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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  July 2, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> president trump calls out san francisco. the threats he is making against the city and leadership. od morning. look at that sunrise, we were talking about it. a little bit of fogs though, covering the city a bit. lovely sunrise on this second day of july. it is tuesday, july 2nd, i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. let's check in with steve paulson. there is less fog. there is change. we have patchy fog. yesterday there was a big fog bank. not the case today. mostly sunny, looks good for
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about everybody. low churning there in the pacific west, keeping them cool with off and on rain around seattle and portland. portland had a record rainfall yesterday for july 1st, 51/100. this keeps our temperatures in check. we gone from category 1, to category 4 on hurricane barbara. the eye wall is in place. it is moving northwest. it will move to the north of the hawaiian islands. first one of the season. not moving towards the land. everything looks okay. we have mostly clear skies, 40s, 50s, 60s on the temperatures. 50 gilroy. upper 40s, santa cruz. 54 seems popular as well, saratoga, also campbell. we will see lots of sunshine
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today. temperatures about the same as yesterday until the low kicks autoon thursday. 60s, 70s, a few 80s. allie rasmus had a quieter morning so far. quieter morning. i don't see the fog in the morning, i get concerned it's going to get too warm. what we had yesterday traffic wise wasn't too bad, except for the bay bridge. things look lighter on the commute. a problem westbound 580, grantline road, this report of a crash coming in, involving a flatbed truck. any time you have one of the larger vehicles, it takes a while to clear it out. your commute highway 4, slow as well, approaching bay point in the westbound directions also past 242s also 242, also a back up. i will keep a look out. here is you drive richmond toll
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plaza, a little bit slow making your way to san rafael. we want to show you highway 24, lafayette, it's also not too bad, more crowded than what we usually see at this time of the morning. no problems as you make your way towards the tunnel. facebook headquarters, yesterday's hazmat scare. a suspicious package in the mailroom was intercepted. sara is in menlo park. the very latest on the tests run on the package. good morning. >> reporter: the test came back negative for any dangerous substance. it's clear for employees to get back to work. in a statement a spokesperson said quote our rigorous security and safety procedures worked as intended to limit exposure and keep our people safe. this has been a long process.
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it took 14 hours for menlo park firefighters and other hazardous material teams to clear the scene. crews went in to the building twice yesterday. they took out the suspected package to run more tests away from the scene. sometime between getting the package last night and 5:00 this morning , the tests came back negative. this situation started before 11:00 a.m. yesterday. facebook says the package was flagged during a routine mail check and may have contained the deadly nerve agent sarin. facebook has said the tests have come back negative and employees are cleared to get back to work this morning. hundreds of people in the bay area are expected to protest conditions at immigration detention centers along the southern border. demonstrators plan to call attention to the lack of
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medical care and the separation of families at the camps. they are also concerned about sanitary scans in the detention centers. rallies are planned for walnut, santa rosa and san francisco, more protests here and across the country are planned throughout the month. as lawmakers take 4th of july recesss, many members of congress are visiting some of those detention center as at the border. some went to a center in clint texas yesterday and described the conditions they saw inside and while they did that, people in the crowd were challenging them. >> one of the women said she was told by an agent to drink water out of the toilet. >> in response to the lawmakers comments, customs and border pro troll chief said the statements are contrary too the
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honor and integrity she expects from her agents. a judge will hear arguments from the company that makes rounds up. monsanto wants a new trial or reduction to the award to a man who says rounds up caused his cancer. the company lost 3 lawsuits claiming rounds up caused cancer and there are hundreds of other cases waiting to be heard. we have an update to the deadly car crash that happened yesterday at the termin. a car accelerated and hit two people. one of the men died at the hospital. the driver stayed at the scene and cooperating with police who say the driver was not impaired and appears to be an accident. the owner of a san francisco gallery admit head is that person seen on video dumping a bucket of water down on to a homeless woman.
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he is defending himself and telling his side of the story. the video went viral last week in a facebook comment published by the la times, don soaker says the woman harassed a customer. when he asked the homeless woman to move on, soaker says she cursed at him several times. he ended his post by saying, what is so bad about a cold shower on a hot day? that video led to a police investigation and homeless advocates are demanding an apology. san francisco police will present a check to larkin street youth services from selling pride patches. $15,000 was raised and the check will be presented to the nonprofit helping young people who are homeless and many are lgbtq. still ahead, billions of dollars to help migrants along the border. the money just approved by
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president trump to improve conditions for thousands of people. also, what is being done to try to increase pedestrian and bike safety in oakland's china town? people taking bart will have to deal with a 10- minute delay as it deals with equipment problems. if you are driving in the east bay on 80, you see no crowding here or slowdowns approaching the mc carthur maize. patchy low clouds. a nice day. i will be back with the highs coming up. this is fred. he's dancing like nobody's watching.
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kickoff rally in january. oak land charged harris' campaign $187,000 for the rally outside of city hall. as of mid-june, the campaign only paid $65,000 the city spokeswoman says the campaign paid off the balance of $122,000 yesterday. a cnn poll conducted after the democratic debates shows joe biden losing support down 10 points. kamala harris gained 9 points. warren gained ground. president trump says
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federal government may step in to clean up cities like san francisco. with a large number of homeless people is a continuing problem. >> we are looking at it seriously. we may intercede and do something to get that whole thing cleaned up. >> the president said that on fox news while he was in japan at the g20 summit. he said the federal government is not really equipped to clean up cities he thinks the condition on the streets of some cities is something visitors should not see. >> they can't be looking at scenes like you see in los angeles and san francisco. san francisco, i own property in san francisco, i don't care except it was so beautiful and now areas that you used to think as being something very special, you look at what is going on, it's terrible. >> the president also said it's usually cities run by quote liberal people that have the most problems with dirty
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streets. the united states wants new tariffs on products imported from europe. the u.s. trade representative released a new list of 89 products that could be subject to taxes and include meats, cheese, olives and whiskey and metal products. the tariffs are the latest in the long running dispute over government subsidies to beauing in the u.s. and airbus in europe. the pentagon approved president trump's request for a display of tanks on the 4th of july in washington dc but won't be part of a military parade. they will be marked near the wall. there were concerns tanks could damage streets in the city. visitors arriving at the capitol for the celebration say they have seen an increase in security there.
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>> police all over the place, walking around. it seem likes it's not as free as i remember it being back in the day. >> the 4th of july celebration in washington dc will include a flight demonstration by the navy blue angels. a lot of music, fireworks display and a speech by the president from the lincoln memorial. a san francisco supervisor is celebrating a pit stop. on friday, the pit stop restroom at ocean beach was unveiled. this is video from the richmond sf blog. it provides clean public toilets and receptacles. if the pit stop gets enough use , the hours and days could be extended. the sales force transit center in san francisco attracted big crowds on the first day it was open again. there won't be bus service
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until later this month. the drivers need to be retrained. that's going the take time. full service won't resume until late next month. the rooftop park there was filled with people happy to have a place where they can enjoy good weather, live music and a cup of coffee. >> it's a game changer for us to welcome customers from the park. >> the people who dropped by the park say they are thrilled to have that open space and also glad the area is safe after two cracked steel beams were repaired. the city of oakland is working on a project to improve intersections. five intersections around the bart station and neighboring china town will be redesigned. some of the work is already done including clearly painted pedestrian spaces, protected
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bike lanes and new overhead traffic signals. the project includes a new ride hailing service, loading zone at the bart station and drop offs. let's go to allie rasmus watching the commute. >> the commute is good this morning. maybe people are starting vacations early. we are not seeing a lot of problems on the road this morning. let's start in the south bay, looks great here, only issue is in san jose, northbound 101, a crash there, the vehicle is off on the shoulder. circle back to that commute coming in from tracy, the super commute, there is still that crash westbound 580, grant line road. a collision involving a flatbed truck. they are trying to get a tow truck but it's stop and go, opens up in livermore. 280 san joses not too many cars
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on the road. the chew commute is light. busy on the san mateo bridge. peninsula, in the westbound direction to the otherside of the bridge, things look good as well. i'm seeing a lot of sunshine in these traffic cameras. it's less fog this morning than yesterday. there is a little bit but not too much. let's look at a power house hurricane. it was a category 2 when i got here this mornings now it's a category 4. it is moving west, northwest at 15 miles per hour. 130-mile per hour winds. expected to go to the northwest. all signs point towards it heading this way.
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so far everything points towards that heading north of the hawaiian islands. that's moving away from land. maybe the moisture once it falls apart will recurve towards the southwest. the low over portland, that's controlling our weather. the rain year finished on june 30th. that's the rain year. santa rosa, 1 33%. it was a good year, 100% for oak land. 109 san francisco and san jose 110. mild to warm. 60s, 70s to 80s. it will be a sunny day. forecasted highs near normal. still 7 below for livermore and san jose is trying as well. everything is coming the from
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the west, southwest, the on shore push, 40s, 50s, 60s. pen grove 45. healdsburg, mill valley, napa, 4 degrees. 55 month ray. 54 tuck tree to reno. the pattern is quiet for us. not a lot going on, we had a series of the lows drop this. it's late june or early julys they make an impact by keeping our temperatures where they are the last couple of days. we should be warmer for inland areas. that's to the the case now. tomorrow, looks like carbon copy. not much of a change until friday and the weekend. that looks to be general warming. cooler in to thursday, rebound on friday in to saturday.
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new research shows e- cigarettes can produce a stress response this critical brain cells. scientists at the university of california riverside say when neuro stem cells are, posed to e liquids aerosols or nicotine there is a toxic response. the stronger reaction by stem cells can lead to the cells exploding which would lead to degenerative diseases. the study shows e-cigarettes are not harmless though they are marketed that way. the coalition for reasonable vaping regulation will take a first step in over turning a want in san francisco. they will submit petitions to replace the ban with what it says will be stringent regulatory measures, allowing adults to have the choice to vape while preventing young
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people from getting access. they hope to have the measure on the november ballot. jewel labs in san francisco is a major financier behind the effort. the california senate approved the bill providing $2.4 billion to address housing and hemlessness, including setting up a process to punish cities. cities and counties taking steps would be rewarded with grant funding. governments that don't comply with requirements could face court imposed fines and some cases the court could take over a local government's authority to issue housing permits. the bill goes to the state assembly where it is expected to be approved. more people in san ma they yes are living on the streets or vehicles. the human services agency says during the last day of january they counted 1500 people had no
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home, 300 more than reported in 2017. this year, 494 people were reported living in rvs. 127% increase compared to 2017 and the driving force for why the count went up this year. oakland councilman wants to clean up a large homeless camp he says is the reason for a spike in crime and violence in the neighborhood. it is in oakland's fruit veil neighborhood 37th and alameda behind the high street home depo store. council member says businesses reported 29 crime related incidents in one day which included theft and assault. the store added security cameras and hired two off duty police officers and private security which helped but home depo and other businesses notified the city they will leave oakland if the situation does not improve.
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i need to protect the jobs in oak land and need the revenue to provide services. >> the plan includes closing 37th avenue for 18 months to clear the camp. they will install a fence and gate and the homeless will be relocated a lot owned by the city. the council will vote on the plan next week. thousands of people are planning to protest today to end migrant camps. we have a look at the rallies this the bay area. warriors fans are wondering why kevin durant left the team. what a writer believes led durant to choose the nets over the warriors. we want to take you surfside. this is a video of pacifica. low high clouds, waves rolling in. a nice day along the coast. watching mornings on 2.
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independent thank you for joining us. tuesday morning, july 2nd. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. we want to take you to new
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york. the new york stock exchange for the opening bell this morning. today we are looking at enings reports coming in that could affect things and downgrades from the retailers nike and nordstrom, we will have all the news. down a little bit for the dow. same for the nasdaq and s&p 500. all the business news coming up. i went outside, the weather looks nice out there. it feels good, too. steve paulson knows everything. >> it is nice. we were wondering about tomorrow. dave and i will be in the city hosting the watch party. >> patchy fog, otherwise sunny. nothing you haven't seep or heard before. seen or heard before. that's what is keeping us on the cool side.
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patchy fog making a move. it's not that extensive. 54/100s in portland yesterday. record rainfall for the date. 60s 70s. patchy fog, mostly sunny, the low, keeping everything out of the west, southwest. 40s, 50s 60s on the temperatures here. 51 black hawk. 52 livermore. san romoan, 52. pa knoll 55. a sunny day, temperatures again near average to a little bit below. below. allie rasmus is heres going to tell you. we are going to talk about san francisco. a new report of a crash 101. driver reportedly hit a hot hole in the middle lane and it damaged the vehicle.
6:32 am
it's off to the side. the crash icon that just popped up, southbound 880, three vehicle collision happening there. one of the cars is facing the wrong way, still. taking a look at your drive from the bridge to mc arthur maize, a 25 minutes. this section of the east shore freeway, looks really good. moving without problems. usually we see it back up towards the toll plaza. toll plaza, cash lanes are completely open. everyone else is looking at a 15-minute delay to get onto the span. workers of facebook will be allowed in to the building.
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a hazardous materials team was called in to the campus near the main headquarters because of a suspicious package intercepted in the mail facility. the package was tested three times with mixed results. the latest and most intensive test up thed out negative for chemical hazards. there has been concerns it contained aer inive agent sarin, the building in the package have been given the all clear. all operations will be back to normal today. happening today, several rallies are ies are ed around the bay area to protest conditions at immigration detention centers. this follows a visit by a delegation to border detention centers in texas. cristina rendon is is in san francisco. >> reporter: the goal is to call attention to the dire conditions that the migrants
6:34 am
are kept in. one of the rallies will be held in front of senator feinstein's office at post and market street. yesterday, more than a dozen members of congress visited a border detention the facility this texas, they reported seeing children left apart from families and saw sleeping bags set up and saw women held in rooms without running water. alexandria cortez was among the delegation. she made a claim about inhumane conditions she saw. >> this is them on their best behave. they put them in rooms with no running water and these women were being told by officers to drink out of the toilet. they were drinking water out of the toilet. that was them knowing a congressional visit was coming.
6:35 am
>> reporter: the group is organizing the rallies called close the camp rallies, calling attention to the dire conditions, migrants being denied medical care and children separated from their parents. the san tran rally happening near at noon. there is another one in santa rosa happening at noon. this evening there is one at 5:30 in walnut creek. that happens at the corner at civic. the three rallies happening today. close the camp rallies, we will have information once this one starts at noon. cristina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news. billions of federal dollars are heading to the boarder to help the government deal with the surge of central american immigrants. yesterday president trump signed a $4.6 billion aid package designed to improve care for thousands of new immigrants. the bill set to guidelines for how the trump administration
6:36 am
has to handle them. democratic lawmakers want a tougher protection for migrants. nasa successfully tested a crucial system aboard the orient spacecraft designed to carry humans back to the moon, this is computer generated video of the launch. we had computer generated but this is the actual launch this morning. the model of the capsule without a crew on board launched from florida. when the rocket was 6 miles above earth the new abort system fired and pulled away from the booster. it's programmed to do that automatically if there is an emergency during the launch with a crew on board. the test is critical to make sure astronauts can get back to earth if this there is a
6:37 am
problem during a launch. two men and a woman were arrested in san bruno sunday night. the police were called to the parking lot of the shopping mall. police said they saw the suspects trying to break in to a locked storage container connected to a fireworks booth run by the san bruno police association. all three were arrested, they are facing charges that include attempted burglary and possession of illegal fireworks. what is called safe and sane fireworks are on sale in cities for the 4th of july. sara zendehnam says officials are on alert. >> you have a little bit of heightened awareness because of the fireworks going on. >> reporter: july 4th is one of the busiest times of the year. among concerns, people using fireworks inappropriately or
6:38 am
illegal fireworks increasing the risk for injuries and fires. officials say it doesn't take much to start a grass fire. >> dry grass, homes around them, it doesn't take much than a spark to get those to light off. >> there is a fire danger. >> reporter: this couple plans to save their fireworks and light them in the backyard for their nephews to enjoy. officials encourage adult supervision and making sure an extinguisher is within reach. >> you have the bucket of water close by. >> reporter: last year in newark, an 18 year old lost part of his hand after setting off illegal fireworks. police and staff plan to staff up during the holiday
6:39 am
the east contra costa fire protection says says 25 pounds of fireworks were collected during take back events over the weekend. the amnesty program let anyone turn in any kind of fireworks, no questions asked at fire station at brentwood, discovery bay and oakland. all fireworks including safe and sane ones are illegal. muny will run a special schedule on the 4th of july, operating on a sunday schedule, the agency will run extra service before and after the fireworks show. muny will operate three shuttle buses. several muny lines will be rerouted around the show. caltrain will operate on a holiday schedule with additional trains after the show. bart will run on a sunday schedule.
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family fun at the alameda county fair interrupted by a racy and explicit movie. how a sexually suggested movie made it on to a tv screen and how parents are responding. the biggest test for teen u.s.a. the preview of the match. how you can join a party today. if you plan to fly for the holidays you maybeer in voice about what is waiting for you. what the head of the tsa says travelers should expect when it comes to wait time given hundreds of screeners have been diverted to the u.s.-mexico border. whether your wait will be longer than usual. protecting mental health during one of the most difficult times of a young life. we will talk about preventing mental health disorders during
6:41 am
adolescents. we will talk about a new study that may help us figure out the best way to do that. we'll be right back
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welcome back. nike is dropping a 4th of july edition sneaker because of concerns from activist and endorser colin kaepernick. he reached out to nike when images were released. the shoe featured a u.s. flag with 13 wide stars and a circle. the design created during the american revolution, referred to as the betsy ross flag. colin told nike some people consider the flag offensive because of its connection to the era of slavery. some users on social media agree. the flag has been appropriated by some extremist groups as symbol of white nationalism. larry bare returns to the team today. bare was suspended for three months after a video showed him in an altercation with his
6:45 am
wife. the team announced he will return to the team but with less power. many of his ceo duties will be divide aid among other team executives. mba free agency sees players moving to new teams. looney afreed to a 3-year $15 million deal to stay with golden state. the former ucla bruins ampled 6 points, five rebounds per game and looks to improve on his numbers with more playing time during the upcoming season. >> jordan bell has afreed to sign with the minnesota timber wolves. bell was a second round pick and played first two seasons with the warriors on saturday he will sign with the timber wolves. the contract is for 1 season, $1.6 million. new reports suggest that kevin durant may have felt under appreciated during his time with the warriors.
6:46 am
he says durant did not like that fans chanted mvp for curry and not durant. >> i said did you notice the chant before? no. come playoff time it was desperation time for the fans. the last game the t-shirts. >> durant turned down a 5-year, $221 million deal for the warriors and signed a contract with the nets. sounds like the warriors will honor kevin durant. joe says as long as he runs the team, no player will ever wear number 35 for the warriors again. durant helped lead the warriors to two championships. can we talk about soccer
6:47 am
now. fifa women's world cup continues today. team u.s.a. playing england. the winner goes to the world cup finals. team u.s.a. is coming off of a close call against france. as a tournament favorite they know england will bring its a game today. >> there is no time to be tired. you are going to give it 100% and lay it out on the field. we know that. we know it's going to take a full 90 minute effort. potentially 120 minutes. we had a great match up in march. finishing in a draw. we know what we are getting in to. we need to match their energy and bring what we can to the table. >> team u.s.a. against england at noon right here on ktvu fox 2. our coverage begins at 11:00 this morning, watch the news at noon on ktvu plus during the soccer
6:48 am
match. you can also go to a prewatch party at noon near san francisco's embarcadero. alex savidge and heather holmes will be there mcing the event. tomorrow, the great pam cook and i will host tomorrow's watch party when sweden plays the netherlands. the winners of the games today and tomorrow will play for the championship on sunday. a 15-year-old girl who grew up watching the williams sister compete at wimbledon can now celebrate a win over one of her idols. an exciting moment, first round at wimbledon. cocoa girlfriend.
6:49 am
when golf was born in 2004, williams had spent time as the number one ranked tennis player and owned four of her 7 grand slams singles trophies. i'm assuming that's her mom and dad. cocoa thanked venus for contribution to the game and inspiring her. she doesn't look 5. she is an amazing athlete. that will make you cry. let's check our commute. allie rasmus is right there. good morning. >> good morning. things are getting busier, a couple of problems to tell you about. we will start in the north bay there is a crash southbound 101, north of san pedro road. it's blocking the middle lanes there. we can expect to see that back up start to develop in the southbound direction of 101, across the bay, westbound 80 on the otherside of the bay, the east side, a crash blocking the
6:50 am
left lanes an ambulance has been called to the scene. a couple of problems southbound 101s caesar chavez in san francisco. a pothole caused a car to wreck in one of the middle lanes. southbound 880s south of embarcadero, a 3-vehicle collision there. a look at the drive, 27 minutes. getting longer now because of that crash, westbound 80, san pablo road. bay bridge, not too bad. a 15 to 20 minute delay to get onto the span. we have a little bit of patchy fog, otherwise nothing compared to yesterday. major hurricane, it's not affecting anybody. barbara went from 2 to 4, like that, the intensified and feeding off very deep warm ocean water and little of what we call sheer upper level winds.
6:51 am
however, it's expected to track to the northwest of the hawaiian islands and run in to higher level winds and cooler ocean temperatures which will allow it to weaken. that's it's moving away from baja and mexico and track to the northwest by the weekend. shouldn't be a factor there. if it changes we will let you know. the low up in seattle and portland, that's giving us temperatures that have been near average. portland had rain yesterday. it would start for the new rain year, which ended june 30th. the rain year was good. it was not great or in the top 20%. snow year was a better year. everyone 100% to 1 33% for the rain year. water year starts october 1st. anyone in weather uses the rain year. mild to warm, 60s 70s, patchy
6:52 am
fog, mostly sunny, fog increasing over the city, parts of the -- forecasted highs, 1 above oak land or close to where you should be. below for livermore and san jose. temperatures have been cool for this time of year. you can see the on shore breeze out of the west, southwest, a little bit of patchy fog, water temperatures are cold, 51 to 55. berkley 53. 66 livermore. 48 santa rosa. 53 palo alto. bellmont 58. 36 truckee. 55 you chiia. look for a beautiful day today as temperatures stay about where they have been. 60s and 70s and low to mid-80s. cooler over the next couple of days not a big drop on the temperatures. i would expect the coolest day to be on the 4th.
6:53 am
whether designer clothing brands or saving money, a warehouse chain is becoming a shopping leader, costco crept up to the top of clothing destinations. the other popular stores costco beat out in clothing sales. first a new problem popping up at beaches along the california coast. now i want to take you live to one of my favorite places to visit, it's 400 miles to the south, this is la jolla beach. 62 degrees. look at the waves. you are watching mornings on 2.
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today's game between the angels and the rangers will be played, after the sudden death of angels starting pitcher tyler skaggs. he was found dead in his hotel room near dallas yesterday afternoon. yesterday's game was postponed. skaggs pitched over the weekend against the oakland a's and posted the photo on social media showing the team in
6:57 am
cowboy hats after they landed in texas. police don't suspect foul play oar suicide but we are wait for updates on the cause of his death. tyler skaggs was 27 years old the district attorney in salt lake county expected to file charges maybe as early as this morning in the case of a slain university of utah student. a vigil for 23 year old mckenzie lieuic was held at the school days after police arrested a man in connection with her murder. during the vigil, friends described her as a bubbly caring person who loved to be with her family. >> i don't have a lot to say other than voice how angry i am with the suspect and how he took my best friend away from me, her family, her sisters and other people. >> he was reported missing june 17th after taking a lift ride.
6:58 am
police believe she met a 31 year old, who they arrested on suspicion of aggravated murder and kidnapping and desecration of a body. if you walk the beach in san diego, watch out for stingrays. it's normal for a stingray to swim in to more shallow waters during the summer, but more than 30 people were stung this past weekend by stingrays at beaches in san diegos more than usual. being stung is rarely deadly but it can hurt a lot. the best advice when you get in the water, shuffle your feet around. that normally scares away a stingray. parents who took their kids to the carnival rides at the fair last weekend probably saw a lot more than they expected. the pirates of the magical midway fun house was running a video on the screen it was supposed to be be from a pirate movie, what the ride operator was really showing was the r
6:59 am
rated pirates blood brothers. a mother was stunned by what the video showed as her daughter was coming out of the fun house. >> i could see on the screen they were showing there was a female with her full chest out and a guy just kissing. >> the alameda county sheriff's office has jurisdiction over the fairgrounds and say the video was shot pornographic so no crime was committed. the management of the fair released a statement saying the video was unacceptable and they are moving forward all video and other content will be reviewed for audience appropriateness before being displayed. multiple buildings are open this morning after hazmat scare in facebook's mailroom. the latest tests on the suspicious package. libby schaaf facing backlash for comments about the way she
7:00 am
said president trump is handling immigration.


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