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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  July 2, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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this is the 10:00 news on ktvu fox 2. >> an army staff sergeant provides first aid to a teenage boy after two people are the tan bruno. witnesses say the gunfire was>>y loud. like loud banging noises. and then i just saw people screaming, running and screaming. so i just started running. >> san bruno's police chief says investigators think two gunmen were involved and both of them
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are still at large. good evening, everyone, i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. frightening experience for workers and visitors at that mall. tanforan is on el camino real in san bruno. right off the 380 connecter near sfo. police responded to the shooting at about 4:00 this afternoon. they evacuated the mall. the search for the gunmen, you can see officers here armed with rifles. the chief said this was not a random shooting, but the relationship between the gunmen and the victim, if any, is unclear. we'll get the latest on this developingnese from ktvu's amber lee, amber? >> reporter: julie, we saw police leave tanforan mall around 8:00. that's about four hours after the shooting. and as you said, police are still looking for the two suspects, but many witnesses tell me they cannot believe what
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happened here. gunshots rang out at busy tanforan mall in san bruno around 4:00 p.m. tuesday a popular spot for families. two men armed with guns started shooting near the food court. >> i heard about one loud shot and then about eight after all within, like, ten seconds. >> it was a pause in between the two shots and the rest of them. so it was like pop pop. and then it was a us pause. and pop pop pop pop pop pop. >> reporter: staff sergeant isaiah locklear was working at the army recruiting office inside the mall when he heard the shots. locklear says he ran towards the commotion and saw the 16-year-old boy who had been shot in the stomach. >> he's, on the floor, like waving his arms like i've been shot. don't let me die. i don't want to die. that hite. he didn't want to die. i was telling him, like, you not going to die. i'm going to stick with you through it. >> reporter: locklear used his
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shirt to stop the bleeding. another staff sergeant tended to a 12-year-old shot in the leg. the shootings were not random. >> it didn't feel real. i was by where all the little kids play. it was scary to hear everyone screaming and running and stuff. >> reporter: some people ran for cover, hiding inside stores. one worker says her manager tried to help people in the area. >> my manager went to go close the doors and so she was grabbing anyone that she could to get in. and people were very terrified. >> reporter: others escaped outside, crying and scared. >> they were just basically yelling get out of the mall, get out of the mall. there's a shooter, there's a shooter. >> reporter: police arrived in full tactical gear and locked down the mall. they went store to store conducting a search for the two suspects but came up empty. >> this is something you see in the movies, right? you never would expect it to happen where you work or where you do your activities like shopping. >> reporter: barth shut down the san bruno station because it a s
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later found on a train at the 12th street station in oakland. >> we knew who we were looking for. we had a very good description. >> reporter: but mo one was arrested. as for locklear, he went with the 16-year-old victim to the hospital. >> i'm a soldier who's meant to do what he has to do. >> reporter: in total, four people were injured a spokesman with sf general tells me the two boys with the gunshot wounds are both in serious condition. two other people were treated and release. police say they will provide an update early tomorrow morning. julie? >> amber lee in san bruno tonight. amber, thank you. the tanforan mall remained closed tonight but it is set to re-open at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. the mall's parking lots opened up around 8:00 tonight so people could go and get their cars. the san bruno barth station which was closed for several hours during the investigation re-opened just after
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8:00 tonight. the 12th street station in oakland opened around 5:30. and stay with ktvu and for updates from san bruno. we will have a live update from the tanforan malcolming up during the 11:00 news. now the south bay where the federal court jury in a civil trial found two san jose police officers liable for a death of an 18-year-old man in 2016. the jury is recommending the city pay a $2.6 million settlement to the family of anthony nunez. azenith smith is outside police headquarters with reaction from the nunez family and the police union. >> reporter: frank, the family of anthony nunez sees the verdict as vindication for the young man's death. police are disappointed and hope the city attorney's office appeals the decision. >> we did it for anthony. yay for anthony. >> reporter: outside the federal courthouse in downtown san jose,
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family members of 18-year-old anthony nunez embrace each other after a six-member civil jury found two san jose police officers used excessive force when he shot and killed nunez. >> i don't even know how to put it into words the feeling that we have. it's been three years of suffering, of crying, of hurting, sleepless nightings of not eating, missing him. >> reporter: it was back on july 4th, 2016 out side of his home. nunez had shot himself twice in the head a revolver and survived. officers shot nunez after he refused to drop his gun and surrender. the two officers were cleared of criminal charges last year. during the two-week civil try key witness testimony raised doubt if nunez threatened the officers before he opened fire. >> we see this as a sign that the community is no longer willing to allow officers to just use force or to kill people wut being held accountable for
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doing it. >> reporter: in a statement the city attorney's office said in part, the city will be reviewing appellate auctions. the saufsers are experienced and acted in a manner consistent with their use of force. we met sergeant paul kelly of the police union at a community barbecue. he shared his disappoint. the family has said nunez's death proves officers need better mental health and crisis intervention training. kelly says with this shooting that was not the case. >> when it comes to having sympathies and emotions for a grieving family, totally understandable. but they, the jury, made the decision to have department, sergeant kelly says it's rare for officers who are cleared criminally to then lose a civil trial. he recalls one other
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officer-involved shooting when that's happened. live in san jose i'm azenith smith, fox 2 news. the u.s. census bureau has begun printing 2020 forms without the controversial citizenship question. this after word from the trump administration it is dropping the effort to pursue further legal action. the u.s. supreme court blocked the question from being included in a ruling handed down last week. california attorney general xavier becerra called this a victory for those who said it was an effort by the white house to undercount regions with large immigrant communities. >>s the a major win against this administration. it's a win for our nation, for our democracy, and for everyone in this country. >> san francisco city attorney dennis herrera released a statement reading in part, the law is clear, the census is supposed to count everyone in the country period. it is about facts, not partisanship. trying to add the question was a
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blatant attempt to put a thumb on the electoral scale to favor whites and republicans, and it was an attempt to deprive millions of people of a voice. newly released pictures show detained immigrants begging for help from inside overcrowded holding cells. this after auditors visited south texas in mid-june. the report says when the detainees saw them, they would bang on windows and hold up notes to show how long they've been held. under law people are only supposed to be held in these cells for 72 hours. but the inspector general said at one facility adults were held in standing room only conditions for a week. protests were held across the country today calling for the closure of migrant detention centers. clock wiest from the upper left of your screen you can see rallies in massachusetts, south carolina, indiana, and michigan. organizers want to close the camps at the southern border, stop deportations, and reunite
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familiesch rallies were also held here in the bay area from santa rosa to oakland. as ktvu's cap cap shows us, it blocked traffic in san francisco this afternoon. >> reporter: hundreds of protesters took to the streets first blocking montgomery street near senator dianne feinstein's san francisco office, then marching west on market street to the federal building on 7th, taking their protest to house speaker nancy pelosi's office. protest ires says their message is urgent. >> what's going on in this country, including separating the families, is horrible. i mean, we're just creating fascism. >> reporter: drivers were left stranded up to a half hour. >> i'm stuck here now. >> reporter: some simply getting out of their cars, waiting for the sea of protesters to park, thinking about the issue of immigration. >> you got to come here legal like the way i come here 42
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years ago. and i don't see anything wrong with that as long as you come under rules and regulations. >> reporter: the rally started at noon. the list of demands for lawicers, first to shut down the existing immigration detention centers. second to defund them and finally to visit them to see conditions there for themselves. >> we will not bear witness. we all must bear witness. >> reporter: even as organizers spoke, voices from the crowd chimed in, saying those in the detention facilities are fleeg dangerous conditions in their native countries and wind up in deplorable conditions under the protections of customs and border protection. >> they are treated horribly in the camps. the camps are worse than prison and people are suffering. they're sleeping on concrete. they're sleeping on floors. they're filthy. >> reporter: despite the disruption, san francisco police say the crowd was peaceful. no word of any arrests as a
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result of today's protest. christian, ktvu fox 2 news. ahead tonight a teenager in need. at 10:30, his life could depend on a bone marrow transplant. how a local baseball team is pitching in to help. and we are tracking the holiday week forecast. got the fireworks forecast for you, plus what you can expect as you head towards the rest of the week. up first, the search for an arsonist. an east bay family says a man is seen on surveillance video setting fire to their home. >> then i saw the flames shoot up high, you know? and i said oh, my god, the kids. show me the crown.
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and i don't have my wallet, so... that's simple. easy. awesome. experience the entertainment you love on x1. access netflix, prime video, youtube and more. all with the sound of your voice. click, call or visit a store today. a home in the east bay city of pittsburg was set on fire overnight with the family inside -- while that family inside was sound asleep. as ktvu's alyana gomez reports, the family says their home surveillance camera caught the arsonist in action. >> reporter: an arsonist caught on home surveillance video. take a look, the man seen covering his face walks up towards the garage and heads straight for the front door. about 30 seconds passes, you see the man running away. you can also see the red glow of the fire that was just set reflecting on to the home across the street where the family's grandmother lives. >> he got out and he came to the doorway, then he ran fast.
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and he got into his car. then i saw the flames soot up high. you know? i said, oh, my god, the kids. >> reporter: you can almost see the getaway vehicle on the video described as a silver or gold colored car. >> and my mom sees the whole thing and runs over and pounds on the door. at the same time my alarm's going off. so that alone saved our lives. >> reporter: joe ortiz and his teenage son's quick thinking likely saved their home. >> opened the door, ball of fire, jump over it, and grab the hose. >> reporter: he says they doused the flames and put it out just before fire crews arrived. the front door now scorched, windows damaged. ironically the statue of mary is completely untouched while everything around it melted or burned. >> he just comes in and interrupts our life. we're just working people and have no clue who this person is and why they would do that to us. >> reporter: targeted at 1:30 in
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the morning while the family was sleeping. unsettling knowing the suspect is still out there. >> the investigator has determined it was an arson fire. we have collected evidence and near the process of evaluating that evidence now. >> reporter: the family says the bottle buzz left at the scene. they're hoping it's the link that will lead to the suspected arsonist. their older son's car was set on fire just after 3:00 on sunday morning. no word if the two are connected. in concord, alyana gomez, ktvu fox 2. a suspected gang member in los angeles has been charged with killing the son of an oakland city council woman. 23-year-old ivan hernandez was charged with murder and attempted robbery in the shooting death of 21-year-old victor mcelhaney. mcelhaney was the son of councilwoman lynette gibson-mcelhaney. he was also a student with usc. he was out with friend when he was killed in a strip mall
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parking lot about a mile from the sc campus. lynette gibson-mcelhaney released a statement reading in part the young man arrested represents a loss of life and human potential. thousands of families experience the life-transforming pain of having babies stolen away by gunmen in our schools, theaters, entertainment venues, even at corner stores. this must end. a driver involved in a fatal pedestrian accident at sfo was arrested today for vehicular manslaughter and driving at an unsafe speed. that crash happened yesterday afternoon at the pickup curb at the arrival section of the international terminal. three people were hit by an suv as it pulled away from the curb. today police arrested 46-year-old ocal. police say the three victims were loading luggage into their car when they were struck. the man who was killed has been identified as 33-year-old jedediah cruz of seattle.
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the two other victims a man and a woman, were taken to the hospital but are expected to be okay. two people were hurt today when a driver being chased by police crossed the center median of highway 101 and hit another car head-on. it happened around 11:30 this morning near willow road in redwood city. officers wanted to pull over the driver of a toyota camry for speeding but the car took off. it collided head-on with a prius heading south. the suspect suffered serious injuries and is facing felony dui charges. the other driver suffered minor injuries. slow down and celebrate responsibly over the fourth of july weekend. the chp's maximum enforcement period starts at 6:00 tomorrow night and continues until midnight on sunday. all available officers will be watching out for drivers who are speeding, not wearing their seat belts, or driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 18 people were killed in crashes
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on california roads during last year's fourth of july enforcement period. the chp also made 389 dui arrests during that same time period. all right. tracking out in the south pacific a hurricane. getting that time of year. this one might be a little bit early. it's pretty strong. it's hurricane barbra, it's a category 4. it's pretty well formed. that's going miss everybody. it'll send south swell our way as it moves through the next couple of days. you can see it rapidly before it gets close to hawaii downgrades to a tropical depression. but the next couple days look for at least the next day look for category 4 out of that thing. if you're traveling have a nice weekend overall. but mild temperatures continuing. mild temperatures like we saw today would give us temperatures not in the 90s but in the 60s, 70s, and low and mid-80s. current temperatures making those of last night.
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stro is a 10 degrees warmer a little patchy fog at the coast, but have little. tomorrow duplicates what we had today. clearing at the coast, patchy fog, and temperatures below the average in the inland bay valleys. nice day, not that warm. when i come back we'll look at the fourth of july and the weekend -- the holiday wooeblgd weekend just around the corner. president trump takes a shot at san francisco. >> the state of california cannot solve this issue. >> in our next half hour the president's suggestion that the federal government may intervene and how that is being received here. up first in three minutes, b.a.r.t.'s new fare gate. they're in use at one station despite concerns they could potentially be dangerous. angerous.
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we're learning tonight that former chrysler ceo and auto industry icon lee has died. he was 94 years old. he is widely credited with rescuing chrysler from near bankruptcy in the 1980s. he was instrumental in creating some of america's most famous cars including the ford mustang in the 1960s. his family says he died of natural causes at his home in bellair, california. a b.a.r.t.
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is moving forward with fare gates despite concerns from some disabled riders who worry they could be injured when they close a facebook user posted this photo of the gates at the richmond b.a.r.t. station. the old fare gates are waist height with the new gates above. they are designed to stop fare jumpers. some riders who use wheelchairs say they worry they could close on their heads. in san francisco opponent of the city's new ban on the sale of erig set cigarettes hope to overturn that at the ballot box. members of the coalition for reasonable vaping regulation turned in signatures today at the department of elections at city hall. the petitions call for a ballot measure to replace the ban tighter regulations. which is double the to qualify. they say that their initiative would prevent young people from getting access to the products
10:25 pm
while giving adults the choice to buy e-cigarettes. >> we know the seriousness of nicotine addiction and that's why we're introducing some of the strongest regulations for any age-restricted product in the history of san francisco today. so these are stronger regulations than what we have on marijuana. they're stronger than what we have on alcohol, and they are stronger regulations than what we even have on cigarettes. >> the group says only 40% of san francisco residents support the ban, but 70% support regulations since vaping is a serious health concern. coming up, president trump's salute to america. the display of military might planned for the fourth of july. team u southbounda gets a huge save from their goalie right there. plus, a couple of memorable headers and a favorable video review from a pickle. it all adds up to the spot in
10:26 pm
the world cup finals for the usa. a north bay baseball team goes to bat for a teenager with leukemia. it's an event called a donor for daniel. how one marin family is fighting hard against blood cancer. this is fred. he's dancing like nobody's watching.
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new at 10:00 tonight a marin county teenager is in desperate need of a bone marrow transplant and now a local baseball team has stepped up to the plate. >> debora villalon is in san rafael with the story of daniel rose. his leukemia is incredibly rare. >> yeah, this is an urgent case, frank, and a bone marrow transplant his best hope. at their next game the san rafael pacifics will be signing fans up to become potential donors. >> reporter: playing video games, typical for any 15 doesn't take any of these moments for granted. he's this remission. >> i have blood cancer, leukemia. >> reporter: it's been six months of tests and treatments after the aches and fever he thought was flu turned out to be not just leukemia but one of the
10:30 pm
rarest forms -- resistant to chemotherapy. >> the odds that i get this specific type of cancer out of the normal populous are 1 in 8.5 million. >> reporter: danny missed spring semester, too sick and susceptible to infection. >> always helps to have someone to talk to. >> reporter: buddies from school and his sun valley neighborhood show him support. and this saturday that team expands as the san rafael pacifics honor danny at their game and set up a booth where fans can enroll in a national registry for bone marrow donors. it's a simple swab of the cheek. >> a lot of prayers and support are need. and from what we hear daniel's a fighter. >> reporter: the pacifics players plan to be first in line. >> you have the opportunity to help someone, you should, especially with something this rare. it's, you know, it's hard to find. >> reporter: danny with cousin barry, a college player, will
10:31 pm
throw out the first pitch. leukemia, a curveball for this family, but the focus now is finding the match to save danny's life. >> he's in remission. they want to push as fast as possible to a new bone marrow. >> so that my cancer cells don't start producing again. because we have this window. >> reporter: through it all, danny manages a positive attitude, more concerned about his mom's well being than his own. >> you know, you really do take it day by day. you pray for strength to get through that day, hope the next day is better. but each day ends and you're still here. >> reporter: and fighting to regain his health, danny is grateful for so much support. >> i never knew how much people actually cared until after all of this happened, i guess. so a blessing and a curse in a way. >> reporter: every year 20,000 people need bone marrow transplants and half of them, like danny, don't have a family match, and they turn to the
10:32 pm
registry. now, when a donor is found, often this is an easy outpatient procedure, frank, about as simple as a blood draw. >> boy, hearing him talk, that's just -- it's really something hearing him. >> reporter: thank you. i hope they do find a match for him and his family figures if not for him, if more people go to be the match, get the swab kit, register, then they'll be a match for someone else out there. >> debora villalon in marin county tonight. debra, thank you. a federal appeals court in san francisco upheld a berkeley ordinance requiring retailers to issue warnings about the possible danger of cellphone use. the court rejected a second appeal by the cellphone industry association. berkeley passed an ordinance in 2016. it requires companies to warn customers that wearing the device next to the body could result in radio frequency radiation exceeding federal
10:33 pm
guidelines. the decision could be appealed again or it might end up in the u.s. supreme court. president trump is dishing out harsh criticism of san francisco, los angeles, and the rest of california. his focus is the homeless crisis and sanctuary city policies. ktvu's rob roth has reaction from local political leaders and homeless advocates. >> it's very sad. very sad. >> reporter: during an interview on fox with tucker carlson, president donald trump said he is considering addressing the homeless crisis in major cities, including los angeles and san francisco. >> we're looking at it very seriously. we may intercede. we may do something to get that whole thing cleaned>> reporter:n newsom wrestled with the issue during his terms as san francisco mayor. >> state of california cannot solve this issue. cities and counties working with the state and federal government can. >> reporter: president trump did not offer any concrete plans in the interview, but he indicated
10:34 pm
it's been a problem the past two to three years, even though homelessness has been persistent for more than 35. he also cast blame. >> usually sanctuary cities are run by very liberal people and the states are run by very liberal people. but thing that nobody can figure out is do these governors or mayors do they really think this is a positive? do they really think this is okay? because it's not. >> reporter: the communication office responded saying quote we are focused on running this city not responding to every tweet and rant. the supervisor says the president can help by providing money for affordable housing. >> if they want to help cities produce the housing we need to produce, that'd be great. >> reporter: homeless advocates say the homeless crisis began in the 1980s when president reagan cut billions from hud. >> we tried sweeps. we tried five-year plans,
10:35 pm
ten-year plans, chronic homeless plans, veteran's plans. we tried all that. it's not working because we haven't restored the funding to affordable housing. >> reporter: president trump owns a 30% share of 555 california street, formally the bank of america building. >> i own property in san francisco, so i don't care except it was so beautiful. and now areas that you used to think as being really something very special you take a look at what's going on with san francisco, it's terrible. >> reporter: and it sounds like the president of the united states recognize he has what to do on this issue? he is apparently committed to some intervention which is encouraging and i applaud his recognition of this as an issue in this country. >> reporter: rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. the white house is promising a patriotic display in washington, d.c. on the fourth of july. the event is titled salute to america. a number of army tanks will be put on display. there will also be flyovers from military aircraft, including the blue angels. and a speech from the president
10:36 pm
at the lincoln memorial. some say the president is hijacking what has traditionally been a nonpartisan event. >> the president is not going to get political. he's going to celebrate the greatest country, the greatest idea in the history of the world. and that is the united states of america. >> democrats have repeatedly asked the white house and the pentagon for a cost estimate of the event which has not yet been provided. nike gives the boot to one of its newest shoe designs. the complaint from colin kaepernick leading to that decision. and the holiday week is upon us. we've got some weather to talk about right into next weekend. we'll see you back here with the forecast. and up next, new information about an abandoned toddler we first showed you last night. what police are revealing about their contact with her mother.
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sacramento police say they have now been in contact with the mother of an abandoned toddler brought to a city fire station this past weekend. the child known as baby doe is believed to be about 2 years old. investigators say she was dropped off at the fire station by a man who said a frantic, crying mother had abandoned her in a walmart parking lot. now they say they've been in contact with that woman, but
10:40 pm
police and child protective services say they are not ready to reunite her with her baby, at least not yet. >> we have been in contact with the female half and we are working with her. and again, our detectives will be working diligently on this investigation. >> the sacramento police say they are still in the early stages of their investigation, but at this point, there are no plans to charge the child's mother with a crime. there was a moment of silence tonight before the los angeles angel's game with the texas rangers in honor of angel's pitcher tyler skaggs. the 27-year-old left-hander was found dead in his hotel room near yesterday. there is no word yet on how he died. investigator said there were no signs of foul play or suicide. skaggs had just pitched against oakland on saturday. we spoke with a former teammate of his who was r who is in oakland with the minnesota
10:41 pm
twins. >> one of my better friends, man, so it's super sad. i feel for all the guys. i can't even imagine being on that team right now. it's just tough. >> the coroner's office in texas is expected to begin the autopsy as soon as tomorrow, but the medical examiner says it could take weeks for toxicology tests to determine how tyler skaggs died. now to wall street where stocks ended the day with small gains. the dow was up 69 points. the nasdaq was upthe s&p 500 wa. enough to set another all time record. communications, tech, and consumer shares led the market on the plus side. shares of tesla spiked 7% in after hours trading. the palo alto electric car maker reported record sales for the most recent quarter. they sold 95,000 cars from april
10:42 pm
through june that. could potentially ease fears that demand will dry up as tax credits for electric vehicles are phased out. tesla has said they expect to deliver 360,000 to 400,000 cars this year. nike is nixing its newest shoes due to complaints from colin kaepernick. the sneakers featured a betsy ross american flag on the heel. kaepernick reportedly complained to nike after seeing the images online. he says the betsy ross flag is linked to a time when lawmakers advocated for an expansion of slavery. kaepernick is a nike brand ambassador, shoes were priced at $140. some are reportedly selling online now for as much as $2,000. still ahead here, a surge in complaints about illegal fireworks, and it's not even the fourth of july yet. also, we will show you today's solar eclipse as seen in parts of south america. and is the fog going to affect your fourth of july fireworks? our chief meteorologist bill
10:43 pm
martin will be back here in a moment with the complete forecast. forecast.
10:44 pm
10:45 pm
police and firefighters around the bay area are preparing for a busy fourth
10:46 pm
of july holiday. ktvu's nail nail was in san jose where authorities are stepping up patrols to crack down on illegal fireworks. >> reporter: the fourth of july holiday brings fun and tradition, but for public safety agencies, it can also bring more work. >> typically this road experiences an influx of individuals, especially on the fourth of july. >> reporter: we went on a ride along with deputy sarah keith who says these views of the valley are alluring from sierra road, but visitors here will be turned away or cited. the sheriff's office is one agency staffing up for the fourth of july holiday. >> the santa clara county sheriff's office has additional resources that they've allocated to specific areas where we've seen firework activity, illegal fireworks. >> reporter: in morgan hill, cal fire is also preparing for independence day. >> we'll be at peak staffing over this week and into the weekend to make sure that all of our resources are available. >> reporter: firefighters say
10:47 pm
the late rainfall and moderate weather has helped reduce some of the fire danger. chief jim crawford says crews around this holiday respond to more structure fires and traumatic injury calls, and have their own law enforcement officers going out to crack down on people setting off illegal fireworks. >> that check is done by police officers. we have cal fire law enforcement officer that is will be out doing those patrols and doing that enforcement. >> reporter: meanwhile, the san jose fire department says the number of illegal fireworks reports are up this year with 48 verified reports since june 1st and they expect that number to go up more as people use thetin. in san jose, maureen, ktvu fox 2 news. a total solar eclipse was visible in parts of south america today. the moon visibly blocked the sun over a wide area of chile and argentina about 1:0 this afternoon our time. a partial solar eclipse could be seen in nearly all of south
10:48 pm
america including the skies above ecuador, peru, bolivia, and brazil. this was the world's first total eclipse in two years. all righty. heading into wednesday now, getting closer to the holiday. and we can see many folks have this week off. you can see tomorrow's forecast to be 60 at the coast to 84, 85 degrees inland. this is very similar to what we had today and the day before. so this pattern, this mild pattern sticking with us. and it's going to hold on really right through the weekend. and it's because there's a weather system to the north. it's a low pressure area right up in here. there's that trough. and that's close enough to us to give us impact. you're seeing rain in the pacific northwest. you're seeing showers up around the columbia river. you seeing showers out in the bend, oregon area. some thundershower this is afternoon. and that's -- equates that up there equals cooler down here. just that simple. and you get a good onshore flow. it's occurring right now with
10:49 pm
all that green. that's moist, cool air pushing inland. about where it was last night. santa rosa's way warmer than last night. ten degrees warmer. patchy coastal fog. not a giant, robust layer as we saw about a week ago, but just real patchy stuff right now. this model shows it right along the peninsula, the san mateo coastline. and it sets us up tomorrow with a forecast like this which is just like today which will be just like tomorrow. 60s at the coast lows. 70s around much of the bay and then those 80s. that's about it. we're not going to see 90s in the bay area proper. might see some this weekend towards sunday, but still, i think it's going to be a mild weekend, right through the holiday fireworks displays which are going to show coastal low clouds certainly. some patchy fog around the bay and inland will be clear. even inland it can be 65, 68 degrees. that's mild for the livermore valley and those areas. around the bay in the low 60s for fireworks and at the coast,
10:50 pm
half-moon bay, in the upper 50s. that's plan, anyway. not that atypical for this time of year to see the fireworks have that kind of a weather forecast. the forecast highs tomorrow, then, just we had yesterday and the day before is going to roll into tomorrow. 81 in morgan hill. 83 in gilroy. low fire danger or lower fire danger and cool air quality. the air quality's great with this pattern. so there you go. there's the five-day forecast. there's the fourth of july, slightly warmer, but none of it is that hot. we'll see you back here at 11:00. >> bill, thank you. a video of 5-year-old devon mosley jr. drawing his favorite cartoon character on an oakland sidewalk with chalk has now been viewed online more than 7 million times. sega reached out to devon with comments about his hedgehog the sonic drawing. actor and comedian little real howie called it brilliant.
10:51 pm
the kindergarten graduate has never had a formal art class but may have picked up some artistic skills from his mother who is an amateur artist. even with all the internet love, family members say devon is unaware of his newfound fame. they say he's been too busy drawing. precious. coming up in sports, the giants continue their hitting down in san diego tonight. mark will tell us which players are knocking the cover off the ball. then on the 11:00 news, thieves rush a jewelry store, smashing the cases inside and grabbing jewelry. the burglary that has other jewelers worrying they could be next. we'll also be talking live with the chief of police in san bruno to get the very latest on this afternoon's shooting at the tanforan shopping mall.
10:52 pm
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10:54 pm
all right. leading with the a's tonight. just the way it should be. >> just so you wouldn't pout, basically. >> i'm surprised he star game they have that home run derby where they're going to give $1 million to the winner of this year's home run derby. if you've been watching major league baseball this year, it's basically home run derby every day. and that's true for both the a's and giants tonight. start in oakland. you're going to like this,
10:55 pm
frank. that is 89-year-old monty moore. >> i love that guy. >> play-by-play announcer way back when. all those great years in the '70s. and he would call this off the bat of matt olson a dinger for the good guy. a two-run dinger in the third. erase as 3-0 deficit. fourth inning load them up. this is chris herman in his first game for the a's. he's been injured all year. that's a grand slam. and the a's take a 6-3 lead over to twins. good ball club. minnesota now within 7-6 in the seventh. mark canna deep and gone. his 12th. it's an 8-6 final. the a's are hot. they have won six of their last seven. and take you to san diego. how old are you when you get your first cellphone? 2 or 3? can't you watch the game without tweeting? i guess not. first batter of the game, fifth
10:56 pm
pitch by matt strahm is deposited over and out by donovan solano who had three hits tonight. here's a nonhome run. a rarity these days. austin slater called up from the minors. last night he had a big game. kevin polar had four hit this is evening. 3-1 san francisco. but big man on campus, evan longoria. he'd already homered in the game. look how fall that ball lands. you tell me the ball's not juiced. his second homer. four hits, five rbis, 17 hits on the night for the giants. 10-4 the final. tyler beatty went seven innings, walked nobody, and gets the victory for the giants. nothing like a good old fashioned sports cliche. how about this one? in the world cup for the women it's ahame somebody hadlose. england and united states. it just had it all but not megan rapinoe. she was out. one of the usa stars with a bad hamstring. she'll be good to go on sunday,
10:57 pm
though. the key for usa, score early. ten minutes in attacking the zone, kelly o'hara with a pass to christen press, stanford woman, with the header. you look at it again. it's 1-nil. 19th minute, however, england will level things at one apiece. their star ellen white who's just been brilliant throughout the tournament. that's her sixth goal to even it up. 12 minutes later it's usa's alex morgan, cal product, her sixth goal. 2-1 and there you go. she caught a little heat for this little demonstrative effort. spot of tea anyone? all in good fun. second half, though, white will score again for britain. 2-2. but no. they will review it. offsides is called and by all accounts it was the correct call, but just by inches. so it stays 2-1 until the 79th
10:58 pm
minute, usa penalized. steph denied by alyssa naeher who i would say guessed correctly as she goes to her right to stop it. and it stays 2-1. what a play. on to the title match. it'll be the netherlands or sweden for team usa on sunday to try and repeat as world cup champs. who said the warriors wouldn't come up with something? they're strapped with a salary cap and kd left. but they've signed anotherery valuable piece. it's wly just a little above the league minimum. raw talent, very athletic, runs the floor, and if there's a negative about him, apparently, his motor doesn't run on full at all times. but be inspired to play locally. all right. yesterday remember venus williams out at wimbledon? her sister not about to suffer
10:59 pm
the same indignity. serena all decked out. bejewelled. far court receiving versus italian julia. the final line. watch match point. just a sensational volley right there. and it is serena the winner and that's kate middleton, the duchess of cambridge. speaking of spot of tea. and she does it up right. all right, frank, you're a big facebook guy, right? >> mm-hmm. >> well, facebook's doing this big thing called the bottle cap challenge. i don't know, nobody's talking to me, so do we have time for that? >> i don't think we do. >> 11:00, the bottle cap challenge just for you. >> i was wondering where you were going with that. see you at 11:00. coming up next here at 11:00. >> they were just basically yelling get out of the mall, get out of the mall, there's a shooter, there's a shooter,
11:00 pm
there's a shooter. >> shoppers describe a chaotic evacuation after two people are shot today inside san bruno's tanforan mall. the 11:00 news on ktvu starts now. >> a terrifying afternoon for workers and shoppers at that mall. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. we're going to talk to san bruno's police chief in a moment for the latest on the search for the two suspects. police think both may have been armed and opened fire near the food court at about 4:00 this afternoon. the tanforan mall is located on el camino real. it was built on the grounds of a former racetrack near sfo. it's right off the 380 connecter and adjacent to the san bruno b.a.r.t. station. we get the latest on this developing news tonight from ktvu's amber lee. amber, you've been at the mall all night and talked with soldiers from an army recruiting office there, and they helped


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