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tv   Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX  July 14, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> chris: i'm chris wallace. the risk of life-threatening floods as tropical storm barry moved inland, and president trump's immigration rates start in cities across the country. >> it starts on sunday. i think it will take people out and they will bring them back to their countries. >> chris: and the president insists he did not cave on using the census to find out whether people in this country are citizens. >> not only didn't i backed down, i backed up. >> chris: will discuss all this and more with the white house counsel or kellyanne conway, who is just back from the southern border. then. >> there's nothing he can say. he's written a report. the report said no collusion and it's that effectively no obstruction.
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>> chris: at robert mueller's testimony on capitol hill delayed as democrats subpoena new witnesses in the russia investigation. we'll discuss house democrats showed on with the president with speaker ben ray lujan. it's a "fox news sunday" exclusive. plus, the very public feud between speaker pelosi and the left wing of her party. we'll ask our sunday panel about the democratic divide. all right now on "fox news sunday" ." and hello again from fox news in washington. we begin with breaking news. the threat of disastrous flooding crossed to across the gulf closed as now tropical storm barry brings high winds and drenching rain to mississippi and louisiana. after briefly becoming a category one hurricane, the first of the season, the system made landfall saturday about three hours west of new orleans. casey stegall is there with the latest. >> barry continues to weaken as
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it pushes inland, but officials warn the threat is far from ove over. >> we still have a significant about of rain coming our way. >> will no major injuries or deaths have been reported, a handful of high water rescues were carried out across the region on saturday. >> about 20 aircraft and crew. we are standing by to bring maureen, particularly as the storm moves north. >> alarm bells sounded when several private levees begin overtopping. emergency repairs were quickly made, preventing a breach, according to engineers. however, the federally maintained levees along the swollen mississippi river held up just fine. in the wake of hurricane katrina, the federal government spent billions on a new hurricane protection system made up of floodgates, giant pumps, taller levees, and storm surge barriers. barry certainly tested and government leaders say it passed
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but while the big easy was largely spared, now forecasters say the threat is shifting north to places like baton rouge, where american red cross volunteers have set up shop. president trump called the governor of louisiana last night saying that he once again sends his well wishes to those impacted and also again pledging the federal government support when it comes to the recovery here. chris. >> chris: casey stegall reporting from new orleans, thanks, and stay safe. there is other breaking news. ice is launching rates today in cities across the country, targeting migrant families that have received deportation orders. a nationwide sweep is grandpa dominic ramping up criticism from democrats over president trump's approach to immigration. in a moment we will speak with kellyanne conway, counselor to the president, first, kevin corke is live at the white house with the latest, kevin. >> these individuals have been
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ordered by a court to leave this country but they have simply refused to do so, so no federal law enforcement officials confirmed to fox news they have begun the removal process beginning with raids in new york and elsewhere. >> from coast-to-coast, protesters across america greeted the trump administration's decision to conduct raids to remove thousands from the country, protests that included the raising of a mexican flag over a nice facility in colorado. at the southern border, vice president mike pence insisted that despite some widely broadcast and unsettling pictures of detention facility conditions, most were well-managed despite overcrowding. >> every family i spoke to told me they were being well cared for, different than some of the harsh rhetoric that we are from democrats on capitol hill. >> this as president trump retreated from an effort to put a citizenship question on the 2020 census, announcing in the rose garden a new strategy to find out who's in this country by using a broad spectrum of federal agency records.
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>> we will utilize these vast federal databases to gain a full, complete and accurate count of the noncitizen population. >> this in a week that's all the president lose yet another cabinet member as labor secretary alex acosta stepped down over his past involvement in a highly controversial plea deal for financier jeffrey epstein, who is now facing sex trafficking charges. more ice protests are expected today around the country, crisp, as raids get underway and about a dozen american cities. chris. >> chris: kevin corke reporting from the white house kevin, thank you. if joining us now for an exclusive interview, white house counselor kellyanne conway. welcome back to "fox news sunday" under. >> kellyanne: thank you, chris. >> chris: you just are the official news, i'm sure you already know it, coming out of the white house that the rates have begun. what can you tell us, where are the rates taking place? there was a potential population of a million people who are in the country illegally who have received orders to leave.
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how many is ice going after? >> kellyanne: i won't discuss operational details and i would push back on even your terminology of raids. ice does this every single day, it's called enforcement action. law enforcement in this country enforces the law. if the tautological definition of their duties. and this of course happened under president obama. he was referred to as dip order in chief very harshly in 2012 and he pushed back on actually telemundo, a spanish language station number when they criticized him and they said you're deporting 184,000 "noncriminal" and he said i'm not a king, i have to enforce the law. just this week you saw massive protests at joe biden's philadelphia headquarters. his campaign had courts, and those people are angry that he was complicit in the obama-biden deportation. this is a regular enforcement action. let me make clear, i agree with jeh johnson. he says these are not
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extraordinary exercises when in fact, as is the case here, chris, your appeals have been exhausted. your rights have been adjudicated. these are final removal orders for people who are healed dominic here illegally and ice is going to do what they do every day, which is go ahead and enforce the law. i also have to say, since ice is on the news in a different way right across there in the capital, you have these radical democrats now calling for the elimination of ice. they are ridiculing them, mocking them, doxxing m, publishing, asking people on twitter and elsewhere to publish their home addresses, their contact information. this is a disgrace. radical lists over there denying $4..6 billion in humanitarian aid, the four democrats voted for a form of that package, all but 90 democrats voted for the actual $4.6 billion in aid. they have no moral authority to eliminate fema, the people helping out, the secret service, ice, customs and border protection. i was at the border two days ag
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ago. and those are brave men and women trying to do their job. they're tired of being discriminated against by people in their purchase here in washington. >> chris: i'm going to get to the visit to the border in a moment. i want to ask you one more question about the ice actions. i think the president may have called them rates. i'll have to check on that. he certainly made a big deal about it. what provisions are being made specifically about separating families, especially the possibility of separating parents in this country illegally from children who may have been born in this country and therefore would be u.s. citizens, and what is your pushback to local democratic officials who are openly advising people in this country illegally how to avoid getting rounded up by ice? >> kellyanne: that includes speaker pelosi, who is telling people how to avoid ice enforcing the law in some places. she should go spend a little bit more time in her hometown of san francisco where you have more people are addicted drugs, and you have the public schools,
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i read in one report this morning. it's really outrageous for people who take the oath of office and are elected to uphold the law, to then tell people how to flout and abuse and in fact evade the law. that is not their job and the upshot of that is if people in colorado tearing down the american flag and putting a mexican flag in its place, these protesters at the ice facility. they don't deserve that. and the people on capitol hill who will do their jobs, i made it so easy, i've been talking about a for a long time, but it made it easy for them, fix asylum loss, fix tvpra. it's on an index card. i put it on a posted. they won't act, all they do is scream, so i'm against separating families, let me make that clear. i think it was the first person in need administration to go onn the show on sunday and say that. i think you can enforce the law without separating families and i know firsthand had my boss and
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our president been told ahead of last year's zero-tolerance policies by people who are no longer in the administration that the net effect of that would separating children from their parents while the parents claims are being adjudicated, the idea was to protect the child so the child is not -- >> chris: i'm not talk about that. i'm talking but today, the possibility of parents who are in the country illegally being separated from the children, what are going to do about that? >> kellyanne: i was brief yesterday on this by the officials in ice, and i will tell you that -- and dhs, i will tell you that there's every measure taken to try to not separate families as the law allows, that's important. if i were put in jail today, my four children would not come with me, nor what i want them to. so we are often protecting the child as well from not being detained, not being put in these circumstances. let me make very clear, i think there are ways to enforce the law without separating children, young children, from their
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parents. i'm against separating children from their mothers in the womb and i'm against i'm against separating children from their mothers outside of the womb. >> chris: i want to get back to the trip to the border with vice president pence on friday. 11 days ago president trump seemed to play down the problems that these detention centers. i want to put a fist 's tweets. many illegals are living far better they are now then where they came from. even if perfect, democrats will act shocked and aghast at how terrible things are. if how would you describe the conditions you saw on friday at the detention center? >> kellyanne: two things, and i was glad to make that trip because you can't get the same vantage point. first we went to the processing facility. that is where -- this is all in texas. that is where families are being held and they will be held for long. under floors, they won't be held for long. i witnessed no overcrowding.
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we had two senators there. i was there with several republican senators. lindsey graham, the chairman of the judiciary committee organized the code out. i was part of that. >> chris: i'm to try to move you along. >> kellyanne: he invited everybody, but no democrat came i think is a shame. >> chris: what's your view of mcallen? >> kellyanne: here's my view of what i saw. as a lot of supplies, eyesight diapers, endless supplies of water. two of those senators speak spanish fluently and were speaking with the migrants. they won't be there for long, because under our law we can't hold them. and i think nobody really understands the tens of thousands of unaccompanied children and family units that have been released into interior of the united states just this year. but also what i saw is what happens when congress gets its act together, passed a humanitarian aid, so now we have more money for consumables for processing -- >> chris: the reason i want to ask -- i want to ask about that.
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this is what came out of the inspector general for the department of human services -- of homeland security, they issued a report on july 2nd with this morning, and i want to put it on the screen. this is dhs inspector general. ( "management alert, dhs needs o address long detention of children and adults in the rio grande valley." i want to show the reporters were able to take pictures. the center that you visited with the vice president, there up on the screen. this was the full report. almost 400 men were engaged fences with no cops. the stench was horrendous. some of the men were sweeping the mic sleeping on concrete. they began shouting and wanted to tell us they had been there 40 days or longer. i understand -- i understand the president trump is trying to stop the flood of people across the border, which contributes. >> kellyanne: accommodate those who are here. >> chris: which contributes to the overcrowding. how does it help when the president, to minimize the
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situation and say it's much better than what they had, or for vice president pence and kevin corke's piece to say they are all being well treated when your own -- you can look at the conditions there, it's a disaster. >> kellyanne: let me just say a couple things that are facts. first of all, not every facility is the same. -- >> chris: but i'm talk about that one. >> kellyanne: and i'm talking with one of the media who were on the same trip is asked completely ignored in all of their coverage. they're also completely ignoring the briefings. >> chris: what to say about mcallen, texas? >> kellyanne: i was a this is what i was briefed on, that is meant to be a 72 hour holding facility. it's not equipped to sleep, keep a single male who have broken the law and coming here and were apprehended, if you just want to let them go, and save it, we're just open borders. let's all be honest at some of those democrats raising her hands -- >> chris: does it help on the president the conditions are pretty good and for mike pence to say they are pretty good? >> kellyanne: in plenty of facilities they have a proven, including the one we saw with the families.
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i saw the oversight committee -- >> chris: the mistreatment of these people? >> kellyanne: under obama, biden and jeh johnson. let me expand you, i want people treated humanely. that's why when i received a briefing with the senators and the vice president with the media in the room, they didn't publish any of this, as far as i can see, those men get three hot meals from local restaurants. if they now have access to showers. there were no shower facilities there to accommodate that many people in the past, but there are now. there's a bank of showers in the back. they have access to food and hygienic products, they have access to toothbrushes. we don't want that, but that's why we also don't want people to come here illegally, and i would again quote the words of president obama. he thinks that having the ice enforcement action was "a deterrent" from other people come here. we are a nation of laws and we are a nation of immigrants. come here legally. >> chris: it one last question for you. with better try to cover the news, and were going to get way over. the congressional hearings with
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former special counsel robert mueller was supposed to happen this wednesday. they have been delayed to the following wednesday, july 24th. on friday, president trump said democrats are just plain politics. take a look. >> how many bytes of the apple do you get? we've gone through 500 witnesse witnesses. 2,500 subpoenas. i'd let them interview my lawyers. because i had nothing to do with russia. there was no collusion. >> chris: does the president think that congress has a legitimate oversight role as part of its constitutional function, and what does he hope -- you've got less than a minute for this, what does he hope comes out of the mueller hearings? >> kellyanne: i expect that very little will come out because directly monitor himself said that his report is his testimony and he told the whole country within the last six to eight weeks that he's retiring to private sector. this is over. and he has nothing further to add. now they are subpoenaing him. republicans and democrat were both pleased with the delay, it
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allows an additional hour for question, but that means republicans will be able to question also, confirming under oath with director mueller, did you issue 2000 subpoenas? how much did this cost to taxpayers? the mueller report was presented before people didn't like what was in it. that it was going to be the definitive authoritative final word on this investigation about russia collusion in a campaign that i ran to successful conclusion. nobody's ever apologized us. they should apologize to the taxpayers for wasting money. oversight has a function, but i think americans are watching the wasted taxpayer dollars with a bunch of comb-over is doing a big do over that we don't need. >> chris: okay. comb-overs into overs. that's pretty good. just another morning with kellyanne conway. >> kellyanne: it's on a posted posted. all congress has to do, it's a poster. if explorers, fix our salamat. >> chris: thank you, thanks for your time. will continue this in the post show show. always good to talk with you.
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♪ >> chris: house democrats have made a lot of news this week, hammering the president's immigration policy, delaying the robert mueller hearings, and breaking into open warfare inside their own party. joining us exclusively here in washington, assistant house speaker ben ray lujan, who is the highest ranking hispanic in congress. congressman, welcome back to "fox news sunday." >> representative lujan: good to be with you. >> chris: you just heard kellyanne conway say that these raids that have now started the
10:21 am
ice raids, she doesn't like to call them rates, are a normal enforcement effort, they are for people who entered this country illegally and have been ordered by the administrative process to leave the country. they've gotten a deportation order, they've had their day in court. as she points out, president obama data, why can't president trump? >> representative lujan: chris, just as members of the democratic membership have been saying all along, we were just want the president to simply use his time to go after criminals and felons, not children and families. and that's the concern that many of us have. many american-born children are terrified that they may come home from church today or if they go to school tomorrow, that they come home from school and their parents are gone. >> chris: in fairness, their parents did, legally and have gone through a process and they received a final deportation order. >> representative lujan: but again, the president should be using his time to go for the criminals on the felons as opposed to the children and
10:22 am
their families, and that's what we're talking about here. i'm terrified as to the fear that the president is instilling in families. the impact this will have on small businesses across america. people whose only decision may have been to come to the country and the way that they did, but are working in restaurants as chefs, they are teaching our in schools, serving in our military defending united states of america. i think that the president should concentrate his time on the criminals, not on those families. >> chris: i want to switched to a related subject, democrats celebrated when president trump decided he was not going to try to push to have a question on the census about whether or not people are citizens, but here's how the president described your party's opposition to that question. >> they probably know the number is far greater, much higher than anyone would have ever believed before. maybe that's why they fight so hard. >> chris: question, why is it
10:23 am
wrong in a national census, accounting of all the people in the country, to ask are you a citizen or aren't you? >> representative lujan: chris, i believe that the founding fathers envisioned getting an accurate count of everyone that's in america and there should not be questions being put on this information gathering initiative that's going to discourage people from answering their doors to answer that very question. and the concerns that many people have, or most people have, not just democrats, but republicans, especially coming off the u.s. supreme court's decision that gerrymandering is allowed based on partisanship advantages. president trump recently even admitted that the reason for him gathering this information was for artisan gerrymandering, but also the programs from communities. so with our republican colleagues want to cut access to food programs, school programs, housing programs, they should just put their vote up or down on the house floor and the senate floor as opposed to trying to hide what they're trying to get done. >> chris: let's talk about the delay in the robert mueller
10:24 am
hearings as i discussed with kellyanne conway. from this wednesday july 17th to the following wednesday, july 24th, that will only be two days before congress leaves washington for six weeks for the august recess. isn't that going to make it pretty darn hard for democrats to build on anything that robert mueller should say? one of the points it was to try to build momentum to pursue the president and whatever he did or didn't do, but if you have this big hearing in the new leaf two days later for a month and a half, what does that accomplish? >> representative lujan: while i support the work of chairman nadler and the members of the judiciary committee, the special counsel and his report are only one part of this. i want to encourage everyone across america to read the report, make sure you get your eyes on those 438 pages, but also to an end, because the special counsel will be answering questions associated with what's in that report, and i want to make sure the american people to an end, but chris,
10:25 am
make no mistake, there are many other investigations that are being looked into. the importance of understanding the allegations associated with tax evasion, with money laundering as well. the importance of getting financial documents from the bank, or even understanding the president's tax returns, even those have been made available at the local level in new york even, so look, there are many areas that have to be looked into. this is one area and two days of important tuning and by the american people into the questioning that will be taking place. >> chris: tensions inside the house democratic caucus went very public this week. speaker pelosi dismissed these four freshmen congresswomen for the so-called squad this way. all these people have their public whatever. this is pelosi talking about the squad. "all these people have their public whatever and their twitter world, but they didn't have any following. "alexander across your cortez responded the persistent
10:26 am
singling out -- it got to a point where it was just outright disrespectful, the explicit singling out of newly elected women of color." it speaker pelosi losing control of the democratic caucus? >> representative lujan: chris, look, i'm always a believer -- the answer to that question is no. second, i've always been a believer that when you have disagreements with your colleagues, you have a conversation with them. you sit down, you talk. that's what we should be -- >> chris: but you didn't have that. you had nancy pelosi dissing the squad. this sounds like high school. dissing the squad in a maureen dowd column in "the new york times," and then you had aoc firing back in an interview in "the washington post." they're not sitting down and talking. >> representative lujan: this week the speaker was very clear that if numbers' of a difference of opinion or questions of even the speaker that they should take the time to sit down and talk, and that's been my approach all along. i think it's something that i learned from predecessors and even my colleagues, and even speaker pelosi, and as a person
10:27 am
of color, as the highest ranking hispanic and the congress, i can tell you that nancy pelosi has lifted up my voice to make sure that i've had opportunities in that my has been heard as well and i continue to look towards her leadership for the good of the country. >> chris: you talk about doing this quietly, doing it in private as a family. friday night, your house democratic caucus issued a tweet, a public tweet, couldn't have gone more public, going after aoc's chief of staff. i want to put this up. he had attacked -- the chief of staff had attacked a democratic congressman for "enabling racism." here was a tweet from the official democratic caucus. "keep your name out of your mouth." so much for in-house talking. arsenal members -- honestly, arsenal members of your caucus losing patience with aoc and some of the other freshmen shooting inside the tent? >> representative lujan: first, saying those things about
10:28 am
congresswoman charisse davis is absolutely wrong. as the chairman of the democratic congressional campaign committee, i got to know her. i had a big role to play in that important race where she won and flipped this important district as well, but again, i'm of the approach that you need to sit down and have a conversation and bring people into that room to do that. i think that this week and into next week you're going to hear more from our democratic colleagues about the importance of that. but again, the tone of what was included in that specific message to davis, a congresswoman from kansas was wrong and something i did not support. >> chris: president, surprise, has been tweeting this morning, and i want to put up a tweet, because he specifically has been calling out progressive democratic congresswoman who come originally from countries, his words, whose governments are a complete and total catastrophe. and he says this, "why don't they go back and help fix the
10:29 am
totally broken and crime-infested places from which they came, then come back and show us how it is done that" your thoughts about president trump saying to duly elected members of congress, go back to your homes? >> representative lujan: that's the first i'm hearing about. that's a racist way. telling people to go back where they came from. these are american citizens elected by voters in the united states of america to serve in one of the most distinguished bodies in the u.s. house of representatives. i think that's wrong, and especially with all that's going on across america, for the president to spend time saying such racist things this morning it sounds like? >> chris: >> chris: yes. >> representative lujan: the horrendous detention facilities that we have across the country, that vice president pence brought attention to, that even he said smelled horrendous, that the inspector general has called out, that the commissioner on human rights from the u.n. has said these facilities are in
10:30 am
horrendous condition, the price of insulin, which has increased over a thousand%, that's what the president should have his attention on, not picking these fights and especially sending out racist tweets. >> chris: congressman, thank you, thanks for sharing part of her weekend with us, please come back, sir. >> representative lujan: i look forward to it, sir. >> chris: up next we ran the sunda group to discuss the ice rates and the president's change of course in trying to find out if people in the u.s. are citizens.
10:31 am
>> chris: coming up, president trump says he'll find ways other than a census question to count whether people in this country are citizens. >> we have great knowledge in many of our agencies. we will leave no stone unturned. >> chris: it we w
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>> we are really specifically looking for bad players, but were also looking for people
10:34 am
that came into our country not through a process, they just walked over a line. they have to leave. >> chris: president trump defending ice rates that have started today to round up immigrants with orders to leave the country. and it's time now for our son to grow. former republican congressman jason chaffetz. columnist for the hill, juan williams. director of the woodrow wilson center, former congresswoman jane harman, and senator mitch mcconnell's former chief of staff, josh holmes. congressman, let me start with you, any problem with these ice rates, which as kellyanne conway pointed out, these are people who are in the country illegally who have been through the process and have received a final deportation order? >> i don't like the advance notice. i want ice to be able to do this on a regular basis and i would hope that the locals would actually cooperate, because these are people -- >> chris: but they are not doing that. >> they are not cooperating. >> chris: they are actually telling people how to avoid getting rounded up by ice.
10:35 am
>>he the demrats othis? i want the world -- when you going to the final adjudication and a judge has ordered you to depart the country, how can we not all be united and say then you have to leave? we are not a nation where you just ignore a judge's order. that's the position democrats are taking in the fundamentally wrong. >> chris: well, we have another democrat and former congressman here, jane harman. it is a fact, whether it's nancy pelosi, whether it's the new democratic mayor of chicago, there are a lot of democratic officials who not only have said these rates are wrong, but have openly advised people who fall into this category how to avoid getting picked up. >> first let me applaud what kellyanne conway said about the use of the term "raid," which is unnecessary and shall set family separations are bad, so good for her. i don't think it's a binary choice between enforcing the border, which i am for, i'm a democrat, i'm for it, and humane conditions, which we don't have. why not plan better for this?
10:36 am
administration is doing -- >> chris: about these ice enforcers. >> i'm about to say this, doing quite well with the floods in louisiana and mississippi, good for them. they can do this. so you're asking me about enforcement actions. think it's fine to do proper enforcement actions, but have a process that is humane to people. seeing those men stand up in the smelly quarters that we just saw and that vice president pence saw and said this is rough, this is not acceptable. congress has provided money. that money should be used before this happens, which is what senior dhf dhs staff recommended. also we should be doing more to short the government of the northern triangle, something vice president prince was for a couple years ago so that the push factor is reduced and we should be helping mexico, not just forcing mexico, helping mexico, police at the southern border, the flow of immigrants. there are lots of things we could do better, and let's do them and enforce the law and have a secure border. >> to for the people at a judge has ordered to leave the
10:37 am
country? but don't work against ice and make their job and put their lives in danger. that's what democrats are doing. >> some democrats are doing it. if this democrat thinks that ice has a responsibity toarry out the law, that it should be done humanely. >> chris: let's talk about another issue, and that is the census, which got a lot of attention. the president seemed to flip on the census. he had been pushing very hard to put a question on the scent dominic census questionnaire, are you or are you not a citizen. he backed off that commissioner was mr. trump's defense. >> not only didn't i back down, i backed up. anyone else would have given us up a long time ago. >> chris: josh coming to the president back down? did he cave? which is what a lot of his conservative supporters that he did. >> in terms of what is trying to accomplish he didn't cave, he's not going through the departments to try to get this information. >> chris: which incidentally was suggested over a year ago and he turned down at that point. >> i think his hands were tied
10:38 am
because obviously the conducting of the census itself requires this questionnaire to be out there and to begin almost immediately if you're going to have to get this in place to actually count the citizens, we know that no matter what he would do if you try to put a question on that questionnaire, it would've been locked up in court for months, in order to do the census itself, he had to do this. one thing i think he did succeed on, which i find it amazing how every time he does it -- he was able to get the entirety of the democratic party to somehow take a position that it is irresponsible and inappropriate to count the number of americans living in this country. i don't know how he does it, but literally almost every time he takes a position he gets his political opposition to embrace a position that is so far out of the mainstream of the american electorate, it's almost laughable. >> chris: you look troubled about this, juan. >> i am baffled. >> chris: i just talked to congressman lujan, the top hispanic in the congress, and he
10:39 am
seems to think there something wrong with asking a question on the census, are you a citizen or not. if i think to most americans that seems like a pretty reasonable question. >> first, to josh's point, i think everybody wants everyone to be counted, that's the point, not to intimidate or scare people who are here undocumented status. what the constitution, with the founders said was an enumeration of the population. that's everyone. >> chris: but is it unreasonable as part of that -- wait, we ask a lot of questions in the census about race, about income, about gender. what's wrong with asking citizenship? >> nothing. in fact it's on the long form. >> chris: it doesn't come along long form. >> i think there has been come historically in the past -- >> chris: there is the limit goes up to 3 million people. >> thank you, that's her and talk about but on the short form, not. and i think this is an effort by this president and his administration as part of
10:40 am
stirring anti-immigrant fervor to say to the immigrant population, don't participate. if you participate, there's a risk to you, to your family. nancy pelosi said this, this is an effort to make america white again. i think that's what's going on. we know that republican operatives wanted to depress this count in order to limit congressional districts that were run by democrats. >> chris: let me bring josh back in. >> the commerce department's rationale that doing this was contrived. >> i think it's beyond irresponsible to suggest the asking of whether or not you're an american citizen is somehow racist. and has roots in trying to exclude people of color. >> you should look at the documentation put out by republicans that said just that, josh. >> look, this is a pretty straightforward issue and my point was it is amazing how this president can get folks, juan, like you, who are reasonable on a whole range of issues, to embrace the discussion actively says we should not know how many americans live in this country.
10:41 am
>> everybody should be counted. i want not only americans -- with the constitution and the census is about is how many people live here. >> the supreme court didn't say never. if the supreme court said the way this was being handled was contrived. there will be a chance, if the trump administration wants to handle it responsibly, for them to come back in ten years, oh, my god, not troubled or present, but for people who want to do this to come back in ten years and do this responsibly if there's a good goal in mind. no one is saying it is terrible to know who's a citizen in the president's executive order directing something that was happening -- that's been happening for a year, which is having the departments collect information -- share information they arty have on who the citizens are is a valid order. >> that was a face-saving maneuver by a president who folded. >> chris: okay, i'm glad we settled that. we have to take a break here. when we come back, race, what we're talking about, becomes the
10:42 am
new flash point is nancy pelosi struggles to control her caucus amid a feud with freshman progressives like alexandria ocasio-cortez.
10:43 am
10:44 am
10:45 am
>> and offensive tweet that came out of one of the members offenses that references them is essentially segregation experience because you think she has racial animus? >> absolutely not. >> chris: nancy pelosi trying to move on with a public feud with freshman congressman alexandria ocasio-cortez and other progressives in her own party. we are back now with the panel.
10:46 am
congresswoman, i think it's fair to say you had your own problems with nancy pelosi when you were in congress. she finally met her match with aoc? >> well, let's separate pelosi one and pelosi two. i was in pelosi 1 -- >> chris: her first time as speaker. >> that's right. yes, i think she should have been much more tolerant of people who were blue dogs, that would be me, and people who were staunchly bipartisan, that would also be me. i was disappointed not to become chair of the house intelligence committee. no one missed that. but then, she lost the majority in 2010 and who lost? the people in the center. i won, actually, but a lot of people lost. in pelosi the sequel i think she's much more cognizant of the need to build a broader tent. i actually think the squad, whom i don't know, bring a lot of energy and creativity to the caucus, and i think the challenge is not to dismiss them, but to embrace some of their ideas, some from the
10:47 am
center, and the blue dogs, and really build not just a bigger tent in terms of people getting along, but in terms of a showcase of ideas. if she can do that she will keep the majority, which will be a gigantic legacy for the only person who happens to be a woman who has been elected to a complete second tour as speaker and i think she might be able to pull it off. >> chris: josh, things are much more orderly in the senate than they are in an unruly lower chamber, as it's known, the house right at what you think is going on with the house democrats? >> for those of us who have watched nancy pelosi's leadership over the last ten years, and really democratic leadership in general, i think i've been very reckless at accusations of racism for a long time now, so it's really difficult for a lot of us to shed a tear about watching them reap what they sow with aoc and the rest of them in this latest clash. i will say she is in a more tenuous position for an john boehner ever was. >> chris: she, pelosi? >> she, pelosi. >> chris: i'm surprised you say that because the house freedom caucus had a lot more
10:48 am
members than the squad does. i love the squad. it's the squad. >> the squad from here on out. the first opportunity they had in a legislative function to sort of show these rifts is right before the fourth of july and i think you backup and look at the time line in 2010 for when john boehner's problems started, these are accelerated. these are much, much quicker and much, much more aggressive and personal way that house republicans ever were at that stage. what is equally hard for me to figure out is how she can ever repair it. we're talking about extreme differences that are manifesting themselves on the national stage and extremely personal attacks with two sides of the conference, never the two shall meet. so the governing at this stage looks to me to be very, very difficult. >> chris: all right, i'm going to turn to another subject. we were getting ready for the big hearings with robert mueller, this wednesday, july 17th. all day coverage on fox. and then they were delayed to
10:49 am
july 24th, a week from wednesday. here's one of the house democratic leaders, david sicily on the molar hearings. >> is very important that the american people have the opportunity to hear from robert mueller, that he had the opportunity to convey to the american people all the evidence he collected. >> chris: what you make of the delay, and two, the same question i asked congressman lujan, with the delay, the hearings are now going to be on wednesday, and two days later, congress leads for six weeks. doesn't whatever -- if there is anything they can build on, doesn't that really and the momentum on that? >> i don't think it ends the momentum. in fact, i think the entire intent of this, given that mr. mueller has been a very clear that he issued his report, he's not going to say much beyond the report, is to give the american people, from a democrats perspective, a chance to hear what mueller has set, and i think a lot of people didn't read the report, and so for them to have televised coverage of robert mueller
10:50 am
sitting there saying what his findings were, not listening to the attorney general bill barr spin it, but actually get to the point and the largest point would be the criminal process is not the place to go after this president, we should go after noncriminal, and that means, guess what, impeachment. >> chris: i understand that, and then to have everybody leave town for six weeks. >> i don't think it's going to stop this argument over russian interference in over the participation of this trump campaign with that russian interference and whether or not there was any effort to obstruct the mueller investigation. i don't think that's going away in six weeks. >> chris: congressman, mueller has made it very clear he is a reluctant witness, he does not want to do this. he's also made it very clear is going to stick to what was written by him and his team in the 448 page report. what are the chances these big hearings turn out to be a dud?
10:51 am
>> i think highly likely. first of all, i think there still about a 50/50 shot as to whether or not we even have the hearing. you have the attorney general say out loud that he would support mueller should he decide not to attend. i think mueller is concerned about his long-term presence and tenure and he doesn't want to go out having ignored a subpoena, but at the same time, he has nothing new to say other than what republicans are going to ask him about all the things that mueller didn't do much of democrats, they can't seem to put this hearing together. it's been a couple months now since the report initially came out. effectively the first clue that, hey, this thing is not going well. the democrats just seem to want to have it read aloud because they're frustrated that, oh, my gosh, how come nobody listening over here? because there's nothing in there that's going to prosecute anybody in the trump orbit in any way, shape, or form. that thing is over. >> chris: congresswoman? >> if the teachable moment for everyone, not just democrats.
10:52 am
there will be three hours of judiciary committee hearings, two hours of intelligence committee hearings, all public, and if the members on both sides ask serious questions -- >> the last time congress asked serious questions? the bumbling idiots that are on that committee that are going to show that they have nothing else to do except reroute a report. >> there's always hope. i live in hope and i think congress could have a really good day. >> i worry that what jason chaffetz just said is absolutely right, that you're going to see now an effort by the white house, the president describing democrats taking another bite of the apple, to discourage mueller from ever testifying and we know that the justice department has stopped two of mueller's top aides from testifying. and they're going to go after the credibility, why did this investigation start? it was based on phony documents. >> your right! that is where they're going to -- that is what's going to happen! >> i think it's a full
10:53 am
opportunity for congress to humiliate itself once again. >> chris: the other thing which i have to say i find discouraging is in fact that instead of giving all of their time to the chairman or one member or to a staff member and let him for an hour and have taught, they're going to each get there 5 minutes, and that means no consistent questions. thank you, pal, that's my comment. see you next sunday. up next, our "power player of the week," an inside look at one of washington's most prestigious and most private homes. grow with google is here to help you with turning ideas into action. putting your business on the map, connecting with customers, and getting the skills to use new tools. so, in case you're looking, we've put all the ways we can help in one place. free training, tools, and small business resources are now available at
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♪ >> chris: there are some landmarks in washington people rarely get to go inside, and last fall, we got to wondering about one famous building here that's off limits to all but a few. here's our "power player of the week" ." >> we recently had korea visit. >> chris: matthew wendel is talking about heads of state visiting blair house, the presidential guest mansion across from the white house. the general manager gave us a rare look behind the scenes there. >> hello, welcome to blair house, come on in, chris. >> chris: over more than seven
10:56 am
decades, blair house has been washington headquarters for visitors like winston churchill and queen elizabeth. nikita khrushchev and vladimir putin. benjamin netanyahu and emmanuel macron. >> total room is about 119. the square footage is close to 70,000 square feet, and full-time staff of 15. >> chris: in effect, it's a hotel. >> we consider because i hotel, home, bed and breakfast. >> chris: francis preston blair, a member of andrew jackson's kitchen cabinet bought the house in $183,646,500, but that's just the start of its place in history. >> chris, this is the lincoln room. it's called that because when lincoln was president, he often came over here to get advice from the blairs. >> chris: blair house took on a new role in 1942 during world war ii when churchill used to stay at the white house.
10:57 am
>> he would be up late at night having a drink or two, waking up the president, and mrs. roosevelt just had had enough. >> chris: so they bought blair house? >> yes. >> the germans arrive at their new home ready to set up housekeeping. in washington, the presidential address is the blair house. >> chris: starting in 1948, harry truman lived here four years while the white house was under renovation. >> this is what's called a lead dining room. back in truman's days, used this table in these chairs as his cabinet room. it was also where we made the decision to join the korean war. >> chris: but in 1950, two puerto rican nationalists tried to shoot their way into blair house and kill the president buried him >> president truman continues to take his daily walks. two quick shooting white house guards were wounded in the fury of gunfire that are to post-traumatic assault. >> chris: in 19 --
10:58 am
jimmy carter gave blair a new role. every president-elect since i spent the night before his inauguration in what's called the principal suite with two separate bedrooms. but the main role of blair house is what it's been for 76 years, to extend the nation's hospitality to presidential guests no matter how short the notice. >> the house is always ready no matter what. if someone showed up this morning or tomorrow, we are always ready for a visitor. >> chris: in december, president trump walked across the street from the white house to meet with former president george w. bush at blair house. the former first family stayed there before george h.w. bush's state funeral here in washington. and that's it for today. have a great week and will see you next "fox news sunday." ♪ - [announcer] if you want to make more money
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