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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  April 25, 2019 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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was copied on emails between the lakers owner and general manager that criticized his job performance. johnson until either about his decision and said he announced to reporters about 90 minutes before the final game of the lakers six consecutive losing season. >> even more important, we have to remember who we are. this is america. >> former vice president joe biden officially announces he is running for president, the reaction from some progressive immigrants as biden launches his 20/20 bid. plus we are getting new details today on the investigation into what police are calling an intentional crash in sunnyvale, as we hear from witnesses and victims. in the golden state warriors cannot finish up the clippers in the first round of the nba playoffs with what kevin durant had to say about the disappointing loss. good morning everybody, little black sabbath on this good looking spring thursday morning, we will give you a
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live look at downtown san francisco, you can see a thin strip of fog coming across the bay. it should be warm, maybe you will want to cool off possibly at a movie theater. the latest marvel adventures film is hitting the theaters tonight. this movie is being peace as the final piece of the 22 film marvel cinematic universe, and game already has one record, it's three-hour runtime, it's rated p 13, he could set the record for the largest opening weekend. >> three hours? >> you have to hit pause in there somewhere. >> i can barely get into a movie theater these days. >> off life goes but i have a
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mental movie theater now and a couple of years. >> with the exception of maybe a children's film. >> life as change. >> the presidential race has changed, let's begin with that. just this morning, former vice president joe biden officially announced he will be seeking the democratic presidential nomination, he is running against president trump. biden posted 3.5 minute video on social media, he focused on the violence in child, virginia in 2017, that's where a large gathering of white nationalists and counter protesters turned violent when a man rammed his car into an opposition group. killing 32-year-old heather higher, biden noted that president trump said there were very fine people on both sides in the charlottesville. >> those words, the president of the united states, assigned a moral equivalence between those spreading hate, and those with the courage to stand against it. in that moment, i knew the threat to this nation was unlike any i had ever seen in my lifetime. >> nearly 2 dozen democrats are
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running for president and we are still 41 weeks away from the iowa caucuses, the former teacher vice president and six are senator from delaware enters as the front runner in nearly all national polls, this morning's campaign video, biden says that voters give president trump eight years in office, it could alter the character of our nation. >>, america is an idea, an idea that stronger than any army, more powerful than any dictator or tyrant. it gives hope to the most desperate people on earth, it guarantees everyone is treated with dignity, and gives hate no safe harbor. it instills in every person in this country the belief that no matter where you start in life, there's nothing you can't achieve, if you work at it. >> biden's first public scheduled event is monday and pittsburgh, pennsylvania, that's where stick to members of the teamsters union about rebuilding the middle class.
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he will travel to early primary and caucus states where advisors say to lay out a vision bringing americans together in a polarized time. the president is already attacking biden come early this morning the president tweeted, welcome to the race, sleepy joe, i hope you have the intelligence to wage a successful primary campaign, it will be nasty, you will be dealing with people who truly have some very sick and demented ideas. if you make it, i will see you at the starting gate. >> and setbacks for the president's allies have warned that biden might be a threat to reelection, let's talk more about that with the of politics, james taylor. >> thank you. >> joe biden has been leading the polls, a lot of democrats are hinging on the word electability, joe can maybe get it done, is that what is going to win more people? >> the democrats are deciding, what their differences are, their policy differences, the primary number 1 is defeating donald trump, then they can sort out the differences. i think that's kind of close
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rank approach that they are going to take with donald trump. >> don't joe biden is a threat, yes or no, this is the question because of his appeal to white, working-class, specifically in the midwest where president trump was successful in that 2016 bid? >> 125,000 votes, donald trump one across three states by 75,000 votes, joe biden, by name recognition alone, covers that, and i think the democrats have to come up with a appeal, that the democrats can't focus on the big idea, they've got to focus on specific communities and groups in terms of development, so i think joe biden is that authentic, real blue-collar guy, he's the real thing, he is really a joe, last time around with donald trump, we have the guy from ohio, they called him joe, this is a real joe, who made good and became a senator and a vice president two times, so he's a regular guy, made good, where donald
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trump, please try to pretend>> throw in one democratic candidate, is bernie sanders liberalism or on trend with the democratic party today? who's got the lease? >> there's a five headed monster that is the democratic party including nancy losey having control over the congressional democrats, but obama, clinton, joe biden, and bernie sanders have to win over the democratic party, that all has to be set out in the competition, the competition of the campaign itself will sort it out, joe biden is the one right now, bernie's number 2, this is kind of a repeat of 2016, the establishment democrat versus the resurgent candidacy of bernie sanders, we are kind of back in 2016 again. >> you mentioned alexandria ocasio-cortez, she's getting a lot of support crossed the country, she's bringing what many see as in a new idyllic to
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the party, does this slow the new resurgence of some of the young voters? >> it would in normal times, in a normal political environment, there would be a push to make joe biden become more amenable to their insurgent, but donald trump is the x factor, and i think people might want just the opposite, that mainstream democrats are not the young, the young have not had a real impact on the political process since the 70s, to be honest, it's where nancy losey is, and i think that's where most democrats are going to be in terms of the safeness of joe biden. >> a known quantity, is really an extension of obama, he's an extension of hillary clinton, too, if you're a progressive young person, joe biden is not your fantasy candidate, but
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those who are actually going to show up in the polls in november are going to be older people, and they want normalcy again. that's where joe biden might come in handy as a normal, known quantity. >> i was going to ask you, professor, if there was one thing to derail his candidacy, would it be his age? that the problem is, you have donald trump is the oldest present president in history and it didn't bother them, bernie sanders is being taken seriously, and they say we wish you were 20 years younger and he has all the best ideas that all people are coming behind them, taking off his ideas and they are not bringing authenticity that bernie has, so again, even with, even bernie sanders is better than donald trump to citrus immigrants, i assume. because bernie sanders may be as much of a problem for mainstream eurocrats as donald trump, ideologically, but trump and bernie sanders are tapping into a populace insurgency something is wrong in america and the parties have these two outsiders, basically as the main players, so joe biden coming in, trying to bring us
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back to the 70s, 80s, 2000, old- school party politics, as much as he is a known quantity, that can also undermine him because we know of his gaffes, we know of the anita hill., we know his position on busing and others things. >> is called baggage. >> it's a blessing and a curse to have biden, he's the one guy who can definitely be donald trump. the problem is the democrats are so divided amongst themselves in terms of what they want for these times that they may see joe biden as much of a problem and nancy pelosi as much of a problem as they do trump, for different reasons, that might split the party in november. >> the first campaign event, monday in pittsburgh. >> thank you. new developments in the case of a sunnyvale man who investigators say deliberately drove his car right into a group of people. >> good morning again, new
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information for you at this hour, we've learned that mr. peeples is going to be arraigned tomorrow, friday at 1:30 pm, that's going to take place up in palo alto, at the courthouse there, unless the presiding judge moves it to the hall of justice which is in san jose. right now it set in palo alto at 1:30 pm, in less than 90 mins from now, the sunnyvale police department is going to update the media on the case against mr. peeples, this as some of his victims from tuesday's crimes that they are lucky to be alive but let's go ahead and take a look at the video. this is miguel, who says he was sitting on his bicycle waiting to cross the intersection of el camino and south sunnyvale avenue tuesday afternoon, he heard a woman screaming, he turned to avoid impact but could not escape and was hit by a car with that suspect, peeples, behind the wheel. >> he didn't have the brakes,
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he crashed into the tree, he accelerated even more.>> sunnyvale police say peeples intentionally ran a red light, plowing into the crowd, injuring eight people. witnesses recorded cell phone video showing people's praising jesus and elijah as he sat in the damaged vehicle and then again as police officers arrested him. >> i was yelling at him, what's the matter with you? what's the matter with you? and he was inside the car, airbags had popped, he was sitting there and he was saying, thank you jesus, thank you jesus. >> wednesday local and federal investigators searched peeples home here' police say peeples is an iraq war veteran, he served as a civil affairs specialist in the reserve from march 2004 to july 2009,
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obtaining the rank of sergeant, he was deployed from june 2005 until they 2006, investigators say he did not have any connection to his victims and this does not appear to be an act of terrorism. the eight people hurt in the crime, most severely injured, 13-year-old seventh grade girl, she's in critical condition at the hospital. coming back live, you can see folks have put up flowers behind me on a signpost for el camino real, in the westbound direction, the actual scene is just back there, people have been by all morning, i talked to one woman who lives in the area, said she was going to walk her dog over here on tuesday evening, but for some reason, something told her i should drive instead and because she drove, she was not at the intersection when this crime occurred. again, peeples, to be arraigned friday afternoon, up at the
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it's really this constant juxtaposition when you're a mom and an entrepreneur. with more businesses starting every day, how do they plan for their financial wellness? i am very mindful of the sacrifices that i make. so i have to manage my time wisely. plan your financial life with prudential. bring your challenges. chp is looking for the person who drove a dodge suv right into the water near the san mateo bridge, officers responded to a report of a vehicle in the water, just before 3 am, it crashed when officers arrived on scene, they found the vehicle had been
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abandoned. the new san francisco public defender will be sworn into office by the mayor, he was appointed to the position after the unexpected death of his predecessor. he was a longtime deputy defender who worked as one of the mentioning authorities, he said he will run for the position in the upcoming election. the ceremony is scheduled for noon at the ella hutch community center jim in the fillmore district. san jose state is breaking ground on the first new academic building in 30 years. it's a new science facility that will focus on faculty lead student research with teaching labs, research labs, mentoring hubs and high-performance computing suites. the new building will be built in the southwest part of campus near duncan hall and is expected to be complete in june 2021, the total cost, nearly $150 million. bart is testing a new
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safety feature at the coliseum, they are having three bright emergency call boxes, so when someone presses the red button, they are immediately connected to a bart police dispatcher, like calling 911. that call activates a surveillance camera as well, that's located on top of the post so the dispatcher can see the caller as well as the surrounding area. store mac sometimes to pullman not have a cell phone, maybe they dropped their cell phone, maybe they don't have cell phone service. this is another tool, in our toolbox.>> it's valuable to have, if your cell phone isn't can be. >> bart says if the public supports the call boxes, they could be installed across the entire system, that would cost an estimated $10 million. new smyrna, lafayette police are warning parents after an elementary school student said she was walking from school to an afterschool event when a car pulled up and the driver asked her if she
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needed a ride. police say it happened about 2:45 pm on tuesday, the student was walking on drive near silverado drive, the student ran up to the sidewalk to a mother who was walking with her children, police are asking anyone who lives in the area who might have video of what happened to let them know. a bill is moving forward and state legislator that would make it illegal to suspend students for being disruptive in school. the bill's supporters say research confirms that suspending students fails to improve behavior, and increases the likelihood that the student will fail, be pushed out of school, and possibly into the juvenile justice system. data also shows that students of color, with disabilities or who are part of the lgbtq community are disproportionately suspended. the bill failed failed to passage in the state senate and is now being considered by the assembly. store mac coming up on mornings on 2, closing a loophole to help stop a measles outbreak, what state lawmakers are working on that can take power away from doctors.
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and we are still months away from the start of the football season but football fans are gathering today for a few for a party to talk about the nfl draft.
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the warriors are heading back to los angeles after failing to close of their failed playoff series with the clippers, they trailed at halftime and allowed lou williams to score last night but kevin durant had another great game, scoring 45 points. he tied the game late in the fourth quarter. the game was tied with 3.5 minutes on the clock, the clippers won the game. here's what kevin durant had to say last night. >> this team has a habit, since i've been here for sure, when we get a nice leave we tend to relax a little bit, and i said it before, teams are looking for something, just to get them
9:22 am
back in the game, so if we turn a ball over, the team can get going, theyare already playing with nothing to lose, no pressure from start to finish. >> the warriors will have another shot at closing out the series tomorrow night at the staples center. the first round of the nfl draft is tonight and while the 49, their fans will be partying in san francisco, please welcome the vice president of the 49ers rob alvarado, thanks for coming in. with the nfl draft day one like for you? >> it's a crazy time, because we are talking about football in april, right? there's great things going on, you got the sharks and the warriors, we are going to take
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over tv screens for a weekend, and it's a time for us to rebuild, brick by brick, and add pieces to this puzzle. >> talk about the draft party that's going on, in san francisco, last year it was at. 29. >> we moved it down the street a little bit, to a bigger space, it's a great layout, i don't know if you've ever been down there, is a long layout, we are going to have monsters, across the whole place, they're going to have activations along the way, the entire day has centered around our 49ers foundation, all the tickets that we sold for that went to the 49ers foundation, and they will have activation and bags to buy. >> it gets rowdy. >> yes, we are going to have our cheerleaders there, we are going to have sourdough sam, our niners noise, and it's going to be 4000 of our closest friends, getting crazy. >> we just found out, eventually the event just became sold out. >> i have the last four
9:24 am
tickets. i'm giving those to you. >> they closed out last night, so again, it's going to be a huge party, we want people to show up early but unfortunately online, you can get the tickets anymore. >> all the proceeds go to the 49ers foundation. that's our service head for the team, and it's really been a great piece for us, they are around the bay area, we consider ourselves the bay area team, and up and down the peninsula, we go where our fans are. >> with the second overall pick, the san francisco's 49ers select >> he just let me know, no, i have no idea, i wish i could distribute that information. i'm excited, i want the parties to go as long as it can, whether we picked early or late, i want people to party on, i'm excited to see who's
9:25 am
going to join the team. >> how hard is it to brand a 49er team that hasn't won in the last two years, do you find it more difficult, more exciting? >> it definitely is a challenge, obviously we want to perform well on the field, historically, we are an amazing team, it's only a matter of time before we are great on the field again, if you look at some of the players out we have, you only have to go back to some of the sharks footage that we had the other day, we have an unbelievable team and john and kyle are putting it together. i'm really excited about this year, we are hoping to add another stud to the group tonight. >> the doors open early. >> the draft is 5 pm our time, and we expect that place to be packed because we do have an early pixelated, so i would suggest, people are going to start to line up around 2:30 pm, 3 pm, we are going to open the doors at 3:30 pm.
9:26 am
san francisco is our territory, south bay is our territory, we consider ourselves having the pencil as our territory, that's a part of our history, we will never forget that. >> have a great night and a great season. >> coming up on mornings on 2, dreams of sailing along the bay come to an end. is the for the first time, the world fourth world for who has guidelines for screens and children. seresto gives your dog 8 continuous months of flea and tick protection in an easy-to-use, non-greasy collar. seresto, seresto, seresto. ohh no, jake. seresto. 8-month.
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every day, visionaries are creating the future. ♪ so, every day, we put our latest technology and unrivaled network to work. ♪ the united states postal service makes more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. ♪ because the future only happens with people who really know how to deliver it. welcome back, this morning former vice president joe biden officially joined the presidential race. >> we are in the battle for the
9:29 am
soul of this nation. >> for vice president joe biden officially announcing his bid in the 2020 presidential race. >> i believe history will look back on four years of this president and all he embraces as aberrant moment in time but if we give donald trump eight years in the white house, he will forever and fundamentally alter the character of this nation. >> the former delaware senator, using a 3.5 million minute announcement to recount the, as well as presence president trumps remarks afterward. >> he said there were very fine people on both sides. very fine people on both sides? >> the president said welcome to the race, sleepy joe, i hope you have the intelligence to wage a successful campaign,
9:30 am
it'll be nasty and you will be dealing with people who truly have very sick and demented ideas. but if you make it, i will see you at the starting gate. >> the question is going to be, can the democrats offer an alternative that people decide is better? >> on monday biden is expected to deliver a speech in pittsburgh, then he set it to the early primary states followed by more trips in may to several battleground states, his campaign rollout will culminate on may 18 with a speech about unifying america in philadelphia. we are in the middle of a cooldown, steve? >> yes, for two days in april, we shot up, that was pretty impressive, to see temperatures 20 degrees above average after four days before that, we were well below average, but one last look at the record, i would be shocked if anything was said today, there's just too much cooler air moving in.
9:31 am
even though these were not records, look how far above average these are, yesterday, 18 degrees for santa rosa, that was 5 degrees cooler than today, though. the city, that was an estimate, taking other locations in the city, 79, should be 64, oakland, 80, 67 is normal, concord, and san jose, 88, but the fog is back on the coast, it moved even over san pablo bay, it's going to get help over the next few days. one more day of 80's for these areas, everything is pointing towards a cooling pattern as we head into the next couple of days and the weekend. the fog is back, more than onshore breeze, that has kicked in and the water temperature, that's amazingly cold, 48 degrees, that is really really cold, fairfield, concord, livermore, they're down anywhere from 11 degrees to this time yesterday, there's
9:32 am
more of an onshore breeze, it was all off for the last couple of days, that has changed. 60s, 70s and still some 80s, above average but we are going to see all these temperatures start going down to get more cooling and fog. >> and el dorado hills man is under arrest after police say he impersonated and immigration and customs enforcement agent, according to the el dorado sheriff department, patrick mulvaney impersonated an ice agent to steal money from construction site workers, is accused of handcuffing workers and taking their money as he said to pay for port fees, the
9:33 am
victim said he also threatened to deport them. he was booked into jail on monday on suspicion of false imprisonment. robbery also, and impersonating a police officer. a woman is under arrest after accused of human trafficking, the 45-year-old was taken into custody yesterday, authorities say she and her husband rocked the victim to the united states then forced her into unreasonable servitude, with little to no compensation. police say it was done under the threat of deportation. she and her husband fled the country in 2016, after authorities were informed about the situation, she recently returned to the u.s., her husband remains at large and is believed to be in the philippines russian president vladimir putin says during his summit meeting today in russia with the north korean leader,, kim, he confirmed he's willing to give up his nuclear weapons but putin said kim once first security guarantees. the russian president said kemp encouraged him to explain his position to president trump and president putin says he's open to talking about the issue with the usa", there are no secrets. >> the u.s. embassy into the
9:34 am
locker just tweeted a warning, this weekend, people should avoid places of worship, because of possible terror attacks. that's after the easter sunday bombing attacks at churches and hotels were more than 350 people were killed. >> fbi at our irs agents raided the homes of baltimore mayor, catherine pugh, the fbi says the agents are executing court authorized search warrants, agents were sent to both of the mayors homes, as well as to city hall. now she's under fire for receiving a half-million dollars from the university of maryland master medical system for her children's book, while serving on the systems board. an investigation continues to determine whether she used sales of her books to hide government kickbacks. that's a brief look at some of the top stories we are working on. the child from oakland who accidentally shot himself in the head is showing progress and has started to talk. >> a lot of people pray for you. say thank you. say thank you.
9:35 am
>> thank you. >> na'vaun jackson also repeated some other words such as grandpa, and hello world, when prompted, it has been less than a month since the weight was hospitalized with no signs of brain activity. his grandpa said he's happy every day, and progressing with physical therapy, no word on how he how long he will remain in the hospital or his long- term prognosis. store mac the jail in oakland can hold 800 inmates but usually has half that number, if the sheriff sets down the dire gel, all the inmates would be
9:36 am
transferred to santa rita jail, about 22 miles away. opponents of the idea said it would be less convenient for attorneys and could also make it difficult for some family members to visit their loved ones. supporters say the consolidating operations could save the county millions of dollars per year, the sheriff is expected to make a decision by june. oakland and alameda police teamed up to find and totally abandoned both in the oakland estuary. >> the boats were either abandoned, anchored in open water, or docked illegally, and use as housing, authorities say the owners were given months of advanced warning, and yesterday the boats were destroyed, and hauled off to a dump. the boats that are left completely abandoned, and are just creating a hazard to the marine life, environment and people operating on the water. >> according to the harbormaster, many of the boats are not registered or insured, and did not have proper sanitation. the giant chemical company monsanto, is asking the court to overturn almost $80 million damage award to bay area groundskeeper who was diagnosed with cancer after years of exposure to his popular weed killer, roundup. the company argues there is no
9:37 am
credible evidence that herbicide is dangerous. dwayne johnson blames his disease on an active ingredient and roundup. monsanto layers had their fill yesterday. the number of measles cases in the us has hit the highest level in 20 years. there are at least 695 measles cases in 22 states so far this year, according to the cdc. the largest outbreak is in new york city, with 359 confirmed cases there. new york now has a mandatory measles vaccination order and the city is closed a jewish school that refused to show vaccination records. here in california, 20 measles cases are confirmed and how the bristles blame the outbreak on misinformation from a group that works to discourage parents from getting their children vaccinated. state lawmakers in california are considering a bill that would tighten rules requiring vaccinations, the proposal was approved yesterday despite hearing from hundreds of opponents. the bill would give state
9:38 am
health officials instead of local doctors the power to decide which children can skip their shots before attending school. the committee voted 672 in favor of the bill despite more than three hours of emotional pleas from. people who say the measure would interfere with parental rights. but in the end, lawmakers decided, stronger oversight is needed. >> we have schools that are no longer safe because they have so many medical exemptions, they cannot protect the children who attend the school from the outbreak of disease, that's why we have to step in, we cannot allow outbreaks to happen at schools that will affect the larger community. >> one father seeking a medical exemption from vaccines that his son lost the ability to move his legs after he was vaccinated as a baby, supporters of the bill to unvaccinated students are helping to spread measles outbreaks in california, and across the country. >> the world health organization is often associate
9:39 am
with and the deck epidemics and outbreaks, but it's making headlines for a decision that's affecting parents worldwide. >> screens are everywhere, in homes and offices, from the backseat of the car to the seatback in front of us. we use them to backup, double down, and get takeout, but for the youngest of children, how much exposure is too much? for the first time the world health organization has released guidelines for parents but not because of risks associated with the screen itself. >> currently 14 million children around the world are overweight. really start to think about how to prevent things, how to promote good eating, healthy eating and physical activity, we look at the very earliest years of life. >> that's the basis for the new guidelines, which recommend, no more than one hour per day in front of a screen for children under five. for those less than a year old, they should not be exposed to screens at all. >> we are talking about the times were its recreational use, where parents and the children or older siblings are
9:40 am
using these instruments, maybe for child sitting. met but what about when you want to say good night your child when you're not home, or as a tool for teaching them their abcs? >> we are very clear that there is merit in time spent with children, being active, through play, and sometimes that can involve the electronic instruments, what we are cautioning on is overuse of those screen times, with young children. >> not everyone in the medical field agrees, researchers at oxford university say these guidelines don't properly account for the benefits of tech as a teaching tool. coming up next, a potential new tax on up-and-coming businesses in san francisco, how the city could get a cut of the profits after a company goes public. some of the best young voices in the bay area are right here in our studio, the pacific boys choir will give us a preview of the major event
9:41 am
that's happening this weekend.
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9:43 am
taking a look at the market stocks, you can see. the dow jones is in the negative territory, currently down 120 points, nasdaq is up 21 points, facebook expects to be fined up to $5 million by the ftc for privacy violations, the penalty would be a record by the agency against a tech company, according to the new york times, facebook disclose the amount in its quarterly financial results in connection with an ongoing inquiry by the ftc, facebook has been in negotiations with regulators for months now, despite this news, facebook stock is up 6%.
9:44 am
san francisco could soon impose an ipo text, the plan introduced by supervisor gordon mark would implement a payroll tax of 1% on stock-based compensation, the tax would kick in when employees exercise their stock options, he says the tax could generate $200 million for the city. it would have to be approved by voters, san francisco mayor reid announced plans to speed up plans for affordable housing for teacher, the mayor wants to put a half billion dollar bond measure on the november ballot to pay for it, and she wants to streamline the approval process by having some projects from reveals reviews and appeals, a project on the site of the old francis scott key elementary school is one example of a project that the mayor says would benefit. >> this property was not necessarily sound for teacher housing, adding an addition to the years of process, adding
9:45 am
another two years on top of the bureaucracy that's making it difficult to get this housing built now, when we know we needed the most. >> support from six city supervisors is needed to change the city charter and speed up the approval process, so far two of them, valley brown and, are supporting the idea, the mayors is speeding up housing development is the key to keeping working and middle- class families in the city. store mac we are listening to the pacific boys choir academy, the season will crescendo with their 20th anniversary concert and gala that starts with a concert in oakland then takes you on a bay cruise, we welcomed the director of choral studies andrew brown, thanks for being here. you brought three young students with you, we also welcome canaan, louis and sam.
9:46 am
we will hear from the young gentleman, hello gentlemen, in just a second, andrew, to you, the pacific boys choir focuses on children from kindergarten, all the way through high school. this is for fun, but is also serious business. >> are afterschool choirs go from preschool, all the way to 12th grade. >> our choir school is grades four through eight, those boys sing every day, two hours 15 minutes per day, and performing an average of one time per week. >> wonderful! my little boys were so lucky in a public school to have a music teacher who comes in and teaches them singing and laying the xylophone, that sort of thing, the sound of little boys voices, raised together in song makes you cry every time. >> the boys, when they sing high in particular and they have the training, they can make a room filled with sound. >> what sort of music do you
9:47 am
perform? >> bach, beethoven, even modern classics like bridge over troubled water. they let us know how much they love the songs by how much energy they sing it with. >> pacific boys choir has won a grammy, you are known here in the>> we have won three grammys. >> you are known around the bay area and around the world, who hoped that my boys with pick up singing? >> i would say the first thing, it has to start with the parent, when the parents are in the womb, and you are creating a culture at home where music is a part of work. and when the child says i don't want to see to do this, you can say well, you don't really have a choice when you want to learn to read or do math, so you start early, put it that way, but we make it fun, so the learning is fun, they don't even realize they are learning, which is kind of what makes it
9:48 am
great. >> my two little boys don't sing, but they play the trumpet in the school band, i love to learn about how music and the discipline that comes with that can affect someone throughout all of their life. >> there's a lot of research out there about how music can impact stem skills and helps us be smarter in some ways, and those are all true things but we believe that the importance of music is it makes us happy and more fulfilled people. that's what we're trying to do, we are trying to give our students the opportunity to have this amazing gift, that allows us just a sense of peace for our entire lives, emotional balance, aesthetic, sense of joy and wonder, and that's what we are doing. >> this saturday, members of the public can come and see you. >> you will hear some of the classics that we take on tour every year, with audiences around the world every year. >> all the ticket information
9:49 am
you would want, is on >> we also have a gala this coming weekend as well, so after the performance at 4 pm, we are going to go out to commodore yet, across in alameda, and at 7 pm, we are going to get on a boat and we are going to have a great party, it's going to be an option, a fundraiser for the choir, there will be dancing, and our a cappella group will be there to present as well. >> more now from the pacific boys choir, gentlemen? >> ♪ [ singing in foreign language ] ♪
9:50 am
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a man is in jail after police chase in california that lasted three hours. police say a domestic wild suspect led officers on a high- speed chase, the driver was seen driving recklessly on surface streets, sidewalks, and at times on the wrong side of the road, the chase finally ended when the suspect pulled into the parking lot of a $.99 store, and then ran inside, customers came running out as officers quickly went in with
9:54 am
guns drawn into the suspect into custody. where learning more about lakers legend magic johnson, and his sudden resignation as the president. he stepped down earlier this month saying he wanted to return to a simpler life, but there are reports today that he was academic accidentally copied on emails between the lakers owner and general manager, the emails criticizing his job performance. johnson did not tell either about his decision before announcing it to reporters around 90 minutes before the final game of the latest six consecutive oozing season. >> can you imagine? this would be a new surcharge on a restaurant tab, the san francisco couple that owns mission chinese launch this program, restaurants have the choice to opt into the program, so customers can choose to opt out if they don't want to pay the additional 1% of the bill. >> i hope customers fill free to decline the fee if they don't believe in climate change or if they are on a tight budget or any reason. that's why it's optional. but i think it's kind of powerful if the default is that we are all working on climate change.
9:55 am
a few cents at a time. >> the owners of mission chinese say they hope to have 200 california restaurants sign on to the project. they say if 1% participate, it could raise as much as $10 million a year, the program is expected to start this summer. new research shows older americans stop driving for two major reasons, the city funded by aaa says poor physical functioning, and fatigue are the most common excuses for limiting how much people in their 70s drive, the autos club says there's good news, by staying active, older drivers can improve their physical health that may be able to extend their time behind the wheel, scientists say at least 2.5 hours of moderate, intensive exercise is enough to help. aaa also says older adults who give up their car keys may lose their sense of independence and are more likely to suffer from depression. some elementary school students came up with an idea to make your streets near their school safer. they thought a three-year crosswalk would make drivers think there is a speedbump, there are not really bums, but
9:56 am
it's an optical illusion to trick drivers. >> we were thinking of a way we could do something to help make our streets safer. >> this is a great example of them sticking to an idea, and going through all the steps and talking to the adults and the powers that be. >> i love it, the city plans to add more 3-d crosswalk by this summer. the force use has a new private jet to help you travel in style. the hospitality group is introducing the latest plane to join their fleet in 2021, customers will be able to customize trips around the world with ease. the four seasons will arrange personalized itineraries and hotel stays at each selected destination. the plane 48 passengers will have plenty of room on board in
9:57 am
this lavish interior, it will also have fine cuisine in there, this kind of luxury comes at a cost. can you guess? per capacitor? the price starts at $147,000 per person. >> i will load up the station wagon, get snacks and books and hit the road, i will leave that kind of traveling for you. >> $150,000, that's amazing. >> anyway, thanks for watching, everyone, have a great rest of your morning, we will see you back here at noon.
9:58 am
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>> announcer: live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ now, here's wendy! [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> wendy: come on! that's better. thanks for being here. thank you for watching osher today. i appreciate it.


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