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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  July 12, 2019 4:30am-4:59am PDT

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this is a system hey duty r the temperatures. water temperatures are where they should be, that is cold. 51-56. temperatures are on the way up for many. they will probably stay the same. santa cruz is the outlier. it is warmer than most, staying in the 60s. 80s and 90s to the interior. a little coming in from the pacific northwest, that went out sunday but the high wind is today and saturday. it looks to be the hottest day. the fog is thick, 50s and 60s on temps, east bay temperatures are 50s. more so than we have seen, 57 degrees. el cerrito at 55 degrees. a decent delta breeze, that will decrease rapidly. if you are heading to the inland areas, it will be hot. in the four corners, some afternoon thunderstorms pop up.
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60s, 70s, 80s, 90s. we are looking at solano county, if you're trying to get on the road, it looks pretty good. not a lot going on. on friday, sometimes we have better than usual conditions. we are off to a nice start. a little bit of sewing on 680. traffic looks good. if you are off to a good start or early start, it's a nice drive to the bay bridge toll plaza. hopefully it will stay this way. click floods go back to the desk. >> they will do everything they can to protect undocumented immigrants as ice raids are due to begin this weekend.
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the trump administration threatened to arrest as many as 2000 undocumented immigrants who already have court orders to be deported. the raids are due to start sunday intensities around the country, that includes san francisco. >> we stand by our commitment as a centricity, regardless of what is happening with our federal government. we will do everything we can to support and protect residents. >> the county invested resources to make sure that anyone who gets caught up in a raid has legal representation. we want people to feel empowered. >> santa clara county's rapid response network will send observers to any areas reported of ice activity to keep an eye on the actions of federal agents and also to provide legal advice. senator dianne feinstein
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released a statement saying i've said many times that needs deportation of serious criminals, and those who pose national security risks, not families that are otherwise following the law and contributing to their communities. the aclu has filed a lawsuit aimed at trying to stop immigration raids, they are suing the trump administration, arguing the government system that notified of proceedings is in chaos. the lawsuit claims they have failed to give proper notice to thousands of immigrants. or gave the wrong times or places to shop. still, the trumpet ministrations is the enforcement action will go ahead as planned. there are several rallies planned throughout today against the potential ice raids. we have a list on our website, president trump is backing off the question of citizenship to the 2020 census. he has signed an executive order to get a count of noncitizens from federal databases. janet spoke with local political experts a professor the law school says the census had a citizenship question until the 1950s.its statistical
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work that it was causing y single person, they backed away in recent yearfruitvale distric two dozen people gathered thursday night for citizenship class. >> 30% of the people said no, they did not know what a census was. >> alicia, the executive director, says she's worried there's a danger that the 2020 census will undercount the nation's population due to a lack of education, its purpose, and people's fear of her immigration status. the census numbers do have political consequences. >> the primary purpose is representation. it's a formula that usesns population numbers to decide how many congressional districts each state gets. r kelly is in federal
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custody on a new 13 count indictment involving federal charges of child pornography and obstruction of justice. he was arrested last night. the 52-year-old already faces sexual assault charges in illinois involving four women. it is not clear if the new federal charges relate to the state case against him or not. his publicist plans to release more information and a scheduled conference later this morning. a man convicted of a hit- and-run that critically injured police officers facing a large prison term. a judge found him guilty on all charges, including assault with a deadly weapon and evading a police officer. authorities were investigating him for a possible gun violation in 2017 when he tried to flee but crashed into bicycle patrol officers. the officers suffered re a numb
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officers here, this has affected them personally. when officers go to work every day, they know that they put their life on the line, there is always a chance that they may not go home, they could be seriously injured. >> the officers now rehabbing in arizona. while his recovery will be long, relative say he's making good progress and he is been holding his 20-year-old son. >> officials in kentucky now confirm a body found in the home is the mother of four who is been missing more than six months. 23-year-old savannah was last seen leaving a bar in lexington david sparks, one of the bar. her remains were found he's heartbroken, he is glad she is found. these last six monthshave
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been really hard. >> i begged god for this. the last week, i begged god. >> the cause of her death has still not been announced. in the meantime, a body found in the grand canyon national park is believed to be that of a bay area hiker who went missing last month. 66-year-old peter schwab was on a hiking and river trip. he disappeared june 28. park rangers found a man's body in the colorado river wednesday. they say based on the evidence found with the body, it appears to be mr. schwab. the medical examiner will make it official identification. this teenager is facing a hate crime and vandals and charges. it started sunday when someone left racist slurs on the building on crow canyon road. please save video from an atm helped identify the suspect as an 18-year-old.
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he turned himself over to police yesterday. then taken obispo's police chief has been returned. the chief says she accidentally left her gun in the bathroom of a restaurant. when she went back to get it, the gun was gone. she apologized for the mistake in a facebook video. the 30-year-old man admitted they found the gun and turned it in. the city will investigate what happened and determine whether disciplinary action should be taken. select the fbi is offering a $5000 reward to find a gun magazine and fbi jacket stolen from an agent's car in oakland, it happened at 8:40 wednesday night. the fbi says the items include a semi automatic rifle, ammunition, and a field agent jacket. the agent's car was parked near edgewater drive. the fbi is working with the oakland police department to help find the stolen items.
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anyone with any information, you are asked to call police. agree quarter her examine the body of a woman believed to be that of an american scientist said she died as a result of her criminal act. our reporter has while this mystery that involves a woman who is originally from right here in the bay area. >> the search for missing american scientist could turn into a murder mystery. >> this 59-year-old suzanne eaton was reported missing last week, she had been attending a conference. on wednesday, agree corners that he believes they found her body. >> with complete certainty i can say is a criminal act. for self-explanatory reasons we will not say in what way. >> they are waiting for final identification. the time of death is approximate to the time she disappeared. she was associated and had minor stab wounds. they were not the cause of death. her employers in germany wrote
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that suzanne was an outstanding and inspiring scientist, a loving spouse and mother, an athlete, and a truly wonderful person but love to us all. the disappearance sparked a major search and rescue effort and grace. family members traveled there almost immediately believing it for she may have succumbed to heat exhaustion or a bad fall. now, they are waiting for more answers. >> it was on the day she had gone for a run and two hours after her last meal, this happen. >>, c directors have taken the lead. a warning for anyone headed to the beach, we are talking about sharks, where they have been spotted swimming near the shore. incredible video of a drug
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bust in the pacific ocean, how the coast guard captured a submarine filled with thousands of pounds of cocaine. good morning. right now, oakland is looking pretty good. it is a nice looking drive. i will tell you a little more about the morning commute, coming up. if you are over yonder, it will be foggy and cooler. i will show you the temperatures for friday, coming up.
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welcome back, this is dramatic video of a gas explosion that leveled a kfc restaurant, take a look at that, this happened earlier yesterday morning in eden, north carolina. no one was in the restaurant at the time. employees smelled gas from the restaurant hours before the explosion. the blast is under investigation and the gas company is checking the pressure of the gas lines. >> this is dramatic video of a confrontation between the coast guard and a submarine filled with 16,000 pounds of cocaine. this video is from june 18 in the eastern pacific. look at this. the drugs were on their way here to the u.s. the crew s car
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submarine, look at them banging on top of the entrance of the submarine. they made several rest, they seized the drugs, the cocaine has a street value of $232 million. a warning if you're headed to the beach is the speaking, great white sharks have been spotted off the san mateo county coast. the sheriff's office tweeted a photo of a shark in half moon bay. they say multiple pilots flew over the area when they spotted a great white in the water. they were seen swimming between pillar point and the ritz carlton resort. the weekend is almost here. rosemary has a look at what is happening around the bay area with your weekend watch. >> we are headed into the weekend, here are a handful of happenings to consider. in the south bay, they can check out this at the santa clara center. on the pe the clayton
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glass festivals happening this weekend with more than 130 clan glass artist, hands-on activities, and demos. or, you can head to the arts and wine festival in downtown, featuring fine art, concerts, children activities, food, wine, and craft beer. in san francisco, enjoy this saturday. highlights include food, wine, beer, a vintage car show, and kids playground. donated toy while celebrating christmas in july. this event is happening on saturday at atwater tavern. in the north bay, this is saturday at city plaza. you will be able to be able to enjoy wine and beer tastings. >> had to kenwood for though wine country comedy fest.r thre starting saturday at the winery. that is your weekend watch.
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>> that is ktvu, we are packing our bags , this went to south san francisco. everyone is going to be out there, we will bring you this from the industrial city, we will highlight the home and take you inside some of the favorite restaurants, cafes, and berries. plus, you will meet again woman destined to one day join the firefighting rinks. >> there were little things, kids would fill out, what you want to be when you grow up? everyone said paramedic or firefighter. >> we're playing zip trip trivia with those who know and those who do not know. >> south san francisco has been known as the blank city for years, can you fill that in? x the quiet city. >> capital city. >> the trivia is always fun.
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that and much more later this morning when we take you on another trip to south san francisco. you can watch live on ktvu. or just head out to south city, we will see you out there. >> he knows this like the back of his hand, you know what's happening on the roads. legs that was a nice turn. i see what you did there. >> you know, exactly. ? you want to get across the bridge to part of the bay, there is a little bit of a backup at the toll plaza. for the most part, we are off to a nice start. it is not doing port -- too poorly. this is coming up path. there's a little bit of slowing.
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nothing out of the ordinary, which is good. this is pleasanton, it looks nice, no major issues on the freeways. if it were off to a good start, hopefully it will stay this way, sometimes we have lighter than natural commutes. what is the weather going to be like? >> i defer to you. that is your territory. >> thank you, it will be low clouds and 60s, not very warm. >> inland it will be warm to hot. i have 50s on the lows. here's fog on the coast, the lows are very similar to san francisco is 56. they have been hovering there. most of the coast will be on
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the cool side inland. recast hi going downtown santa rosa, not the airport. the normal is 84. you are above the city, not yet, they were only 64, sa francisco officially is not had a high temperature over 67 this month. livermore, 90 degrees. we are finally getting to average. it is been a long stretch. i believe it was 76 degrees. by friday, you hit it. 82 degrees in san jose. look at the monsoon moisture, it's coming around the periphery of the high is a build then. this is tracking toward the pacific northwest, ita high inl squashing the fog. this will keep those areas on the cooler side. 50s for most, 60s were few,
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temperatures inland take a while to warm up. 54 degrees in pacifica. a pretty good delta breeze, expect that to tail off. 42 degrees in truckee. low clouds just south of tahoe, we will see that monsoon sneaking up there, you're going to tahoe, keep an eye on this guy, we could get that to filter in. this has interactive radar, hourly updates, and the seven day forecast. there's an easy way to upload weather photos anee to download smartphone or tablet. the crackdown on illegal
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dumping continues in oakland. we have a new program and how it is reducing the amount of trash on oakland streets and leading to arrests.
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>> i can't name it yet but i remember the thumb. >> i know christina has no idea. >> she stepped out, she has no idea. >> not as old as we are. >> i'll tell you, it is called escape, the piña colada song. it is also by one hit wonder rupert hall, he made this. >> hit me up on social media, the hashtag is ktvu. i have to get on the road to south city, let's do this now. >> be nice.
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>> investigators in livermore are looking for witnesses this morning to monday sank shooting death of a teenage athlete, emmanuel mosby. police released this photo of of white's volkswagen bedetecti driving this car monday night may have seen the shooting at the taco bell restaurant on east stanley boulevard.16-year- 9:30. he died at the hospital. the safeway store and alameda southshore will be open today after a small explosion. we were flying overhead, firefighters and police investigated a smoky haze and smell in the store. investigators say some kind of firecracker was set off in the refrigerator. one woman suffered a minor injury and was treated at the scene and later
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new illegal dumping program is making it different and keeping the streets cleaner. oakland was a big focus. city officials, owners, activists, and agencies said people are driving from all around the east bay to dump trash on oakland streets. >> we take pride in our community, we try to keep it clean. you have outside forces that comment feel it's okay to dump varied >> we see mattresses, construction debris, we even see dead animals, dogs. >> since april, 45 tons of trash have been collected along j street and railroad avenue. five people have been caught illegally dumping things after cameras were installed in the area. president trump apparently giving up on his citizenship question on next year's census.
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coming up, we will show you why democrats are not happy about his alternative to get around it. bracing for possible impact, i am doug in new orleans. i will tell you how people are bracing for what could be a massive storm barreling toward the gulf coast.
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that president trump and the citizenship question, it will not be on the 20 $.20 in but critics say the alternative from the president may be just as bad. people in several big cities including the bay area prepared to stage a collective protest as the president says i.c.e. agents are coming. good morning and welcome to morning then 2. it is friday, july 12 and -- i know where steve paulson is. he has the list on our weather. of your are the posted is a bad. 50s and 60s with big fog popping up. we saw that yesterday and that puts


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