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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  July 12, 2019 10:00pm-10:59pm PDT

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protests and vigils tonight around the bay area against conditions for immigrants at the border and immigration enforcement sweeps plan for sunday. there is a level of treatment we should allow for all humans. our government is not meeting that standard. a crisis at the border coming to a head tonight. good evening everyone. dozens of bay area citi vig
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urging lawmakers to close detention centers along the border and condemn separating families. people gathered at every corner of the bay area including cities like oakland castro valley and palo alto. there was a protest in san francisco. that is where we find jana live. you attended the lights for liberty mutual hill tonight in downtown.>> reporter: there were hundreds of these lights for liberty vigils held across the country. many other people here say they are disturbed of the reported conditions of some of the detention camps particularly iles that hold there was also great concern about some of the ice enforcement sweeps. that could be coming this weekend. is dusk fail protester held the blights calling for the government to close detention camps were immigrant children and families are being held.
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hundreds of people brought signs spoke out at the san francisco cable car turnaround. the lights for liberty vigil was one of hundreds of vigils held nationwide friday. it is important because what we have here that is going on in the country is wrong. we need to protest. to close the camps. >> reporter: mike pence was in texas friday meeting with border agents on the rio grande. they say 700 to 1000 people are being taken and every day. the vice president and some republican senator's toward a i could not be more customs and border protection are doing at this facility.>> reporter: in a hearing friday critics that the trump ministration policies have led to overcrowding and insufficient supplies and
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family separations at the border facilities. it is unnecessary to separate children from their families. it is unnecessary to have a policy to detain innocent women and families that have harmed no person and are legally seeking asylum.>> reporter: at the lights for liberty vigil in oakland spoke about the u.s. and concentrating japanese- americans during world war ii. he was born in a camp. there is a level of treatment that we should allow for all humans. our government is not meeting that standard. >> i can't imagine as a parent being separated from my kid.>> reporter: congress passed a $4.5 billion humanitarian relief bill for the detention centers weeks ago. protesters say they want to se immediate action. >> it is really important to showare all rder.>> reporter: there were police here but this
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vigil was very peaceful. one group did briefly march up to union square and come back. immigrants rights attorneys who were here told the crowd they will be on standby all weekend if needed. protests were also staged close to where migrants are being held in texas. hundreds of people showed up in houston tonight to participate. they do michigan and outside the southwest detention facility downtown. earlier president trump said there is nothing secret about an immigration enforcement action plan for this weekend. nothing to be secret about. ey words gets out and gets out. hundreds of people know about the major operation. so if the word gets out and gets out. it starts on sunday. they will take people out and
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this weekend's sweep is nothing new and will target people with final deportation orders. in 10 regions around the country including here in the bay area. activists ramped up efforts in the bay area to inform undocumented immigrants about their rights and the resources available to them. more on that part of the story.>> reporter: santa clara county the immigrant community is on edge. naomi worries about her parents about what a mass ice enforcement might mean for them. i feel more scared than angry. because i don't want to lose them. because i don't want to raise my siblings by myself. i'm 18. imagine that.>> reporter: fear and panic is what leaders want to avoid. they say that is why they are rapid response network access. created after the 2016 election. a 24 hour hotline meant to give immediate help if and when ice
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shows up. to people that will be at your house. be at your neighborhood and your door in minutes. we will connect you with legal representation as well. >> reporter: intended to inform people of their rights and inform the community isis they are. at the backing of santa clara county and san jose city officials. that makes a big difference to communities especially the immigrant community. their elected officials work on them here. and will do whatever they can. to uphold the constitutional rights. >> reporter: officials say they are upholding the law. are targeted immigration enforcement. arrest and removal of those who pose a threat to national security and public safety. community leaders say they are might be collateral arrest. those in the wrong place at the wrong time. we are standing in power. the trump administration will not will not terrorize this
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community.>> reporter: the rapid response hotline number 408-290-1144. you also have that on our website committee leader said it could be used to verify ice activity. they've already noticed problems with misinformation spreading on social media. the vice president's visit to the mcallen texas border patrol station has stirred controversy tonight. the press pool was pulled out after less than two minutes. when detainees were reportedly began shouting. some said they had been held for 40 days or more in the sweltering heat. with no cots or mats to sleep on. just the concrete floowere hung her teeth. the vice president called it tough stuff. and said he was not surprised by the conditions. i expect we will see here at mcallen that this facility
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is overcrowded. that will be evidence of this crisis is real. the vice president met with border patrol agents thanking them for their professionalism. and compassion. coverage of the plant immigration sweep continues on to find the latest developments on our homepage. the gulf coast tropical storm barry is bearing down on louisiana tonight. the storm is said to make landfall in the morning likely as a hurricane. this is a live look at the famed bourbon street. in new orleans which is usually packed. we did see somebody. people are making a good time of it. heavy rain and storms are expected. many folks have evacuated. there is good newsmississippi r below the levees that protect new orleans. coming up we will have the very latest on the storm strength and path. as it approaches louisiana. san jose police are investigating the death of an
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elderly man as a homicide. the victim was found in a home in east san jose on montecito drive. near verona street at 9 am. that block was shut down for hours. as a massive police presence descended on the area. officers with guns drawn searching for the killer and what might have been a home invasion. so far san jose police have not offered any information on the cause of death. were provided a description of the killer. you information about a toddler who was struck by an alleged drunk driver with four prior dui convictions. two-year-old is showing signs deborah's live in santa rosa where the crash happened. you spoke with a little girl's family and how is she doing? >> reporter: she is better than expected. but of course this is very scary for them. she was picked up off the pavement here taken to a local er. then airlifted to oakland
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children's hospital. that is where her parents have been. ever since. i just was horribly heartbroken when i heard about what happened. because if i lost her i don't know what i would have done.>> reporter: the uncle and father of two-year-old severe talked about the crash that left her with a skull fracture and badly bruised lungs. she is sedated. she wakes up when she is fussed with other nurses need to move her. she wants the tubes out. she starts crying from the pain. >> reporter: she was with her great-grandmother leaving an appointment that got to their car and that is when she darted away and onto the busy street. are two-year-old is adventurous.. she escaped for my grandmother and ran.>> reporter: she does on her and is devastated. we don't blame her. we are not mad at her.nitely kn very attentive grandmother. she turned her back for a second on a two-year-old.>>
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reporter: he does blame this man 47-year-old hector. who police say was under the influence when he hit her and kept going. he was tracked to his apartment nearby. his white van parked outside. records show he has had a suspended license since 2013. after a dui conviction. when on to rack up three more duis. including a felony crash with injuries. her family wonders how a different driver might have reacted. when she did run into the street instead of being able to stop or be aware of what is going on she simply hit her and kept going. if you have been drinking don't do it.>> reporter: last month relatives drove from southern california for her second birthday. celebrated on the sonoma coast. now they are back. pulling for her recovery. the happiest little girl in the world. she wakes up happy laughing. always laughing and never sad.
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that is why it is hard for all of us. both she has her favorite blanket. and her parents are grateful. there is no sign of brain damage or internal bleeding. this might have been so much worse. i feel like we could be attending a funeral. she could have died. i feel really lucky. >> reporter: a cousin has set up a gofundme for the family as they will be missing work to be with her. they only moved here from los angeles about six months ago. they are still getting to know the area. they don't know that many people. and have new jobs. we put a link to the gofundme as a parent it is frightening to think something like this could happen to your you feel heartbroken. i'm praying for a full recovery for her. we all know how fast they can get away from us. they are escape artist.
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i don't know a parent who has a been through something some sort of scare like that. adventurous like he said. you just never know. a new california law to shore up california's electric utilities. how would aims to mitigate wildfire risk while helping fire victims. typical july weather here in the bay area. we have the coastal fog. temperatures warming up in linn. we will highlight the hottest day of the weekend. police are now investigating a possible hate crime in the san francisco neighborhood. the incident was caught on video. the victim shared her story. many people living with diabetes monitor their blood glucose every day. and stick their fingers. repeatedly. today, life-changing technology from abbott
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makes it possible to track glucose levels. without drawing a drop of blood, again and again. the most personal technology, is technology with the power to change your life. life. to the fullest. this is and because alling of the devices onching. fred's wifi network are protected with xfinity xfi, literally, nobody's watching. except for millions of you, of course. wait, millions of people are watching?
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yeah. we're making a commercial. if it's connected, it's protected with xfinity xfi. now that's simple, easy, awesome. xfinity delivers the best in-home wifi experience. plus, add xfi advantage for enhanced network security. click, call or visit a store today to learn more. a rants caught on camera has prompted san francisco police to open a hate crime investigation. in the video a man is seen harassing an asian woman with racial slurs. amber joins us live from san francisco at this beacon to the victim and a neighbor who witnessed the incident.>> reporter: it was a neighbor who reached out to us to share videos he and others took of the incident. san francisco police tell me a special is now handling the case.>> reporter: this is video of the
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man yelling profanities and racial slurs at sophia in front of her home in san francisco's sunset neighborhood. it was 12:30 pm wednesday. she saw a white sedan parked illegally in her driveway. when the driver returned she asked him not to park there. she said that is when the man started using racial slurs and following her. scary. very scary. this community is old. old people. and then asian people live around here. really don't want to face this kind of fear. >> reporter: she called 911. and took this photo of the man who is a food delivery driver for caviar. he stepped so close to my face. and almost stepped on off. he threatened me.>> reporter: it wasn't safe for her to try to go back inside her home.
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he pushed me to the corner. i'm afraid because i have a old mother-in-law who lives upstairs. this is so dangerous.>> reporter: neighbors came out to help. it is disgusting. it is the way he was saying everything. he was saying to her. i felt like he was saying it to me.>> reporter: nathan cole of daly city. an officer pepper spray to 31- year-old when he did not comply with orders. instead he drove off. later police located and arrested him. he faces charges of resisting arrest and disobeying a police officer. neighbor say his behavior is unacceptable. basically the biggest form of bullying you could see. we take these types of allegations extremely seriously. and have disabled his account. i really feel sad. because here basically it is so happy and a quiet community.>> reporter: she immigrated from
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taiwan 30 years ago. and is a u.s. citizen. i'm afraid. this country is not safe anymore. >> reporter: she said investigators have asked her to collect her neighbor's cell phone and surveillance video. of the incident. san francisco police are looking at possible hate crime charges against him for the language he used. governor gavin newsom signed a bill meant to prop up telephone's biggest electric utilities. should there equipment cause a wildfire. companies will have to spend at least $5 billion on safety improvements. the project also creates a fund of up to $21 billion.future wil caused by utility equipment. they hope the bill will help stabilize pg&e along with southern california edison in san diego gas and electric. the governor has chosen
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marybelle bacher to chose to serve as president of the utilities commission. regulates utilities including pg&e. which is in the process of bankruptcy. the company faces billions of dollars in claims for damages. from wildfires sparked by its equipment. the governor said he is confident she will challenge utilities to embrace reforms. she is secretary of the california government operations agency. cal fire ended a two-week training academy for returning seasonal firefighters of the sonoma lake napa district. they will be on the front lines of wildfires in the district or anywhere else needed crews wil with new procedures and equipment such as newfield radios and enhance personal breathing systems. as well as a faster way to unload and set opposes. temperatures have been trending up the past few days. with the fire danger on the
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increase especially in the inland spots or readings have been back into the 90s the past couple days. who would do it all over again and your saturday forecast. take a look at the highs from this afternoon. the hotspots fairfield antioch 93 and 94. in between san jose 80. san francisco 65. the coast a chilly nine showing up in pacifica. patchy fog nearby. showing you this the satellite we still have the off shore. pushing into the bay for tonight. it should be around first thing tomorrow morning. the coast and portions of the bay. current numbers we would check in on those. san francisco 54. walnut creek 62. san jose reporting 63 degrees. alive camera tonight showing you hear the bay bridge. you get the sense it is cloudy. patchy fog making a comeback over the past few hours. overnight lows will be in the 50s to the 60s to start saturday morning. with the clouds coast side
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around the bay. into the afternoon hours the clouds back to the shoreline. temperatures in the temperature range. take your pick with the readings. either cool warm to hot with 60s 70s 80s and some 90s in your saturday forecast. we'll talk more about an eventual cooling trend coming up in a little bit. another shakeup at the white house. the labor secretary sudden resignation. and who will replace him for now. fresh off their midseason break the giants continues to hit the lowball. the game went into extra innings. the sports director will have the finish later in sports. offers homeless people thousands of dollars to move from an oakland encampment. why protesters shut down his efforts coming up.
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homeless at the kids effectively's shutdown and an effort by real estate developer today to get homeless people to move from an an encampment outside of home depot in oakland. the landlord wore an elf costume and a make oakland great again had announcing his offer to pay anyone camping near the home depot on alameda avenue $2000 to leave the area. he also offered to drop $1000 in cash from a rented room. homeless advocates showed up in force. police eventually escorted him out the property. his motivation is unclear.
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he has no affiliation with home depot. the effort is also unrelated to the city of oakland plan to shut down 37th avenue because of the separate encampment behind the home depot. a shakeup at the white house today labor secretary alex acosta announced this morning he is resigning. he has been under heavy scrutiny for secret plea deal he helped broker for jeffrey epstein. the deal took place in florida. than a decade ago. epstein served 13 months in prison for sex crimes many thought he should've spent much more time behind bars. he was arrested again last weekend and faces new federal charges. i do not think it is right and fair for this administration's labor department to have epstein as the focus rather than the incredible economy that we have today. his deputy patrick will become the acting labor secretary. federal prosecutors in new york
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urged a judge to keep jeffrey epstein in jail while he faces trial on the new six trafficking charges. they say they have evidence he might try to influence witnesses. we recently learned he sent $250,000 to a former employee and 100,000 more to a person named as a possible co- conspirator. in the for the case against him. he poses a tremendous flight risk and a danger to the community. calling him a serial sex predator. delayed robert mueller's appearance by one week from july 17 to the 24th to allow lawmakers more time for questions. mueller agreed to the change despite his reluctance to testify. he has said he won't go beyond what is written in his report. despite that lawmakers were concerned 2 two hours hearing would not be allowed time to allow for all members to ask questions. it is very important the american people have the opportunity to hear from robert mueller. that he had the opportunity to convey to the american people all the evidence he collected. which describes the misconduct of the president. he will testify before the
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house judiciary and intelligence committees. the committee say with the extended time all members will now be able to ask questions. still to, bracing for barry. the tropical storm set to make landfall in mere hours. market will give us an update on the storm's progress after the break. 14-year-old girl writing for her life after she was hit by a train. the good samaritan her family hopes to find. we would like to meet them. and think them. just give them a big hug. my experience with usaa
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more coverage tonight of tropical storm barry. the system swiftly approaching louisiana right now. this is a live look at the bourbon street in new orleans. normally this area is packed with people after all is is a friday night. tonight many people are taking cover. it is just a matter of hours before barry makes landfall on the gulf coast. the high wind and serve have become rough since yesterday. steve reports from bay st. louis mississippi.>> reporter: spinning if you have preparations you need to complete now is the time. you do not have much more time at all. before the impacts of barry will be here.
10:31 pm
>> reporter: a warning to the national weather service. the storms churning in the gulf of mexico is expected to make landfall saturday morning. near morgan city louisiana. the winds have gradually been getting stronger. kicking up angry choppy waves. but the biggest threat is the rain. some parts of the region could see more than 20 inches. more than 200 floodgates have been closed along the mississippi river. which is already at flood stage and will likely crest at 19 feet. just below the 20 foot levies. here in mississippi storm surges could hit five feet. creating the potential for here already saturated. locals have been following the advice from officials. filling up sandbags and stocking up on essentials like water batteries gas and of course junk food. we bought cookie mix and brownie mix. in case we lose electricity we will be eating well.>> reporter:
10:32 pm
power outages are likely and could last for days. some locals are optimistic the storm would just fizzle out. i think it will pass through. maybe a little bit of flooding. everything else will be okay. >> reporter: the problem with the storm it is so slow moving. that means it will dump a lot of rain in one place. it could create deadly flash flooding. let's bring in mark who is keeping a track on tropical storm barry. expected to make saturday morn storm has been gradually strengthening the past 24 hours or so. the trend right now a tropical barry. tomorrow this will be a category one hurricane. you can see the circulation right now. 75 miles to the south of morgan city. there is the satellite loop showing the circulation. is becoming close to the latest information winds 65 miles per
10:33 pm
hour. moving to the west and northwest. you heard the reporter mentioned this is moving very slowly. only three miles per hour right now. moving to the west northwest. this will soon be a hurricane. you can see the symbol showing up on the icon. that is expected tomorrow morning. category one hurricane. it is slowly jogging to the north. along this check capable of producing heavy rain. there is of course with the flash flooding. there is the close-up look at the expected track for tomorrow. close the morgan city. louisiana right now. they have a gust of up to 44 15 to per hour. take of over 20 inches. a storm surge of 3 to 5 feet. the forecast model is all over the place with . this forecast model take a look at the values for tomorrow. possibly over 14 or 15 inches with a slow movement of tropical storm barry.
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we will keep an eye on the track and have more on our forecast coming up in a few minutes. we are monitoring the storm conditions on the gulf coast throughout the weekend. get all the latest developments on or our facebook and twitter pages. a 14-year-old girl in critical condition at san jose valley medical center. waiting on the second operation. she was hit by a bta light rail train this week tonight her family is asking for the public's help. in finding a good samaritan help to save her life. southbay reporter has the story.>> family members say michelle espinoza is an effervescent 14-year-old. likely athletic and infectiousn for her life. it is hard. we cannot believe it happened. you want to owhappened.>> repor family members sit outside valley medical center trying to make sense of the scene from
10:35 pm
inside the hospital. michelle clings to life in critical condition. a fractious goal swelling of the brain broken ribs and clavicle. and other injuries. wednesday morning she was riding her bike near southwest expressway. she was hit by a bta light rail train. made his way through the intersection. we are just thankful she is alive. she is fighting. she is very strong.>> reporter: police say michelle was riding her bike east and went around the cross and various. bta official stress everyone should be situationally aware. when near are using their system.>> you may not see or hear a bus or train coming. it is important you look both directions. remove the distractions like earbuds. and really follow the directional signs whether it is light directional signs or crossing gates.>> reporter:stru members say a good samaritan pulled her off the tracks and
10:36 pm
administered cpr. their search for answers and accident includes a quest to think a stranger might have helped to save a 14-year-old's life. thank. we look for the person to help her to come forward. we would like to meet them and thank them. just give them a big code.>> reporter: a new way to address all of the plastic in the ocean. the innovation designed to take trash out of the waterways before it ever makes it out to the open ocean. father of one of our kelly's alleged victims is speaking out. what he is saying is the finger faces new charges.
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we know the identity of a man who took a gun belonging to the san luis police chief accidentally left it in a restaurant yesterday. she said when she realized her mistake she returned to the restroom but the weapon was gone. 30-year-old told his brother-in- law he took the gun and it was his brother-in-law who called city will investigate the o incident and determine whether the police chief should be
10:40 pm
disciplined. the parents of a woman who they believe is being held against her will by singer r kelly are speaking out. this comes as the artist is facing new federal six crime charges including child pornography and obstruction of justice. kelly was arrested last night in chicago. the woman's father called on the singer and his team to reunite the woman with her family. my daughter. r kelly is in there right now in jail. i want to know where my daughter is. answer that question. answer that question. r kelly is expected to face a judge next week in new york to discuss the terms of his bond. the 52-year-old already faces sexual assault charges and illinois involving four women three were minors at the time of the alleged abuse. federal trade commission decided to find facebook $5 billion for needs to be approved by the justice department.
10:41 pm
and if approved it would be the biggest fine ever leveled by the government against a tech company. in addition to the find facebook agreed to greater oversight on how it manages user data. the ftc began igation of facebook last year after it was reported thepolitical consulting firm cambridge analytic a access the data of 87 million facebook users. on wall street stocks climbed to new record highs today. the dow jones up to hundred 43. nasdaq up to 48. s&p was up 13. traders are betting on expected interest rate cut the federal reserve later this month. cybersecurity firm has won approval to provide its services to political campaigns. the federal election commission said area one security could offer services to candidates and political committees at a discount without violating campaign finance rules. previously that was against the law. a discount was considered an in- kind political donation. the company makes anti-phishing software. users click on
10:42 pm
links that allow malware or viruses to gain access to a computer system. we all have trash cans on land. what about one for the ocean? i like the environment. i want to help it. coming up 11-year-old is helping to get rid of pollution in the san francisco bay. a warm weather ahead for your weekend. mark will have your complete forecast. the nature of a virus is to change. move. mutate.
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today, life-changing technology from abbott is helping hunt them down at their source. because the faster we can identify new viruses, the faster we can get to stopping them. the most personal technology, is technology with the power to change your life.
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life. to the fullest. is described as the trashcan for the sea. environmental advocates from australia have created a device that can help deal with the growing problem of pollution in the world's oceans. we went to san francisco to get a look at the sea been in action.>> reporter: i grab it and pull it up. a combination of a trashcan and he hopes this intervention will help clean up our oceans. the ceo of sea been shows a what the device captured in the waters off pier 39.>> we collected cigarette butts. plastic straws. we have also collected some oil and fuel.>> reporter: a surfer
10:46 pm
from australia and his business partner dreamed up the sea been three years ago. frustrated by the growing amount of plastic and pollutants during the water. everywhere we went there was so much marine litter. it was like we need a trashcan for the water. we skim the water from the surface. it takes about a half an inch of water. we pass it through a filter. we pump the water clean out the bottom. in the filter that is where we collect the plastic bottles in the plastic straws.>> reporter: there are more than 700 sea bins operating in more than 40 countries around the world. here in san francisco he has teamed up with the 11-year-old sydney wide. who will be checking the contents of this see in once a week. and doing inventory of all the water bottles wrappers plastics and micro plastics. that have been collected from the waters of the bay. i like the enit.
10:47 pm
i think it is better for the bay area. i also heard there were more around the world.>> reporter: he said the sea bins and use around the world have already pulled close to two tons of waste from our oceans the could have been ingested by marine life. but he said to truly make a dent in the problem we all need to change our behavior. is not going to save the ocean. technology is not going to say the ocean. it comes back to us. i think prevention combined with technology is how we are going to start the win the war on plastics. as part of the campaign to clean up the oceans the ceo is urging local governments around the world to install the devices and make a concerted effort to limit our use of in san francisco
10:48 pm
can now have lunch at the historic landmark. the core tower cafi open today on the edge of the parking lot. the kiosk operated by restaurant in north beach will offer hot and cold drinks pastries pizza by the slice and frozen yogurt. the cafi will operate from 9:30 am until 6 pm daily. little bit cool in san francisco. especially for the morning hours. the afternoon is starting to recover especially downtown with temperatures in the middle to upper 60s. that will be the forecast tomorrow. take a look at saturday. a big temperature range for this time of year. 60s all the way to the 90s. coastal fog and mostly sunny skies the rest of the bay area saturday. the satellite showing the main stormtrack not once. high clouds approaching the northern california coastline.d the low clouds and a pretty
10:49 pm
good onshore wind pushing clouds back to the bay for tonight. and into early tomorrow morning. current numbers will check in on some mild readings toward santa rosa. 62. concorde 70. san francisco 54. lower 60s for mountain view and san jose. live camera looking to sfo. we are not in the clear. the cloud cover has been somewhat of a factor with low clouds and fog. this could impact visibility at the airport tomorrow. all because we have a layer of warm air compressing the marine layer. it is a dense fog bank. if you're underneath that you have low visibility. keep that in mind driving highway one tomorrow. part of the bay area has been trending up. no major heat waves. little bit of a warm-up because of this area of high pressure has been building in. that would translate to 90s inland tomorrow. it will be warm to hot. for the coast just some patchy fog nearby. temperatures mainly in the 60s. tomorrow probably one of the
10:50 pm
warmer days of the week. we will gradually cool things off in the five day forecast. tomorrow morning 55 to 62 degrees. the clouds coast side and patches around the bay itself. 7 am. the clouds will pay clear back near the beaches. bring the sweater or jacket if you're heading to the coast tomorrow. the cooler side. inland spots a different picture. back up to the 90s for saturday afternoon. santa rosa 92. fairfield 94. vacaville 96. temperatures will check in around 3:04 pm tomorrow. right around the base 70s. 90s well inland. san jose warm 85. san francisco forecast high 69. dense fog tomorrow morning becoming partly to mostly sunny as the clouds clear back near the coastline. cooler in the sunday. more cooling into next week. if you're not a fan of major heat in the bay area triple digit temperatures. you will like the forecast because that is not showing up the next 5 to 10 days. from the east coast. dc. humid. i won't complain.
10:51 pm
coming up in sports an emotional night in anaheim. the angels hosted their first game since the death of tyler skaggs. an amazing finish to the game next in sports. ts this country is not safe anymore. san francisco woman telling her story after a racist rant that was caught on camera. the hate crime investigation underway tonight.
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sports director is joining us now to talk to us about an incredible night in anaheim. very emotional and sometimes a story comes down. you just say it is unexplainable. it is just amazing. you might be familiar with tyler skaggs. the picture found unresponsive in his hotel room july 1. later pronounced dead. he was honored tonight by his teammates and his family in anaheim. and in fact his mother throughout the first pitch. all members of his team wore his number 45. there's his mom throwing out pi truly amazing.
10:55 pm
certainly taking into account the tyler skaggs was a pitcher. it came down to the final out. the very rare no-hitter. a combined no-hitter at that. taylor cole and felix combined for that no-hitter. the angels winning the ballgame easily. six rbis. every player on the angels roster go to the mountain afterwards and put their number 45 on the mound as a final tribute to tyler skaggs. who would have been 28 years old . tomorrow. the san francisco giants relate to the party. they have certainly caugon now. there are part of the home run parade that has hit major league baseball. you know you are in milwaukee
10:56 pm
when there is a weenie race before the game. down 2-0 early. the stanford man austin. he has been on fire since he came onto the minor leagues. two run homer. later tyler alston will tie the game again. 5-5 and 8th inning for the giants. in the ninth on breaking the tie renting crawford with a homer. 6-5 san francisco. will smith lows his first save of the year. 6-6. buster posey in a season- long home run slump is getting into the swing of things. that is a grand slam. first for the giants this year. they wind up taking the ballgame 10-7. buster looking at the posey of old. a's had their share of home runs tonight. there was defense being played. that little kid makes a sensational. i don't know who is more excited him or his brother. the ballgame. ramon third straight game with
10:57 pm
a home run. starts the second half the way he ended the first. 17th homer. 1-0 lead. two pitches later loses want to write. fair and gone. 3-0. his 11. the seventh inning a's had the ballgame under control. just to make sure mark is simeon with a capper. he has himself a triple and rbi. seven -2/3 for the victory. victory for the a's tonight. it is going to be a sensational weekend all the way around and tahoe. you have golf weather you have the incredible scenery. steph curry he just can't get basketball out of his mind. even in the off-season. that is a 493. even on his backside he is hitting shots. there you go. he is playing some good golf.
10:58 pm
he is in a five way tie for 12th. his pop is tied for six. tony romo the defending champ is the leader again. stuff was asked about katie's departure. everybody has a choice. you find your happiness wherever that is. that russell westbrook trade the wind down. it not only affected the nba. but how about the young fans who worship him. check out this youngster whose mom informed him as he woke up this morning that his favorite player had indeed been traded away. he did not quit. he went to a different scene. not he did it for
10:59 pm
no reason. next year we are going to get really good players. i know how he feels. giants traded away willie mays my hero when i was a kid. a nice catch and that giants game. you have to feel for him. a ping-pong. she is four years old from china. she is ready for the olympics. that is not a doctored video. that is the real deal. amazing stuff going on in sports tonight. that is the sporting life. it is 11 pm and time for more news with andrea.
11:00 pm
a racist competition assault caught on tape. a food delivery driver facing possible hate crime charges. that neighbor pulled out his cell phone and started recording when the driver unleashed a racist tirade. thank you for joining us. the san francisco woman at the receiving end of the verbal attack that the competition shook her to her core. amber spoke to the woman in his life in san francisco with her story.>> reporter: the woman tells me she is shocked by what happened. san francisco police say the special investigations unit is handling the case. this is video of the man yelling profanities and racial slurs as sophia in front


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