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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  February 21, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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hot. >> so few students cross the picket line the many classrooms looked abandoned, many community organizations are showing their support by hosting students who need a place to go. we are offering discounted rates at attractions such as the zoo and movie theaters. toddy negotiator between the teachers union and district is set to resume tomorrow and so is the strike. just a short time ago the union held a news conference calling on teachers to return to the picket lines at 6:30 tomorrow morning. >> oakland teachers, our picket lines must be strong tomorrow. >> woo hoo! >> 6:30 a.m., we are back at the picket lines. strikes are won in the streets, not at the bargaining table. so we need strong lines like we had today. the union said 85% of the district's teachers were on the picket lines today. they were joined by many others in solidarity. as paul chambers tell us, parents and students were among
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those showing their support. >> reporter: it's day one of oh cuny teacher strike. the support of the educators came out and pack straight to the plaza to bring attention to the 3000 teachers who say they need to pay rage. >> a lot of teachers move out because the pay is not what they need. >> reporter: >> my mother was a teacher, and i am here for my mom, i am here for his teacher, his school, for prescott elementary school, and all the schools. >> reporter: the teachers are asking for a 12% raise over aff and counselors, and the district as although they would like to pay the teachers more, they cannot afford the union and was asking price. one thing at the district him at the last minute deal of 8.5% over four years which includes a one-time 1.5% bonus.
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that offer was rejected. >> we won a living wage, but we are really in it for the kids. that is why we are here. a lot of my families, oakland is it for them. they cannot get out of the school system, so we are fighting for their future. >> reporter: the strike started six 130 in the morning and affected 86 schools in the district. >> we hope that we can come to a resolution in the situation very quickly, and we can get back to the education of our students. >> reporter: from sky fox you can see the group marching down in brockway. some say the rally in march is more than just a show of solidarity. it is also a teachable moment for the future generations. >> it's important to see what they are out here for. they are at your for their teachers to get better pay. >> reporter: are you going to be able to do this? >> we are all committed to doing it as long as it takes.
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around the union and hings do n go well tonight, they will also try again tomorrow, and if that does not work well, they will go to the weekend. in oakland, paul chambers, ktvu, fox 2 news. >> earlier we spoke with oakland unified school district spokesman john sasaki on ktvu the four. sasaki told alyana gomez the striking teachers in oakland are sending a clear message with their demand for better pay and classroom conditions. >> the message that the teachers are sending right now is being heard by us without a doubt, but it's also being heard across the nation. they are part of this movement that is very powerful across the nation, and it shows that we as a nation need to invest in education. >> sasaki also says the district is doing everything possible to reach a deal and get the striking teachers back into the classrooms. >> with teachers at the picket line, many students opted to stay home but still still showed up for class. rob roth shows us what the day was like for staff and students at one high school in east oakland. >> reporter: fremont high school on foothill boulevard in east oakland was plenty noisy outside the school, but inside stone quiet.
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empty cafeteria, empty hallways, empty english class. the note on the blackboard summed it up. of the almost 800 students enrolled here, just 15 came to school today. they spent much of the day in the gym. >> there is not anywhere. >> reporter: some students say they can because they felt here, others because of a higher authority. >> my mom told me to show up to school. >> reporter: none of the students seem to mind not having classwork to finish. >> no work done here, that is fine. >> reporter: fremont high had three administrators and three central office workers on duty. the schools of the replacement teacher was supposed to come but never showed. ram administration says trying would not have worked today. >> it is hard to provide one lesson plan. for 15 students that are here, that is consistent that everyone is going to be able to do -- it just does not make any
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sense. >> the schools united! >> reporter: for picketing teachers outside the education is taking place during the strike. >> we have students marching with us. we have students that have gone out and created walkouts in their own schools. this is a great process for trying to show what democracy is all about. >> reporter: students say it was a bit awkward having to cross the picket line to get inside school. >> a little bit. i was like i came here to support the teachers, but at the same time i had to come in. >> reporter: school administrators said they expect pretty much the same story friday, but they say if the strike last much longer, they will have to implement some kind of academic program. in oakland, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. >> for younger students, many working parents want to support striking teachers had to seek child care alternative. 40 students were dropped off at the redwood heights rec center. is one of the many sites that oakland in opened it articulate as well as a nearby church. the salvation army in oakland also doubles as a so-called
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solidarity school accepting students who needed a place to go. regardless of age, it seemed students we talked to today said they support their teachers. >> we want to support my school and my teachers so they can get enough, more money for kids. >> we don't have any books and half the class and comes our teachers just make -- do their slide presentations that cover the topics. you know, so i feel like all that stuff is just really frustrating, and that's why we should be out here. >> support for teachers is also being felt the local businesses with some displaying the solidarity in the windows, while others like the grand lake theater offering $1 movies for students and kids. and some parents and students even opted to visit the zoo instead of crossing the picket lines. to help navigate the strike we created a hotline. the numbers 510-874's-zero 400. you can call the number anytime for updated information in any
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new developments. we also have expanded coverage on our website, , where you can find information for parents about afterschool programs, school meals, and safe spaces and rec centers that are open for students to get to that information, just go to to the latest on the mueller investigation today. president trump's former advisor roger stone apologized for posting a controversial photo , while trump was former attorney appeared on capitol hill. fox news ray bogan is in washington tonight and joined us live with the latest developments. good evening, ray. >> reporter: roger stone found himself in court today sitting on the witness stand, explaining to the judge why he posted a picture of her on cros behind her head.
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stone's instagram had almost landed him in jail. appearing before the federal judge, he attacked in social media, stone apologized for his post, saying i am heartily sorry for my own stupidity. i'm being treated for emotional distress. meanwhile, lawmakers on capitol hill now reviewing claims from former fbi deputy director andrew mccabe, who still insisting congress to about his counterintelligence investigation. >> i don't want to go back to the days when the fbi was collecting information of political leaders, the j edgar hoover did with hr to influence the outcome of policy in this country. that is not democracy. >> reporter: special counsel's investigation now winding down, and the mueller report expected to be delivered no later than march. attorney general william barr will decide how much of the report, if any, will be revealed to the public. >> here's what will happen though. once congress gets its hands on that report, any member of congress can go to the for the house or for the senate and release it with impunity. >> reporter: since the first time since pleading guilty to a series cohen will testify before congress next week. cohen's lawyer not answering any questions about timing. >> are you still coming back
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today? >> reporter: michael cohen will appear before congress three times next week. however, only one of those will be public. the other will be behind closed doors. now democrats want to know more about the trump tower deal in moscow that never went through. republicans meanwhile want to know more about michael cohen's business dealings and if he used his relationship with president trump for personal gain. julie, back to you. >> ray bogan in washington tonight. empire actor jussie smollett is accused of staging an attack on himself. he tried to boost his career. today, smollett was charged with one felony of filing a false police report in chicago. he's currently free on 00 bond. police say smollett paid the two brothers to commit a felony hate crime last month, racist s the police superintendent today was furious. he called the alleged hoax a
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scar on the city. >> i am left hanging my head and asking why? why would anyone, especially an african-american man, use the symbolism of a noose to make false accusations? how could someone look at the hatred and suffering associated with that symbol and see an opportunity to manipulate that symbol to further his own public profile? >> smollett had no comment after he was released from court today, but his attorneys say the allegations are false. as for his future on the show "empire," that tonight is uncertain. coming up, new details about the man shot and killed by a napa county sheriff's deputy, and why the case is now stirring another discussion about immigration policy. and police in the tenderloin in san francisco now, and what they call a big accomplishment after arresting 50 people during a five hour
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period. we are tracking the weather out there. rain in the south of us and it is cold around the bay area with temperatures tonight back into the low 30s. we are continuing to follow the latest on the oakland teacher strike in oakland city councilman who is also a former school board member will be here to talk to us about the latest on that strike.
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we are learning that a man who was shot and killed by a napa county sheriff's deputy was in the u.s. illegally from
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mexico and had been deported several times. he's identified as 43-year-old javier hernandez morales . he was shot by a deputy sunday night after he opened fire on her at point-blank range during a routine check on a parked car. fortunately, that deputy was not hurt. immigration and customs enforcement says hernandez morales had been deported twice in 2007 and again in 2010. i.c.e. also said it issued detainers for him four times, but they were not honored by local jails. in a statement, i.c.e. said this incident may have been prevented if i.c.e. had been notified about any of the multiple times that suspect was released from local custody over the lacounty sheriff's office said his criminal history includes assault on a police officer, and dui. we are checking in on the weather again. you've got the satellite loop up, and you can see the low pressure center is sitting over the central valley or down on
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bakersfield right now. and that is spinning some cold air to vegas and thunderstorms in southern california and santa barbara. phoenix is getting rain. it's just an unusual pattern for the southland, but it's definitely going to continue to be cold down there and we will see more snow down around vegas area as we go into the next 12 hours or so. tomorrow morning could bring more white stuff for those guys. thunderstorm showed off -- there still firing off and point conception, but not a lot of pop with this one in terms of rainfall accumulation. we do see good for rainfall rate on a quarter or half inch of rain near an hour in that one, but the cells arsmall and moving quickly. we are not seeing a big area or great area of distributional rainfall. we are seeing some heavy downpours in that area, and for that is over. last night we had that but not in a. we have the present condition at the high-pressure soda float itself back up, and set up a really good darn weekend. winds are blowing 30 miles an hour at sfo right now.
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beautiful sky, beautiful air quality, beautiful night. you can even see the camera jittering a little bit, and that is because the winds are blowing up to 25, 35 miles an hour. when i come back, we are going to put together the forecast for you tomorrow morning and into the weekend. tomorrow is friday. see you back here. back now to the oakland teacher strike that started at 6:30 this morning. i'm joined by. it's always so sad when you see teachers like this go out on strike. how do you see this playing out, and you think this is going to be a long strike? >> i think let's make it very clear. in our american society, education is the number one priority of our children. certainly when it comes to cities like oakland, our teachers away underpaid, and under appreciated. and so the reality is that we need to contribute as city government and as a state government to the education of our children because we all need a teacher not only to
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provide the tools and information to my children, but in oakland cities like many of us need an attitude adjustment like i did growing up here in oakland, and the teacher plays a great role for the future, and we need to support it. so what i see happening right now, the state needs to step up and help out, as well as the city of oakland. >> when you say you want the state to step up, deeming the state to contribute to paying salaries for teachers? >> i think that we all, as parents, as residents, clean acclaim and attest to the fact that education is number one, so therefore, we recognize what the future is going to cost for it, and that is the skill work force, and educated workforce, and highly trained, and we need to be ready for that. i mean i'm not going to worry about the immigration law. i gotta take care of my kids and educate them, so i think
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the state has an opportunity, oakland does have a debt of 30 million on the $100 million loan we borrowed years ago, but the bank holds the loan, so the state would have to work that out with the bank, and there are many ways to support our teachers. oakland unified has a number of properties that the city greatly needs for housing, that we can work together. they have a police department that they pay about $10 million a year that at one time they used to be under oakland police. that we can work together to save them money, and right down the street on broadway, they are paying 5 million a year for the administrative office where in city hall, those areas was h going to bring their administration to save money to that setting in downtown guess what i can figure, i live in oakland. i pay a lot of taxes. i'm not asking for tax cut by any stretch of the imagination, but i just can't understand why we can't find enough money to pay our teachers in oakland. they are making $46,000 a year on average. it is the lowest in all of
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alameda county. 46,000 is not a lot of money, especially when you look at how expensive things are. why can't oakland come up with the money? >> that's why the 600 pictures teachers said here, so i train them, then they leak oakland because they can afford to be here, and so it is bringing us together. so we claim as parents that education is the number one priority. that we need to come together. city government, county government, the state to be able to take care of the most important profession there is, and that is the teacher. >> so they are negotiating tomorrow. perhaps to the weekend as well. you see the strike being a short strike or long strike? >> our kids in oakland need to be in school. and that is the reality. i'm grateful for the education my children received in oakland, but right now we are -- i looked at the performance across different schools in oakland, and we need to do better. and i cannot do better if my kids are not in class.
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>> appreciate you taking time to come in today. nice seeing you again. actually stay with trent and trade her for continuing coverage on the strike. and of course you can follow us on twitter and facebook for any updates as we get them. julie? it is coming up next. enclose a long, long time but that's about the change. stockton street near san francisco union square is about to reopen after being shut down for 7 years. baseball fans traveling to arizona to see the a's open up their cactus league play, they got a little surprised today. scott reiss was there and he will have the full weather report. the game was rained out. that's coming up later in sports. there
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a big celebration today for the long-awaited reopening of a vital san francisco street. lower stockton street near union square has been closed for almost 7 years because of the central subway construction project. as tom vacar tells us, that stretch of road between geary and ellis street will again be open to traffic to the release of businesses in that area. >> reporter: dignitaries from the city, chinatown and union square gathered to celebrate stockton's long-awaited reopening after seven years of work on the central subway. >> here we go! >> reporter: there was much mentioned about the hardship that this cultural enclosure created for businesses on union square and chinatown.
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>> to all the problems, through all the delays, through all the change orders, through all the angry community meetings, you've persevere through all of that and you've gotten us to this point. >> we lost maybe four or five businesses. arthur baron shoe store just behind me, your deli, we lost men's warehouse, or money, i believe. >> reporter: but san francisco transportation director ed reiskin reminded everyone of the good soon to come. >> as i said the folks most impacted by are the ones who benefit the most from it. >> i'm ecstatic this is opening. is great, and i think it will. i think it will help the shopping down here. >> reporter: one airport shuttle driver tony stockton's opening will save him 20 minutes every trip. >> one of the most important things the central subway project will do is help connect our visitors and conventioneers from the mosque only sent it to union square to chinatown. >> reporter: a lot of praise was
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reserved for the the chinatown advocate, rose pak >> she filed for the merchant, she sought other families to have a vital corridor that will bring people in and out of chinatown. >> reporter: even to short of the closures or relocation to another street, everyone hopes to keep incredibly popular christmas walk by macy's. >> and they would make the christmas walk i believe one month before, and they made it so the kids could enjoy the lights, enjoy union square. and i always brought my kids here. >> we had food trucks and green turf and music, and it was really -- became even more than a mitigation. became a holiday destination. >> reporter: for administrator present, the ceremony for stockton had to be done today, but this treat will actually reopen tomorrow morning between 8:00 and 10:00 a.m. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is up next with the police ever to clean up the tenderloin in different.
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that that the arrests made yesterday and why officers say it is much more than just putting people behind bars. the white house breaking of talks with the officials of the california's tough vehicle admission standard.
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natural our top stories, federal court judge today bart operative roger stone from talking about his case. the hearing was called after stone posted a picture that showed judge amy berman jackson next to crosshairs. he apologized to the judge today. still is facing charges that he lied to congress about his contacts with wikileaks during the 2016 presidential campaign. "empire" actor jussie smollett left the chicago gel this afternoon with no comment after posting $100,000 bail. police say he staged an elaborate hate crime attack to store publicity and possibly rate his salary. he's attorney denied the allegation. smollett was charged with a
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felony count of filing a false police report. he could face one to three years in jail if convicted, plus pay restitution. thousands of oakland teachers walked off the job today. they are demanding higher pay and smaller class sizes. many students stayed home, but schools within the oakland unified school district remained open. their teachers union is asking for 12% raise over three years. the last offer from the district was 8% over four years. that offer was rejected. negotiations are set to resume tomorrow. you're watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. sanford police say they arrested 50 people during a sweep of the city's tenderloin neighborhood. >>they wanted for a number of crimes across the bay area. >> reporter: in but during a five hour period on wednesday, officers arrested 50 people . these are there shot. >> significant number of hours in a short amount of time. >> reporter: was arrested for
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drugs leading to drugs, berkeley, a soul. >> reporter: we were looking for all kinds of violations, misdemeanor, and felony. >> charges respond to some community issues that are ongoing. >> reporter: police say arresting people are not the only solutions. we walked along the tenderloin. officer dean hall said they make arrests, but they are good at outreach. >> can we connect with someone who has a housing problem, can we connect with them and help with those issues? but also, if there's enforcement any to be done, we need to balance that and keep the streets safe. >> reporter: those who live and work in the tenderloin say they're noticing a difference. >> they say it's virtually being cleaned up. >> reporter: >> marble is present is really good. i've been working here 15 years, so i have seen the ups and downs going around. is defi
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and we appreciate them. >> reporter: not that the streets are entirely clean. we saw what looked like a hand- to-hand drug deal, and there were plenty of people lying out on the streets. sergeant manlier checked on this man to make sure he was okay. lieutenant hall did the same for this man. >> i got to have to make a move because we are in a roadway. buses come by, and i don't want you to get creamed. >> reporter: tenderloin station has been getting a lot of attention for posting suspects' info on station. >> and that is the message we want to send out. that is the reason why we see social media. >> i asked about the revolving door that the suspect the rest today could be back on the streets tomorrow. >> he might be, and often they are, but this is a long-term fight we are in, and the offices at tenderloin station giving it 100%, and we are not going to give up the matter. >> reporter: is not a matter of if or when the next tenderloin these operations are ongoing and that they will continue to post mugshots on the internet. in san francisco, henry lee,
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ktvu fox 2 news. animal control officers in contra costa county are asking for the public's help in the investigation into the mysterious death of a dog. the small brown terrier was discovered floating in a canal near melbourne road in the community of clyde near last night. investigators say the dog was not connected to a crate i was covered in a green nylon carrier. it had a distinctive sticker promoting discount stores. animal control officers are trying to determine how the dog died and how it ended up in that canal. two state officials are teaming up to strengthen california's already tough data breach notification laws. attorney general xavier becerra and marc levine of san rafael unveiled their proposal at a news conference in san francisco this afternoon. their bill aims to close loopholes in the ng laws by expanding the current requirements for companies or government agencies to notify customers if their private information is stolen. these requirements would include stolen government id
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and passport numbers, california already requires immediate location of data breaches involving social security numbers, banking information, and other data. that what has broke up negotiations with california today in the dispute over the state's mileage status speed of the one has want to freeze obama era mileage status and nationwide for cars and trucks intended to combat climate change. the administration also wants a river california's ability to set its own standards. a right rented decades ago by the feds to help the state deal with air pollution. california's attorney general said he had not given up hope that the administration will come back to the table to negotiate. >> it's unfortunate when a government goes awol in enforcing the very laws that are in its books, but that is what the trump animation is talking about doing. we don't intend to abandon ship. >> more than a dozen states
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follow. california's more strict mileage standards the distribute is likely headed to court. governor gather newsom respond on twitter sing another target attack on california by the trump administration. clean air should be the most basic of human rights. this is a reckless political stunt the put the health of millions of kids, families, and communities across america at risk. and u.s. senator and presidential candidate, harris released a statement, saying quote, i'm disappointed that the administration has walked away from the negotiations with california. the administration's decision follows a troubling pattern of targeting the state of california for political purposes. hundreds of the top students in san francisco are being recognized for their hard work tonight. >> we want our students to know that they can't, that they matter, and that education is always a key for the african- american community for a better kind of living.
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summa san francisco's most gifted students are being honored with a special ceremony tonight. >> christien kafton reports from st. mary's cathedral , where the intro african- american honor roll ceremony is getting underway this our. >> reporter: for some, high school means high achievements. some of those students are being recognized as san francisco's african-american honor roll celebration, raul walling high school, tamia brown is one of those students. >> my cumulative, it is a 3.81,
6:39 pm
but this semester i got a 4.0 weighted gpa. >> reporter: which means that dpa is going to go up? >> yes. >> reporter: high expectation at home, a mom's party leader, part coach put her on the right path. brown says after one low grade and middle school, she has not looked back. >> i had to learn how to be a good student and try to program myself into becoming a student who i am today. >> reporter: bedgood said he embrace the challenges come even enjoy the. >> favorite subject math, challenging math. i love it. >> reporter: he says after a rough start, his gpa is something to be proud of. >> looking good, looking good, 3.5, so i am blessed to have it. i worked for it, and i feel
6:40 pm
like i'm doing real good. >> reporter: the san francisco to light the black school educators is sponsoring the honor roll. >> we want our students to know they count, that they matter, and that the education -- education has always been a key for the african-american community to -- for a better kind of living. >> reporter: senior kamiah brown is emceeing the gallup after already earning san francisco naacp's youth excellence award. she apply to two-sided in colleges and universities and is hoping to go to brown next year. >> i'm still waiting to hear from like my top colleges in the college i really want to go to, but yeah, i'm actually kind of happy that i do have one college that i am in line which is saint johns . i got in there on his program so they gave me a $25,000 scholarship. bedgood is prepping for college closer to home and in bashes path laid out for him. >> san jose state, majoring in psychology. become a psychiatrist. >> reporter: the african-
6:41 pm
american honor roll is not just for high school students. it honor students from the third grade all the way through high school for the academic achievement . in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. in heart of silicon valley, a place to enjoy bay area wildlife. the newly restored piece of city-owned wetlands that just opened to the public. and we are tracking the weather around here. we are looking at showers that will be moving into what's the beginning and into the weekend. we want to go to alex savidge in the newsroom with a look at some of the stores we are working on for the 7:00 news on ktvu plus. with new information about the deadly police shooting at a taco bell drive-through in vallejo. we are now learning one of the officers involved here shot and killed another man one year ago. plus splitting up pg&e. it's just one of the ideas being considered to try to make the utility safer, but we will tell you why pg&e warned this to come at a cost to ratepayers. .
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google and the city of mountain view teamed up for a ribbon-cutting ceremony today. >> as maureen naylor shows us, the project they unveiled was not a new building but a place where other birds and wildlife will feel at home. >> reporter: on a cool, breezy day. >> one, two, three. yay! >> reporter: representatives from the city ofain view and google celebrated the end of a multimillion dollar project surrounding this wetland area called the charleston retention basin . the property just shy of six
6:45 pm
acres of city-owned land is nestled between google buildings and located northeast of north shore lynn boulevard and charleston road. google paid $10.5 million to restore it. >> sustainability in the environment is very important to us. >> reporter: google added to pedestrian bridges and a bike and pedestrian path that allows its employees to walk between campuses. >> oedipus benefits everyone who comes out here to the north bay shore area. it does benefit google, but it also benefits the wildlife, the birds, the people who've come out here to enjoy it. i think it benefits a lot of people. >> reporter: the project started three years ago and had the support of several bimetal groups, including the sierra club and audubon society. >> we are taking the input and making sure we are designing not only our buildings but also other community public spaces in a way that provides ecological value. >> reporter: some of the google has removed 119 large trees.
6:46 pm
the company says that only did it repurpose them as natural benches, but also planted many more. 1800 native trees and shrubs. shani kleinhaus is an environmental advocate with audubon society served as a consultant with google and other project. she said the tech title, to multiply bimetal groups, including removing a 130 parking spaces and altering their construction based on the native species. >> so they only did buildings here or construction work during the non-nesting season, and they did not interest at all into the nesting season, and that was very important to us. >> reporter: a representative from google said today google has a large footprint here, but they want to have a small impact. in mountain view, maureen naylor, ktvu fox 2 news. let's get a check of the weather now from bill . a beautiful day in the bay area. a little breezy, really pretty. >> and breezy is the key word today. temperatures on the mild side, wind chill at -- may have feel like it was in the upper 30s, low 40s. most temperatures are in the lower 50s today, but it feels
6:47 pm
like winter. this system down here dropped some thunder and lightning up and around point conception. south down to los angeles, phoenix, vegas they are going to see more snow out in those areas, those funny areas that are not expected to see snow, you will see more of that in vegas perhaps tonight as well. there is this thunderstorm. i soquel picture from the palma where this line of thunderstorms went through, and drop some lightning. summary happened to be filming the hill and there was a really neat shot of the lightning hitting a tree. i retweeted it on my twitter feed if you get a chance. take a look at it. you see the lighting go into the tree during a health or basically. it is beautiful. it's going to be cool tonight. the breeze keep temperatures off the bottom, so it's not going to be in the upper 20s. although you know forestville,
6:48 pm
guerneville, some of those places you can get into the upper 20s. most of us are going to be in the coldest parts are going to be low 30, just above freezing are at freezing, this type of pattern is a pretty productive pattern for frost . tomorrow it looks like this. in san jose and santa rosa and san rafael, mostly to partly cloudy all day. no rain in the forecast. just an applicant a. that is friday. saturday looks good too. sunday not bad, but by we time to sunday night into monday, just a long-range model i wanted you to see it. the jet stream, and long ranged models, they don't have high- resolution so you get this kind of blobby looking thing, but the basic idea here is the jet stream -- look for it is, and look where it is coming from. we've got a little atmospheric river texture to it, so nereall powerful, but i'm seeing rain, rain, rain. but it goes beyond that too, and lake tahoe area as well. we will see these things change and they can change, but let's wanted to see what happens next
6:49 pm
week, but in the meantime, monday, then you going to tuesday and wednesday, and you can see some of these rental a cumulation, you are not seeing reds and oranges over a. you are seeing that north of santa rosa which is typical, but you're going to see potentially a number of days in a row some rainfall, so we will watch it for you. next week does look wet, julie haener, and it will hang in there pretty much throughout the next week and into the following week, so enjoy this while it lasts because i don't know how long -- >> and for the chinese new year parade in san francisco? >> dry. >> we have had some down points. not this year, though. so the a's open up their practice league play against the mariners. unfortunately, the only was pou report next in sports.
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talking about that injury last night where the duke and carolina game, the best player -- >> it sparked a big controversy because the wars will be playing tonight, but one of the players, but the cousins had some strong comments. and katie
6:53 pm
did not hear it, diane williams projected to be the number one pick of the draft. obviously, millions of dollars at stake. big game last night. i told you tickets were going for like $3500 a seat? everybody wanted to see him and the top teams in the country playing. 33 seconds into the game, he tweaked his knee. fortunately it's not a serious injury. it is a sprain, but watch closely. his shoe actually blew out. that sparked another controversy. what happened to that shoe? this is a guy who's going to be the number one pick in the draft. what if it had been a serious injury, and you know the ncaa's making millions of dollars. the kids are not getting anything. they are risking the careers, and here is some of what bogie cousins had to say at the war years warriors' pregame workout today. >> they are paying the highest ticket for our youth. there were 25, 3500.
6:54 pm
how does it benefit anybody on that team? but if they're able to get $25, but whatever the case may be that is [ bleep ] . it's been [ bleep ]. >> cannot agree with him or. it is time, pay the college players. the universities and ncaa making multimillion dollars off of these collegiate athletes. meantime, kind of sort of an exhibition baseball game involving the a's today. they thought their practice league season was going to start. here scott reese who was down there expecting to have to use a sunscreen a little bit. did not work that way, scott.
6:55 pm
>> reporter: honestly i'm surprised they got any baseball for rain all day long. they were able to squeeze in two innings, but it was uncomfortable, and from and it is standpoint it was not pretty. paul blackburn got the start. he was only scheduled to pitch one inning anyway, but did give up two runs. seattle scored three more in the second before the skies opened up, and the fans headed for the exits. not exactly an ideal start to practice league play, but it is what we won't soon forget. >> be aware of what the weather is, what it could be, but at thst bck that out, kind of go about your business like you are playing and prepare. >> when start raining like that, there's no reason to get start this spring, cold and rainy, and is on and all places. >> reporter: the forecast calls for more rain on friday, but the same two teams will get a complete ballgame and.
6:56 pm
this time they will do it in the mariners home ballpark in peoria, arizona. scott reiss, ktvu fox 2 sports. remember the game with the sharks and boston bruins? 11 total goals scored? stingier to, 26 save in the net for jones. the sharks, goalkeeper, and the rest of the offense took care of their business. pittsburg, scoreless in his last three games, but last time he played the penguins, he had a power -- he had three-goal. san jose 57 seconds in, it is hurdle. returning the miss. his 27 cold hat trick. 1-0. shocker shorthanded here. watch brett rinse get a stick and, get it to evander kane. his 27th goal of the year. and the sharks leave it at 2-0. beautiful passing on the sharks' tarpley here. it is the bank and huddle again , his second goal, and burns added another one with three minutes left in the game. 4-0, martin jones again again 26 saves, and the sharks, nice way to start a road trip. at a time we checked this
6:57 pm
out while the a's were rained out. other tenants were having a little time fund and spring training, including the dodges hernandez. >> oh! oh! >> i like that. >> that is just batting practice. they were having fun. they carpool to their workshop. >> six, i counted them. look at this kid. an 8-year-old with a flick of a foot, right over the goal. into the net. >> eight years old. the warriors and king tonight at oracle. thanks for joining us tonight. the news continues at 7:00 over at ktvu plus. goodnight.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
(machine-gun fire on tv) all i'm saying is, if they took all the money they spent trying to make a decent hulk movie, they could probably just make an actual hulk. that is apt and amusing. i think i shall share that with amy farrah fowler. she'll appreciate the witticism. thank you. it'll also help improve her initial impression of you. so what's going on with you two? well, the status is as it always was. she's a girl. she's a friend. she is not my--
7:00 pm
please forgive me for doing this-- "girlfriend." right, right. so you're still just texting and e-mailing? you don't feel any need to hang out with her, you know-- be in the same room? leonard, you are my best friend. i've known you for seven years, and i can barely tolerate sitting on the couch with you. imagine my attitude regarding prolonged physical proximity to amy farrah fowler. got it. i sense judgment on your part. no, no. maybe a little. may i suggest that your criticism is based on jealousy? jealousy? what do i have to be jealous of? i have a functioning and satisfying relationship with a female. you have none. oh, right. that. jealousy is an ugly green-eyed monster-- not unlike the hulk-- who, by the way, also has a girlfriend. in this iteration, jennifer connelly, whom you may recall as the girlfriend of russell crowe


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