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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  May 1, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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school. what we're now finding out about the gunman. this is mornings on wo. good morning. thank you for joining us here. it is wednesday, may 13th, 2015. i'm pam cook. >> you look stunning in pink. >> i just realized we're both wearing pink. i said on wednesdays we wear pink. if you have seen mean girls steve. >> didn't they just have an anniversary? >> i don't know. >> they did. >> we just saw the musical in new york and it was hilarious and the scene changes the way they do it, it was fabulous. >> you could have texted me to tell me you were wearing pink. >> low clouds was wiped out yesterday. if you're heading to the dodgers and giants tonight, it is good. always take a jacket for layers. >> a few warmer days on the
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way. nothing too warm. out of the upper 60s and 70s to mid-70s, upper 70s to near 80s on friday and then down for the weekend. yesterday was roaring. delta breeze was screaming. not today. everything is calmed down. clear skies for us. any patchy fog will not last long. that cold air, 18. salt lake city at 35. freeze warning out there until 9 a. m. 43 in lakeport. 43 now at the napa airport. 46 sunnyville. 38 pope valley. 42 up in rona park. 41 pen grove. that is a cool morning for may 1st. a couple nice days and this will work its way into us by the weekend clouding us up and cooling us down and possible
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showers orn sunday morning. we'll have more later. 5:01. supercommute time. >> you're right. we are going to look at 580. if you're coming in from 580, 205 the tracy triangle, a lot of slow traffic here. it is within the realm of normal. once you get to livermore, it looks good to dub lynn. as you look at the maps, not a lot of red and an opportunity to get to downtown oakland without major delays. bay bridge, this is, but the time is gets just starts getting crowded. another 15, 20 minutes we'll see a crowd here. 5:02. back to the desk. thank you sal. this morning, attorney general william barr set to testify before a senate committee on the robert mueller report. this comes just hours after reports that mueller was not
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happy with barr's initial summary of the finding. good morning doug. >> reporter: good morning. this is going to add fuel to the fire for democrats as they aggressively go after william barr today. >> he is a customed to this kind of thing but as he settles in this morning, he will be facing tunnel carats who are on the war path. just late yesterday, news of a letter from robert mueller surfaced in the washington post. mueller wrote to barr saying the summary did not fully capture the context, nature and substance of the special counsel's findings. the chairman of the house judiciary committee still sparring with bar, wished at no time writing on twitter, i have demanded the letter and barr must answer for this. even a republican questioning barr today acknowledged this will be a big deal. >> no doubt he is going to take
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heat for it because the democrats arcingnaling to us that is what they intend to do. one said he should resign. when the mueller report was committed, he issued a summary and con cross that president donald trump shouldn't be prosecuted for obstruction of the justice. the special counsel emphasized nothing in a torn general's march 24th letter was inaccurate or miss leading but said there was frustration over the media coverage for the obstruction analysis. >> >> democrat the will focus on the mueller letter. republicans will spend a fair amount of time talking about the origins of the russia probe. back to you guys. >> doug luzader in washington, thank you. >> >> he was sentenced to one year
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in a british jail, convicted of skipping bail seven years ago when he fled to the embassy and since last month he has been in british custody after they revoked his political asylum. he was living there to avoid being extradited there. he is facing a thoughts hearing tomorrow from the united states to face charges of spying. today a hillsborough couple is expected to enter guilty pleas. they paid money to rick singer to get their two daughters into u.c.l.a. and usc. he has agreed to plead guilty. he faces up to in a additional
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29 years in prison and $150,000 fine. a dozen others have accepted me agrees in thes with the justice department. >> they will be among the many marking mayday around the bay area. ktvu's alyssa joining us live. you're at 17th and webster and they will gather there with in the hour. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. a few construction workers started to gather on the corner. you can see the project. this is one of the largest in the city of oakland. what workers here what is developers to hire people who live here. these are local union workers. they say the economic boom in the city should bow shared with the residence. this is called international workers day. it happened here in oakland. people take to the streets and they will picket outside.
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this will be followed by a march and rally in front of the oakland city hall. also today oakland port workers plan too strike. they are calling for attacks against immigrants and refugees to stop. the slogan is here, no banks no wall, human rights and sanctuary for all. now the construction workers just started showing up, but the first rally is scheduled to start at 6:00 a.m.. live in oakland, alyssa harrington, ktvu news. >> >> vigil is planned today after a deadly shooting. two people died and four hurt inside a classroom. three of the survivors are in critical condition. police who were already on campus for an end of school concert arrested the 22-year- old trystan terrell, a former student at the university. other students say they were stunned to get an alert saying a gunman was on campus and moments later, they heard
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gunfire. >> wild bangs, a couple out and then we saw everyone run out of the building and they looked nervous and scared looking behind. >> he faces charges. finals were scheduled to begin tomorrow, but they have been postponed. our time is now 5:08. the suspect last week in the synagogue shooting in san diego county could get the death penalty if convicted. john earnest was ordered to be held without bail. he is charged in the shooting attack at the chabad of poway synagogue. one was killed, three others hurt. it was a hate crime and jews were targeted. thou 2 investgating. pam. >> 2 investgating has learned that the vallejo police officer who detained a man for a traffic stop is back on the job. officer david mclaughlin returned to work, but we're told with limited duties. he was placed on leave in
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february after cell phone video showed him tackling adrienne barrel on his own front porch. he is the same officer that 2 investigates showed drawing his weapon last summer during what police say what we hear was a minor argument. vallejo police didn't say if they took disciplinary action. an investigation is under way. in a couple hours from now, the defense lawyers will get nary chance to address the jury hearing the case. pros cue tors laid out they're case in opening statements yesterday reading the names and showing the photos of all 36 people who died in that fire. it happened more than two years ago. they each are facing 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. prosecutors told the jury they did not have fire alarms or fire extinguishers and it was
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packed with materials that could easily burn. a lawyer for max harris said they never figured out how the fire started and he will introduce new information about that. we have overwhelming evidence from multiple witnesses that this was an arson fire and the prosecution is saying that there wasn't enough time, notice or exits for people to loaf and that is what the arsonist intended. >> the defense attorney is due to give his opening statement this morning. ktvu's henry lee will be there in the courtroom today and everyday of this trial. he will push out updates on social media and on today by the way will be the final day of the trial for this week. the trial will resume on monday. right now, it is 5:10. traffic along an already busy san francisco street could
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become more of a traffic problem later today. the protest planned for today and the changes the protestors want for market street. >> both were in action last night. up next, the thrilling last second finishes in both of their playoff games. >> east bay commute right now, not too bad as we take a live not too bad as we take a live look at inte ♪ [ crying ] ♪ you protect them at home. we help protect them online. this is beyond wifi. this is xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome.
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welcome back. it is 5:1p. a group of students will demand that santa clara county reduce or expunge it. they will expunge marijuana convictions. some dating as far back as 1975. san jose state students say they talked to the district attorney's office and want prosecutors comom knit to clearing both felonies and misdemeanors in marijuana cases. also today, protests in san francisco by a group representing pedestrians and cyclists want to ban private cars from market street and will be wearing yellow shirts and will keep going through the crosswalk at market and montgomery between 5 and 6:30 to block pars from turning westbound on to market.
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safety advocates say a half million people walk on market street everyday. >> a a record night in the win over colorado. he scored the first goal of the game. minutes later myers scored to give the shark the 2-0 lead. avalanche tied it up in the third and then turned over the puck and he took advantage for another goal. in the final seconds of the game he sent another into an empty net for the first time in his career he has a hat trick in the playoffs. the shark now lead the series 2- 1. game four in colorado tomorrow know it. how about the warriors heading to houston, texas with a two games to none lead. kevin durant had 29 points. he set the tone against the rockets. steph curry had 20 points even though he dislocated a finger on his non-shooting hand.
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klay thompson hit consecutive three-pointers late in the third. kevin durant with 20. he has a flame thrower. >> yes, he did. rockets made it close late in the day, but here is. they beat the rockets 115-109. joe fonzi was there and talked to the coach after the game. and game two was more about the players and less about the referees. in the first game of the series, the houston rocket the complained about not getting enough foul calls. fans with kids who play sports say it is a teachable moment. >> i have always told them don't be a poor sport. if you lose, you lose, try again. >> they have that platform where they should watch what they say and watch what they do. >> i would shut it down and use the anger in and put it into my
5:17 am
game to do better. >> these kids are more mature than some adults. he picked up a technical foul in the third last night. that is his fourth of the season. he is throw away from an automatic one-game suspension. hopefully he can relax and listen to the kids. they want his recent technical foul rescinded though. >> use that anger to just play harder because you see athletes doing that all the time. they get mad and it messes up the whole thing. >> i didn't see that was double technical but i'm a little biased so we'll see. >> you might be. >> let's go out and take a look at the commute now. you can see on the gilroy side northbound 101 as yeah drive gilroy to san jose you can see traffic is a little bit slow as yeah drive from gilroy to morgan hill. just a little slowing. then after that good into san
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jose. no major problems into that west valley. traffic is moving along okay. no major problems on redwood city, 280, the whole peninsula commute is still yours for the taking if you want to get on the road soon. this is northbound 280. looks pretty good. if you're driving in oakland up to the bay bridge, that looks pretty good as well although just as we suspected the bridge is getting full as the lights have been switched on. 5:18. steve. >> we were educating where alamo is the >> it is a little town. >> sleepy little town. >> when i think of alamo i think of that nice little street they have where the hardware store is and -- i understand. >> i like it there.
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shout out to st. pete's, pen nara. safe way. >> or oracle tonight looks great. i don't think there will be any weather issues. you're good to go compared to monday when it was freezing but that is not the case now. a little warmer weather on the way. not a huge jump but upper 70s to 80. then it comes back down. the breeze which was roaring yesterday has really calmed down. fairfield west-northwest at 7. this time yesterday 33 to 38 milwaukee gusts. 38-mile-an-hour gusts. parts of lake county and napa county, it has settled in. the freeze warning is out. also for around lake tahoe, reno, carson city, minden. that goes until 9:00 this
5:20 am
morning. truckee es 23. south lake tahoe 28. incline, two bits. reno 35. getting close, but i think they will stay above 32. 45 inmon ter ray which is cooler than sacramento. >> lakeport 42. napa airport dropped to 39 degrees for may 1st. that is pretty impressive. 45 fairfield. 45 half moon bay, 40 heels berg. how about flat? >> a little chill in the morning air even though the nights are short and the days are longer. lots of sunshine that low coming in. looks like it will track more to us. last one missed us, but this is on the way. it is going to take a couple days. it is going to meander there. it looks good into friday. higher clouds and maybe a little fog, but weekend clouds
5:21 am
and scattered showers on sunday. don't change any plans yet. it is still three to four days away, but it looks like we'll get a little something out of it but not until sunday. again, this is one of those hit and miss garden variety types, not widespread. >> mid- to upper 70s. near average today. maybe a little above. we'll continue the climb into interest day and clouds and maybe showers on sunday. >> 5:21. mark zuckerberg signals a turning point for the company. how he hopes to move past the privacy concerns. >> >> byrd returns in san francisco. how they appear to be getting around the permitting process.
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welcome back new this morning, a pilot program that rewards uber drivers with free college tuition is expanding to dozens of cities including san francisco. uber pro allows drivers who have gold, diamond classes to enroll in arizona state university for free. other benefits include 6.5% cash back at certain gas stations and up to 25% off car maintenance. sf0 is setting up a pickup area for ride-share passengers. airport officials are trying to ease congestion at curbside loading areas. starting in june, they will need too walk to the short term
5:25 am
parking garage and meet their drivers at the top level. it won't change the international level. the new rule does not affect drop offs. sf0 plans to have the new domestic pickup area ready to go june 3. >> google workers are staging a sit-in to protest alleged retaliation towards employee organizers at the cop page. the demonstration is being held six months to the day after the walk out last year when 20,000 google workers left their office to protest the sexual harassment allegations. they have been warning them of consequences if they don't leave outside projects or take part in protests. today's sit-in starts at 11:00 a.m. >> mark zuckerberg is promising to improve privacy and data security. he kicked off the conference yesterday in san jose.
5:26 am
security concerns have long shadowed the company and last year he was questioned by congress after a massive data breach. he announced they will soon transition to mauler more private secure for rumps. >> i get that's a lot of people are not sure we're serious about this. i know that we don't exactly have the strongest reputation on privacy right now. now he went on to say he believes the future is private and that facebook is working to better secure user data and improve encryption. they found a loophole. the scooters were banned in san francisco last year after the company failed to be chosen for the pilot froe gam for electric scooters. san francisco's current permitting program only has restrictions on shared scooters. they said personal renters
5:27 am
can't be shared with another person so it maintains the company is exempt from the rules and they plan to bring them back to san francisco within the next few weeks. 5:26 is the time. the protest planned for today's mid a power struggle for control over the country. >> just the last four years, we lost six yon people because of street racing in the city. >> san jose lawmakers have a tough new ordinance and drivers are not the only ones being targeted.
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%fo %fo welcome back to mornings on two. it is wednesday, may wednesday, may 1st. >> i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. one of our viewers annette is right on it with twitter. she is a mom of four, busy lady. she said i can't get my mornings started if i don't watch you guys. >> where is she from? >> doesn't say. >> thank you annette. >> it is clore out there. believe it or not, a few upper 30s. i'll get to that in a second but it will be a nice may 1st day. this is the best forecast out of the last three. no doubt about it. always a northwest breeze but
5:31 am
no fog to worry about. a few warmer days. nothing huge warm up, but upper 70s to near 80 on friday and then cool it down as another low is on the way. not much of a breeze after yesterday which was a rather windy, blustery day. still coming down out of the northwest. the system has dropped in a lot of cold air mainly on the inner mountain region. even a tiny bit for us. freeze warning out until 9:00 a.m. until northeast california, into nevada. 42 lakeport. napa airport at 39 degrees. low 40s for some. eve in the on the coast low to mid 40s. 45 black hawk. 44 by the pavilion. a few high clouds ishes more of a deal tomorrow than today. this will play in to our weather by the weekend. most of friday pretty good.
5:32 am
a little warmer pattern here. weekend clouds and a possibility of scattered showers on sunday. >> 60th and 70s on the temperatures. 5:31. i say this is when things get busy but we saw that at 4:48 so is it worse new? >> yes. >> there is some slowing on highway 37. if you're heading west out of vallejo. so far from nevada to san ra fell looks nice. not all commutes are filled in after little slowing on highway 4 in coconcord but a 19 minute drive. it is crowded at the bay bridge for at least a 15 to 20 minute wait. here is a look at some of the morning's top stories. a vigil planned in north carolina today for the university of north carolina
5:33 am
campus after a deadly shooting in a classroom. two people died, four others were hurt yesterday. three of the survivors are in critical condition. 22-year-old trystan terrell is facing two charges of homicide and four counts of attempted murder. >> the defense for the men standing trial in the ghost ship warehouse fire get their first chance to address the jury today. prosecutors have already set the tone in their opening statements. they are charged with involuntary manslaughter in the deadly fair. today will be the final day of the trial for this week since the judge hearing the case is on jury duty tomorrow and the case is not scheduled for the courtroom on friday. today is mayday and mayday events are happening around the bay area today. in oakland construction workers will hold a city hall rally at 8:30 this morning. east bay longshoremen and oakland teachers will hold a
5:34 am
rally at howard terminal at 11:00. this afternoon worker rallies scheduled and san jose at mexican heritage plaza? . a >> attorney general william barr set to testify this morning about the mueller report. . how it will be a topic the committee will focus on today. good morning. >> reporter: good morning pam. robert mueller sent the letter to william barr with tres station that barr may have mischaracterized his report. it was on march 24 that he gave a four-page summary of the report. he held a news conference before it was fully released to the public. his summary was that the president did not collude with russian operatives for the election. now in the letter that was ultimately shared at the
5:35 am
washington post, robert mueller wrote him to complain that summary barr quote did not fully capture the substance of the offices' work and conclusions. a justice department spokesperson said mueller and barr did talk on the phone about this. she said nothing in the march 24th letter was inaccurate or miss leading but he expressed frustration over the lack of context and media coverage for the obstruction analysis. barr has faced skepticism and criticized for being too differ ren shul to trump. it will be topics of questioning today. that is scheduled to happen at 7:00 our time. we continue to follow the uprising in venezuela. he is calling for supporters to return to the streets today as
5:36 am
the president their claims his troops have defeated a coup attempt. his loyal lists fired rubber bullets and live rounds at demonstrators yesterday. they treated 50 patients at the hospital. a 24-year-old protesters was shot and killed. he went on tv for the first time since the new movement to wrestle control of the country from him. >> this is your acting president. the legitimate commander of the armed forces. the regime's claim they have control is a farce. the trump administration is expressing support for the opposition and says all options are possible which may include
5:37 am
u.s. military action. >> in san jose if you're caught watching a sideshow you may go to jail. while it targets street racers, yesterday they approved an ordinance that target the spectators of sideshow. violators will face misdemeanor charges with a $1,000 fine or six months in jail. typically nobody could get that kind of sentence unless they have been engaging in a lot of repeat conduct so it is about the threat and trying to detour the activity. cities from sacramento to san diego have similar ordinances aimed at spectators. he hopes it will take affect before summertime. at least six people died in street racing crashes there since 2015. in today's health check, public health officials say they will have to start coming up with programs that address obesity as a risk factor for
5:38 am
cancer. they believe it is the loading cause. they have found links between obesity and 13 types of cancer. doctors still don't understand what the link is, but getting more exercise seems to be more important than losing weight to decrease the risk. tap water in california may be more troubling than thought. it could contribute because to more than 15,000 cases of cancer over the course of a lifetime. currently most are evaluated and regulated one at a time rather than a combination. this is a new framework where we're looking at what are the health impacts of multiple contaminants that occur in drinking water and this is more representative of exposure that you're seeing in real life. >> reporter: the study found
5:39 am
water systems with the greatest risk were in small communities with populations of less than 10,000 people. some bay area water districts say they are still reviewing the report but they assure customers their water is clean, safe and reliable. now, you can check the potential water contaminants in your neighborhood by visiting and clicking on web links. just plug in your zip code to find the local data. authorities trying to find the owner of a dog that attacked and killed a seal. they called and said a dog attacked a young seal. by the time the rescue team arrived, the seal was dead, the dog and its owner were gone. since the seal pup was on the
5:40 am
beach, it probably had some kind of health problem. >> we have seven other seals on site all scanned in similar condition with severe malnutrition and all are thriving in care. >> of those seals, they will be released back in the ocean to rebuild their species. the mammal center is caring for a sea lion pup found. it was spotted near south airport boulevard about 8:30 yesterday morning. several people got out of their cars to help keep it away from traffic until officers arrived. once they were on the scene, the sea lion willingly hopped into the back seat of the patrol car. >> the water was very nearby this pup when the pup was found so probably the animal just wanted to find a nice dry place to rest a little bit and unfortunately that happened to be near a busy road so we're lucky our partners could get
5:41 am
there in a fast manner and get limb out of harm's way. >> oh, look at that. >> the sea lion pup is around ten months old and once ithas recovered it will be released back into the wild. if you want to spend more time with those little cuties, they always need volunteers. >> pam, the answer is no. you can not have it. >> i want to wrap that up in a blanket and carry it. >> >> fox is renewing empire but jussie smollett may not be part of the package. how producers of the show plan to move forward while dealing with jussie smollett. a new chapter in japan. how a new head of state is unlike any other than in the past. san mateo bridge, looking good.
5:42 am
traffic relatively uncrowded. we'll update you on that straight ahead. >> lots of sunshine. rather chilly. a little fog there, but mostly sunny and warmer today. i'll show you those temperatures. you know when you're at ross and you find that perfect spring dress at that "oh, yeah" price? yes! that's yes for less. score the latest spring dresses at 20% to 60% off department store prices, every day. at ross. yes for less.
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5:44 am a price that has you,s and like...d.hmmm. okay. that's yes for less. say yes to the latest spring trends at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices every day. at ross. yes for less. %fo %fo welcome back. empire will return for a sixth season on fox but the future of co-star jussie smollett is in doubt. now he was not fired, but there are no plans for his character to return for season six. producers negotiated an extension to be able to use him if desired. he was charged with multiple felony counts after they say he staged a hate crime attack in january. they later dropped the charges but the city asked him for more than $130,000 to cover the cost
5:45 am
of the investigation. jussie smollett denies the allegations. the empire's season finale starts next week. >> japan welcomed the emperor to the thrown. he became the 126th emperor of japan, the first time in history a former emperor abdicated the thrown because of bad health. he reigned for 30 years. his era ended last night after a ceremony and emotional speech. >> he remembered meeting him the first post war emperor who married what is called a commoner because of love and represented a new kind of figure head. >> from the very beginning this was an em pour or who was humble and served the people and the people loved him for that. in japan, instead of having a year of warning when one normally passes, now we have
5:46 am
this really celebratory feeling among japanese because they get to celebrate this wonderful man who is stepping down and the new emperor stepping up. he will reign with his wife. they are fluent in english, well travelnd an seen as a symbol of modern japan. a street near san francisco's haul of justice is open again this morning. >> the reason we're saying this, another chunk of concrete fell from an elevated freeway. this time the concrete fell from a part of i-80 above the harriet alleyway near 6th and harrison. several motorcycle officers saw pieces of concrete in the road and realized it is fell 25 feet from above them. no one was hurt, but it was about the size of a basketball
5:47 am
combined. they figured out the overpasses still considered safe. what this really is is a piece of concrete that got hit from the inside up above and vibrations over time loosened up a small piece of concrete and it fill in the roadway, sort of a once in a lifetime occurrence. let's hope it is once in a life time. it happened nor a parking lot. none of the cars below were damaged. they said they are constantly monitoring bridges and freeways for that kind of damage, but officials say the bay area has a lot of older infrastructure to watch and keep track of. we see it. >> yes, we do. >> hopefully know crumbling concrete today for the commute. >> let's hope not. >> yeah. >> right now we have slow traffic to talk about. if you're waiting for someone to come in from the central valley at the office, they have to wait for the traffic but if
5:48 am
they are getting on the freeway in livermore to dublin, looks pretty good. now what happens is the slowdowns are before that. hayward looks all right. i 880 is getting more crowded. the bay bridge filled in, 15 to 20 minute they. we're hoping for be ter. a little bit of slowing. you can see chp just pulled out and perhaps wants to pull someone over who shouldn't be in the carpool lane. that happens a lot. let's bring steve in. >> >> sal, thank you, sir. except for a little patchy fog, not much, shouldn't last too long. you can see some out there, most got chewed up yesterday with cool air aloft came in. but it looks good for the dodgers and giants. always a northwest breeze so take the layers but not at cold
5:49 am
as it was a couple nights ago. 41degrees in morgan hill. that is cold. even a few 30s showing up. morgan hill 41. gilroy 42. boulder creek at 40 degrees. 4h6 saratoga. so cal 43 degrees. a little warmer here for a few days. not a huge jump but tim cheater will be going up. some low to mid 70s and then upper 70s and '80s. on the weekend a lot of cloudcover and cooling us down. a little hint of an offshore at the oakland airport, northeast there. that system that clipped northern california yesterday, it has moved off, but the cold air has not. there is a freeze warning out
5:50 am
for northeast california, susanville and . incline at 24 dough bress. and 39 up in are qaeda. redding at 44. the airport touched 39 degrees briefly. half moon vail, sunnyvale at 45. one observation they dropped to 43. woodside at 41. men low park and stanford both at 43. we have a lot of sunshine. that low slowly and i mean slowly i turn, step by step, inch by inch. clearing skies. a little warmer. patchy fog.
5:51 am
water temperatures pretty cold. possibility of garden variety showers on sunday. 60s to 70s. temperatures starting to make a little move up, but not a big one. friday cooler with more clouds coming in. time is 5:51. a grammy award winner right here taking his talents to the street. what fantastic na gri toe has planned for oakland later this morning coming up. so with xfinity mobile
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%fo %fo welcome back to mornings on two. time is 5:53. today's oaklands arts music performance known as amp starts today. an entertainer performs first, fantastic negrito in broadway in downtown oakland. amp will support local artists and promote downtown oakland as addition nais. more than 300 will perform over the next six months. the weekly performances will be free at various public plazas taking place between noon and 1:00 p.m. every tuesday, wednesday and thursday. time is now 5:54. a gilroy school bus driver will be honored for being name the the 2018 bus driver of the year
5:55 am
by the chp. maria delcarmen collins was the driver in a school bus where there was a bad crash with a suspected drunk driver that lost control of his suv on monterrey road and gilroy and hit her school bus with 46 students on board. she bravely cared for the students who were on her bus. the san francisco mayor will be there as they open their new fire station number five. that station on terk street in the western addition replaces the older firehouse that was built in 1956 built from the ground up and the new one added seismic cly safe. it is a earthquake safety and emergency response, a bond approved by voters in 2010. >> tributes are still pouring
5:56 am
in for congresswoman ellen tauscher who died. she was one of the first women to hold the seat on the new york stock exchange. she was only 25 years old. then she served in congress for more than a decade before joining the state department under hillary clinton during the obama administration. i will remember her as being fierce, she was fierce in the way she conducted herself in congress. she then went on to the administration and served there and was right next to secretary of state hillary clinton in terms of negotiating nonproliferation agreements around the world. >> they are among the many political leaders expressing their sorrow. family members are working on plans for her memorial but they have not been announced yet.
5:57 am
she was 67 years old. they are celebrating. the search engine released a doodle of the famed sculpture looping one of her trademark wire baskets. that was released last night in honor of asian american pacific founder. she died in 2013 at the age of 87. the cost of rebuilding the high speed rail system keeps going up. how much more it could cost taxpayers to complete. plus, a new parking garage opens today at sf0. we'll take a look at high-tech features there and how much it will cost to park.
5:58 am
♪ i've slain your dreaded dragon. for saving the kingdom what doth thou desire? my lord? hey good knight. where are you going? ♪ ♪ climbing up on solsbury hill ♪ grab your things, salutations. coffee that is a cup above is always worth the quest. nespresso. tis all i desire. did thou bring enough for the whole kingdom? george: nespresso, what else?
5:59 am
i'm in oakland where mayday events are under way. they are marching in front of these big projects happening in the downtown area where they say nonunion workers were hired. we'll hear why they are taking this so personally. plus, the trial continues for the man accused of manslaughter in the deadly
6:00 am
ghost ship warehouse fire trial. what is expected to happen today. good morning. thank you for joining us wednesday morning, may 1st. i'm pam cook. >> and we're twins again today. >> wearing pink today. >> let's talk about your wednesday may 1st weather. steve paulson is in his office here. >> i am indeed. >> i didn't text steve. i'm sorry. >> you know i'm up. >> about the pink. >> awe. >> all right. i'll figure out what color we're wearing tomorrow. >> sounds good, but don't text me, i won't be here. >> a little fog. other than that beth in santa rosa says where did those lines come from? >> three stooges, 1944. that is an old vaudeville schizo now, you know. 37 in poe valley.


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