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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  July 14, 2019 10:00pm-10:59pm PDT

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you know -- [ inaudible ] >> despite weeks of threats, immigration officials did not make any widespread arrests in the bay area today. good evening everyone, i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. the president first threatened
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a large scale roundup of undocumented immigrants last month, but those sweeps were postponed to this weekend. the trump administration said the operation would focus on people with final deportation orders in major u.s. cities including san francisco, los angeles, and new york. many immigration advocates worry this would load to a huge number of arrests, but today the acting director of customs and border protection said the proposed sweeps were not designed to separate families. >> using the term raid does everybody a disservice. we are doing target enforcement actions against the specific individuals who have had their day in immigration court and have been ordered and removed by the immigration judge. we are nearly executing the judges order. and materializing local immigrant communities say they are still worried about immigration sweeps. tom vacar has that part of the story. >> reporter: our lady of lords parish because some of the
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parishioners are undocumented and a desk was set up to help them understand the laws especially what they can do if i.c.e. agents come knocking. the whole church would boast its wide diversity and history dating back to 200 years to padre one crispy. >> a lot of fears. people monitoring phone banks recently, calling a lot of the hispanic population and they didn't even want to talk on the phone. they were so upset. many of them crying on the phone. >> reporter: beyond the church, they felt at the street level where oakland council person has had volunteers help them neighborhood for the last seven years. >> you have a sunday crew and then they' constantly. no good weather, bad weather. they're out. we're out. >> reporter: because some of those volunteers are undocumented, deportation could happen at any time. but they're out here,
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nonetheless for their neighborhood, heavily trashed by homeless encampments. >> they have taken the livelihoods. they scare people. you know. >> and the bottom line is we need to help those who are willing to work. sometimes growing up with nothing, experiencing hardship, we work a lot harder. >> reporter: american-born joselives with his long-time undocumented parents. >> my family, my parents, if they get deported, we would all go. it's not just them. yeah, it's wrong. it's separating families. man, i've seen the news, eykeeping kids in cages. no, man, they're not animals, you know. it's not fair for them. >> reporter: though there are relatively few ice arrests across the nation, ice said more arrests will follow through the week. tom vacar, ktvu news, fox 2news. there is backlash tonight following what many are calling a racist tweet by president
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trump against progressive members of congress. the president said, "why don't they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came." these places, they need your help badly. you can't leave fast enough. it's believed the tweet was directed at omar, an immigrant from soma yeah. alexandria ocasio-cortez, and presley who is african american. ocasio-cortez tweeted a response today saying, "on top of not accepting an america that elected us, you could not accept that we don't fear you either." a man has filed a lawsuit after he says ice agents arrested him after reciting a poem that was critical of the agency. >> together we stand, we demand our respect. that's a true fact. >> a court hearing is set for
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tomorrow in san francisco for jose bella. he migrated to the u.s. when he was three years old. immigration and customs enforcement detained him last year and said he was accused of being involved in a gang in bakersfield. later released on bond. bella was then arrested again, 36 hours after reading his poem and at a kern county board of supervisors meeting. the aclu has filed a lawsuit now on his behalf accusing ice of violating bell a's first amendment rights. ice has not commented on his case. new at 10:00 tonight, looking for more alleged victims following the arrest of the salinas high school teacher on rape charges. investigators say 48-year-old john anthony was taken into custody at the salinas courthouse last week, where he was appearing on an unrelated matter. he's now facing felony charges tied to two rapes in 2009 and 2015. the field hockey and track and field at north salinas high and
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also worked as a political consultant in the salinas trial. prosecutors and the defense team wrapped up their questions for master tenant derick almena. almena and his co-defendant, max harris, faces 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter from the fire. starting tomorrow, prosecutors will begin calling rebuttal witnesses and a break until july 29, when both sides will give closing arguments. jury deliberations are expected a arrested for a dui hit an last week at the shopping there is court tomorrow. hector larios is accused of hitting the 2-year-old girl at the town center and then drove off. authorities say he's had four other dui convictions in the last six years. witnesses said the girl ran
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into traffic and was not in a crosswalk when she was hit. fortunately he's expected to survive. in louisiana the governor said he's extremely grateful that tropical storm barry didn't cause the disastrous floods that had earlier been forecasted. still president trump and emergency officials are asking people across the region to keep their guard up because of the risks of major flooding. what's left of the former hurricane is now moving away from the gulf coast. however flash flood and tornado warnings are still being issued. fox news rick leventhal is in new orleans with the latest. >> reporter: the remnants of hurricane barry creeping north of the gulf coast sunday. the weakening storms, still expected to dump a foot of rain alpath, bringing with of flash possible tornadoes. in arkansas, forecasters warn conditions could deteriorate rapidly. >> the city of new orleans was spared as barry took the westerly route. >> we absolutely made it through the storm. >> reporter: the already water
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logged big easy breathing a big sigh of relief that rainfall department come close to predicted totals. >> we understand that our brother and sisters who are in surrounding parishes were left lucky in some instances. >> reporter: south of new orleans, the coast guard rescuing a dozen people and two pets from rooftops on saturday. altogether with church and rescue across the state of louisiana, 93 individuals were saved. from 11 parishes. >> and power slowly being restored to tens of thousands across louisiana. >> we will continue to stress what we said yesterday and that is not to let your guard down and to become longer the primary concern. so look this. i mean monday morning we're in arkansas and then by tuesday and missouri, this isn't just coastal. >> reporter: some signs of normalcy on sunday with both the port and the airport open
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for business. in new orleans, rick leventhal, fox news. >> as rick mentioned, the u.s. coast guard rescued a dozen people and two pets rescued by the floodwaters. that happened two hours south of new orleans. some people were rescued from rooftops, the residents along with the dog and cat were taken by helicopter and boat. at least two elderly people were hurt. two men have been arrested for starting a wildfire that has burned nearly 1,200 acres north of reno. authorities say the men notified the with a shoe county sheriff's deputy that they started the fire yesterday while target shooting in dry grass. at least one building has been destroyed. no injuries reported. the fire started at about 3:00 yesterday afternoon in sun valley, nevada, now 30% contained. still no word on what caused that massive power outage in new york city last night. the blackout trapped people in elevators and stopped subway cars, bringing the jennifer
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lopez concert to madison square garden to an abrupt halt. authorities say tens of thousands of people were without electrical service for several hours. power was fully restored about midnight, thankfully no one was hurt. >> and this could have been much worse, when you're talking about a city like new york, with a significant piece of the city and basically suffering a blackout, that could be a very chaotic situation. >> con edison apologized for the outage, but offered no explanation for the cause of the disruption. at least 72 people were power as the company is investigating what happened. a typical summertime weekend here in the bay area weather wise. right now i'm working on a nice monday forecast. we'll have that coming up. also a dog stolen in san francisco in broad daylight. coming up the surveillance
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video that captured the theft. also ahead tonight the annual aids walked thousands of people at the city today. at 10:30 the celebrities who showed up to support the cause.
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new at 10:00 san francisco police hope that a video from a security camera will help them capture the person who stole a dog in the japan town neighborhood. the video shows a man, approaching the 6-year-old golden retriever named lilly
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while the dog's owner went inside the market at post and webster on saturday night. the suspect calmly untied the dog's leash and walked away with her. the man seen in the video was later spotted getting off the muni bus at san bruno. anyone with information about the case is asked to contact san francisco police right away. we return to our coverage of the crisis at the border, getting a better idea of the living conditions at detention centers from two bay area lawmakers. >> they toured the facilities at the texas border over the weekend. ktvu's ann rubin here with their reaction. >> real stunning pictures coming out of that area. just got back from their visit to the seeing those conditions firsthand. they say things aren't as bad as you have heard. two u.s. lawmakers from the bay area visited migrant detention centers in texas. but unlike the previous visits. >> we were insistent on being able to take our phones into
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the detention centers. >> reporter: there is the apparent sound of crying children and video provided by congresswoman jackie spare. >> many of them sick because the conditions are such that influenza, meningitis, and other chronic kinds of conditions have cropped up. >> that is a child that is very sick. that father is with that child waiting to see if they are going to be transferred to a hospital. >> the conditions are stunning. they're horrible. i couldn't sleep last night. >> and also on that tour, the congresswoman who echoed the dire conde, painting a grim picture of the detention center where those held here are in despair, eager for help and a connection to
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the outside world. >> to absolutely inhumane and the stench from so many people jammed into a very small space with no showers. it was grim. >> are you comfortable? are you being well taken care of? >> reporter: mike pence took a similar visit last week to the facility in texas where during his visit, the press pool was invited to follow them after being removed. they were shouting they had been held for 40 days or more, hungry, and wanted to brush their teeth. the vice president called it tough stuff, praising the men and women working the stuff. >> i couldn't have been more impressed with the facility. >> what comes next after the visit? >> i think the very first thing we need to do is to get some help personnel into these
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center ares because the border patrol officers are not equipped nor are they trained to make those investments. >> this is a very dark chapter in the history of our country. >> they say many of the detainees have sponsors and think one solution could fix those detainees with an ankle bracelet. then they could be released to their sponsors while being trapped at the same time. all the lawmaker who is toured this weekend will now meet to draft a package of bills with the immediate focus on getting health personnel into the centers to treat those detainees. frank and julie? >> thank you. crews are searching for a father who was swept away by a river in nevada county last night after going into the water to try to save his daughter. the 12-year-old girl was helped out of the water and not seriously injured. it meets highway 49 in rural nevada county. that's where reporter mike lury
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picks up the story. >> this is the very area where the incident happened. >> reporter: starting with a young girl slipping from a rock into the fridged waters of the south yuma river below. >> the park ranger james carey was able to rescue the 12-year- old daughter with the help of a good samaritan. that was the end of the rescue as the father went downstream. >> reporter: search and rescue teams have been on the scene ever since. looking for the missing man identified as 34-year-old alexander alvarez of citrus heights. but the nevada county sheriff's office. >> on this river so far this year we've had two fatalities. >> reporter: yet the river proved too tempting for dozens of people today. >> i would say the fresh clean water. the beautiful rocks and the trees. and the swimming holes when they're safe. >> reporter: but are the waters safe? from up here the south yuma river looks very inviting, almost tranquil, but looks could be deceiving. from down here a very different
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story. you can really hear the rush of the water and almost feel just how was it's flowing. the water now flowing at four to five all g from mother nature that most people today are ignoring. >> we're telling them the water right now is too high and too cold and we have actually warned them about with a has taken place. they are actually walking by our search teams, they're not paying any attention. >> on the river today we found most rivers were not wearing life preservers. >> if you insist on going over the water, the flotation device, if that would have happened on this gentleman, even wearing that pfd, we wouldn't be having that conversation today. >> search and rescue operations will continue until t anyone in the water calling it too risky. in nevada county, mike lury. while we have been enjoying
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the coastal fog. the inland fog has been out towards the interior of california. but the rivers are tempting. it will be very careful with a lot of energy still flowing from the snow pack and the melting snow pack. take a look at some of the highs this afternoon. a bit chilly at 58 degrees. san francisco at 63. some 90s towards concord and antioch. so another day of low 90s. but look what happened into the evening hours. we actually had clearing skies even at the golden gate bridge. the fog being swept away over the past few hours. kind of been a constant coast side over the past few days with the clear skies across most of the bay area this up on trend throughout the afternoon and into the evening hours morn pretty shivering out there, freezing. you can see what happened with the clouds clearing out. right now just a few patches are hanging out near portions of the bay area coastline, hitting closer to the area to the south of half moon bay. current numbers updated for the
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10:00 hour with some 70s for walnut creek and livermore. san francisco 60 and santa rosa mild, 68 degrees. outside right now still mostly clear skies. looking out towards the bay bridge from the san francisco camera. we will paint in some patchy coastal fog tomorrow morning and temperatures will start out the day in the 50s to right around 60 degrees. lower 50s to the lower 60s with partly sunny skies inland. a big temperature range, take your pick. we'll have low to mid-60s for the coast and in the upper 80s, flirting with 90 degrees. around the bay, to right around 80 and the beaches are mainly in the 60s for your monday forecast. some bigger changes are showing up in the five day. we'll have that coming up for you in a little bit. the impact of the trade war with china. why one tech company of people. plus the fisherman in the san francisco bay area will get more than what they bargain
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for. the inverbal video showing the moment they caught a great white shark.
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a major shakeup. according to the wall street journal, the chinese tech company is planning to lay off hundreds of workers at its u.s. operations. the layoffs comes after the u.s. blacklisted huawei. jillian turner has more. >> reporter: chinese telecom, the world's leading supplier in smart phone manufacturers, set to lay off hundreds of
10:24 pm
employees here in the united states according to the wall street journal. these layoffs are expected to hit workers in california, texas, and washington the hardest, though huawei has labs set up across the country. some employees have been notified. many others will be notified imminently. the move comes amid a deepening trade tension between the u.s. and primary technology competitor, that's china, and follows on the heels of the commerce department. experts told fox news the trade relationship has reached a tipping point. >> we share the same value as you. and every time we cracked us down. we are reminding the world that china is not to be trusted. >> flagged as they are shown as the national security risk. working hand in glove with the chinese government to spy on
10:25 pm
the united states. huawei insisted to operating independently and has no government times. >> we should say we're opposed to the presence of the american blacklist and this decision had no bases on the fact. it is unsubstantiated. harmful for many sides including many american companies. >> sources say some of huawei's chinese employees here in the u.s. are being given the option to return home and stay on with the company there. something they say will come as a blow to the trump administration, commerce secretary announced the u.s. will begin granting export licenses to huawei suppliers whose sales aren't putting national security at risk. steve mnuchin is urging u.s. suppliers to apply forlicenses overseas. in washington, jillian turner, fox news. >> huawei employees about 850,000 people in the u.s.
10:26 pm
including offices at santa clara and super key know. another round of memos from the u.k. former ambassador has been leaked. on sunday they reported kim derek says president trump pulled out of the iran nuclear deal to try to persuade the u.s. to not abandon the deal. derek announced his resignation last week after the same newspaper published cables in which he called the trump administration dysfunctional. the white house has refused to deal with him after the memos were published. more controversy surrounding the census. why experts are concerned the census could be hacked. the 80s are suppose to stay widespread joe fonzi will have the details later on in sports. thousands gather for the
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age block in san francisco. the event is so important. for 33 years, we're going to take care of our people and to house them and give them a chance. of savings and service. whoa. travis in it made it. it's amazing.
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going on 30 plus minutes.
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we had to pull the anchor. >> a sports fishing trip turned into a once in a lifetime event in san francisco bay. they hooked a big fish that literally dragged around the bay. with each person on the boat getting a chance to pull it in. everyone, even the experts got tired. but then watch this. t of bleep there. it was at least six feet long. catching one is illegal. the group took some videos and a few pictures and then quickly released it back into the
10:31 pm
water. a new poll is out on how the top democratic contenders would fair against president trump. garrett tenney has our report tonight from washington. >> reporter: election day is still a long ways off. at this point polls are really just a snapshot. but the latest snapshot looks pretty good for democrats with the top four candidates beating president trump in hypothetical matchups. joe biden, bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, and kamala harris each came out ahead of the president in a few wall street journal poll. the reason biden has the largest lead with a nine-point advantage because he beat trump with independent and suburban voters. while the others tied trump or narrowly lost with those groups. it's been a race to the left. cutting off some hope for other moderate candidates such as amy klobuchar who spent the day campaigning in iowa, touting her ability to win for places in 2016. >> i won in districts he's won
10:32 pm
by over 20 points. we need somebody that could win in iowa, that could win in wisconsin. if yowe could win in t, former governor scott walker. >> reporter: bernie sanders seven-point lead shows there's still plenty of energy in the progressive movement today. today on the general election is the one that could make it happen. >> what we need in this country, i'm prepared to leave as president, but what we know, think we are clear about that and as the ability of defeating donald trump in the process. >> we may ek because bernie san taking aim at joe biden, all to push back against those who don't support medicaid for all. in washington i'm garrett tenney, fox news. the 2020 census has been at
10:33 pm
the center of the recent public battle over the proposed citizenship question. there are concerns about possible security problems that could have an impact. the u.s. census bureau is going digital for the first time with nearly all the information being passed along. computer experts worry some of the census information could be changed or deleted by foreign hackers. >> any time you move from a manual process to a digital process, you've got things you've never had to worry about before in terms of cyber security. the two countries i would worry about most would be china and russia. >> the bureau says it is confident they could stay one step. even the slight chance in the central data could have an a healthy lifestyle can cut the risk of am heaters. british foreign minister found regardless of how much genetic risk someone had, a good diet,
10:34 pm
exercise, limiting the alcohol, and not smoking made dementia less likely. the results were announced at the alzheimer's association international conference in los angeles over the weekend, and thousands gathered for the aids walk san francisco. >> lila alligood was in robin williams meadow as the walk got underway talking to some celebrities who were there as well. >> and then you're doing the untalks. we'll talk. >> reporter: some fun moments at the aids walk san francisco with queer eye for the straight guy. this is an event that to golden gate park for many years to support those affected by hvi aids. >> people galvanize those getting sick, dying of aids and hiv. for 33 years this community has
10:35 pm
come together and said we're going to take care of our people. >> reporter: ryan swing seeing the ceremony to, also being on the show that sell is berates the truth over there and safety the -- truly has been impactful. >> reporter: racing to take more than $90 million for life saving prevention, testing, programs. the 10 kilometer walk ended at robin williams meadows. ncis, barrett foa and they're death max terp we, i lost good friends to aids before we knew
10:36 pm
it. >> i'm actually going to do a little research volunteer in san francisco. so yeah, just getting this kind of community feeling, it is a good vibe. >> reporter: in san francisco, leigh martinez, ktvu fox 2news. >> back to you, frank and julie. [ laughter ] >> oh carson. all right, still to come here a we're going to entry's to see some cooler temperatures. we'll have your updated forecast coming up. why a ceo is apologizing to some parents.
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new at 10:00, s apologizing whose children use the company's e-cigarettes. kevin burns who appeared on cnbc and after he was asked what he would say to a parent with a child who is addicted to juul.
10:40 pm
he said "i'm sorry. i have empathy for them." teen vaping is an epidemic. 21 high school students vaped last year. the coffee chain at starbucks will stop selling the new york times, wall street journal, and u.s.a. today more than 800,000 jobs in e., read in the stores neither left uneatables are starbucks has not said if they will continue to sell local newspapers. american airlines will now keep their boeing max jets off their schedule through november 2. that's two months longer than their earlier target, which has now been reset five there is no assurance the skies beforefection year. boeing is trying to reassure airlines that it will be ready, but the process of developing
10:41 pm
and certifying the new software pilot program has run into a number of unexpected delays. the original software pt hadn't approved by the government after different software problems surfaced. the boeing 737 grounded earlier this year. stepping onto the moon including the dedication of the moon tree garden at kennedy space center in florida. and the greatneswas ents the a son of the apollo 14 crew says there is for every manned apollo mission.
10:42 pm
armstrong appears to be shielding his eyes as he was watching the launch from the kennedy space center. one of the lunar modules is inside the museum. we created a lunar landing scene here of apollo 11. >> the center is projecting video of the actual landing onto the side of the saturn five rocket. also a replica of the living room complete with colored tv to show what it might have looked like when the family was walking a launch, landing, return of apollo 11. >> actually old enough watching that on our black and white tv in the kitchen. >> the tvs have changed. >> yeah, they sure have. >> it's a life saving story that will come full circle. introducing you to a woman who is now working with the firefighter who saved her life as a child. >> and also mild temperatures.
10:43 pm
meteorologist mark tamayo will tell you how low the temperatures will go. thanks for the ride-along, captain! i've never been in one of these before, even though geico has been- ohhh. ooh ohh here we go, here we go. you got cut off there, what were you saying? oooo. oh no no. maybe that geico has been proudly serving the military for over 75 years? is that what you wanted to say? mhmmm. i have to say, you seemed a lot chattier on tv. geico. proudly serving the military f you ok back there, buddy?
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a young girl in south san francisco who needed help from firefighters in the city more than 15 years ago is now lending her hand to the department. >> claudine wong tells us how a 911 call started a connection. >> it's all about being
10:46 pm
prepared. for sarah busher, it doesn't feel like work. >> i've been working here for a year and a half now. >> this is the career she's always wanted. >> little things that the kids will fill out. what do you want to be when you grow up. every single one of them said paramedic or firefighter. >> that dream may have been born when south city firefighters responded to a 911 call. she was just 4 years old. >> all in the matter of probably 12 hours. >> reporter: she was on both of those calls. >> about a year or two afterwards i go into the kindergarten room. they show us the ambulance and asked if anyone has ever taken a ride the ambulance. >> the lightbulb went on. i looked over and recognized sarah. oh yeah, now i two and two toge and i was in school with his son, joey. >> reporter: over the next 15 years or so, these two families
10:47 pm
would grow even closer. both joey and sarah knew they wanted to be firefighters. >> i've ran into the captain and stuff like that and i said i can't wait to come be a firefighter and work for the city and stuff like that. >> reporter: a few years ago when captain ottoboni's son left for college, sarah stayed close to home. >> i finished my associate's degree. as well as my emt certificate. i'm going to start paramedic school about a year and a half process. then after that i hope to be able to be hired. >> she's not going to quit until she gets it. >> reporter: while there are no guarantees she gets to work in south city once she becomes a paramedic, she's already making he four women in the department. >> it is changing and to be a part of that change is honestly one of the greatest things for me. >> reporter: both admit it is something to think about their
10:48 pm
remarkable odds that had them crossing patr the first time so long ago. >> we're in the neighborhood of 8,000 calls a year. the odds of me being on duty at that particular time to being the one to respond to her house are pretty long odds. >> pretty remarkable when you see them today. these are pictures of the two families in d.c. on vacation. and both sarah and captain's son, joey in the blue shirt are still working towards that dream. getting closer to every day. claudine wong, ktvu fox 2news. typical july weekend here in the bay area. but finally tonight the fog cleared out. and right now we have mostly clear skies. tomorrow big temperature range. 60s, 70s, 80s.
10:49 pm
warmest locations inland could be flirting with 90 degrees. clearing skies, mostly sunny skies. we'll today. but look what happened late th into the evening hours, the clouds could be swept away with that northerly wind in place. we still have some patchy fog near portions of the coastline especially south. current numbers, still some 70s for concord and livermore, checking in 66. san francisco, 59. half moon bay in the mid-50s. a bit of a breeze this evening especially coast side. most panels right now showing you the light wind. but towards fairfield, that's a southwest wind at 21 miles per hour and some more reports for you. winds around three to five to 12 miles an hour out at sfo. our live camera totowards morni some patdevelop especithen into the afternoon h partly to mostly sunny skies
10:50 pm
and temperatures will be back up into the mid to upper 60s by 3:00 to 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. so kind of watching two weather features. this will impact us later on in the week, the area of low pressure. this area of high pressure has been warming up the inland spots. tomorrow not a lot of change. mild to warm, 60s to the 80s. warmest locations flirting with 90 degrees. but the system up to the north will kind of move in over the next few days. with that we have a cooler week ahead. no major heat in our forecast, but temperatures definitely cooling off. you'll see those numbers coming down in the five-day forecast. here we go tomorrow morning, now we could have patchy fog. coast side right around the bay. temperatures in the 50s to the lower 60s. into the afternoon hours, mostly sunny skies, maybe partly cloudy skies for the shoreline with that big our pic afternoon. 60s all the way to the lower 90s. santa rosa in between. a few more neighborhoods in oakland checking in at 74.
10:51 pm
the warmest locations towards danville 89 and 90. these temperatures will check in at 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. san jose that 80 and san francisco downtown in the upper 60s, partly sunny skies for the coastline with a look ahead to your five-day forecast. a lot of numbers here, but we will see absent the triple digits. looks like this wild weather pattern will continue over the next few days, which is great because thinking of the fire danger, we don't want to be talking about extreme heatwave or even lightning strikes that could mointo the state. >> exactly, yeah. >> i could totally deal with that. in the 90s. 95, 96. >> all right, mark, thank you. spider-man far from home seems to be far from giving up its place as the most popular film now playing.
10:52 pm
>> the movie is in first place for a second weekend with the take of almost $45.5 million. "toy story 4" came in second place on it fourth weekend. rounding out the top five were the thriller crawl and the comedies yesterday. up next in sports, novak djokovic and roger federer save an all-time classic in wimbledon. joe fonzi has the details coming up. then on the 11:00 news, a star on the u.s. women's soccer team is speaking out about her refusal to go to the white house. hear how she defends her decision. my experience with usaa
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jeff is here with sports. wimbledon one of the greatest tennis matches of all time and the longest. >> it was so much fun to watch. >> two of the all-time greats in tennis staged an all-time battle today in the men's finals of wimbledon. it was a no. 1 seed. djokovic against no. 2 roger federer with the royals in attendance. we'll jump to the fifth set and the tie breaker. federer the near court. winning the point with a ball. federer had two chances to win the tournament in the fifth
10:56 pm
set. but djokovic battled back in this first ever fifth set tie breaker in the near court here and wins that point. and then at match point djokovic wins again to take the tie breaker 13-12. federer wins just about every statistical category in the match, but loses in five sets. all three of his losses were in tie breakers. djokovic takes a bite of the playing surface, celebrating his 16th grand slam title. federer has 20. rafael nadal has 18. the a's look like they're in the middle of another of their post all-star runs. it wasn't just the guys on the field making plays today against the white sox. but the nice one in the stands. going for the three-game sweep. trailing 2-1 in the 7th. takes care of that with e off o up in just the right spot. homer number 18. the 9th, chad
10:57 pm
the nice stop. liriano's ground ball, throw to second not so good. ball rolls to the outfield side. scores the winning run in walk off fashion. the a's will get their sweep with the 3-2 win right now as they continue to be the american league's number two wild card teams. a's also today did something to bolster their playoff hopes and made a deal with the royals to acquire another starting pitch help, the 33-year-old. he's in his 13th major league season and has experienced something of a revival with the royals after signing the minor league contract in february. and really 7-6 this yeawiearned he was scheduled to be the world starter today before being scratched after the trade was made. the giants have been doing a pretty good job as of late, trying to make themselves relevant for the rest of the summer. calling this guy the milwaukee barrel man, where the giants, they were trying to take a series from the brewers, who they would see in that one-run
10:58 pm
game for milwaukee until they untie it. that is homer number 11 on the belt. now in that immediate position to win for the third time in his career. he would help his cause, scoring around the bunt, but then lining up the base hit up the middle bringing donovan solano home with the lead run, turned into a big inning for the giants who scored six times. they win 8-3 and crawled back to within six games of the 5 hushes. well this is the weekend in which a lot of people head to lake tahoe to do some celebrity watching as they also see some decent golf. you can bet on the fact that there aren't too many golfers that could do this. and steph curry, making his yearly stop in edgewood. and how about this golf shot from curry on the par 3-12. this is almost the hole in one. curry would make birdie after a pair of 77. he shot a 74 today. and that is it for the tie for seventh prays. but the guy who made sure this was a no drama tournament from start to finish, the one for the second year in a row and
10:59 pm
after two rounds of 70, tony romo shot a 74 today. still had a margin of ten points over the second place finisher. and tonight, today's ninth stage of the tour de france was a 106 mile affair on bastille day at the end. came down to two riders battling from the stage. and in the red who moves in front of it. of south africa, but then as they make that push for the finish line, disconcedes as they would get their first and a nice moment, but it is julian who will continue to wear the yellow jersey as they head out to today's 10. the margin just 23 seconds. >> those guys are amazing what they do. >> yeah, you grueling things with tennis today. how about 21 stages, and thousands of miles in three weeks. >> and really, i mean, how about the british grand prix? >> yes. >> gosh. i can't get it. >> yes, i know. that's how it ended. don't tell me. don't you tell me.
11:00 pm
>> all right, we'll see you tomorrow. joe, thank you, coming up next here at 11:00. visiting the migrant detention centers at the border and describes bleak conditions.


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