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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  February 25, 2019 4:00am-4:29am PST

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a quiet neighborhood, coming up, what we know and what we do not know about who the shooter could be. from ktvu news, this is morning on two. thank you for joining us. >> i'm dave clark. steve paulson is here and he says get ready for rain. >> there will be a lot of rain for some. a lot. the end of february going into march looks like it will be roaring like a lion. that was nice. you tried. it looked good. here's the deal. the dynamics are not that great but it will be where the system stalls out and the duration. it will take us into wednesday. now it is on the north case, like rain is falling. the system will slut the day.
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by tonight and into tuesday and wednesday, it positions itself from san francisco to sacramento. not right now. 40s and 50s for most of the morning commute you will be fine. there are all sorts of flood watches and anticipation. the breeze is not too bad but there's a wind advisory that picks up tonight and tomorrow. this morning, cloudy. rain begins to develop. it will start to drops off as it does. there is a big plume of moisture that will play in turn weather. get ready to what looks like a rainy week. if you are in santa rosa, 6.31 inches. you heard me. if santa rosa gets six, to tha to the river. this looks like a serious rain event for us. 50s for temperatures. it will be cloudy and rain is developing. for the morning commute, we are
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okay. tomorrow you better get lots of rest. >> i'm going to bed early tonight, i am planning on it. good morning. you heard the man, probably not going to get a lot of rain this morning but you might get some this afternoon. you may want to factor that into your plans. here's a look at the commute from the tracy super commute. eastbound there's a little sewing at 205. westbound traffic is all right getting over to dublin. traffic is moving well getting into oakland, no major issues at the bay bridge. traffic is light. >> thank you. teachers will walk the picket line again this morning for day three of the strike. negotiations with the district breakdown of the weekend. the teachers union says contract negotiations are set to resume at 9:00 this morning. the state superintendent plans to join the bargaining talks today.
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>> reporter: oakland educators and their supporters spent all day sunday creating waterproof signs as they prepare to return to the ticket lines monday morning, rain or shine. the district has been mismanaging money. i think this is the time to say hey, we are calling well. for them to put the blame on us, it's not helping anyone. >> the oakland education association has not presented any substantial new proposals. >> reporter: the district can tins that they canceled the bargain negotiation saturday. the union was not budging on its ask for 12% raise. the district says the teachers demand will cost $60 million over three years. >> we love and value our teachers. we want to get them everything they are asking for. however, we cannot afford to do so. >> in a video message on
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facebook, the teachers union says the state superintendent will come to oakland monday to assist with bargaining talks. >> during the bargaining time we have had, the district showed us they are not prepared to stop the teacher retention crisis. they are not prepared to have smaller class sizes. the strike is already taking a toll for this 11-year- old. >> the teachers are not getting paid, i'm not getting my education, neither are any students. i want to be in school. i want to have an education. >> reporter: solitary schools are safe spaces and libraries will be open. the oakland unified school district said this recorded message. it addressed rumors the district is planning to threaten the immigration status >> that is absolutely false. no one at the district would ever say that. oakland unified is a century district. ct.
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>> we have created a hotline to help parents get the latest information on the strike. the number is on your screen. you can call anytime for updated information in any new developments. you can also visit our website, for more information. you can get some help with childcare for the day. have a list of the afterschool programs that will remain open as well during the strike. that is all on our homepage, oakland police arrested two suspects after a tv station news crew was involved in a robbery. a photographer, a reporter, and a security guard were outside the 81st avenue library at oakland at 5.00 last night. a car pulled up next to them, two people got up, and it gunmen robbed them of the equipment. the security guard was shot in the leg.
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the guard fired back at the robbers. they got away. later, officials say a man who had been shot several times showed up at highland hospital and was arrested by police. about two hours later, police were involved in a short chase that ended at 55th and bancroft. police arrested the driver in connection with the property. witnesses told police the driver was going about 70 miles an hour. >> as soon as i flipped my head ever, i just here smack, smack. i started running. oakland police say they have detained several other people in connection with the robbery and some of the stolen items have been recovered. the security car is expected to make a full recovery. danville police are investigating a deadly shooting. police found a man dead in a parking lot yesterday afternoon. andre has the very latest on the investigation.
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>> reporter: in the town of danville where violent crime is not the norm, heavy police presence like this stands out. >> we heard something. we heard the ambulances and the fire trucks. next thing you know, we look outside and the police cars are here. >> reporter: this was a long the 3400 block of the story away. police found the body of an adult man with several gunshot wounds dead in the parking lot. >> i usually park back there because there's no parking on the street. >> reporter: when nick collins came to retrieve his car, he was told it would not be possible because it was parked in the crime scene. >> the police told me i have to wait 6-8 hours to get my car. >> reporter: the parking lot is often used by residents living along the street because there's not enough parking. the lot is surrounded by two businesses. >> there's a dance studio. there are some buildings that have no markings.
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>> reporter: neighbors were watching the drama unfold, stunned. family and loved ones rushing to the scene in tears, shocked that such a callous crime happened in danville. it's routinely ranked among the state -- safeness in the state. >> you don't expect to have that happen here. next we get car break-ins every once in a while, every three months. we never get anything like this. . ? far, danville police say they do not have a motive or description of the shooter. if you have any information, you are asked to call police. president trump week. allison has more for this second summit.had not been president of the united states,
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we would right now, in my opinion, be in a major war with >> reporter: president trump preparing to meet with kim jong un for a second time. the trump administration expressing optimism ahead of the summit in vietnam. >> we will have a second summit where the two leaders can sit and explore options. >> reporter: the goal of this summit is to build off the four parties laid out after the june 2018 summit in singapore, improving relations between the u.s. and north korea, establishing a permanent peace routine, complete unit colorization, and recovery and returning the remains of soldiers missing in action. >> are processes have come home. -- hostages. >> reporter: they claim the singapore summit undermines the
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u.s. sanctions while legitimizing a repressive regime. in a letter to president trump they said that they hope the president will execute a serious diplomatic plan that includes a sequence process to freeze and rollback north korea's nuclear weapons. a republican senator says the president has already achieved far more than past leaders. >> let's give trump the latitude he needs to get the result you want. >> reporter: president trump brushed off outside opinions and tweeted about it. the reunion between president trump and kim jong un will take place february 27 and 28 in hanoi, vietnam. we are also following dangerous weather conditions. in the midwest, wisconsin, one of the worst car crashes in state history. we will show you a 100 car pileup. >> reporter: r kelly is waking up in a jail cell this morning. why he cannot post bail.
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good morning, we do see traffic often i start. if you're driving apbridge, it pretty quiet right now but some hefty rain totals are on the way over the next couple days. we will break down the warnings and watches. most of this is to the north right now. it is going to move here throughout the day.
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welcome back. r kelly is still in jail this morning. he has another court appearance set for today. he hoped to walk out of the chicago jail cell over the weekend but his lawyer says coordinating the $100,000 needed for bail has been difficult. the lawyer says the bond money for our kelly probably will not be paid until sometime today or tomorrow because he says our kelly's finances are a mess. he was charged in a grand jury indictment with 10 counts of aggravated sexual abuse involving four victims, three who were minors. happening today, a judge will appear in a federal court in a hearing dealing with complaints about his behavior. the judge is accused of sexually harassing women in his courtrwomen over a period of 10 years.
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the women say he ted on their looks, even told one deputy public defender her father did not spank her enough. his lawyer say the complaints are motivated by the judges decisions on bail. today the san francisco medical examiner is expected to complete the autopsy on public defender jeff adachi. san francisco police say no foul play is expected. officials were called to an apartment at 46 telegraph place friday night where jeff adachi was found unresponsive. he was taken to california pacific medical center where he was announced dead. he is survived by his wife and daughter. he was 59. the southern california city reached a multimillion dollar settlement for a man who was wrongly convicted in the killing of his girlfriend and her 4- he spent almost 40 years in prison. in 2017, he was pardoned by the governor who said dna evidence and an investigation of proved
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he was hesitant -- innocent. he reached a $21 million settlement. the money offers closure, then no amount can compensate for the life he missed while in prison. president trump says he is extending a deadline to raise tariffs on chinese imports because of substantial progress in talks between the two countries. the president tweeted if negotiations continue to go well, he will meet with the chinese president at his florida resort to finalize an agreement. u.s. and chinese negotiators met for the weekend. the president says progress is being made on a wide range of issues from intellectual property protection to agriculture. >> we put ourselves into a position of strength for the first time in about 35 years, probably a lot more than that. china has been terrific, we want to make a deal. we wanted to be great for both countries. >> u.s. tariffs on $200 billion
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worth of chinese imports have been scheduled to 10% to 25% march 1 if the two sides failed to reach a deal. california's republican party elected its first female and first latina chair. she is 38 years old. she is of ventura county, she's the ceo of california trailblazer, a party recruitment and training program for candidates. she says her focus will remain on winning elections. the republicans represent only seven of california's 53 congressional districts. they hold fewer than a quarter of the seats in the legislature. lieutenant governor made an unscheduled speech in the state senate and compared himself to victims of lynching. there have been calls for the lieutenant governor to step down after two women publicly accused him of sexual assault. fairfax continues to defend
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himself and denies the claims. >> i have heard much about anti- lynching. on the floor this very senate. people were not given any due process whatsoever. we grew that. >> one of his accusers say he her when they were students at duke university 19 years ago. the other says he assaulted her in a boston hotel room during the dnc. fairfax says police should continue the investigation into the charges. whiteout conditions contributed to a massive pileup involving 100 cars. this happened yesterday on interstate 41 in wisconsin. it is not clear exactly what caused the initial crash. one person died and at least 38 people were hurt. most of them sustained quite a bit of damage. we are watching our commute. had we look? >> we look okay.
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traffic is doing okay. we are going to start off with the commute, the gilroy commute i am in first re we go. guilfo jose, traffic is moving along well. no problems in morgan hill. getting to the valley should be good. you've been hearing steve say that it will be raining later today you might want to take that into account for your driving schedule. this is a look at 280 in san jose. it is still light at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> are you lost or driving a stick shift? >> you know what, i still have a car that you have to drive stick in. some of my friends don't know how to drive it. >> you never get out of there.
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we have a lot on the way, not so much right now. like maine and santa rosa. the deep moisture plume is in mendocino county. this is a rain event more than a snow event. the snow level will go up. there might -- it might be 6000 feet or higher. there are all sorts of warnings and watches but right now it is about mendocino county. that plume will eventually start to drift south. as it does, that is where it stalls out. that's the key. last week i said it was north of golden gate, i will not waver from that. heavy rain and everyone will get some. there could be isolated amounts between now and then. santa cruz mountains. san jose may get an inch of rain. flash flood watches out for sonoma, nappy -- napa, and marin get 4-6
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inches of rain, it's going to cause problems. the snow level in the sierras will go way out. in fact, 2-4 feet above 7000 feet. 40s and 50s, the temperatures will not be a big factor. the wind will pick up. it's not too bad right now but it will later on. there is not a lot of dynamics with this yet. eventually it will start working its way towards us. right now, it's just this atmospheric river. and that's your in the north, you'll probably have no problems with the morning commute. as the system drops out, that is when the rain will start. once it does, it may just keep going and going. there is a series of little systems within a system giving additional dynamics. that will not be until tuesday and early wednesday. a lot of cloud cover this morning. some of the rain totals looked to be excessive.
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everyone will get in on that eventually, it's just a matter of when it drops out. 50s southeast wind. cloudy, rain developing, rain into wednesday. we get a break thursday and friday. we have a warm system coming in saturday. >> don't forget our newly updated weather app is free to download. it has interactive radar, hourly updates,, it has a very easy feature to load whether photos. up next, what it says and the reaction from nancy pelosi's family. hollywood's biggest night, highlights from the oscars. the actor from right here in the bay area is taking home a gold statue.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it was a night of surprises at the academy awards. >> here is a recap of the biggest night. >> "green book" . >> reporter: taking top prize, "green book" . the most votes, the expected trophy for best
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actor, for his portrayal. >> glencoe's, you been my idol glencoe's. >> i could not tell you what i am feeling. next., i will be able to put it into words but i don't know what to do with myself. >> reporter: rounding out the categories, regina king one best supporting actress. spike lee finally whines an oscar as "blackkklansman" takes best adapted screenplay. >> mesic played a key part with the moments of all, lady gaga and cooper serenading the audience with oscar-winning song shallow. >> the host liz show kicked off with a rocking performance and
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overall, under 3.5 hours. fox news. the officer yelled. he is on the loose. get in your house quickly. >> the intruder in a neighborhood in sacramento. the neighbors are reacting. a summit this week with president trump and kim jen and. what will come of this? i am in washington with a preview.
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good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2 . >> good morning. it is great to see you out at the parade. it was quite a crowd. everybody was happy about the
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weather. >> the rain is coming in. >> a lot of rain is on the way. not yet though. for the morning commute fine. the evening might be a different story. moisture is up on the north coast at mendocino county with heavy-duty rain. this is going to drop to the south. then, is stalls out, that is the key. i would hang on to goldengate to the north. heavy rain is on the north and eventually comment moves south before it makes it to the santa cruz mountains. a flash flood for everybody but a flood route is for marin county. that is the heaviest rain. 40s and 50s. it will warm up to near normal. deepis from the west southwest that plays into our


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