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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  February 27, 2019 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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off by flooding. we have the latest situation in northbay. our eyes are on that napa river, how high will it go? >> there is problems across the bay area down trees to power outages. we have your complete storm coverage. good afternoon. >> the top story, massive flooding. the russian river is 11 feet above flood stage. the town is cut off by flooding. we are getting a live picture of the downtown area with dozens of cars underwater. homes are underwater. houses are 3 to 5 feet of water with businesses that are affected in that downtown area residents and that town, and
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two in the community along the river were ordered to evacuate yesterday. a lot of people did but others stayed back and decided to write this out. we are out for 20 minutes. i was sitting my desk watching the footage. you see some in kayaks or boats. they said okay. let pack up. they jumped in the kayaks and took all. >> communities lost power. we expect more emergency rescues to happen. let's get a better idea of the river levels are on the russian and the napa rivers. >> we are talking about the river levels but the pictures, we can see those numbers meet. 32 feet, not a big deal but this is well above 40 feet on track to reach 46 feet. this is a major event.
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the extreme rainfall has backed up. look what has happened since monday. this area reports 21 inches of rain. san francisco going back to october over 18 inches. that is accumulating and having a big import on the river. there is no longer a flood warning that will precede throughout the day. it could be 8.9 feet this afternoon. napa river at napa is above flood stage. this could back off a little bit through mid-afternoon. russian river, 26.2 feet, above the flood stage of 22 feet. it will come down gradually. the russian river is well above the flood stage and expected to crest tonight and into
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wednesday. here is a look at the river system as it approaches kernville at 46.6 feet and will crest at 46 feet at 8:00 tonight. the problem is a drop off in the numbers. thursday, 44.6 feet it could be above flood stage the entire day as we head into thursday. with the 46-what impact, you can see downtown kernville floats. as far as the historical flood events, you can see the top five from 46 to 48 to 49 et. we expect the river to crest around 46 feet today. towards the golden gate bridge, intense rainfall has backed off but we are tracking scattered rain showers. this is the past 24 hours.
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as we come closer,'s tattered green across the northbay. it does not all reach the ground but we are tracking scattered showers. a system could impact your weekend and we will talk about that coming up. >> as the russian river rights, flooding is more dangerous around kernville. officials ordered evacuations for low-lying communities. they include kernville, monte rio and rio dell. sarah is live in sonoma county to bring us the latest. sent? >> we are pocket cannula highway or highway 116. we got on this road because it is to take you to kernville. we got here about 5:00 in the. we thought the story was about the what if it we realized quickly that the plan had to change. there was no way in and no way out. flooding blocked all roads
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leading to kernville. people got another route. >> the thought was to vote in. >> reporter: the water is several feet deep and swallowed more roads. >> it is a slow, silent creek. you many are trying to find an waite to an island but they realized it would not happen. >> i'm going home. >> reporter: this is not the only roadblock. mud and downed trees littered pocket canyon highway with obstacles expert it is flooded and a mess everywhere. >> reporter: as tough as the drive was, when he saw this, he knew it was time to turn around. >> no way i don't want to drown. >> reporter: we will keep an eye on kernville and the areas around. christine is on the way over here. we will continue live coverage later this afternoon.
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in sonoma county, ktvu, fox 2 . >> sonoma county set up a hotline related to the storm or flooding. that is 707-565-3856. shelters have been set up for those who have evacuated or will soon effected for the arts located on high street. the fairgrounds, the santa rosa veterans memorial in healdsburg community center. >> several school districts are closed due to body including the alexander valley school and union school district as well as the gerd felt and geyserville school district. others is the union school district, monorail and montgomery elementary and the oak grove union school district. schools have canceled classes today, west county charter school and el camino high school. a story we are
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reporting on since the start of a roadway was shutdown. >> we are live from the scene with the update on this story. allie? >> reporter: you can see makeshift rally road is partially opened in both directions. there is two lanes of traffic. there is at least one lane of traffic in the westbound direction while pg&e continues to make repairs. >> reporter: walnut creek police are directing traffic at walnut boulevard all morning long. is started around 2:00 what a treat toppled down, taking a web of power lines down. people who live along the creek recall heavy wind and rain that may have caused this. >> it sounded like hail for a while. i am not sure. >> reporter: it was not just drivers but pedestrians that were impacted with a middle
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school nearby. sidewalks leave to the b.a.r.t. station. >> i take it every day. it is definitely the main commuting path. this is the only bridge crossing. in order to get to the other side, i don't know. >> reporter: workers and police were able to escort some pedestrians with the power lines were deactivated. the latest information is that there is about 550 customers in this area without power. they say that by late afternoon, they expect all the work to wrap up in both directions. that is here at walnut boulevard that should reopen. ktvu, fox 2 . commuters between sonoma and marin county have to find another way to do that because highway 37 is shut down in both direction. the westbound lanes are under water.
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the chp says heavy rainfall is causing the creeks to spill over and onto roadways. this will like several more days. there is whether or not thou across the area. pg&e says the north bay is the hardest hit area. businesses are without power. the east bay, power is out for more than 1400 customers. there is 215 on the peninsula. snow in his sierra has reached dangerous levels on resorts and the rights. interstate 80 is shut down. snowplows are trying to clear the road. the closure extends to the nevada state line. >> more weather away, now is a good time to download our ktvu app with the seven-day forecast so you can send us your weather photos and video. this is the oakland teacher's strike and how much
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money it is costing the district every day. a parting shot before prison. the extreme rainfall moves out of the bay area but still scattered showers and another system that could impact your weekend plans. ♪
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our big story is the latest storm and the fallout from it. we are watching the russian river. on the left-hand side,'s pictures taken from sky fox. homes and buildings are underwater and people getting around in canoes. the flooding is expected to get worst as the russian river is expected to crest in guerneville. there is some rain but the brunt of the storm has moved out. and east bay, it is day 5 of the strite. a solidarity rally wrapped up. teachers are rallying outside of each school over interstate 580. the unit members will protest at 3:00 this afternoon. contract negotiations are resuming between the district and union members. administrative say this the
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financial problems are much worse. they estimate the district is losing $1 million per day in funny because so few students are showing up for class. they are in tents of millions of dollars in the hole and they are planning to merge schools. attendance is at 6%. >> 90% of the students are said to be state how or finding other places to go. this lace parents figuring out way to keep children engaged and ideally learning. christine spoke with women from the organization who are helping students learn during the labor dispute. >> reporter: 90% of students are staying home meeting they are missing out on crucial instruction in the classroom. >> it is extremely low and never seen it this slow before. >> reporter: at taylor memorial united missed the church,
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anthony jenkins says there are many teachers and retired teachers in his congregation. is a special place in his heart for the second grade teacher. the church opened its doors to children. >> we live to keep learning habits and their minds lubricated and not allow them to go into a place of stagnation of just watching tv or looking at phones.>> reporter: 60 students spent the day at tables does it for reading and painting add more. annette buys groceries using donated by the picture provides two meals per day and knows for some, may be the only meal they get. >> it is the right thing to do. i was brought up in a union family. i believe after this experience, are teachers need money.>> reporter: this is
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partner with youth uprising. that organization opened up computer labs and a space for students to fill out applications >> the readiness specialist tells us roughly 55% of high school seniors wide have not submitted financial aid application. the deadline is march 4th expect a billing out scholarships. final essay for my ap literature class -- >> he is grateful for advisors that come to youth uprising to help. it is one location helping seniors in the final year of high school during the strike. >> i applied for a scholarship. i applied about seven or eight or 13 or 14 schools and i got into my. >> seniors received $5 million in financial aid last year. ktvu, fox 2 . >> ktvu set up a hotline to help parents get information. the number is on your screen,
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510-874-0400. we are updating that line with the newest information throughout the day. there are scattered showers? >> we are tracking and settled weather today but thankfully the extreme rainfall which is focused in the north day has shifted out a little bit but ominous guys are out there as you can see, mostly cloudy conditions. is not as much rainfall for the south day but towards the golden gate bridge, a different story. sonoma and napa and mendocino county, it is nice to see that dry pavement. we need the brakes the rain has backed off. we are looking at the rainfall totals coming up. it looks like lake sonoma over 11 inches of rainfall going back to monday. san rafael at 10 inches. santa rosa over 7 inches. here is the active radar. the
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main focus has been focused in the north they. as we come closer on the radar, there is scattered showers to contend with today. that will be the theme over the next two hours. is not always reaching the ground but scattered rain in the east bay. there is showers approaching morgan hill. the current numbers in the 50s to the lower 60s. in the pacific, as we expand the view, we are experiencing over the past day or so, the flow with the next system developing. it is a vector towards friday evening and saturday with rainfall likely across the region. it will not be an extreme event but moderate to maybe heavy rainfall saturday my. clouds are in place. this gets a break with the extensive rainfall. the forecast model shows you
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this. it is generating more rain but nothing too significant into the next week. forecast model, this afternoon at 2:00 with clouds and scattered showers. we put this into motion 30 state, not too much activity tomorrow. tomorrow would be a fairly nice day. we will take it. friday, starting out dry and sticky with clouds throughout the evening. friday evening, rainfall making a comeback. the bulk of the activity will be saturday my. the sierra, the snow piles up. another winter storm warning has been issued. we are talking about this 6 a.m. thursday. this has been growing exponentially over the past couple of weeks. this afternoon, upper 50s to lower 60s. keep the umbrella with you because you might encounter scattered showers. thursday and friday with a chance by friday evening,
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saturday has rainfall with rain saturday morning and backing up by the afternoon. it looks like that break is looking nice in your thursday forecast. a poet is in the hot seat. there are harsh words for the former boss.
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stocks are wavering after comments from that trade
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definitions spoke about the trade talks are progressing. the dow jones recovered some of its earlier losses but is still down a quarter of 1% pick a nasdaq is on the plus side. michael cohen is testifying before the house committee. he turned on his former was. this is the opening statement calling the president a racist, a con man and a cheat. >> today, i am here to tell the truth about mr. trump. >> reporter: michael cohen, the long serving disgraced attorney going for committee former fixer telling lawmakers he needs to fix one thing pick >> i am here under oath to correct the record. i am ashamed because i know what mr. trump is. he is a racist. he is a con man and he is a cheap. >> the urge him not to forget his track record with the
12:24 pm
treat. >> this is a guy who is going to prison for lying to congress. certainly come is the first time a convicted her drawer has been brought back to be a star witness. >> i am ashamed of my weakness and my misplaced loyalty. i am ashamed that i chose to take part in concealing mr. trump's illicit act >> it is for this reason that i have incorporated into this opening statement documents that are irrefutable. >> reporter: personal checks that he says he wrote saying it is proof a star was paid to keep quiet. other documents corroborate less prominent scandals including a development deal in russia. >> let's be clear. mr. trump knew of and directed the trump-moscow negotiations got the campaign and lied about it.
12:25 pm
>> reporter: after a feisty start, he opened it up to questions which are underway and will be sometime before it is all over. ktvu, fox 2 . joe biden appears to be closer to a presidential bid. yesterday, he said quote, don't be surprised if he decides to run. i have not decided to run after the death of my sun. he is 77 and says he realizes the campaign could be difficult. 200 amtrak passengers are resuming plants. they were going from seattle through los angeles when it became stuck in oregon. union pacific could not clear away the snow until yesterday my. it took another four hours to tow the train back to you jane, organ. passengers were happy to get off that trait expect i only packed five diapers. you know?
12:26 pm
luckily, a nice lady came in and gave me some pull-ups i did not know what i was going to do. >> amtrak did not allow passengers to leave the train. they defended that decision by saying it was the safest lace for the passengers with food and heat and restaurants. the operators said passengers get a full rhythm. >> the gerber contest is making histories. this captures the heart of the judge was. the first gerber of mom dissent. this is the spokes baby on social media and will receive $50,000. we monitor the situation along the russian river along 32 . a month of height and anticipation, the summit between president trump and kim jong-un is underway. at the latest details coming up.
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the russian river is flooding and causing major flooding. the flood warning is in effect until late tonight when the river is expected to crest at 46 feet.
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in the last hour on it hit 43 feet, 11 feet above flood stage. evacuation orders are in those communities along the river and shelters have been set up. there is been many rescues near the river after people became trapped in the floodwaters. >> there is a number businesses and homes are effective. >> reporter: we are in for still, 65 miles north of san francisco. you can see wallow road is pretty much a river. you can see the caution tape and the tips of those hazard signs. further by those three >> there, that is about 10 or 11 feet deep. across the road at the farmhouse , the guest been having a heck of a time getting in and out because the parking lot is flooded. a woman had to be rescued when her car got stuck.
12:31 pm
tow trucks have been very busy. the russian river will crest tonight at 46 feet, the highest level in 24 years. some homes and businesses are inundated. mandatory evacuation are in place along the russian river. some people who did not heed the evacuation order are stuck the sheriff says all roads leading in and out of guerneville are flooded out and might not be passable for another day or two pick the rain will taper off. drive weather is in the forecast tomorrow and friday. more rain is expected to arrive by this weekend. >> the sheriff office says the number of teams helping people with rescue efforts, this was taken by the sheriff department in the area of pocket canyon road. >> we know what is happened,
12:32 pm
let's look ahead with mark. >> we are not dry but we are kicking out the extreme rainfall we had with rainfall amounts from 10 to 12. of course a huge impact on the river systems. rivers show napa river right now at 12.4 feet. the flood warning in fact has expired that area the river level will continue to come down for the napa river and st. helena. number is still above flood stage but that will come down in the afternoon. the russian river still above flood stage and expected to be by 3:00 this afternoon. at least the main concern is the russian river at guerneville . it is 44 feet and expected to crest tonight and tomorrow morning at 46 feet. as you can see, the system
12:33 pm
zigzags across guerneville . right now, there is the level expected to crest tonight but still, tomorrow, thursday could be above flood stage which is 32 feet. 46 feet is what we expect with officials in downtown guerneville with lighting around river road. yesterday, today is a different story. we have scattered light showers as you can see on the map for southern marin county and southern portions of the day. another system could impact your weekend plans. we'll talk about that in a little bit. >> the weather is keeping the fire department is a pick posted this video showing water rushing into the reservoir spillway marin county firefighters took this video showing the runoff from the
12:34 pm
heavy rain. a call was outside. fixed. the crews say they spent much of the day going from one storm call to another. >> chp is reminding drivers not to drive through standing water. flooding caused roadways and drivers tried to get through that water and were stuck and stranded pick this woman had to be rescued from her car with the water that was nearly 4 feet deep. there is been a lot of rain and flooding. the city says alamo creek is 12.5 feet, which is below flood stage. let show you new video from cash creek. you can see the water levels are right up to the bank. there is bushes and shrubs and washer rushing as it comes down. roadways are covered. you can download our new weather app any time. there is interactive weather and a seven-day forecast and
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easy way to share photos and videos with us. more drivers are calling for road service. one turned deadly in marin county brick the tow truck driver was hit north of the golden gate bridge. the driver was working i car on the southbound side of 101 when he was hit and killed. chp says the cause is being investigated but the pickup appears to be going too fast. >> president trump met in vietnam. lauren has the latest on this second summit between the leaders. >> reporter: the anticipated summit kicked off today. it is anyone? guess whether it will result any deal that has north korea giving up nuclear weapons. with a smile and a handshake, the summit between president trump and kim jong-un get underway. they are meeting for a short grading at a photo op before
12:36 pm
heading behind closed doors for about 30 minutes a private talk >> president trump praised his relationship with kim and says the talks cannot be rushed. >> some people would like to see it go quicker. we will be happy with what we are doing. the summit was a great success.>> reporter: neither were talking about denuclearization. it is not clear if kim is willing to give up his nuclear program or what he might ask for in return. he did not address the question directly but avoided mistakes of the past. spec there has been misunderstandings, you know, eisman the world that misunderstand the situation with some hostility. >> reporter: after the one-on- one meeting, the leaders met for dinner with the president striking the optimistic tone about the prospects for a major agreement with kim jong-un. >> our relationship is a
12:37 pm
special relationship. >> we are expecting a hearing of expanded talks as well as a possible one-on-one between president trump and kim jong-un . lauren blanchard with ktvu, fox 2 . >> there is a vigil held tonight to remember the late san francisco public defender, jeff adachi . they will march to city hall tonight. the mayor's office announced a public memorial service but is held at the city hall. that is on monday. he died suddenly on friday evening. authorities are awaiting autopsy results to determine the cause of death extract inspiration, we will introduce you to a coach who made the difference in the lives of thousands of children. we are monitoring the stitching along the russian river and the dangerous flooding caused by the latest storm.
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the latest storm on the left-hand side of your screen with flooding and what is happening along guerneville. the russian river is expected to rise and the flooding will get worse. this is like rain but you could remember we saw yellow and orange. the brunt of the storm has passed through the day area. >> spencer with the sheriff office sergeant, thank you for joining us as we saw the pictures, looked devastating around $250,000. paint a picture of what is happening right now. >> it is really date right now. we have eliminated rescues because the water has gotten two deep. the military are ones that sit high and usually they can get through normal floods but those are no longer in use. deputies are positioned on
12:42 pm
different islands that are popping up. we are trying to be available to help anyone who needs assistance. we have several boats to launch in the event those are needed but it is just a state of getting ready to assist those the stay behind need emergency evacuation >> we will try to get to them but as we talked about yesterday, we are landlocked and stuck. it will be probably friday. >> if someone were to call your office and say i need to be rescued right now, basically, you have to tell them we cannot get to you if they are where the water is too deep? >> we will say we will launch a boat and try to get to you. the fire department will try to get to you. is not going to be a quick process. the deputies and the fire department will risk life and
12:43 pm
limb to rescue people. is restated yesterday, the best advice was to get out yesterday. >> with the flooding expected to get worse, what is your plan for the rest of the day into the evening? >> the same people that came in this morning, we had to boat them and they got a change of clothing and they will be there throughout this whole ordeal. we have a dispatch with the phone lines that are still working. we will respond as needed. called 911 and we will work on getting you out. a helicopter is ready to go if needed. let's hope it doesn't get that far.. wait until you have to crawl out on the rooftop. call 911 and give us time. when you get to the rooftop, it puts a sense of urgency. we need the time we can get to get to you.
12:44 pm
>> does parts of guerneville have power. >> yes. >> in regards to cause you're getting, and you had to rescue anyone for medical reasons? our injuries reported or people taken to the hospital at all what i have heard no significant injuries but nobody has been taken out of guerneville proper >> are people trying to drive in or out of town?>> you cannot get in. the roads are blocked off. caltrans crews are out you cannot get through. where messing around with the high water last night at the water is to date that. >> the meteorologists say it will go up another 3 feet and maybe four feet by midnight tonight. can you describe where you are at, how big of a difference is that? if you can't get people now, i cannot imagine what it will be like at midnight tonight. >> that is why we took it serious. we cannot get to you,
12:45 pm
especially in the dark. it will make it more difficult. you talk about number 4 feet, the water could come into town into the closed businesses. we are prepared for the worst but we are hoping for the best. 4 feet will put on a strain on the town but we will do the best we can. >> thank you so much for talking with us and we will be in touch with you throughout the course of the day expect mark, you know, i want to double check but we expect to go another three or 4 eight tonight? >> yes. approaching 46 feet. there is always the chance because of the complex river system. is straining 1500 square miles started out here outside of willis to follow this track through guerneville . what is interesting, creeks have
12:46 pm
actually flown into this river. the creeks are running very high. some of the rainfall is falling into the system for the russian river. is zigzagging as it approaches guerneville . it is also the smaller creeks that are adding more water to this area. we are so concerned today and tomorrow. the river could very well be above flood stage all day long into thursday. rainfall totals has been a big range. paddle and at 4 injured. oakland all over an edge. look at livermore and san jose. san jose 0.22 inches pick the radar imagery, the rain is really targeting the northbay. it is amazing from marin county down to san francisco. it is a different story. right now, the rain showers, as you can see in
12:47 pm
the central portion of the date towards the east bay, there is scattered rain towards the santa cruz mountains. showers are out to the west. we have upper 50s and 60s. san francisco at 58. seven arose at 57. here is the satellite showing you this. you see the old system moving out. thankfully, it is moving out. is impacting the bay area yesterday. here is the rainfall forecast showing you zeros. these numbers will go up into thursday and friday and into saturday. it is not huge numbers but maybe an inch and the south bay . the next system developing, towards saturday morning. here is hawaii. this area here, another guy developing. this will be a quick mover but producing heavy rainfall
12:48 pm
towards friday night and into saturday. showers tonight and tomorrow, a slight chance of isolated showers. sunday morning, rain and wind. this afternoon, thursday, it looks like this, a mixture of sun and clouds with a slight chance of a sprinkle. friday, we start off drive but we pick up clouds in the afternoon. friday night with rain approaching the coastline and sticking around into saturday for the morning. the sierra, winter storm warning and continues until 6 a.m. thursday. this is quite the month with several feet of snow and we are talking about possibly 3 to 5 feet. highs in the upper 50s and 60s. we get a break tomorrow any chance of showers later. after 6 pm friday, into the
12:49 pm
weekend, we are dodging more raindrops for saturday morning. during black history month, we highlighted the accomplishments of african- americans in the bay area, including some you may not have heard of before. >> frank introduces us to a tennis coach who made a big difference in the lives of thousands of inner-city children . >> try again. >> reporter: it is always go time for king. the native maybe 70 but her energy says no way. >> wait. wait. there you go. >> her life has been full, a teacher and a project manager and her favorite title? it feels wonderful. >> this is a relationship that you start with. you get the kids to report where they move on. when they move on, they don't have that feeling of loss but a feeling of graduation.
12:50 pm
>> reporter: the family foundation operation pride started 37 years ago. the goal was to build character and children through sports. is started with a lesson per week and in 2006, the usda got involved to help establish the berkeley national tennis late. kids get lessons three times per week, a summer league and tournaments. it has grown that much. >> they started they were 5 years old. a five-year-old child and i looked up and they are on the high school team. that is what the reward is. >> 1000 kids have gone through the program. these are city kids so a lot may have never pick up a racket. now, they are schooled on the fundamentals and they love every bit of it. >> she is always there for me. she is really showing me what it can be like.
12:51 pm
>> inside out. >> reporter: she has had help along the way like barbara lewis , among others these mentors are teaching so much more than tennis. >> she helps me with social skills. now, i can express myself and make more friends. >> people watch and i could still perform well under pressure. that helps my character even when i am at school. >> nice try. >> reporter: she is a gamer and she teaches youngsters the proper way to play the game, she is setting them up for success. >> if you teach children and allow them to have fun, the character automatic and coming out. >> hustle. hustle. >> game and set and match. ktvu, fox 2 . a new report from the
12:52 pm
silicon valley at the top of the list as the most expensive area in the country to buy a home and how much you have to earn to buy a house in the area.
12:53 pm
12:54 pm
we are watching the northbay and the russian river. more live updates begin this afternoon. spent we will sit down with a former fema coordinator to learn how much this cleanup could cost the county and the state tonight on the 4. the dow jones has spent the session on the losing side and on track to close down by more than 0.25%. the nasdaq is essentially flat. >> how much money people in the bay area intern to buy a home, a mortgage data company announced that silicon valley is the most expensive area that nation. you knew to earn two and $55,000
12:55 pm
per year to buy a median priced home. realtors say first-time home buyers are coming up with creative ways to come up with that down payment. >> people are selling stocks. they are selling savings. timing, people are coming together to support each other with multiple families that are buying a property. >> this highlights the difference between silica and valley and pittsburgh, pennsylvania. medium priced home, $1.25 million and $140,000 in his burke. you can get a 5000 square foot colonial with a three car garage. and google hopes to break ground on a massive housing project. the envelop the plans last night at the mountain view city council meeting. they're proposing to build 5700 new homes on shoreline boulevard.
12:56 pm
the vision is to transform the area from a suburban office park into new residential neighborhoods. >> our plan addresses three of the most pressing issues facing mountain view in the region today, housing, affordability, traffic, and sustainability. >> google says the harms which would be mostly rental units will serve all income levels. 20% of the homes will be set aside for affordable housing and that would double the amount currently in the city. >> san jose is relocating the homeless center near the airport to a new site at leland and willow street on property that is owned by the candy. they will replace it with a tiny home committee. they will spend $3 million on the tiny homes and it could be running by 2021. the emergency situation in
12:57 pm
sonoma county along the russian river in guerneville . >> in the next newscast is on the 4.
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