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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  May 9, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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thank you for waking up with us here on mornings on 2, thursday morning, may 9. i am pam cook. >> and good morning. i am adrianne haslet-davis. you may have to use your windshield wipers this morning. i know, i will ask steve paulson. >> intermittent. >> there you go >> what was that? >> well, unless you have old wipers. >> yes, i need new wipers! >> mine were very quiet!
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san jose managed to hit 74 yesterday, one above. we will downshift and bring it down to a cooler pattern. too much in the way of low clouds. the systems continue to carve themselves out, then work their way to las vegas, phoenix and flagstaff. the fog bank is not getting chewed up. we have an on shore wind for some. you can see west-southwest gusts 3 to the 39. out to travis -- i mean the pattern is as on shore as we talked about. low clouds reported for every station already. in fact, they were already cloudy at 2:00 a.m. that is a heck of a push in. las vegas it will not be hot but cloudy with rain in the area. some of that will difficulty to arizona. the high today this phoenix will be 89. normal is 93. tomorrow will be 92. for us low clouds and slow clears.
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5:02 in the morning. sal is here. tracy time? >> yes, sir. we are looking at the tracy commute, steve. it will be slow there as you are driving on 580 and 205 which is typical. let me show you on the map here. you can see the red. it will be a little slow. we can look with our computer on the screens here. it is about 12 miles per hour on some of these commutes, 1, 11 -- there you go. you can see the traffic is okay in the east bay otherwise. dublin, san leandro, hayward and castro valley. the bay bridge is getting a little slow. the mirroring lights are usually gone around 5:15. no metering lights yet but we are already getting the crowd. back to the desk. thank you, sal. police, students and staff are on high alert after multiple threats at a high school in the east bay. we have sara zendehnam live now at the school being targeted. good morning, sara. >> reporter: good morning, pam. a pretty scary situation for
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parents, students and staff. this is the third graffiti threat that has shown up at california high school in san ramon since may 1. the most recent was found wednesday inside a boy's bathroom. the graffiti said quote tomorrow library will be shot up first, then courtyard, then myself. it also included a racial slur against african-americans. two other threats were found last week. one on another bathroom wall saying there would be a shooting at cal high may 9. the principal says administrators and counselors are here today to support staff and students. there will be a large police on and around campus today and the school has 47 security cameras. we spoke to the san ramon police department about the threats. >> this is an extensive investigation. we had detectives and school resource officers as well as patrol officers investigating this >> reporter: this is being
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taken seriously all around. in an email to parents the principal said quote we are working very closely with san ramon police to follow-up on each and every one of these reports and will communicate with staff and parents should we identify the person responsible for the graffiti. even though there is a police presence at cal high today, the principal said it is totally understandable if parents decide to keep their kids home. they also set up an anonymous tip line for any students that have information on where this graffiti came from. in san ramon this morning, sara zendehnam, ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you, sara. the golden state warriors now just one win away from going to the western conference finals. finals. >> it was an oh my goodness night. a big star for the warriors in last night's game against the houston rockets. the warriors held the lead early and the rockets stormed
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back. thompson was a game four hero with several big baskets at the end of the game and the warriors won 104-99. game six is tomorrow night in houston this is what everybody is talking about. there are report this is morning, in fact steve kerr reportedly says kevin durant has been rolled out of game 6 after straining his right calf. he was limping after making a basket, went to the locker room and did not come back to the game. he will have an mri this morning. >> yes. i thought we were not going to pull it off but we did. i think we got it. i think we got it! look out, houston. >> thank you. >> i don't want them to come back here. >> it was a great game. they kind of slacked off in the 3rd quarter but true to form
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came back in the 4th so thumb's up! >> that scare about durant's injury didn't damper the spirit of the warriors fans. the arena was packed. oracle became roar acle again! just as exciting for the sharks in san jose, they got a 3-2 victory over the avalanche. joe pavelski was announced, his official return on the ice after he was hurt in the series against vegas and stored the first goal of the game and also assisted on the shark's second goal of the night to make it 2- 0. after the game pavelski said it felt good just getting on the ice.
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>> it was awesome. another game 7. they pulled it it out. i could not believe it. i don't know if i can take one more game 7 though. >> there is something magical happening this year and that is what i think is different. >> we are all hoping the magic continues. saturday night, game 7 at the shark tank. today governor gavin newsom will release his revised state budget. he proposed a $209 billion budget including a 4% increase in the state's general fund. the governor wants more spending to end homelessness, he wants more money for education and universal preschool. the governor's revised budget will be unveiled at 10:30 at the state capitol. there will be a rally in
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support of a city-wide ipo tax on the steps of the san francisco city hall. they will pitch for a payroll tax. voters will decide whether or not to tax stock-based businesses. the protests start today at 11:00 a.m. at city hall. california senator and democratic presidential candidate kamala harris will be the featured speaker at the 70th anniversary celebration of the san francisco sun reporter newspaper, an african-american newspaper. the sun reporter's 75th anniversary gala will be held at the hyatt regioncy at 7:00 p.m. tonight. and democratic presidential candidate pete buttigieg will be in san francisco tomorrow. the mayor of south bend, indiana, will hold a fundraiser at the regioncy ballroom from 60:00 to 8:00 in
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los angeles the time is 5:09. new this morning from the vatican, pope francis issued a new rule requiring all priests and nuns to report clergy, actual abuse and cover ups by superiors to authorities. it provides whistle blower protection for anyone making a report and requires all catholic diocese around the world to have a system to make claims, a ground-breaking new effort to hold the catholic leadership accountable for not protecting their flocks. by tomorrow we should learn the formal charges being filed against the two suspected shooters at a colorado school. grieving students and staff members are remembering student kendrick castillo that died trying to stop the attack. a vigil was held last night where the high school senior
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was shot in class and eight others were wounded. many of the speakers wore t- shirts from a national group that works to end gun violence. the 18-year-old that died is being called a hero for charging at one of the o students that opened tire fire inside the classroom, giving classmate as chance to escape. the second shooter was taken down by an armed security guard. >> i got to see two heros, two regular high school kids, two really awesome people jump into action without any hesitation and i was more than lucky in joining them in doing that action. i want to make something very, very clear. kendrick castillo died a legend. he died a trooper. >> the two suspects appeared in court yesterday. the district attorney said he has not decided whether or not to file adult charges against
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the 16-year-old suspect, adding the person is not old enough to be charged as an adult without a judge's review. our time is 5:11. still ahead it has been six months since the devastating camp fire destroyed much of butte county. coming up the mayor of paradise tells us how her town is rebuilding. . and the san francisco doctor under investigation, accused of helping parents exploit a loophole for their children to go to school. good morning. we have traffic doing okay if you are driving on highway 24 on the way to oakland. looks good. we will let you know more about the east bay commute when we come back. a lot of fog out there and many reports of drizzle. after a slight warm up yesterday, a little cooldown today. more on that coming up.
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flames from last season's wildfires in butte county in southern california has topped $12 billion. the majority of the claims are from the camp fire. he says his agency is committed to helping wildfire victims rebuild and recover. it has been six months since the deadly camp fire devastated the town of paradise. the fire killed 85 people and burned more than 153,000-acres. 14,000 homes were destroyed. despite the tragic numbers, though, the mayor of paradise
5:16 am
told ktvu's frank somerville she is optimistic about the future of her community. >> i don't focus on what is gone. i am focusing on what is still here. there is a lot still here. 150 businesses have reopened. most of the people whose houses are still standing, 1,400 of them have moved back into their homes. we have really important things still here. a police station, two fire stations, a library, the post office, the dmv office, our town hall, our high school, things that are building blocks for bringing the community back. that is what i see >> city leaders say the pace of debris removal is also picking up after slowing down due to the winter rains. many that lost their homes in paradise are now lives in fema trailers in state parks in the area. >> i moved 14 times since the fire. so, you know, finally i have
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a place where i can stay >> maureen curtis escaped the camp fire with only her two little dogs and now lives in one of 70 fema trailiers ated bywell state park in oroville. people can live rent free for a year. fema has set up the mobile home communities in 18 state parks, enough to cover about 300 houseshareholders. fema says it is hard to find housing for everybody. >> placing individuals in housing that is safe, secure and going to meet their needs, their fumeddal needs initially off the bat is always a challenge and continues to be a challenge to this day. >> fema says 90% of the fire victims now have places to stay. they say the other 10% were renters with no insurance that lost everything, which makes it even harder for them to move forward. happening today, preparing
5:18 am
for wildfires in morin county. safety experts want to emphasize wildfires can happen any time of year and they are becoming more common and much bigger. that means people that live near greenbelts and wild lands need to be more aware of the danger and what they can do now to prevent fires from rapidly spreading. >> that is for sure it is 5:18. sal is right over there. can you take care of the folk this is morning? >> i can. the gilroy commute into morgan hill, you can see there is not a lot of slowing. maybe just a touch getting into morgan hill. the silicon valley commute looks pretty good. los altos, cupertino, no mainly issues there. in the south and east bay the commute continues to be very good. no problems at the bay bridge, although we we are getting to the point where they are about to switch the metering lights
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on. at 5:19, let's get to mr. steve paulson in if forecast center. >> temperatures under a big fog bank. even a lot of local drizzle, cooling off after a tiny warm up yesterday. below normal temperatures this time of year. san jose was the only one to go above at 74 degrees. the as go for the sweep at 12:47. i think there will be clouds, sun, a breeze and 64 degrees. and the reds are going across the bridge to the giants tomorrow. a lot of low clouds tomorrow. we are in between systems. high pressure is building in the pacific northwest, but not for us. the systems come right on down, along the crest spine of the sierra and dive down to las vegas and then to arizona. we are on the western edge of it. some of this moisture sometimes can sneak back.
5:20 am
we have seen that happen before. for is time of year in las vegas to phoenix unseasonably cool really for them. fairfield west-southwest at 23. we have had gusts to 30, 32 miles per hour. oakland, napa, everybody with a westerly component in place and 50 on the temps. redwood city is 55 and around the bay, a couple of observations in oakland, either upper 40s or low 50s and in the city it is 54. everyone is stuck on the temps if you are going to las vegas. they have cloud cover and rain moving through there. some that clips the desert of southern california. for us after the low clouds burn off today, slightly cooler on the temps. there was a series of systems that continue to want to parade through the next few days. with the high too far to the north it will impact us, fog and drizzle. cloud cover coming off the
5:21 am
sierra later this afternoon tonight. i mentioned it looks like it will stay in central california. it may be enough for the santa clara valley and the seven-day forecast outlook for rain highlands the san joaquin valley, central sierra and southern california. we are a little too far to the north and also northwest. maybe next week we may get a little in here but the models are scaled way back which makes sense. 60s and 70s on the temps. not very far on the highs today. 60s. a little change into the weekend. day-to-day changes. >> thank you, steve. 5:21 is the time. a huge gun bust in southern california. up next, the tips that led authorities to a man be more than 1,000 guns in his home. plus, a bay area taqueria giving free food to people in need and that act is encouraging generous customers to do the same. ♪
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an investigation under way after this remarkable scene in los angeles. atf agents received more than a thousand guns out of a home. the l.a. times reports the property is owned by cynthia beck, who has three children with gordon
5:25 am
getty, the son of j. paul getty. police say a driver mistook a gas for a brake. security video shows the moment the tesla hit the front door of this building and smashed the windows. the crash left behind a huge mess but police say no one was injured. a new expensive water that comes in a can is getting new financial backers. the water is called liquid death. in its website it says it lets you murder your thirst. it was created by former netflix director and it is canned in the alps and infused with natural electrolytes and minerals. on tuesday the company announced an additional $1.6 million in funding including the twitter founder. it sells for $22 for a
5:26 am
12-pack. natural light is looking to hire an intern for the summer. the intern will activate brand ambassador by drinking beer and posting on social media. and a taqueria in pleasanton attracting attention for the generosity of its owners. the two amigos has a policy to make sure everybody customer is fed, even if they don't have any money and there is a board where a more can purchase african extra meal for others. they tack the voucher on the board and you can use it for a free meal. >> all the people come in and participate >> the owners say they give away roughly 50 meal as week. often times people offer to
5:27 am
clean up around the restaurant to pay for the food but the owner declined and asked them to write a thank you note, instead. a petaluma couple robbed of thousands of dollars worth of art. coming up, the warning they now have for anyone storing valuables in a storage facility. and the democrats and republicans in congress fighting on one front after another. i am doug luzader in washington. the latest developments coming up. department store prices, every day. at ross. yes for less. at ross. man, that's a cool looking hot tub. we should check on the baby. he's so sweet. maybe too sweet? internet's down. go! your home is only as smart as your internet. get reliable at&t fiber and get speeds up to 300 megabits per second and directv.
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well, good morning to you and welcome back to mornings on 2. i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook. mr. drizzle was out and about early this morning. >> he was up very early, very! >> is he sticking around all day? >> no, no. just for the morning. not for everybody but some. and a pretty good fog bank out there. even ukiah is reporting fog. when it makes it that far, that is a big push. we expecting hoe clouds to burp back for the afternoon. moisture could sneak back more likely to the south. the systems continue to work their way into the sierra
5:31 am
nevada and southern nevada and arizona. occasionally we need a low to get itself together. that may happen tomorrow, late tonight to tomorrow but i think we are a little north. westerly breeze out to the delta. low clouds to the travis and now they are clear. 50s on the temps. low to mid to upper. if you are going to las vegas it will not be hot. a day of cloudy skies and rain. a couple of lows look like they will form and stay in central and southern california so the pattern is not changing much for us. 50s, 60s and 70s on the temps. 5:31. i didn't ask, did the metering lights click on? >> they did they clicked on and there is a normal back up. right now we are in solano county at 80 westbound and there is slowing there on 37 heading away from sonoma and
5:32 am
morin county which is typical. maybe a little slowing on 80 approaching the carquinez bridge. pretty good from pinole to richmond. the whole drive is taking about 20 minutes to get to the macarthur maze. the bay bridge and metering lights have switched on. about a 10 to 15 minute wait before you make to it the span. 5:32. back to the desk. >> thank you, sal we have devin nuness to tell -- we have new news to tell you about. investigators are investigating a four alarm fire at holy oaks. it started about 1:30. firefighters were able to put the injury out but firefighter have not identified a cause at this point.
5:33 am
all catholic priests and nuns are now required to report clergy sexual abuse and cover-ups by superiors to church shorts. the pope announced the new law overnight that provides whistle blower protections for anyone making a report and requires all diocese around the world to have a system in place to receive the claims confidential. and governor gavin newsom will release his revised state budget today. he wants among other things more spending on handling homelessness, education, including universal preschool. the governor's revised budget will be unveiled at 10:30 at the state capitol. today the judge in the ghost ship warehouse trial will hold a closed hearing to ask jurors if sorry be been influenced by possible inappropriate communication. the former fire marshal says buildings like the warehouse should have been brought up to
5:34 am
code with things like fire alarms and sprinklers but the defense attorney said firefighters have stopped by the warehouse several times before the deadly fire and never objected to what they saw, nor did they issue any citations. >> theyner did anything. the fire department failed in its duties and responsibilities. >> the d.a. said master tennant derek almena was responsible for making sure the building was safe. derick almena and max harris have each been charged with 36 counts of involuntary man sure, one count for each victim that died in the fire two-and-a-half years ago. years ago.
5:35 am
and a northern california man is in custody. police say he faked his own suicide to avoid jail for child sexual assault and pornography charges. police say 58-year-old michael manning of chico was arrested in florida. they say manning was scheduled to be sentenced in october of 2016 for those alleged sex crimes but he never showed up. police say a suicide note was later found in his rental car near the golden gate bridge but his body was never found. police say he was arrested in florida after showing a fake passport during a burglary investigation a petaluma couple is devastated after finding out most of their art collection was stolen out of storage. they thought their items were safe inside a unit they were renting at public storage but the couple discovered that dozens of pieces collected over the past 15 years and valued at about $75,000 are gone.
5:36 am
>> i almost fainted. i could not believe what i was looking at. there are 50 pieces of art in here and now i am talking 12. >> i get emotional about it. it is more than just the fun. it is the meaning behind it. it is the experience >> police are investigating but the facility has no cameras in the hallway and the padlocks show no signs of tampering. the couple have not heard back from storage management. the trump administration increasing pressure on iran with extra sanctions on iran's steel, aluminum, iron and copper exports following the announcement of the iran president giving european leaders 60 days to fix the iran nuclear agreement or they will begin rebuilding their nuclear program. they want assurances from britain, france, german, china and russia that iran will reap the benefits of the new
5:37 am
nuclear deal and the british foreign secretary is warning iran not to break its side of the commitment. >> if they break that deal there will be consequences in terms of how the european powers react. we urge the iranians to think very long and hard before they break that deal. >> reporter: the u.s. is increasing its military presence in the persian gulf after reports iran was planning to attack american forces in this region. ion. thedoug luzader joins us live now from washington, d.c. with more on the back and forth battles going on on capitol hill. good morning, doug! >> reporter: these ongoing legal battles will consume the white house and the congress for the foreseeable future. eable future. at a large rally in florida last night the president suggested that democratic
5:38 am
efforts to keep digging into the mueller report will backfire. >> it is actually working the other way because now we have the best poll numbers we have ever had. it is crazy, crazy! [cheering & applause] >> reporter: late yesterday the house judiciary committee voted to hold u.s. attorney general william barr in contempt of cocke for failing to turn over the unredacted mueller report. >> we talked for a long time about approaching a constitutional crisis. we are now in it >> reporter: republicans accuse democrats of trying to force the attorney general to break the law by releasing grand jury material. but it is also a target now is donald trump, jr., the republican-led committee subpoenaed him. trump has voluntarily testified before and the move baffled legal analysts. >> they want to make it clear, you are here under our speech power. >> reporter: and democrats want to hear from former white house
5:39 am
lawyer don mcgahn and the battle over the president's tax returns rages on. the democrats could try to hold treasury secretary steven mnuchin in contempt for failing to turn them over. and as far as the effort to hold the attorney general in contempt, the next step in that process will be a full house vote and democrats have the votes to make that happen. back to you. >> doug luzader live in washington. thank you for that update. a san francisco doctor is being investigated for helping parents avoid vaccinating their children. the city attorney says dr. kenneth stoller may have unlawfully provided medical exemptions for children that did not qualify. students attending public and private schools under state law must be vaccinated unless they can provide a medical exemption signed by a doctor. there is a push to raise the legal age to buy tobacco products here in the us-. a bi- partisan group of senators is
5:40 am
proposing tobacco 21 legislation to raise the federal age to buy tobacco products and e-cigarettes from 18 to 21. there are seven stating including california that has already done that. the senators are especially concerned about the alarming number of children now vaping. >> in 2018 e-cigarette use increased by 80% among high school students and 15% among middle schooler across america. >> walmart is the latest retailer to raise its tobacco- buying age to 21 and removing dessert flavored nicotine products from their shelves. the new regulations take effect july 1. formally homeless people in the south bay now have a place to call home. and new regulations for sex education approved here in california. up next the curriculum the
5:41 am
california teachers will be able to add to their classrooms. and it is getting crowded at the toll plaza. we have the metering lights on and traffic is jammed tight here as you approach the pay gates. tes. alright boys, time for bed.
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new state regulations gives the session education
5:44 am
curriculum at schools the opportunity to talk about lgbtq relationship, same sex and more. the board removed several books from the suggested list. parents complained they were too explicit for young children. classified staff members of the san jose unified school district will be picketing outside of tonight's school board meeting. they are opposing layoffs, workload increases and forced staff displacement. teachers assistance and office support staff are among the lowest paid educators in the bay area. the rally is at 5:00 before the school board meeting at 6:00. :00.
5:45 am
. today the san francisco city leaders, community members and development partners will celebrate the completion of affordable housing in pa traffic and weather row hill. a rib ron cutting ceremony will be held. there are 72 new affordable apartments, the first residential billing to open up as part of the hope sfpetrero plan. it sets to create another 1,000 new homes with a range of affordable. the mayor london breed is expected to attend the event that starts at 11:00 this morning. morning.
5:46 am
5:47 am
rain and snow showers are threatening today's giants game in denver against the colorado rockies. you heard steve talk about it. last night was also postponed because of bad weather there. that game will be made up in a double header on july 15 so the giants are really hoping they can get in today's game 5:47 is the time. let's check this with sal for a look at traffic. what are you keeping an eye on, sal? >> you guys. >> how do we look?
5:48 am
>> fabulous. did you even have to ask that? good morning, everyone. let's take a look at the commute on 580 westbound. the serious answer to the question, pam, is i am keeping an eye on the altamonte pass. it is getting slower now although it is within the realm of what people expect. the speeds are low on 205, especially down to very, very slow traffic that gets better in livermore. as you drive to the east bay a little slow traffic on southbound 880 approaching 238 and beyond that. at the bay bridge toll plaza we are backed up. the metering lights have been on almost half an hour here and the traffic is slow before you make it onto the span. at 5:48, let's bring steve in with today's weather. >> thank you, sir. we will get right to it. we have bay area day baseball, one here and one there. that there is the giants in denver. it is currently snowing and 33 degrees in denver and snowing. having worked in denver a long time ago, you can have snow in the morning and then some sun
5:49 am
in the afternoon. hopefully the winds from the rockies will come in and clear that out but it looks iffy for now. 33 and snowing! the as go for the sweep at 12:37. low clouds, then sun giving way, partly cloudy and a little breeze out of the west- northwest 25 and 64 degrees. temperatures will be below average again. 60s and 70s. normal on the right. forecast highs on the left. san jose was one of the few to go above average yesterday at 74. brought you back to 71 today. we are in between systems. pacific highs built in way up toward vancouver, also seattle and then the systems drop straight down and go along the sierra and drive down to southern nevada to arizona and continue in the four corners. that partner is staying very active. some of the moisture could sneak back late tonight to early tomorrow. i think we are too far to the north. i will mention it but not put it in the forecast. in las vegas and northwest arizona a lot of activity
5:50 am
continues. it has been a rather decedent howling wind in the delta. gusts to 39. now only 23 miles per hour. but still the on shore breeze is in place. 50s, low to mid to upper. 51 to 57 covers it from lakeport to tracy. a few 40s, low 50s for some. one observation near sonoma is 48. there is cool air in there. if you are heading up to the mountains watch out for late developing thunderstorms. if you are going to the desert it is not that hot. temperatures below average for las vegas and phoenix, probably the next four or five days. 30 in truckee, 55 in reno. we are looking for a little bigger fog bank today. really no sign of any big change for us. as we like to say the trend is your friend. low clouds, fog, drizzle, gives way to partly sunny skies later on. possible thunderstorms coming in in off the sierra and
5:51 am
sacramento-san joaquin valley but more likely a little bit to the east and south of us late tonight to tomorrow. look at fresno and bakersfield, a lot for may. if that develops southern california, just clipping them, but not us. next week a system in the northwest will keep a cool pattern in place. quite active for us this time of year. not much rain but a lot of fog and cooler temperatures. 60s and 70s in a few areas, clear lake being one. alameda and berkeley a cool 65. 65 degrees in santa cruz and sunnyvale a soft 70. half-moon day, daly city too much in the way of clouds, upper 50s and very low 60s. pretty quiet going into the weekend. >> steve, thank you. a couple in oakland who used to be homeless, boy did they have a big surprise of a lifetime. coming up, what prompted the warriors to reach out to this
5:52 am
couple and give them the star treatment at last night's play- off game. ♪
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. a couple in oakland got the star treatment at a rar i don't remembers game after the story about how a business owner invited the homeless couple to live where him. but after neighbors complained, they were given the star treatment at the game. a national organization demanding crosses be taken down. hundreds of people turned up at a meeting where commissioners voted to keep four crosses on its courthouse. many were outraged and the freedom from religion foundation demanded the crosses be taken down from the building. >> the constitution requires that the government not promote, endorse or advance religion by having these symbols up on the county courthouse. the county is violating the
5:56 am
establishment clause. >> what they are saying is that christ followers cannot express their freedom, their voice of worship, their voice of god, yet they want to express themselves. >> the freedom from religion foundation hasn't yet decided if it will file a lawsuit. the county says it will get legal council if necessary. the time is 5:56. make that 5:56 and a rhode island school district is backing off a controversial lunch program that some people say targeted disadvantaged students. earlier this week the school district said any student that owed money on their lunch account would only get a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. many called it lunch shaming, embarrassing the kids, so the school district reversed course. >> the policy subcommittee is recommending that the school committee allow the students their joyce of lunch regardless of their account status
5:57 am
>> the school board will meet next week. they will further take a look at their policies. the time is 5:57. a landmark case for environmentalists in sonoma county. the massive fine one couple will have to pay for removing trees from a protected area. and the warriors hit a roadblock in the quest to win another nba championship. we are talking about the injury to kevin durant. that will course durant to miss at least one game. ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪
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good morning, thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2 at 6:00. i am pam cook. >> and i am dave clark. >> day baseball, giants are in denver and it is 33 degrees and snowing in denver currently. it may be a little tough there. hopefully it will be done by noon their time as far as the as go they are going for a sweep here. the low clouds will start to retreat by then. if not partly cloudy and a breeze with low to mid 60s on the temps. these are the forecast highs and this is what is normal for this time of year. livermore 77. should be 77. you know that won't last. a big fog bank and thunderstorms firing up over the sierra and four corners. some of that turns to snow as we showed you. down to laughed and arizona an amazingly cool pattern for them on the desert. an on shore wind or


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