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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  July 14, 2019 11:00pm-11:29pm PDT

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>> all right, we'll see you tomorrow. joe, thank you, coming up next here at 11:00. visiting the migrant detention centers at the border and describes bleak conditions.
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custody and that is what the story is about, congress women got back from visit to the southern border was lawmakers the detention center we got to see what they saw. to u.s. lawmaker visited migrant detention centers in brownsville texas but unlike previous visits. >> we were insistent on being able to take our phones into the detention center. >> reporter: the apparent sound of crying children and video provided by congresswoman jackie speier. >> many of them sick, because their conditions are such that influenza. meningitis very, other chronic kinds of conditions have cropped up. >> reporter: another photo showing a father and child lying on a mat itions are stunn
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they are horrible. i couldn't sleep last night. >> reporter: congresswoman, their condition, painting a gram to, eager for help and a connection to the outside world. >> absolutely inhumane. the stench from so many people jammed into a very small space. no showers. it was grim. >> reporter: are you being well taken care of. >> reporter: vice president took a visit in they were invited to follow him for 40 days or more. they were hungry and wanted to brush her teeth. the vice president called it tough stuff. he praised the men and women working the border. >> i could not be more impressed. >> reporter: what comes next
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after the visit i the congresswoman. >> the very first thing we need to do is get some hlth personnel into these centers. >> historians are going to write this is a very dark chapter in the history of our country. >> reporter: many of the detainees have sponsors in the u.s. and thinks one solution could be to fit those detainees with ankle bracelets, then released to their sponsors while being tracked. she says all the lawmakers who tore detention centers as we can will me to draft a package of bills with the immediate focus on getting health personnel into these centers to treat the detainees. andre senior newsroom tonight thank you. the threat and sweeps undocumented immigrants around the country here in the bay area failed to materialize in large numbers. president trump says thousands will be deported in the operation. we are learning authorities only made a ndl of arrest. kut
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local immigrant communities are still on >> reporter: lords parish, some of the parishioners are undocumented, the desk was set up to help them understand the laws especially what they can do if ice agents come knocking. the whole church, history going back more than 200 years, is shaken. a concern. >> a lot of fear. there were people that were monitoring phone banks recently. and calling a lot of the hispanic population. they didn't even want to talk on the phone. many of them were crying on the phone. >> reporter: be on the church, the fears felt a discrete level, open accounts a person had volunteers help clean streets of the neighborhood for the last seven years. >> saturd sunday crew. they are out constantly. good weather, bad weather.
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they are out. we are. >> reporter: some of those volunteers are undocumented deportation could happen at any time. but, they are out here nonetheless for their neighborhood heavily trashed by homeless in camas. >> ice, ice demise. >> we need to protect those that are willing to work we want to make the country growing stronger. sometimes growing up with nothing we work a lot harder. >> reporter: american-born josi lives with his longtime undocumented parents. >> my parents, if they get deported, we all go man, it's not just them is wrong. is separating families. i've seen in the news they are keeping the kids in the cages. they are not animals, you know. is not fair for them. >> reporter: relatively few ice arrests across the nation. more arrest will fall to the
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week. tom baker, ktvu fox do news. acting director of customer enforcements today defended plan to rest. >> does everybody at the service. where do target enforcement actions against specific individuals with heather dane immigration court, and had been ordered to be removed by immigration judge. president trump said 1 million people being targeted in the rate although, isa says, the number is actually much smaller than a. to mr. beside of immigration debate protested outside the ice facility in tacoma washington today. demonstration came one day after an armed man reportedly opposed u.s. immigration policy was shot to death by police. as he attempted to set the building on fire. members of one express their anger over the attack on the ice facility, and their support for u.s. immigration agents. >> if you don't like something, beating it up and throwing
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molotov cocktails of the facility will not solve any problems. other protesters came to show their support for migrants housed in the facility. tacoma police say the two groups were loud but peaceful. our immigration coverage continues on find the latest development right on our homepage. backlash tonight following what many are calling reese's tweet by president trump against aggressive members of congress. the president tweeted to several congresswomen, why don't they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came. these places need your help badly. you can't leave fast it is believed the somalia. alexandria cortes a puerto rican descent. rashida tlaib a palestinian dissent. ayala presley. african-american.
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nancy pelosi tweeted in the response, when donald trump tells for american congress women to go back to the countries. he reaffirms his plan to make out america great again. has always been about making america white again. our diversity is our strength. and our unity is our power. around 8:00 tonight, the coach tweeted out, come on members of congress, callout the president for his racist tweets this morning show some leadership. it is the job you're elected to do. remnants of the former hurricane barry moving away from the gulf coast. flash flood and tornado louisiana's governor said he is extremely grateful that barry did cause the disasters flood that had been forecast early. no one was seriously injured or killed. authorities boats and helicopters work tirelessly to rescue people and pets. altogether with search and
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rescue across the state of louisiana, 93 individuals were saved. from 11 parishes. some signs of normalcy in the region today, power slowly being restored for tons of thousands of people across louisiana. both the port and the airport are open for business. sonoma county man charged with killing three people including his brother. 40-year-old shawn gallen of forceful pleaded no contest to three first-degree murder charges. he is accused of shooting and killing two engaged camp counselors. they were asleep on the beach in jenner, and 2004. he is also accused of a killing his brother 2017. sonoma county district attorney, agreed not to seek the death penalty. if he pleaded no contest as part of the plea deal he will be sentenced to three consecutive life terms without the possibility of parole. testimony in the trial enter its final phase this week.
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after prosecutors and the defense frame wrapped up there, he was the final defense witness. how minute and codefendant max harris phase 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter following the fire more than two years ago. starting tomorrow, prosecutors will begin calling rebuttal witnesses. then there will be a break until july 29th on both sides will give closing arguments. jury deliberations are expected to begin in early august. a beloved dog stolen right up the street. coming up how san francisco police hope video will help bring lily this video. hope you bring lily home. if you want to learn more about art, the new podcast tells you the history of and whether heading in for the second half july, could be talking about hot weather. typically this week could be somewhat of a different way. have the forecast coming up.
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san francisco police, the p shows a man approaching a six- year-old golden retriever named lily. the dogs owner went inside a market at her neck. the dog napper calmly unties little relief, and walks away with her. the man seen in the video was later spotted getting off of a muni bus in san bruno at
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harkness avenue. anyone with information on the case has to contact san francisco police right away. magnet 11:00, firefighters watching for hotspots following a grass fire. video from the citizen app. the fire was first reported before 5:30 this afternoon. at the park near the glen eagle golf course in southeastern san francisco. fire crews managed to contain the flames to just three acres. no buildings burned. investigators have not yet determine the cause. to make a new poll shows how some of the top democratic presidential contenders were fair guess president trump in a hypothetical matchup. candidatesjoe biden, h warren, kamala harris each came out ahead of the president in any wall street journal nbc poll. biden had the largest lead with a nine point advantage. because he beat the president with independent and suburban voters. bernie sanders seven point lead over the president and the new poll shows plenty of energy in his progressive movement.
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>> what we need is a political revolution. i think i'm the only candidate has been clear about that. who has the capability of doing that and beating donald trump of the process. we may see if i was between the democratic candidate this week. sanders taking aim at joe biden with a major announcement on wednesday. to push back against those who don't support medicare fraud. team usa cocaptain megan rubino speaking out about the reef crucial, refusal to visit the white house. even before winning the world cup, she said visiting the oval office would be disingenuous. she is an lgbtq advocate and an outspoken political advocate. she's an open critic of president trump calling herself a boat, walking protest. when it comes to the trump administration. trumps message includes people that look like me an
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army of course. excludes a lot of people in his base as well. i think he is trying to divide so he can conquer. not unite so we can all conquer. the first pro athlete, university of virginia of the ncaa men's basketball championship skipped a visit citing logistical complications. and when the warriors turned the president down two years ago. the president claimed the words had actually never been invited to the white house in the first place. thousands of people gathered in golden gate are today for the 33rd annual aids walk san francisco. kutv of celebrities who were also there. >> reporter: i think, we will talk. >> reporter: fun moments at the 33rd annual aids walk san francisco witheye for the straight guy and rupaul's drag race dress carson crosley, for many participants including presley this is an event that
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brought them back to golden gate park for many years to support to those affected by hiv aids. >> people galvanized, getting sick and dying of aids and hiv. for 33 years this community has come together and said, we are going to take care of our people. >> reporter: actor and opening ceremony pray san francisco commitment in helping diverse community. >> was so beautiful about being a corporation america also be on a show that celebrates people choosing the truth over their safety. has done this so beautiful here. from the start of the rights movement and the liberation movement. we've seen a san francisco has truly been impactful. rack aids walk began in 1987. raise the date more than $90 millio prevention, test and care programs. the tachometer walk began and ended on john f. kennedy drive that robin williams. los angeles actor and family
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ties actor meredith back your were among the walkers. >> i lost a very good friends to aids. before anyone in the world that was going on. >> reporter: starting together play angels in america about a man living with hiv. i am actually going to do a research while i'm here in san francisco. there is, getting this kind of community feeling. it's a good vibe. in san francisco the martinez kutv , one of the last verse. >> back to you frank and julie. i would like to think he knows who we are. and that's a positive. the maximus enthusiasm. >> let's go to mark and find out about the francisco.few hours. if you, the fog has been too much for you.
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a nice change of the past few hours right now. the entire bay area mostly clear skies. san francisco for our high today maxell 63 does greece open 69. even a few 90s, antioch this afternoon. look at what happened, late this afternoon into the evening hours. clouds completely cleared gold gate bridge, every day, every hour of the day talking about fog at least at this point. the fog has been swept away from the north. clear skies this evening. it looks like patches, will redevelop around the bay. as we head into tomorrow morning. satellite showing you, clots from earlier being swept coast side, south of half moon bay. san jose right now 64. santa rosa, 67, still 70s else were conquered and fairfield. said right now toward the bay bridge toward san francisco.
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his image in most areas reporting clear skies. partly cloudy skies for this evening. overnight lows will be in the 50s to the 60s. patchy fog coast side. start out monday morning, the skies will cool us off later in the week. the area of high pressure was to stick around for one more day. it will be mild to warm, 60s all the way to the 80s. a few spots in the could be around 90 degrees. the system moves in from the north, as a result temperatures cool off in our five day forecast. the headline no major heat in the bay area forecast. no triple digits no upper 90s. a few spots tomorrow. flirting with 90 degrees. tomorrow morning, patchy fog coast side, partly sunny from the coast, more sunshine in the, temperatures, a big range, 88 and santa rosa. vacaville 91, east bay near 90. oakland 74 degrees. san jose, 80 degrees, remount in the upper 70s and symphysis of downtown upper 60s. lower 60s near the immediate coastline. five day forecast, nice to mild
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weather pattern effect temperatures a few degrees by wednesday. major heat remains a distant stranger for right now. looking pretty good. mark, thank you. a new way to track the history of bert, looks back on how the transient map has change since the trains began rolling back in september of 1972. looks as if the original design of the art map how it evolved over the years along with the expansion. the podcast part of regular series hidden track, stories from bart. >> i remember watching bart been built that is how old i am. sports rap is minutes away, joe was caught with what they're working on. to the all time battleshow turned out. all of a sudden we have two winning ball clubs in the bay area. rake it all down on sports rap at 11:30. here ahead at 11:00, amazon
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if you ride, you get it. geico motorcycle. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more. pretty cool video a fishing trip turned into a once in life time event. san francisco bay yesterday area. folks on a trip with golden state sportfishing. they hook a big fish.
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a really big fish. it literally dragged their boat around the bay the fight went on for about an hour. with each person on the boat getting a chance to hold the rot and try to will in the fish. and then, watch what happened during, >> holy, it is huge. that is a great white. that is a great white. that is a great white shark. x feet long, the group quickly released it, though, because th are protected. >> the reactions are, amazon's popular prime days starts tomorrow. >> prime days so big, this year it will be two days. reporter monica guy gives us a rare look at how amazon
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delivers their packages. beehive of activity on the regular day inside the amazon fulfillment center in edison new jersey. it is expected to get a lot busier on prime day. actually, prime days, monday and tuesday. it all began with a customer placing an order that sends a message to the fulfillment enter. a robot goes to work. >> i use the analogy of room but they do not understand what that is weird robotics drives. the orange robot you suck, and knows exactly where to go to pick up the right shelf that the picker needs. it brings the entire shelving system to the associate that is picking. and knows exactly where to go because it has the white knickers on the floor. a grid pattern>> reporter: a pec picker greets the yellow shelving unit and takes up the item. >> the picture comes up on come in from i grab the item th
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line. he goes to sort. >> reporter: traveling several miles of the fulfillment center the yellow tote ends up with someone like mariana. she is known as an amazon packer. >> picks them out and puts it into a toe. and those totes come straight to us. we packed them out. everything we need to do comes up on the screen. which item we need to pack, what box we need to use. even a tape, dispenses the size we need. the last step is to apply the sticker. we set it on the conveyor, makes its way to the machine. >> reporter: scan, mariana put on the box contains customer's address. the machine scans it, print a label and applies it. from there it is on to a delivery truck rate and into the customers hands.
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>> after a few clicks of the mouse in a trip through amazon fulfillment center your packages at your doorstep and ready to open. what are the chances she had a box from amazon. >> a well oiled machine when you think about it. sports rap, joe and scott next. good night. my experience with usaa
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wimbledon final for the ages. how to longtime rival made history in more ways than one. second half surprise. why there is suddenly reasons for giant optimism. brooms out in oakland, how the a's grind it out a sleep in this outsiders adding an arm for the stretch run. korean company trying to tame the greens or find the greens in tahoe how a familiar face stole the show. white joe pavel ski a former shark. sports rap


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