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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  February 27, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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f0 parts of sonoma county are submerged in water as people are stranded by high water and communities cut off. >> a lot of people baled but a lot of people rode it out. >> the rain has begun to taper off. good evening. the other good news the russian river is cresting and the water is expected to recede quickly. sky fox was above guerneville today. two koz homes, building and are flooded. with the roads flooded there's no way in or out. >> a few miles down river this is highway 116. the sign says welcome, but
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there's no tourist, only muddy river water. >> this is a side by side image, on the left is the town during normal times on the right is how it looked today. >> along the river the towns havethe brunt of the flooding. there's reports that only half of the people evacuated. >> here's the latest on the situation. >> at last check the russian river reached 45 feet. that's 13 feet above flood stage, the highest in 25 years, that's made the job of rescuing people difficult and dangerous. >> from sky fox you can see the scope of the devastation. in guerneville homes, businesses and cars under water
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after the river flooded. many people had to be rescued. >> previous rains, we can handle fit got high, this time the cano flipped over. we knew we needed help. >> with the river cresting officials are no longer asking people to evacuate. they are telling people trapped by the water to stay where they are. >> the residents that are remaining are trying to find higher ground. many are staying up in the 2nd story. we're no longer asking people to evacuate. >> in forestville a man surveyed the damage from his kayak. >> most of the homes are. it's been decade of experience. a lot of the homes are lifted.
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garages are under water. >> it wasn't over the tires the last time we came through here. >> earlier wednesday people who live in the riverside trailer park were told the relocate to higher ground. >> it will happen in another week. this is the second time this year. >> i've done it so many times it's normal. >> faced with a massive recovery effort sonoma has declared a emergency. for many the help can't come soon enough. >> the russian river is forecast to recede but the guerneville area will be above flood stage for at least 24 hours. there's four helicopters to assist with medical calls in the flood zone. we want to go to bill
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martin with more on the river willfuls. >> level. they peaked this evening and below the number that was projected yesterday. that's good news of by thursday archet down to 32 feet. just above 32 feet. it's closer to flood stage. by friday it's half of that. the river has crested. the rains for the most part have ended but not before significant rain in the russian river drainage, that kind of rain, 2 feet of rain in three days. this area up undated and it flows into the ave had a lot of a foot to nearly 2 feet of rain. the river is working back down slowly. as you know, when it floods the
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clean up is almost as bad as the flood itself. we'll talk more about that and what you can expect. there's more rain coming this weekend. our coverage picks up with debra in sebastopol. >> a young man called 911. >> standing on dry land but unable to get out. didn't have many clothes on. he's cold at this point. i'm sure they will just check
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him out. >> a watershed drains to the russian river. offer -- over flowing the shed. the sheriff emphasizes the boats are the only way to go. >> the water is murky and people are driving into it and they are getting stuck and we have to rescue them. they are losing their havings. >> as first responders stayed busy with rescues, business owners still prepare. >> it sad for our community and the barlow, it's only been around for a few years, businesses will be closed for a while but our community will come back. >> this is my dad's trailer halfway under water right now.
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>> the parkvilleage mobile complex was especially hard hit. >> my dad is stubborn, that's where he wants to stay. he's going to roll up the carpets and letting the floor dry. the flood may be a turning point. >> you struggle with how you will handle your parents when they get older. mother nature has forced this. >> we'll have a full crew making it useable. >> this butcher shop owner watches the water rise. he's counting for the's of the red tape. >> i have no doubts we'll recover from this. when the fires come everyone help. when the floods come everyone happens. i just want to get started. >> this is a 12-acre campus.
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a celebration of sonoma county agriculture. in the days ahead it will be moving forward with the recovery. a kayaker described the scene as epic. pg&e workers had to be rescued. they were restoring power when two sections of the hill side gave way. the crews slept in their trucks. pg&e says the workers never in sent a helicopter to airlift them to safety. >> intense flooding overnight. the waste water facility took on feet of water.
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for now the plant has stopped operating. the waste water system can accept waster for another day or so. >> in mar up county cars are highway 37. water from novato creek flooded the road. highway37 had just reopened a week ago after crews repaired the road. we've learned the name of the tow truck driver who was killed while helping a stranded driver. 38-year-old james boris. his sister gave us a picture of morris. he was killed while helping a stranded driver. a pickup truck lost control, spun out and collided with the tow truck.
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in the sierra 80 eastbound is open after being shut down. the westbound lanes remain closed all the snows that fallen has made it's a huge challenge for crews working to cheer the highway. avalanches are also a concern. stay with us for continuing coverage. bill will join us with the full forecast. including when we'll see more wet weather. i'm ashamed because i know what mr. trump is. a racist, he's a con man, and he's a cheat. >> up next, explosive testimony from the president's former attorney, the take aways from
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today's hearing. hundreds marched in memory of san francisco's public defender. their message after jeff adachi's death. hip-hop legends from the bay area.
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. president trump's former attorney told a congressional committee that the president paid out hush money while in the white house. he painted a portrait of the president as a liar, cheater and fake. >> really the drama played out for seven hours cohen feels remorse for telling lies to help president trump. cohen's testimony was emotional, critics were not convinced. >> president trump's former attorney took an oath to tell the truth. he faces prison time for lying to congress before but this time was different. >> i'm not protecting mr. trump
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any more. i'm here to correct the record. i'm ashamed, because i now what mr. trump is. a racist, a con man and a cheat. he presented documents as evidence. president trump reimbursed him for hush money. the payments were hidden in levin stallments. he presented three years of financial documents saying that president trump lied about his finances. >> you don't have to take my word for it. look at the documents i want you to mac your own decision. >> on collusion by the trump campaign he had suspicions but no evidence. he said mr. trump did lie about a moscow tower deal during the campaign. >> mr. trump knew of and
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directed the trump moscow negotiations throughout the campaign and lied about it. >> cohen said trump lied about the timing of wicky leak release of e-mails. >> how many times did mr. trump ask you to threaten an individual or entity. >> quite a few times of the 50 times? >> more. 100 times. >> more. 500 times. >> about that. >> the guys go to prison for lying on the congress. it's the first time a convicted capeed to be a star witness. democrats say cohen's testimony raised more questions. >> the question will be asked
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in 2019, what did we do. to make sure we kept our domocracy in tact. what's new and significant. cohen could not discuss his last conversations with president trump because those are being investigated. he will testify tomorrow behind closed doors and it's unclear if his testimony will impact his prison term. we spoke with jackie spear following the hearing. she sits on the house intelligence committee where cohen will testify tomorrow. >> it will be different in that we're focused on russia. it will be looking at the trump
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tower moscow project in a grand ooh lar sense. the other properties all of which appear to have a lot of russian money. >> in a statement the trump campaign said: campaign said: . president trump is meeting with kim jong-un. hoping to get north korea to end the nuclear program. and president trump said speed is not important, what's important is that we do the right deal. >> it doesn't mean we're doing it in one day or two but
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it's leaning toward a success. i really believe that with this great leadership that north korea will be successful and economical it will be special. >> the two men will appear in a signing ceremony in the next hour or so. just before 1:00 this morning president trump is expected to hold a news conference and we'll carry that live when it happens. >> prosecutors in san francisco charged a man with kidnapping, torturing be killing a man and putting the body in a suitcase before dumping the bay. >> 47-year-old gerald roe appeared in court. prosecutors say the police investigation began february 18th when a body in a suitcase
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was fished out of the water. the body inside was george randall salvadar. >> the allegations here are some of the most disturbing allegations that you hear. >> the crime was captured on camera between february 3 and february 5. the camera caught the three engaged in sex. the video shows roe and the co- compare tear -- picturer putting a rope around the north korea and inj.c.king him. sal dah vair collapses and the
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killer put the victim in a suitcase and go and this business for a full day. you have to take the video with the evidence. all the evidence will be presented in court. the defense has requested the video but have not viewed it. the defense believe it will show the alleged co-exciter or the blames -- picture priorer. >> mr. the video the murder act >> investigators are not offering a lot of information about the alleged co- conspirator. still ahead, the too mucher
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strike in oakland is st. to continue for a sixth school day. >> and the warriors loose a heartbreaker in miami. mark will join us with the unlikely buzzer-beater by a future hall of famer. tonight a vigil honoring jeff adachi. a passionate show of support.
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. an emotional tribute to jeff catchy. adachi. we heard from hits wife for the first time since he died. amber lee with more. >> the march ended at san francisco city hall. there were passionate speeches. >> aztec dancers opened the vigil. the ceremony was held in front of the building that houses the public defenders houses. >> he gave all of himself. he dedicated his life to public service. more than a thousand braved the
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chill of the night to find solis from the heaviness in their heart. the bottom of the barrel. the ones that couldn't stand of straight. >> he considered adachi a close friend. i'm with my brother jeff. >> he and adachi shared a passion for happening young people. adachi's wife listened to the many accolades. >> we thank you so much for giving too us. thank you. >> glenwoods the mother of mario woods to offer her condolences. she condemned the questions
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surrounding his death. >> respect this map's family and let them bury him in peace. >> there's black and brown and in the community that believe your husband more than they trust a pastor. my heart breaks for you. >> i spoke with adachi's wife after the vigil. >> the crowd marched past the hall of justice where adachi defended so many. he went to war against injustices. his family the mayor's office will hold a service at city hall on monday. ahead tonight a warning from police after a woman is attacked and dragged from a jogging trail.
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the suspects charged in a shooting involving a bay area news crew. it's an affordable housing solution. the idea of co-living coming to san jose. even if no one in your home smokes, secondhand smoke can be closer than you think.
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. the town of guerneville has been cut off by flooding. 200 homes, businesses have flooded. it is peaking at 45 feet. the water should start to recede tomorrow. >> president trump's former attorney painted his boss as a racist and con man. he said then candidate donald trump knew that e-mails damaging hillary clinton would be released. he had no direct evidence that the trump campaign colluded with russia. >> president trump and kim jong- un just ended the summit. they ended it early and we're expecting a news conference at any moment. when that happens we'll carry that live.
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the two leaders are emphasizing patience as they discuss denuclearizing north korea. kim has made it clear removing nuclear weapons is a real possibility. tomorrow marks a week since teachers in oakland went on strike and no deal. tonight's school board meeting was canceled. >> dozens of striking teachers formed picket lines. >> we're trying to let them know we're here and we're not going to back down. >> before the board was set to convene the board members decided to cancel the meeting. teachers were not surprise. >> the board meeting shouldn't go forward making cuts to the budget. >> on the board's agenda was a
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plan to cut $21 million. it includes layoffs. >> we need investment in school sites. we believe that the money is there. >> the strike is costing a million a day. 96 of thed. >> -- 96% of the students are not showing up at school. >> i thought this would be a good way to he my kids. there's other kids this care. cut ovyears. re asking for a the district is offering 8 1/2 over four years including a bonus. >> he said he wants to work in
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partnership with us. there was no time. >> the board meeting has not been lescheduled. the three people accused of shooting a news crew were charged. turner, bren son took part in the robbery that left the security guard shot in the leg of the it was outside the 81st avenue library branch. officers say they recovered the crew's stolen camera in a separate car. the security guard will be okay. a new approach to affordable housing in downtown san jose. the city was listed as the most expensive in the nation to buy
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a home. the concept of co-living which was just approved by city leaders. >> the area where the co-living will exist is considered a wasteland but it will be developed into a massive project. 700 units. >> at the corner of basin and terrain street, this vacant property will be transformed into an innovate i've solution. >> giving people crate cities. >> the larmiers co-living project in the nation. co-living is where residents rent out private bedroom and
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bathroom. rent is 1500 to $2,500. >> the room is fully furnished with a bed, linens, pillows, side table. having you need to move in. >> the kitchen has dishes, even olive oil. star city says san jose is a national investment given downtown is more of an epicenter. >> the moment is now. so many jobs are coming in. >> it's a trend in the right direction. >> housing advocates call it's a good first step. >> it's been hard to get anyone to get a shovel in the ground. right now we have a lot of developers struggling. >> lenders are hesitant to back a big project given highland and labor cost of the this is a
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way to spend less expensively. the project helps increase the housing stock when demand is high for every demographic. the project not far from the google campus. >> if the google campus is built to the full scale. we'll have a lot of employees, we have an opportunity to get started on addressing the housing crisis. building more housing that's more affordable. >> the developer hopes to break ground this summer. the construction 2 to 3 years, the earl east anyone can move in is 20001 -- 2021. a bay area ice cream shop
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shut down by health inspectors. rain in the south bay and more rain coming this weekend. up next, a woman dragged from a trail and punched repeatedly. . gorge gas tone wiping out marijuana convictions -- divisions.
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mountain view police are investigating a brutal attack. a woman was attacked on the stevens creek trail on monday. a man grabbed the woman and dragged her into bushes where he punched her in the face. two people walking along the trail saw what was going on and called police. >> the woman was able to bite him and escape. >> the woman suffered injury to her face and has been released from the hospital. officers are asking people to use caution when walking along that trail. a released picture shows the damaged pipe that triggered a explosion in san francisco. the 2-inch pg&e gas pipe that was hit by a crew at the corner
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of gary and parker. no one was hurt but five buildings were damaged. residents are suing the company. a health inspector shut down an ice cream shop after discovering cockroaches. they found 18 cockroaches at the san francisco creamery on locust street. the restaurant was closed yesterday after the insects were found intoed preparation and storage area. the business was open today. the restaurant was inspected after a customer claimed aycock roach cockroach ran across the table. >> we carved our identity into hip-hop. we funded it ourself and did it from the ground up.
10:42 pm
>> we look at how local rap artist paved the way for music around the world. bill martin is tracking more wet weather.
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s. the owners of this business don't have bay alarm. while they sleep i'm stealing.
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. as we celebrate black music month. we're highlighting hip-hoppera. they paved the way for other artist. their influence goes beyond hip- hop. >> it's a genre and music invented to tell a story. here in the bay area, pop music has a rich history. >> rap music has been around 45 years. now the older people that say i don't want to listen to that. they have to listen to it. it's in the kids. 40 says it's important for african-americans and should be celebrated every month. >> black history is inventions and stuff like that.
10:46 pm
i definitely feel i am. >> we curved our identity into hip-hop without major funding. we funded it ourselves and did it from the ground up. >> other rappers see e 40 as great. many legends come from this area. >> those artist put the bay area on the map in the hip-hop world. >> you hear people talk about too short. they felt they knew oakland because of the way he painted the picture. they never had a chance to come to california but they felt they knew everything. you going to lake mary on the weekend. >> chewy gomez agrees, african-
10:47 pm
americans play a major role. >> there's artist that need to be acknowledged. had real stories to tell. ice cube told a story, it's grimier but it's real life. >> he's seen hip-hop spread and into mainstream life. >> everything you hear has a hip-hop connotation. hip-hop is measuring the lines -- blurring the lines. find hip-hop in country now. country artist is rapping. it is infused and morphing into an every day thing. >> innovators making their mark
10:48 pm
in black history. biggest 40 -- e 40 fan. as we go outside there's plenty of cloud cover, a break from showers. let's take a look. you can see the green, it rained last night. big time, up to go feet of rain. almost 2 feet. many inches of rain in the north bay, in the south bay it's been light. showers are done, except about the mountains. the snow levels above 5000 feet. they are in the range. snow in the passes. it was closed for a while, 80. tomorrow you will have lingering snow showers and flurries, they are trying to
10:49 pm
widen the road out. outside we go and it's not clear, it's not raining in san francisco. saturday morning is the next system. look how far south it is. a low latitude system. that's good news. the north bay doesn't need that. we look at tomorrow, there it is. mostly cloudy, partly cloudy, temperatures in the upper 50s in the warmest spots. by friday low 60s, tomorrow morning, you see what i say about the mountains. tomorrow afternoon not bad, a few clouds. friday morning, friday afternoon. here's the mid-latitude storm on saturday. swings through saturday morning. sunday is the best day on the weekend. the forecast highs for tomorrow
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and the 5-day forecast. you can see we're looking at temperatures that will get into the low 60s as we get toward the weekend. on saturday there's a chance of rain. we're continuing to follow breaking news where talks between president trump and kim jong-un have ended with no agreement. we're awaiting a news conference with the president. we'll bring that to you. coming up next, the warriors and the heat traded baskets all night. mark will tell us when future hall of famer hit the game- winning shot.
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. this was not the outcome expected. >> one of the worse teams in the league miami. i don't know anyone is concerned. the warriors are not playing good basketball. >> in the playoffs they will come to. warriors play sleepy, catch up. win the game. this had a surprise ending. you will see more of that guy before the night is over.
10:54 pm
game wade in his last go- around. sleepy early. turnover alley-oop and the heat led the warriors by as many as 24. the warriors whittle away. klay thompson had seven threes. steph a drive to the basket. they came back you figure we got it. kevin durant from outside. three plus one again. 29 points. warriors up four. here come d wade. after that, kd made one of two free throws.
10:55 pm
>> shoots. he can't get it off. he won the game. >> wow! he had 25 points, warriors wind up on the shortened of the 126 to 125. here's d wade afterwards. >> i'm overwhelmed. it's been a while since a moment like that dense a team -- against a team like that. >> very gracious classy guy. d wade, if anyone was going to do it give it to that guy. the fascination with bryce harper continues. he doesn't have a team but in vegas he's the odds on favorite to win the mvp award.
10:56 pm
they went to los angeles with the top brass. second time they met with harper and agent. they would give a 10 year deal excess of $30 million. the giants looking good. the weather is better in arizona and the cactus league belongs to them today. the backup from evan longoria. 2-run shot. here's the new guy. parra, hardly a stranger. he's played with the rocky and arizona. his first homer of the spring. 15-2 giants. a's in mesa. good weather there. blake with 1 inning, two
10:57 pm
strikeouts worth of work, looking good. all-around utility guy with the a's. got an rbi double but the dodgers beat the a's 5 to 3. as the months roll along we're closer to the notify nfl people of the season. the draft. we have the combines getting under way. the scouts out there and this guy is the topic of conversation, tyler murray where will he. go to he's going to play football and shun the a's. kyle shanahan weighed in on the opinion of the under sized quarterback. >> i'll say about every position. there's no absolutes about anything. if guys can throw and play the
10:58 pm
position, they can jump. everyone gets too big into odds are the taller you are the easier it is. short guys can play. >> quarterback don't have to dunk. we've arrived at that point of the evening. we must check this out. texas tech. a student from half court. he wins a trip to vegas where every college student needs to be. this is even bigger. lakers game a fan hits a half court shot. he's got $100,000 for that shot right there. that's the lakers beating the pelicans. the 3 point world record broken by this gentleman. andrew miraclea from mitch e
10:59 pm
michigan. 31 consecutive threes in a minute. you think you would be teared. that's amazing. check this out. early today in miami steve kerr an outspoken advocate for gun control. they host students from marjory stoneman douglas high school. they invite them in be give them nice moments. >> that's cool tough. that's worth check out. that's the sporting life. time for more news. >> coming up next, breaking newses from south east asha talks with the president trump and kim 81 un-- kim 81 unended.
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>> flooding in son opa county. we're no longer asking people the evacuate. kim young unhas left the summit. >> we are expecting a news conference with president trump any moment now. here's what we can tell you. they are in hanoi to discuss denuclearizing north korea. the talks appeared to be going well. they expressed optimism they would reach an agreement. >> now it appears the talks have collapsed and


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