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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  February 26, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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to escape. >> in the sierra, 60 mile stretch of i-80 is closed tonight. caltrans posted this video of whiteout conditions. they are expected another two feet of snow through the night. as you can see the snowbanks along the freeway are 8 to 12 feet high, making that area too difficult to drive through. let's go to chief meteorologist bill martin. he tracking the stormy conditions. bill, what are we looking at? >> if you are in san jose, monterey, they had very little rain down there. in some cases trace amounts. then you go 50 miles to the north, 60 miles to the north, and we are talking about over a foot of rain and the 24 hours, and you know where that foot of rain came? the russian river drainage base. about 1500 square miles essentially. a drains in a 1500 square mile radius come so you see that the topography of your? it rounds. all these crisply
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into and it runs all the way past healdsburg, down to guerneville, and out to jenner. this is a huge drainage basin, and that's why the russian river is a for big rices as we go into tomorrow, and even into thursday as well. looking at the photography as we go at the river. we are evacuating in town. this is as high as the river has been since the 80s. it's definitely going to be a problem for folks try to move in this area. here is how the numbers break out. if you take a peek, you can see the 14 to 32 feet. it is there right now. acre to 46.1 feet at 10:00 tomorrow night. 46.1 feet, so that is a significant rise on the russian river. we are looking at a continued map a river issue, but that going to say about flood stage. this is a significant flooding event for the russian river, the evacuations have been made, and with the impact of 46 feet, downtown. if you know downtown, it is underwater basically. real neto, river road, those places are going to be closed. they will be issues out of dinner as well with the high tide coming up in that area. so with that said, lots of rain in the northbay. ridiculous amounts of rain. south of san francisco, what are you talking about?
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in the russian river drainage basin, over a foot of rain in the last 24 hours. a lot going on. when we come back, we will put the computer model together. there is some good news. when i come back, we will look at that. roads are flooded throughout sonoma county tonight. >> tom vacar continues our live coverage. he is in healdsburg right now watching that pricing russian river, tom? >> reporter: will take a look at this. i have a little makeshift arrow that i made out of some mossy stuff, and an hour ago you could actually see about a four inch wide root sticking out of the ground, and not in the water. that was an hour ago, so this is at least four or five or six inches in the last hour, and it has been writing. a couple -- three hours ago, there is the top part of a chain-link fence about three feet out of the water standing up. there's a pathway there. it's entirely covered now.
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that is the situation, and the water keeps rising. now the ground is so saturated, basically the situation is this. every drop of water, let alone inches of water, presents new dangers now. west of santa rosa, 7:30 this morning, the godrej fire district responded to a person stranded in a flooded car with water raising. the water already 3 to 4 feet deep was deep enough to warrant a boat rescue from the when the fire department to extract a woman from the vehicle and get her to farm ground. first responders were expecting more of these incidences. >> the best thing to do is stop, turn around, and head back the other way. no telling the road conditions underneath the water and how fast the water is going. >> reporter: just north of petaluma, rising waters came in the road, cutting off a major route in and out of petaluma. and just south of great rude casino just north of rohnert
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park, flooding over took a long stretch of another major route that is subject to flooding and intense rains. and in here, off river road, just south of the sonoma county airport, plus the road is underwater with this water rising. what adds to the danger here is not just the water coming up, but what is happening right over here. debris stacking up against an area where it restricts the flow of water, and that can cause a flood. in the bridge in healdsburg, the water was so high that it attracted local sightseers. these folks marveled not only at the swiftness of the flow, but the unending procession of debris. branches deep and whole trees on their way by the sea, and the pacific ocean, but there seems to be no fear here of flooding right now as in past years. >> things have improved since then because they put in new ways and stuff, but i have seen
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it you know, knee-deep in the stores along hill brough avenue. >> and just west of healdsburg, we ran into a growing number of unmarked but obviously flooded roads, and the reason is you can't even upgrade them on the gps, let alone having all the crews trying to catch up with that. that this is such a spectacle, and there is so much debris coming down. let's look over here. a lot of people that are very used to this river know exactly how big a deal this is, and they understand that you know, this thing could still get out of hand even up here, let alone what is likely to happen down and guerneville. that is the situation. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> is it still raining right now? it almost looks like it has kind of tapered off at least for the moment. >> reporter: oh no, it is raining right now. and in fact, if you go over here, you can probably see right here in this dark area. you can see the water drops hitting the river right now.
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so it is still raining pretty hard, but it was raining much harder, and it seems to be coming in waves come so while it may not be real heavy right now, at least over the last few hours it has been coming in very, very heavy at other times, and that is expected i guess to continue. that situation. >> tom, the man with was referring to that they have done work to those spillways. are the spillways helping at all in a situation like this? >> reporter: oh yeah, there is no question that one of the guys who we talked to said the spillways actually did help. is used to plot all the time. years and years ago we would come up here all the time, and it was flooding, but the spillways among other things deepening and widening of all that stuff, that is the problem is when you get down to guerneville, what happens? the river narrows, and what that means is when you get into an area where the water comes
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up, and they are not really as well protected. it is better than it used to be there, but this one is a serious, serious atmospheric river. >> tom vacar there in healdsburg along the russian river for a tonight. tom, thank you. we go to santa clara county where they open the warming centers due to this weekend's stormy weather. this week's excuse me, stormy weather. the doors will remain open until at least thursday. the centers provide a safe place for the homeless and others to sleep when the weather poses a possible health threat to the public. similar warming centers are open and several other bay area communities during the storm. the rain and wind are also causing cancellations and delays at san francisco international airport . so far, 178 flights have been canceled at sfo, and at least 275 flights are experiencing delays of more than an hour. there are no major delays though reported at the airport in oakland or san jose. you can always download our newly updated ktvu weather app. that interactive radar, hourly updates , and the seven-day forecast, as well as an option to send us your weather
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pictures or your weather video. a tow truck driver and responding to a stalled vehicle in the north bay was struck and killed today on highway 101. and happened to sausalito at about 2:30 this afternoon on the shoulder of the southbound lanes near the spencer avenue exit. two other people were taken to the hospital. their conditions have not been released. it was raining at the time of the accident, but it is unclear at this point if the weather played a role in that crash. oakland teachers marched in the rain on day four of the districtwide strike. teachers headed to decide headed to roots academy at the end of the rally. that school is to close at the end of the year. >> this strike is not just for livable wages. this strike is to prevent this from happening so we can get
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back to teaching and focusing on what is important. >> raises, do we want to party just as much as we possibly can, we have to do so within our financial limitations. >> district has offered an 8.5% raise over four years. the two sides resumed talk this morning after 13 hours in negotiations yesterday the state superintendent tony thurmond is helping to mediate the talks. more than 90% of students are estimated to be staying home or finding other places to go during this strike. >> and believes parents trying to figure out ways to keep their kids engaged in learning. christina rendon on here tonight to talk about organizations that are trying to help students during the strike. >> some parents are left taking turns staying home from work, participating in share care programs, or trying to find day camps, maybe sending their kids to solidarity school. the majority of parents are keeping the kids out of the classroom. we found the motivated students working around the strike. an estimated 97% of students are staying home during the
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oakland teachers try, meaning they are missing out on crucial instruction in the classroom. >> the amount of students are extremely low, never been seen this at oak before and oakland. >> at taylor memorial church, senior pastor anthony jenkins says there are many teachers and retired teachers in his congregation, and he has a special place in his heart for his second grade teacher who helped him with his speech impediment. the church has opened its doors to children. >> our day is filled with i would say keeping their learning habits and their minds lubricated and not allowing them to go into a place of stagnation, of just watching tv, or looking at phones. >> on today, roughly 60 students spent their day at tables designated for reading, puzzles, and more. annette valentine provides groceries for the kids every day using donated money. she provide two meals a day for the children and knows that for some that may be the only meals they get. >> it is the right thing to do. i was brought up in a union family, and so i believe particularly after this
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experience our kids just need money. >> castle mart high school is partnering with youth uprising, and that organizes and has opened his computer lab and space for students to fill out scholarships and financial aid application. a college readiness specialist with ousd tells us roughly 55% of high school seniors districtwide have not submitted the financial aid applications. the state deadline is march 4. >> right now i'm feeling a lot of scholarships, filling i think my final essay for my ap literature class. >> isaiah says he's grateful for the teachers and college advisors that come to youth uprising to help. he's one of several locations across oakland helping ousd's seniors in their final year of high school during the strike. >> i applied for scholarships i think about a good seven or eight i applied to about 13 to 14 schools. i got into nine. >> last year, ousd seniors receive more than $5 million in
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financial aid. fred, julie, it's unclear if the strike could or will affect how much is afforded to teachers that you? thank you. already investigating a fire that killed an 85-year-old grandmother. now police are calling it a murder investigation, saying the fire was started as a gang hit. details on the investigation tonight at 5:30. a major interstate to the sierra closed. avalanche controls on the route to south lake tahoe. details about another messy day in the sierra. crib musical mo♪ millions are still exposed to the dangers of secondhand smoke. and some of them can't do anything about it. protect your family. but you can. visit
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the storm throughout california is bringing several feet of snow to the sierra. this is video 5-80 heading to tahoe earlier today. right now though, 80 is closed from the nevada state line to colfax because of a number of spin outs and whiteout
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conditions. no current time set to reopen that freeway. >> earlier today, caltrans conducted avalanche control work along highway 50 over echo summit. you can see there is a lot of new snow in that area. caltrans says traffic though is flowing smoothly tonight. >> at lower elevations, all that snow is rain, so much that they are dumping water to clear space in reservoirs. vicki gonzales in sacramento tonight near the american river. vicki, looks miserable out there. >> reporter: yeah, that's a pretty accurate description. the american river about a foot i am sitting in y. water. that water is essentially becoming an extension of a very fast moving american river.
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water rushing, but despite releases, fulsome lake's level continues to rise. >> we've seen about a foot and elevation right at fulsome lake, and about 4000 acre-feet, so that is what we are trying to release and make room. >> reporter: all of that going downstream, and to a rising american river, and in dating parking lots. forcing regulars to search for higher ground. >> they are not going to open this river for while. >> reporter: prompting closures. >> i'm hoping it's not going to be like 2017. we've had enough already. let's get to normal and stop, okay? >> reporter: a flooding in the creek shuts down scott road. is one of the usual in sacramento county. as you can see drivers are still making their way ss . from creaks to rivers. the water level will continue to pour into normally dry spots the sacramento county.
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and we have been out here throughout the afternoon, and the water level here in this parking lot has risen at least a foot. bureau regulation tells us there is a possibility that releases may increase significantly by the end of the week. if that happens, recreation areas like this parking lot along the american river will just continue to go deeper underwater. live in sacramento, vicki gonzales, ktvu fox 2 news. >> is that a parking lot where you are standing right now? >> reporter: it is a parking lot, and this parking lot, let me just show you again. it goes all the way down to where that tree is completely submerged. i am sitting in roughly a foot of water. it gets deeper and deeper as it goes into the american river. we have seen it rise significantly in the last hour
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or so. >> goodness, it's just like the whole thing is just completely inundated with water. vicki gonzales reporting live tonight. thanks. we go to the russian river and sonoma county where there are mandatory evacuations underway. >> including the count of guerneville . that were alyana gomez is life with us tonight. what is the situation there? >> reporter: frank and julie, good evening to you. we are standing here on armstrong woods road. it's one of the main roads just off of the other main road and sonoma county in the town of guerneville, and as you can see behind it is completely shut down. the center here urging drivers to avoid this area because it is a flooded road. we have been seeing -- you will see some of these bluebells all around you that are outside of these homes. we have been seeing a number of those falling on down. this road obviously looks like a river right now. looks like a rushing river.
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we were told there were a number of people who cannot get to their homes on this road because of the slotted area, and if you take a look behind me, this atoka county finishing up your. but this, this gray vehicle right here, this gray sedan on the tow truck was actually stuck in the floodwaters, and i talked to a guy who was after about 30 minutes ago in a pickup truck. he said his father was stranded on -- in that car in the middle of this flooded road, and he had to come here and push his vehicle although out to the higher ground area, so you can see that tow truck hightailing it out of this area, and behind all of those -- behind there as you see the tow truck go by, you will see a number of campers that are parked along the road and some other vehicles. people who live further down in the lower lying areas of this road here, from woods road, have parked their campers and vehicles on -- have taken them to higher ground in the roadway were it is not flooded, so people are preparing. we talked to a number people who were at safeway. safely was packed. tons of people were there grabbing groceries and things they needed because they were preparing to hunker down. a number of people telling as well, this is not going to be that bad. we've seen it that at 86 counsel a lot of people are kind of comparing this storm to that store from 86, where the russian river flooded i believe
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above 48 feet. it is expected to crest at 32 feet, which is flood stage tonight at 7:00, and tomorrow night it is expected to be 46 feet, so the sheriff's office of course issuing this mandatory evacuations at this hour and going door-to-door pretty soon to tell people to get on out of here. frank and julie? >> alyana, how far are you from downtown guerneville, were are all those businesses , and what is the situation like there? has downtown guerneville flooded? >> reporter: said the downtown roads aren't flooded, but if you look at some of the road, we are on a road just off of downtown. downtown is just off to our left just past this road. so the roads that are off to the side of it are the ones that are flooding out, the ones closest to the river. even the sheriff's office backs up into the river, and behind the sheriff's office, the substation there in guerneville, downtown
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guerneville, it's all starting to flood out as well. they've taken out a homeless shelter and they shipped out -- bust alec 26 or 27 people, to higher ground and santa rosa because of the flooding that is expected tomorrow. so downtown guerneville, i'm told by the sonoma county sheriff's office will flood come tomorrow. >> a lot of eyes watching what happens there. alyana gomez and guerneville for us tonight. thank you. and 32 feet is where we were about two weeks ago there. using armstrong road there, you get some small flooding, but every hour, that river is going to come up, and if alyana stick something next to the soil in her, she will see six inches, eight inches of rise. it will reach some near record levels as we get into tomorrow afternoon. a lot of rain has fallen, and you know where it is falling? in the northbay. that has been where the most significant rainfall has been. the lines still exist. it's a little more skewed south, but this line being right here. i mean that is -- above the redline, it has been raining nonstop since last night at this time, but yesterday afternoon at this time, and with significant totals yesterday afternoon . we've
5:22 pm
seen over 12 inches of rain, storm totals in this area. in the drainage basin of the russian river. i want to look at storm reports only because they tell the whole story, so the guerneville , this is a 11:45. there's a mud flow or debris flow. closer to point reyes we are flooding near point reyes. i'm in the so areas under a flood warning right now. here is something interesting. this and that 8:03 this morning, but a possible levee breach. levies are something we don't talk about a lot, but there are a lot of interlocking levies in the valley that are going to be stressed by the current situation, and levies in the northbay. flooding this afternoon at lunchtime. let's check one more. mud blocking west down lanes, so you see it as a tipping point. things are starting to happen up there as the rain continues to fall. heavily. that is the current radar. even san rafael seeing heavy rain. heavier rain, and everybody south again if you are in redwood city or san jose, you are like what is the big deal? the big deal is that, just a
5:23 pm
lot of rain, a big giant drainage basin in the russian river, and here we are with about 24 hours before we see a significant rise on the russian river to go well above flood stage. we are at flood stage right now at 30 2b. it is going to go well above that, 45 feet or so. so as you are looking -- maybe 46. as you look at the forecast model for tomorrow, here's the good news. this is tonight, but watch. so with that said, we are getting a break. the is still going to be rain coming down, but the strong, significant area distribution of rain, rapid rainfall rates will diminish wednesday and into thursday and beyond, so that is a huge break. russian river is going to flood. that is just going to happen. they will be very close to that 46 foot mark, so the downtown will flood. that is why they are evacuating, but in terms of more problems, we are going to get a break as we go into the next 12 hours. so there's a bit of good news, but other than that this is definitely -- during the area you want to heed the warnings
5:24 pm
and move on out. it is a slow moving thing. it is not like a flash flood, and you know that if you live in the river. it is slow. if you stand there long enough, it will flood. if only comes a. we will look at the computer model beyond that, and we will also look at the five-day. california's attorney general released this report today. it is a snapshot of conditions in detention centers for those facing deportation. we will tell you what this report says coming up. former vice president joe biden talking about a potential bid for president. what he said today in delaware. a music icon from the 70s is ending his career. ready in the bay area, you can see. frampton perform one last time. sarah's last tuition payment, sent off. feeling good? oh yeah. now i'm ready to focus on my project. ♪ ♪
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the democratic led house voted today to block president trump's emergency declaration to secure billions of dollars for money to build a wall along the southern border of mexico. democrats passed the resolution and a 245-182 vote. 13 house republicans joined them. the issue now go to the republican-led senate. the president said there is a border crisis , and he needs
5:28 pm
more than the $1.4 billion that congress provided for barrier construction. democrats say there is no crisis as president trump is trying to work around congress. the president is likely to win in the end since he could use his first ever veto to kill the measure if it passes congress. california's attorney general today unveiled a report detailing the conditions that immigration detention facilities around the state. christien kafton tells us that the aim of this report was to get a sense of how immigrants are being detained here in the bay area and around the state. >> reporter: california attorney general xavier becerra unveiled the results of his offices looking into detained immigrants. this look at candidates and senator meditate is for those under civil detention. those for wedding detention hearings in the immigration cases. >> that exists in california. not criminal detention, civil detention. and there have been a lot of concern that have been raised in the way that attention has been undertaken. >> reporter: the report examines 10 facility statewide and a deep dive into three of those, including the west contra costa county detention facility. the results revealed some detainees can find in their cells for 22 hours a day. detainees were held an average
5:29 pm
of 50 days with the longest detention lasting more than four years. language barriers leading to legal and medical issues including difficulties for some detainees looking to receive medical and mental healthca the stories they heard were heartbreaking. >> hearing stories of adults who -- we had a adult who had his baby torn from his arms when he was detained. about the ag often details about the west contra costa county facility, saying some detainees had to use biohazard bags as makeshift toilets. the report providing a snapshot of conditions, and in some cases leading to improvements. >> we did find in many cases where there was contra costa facilities, where there was an interest in trying to address some of the concerns. >> immigration and custom ends enforcement said that the center faci, quote, muscle weigh detainees and i.c.e.'s care are of paramount concern in all i.c.e. facilities are subject to stringent, regular inspections. the report is now set to be released to state lawmakers and the federal government. in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news.
5:30 pm
a deadly fire has turned into a homicide investigation with gang ties. police in san mateo tell us about this new twist. they told us today, and jesse gary has detailed tonight for the peninsula. >> reporter: relative the 85- year-old susanna tonga was the type of grandmother anyone would want. >> she was a good woman. she was loved by the community, and what happened? you know what i mean? like we don't want that to happen to anyone else's grandma. >> reporter: 419, first responders race to call the's home in the block of 103 in san mateo pedophiles were burning the structure to multiple dictums crashed inside. >> initially we were dispatched to what we thought was just a house fire. >> firefighters responded from station 24, which is just a couple blocks where the fire was seen. they arrived in 60 seconds. police arrived a minute after
5:31 pm
that. first responders were able to rescue six people, but susanna tonga did not make it out alive. >> we all miss her and love her. >> reporter: the investigation revealed that accelerants were put in the front of the home. investigator used surveillance video from a neighboring home to track and arrest a suspect days later. san mateo police have arrested 26-year-old from east palo alto for setting the fire that killed tonga. the motive behind the alleged crime, shocking even for veteran officers. >> this was a gang-related incident. it was a gang on gang incident, and the gang members that set the house on fire acted independently of his gang. >> investigate is once a which gangs were involved or what prompted him to seek revenge. ultimately, killing the beloved grandmother. >> i'm still in shock right now. i have not heard about a. >> reporter: relatives are struggling to make sense of the
5:32 pm
new revelation, as they prepare for susanna tong's funeral. in san mateo, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. the alameda county board of supervisors are still hearing public comment on a vote to change it to its urban shield program. then meeting is still underway, at the county of and ministries building in oakland. somebody to talk about the importance of the program. others say it should be eliminated or scaled back because of what they say is a focus on military tactics and the negative impact they say it has on communities of color. >> we do not support increasing the use of militarized weaponry and tactics in everyday law- enforcement. these training exercises perpetuate racist and gina phobic stereotypes. >> urban shield was created after the september 11 terrorist attack to help first responders prepare for terrorist attacks and other disasters. a young man convicted of
5:33 pm
making bombs and plotting nearly a dozen terrorist attacks in the bay area. the prison sentence he just received today. a new survey says you need to make a quarter million dollars a year just to buy a home here in the san jose area. what the numbers reveal.
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back now to the big story of today. heavy rain in the north bay, and some places more than 12 inches of rain has already fallen on the ground. life look at the radar, and you can see it is still coming down hard in some places around the bay area. >> all that rain has led to mandatory evacuations in more than 20 small communities around the russian river in sonoma county. the river is now forecast to be 14 feet above flood stage by tomorrow night in guerneville and neighboring communities. residence and guerneville being told to leave the area by 7:00 tonight. the flooding could be the worst in that area in more than 20
5:37 pm
years. other communities where people are being told to evacuate include monta rio, jenner, and duncan mills. nearly 4000 homes and businesses are without power tonight due to the stormy weather. pg&e says 2300 homes and businesses are without electricity in the north bay, more than 1400 customers are without power in the east bay, and only 140 homes and businesses are without electricity on the peninsula. after pg&e restored power in a massive blackout in half moon bay. a man was sentenced today to more than 15 years in prison for providing material support to a terrorist organization. prosecutors say he talked about making bombs and plotting nearly a dozen attacks here in the bay area. derose was in the federal court room in san francisco today , where new details were also released before that sentence was handed down. >> reporter: for more than three hours, two jailhouse informants were questioned. they both detailed interactions with amer alhaggagi and his plans to bomb and at numerous places in his love for guns and explosives. alhaggagi pleaded guilty to opening social media accounts
5:38 pm
for the >> state, and for identity theft. undercover video shows alhaggagi detailing plus to an undercover fbi agent to pull up again in san francisco, set fire to the berkeley hills, and target dorms to redefine terror. even downloaded a bond making annual. the defense team maintained he was immature and liked to troll people online, but was not a terrorist . this afternoon, alhaggagi made his statement, saying he made himself look like a crazy person and was playing the game, was embarrassed. the judge fire back though, saying alhaggagi had a total lack of empathy for others . he said alhaggagi's words matter, and his conduct has consequences. based on his lack of sympathy for life, the judge considered him dangerous, sentencing him to 15.5 years in prison , tenure supervised release, with no access to the internet without prior approval. also a mental health treatment and $5000 for restitution. sonoma some of alhaggagi family cried in the courtroom, and the judge explained the sentence was harsh. >> in the end, i think the
5:39 pm
court focused on the words as opposed to the intention. we failed to persuade the court of that point. >> as a person who cared for others, he helps people that were in trouble, financial trouble. he helped someone getting married by helping them with $5000. he has sympathy for people. he has sympathy for those in need. that was not adequately reflected in the entire process. i imagine there was a lot of, you know, the terrorism promotion aspect of it. >> reporter: wanting the judge, prosecutors, and defense could agree one was on the outpouring from the oakland yemeni community, promising to make community changes. one plan is to discuss this case talking to young men about online activity and what to do if approached by someone making extremist comments. in the newsroom, brooks jarosz, ktvu fox 2 news.
5:40 pm
>> , wondering what alhaggagi's reaction was when he heard the sentence. >> reporter: he looked very , very composed, and he just kind of looked down and did not really say much and walked out of court. >> do we know yet where he will serve his time? >> not yet. >> brooks jarosz in our newsroom tonight. brooks, thank you. 20 case markers and south lake tahoe have now closures. still to come tonight, how technology helped police find the former bay area man they say is responsible. final preparations are now complete here in hanoi as president trump and kim jong-un prepare for their second summit. i'm kevin corke with a preview coming your way in just a few. even if no one in your home smokes,
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a second face-to-face meeting between president trump and north korean dictator kim jong-un is just hours away at a summit in vietnam. kevin corke is in hanoi for the talks about ending north korea's nuclear program. report security is set here in hanoi, but that did not stop thousand from turning out to get a glimpse of president trump and kim jong-un. the north korean leader greeted by crowds and music at his red carpet welcome ceremony. kim jong-un drawing even more onlookers as he drove around the city. in stark contrast,
5:44 pm
president trump's arrival on air force one just a few hours later. the president greeted by several u.s. and vietnamese officials, tweeting in part, quote, just arrived in vietnam. thank you to other people for the great reception in hanoi. >> translator: everyone has been really excited in following the nuisance we learned about president trump meeting the north korean leader. >> reporter: the pomp and circumstance comes ahead of the highly anticipated summit, and while the white house has been lowering expectations for a major breakthrough on denuclearization, america's regional allies and competitors are pushing for more tangible results. >> translator: all parties of the international community hope north korea and the u.s. can make more concrete progress in achieving denuclearization. >> reporter: lawmakers mixed in their response to this latest round of talks. most republicans backing the presidents maximum pressure campaign, while democrats say it is all smoke and mirrors. >> what the united states must do is continue to apply our pressure, every bit of maximum pressure we can. >> there have been no specific
5:45 pm
steps by the north koreans to the neglect. >> reporter: for today someone kicks off with a brief one-on- one meeting with him doing the two leaders. followed by dinner. in hanoi, i'm kevin corke, fox news. investigators in el dorado county have now linked a san jose man who died five years ago to two cold case murders in south lake tahoe. authorities say dna evidence has connected joseph holt to the 1977 killing of 27-year-old brynn rainey and the killing of 16-year-old carol anderson two years later. investigators say both women had been sexually assaulted before they were strangled. authorities fear holt may have also been responsible for other killings in the tahoe area. >> do we know that these are the only crimes he is committed? based on circumstances and what we see, that is very doubtful. >> holt grew up in san jose.
5:46 pm
he was working as a real estate agent in south lake tahoe when he died of a heart attack in 2014. looking for a home in silicon valley? you will need a quarter million dollars. the startling numbers about how much of to make if you want on a home in the south bay. plus sharks may hold a clue toward fighting cancer. details about what researchers are studying coming up. we will check in on some of those rain totals that have been extensive in the north bay, quite a bit of rain, and we will look at the forecast as we head into tomorrow. it's a better forecast for the rivers and streams. ♪
5:47 pm
5:48 pm
they say you should always listen to your heart. and where better to do that, than the island of ireland? after all, your heart is the best compass there is. so get out there and fill your heart with the stuff that keeps it beating. fill your heart with ireland. a new report names the san jose area as the most expensive
5:49 pm
area in the country when it comes to buying a home. maureen naylor tells us the report says you have to make $250,000 a year just to afford a home in the south bay. >> reporter: to make this san jose neighborhood your own will cost you a lot. >> i look at open houses around here. it is just ridiculous! the price? >> reporter: hs, people in the san jose area need to make $255,000 a year to afford a median priced home. the highest amount in the nation. the san francisco area was second-highest recording a $199,000 year salary. syrian cancer clare county, a lot of people i know when you that there shall, in the latest census figures show the median household income is $109,000 a year , and to bridge that gap, many people are looking for other sources of income.
5:50 pm
>> they have to, otherwise nobody would be able to buy a house. >> reporter: the president of santa clara county associative realtors are relying on family. >> people are selling their stuff, selling their savings, you know, yeah. people are just coming together to support each other. there's multiple families that are going in to buy a property. >> reporter: the report finds the median home price and the san jose area is $1.25 million, which is what this two bedroom, one bath home in willow glen is selling for. this neighbor said she had to help her two adult daughters get into the housing department. >> my husband and i helped, not all of it, but some. >> so why did you help? >> because they would not have been able to. >> reporter: andrea burton is ceo of a nonprofit that provides homeless services and santa clara county. she says many of her employees and aren't able to afford homes. >> with an employee who's looking to leave with his wife who happens to be a schoolteacher. this summer, they are moving to
5:51 pm
tech this, and the number one reason is they cannot afford a rental, let alone to buy a home in this market. >> reporter: speaking other markets, the most affordable region named in the report is pittsburg, where salary of $38,000 a you can afford a median priced home like this one around $140,000. and this is what the median home price and san jose gets you in pittsburg. for $1.2 million, a 5000 square- foot colonial home with a three car garage. >> i think we have to fix the housing market , or we are going to be in serious trouble. >> reporter: and san jose, maureen naylor, ktvu fox 2 news. the great white shark is not only a fearsome predator of the sea. it also has an unusual resistance to cancer. that is the conclusion of a new study from a team of researchers at the monterey bay aquarium , and they say there shark study could help in the battle against cancer in humans. what of those researchers was our guest last hour on ktvu the four. >> by studying these mechanisms and different stratethey are
5:52 pm
dealing with stopping dna damage and stopping the mechanism that can lead to cancer, we are able to better to understand how our own mechanism works. >> the shark study could also have medical researchers treat age-related ailments and even heal injuries in humans. and we are looking at some of those rainfall totals. they are very impressive. in over 24 hours, we have seen nearly 9 inches of rain in monitorial. within 12 inches of rain around denver, 5.5 inches is santa rosa. this is just a little over 24 hours. these areas are in the russian river area in the north bay area that is draining into the river that is causing us problems. when you look at the other rainfall totals, 0.02 in livermore, point 02 to the north? petaluma has got some rain, but they are still in the north aps san francisco is a half inch of rain. they are on the other side of the golden gate bridge. you go north of the golden
5:53 pm
gate bridge up on the mountain uptown, those guys are coming in at five inches, six inches of rain, surreal disparity. it's a real sort of -- the rain in the north bay, and that what is about the agent spready self tonight beer we should see more widespread went all the way to san jose in the next few hours, and we are going to see a break, but the damage is done. the damage being the russian river drainage basin has captured 1500 square miles of water that is raining out of those hills, and finally into that little narrow canyon, so that is where we are. that is where we are going to see that rocky river go up to 45 feet, which is well over flood stage, which is called evacuations. here's a model, and here's the good news from what i can see, and by tonight, 11:00, that last main band goes through, and there you are. there is wednesday morning, wednesday afternoon. that is some scattered showers in the forecast, but certainly nothing that i would be concerned too much about in terms of increasing the
5:54 pm
flooding, increasing issues with wind, so that is good news for us. russian river is a little bit late because what is happening now, it is a time delayed kind of thing. it is a slow-moving sort of a flood, so it is already -- the water is there. it's going to come up. 58 in vallejo, 61 in concord. kind of a nice, mild day tomorrow with scattered showers. there is the five day forecast, and you can see what we've got. a chance of some showers there on wednesday and thursday, but certainly no big deal. saturday does not look like a big deal either, we are fortunate we are not looking and another one as we go forth. ucl -- julie, you mentioned how quickly the russian river went off. it rained so much a week ago. if he had something behind us, we would be concerned. right now, we are in a nice break. >> that is what we need. michael come in's testimony about president trump begins today. i am ray bogan in washington with the latest coming up. east bay congressman eric swalwell talks about a run for president, and what a potential
5:55 pm
bid would mean for his position in the house. and janet jackson is moving to las vegas. we will tell you when tickets will be going on sale. [music playing] (sashimi) psst. hey, you! the one with the designer dog collar. wondering how i upgraded to this sweet pad? a 1,200-square-foot bathroom, and my very own spa. all i had to do was give my human "the look". with wells fargo's 3% down payment on a fixed-rate loan and a simpler online application, getting into my dream home was easier than ever. get your human to visit what would she do without me?
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president trump's former attorney and fixer, michael cohen, was on capitol hill today. it was the first of three days of testimony including public questioning tomorrow. as fox news ray bogan tell us, cohen is expecting to take a look at his template he is beside donald trump. >> reporter: michael cohen is testifying to congress before going to jail for lying to congress the lawmakers are expected to grill him on the trump organization and potential illegal activity by the president. >> no aspect of trump's world is not under investigation, the trump foundation, the trump financial organization, the
5:58 pm
trump campaign, all of them are under investigation. >> reporter: cohen is expected to address everything from the interworking of the trump organization, to specific details of hush money paid to women who claimed they had affairs with mr. trump ahead of the 2015 presidential election. >> the american people deserve weather to know donald trump has been functioning as the president of the united states of america, or as the equivalent of an organized crime boss. >> reporter: cohen pleaded guilty for lying to previous congressional hearings and cutting a deal with investigators. white house press secretary sara sanders slammed congressional democrats for allowing cohen to testify, saying, quote, it is laughable but anyonethetic to see he is giving yet another opportunity to spread his lies. some republican lawmakers convinced it is all a waste of time. >> we are going to find out just about everything there is to find out about these allegations, and so far there is not much, if anything, to
5:59 pm
show for it. >> reporter: today was cohen's of first of three scheduled appearances before congress. he will bubble testified publicly for the house committee. ray bogan, fox news. this is ktvu fox 2 news at 6. get out while you can. that is the warning for people living near the russian river in guerneville tonight. heavy rain has been drenching sonoma county, filling the river to levels maybe not seen in 20 years. and atmospheric river of moisture directed right at the north bay still bringing impressive amounts of rain at this hour. i'm julie haener. >> an eye frank somerville. the impact of the storm is dramatically different depending where you are. on the radar, you can see the intensity of the storm in marin, sonoma, and napa counties. some areas are flooded with boats being used to rescue stranded drivers. on the bottom right-hand corner
6:00 pm
there in the south bay, the rainfall totals so far are minimal. >> one of the hardest told to evacuate before the russian river exceeds flood stage. alyana gomez has the details. >> reporter: roadsides filled up like lakes. the quaint town of garden villas getting dumped on with more rain still on the way. >> unless you've got a vote, you not going to get to this area tomorrow. >> reporter: with the threat of the russian river course think 30 feet and 46 wednesday night, mandatory evacuations are underway. >> we are going to start going down to door and telling people to the. we want to err on the side of caution, but it looks like the entire area of the lower russian area from rio nido down to monte rio, it will be evacuated this afternoon if that is the case. >> reporterhigher ground is cle you've never seen it like this? >> i've never seen it


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