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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  June 25, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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himself. and tonight we have new information about a possible motive. the gunman was an employee at the dealership and he had just been fired. hello again. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. that dealership is located on conditt road off highway 101 at east dunn avenue. developing news from azner smith. she is at the dealership, still considered an active crime scene. ve crime scene. >> reporter: police plan to be out here for several hours. we are learning new information about the suspect. employees describe him as a quiet, older man in his 60s who worked at the parts department and did his job. many employees caught by surprise and say the shooting happened very quickly in a
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matter of successes. officers at a ford dealership following reports of an active shooter just after 6:00 today evening. >> have been everyone in the shop was running the department, caught on very quickly, and started running. a lot of people ran to the hotel. >> reporter: an employee describes the chaos as gunfire erupted near the service and parts department. a worker fired earlier today returned to the dealership and shot two managers. officers later found two more victims inside the dealership. one man was seen lying unresponsive in the parking lot. >> as they approached, they located a m who was down on the ground. he apparently had a gunshot wound. and was deceased. in his hands was a firearm, a
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handgun. they secured the scene. >> reporter: the dealership was open at the time, many peopled in sought refuge by hiding under desks and running for cover. workers were seen heading from nearby hotels into police cars as loved ones patiently waited to hear if their family and friends were okay. cameron's father works at the dealership. >> angry about what happened, and yeah, when i heard i was really scared. i thought my dad was dead. >> these are people i know. i never expected this to ever happen. especially at a car dealership. >> reporter: late this evening, police said the suspect was found in the parking lot with a handgun in his hand. the coroner's office will officially release the names of the victims and the suspect. it's unclear why the suspect was fired in the first place. as for the victim, we know one of them leaves
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behind a wife and kids. a grass fire in walnut creek this afternoon came very close to several homes. skyfox was overhead about 2:30 this afternoon. the two-alarm fire burned ten to 15 acres along diablo hills golf course. the hillside is very close to a densely populated area with apartments and single-family homes. fortunately no structures were damaged. and the fire was contained in under an hour. new video tonight of a grass fire burning in monterey county. the fire started just after 4:00 this afternoon. it's burning about three miles east of king city and has grown to more than 2,500 acres. cal fire says right now, the fire is 65% contained. it's burning in grasslandand not threatening any structures. any structures. in walnut creek, authorities have released body cam video of
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a fatal police shooting of a mentally ill man earlier this month. the man's family says the police use of force in this case was not justified. >> reporter: miles hall's grandmother called 9-1-1. you hear hall yelling in the background. the next is from a neighbor. >> a lot of screaming and yelling going on over there. >> reporter: walnut creek police released these photos of a sliding glass door they say hall broke during the dispute with his family. and that he was carrying a nearly five-foot long metal pole. >> he has this long hole and he's threatening with us. i'm telling you now, he's gonna be aggressive to the police. >> reporter: they notified officers that hall had a mental breakdown. the dispatcher added a detail about a sharp-edged pole that was never mentioned in the calls from family or neighbors. >> he has a long pole with a
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sharp edge on it. and he is being violet. being violent. >> reporter: moments later, they show four body camera videos to show what happened. >> stop, stop. stop. >> shots fired. >> reporter: the first few shots you hear are from the hes lethal bean bag gum. almost simultaneously, you hear a series of five bullets fired. we cause the video at that moment because of its graphic nature. hall was handcuffed on the ground and still alive as officers tended to his wounds. he died at the hospital. >> at the time he was shot and killed, he was moving away from them, off to the side. and i don't see justification for the shooting. >> reporter: here's another angleeibor's surveillance video. the attorney says it shows hall start to run to the site of officers. >> he clearly was evading the police officers. he wasn't running at the police officers at the time they shot him.
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>> reporter: in 2015, walnut creek police say they have responded to eight calls involving hall. four of the five responding officers completed crisis negotiating training. >> you can't expect a person who is unreasonably and mentally impaired to act in a reasonable way. >> reporter: he is moving forward with a use of force case and filing a wrongful death lawsuit. a proposed ban on the use of facial recognition by city agencies in oakland cleared a hurdle tonight. oakland's public safety committee advanced the ban to the full council for debate on july 16th. law enforcement says facial recognition software can help catch criminals. critics argue the technology has led to misidentification often involving people of color. last month san francisco became the first city in the country to ban city agencies from using that technology. san francisco is planning
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build its largest navigation center yet after residents lost an appeal to stop the city from putting the new shelter in a parking lots along the embarcadero. opponents of the homeless shelter went to the board of supervisors meeting today in hopes of overturning an earlier decision by the port commission. they're worried that the center will bring crime and drugs to the area. the board of supervisors rejected the appeal. residents say they still may sue the city. the mayor wants to see the navigation center opened by the end of the year. the san francisco school board has made a unanimous vote to cover up a decades-old mural at george washington high school. >> reporter: painting over the depression era mural, gone forever. that's the board's first choice. but they'll opt for panel figure that's faster.
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>> i don't want another student to have to see. it >> reporter: san francisco's superintendent says it hurts his heart to look at this 86-year-old mural. 13 panels about the life of george washington. some show slaves picking cotton and settlers stepping over a fallen native american. >> people said oh, you're the native american. that's a reason i should keep it? >> reporter: the board has been grappling with the mural for months. >> i will be voting to take it down. >> reporter: a unanimous vote to paint it over or put up acoustic panels. artists have said they'll sue. >> if they don't want to see offensive images, they should stop looking at history all together. >> reporter: the artist was criticizing, not glorify, george wash paush and colonial oppression. >> this is city, that genocide was there. it shows it. >> reporter: but opponents say
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intentions are not the point. >> please help us stop. >>eporter: and the board agrees. students today are the priority. >> it's not a matter of censorship. it's a matter of the right to learn without a hostile environment. >> reporter: critics say the images belong in textbooks or in museums but not on a school wall. >> i would look at those murals, it did not speak to me. it was wrong. it was dehumanizing. ehumanizing. >> reporter: the meeting had duelling chants and high emotions. this time a decision. >> reporter: the vote means staff comes back with comparisons of painting verdz paneling. the cost is about the same. some $600,000 and up. but the board wants to do whatever is fastest. both options require
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environmental impact reports. it will be at least a year before anything begins to change. >> why can't they just pull out paint brushes and paint over it? why do they have to do an environmental impact report? >> reporter: that is require under the law. it's a public building. there are historic factors at work. you're changing the nature of the building. the frescos have been there for 8 decades. so there are laws that they have to follow. >> long process. san francisco's supervisors voted unanimously to ban the use of vaping and e-cigarette products within city limits. san francisco is the first major u.s. city to do so. the ban still requires the signature of the mayor and it is expected to go into effect in six months.
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former special counsel, rumdz, has agreed to testify publicly on capitol hill next month. he is scheduled to appear july 17th. his appearances in response to a subpoena issued by the house injury and intelligence committees. democrats want him to clear up lingering questions about his investigation into russian interference during the 2016 presidential election. tonight house lawmakers passed a $4.5 billion funding package to try to ease the humanitarian crisis at the boarder with mexico. the vote was mostly along party lines with democrats voting in favor, republicans voting against it. the bill attaches rules on how the money could be spent in an effort to rein in president trump's immigration crackdown. there is growing public outrage over reports of migrant children living in filthy conditions at a detention center in clint, texas.
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in palo alto tonight, dozens gathered to raise awareness and speak out again the treatment of children in the custody of the border patrol. multiple reports say those children have no access to baths and insufficient food and water. >> i'm just born into a different situation. that being be my kids. and to know that there are little innocent ones out there suffering, it just breaks my heart. >> they must be taken care of. and cherished. to my fellow americans, i would say please, these are not somebody else's children. >> tonight's rally was coordinated with another bay area group that travelled to texas. tonight they held a vigil outside a detention center in el paso. coming up, a bart station agent honored to go above and beyond. what he says with bringing a positive attitude to work every day. >> water dumped from a rooftop
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onto a homeless person below. the outrage this video has created on social media. >> our afternoon highs will continue to fall below average as we get into wednesday. videtails on what you can expect for tomorrow and the rest of the week. show me the crown. show me homecoming. baby sloth videos on youtube. amy, do you uh mind giving someone else a turn? ..lf a little comfortable here. i got a pizza for amy! yes, that's me! xfinity lets you search netflix, prime video, and youtube with the sound of your voice. and i don't have my wallet, so... that's simple. easy. awesome.
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was it an act of cruelty or an act out of frustration? an incident caught on video in san francisco is causing an uproar online. the video shows a man pouring water from a rooftop onto a homeless person on a sidewalk. amber lee tells us people on twitter are offering a reward if you can identify the man responsible. >> come on. >> reporter: the video shows a man on the roof of a building in san francisco's mission neighborhood dumping a bucket of water on a homeless person. it was posted on twitter and shared repeatedly. >> i couldn't believe somebody would do something like that. that just seems horrible. on the so inhumane. >> i saw it happen with my own
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eyes. >> reporter: rich is the street. he says the man dumped water on the homeless woman twice around noon sunday. >> i heard a woman yelling, and noticed that she was sopping wet from head to toe. >> reporter: he describes the man on the roof as being white, in his 50s or 60s, with salt and pepper facial hair. there are a number of officers in the building and people we spoke with don't know the identity of the man responsible. >> why are you attacking homeless people? it's just crowderly. >> reporter: at norm's market, a worker says he can understand some people's frustration with the homeless blocking door ways and leaving syringes. still he says what the man did was wrong. >> that's not the right way to treat a human being. >> reporter: san francisco police tell me they are aware of the incident. they say the victim has not come forward to file a complaint.
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if caught, the man could face misdemeanor battery charges. a person was struck and injured by a cal train tonight in san francisco. a northbound train hit a person trespassing on the tracks south of the 22nd street station just before 7:00. there were big delays for cal train passengers trying to get to the giants game. trains were being held in both directions while that incident was investigated. if you're headed to the pride festivities in san francisco this weekend, be prepared for a large police presence. police say there will be officers in uniform and in plain clothes patrolling the parade and events at the civic center. police also. to remind the public that there is no organized or official event helping happing in the castro on saturday night. in years past, that's where pink saturday took place. the event was canceled in 2016 though because of problems
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with public intoxication and violence. a bart station agent subbing recognized for making lives better every day with an award from the city of san francisco. >> every day that i come to working i engage with 4,000 people. >> the city's mental health board honored william at a dinner in the city this even. he said his secret is to show compassion for everyone he meets. >> the thing about being an agent, front line employee at bart, is it's emblematic of life. every morning you wake up, you have to make a decision of what you're going to do and how you're going to be. ultimately the only thing you have control over is yourself. if you put that in mind, if you decide to be a positive person, it's an
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active decision, positive things happen. >> cromartie was recently featured in a short film. the filmmaker said in his view, he has figured out that the point of life is connection. >> what an amazing forecast we're going to have. temperatures cooling off just a little bit. and we're gonna warm it up into the weekend. in north bay, we had a north breeze pick up in the afternoon. look at the afternoon high in santa rosa. 87 this afternoon. 79 in napa. to the inner east bay, upper 80s to low 90s. temperatures continuing to fall, getting into wednesday, thursday, those will be the coolest days. 72 the afternoon high in oakland. so the system, creeping closer to areas of known, gonna slide across areas of oregon. as we get in the past 24 hours or so, in the next half
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hour, we could see a little bit of lightning, thunder over northern california. we're cooling it down as we get into the next couple of days. we have a little bit of fog redeveloping just south of half moon bay. for tomorrow morning, the fog line the coastline,ed in the bay as well. the onshore breeze still with us. that's going to remain for the next cowl of days. sfo reporting 15 miles per hour, a little more reporting nine. here's a look at the temperatures as we get going tomorrow morning. 55 for downtown san francisco, and into the afternoon, upper 60s, sausalito. mid-70s for santa rosa. for the east bay, east in san leandro. upper 70s expected for our warmer spots inland. 76 san jose. along the peninsula for the afternoon, beautiful weather, mild weather. 65
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expected for san francisco. temperatures not going to change a whole lot. steady through thursday, and warm it back up through the final business day of the week. and into the weekend, 60s at the coast, 70s at the bay. and low to mid-80s inland. steven piscotty gets a standing ovation on his first visit back to st. louis. it was a really nice moment. mark will have highlights from their match-up coming up next. a hometown hero from union city. this is petty officer second class shane santos. a navy aviation mechanic serving in oklahoma. she credits her success in the navy with the many lessons she learned growing up in union city. ♪
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that was a really nice moment in st. louis with stephen piscotty. >> it was nice coordination to trade piscotty here. his mom had als. and he was able to be with her. today for the first time, the a's travel to st. louis.
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interleague play. here the greeting he received from the st. louis cardinals fans when his name was announced tonight. >> batting sixth, no. 25, right fielder, stephen piscotty. >> nice standing ovation. piscotty and the a's, however, were down 3-1 early in this game. chad pender puts a charge into one. his seventh of the year. a six-run 5th inning for the a's. and later, piscotty's dad taking a little video of his son coming to the plate. and the a's continue that big inning right up the center of the diamond for a clean rbi single. and the a's go on to a 7-3 win. cute kid of the night. matt bum at the plate.
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hits and pitched tonight. rbi single in a nice inning for the giants to take care of the rockies. his trade value is suddenly up. adding to it, tiler austin with a shot as a pinch hitter. seventh home run of the year. 4-2 final. giants and a's both victorious. over in france, the host country will play the united states on friday. in the meantime, a little activity featuring teel and china. both with plenty of support. 15th minute, italy attacking. elsa bartelli, shot deflected back. 1-nil. aurora galli will score. and italy moves on. 2-nil winners over china. they will go home.
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this happened early in the a's game. a forgettable moment for ramon liriano. they think they're gonna make these great catches up against the wall. so they go to the wall. and it didn't hurt. basically faceplanting, and hiteammates feeling sorry for him obviously. all right, this is tommy lastella of the angels. old fashioned inside the park home run. the ball deflects off the center field wall. and he will charge around. one of the most exciting plays in all of baseball. he's safe. all worth checking out. >> thank you. thank you for joining us. >> see you later. ...6, 7, 8
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