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inside san bruno's tan forran mall. you'll hear from three heroes who helped save one of the shooting victims. this smorngs on 2. good morning to you. welcome to "mornings on 2." it is thursday, it is the 4th of july. happy 4th of july. i'm dave clark. pam cook has the holiday off. let's talk about the holiday weather. rosemary orozco is right there. >> good morning to you. we are looking at fabulous weather for your festivities today. a little cool weather to start out this morning with the patchy fog and partly cloudy skies. then as we get into the afternoon. 60s at the coast. 80s expected inland. there's a look at the de the ba you can see it there. partly cloudy skies for the inner east bay. but partly to mostly cloudy as
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areas like richmond. that stretch down i-80. berkeley, emeryville. all starting out with cloudy conditions. and it will continue to move inland just a little bit as we roll through the first part of your morning. as we get into the winds. the onshore breezes with us, fairfield, reporting 20 miles per hour or so. concord. gusts to 23. napa sustained at 13. the onshore breeze is with us. and patchy fog, with only little change expected as we move through your afternoon today. we will remain a little bit cool for this time of year. 60s at the coast. a lot of 70s around the bay. mid- to upper 80s for our hottest spots, which for the afternoon. the partly cloudy skies. and the possibility of that fog moving back in in time for the fireworks, over areas like san francisco, berkeley have some to deal with. here's a look at temperatures now. low 50s in santa rosa. upper 50s in oakland. 54 in livermore. and low clouds will pull back.
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expecting partly to mostly cloudy skies at the coast. our south-facing beaches. stinson beach. santa cruz should get some afternoon clearing. but again, look at the color coding here. temperatures are very mild. when i come back, i'll have a look at the numbers. we'll look at the weekend and what you can expect if you're headed to areas of tahoe. today is the 4th of july. hear the music? and the nice weather will probably mean big crowds at all of the bay area parades planned for this morning. and there are quite a few of them with two in contra costa county, starting very early. the danville parade. a big one, starts at 9:00 a.m. but this parade is so popular, people set out their folding chairs along the route, hours in advance. and the parade at pleasant hill will start at 9:30. many others will start at 10:00 a.m., including parades in redwood city. alameda, sausalito, fremont and san jose, the rose, white and blue parade. then at 11:00 a.m., there are
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parades in vallejo and piedmont. most of them and several other cities also hold picnics and concerts after the parades. and throughout the day. and in san francisco, one of the bay area's most popular 4th of july traditions, is that big fireworks show. now, it starts at 9:30 tonight. but they have been getting ready for days. hundreds of thousands of people normally line up to watch this 25-minute show that we talked to people who are excited about tonight's fireworks show. and say celebrating america's birthday makes them proud. >> i'm a veteran. and i was in the army. and i'm patriotic. and i like to salute the flag and enjoy fireworks. >> it's just the freedom of the whole united states. you know. we get to do what we want to do. when we want to. how we want to. >> i heard this was going to be happening. so i'm looking forward to it. >> the fireworks are fired from barges out in the bay. and if there is not much fog, which we hope, you can see them from several places
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around the city. and across the bay. two of the prime viewing locations are san francisco's aquatic park. and pier 39. now, treasure island is normally a great place to watch the fireworks. i go there normally. but this year, visitors are being told, stay away. that's because there's so much construction going on, on treasure island. many of the roads are closed. and there really isn't any parking at the normal viewing areas. well, the coast guard has a couple of reminders for boat owners who want to watch the fireworks out on the bay. boaters, you're being told, stay away from the barges that are used to launch fireworks. also, you're being told, don't launch or use fireworks aboard a ship or a boat. because it could be mistaken for a distress signal. and the coast guard warns, using flares as fireworks. saying mayday as a radio check. that's a federal felony, because it could distract from an actual emergency. and another big fireworks
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show will be launched from san jose's discovery meadow. that will start at 10:00 tonight. you may remember last year, the faa shut down mineta, san jose airport during the show. because the fireworks were so close to the flight path out there. the faa hasn't said if it planned to take that action again this year. well, most public transporting a will operate on holiday or reduced schedules for today's holiday. san francisco's muni is running on a sunday schedule today. but it will run buses instead of cable cars, after 2:00 this afternoon. several lines are being rerouted near the best locations to see fireworks. also, they're offering extra service from cal train. the ferries, the muni metro subway and b.a.r.t. to go to the fireworks' viewing areas, beginning at 3:00 this afternoon. and b.a.r.t. is also using its sunday schedule. meaning service doesn't start
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until this morning. but the regularly scheduled trains, they'll be longer. and some extra trains will also be added. the last northbound lanes from the san francisco embarcadero station will leave before 12:30 tomorrow morning. the final southbound train leaves at 1:00 tomorrow morning. and cal train will operate on a sunday schedule all day. but it's already adding extra service after the san francisco fireworks show ends. special southbound trains will operate from san francisco to san jose, making all of the usual weekend stops. the last train will leave the station just after midnight. or when it is full, whichever comes first. now, our website,, you can find a list of bay area 4th of july fireworks and festivities. we've posted a li in more than 20 local communities online. our time is now 4:06. this morning, police in san bruno, still out there. searching for whoever was responsible for the terrifying
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gun battle inside the tan faran mall. now we're seeing the video. keep watching as security at the happy lemon recorded this group of people running on the second floor. then one of them pulls out a gun and fires at someone behind him. one of the shooting victims goes down. the video also shows a second gunman across the way. bystanders start running for cover as the shooting erupts. now, two boys, wounded in the shooting, are in serious condition. a 16-year-old was shot in the stomach. a 12-year-old was hit in the leg. investigators say the boys were part of the two groups that were arguing with each other. now, police say this was not a random shooting. authorities are still sorting through massive evidence from that shooting scene. one subject from each group beshooting at the
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other. to be clear, this does not appear to be a random incident. both shooters fled the area just prior to the responding officers arriving at the second floor location. >> now, police believe the shooters hopped onto b.a.r.t. and may have headed as far away as oakland. police found a pellet gun on a train but didn't find the real gun. some of the mall workers said the shooting shocked them and rattled them. but other says they still feel safe. and there was nothing police could do to prevent it. >> time is now 4:08. the two army staff sergeants who helped those wounded young people, they're being praised as heroes now, for their courage that they showed in the middle of all of the chaos. ktvu's south bay reporter ann rubin tells us, a young recruit is also being honored for her quick thinking and her actions. >> i couldn't be more proud of my soldiers. >> staff sergeant isaiah locklear and michael mall were working at the u.s. army
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recruiting office when shots rang out at the tan forran mall. >> he was like, i have been shot. i ran straight to him. started assessing him. seeing that he was shot in the stomach. started taking off my shirt and started applying pressure to the stomach. >> mara attended to a 12-year-old. >> our job is not to run out. so honestly, it's -- we train for this kind of stuff. so you kind of blank out, to be honest. tunnel vision. and you go do what you have to do. >> also honored today, a young recruit, who just happened to be in the office when the shootout went down. specialist mario young hasn't been to basic training yet. but she ran to help her recruiters, as soon as she saw it was safe. >> all of the former training i had as a lifeguard and e.m.t. just naturally set in. and i knew what i needed to do. >> each of the two were given a certificate of commendation.
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staff sergeant morrow was wearing a polo shirt since his uniform was still stained with blood. >> afterwards is when you think about it. >> his thoughts, not about the risks he took or the lives he saved but that the recognition was unnecessary. >> actually, a little too much of attention. not used to it. >> the recruiters say while they don't like the word "hero," they do like the notion of being a role model and they take that very seriously. the ceremony to honor them was held in front of a group of future soldiers. in daly city, ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. still ahead. a groper in palo alto, caught on camera, waiting to attack. coming up, the uniqueness of this suspect. and police are hoping somebody will recognize himful. and we want to show what caused a major outage across facebook, instagram and what's app for several hours. first, let's take a look at your morning traffic. very little out there.
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which is good. there is traffic. but not a whole lot. and no problems to report. you're looking at the san mateo bridge. we'll be keeping an eye on everything for you. weatherwise. only minor changes as we move ahead into your holiday. i'll have a look at what you can expect for your neighborhood coming up.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's now 4:14. in palo alto, police are still searching for a man accused of groping a woman as she walked along a sidewalk. ktvu's azenith smith shows us the police video showing that suspect. and they hope it will help catch him. >> i want them to find the creep. yeah. >> reporter: long-time resident lisa taylor said she no longer feels secure, living on marlin street. her neighborhood described as a quiet suburb with little to no crime. but what happened right outside her front door has shaken the community. >> it sounds like he was stalking her for quite a ways. from middlefield up here. he waited until it was just after dark. then he attacked her. >> instances like this don't happen very often in the city of palo alto. >> home surveillance video captured this man in the neighborhood on june 24th, around 9:00 in the evening.
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in it, you see the man's car stopped at the intersection. police say he had been driving eastbound on university avenue. for some unknown reason, he got out, with the car still running, lights on. he walks to a dark area, covered with trees. cameras don't show what he did next. >> he ran up behind a female victim who was walking along the sidewalk. and then he ran up behind her, and grabbed her breasts, buttocks and groin area. and then he ran back to his car and fled. >> the suspect, described to be of polynesian descent, 23 to 30 years old, medium height and build. police can say in the video, you he has a distinctive believ a 2012 to 2016 white audi. >> last night, my wife was sexually assaulted. >> reporter: neighbors tell us they learned about the crime after the victim's husband, who they say was distraught,
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went door to door, the next day, distributing flyers, hoping to catch the perpetrator. >> that's pretty brazen to do something on university avenue, with a lot of cars coming by. 30,000 cars a day. >> azenith smith, ktvu. if you recognize the suspect, call palo alto police. meantime, authorities in lake tahoe may be cracking down on public nudity at the beaches. sheriff's deputies say last weekend, they had a confrontation with a group of sunbathers, who were making lewd gestures. and while it's been tolerated for years, authorities say going nude at the lake, it is still against the law. time is 4:16. a pair of teenagers are safe this morning. they were rescued from tamales bay. their sail boat started taking on water. helped bring the boat and the
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teenagers to safety. the coast guard said those winds caused three other small sailboats to capsize, right about the same time. no injuries were reported. the marine mammal center is caring for a stranded sea lion pup. it was spotted at ocean beach in san francisco. center says it appears to be a yearling. it's being treated at a facility in sausalito. marine experts say they're seeing a lot more stranded sea lion pups this year. they say if you see one of them, don't approach it, don't touch it. instead, call for help. time is 4:17. facebook and its other social media sites, instagram and what's app. they are up and running again. but they had a huge glitch yesterday. you may have noticed it. problems loading images, videos and other data. i know i did. a facebook person said the problem was triggered during a routine maintenance operation. time now, 4:17. millions of americans will be
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on the road for this holiday weekend on the 4th of july. these are live pictures. we're looking at the bay bridge toll plaza right now. and very little traffic at 4:18 in the morning. good. may be a good time to go. triple a is estimating a record-breaking 49 million americans will be traveling for this 4th of july holiday. here in california, the chp has launched its maximum enforcement period. they are out, determined to keep drunk drivers and other problem drivers off the road. >> we have a little program called the i-80 challenge. we're teaming up with the nevada highway patrol, from san francisco and highway 80. all the way through the border of nevada. the choices you make matter. > download the ktvu weather app. it has interactive radar, hourly updates and the seven-day forecast. it also has a very easy way to upload your photos and video. we'll talk more about that a
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little first, though, let's go over to rosemary orozco who has your weather forecast. rosemary? >> good morning to you, dave. we have another fabulous day shaping up. that means a bit on the mild side, at least this time of year. and there will be the risk of fog and partly cloudy skies as we roll into your evening hours. that could impact fireworks, at least for some. giving you a look here at sfo. san francisco, starting out at 54 degrees. santa rosa at 56. oakland, 60. low 60s for livermore, as well as san jose. we do have a little bit of an onshore breeze out there. a little cool. not too bad, if you are getting out super early for whatever reason. hopefully you're not. 70s around the bay. mid- to upper 80s, expected far inland. only minor changes coming our way. we will continue towards a warmup as we get er to the weekend. here's a look at the future cast model. when it comes to the fog. even that possibility of maybe a little drizzle out there. don't expect much, but you may have some just right along the
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coastline this morning. as we get into the lunch hour. notice, we're partly cloudy, mostly clear every place. but the coast, our west-facing beaches expected to remain under partly cloudy skies today. areas like pacifica, half moon bay. we'll get clearing over our south facing beaches. still on the cool side. santa cruz only looking at this. morof the same. clouds at the coast. mostly clear elsewhere. as we get into the evening hours, it begins to make its way back across the bay. right about that time for fireworks, we may have low cloud cover for san francisco. it may be creeping into berkeley. it is really going to be a close call in some areas, just want you to know, in case you're planning to head to these areas for fireworks. for folks inland, no problem. upper 60s in concord. low 50s in santa rosa as we mentioned a moment ago. getting into the afternoon. upper 50s by the coast. upper 70s inland. already going to be nice mild
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to warm during the lunch hour. as we get into the afternoon, continuing to climb. 65 in san francisco. low 80s over the north bay of santa rosa. low 80s for our inland communities like livermore. down through the south bay, over areas of morgan hill. getting into tahoe. if you are thinking about heading that way. beautiful weather. upper 70s in the forecast. today or tomorrow. saturday and slightly cooler on sunday. for us here at home. our warming trend will continue. although notice, it's a modest one, hitting near 90 degrees by saturday and into sunday. and not much change as we look way down the road into monday. dave? >> all right, rosemary, thank you. another first here in california. up next. a new law bans discrimination based on your natural hair. and why some say they've had un years. and the illegal fireworks, worth millions of dollars. we'll show you cal fire's big haul this season. and where firefighters say many of the illegal fireworks
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. welcome back to mornings on 2. it's now 4:24. starting january 1 of the. the state of california will ban the discrimination of unique hair styles against can career. >> you know, i have to keep my hair a certain color.
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i can't go too far off hair now silky and straight. local attorney lenorea taylor explains why she chooses not to wear her natural hair. >> you have to present a certain way in my profession. i go to court. i meet clients. so you feel like you have to conform to a certain norm. >> professionalism is often judged by appearance. for men and women of color, their hair is a big part of that. twists, corn rows, afros and dread locks have all been considered at one time or another, unprofessional in the workplace. >> i have a lot of clients that cut their hair off because of the stigma that was given to them. they've cut it off because they didn't want to be associated -- even though ey love their hair. they love it. >> rhonda glen started a training academy, teaching other people how to do natural hair, since it's not caught in
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cosmetology school. >> i don't think it's fair that we have to conform because other people are afraid of how we look. >> they offer the crown act, which stands for creating a respectful and open workplace for natural hair. the bill outlaws discrimination in the workplace in public schools, based on hairstyles. the bill didn't get a single no vote and was signed wednesday by governor gavin newsom. >> my choice in how i wear my hair shouldn't impact my ability to get a job or be promoted. >> the ladies at nappy or not salon question oversight. who will hold people accountable? but they agree, it's a step in the right direction. >> it sounds good. it's encouraging that it's being heard. at least the conversation is there. so >> with this new law, i hope more comfortable expressing themselves as they
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truly are. >> alyana gomez. in washington, d.c. a very different 4th of july will take place this year. up next. we'll take you to the nation's capital, where many accuse president trump of politicizing independence day. plus, a new effort to help get the homeless off the streets. the new community of cabins. opening in oakland. and what the city is saying about the success rate. first, let's go out to the golden gate bridge. i don't see not even one -- there's one car. way in the distance. really quiet. we'll be watching the commute for you. here's number 2. we'll take a look at the commute throughout the morning. rosemary? >> that's good news, dave. nobody should be on the highways right now. you should be all cuddled up in your beds. we are looking at another mild day in the bay area. starting out with patchy fog. the partly cloudy skies and ok can expect for the afternoon and evening hours coming up.
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well, good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. it is thursday morning. the 4th of july. happy 4th of july. i'm dave clark. pam cook is off today for the holiday. rosemary orozco is in for steve. she has our forecast for today. should it be nice? >> it's going to be nice once again. the only worry or concern, maybe those fireworks tonight with the partly cloudy skies. the patchy fog expected. right around san francisco, perhaps into berkeley as well.c evening. that's what we're starting with as well. take a look at the fog and low clouds out there this morning. and at this hour. along the coatline. inside the bay. cross over to the east bay. just a bit as we get into the second part of the -- or first part of the


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