse into the future as we celebrate the year of the pig. . happy wednesday. a short work week, as we bring you live picture of the clouds. keep talking about the possibility of rain, possibility. i should emphasize. we are talking about


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