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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  July 15, 2019 10:00pm-10:59pm PDT

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this is the 10:00 news on ktvu fox 2 news. late were tonight on the identity of a helicopter flight instructor killed this afternoon in a crash at the hayward airptwo people on board. it was an instructional flight. applied structure and a student. there was one fatality. >> the airport manager says the flight instructor and student were practicing hovering on the crash occurred. good evening. >> the student survived the flight instructor was killed.
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it happened around 2:30 this afternoon at hayward executive airport located west of 880 and north of highway 92. we have new information tonight from jana katsuyama. you heard from that sheriff's office in the past hour and they confirmed the name of the flight instructor who died. >> reporter: they did, frank. the corners office tells me the victim has been identified as wayne prodger . here are photos of him. we understand he is a 62-year- old man from sunnyvale. friends that i spoke with tonight tell me that he was a loving and caring husband, father of three grown children and he loves to travel. he was the owner and chief instructor at the vertical cfi helicopters flight school and was borrowing a helicopter from a neighboring business today here at the airport to get the lesson. >> reporter: the call about helicopter crash about 2:30 monday afternoon brought
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hayward fire and police vehicles rushing to the hayward executive airport. >> it was a robinson r44 helicopter that crashed at the airport. there were two people on board. it was an instructional flight. was a flight instructor and student. airport manager says the student walked away from the wreckage and was rushed by ambulance to eden medical center but the instructor did not survive. the city says the helicopter is registered to a company called pacific helicopters. at their offices down the street the doors are closed. others who work in the business and were shocked about the news of the fatal crash. >> is really disturbing because we see each other every day. >> reporter: he says it is a close airport community where everyone knows each other. >> christmas and for summer barbecue we get together. i am hoping and praying for the family.>> reporter: the airport was briefly shut down. the faa arrived to help investigat flights were eventually allowed to use the two runways,
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rerouted around the crash site on the taxiway. the airport manager says it appears the helicopter was practicing hovering maneuvers but it was unclear who was operating it before it crashed. >> there are two sets of controls and they have a center instrument panel that both pilots can save and two sets the flight controls on either side. the robinson r44 is probably the standard for flight training . there is a 44 and 22 that are widely used and widely respected. they are the gold standard when it comes to instructional flight.>> reporter: tonight here at the hayward airport we understand the crash scene is being secured and guarded. that is because the national transportation safety board is sending an inspector out here. the inspector is expected to arrive by 8 a.m. tomorrow. we understand from the airport manager that these are 44's do not have black boxes so they want to be relying on evidence
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they find they are amiss the records. >> jana katsuyama in hayward. sonoma county sheriff's office is investigating the death of a pedestrian on the smart train tracks. it happened just after four this afternoon in roller park just north of the golf club drive road crossing. train service was stopped in the area as investigators processed the scene. this was the first person to die on smart train tracks in the last two weeks. two of those deaths were ruled suicides. this also comes as new pedestrian safety gates are being installed at smart chain crossings to alert pedestrians and bike riders that they are nearing the tracks. a fast-moving grass fire burned 47 acres and destroyed two structures in san jose. it began about 11 this morning and the born road and east foothills and the evergreen neighborhood. the fire started at the bottom of a steep hill. the flames destroyed a arby sub
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were evacuated as crews worked to contain the fire. >> we have done everything as far as i can tell keeping the weeds down. this kind of stuff we don't on that. >> crews had the fire out by this afternoon but remained in the area throughout the evening to make sure hotspots didn't flare up. crews are having a tough time reaching fire burning along minds road near the santa clara-alameda county line. the flames broke out in the remote rugged area around 6:50 tonight. so far the fire has destroyed one structure. it is not clear if the structure is a home or born. no injuries have been reported as of this time. in marin county, he may have dodged a disaster when a house fire spread into wildman. it was up high on a ridge in fairfax. narrow roads, hundreds of homes nestled in forests. the only thing missing was the wind. fairfax where a
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firefighters helmet camera tells the story about what happened. >> reporter: when the call came in about 11:00 last night, crews came out and looked up in the could see the hills glowing. this fire was a beacon in a few ways with some lessons learned. >> reporter: from a firefighters helmet camera, a house ablaze on crest road high on a rich. the home already a loss in the two men who live here safe. the priority was halting the spread. >> only a few hundred feet and open space. saint anselmo is just have hours beyond. the neighborhood below crest road is home to thousands of people. the chief encounters some of them on his way to the fire. >> many were packing their cars or just fearful of what was going to occur. >> reporter: alerts went out but now evacuations ordered. people fled anyway. >> i think next time going on
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foot might be the better choice.>> reporter: this neighbor describes the scene on roads that are tight to maneuver . now at smoke, fire engines and fear. >> we were driving down the hill in panic and all the other people too. it was getting great locks because the trucks are coming up and people were trying to get out. it was pretty crazy. >> it was challenging. i think we witnessed multiple people hitting multiple cars that were trying to get out the way. it was a chaotic event. >> reporter: and even to learn from says that she. time to sign-up for county alerts, plan ahead. >> i think the fear level is here and education level is here. our job is to bridge the gap.>> reporter: the neighbor nears the fire shot this video from his driveway. to squeeze appear. >> i was trying to spray the trees because there were emberse
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i told him i'm sorry for what happened and what he was going through and he felt sorry for the threat he posed to the neighborhood. he said he was worried it was spread.>> reporter: everyone was worried. what happened in other communities, other counties always fresh. >> we can put the metric high school. that will be the predetermined evacuation center.>> reporter: why been ready is so important for first responders and the people they might need to say. >> at this fire would've occurred in october with a little bit of wind, the results would've been different. we don't want to be one of those that look back and says i wish we would have.>> reporter: a look down from a drone operated by a 14-year-old neighborhood toy. something that helps with the containment was the homeowner the dry grass in the front and back of his property recently. the cause of the fire is undetermined but suspected to be electrical. reporting live in fairfax, debora villalon , ktvu fox 2 news. down to the crisis at the border . teaching concerning
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people seeking asylum. the trump administration announced that migrants coming to mexico must first seek asylum there. kimberly join is now with the latest effort to reduce the number of people from central america arriving at the u.s. border. >> reporter: the u.s. attorney general says the united states is a generous country but is being overwhelmed by the thousands of migrants at the southern border. detention facilities are dangerously crowded but many migrants say they are to school scared to stay in their own country.>> reporter: president trump's new plan would make migrants who pass through the united states/mexico border and eligible for asylum. this is a reversal of decades of u.s. policy. is set to go into effect on tuesday. >> this is a shocking development but it is not recently. >> reporter: monica farmer is executive director of lawyers committee for civil rights, a nonprofit that provides legal help immigrants and asylum
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sickles. >> we can just arbitrarily say that you have to go into another country and seek asylum and be denied before you can come and apply for asylum in the united states. we simply cannot do that. >> reporter: the aclu says the new role is unlawful and they plan to sue. it will impact migrants from countries such as honduras, guatemala and el salvador. if they arrived i land you have to apply for asylum in mexico instead. >> this is one to send a clear message to people considering coming up illegally to this country to overwhelm our borders with the hope they will get by the first hurdle and then disappear into our interior. >> reporter: in san francisco's mission neighborhood, immigrants we spoke with said the new policy is unfair and inhumane. >> there is a lot of crime, problems in our countries.
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a lot of bad situations. >> reporter: this man works at a grocery store in the mission. he says he is a u.s. citizen but originally came here from palestine illegally because of what he described as terrible conditions in his home country. he says many asylum-seekers come to the u.s. to escape unsafe conditions and poverty, and search of a better life for their family. >> they risk their families to come here and they don't do it just for fun. they want to work.>> reporter: in a letter to democratic colleagues, house speaker nancy pelosi wrote, this cruel and anti-immigrant administration is overreaching and stacking the deck against asylum-seekers by limiting their rights to due process under our laws. >> is being fraudulently abused right now and is part of what is cross the crisis at the border. stroke their limited exceptiots denied asylum in another country and victims of what is considered severe forms of trafficking. amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news.
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the house of representatives is considering a vote tomorrow to formally condemn president trump after a series of racially charged tweets targeting for congress woman of color. credit for residents alexandria ocasio-cortez, ilhan omar , dustin johnson to and ayanna pressley responded to the tweets today in a press conference. they say the tweets from the president are the latest example of the bicep rhetoric coming from the white house. >> if you are not happy here, you can leave. >> sadly this is not the first nor will it be the last that we are discussing bigoted language from the president. >> one of the four congresswomen, ayanna pressley of massachusetts said the presidents twitter attae designed to distract from that so-called callous, chaotic cu robberies and theft caught ng up, we show the video of the crooks in action. is
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significant warm up today. you noticed it in the north bay. what is happening in the next couple of days? we will have the forecast in the five day after the break. powerful and dangerous explosion rocked the neighborhood. how witnesses described what happened. it's no ordinary day for our family at denny's.
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it's crepe day. a family tradition we started about 22 minutes ago and now we can continue that tradition at home with denny's delivery. see you at denny's or
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a large explosion in southern california killed a utility worker who showed up at a home to investigate the smell of gas. the explosion happened just after noon in murietta and riverside county. the southern california gas company says it appears a contract who is doing work on the property damaged a natural gas line. 15 people were injured and taken to the hospital including three firefighters. >> i heard the loudest boom i have ever heard. i first thought was earthquake but it only lasted the second. it was like allow boom that shook my house, rattled my house. >> the gas company says disciplinary investigation shows the contractor did not file a request to have the gas lines marked as required by law. new at 10:00, stolen in under three minutes. thieves get into a landscapers unguarded trailers stilling all his equipment. >> the landscaper was on the
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job at the time. this pickup and told trailer parked in the driveway of a customers home on tenant avenue in south san jose. azenith smith is there tonight with surveillance video of the suspects taking all of the items.>> reporter: security cameras were installed three days prior to the crime and captured the thieves in action. the trailer was looted, parked right in his clients driveway as they slipped into the backyard for a few minutes. >> reporter: the 56-year-old gardener equipped with an old lawnmower. most of his tools heavy and old with the exception of a just purchased blower after burglars ransacked his trailer last tuesday at 9 a.m. he immigrated from vietnam in 1990 with nothing, started a in years ago. all his tools gone in minutes. >> only two, three, four minutes. >> reporter: home surveillance video captured the brazen theft.
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you can see have edging the clients home and he walked into the backyard. 30 seconds later a white truck drives by and makes a u-turn. two men get out and open the trailer. one heads to the front of the truck and then goes to the backhauling equipment away. to edge tremors, blower and lawnmower. as they drive off, he comes chasing after them. >> i am very sad. >> reporter: he didn't lock his trailer thinking he would be gone just a few minutes. he estimates the loss of $2500 a year. >> they are his livelihood. that is all he knows. if he can have his equipment, i don't know what you would do. >> reporter: his family described him as hard-working and honest. >> his equipment is everything and without it you would be able to pay for gas to get to and from or be able to put food on the table for him and my
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mom. >> reporter: they see it as a crime of opportunity and to suspect that these work in the neighborhood. neighbors are surprised. >> i guess i am but in today's climate people take advantage. >> reporter: he now change down his equipment and locks his trailer every time. his family is competent someone will recognize the crop is and they will get caught. >> my dad worked hard for the equipment. it's not like someone just put it on his lap.>> reporter: he says he has had his equipment stolen before but not to this extent. his family is thankful nothing worse happened. of go fund me has 2 news. 3.5 magnitude earthquake shook the south bay this afternoon. the usgs says it happened at 1:45 with the epicenter about 10 miles north of morgan hill along the calaveras falls.
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many people in the san jose area reported feeling the quite there been no reports of any damage. the good old days returning to yosemite national park following the settlement of a long-running lawsuit over naming rights. several yosemite landmarks had to be renamed in 2000 after the park service award of its concession contract to a new operator. the owner operator sued sing it owned name. a $12 million settlement reached today will allow yosemite to restore the historic names. you want a hotel will be the one he again after being the majestic yosemite hotel for the past few years. curry village, the wawona hotel and other properties will also revert to the original names. we are checking in temperatures for today. 95 santa rosa, 94 fairfield, 93 antioch. warmer by 5 to 10 degrees. tomorrow it is going to be just like this. a significant increase in temperatures today but tomorrow will follow suit with what we
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had today is first temperatures and cloud cover. the fog got pulled away from the coast because of strong wind. we had wind gusts at sfo at 45 miles per hour. it ripped up the fog but now you can see the fog is back along the coast. it will be there tomorrow morning and temperatures have cooled accordingly. the greens represent the robust seabreeze that is out there. 70 in fairfield, 67 san jose. it is much cooler along the coast. there is the fog. it is a little shallow. it appears more shallow than it is it is right at the base. it is a little deeper than that . this probably 1300 feet deep. there is of the fog moving back in the bay in san francisco tonight. tomorrow will be a beautiful day about the same as today. then we start to call out. details on the rest of the week after the break. the town of paradise is
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growing again with the first time to be rebuilt following last year's massive fire. today the town issued their first certificate of occupancy for a rebuilt home to the sinclair family. they lost everything during the camp fire. their home was among one of the nearly 19,000 structures destroyed including 11,000 homes in paradise. since then paradise has lost more than 90% of the population. town officials are hoping people come back. they also say they have hired more staff to help with permit applications for new homes. ahead at 10:30, sentencing day for a minute killer. >> we don't have them but we hate what you did. >> the sentence he got for killing a young couple sleeping on a beach 15 years ago. coast guard crew behind this open water takedown arrive home in alameda. the impact of their three-month mission at sea on the war on drugs.
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take your business beyond. the safeway in rohnert park this closed after fire caused extensive damage. starting around 11:20 this morning the intersection of rohnert park expressway and commerce boulevard near a store
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room. employees and customers quickly. no injuries were reported. the smoke was so thick that firefighters had to cut a hole in the roof to ventilate the building. firefighters believe it was sparked by a faulty generator or water boiler. authorities say the store will be closed indefinitely. in the south, a bicyclist is dead and the second is hospitalized tonight in critical condition after they were hit by an suv. it happened around 7:45 this morning your the corner of west capitol expressway and vista park drive in san jose. san jose police a woman was exiting the parking lot and making a right turn onto vista park when she had two men riding bicycles. one of those men died at the hospital.'s name still has not been released. the other man is being truly life-threatening injuries. th san jose's third deadly accident involving a cyclist in the past two months. >> i guess some side of the signal, hand signal, voice signal, my bell and i stop. i
10:26 pm
don't get going. >> i have lived here for 20 years. it is unsafe. it is unsafe for me even though i can be on that highway to make a left-hand turn. >> police say the driver is cooperating with the investigation dirt and that drugs and alcohol do not appear to be a factor in the crash. the coast guard cutter monroe is back in alameda after a three-month mission to stop drug traffickers in the pacific. friends and families greeted the 140 person crew as they returned to alameda this morning. crew members said the work was often dangerous. videos from one operation shows officers jumping onto him moving submersible off the coast of south america. they say there were five drug runners inside more than 800 kilos of cocaine. >> we get after what we can and we take down what we can with new ships we have here. we have two more of these
10:27 pm
coming down the road. we are taking them down at a higher clip than we were in the past. >> into other cutters have done 14 drug running vessels. they have seized $570 million in illegal drugs. coming up, a request for pricing police equipment denied. at 10:45, we learned that several bay area police departments don't even check their use. the second game of the giants doubleheader tonight very different than the first. how defense and pitching dominated game to after a blowout in the opener. new at 10:00, the new trump administration role that could make getting an abortion a little tougher. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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the trump administration has implemented a new rule that will further restrict services at family planning clinics. the health and human services department is set to announce tomorrow that family planning clinics that receive government funding must immediately stop referring women for abortions. abortion-rights opponents praise the calling it a victory for quote common sense healthcare. abortion-rights supporters say the rule will disrupt basic healthcare for many low income women.
10:31 pm
planned parenthood says they plan to sue over the new role. they release the statements in court doors are still open. we will not stop fighting for all those across the country in need of a central care. the parents of a young woman murdered 15 years ago on a beach say justice has been served. today the man who admitted to shooting the young woman and her fianci was sentenced to life in prison for the killings and the murder of his own mother. andre senior reports from santa rosa where the mother of the female victim brought her daughters unused wedding dress to court. >> reporter: a wedding dress represents a happy time in the lives of families. >> the dress is empty. it represents their lives were taken, their marriage was taken.>> reporter: chris and kathy it is a reminder that her daughter lindsay never got to where it. >> our god won't let us taking. we hate what he did. >> reporter: sean admitted to shooting lindsay and her fianci as they slept on a beach in
10:32 pm
jenner in 2004. to avoid the death penalty the 40-year-old suspect pleaded no contest. while he will not be put to death he will likely die in prison for the crime and attempted bombing murder of another man that same year he says he murdered people in the 2007 killing of his brother shamus. >> how do you compare life in prison to the murder of these two innocent kids?>> reporter: the murder got a fresh look after sean gallant was questioned about his mother's murder. in his confession, he said he was drunk was scaling down a 200 foot cliff to the beach in jenna. after seeing the couple he went back up to the clip, got his rifle and went back down. he told authorities he shot ellen first in the cheek while he slept. >> it was painful. some of the details we had never heard before. that was especially alarming
10:33 pm
and hurtful. >> reporter: prosecutors say the murder of his brother shaman was just as shooting him point-blank with the ar 15. the death of a loved one is hard but was taken in such a horrible way is on another level , especially when the lives were taken just three weeks before they were to wet. >> she chose this happy beautiful flowers and the color and it was going to be a glorious day. something beautiful. >> reporter: here is the most troubling part of the murders. he said he had no motive for killing them, essentially murdering them in cold blood. he was sentenced to three consecutive life terms in prison without the possibility of parole. in santa rosa, andre senior, ktvu fox 2 news. testimony at the ghost ship warehouse trial in oakland is winding down with the last witness is expected to take a stand tomorrow morning. henry was in court today where the prosecution tried to undermine the defense case one last time before closing
10:34 pm
arguments.>> reporter: and atf agent testified about interview she conducted with this man, derek lady, a contact contractor who lived at the ghost ship. he said he heard that is breaking into an argument in the warehouse divorcing seven people dressed in dark clothing running away. the atf agent says he never mentioned any of that in his interviews with the atf. >> anything that impeaches credibility is painful for me but i don't think he was pitched adequately and i don't think in the bigger picture it is that meaningful. >> reporter: also understand was paul belson send here on the left. he testified you never heard max harris's voice on the 911 calls reporting the fires. first testified you called 911 and use the light from his phone to direct people out. dousman also testified he spoke to the red cross the day after the fire. the inspector said thatrrison i
10:35 pm
charge of the music event the night of the fire. according to the inspector, because of harris's younger age he would be able to better relate to those attending the event. family members of the toms say some defense witnesses are lying trying to protect the defendants. >> i understand the mining for their friends but willing to live over 36 dead people, innocent kids that went to an event. >> reporter: the jury will hear from to final rebuttal witnesses on tuesday and the closing arguments are set for july 29th. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. coming up, a new tool four- part writers. the new straps being added to trains and with your to secure. your forecast includes a little bit of the same and a little bit of cooler. we have details after the break. the message protesters tried to send to amazon today. it had nothing to do with prime day deals.
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today is amazon seized the opportunity to demand amazon separates connections with i.c.e.
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about two dozen people rallied outside amazon's office. they say companies contract directly with i.c.e. using amazon web services. the protesters were attempting to deliver a petition with more than 20,000 signatures urging the company to stop working with federal immigration. amazon officials neglected to take the signatures but they did response in the company wants to work on new laws clarifying how and when technology should be used. a federal judge/tens of millions of dollars from the jury award given to a santa rosa man who developed cancer after using the monsanto weedkiller called roundup. the punitive award for edwin hardeman was reduced from $75 million-$20 million. the judge that he is bound by guidelines for a 2013 supreme court decision that found punitive damages have to be in line with compensatory damages. hardeman is receiving $5 million in convincing tory damages. the judge said that $20 million in punicompany bayer
10:40 pm
is facing similar cases and plans to appeal. modest gains on wall street pushed out into record territory as investors await the next round corporate earnings reports in the coming weeks. that was up 27, the nasdaq 14 and the s&p inched up about half a point. all three on the record highs. traveling on part with a bicycle is about to get a lot easier. thick black bike straps are being added to older b.a.r.t. cars so bicycles will roll around during the train rights. they want to do this so writers don't use makeshift solutions to secure their bikes. they are similar to the overhead hand strap. extract insecurity bicycles at a time. they will also be added to the newer fleet of the future b.a.r.t. cars. up next, police bear check that officers find useful but
10:41 pm
others find threatening. despite being controversial, their use often goes unchecked. meteorologist bill martin is back with a full forecast. he will tell us whether the warm up will continue.
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10:44 pm
they are called bearcats, military style vehicles the police this they can be used to save lives. critics argue they can intimidate or even escalate the tents situation. >> bearcats cost proximally $650,000 each. oakland police commissioners voted against buying a second one. no one has been keeping tabs on how often these armored trucks are deployed. >> reporter: rolling out to protect police and s.w.a.t. officers. >> there is nothing that even measures as close as the direct immediate safety of officers. >> reporter: in dangers of threatening situations, police say the bearcat is an important safety tool. >> the bearcat is the only thing, the only vehicle we have that can stop bullets. >> reporter: despite dangerous situations, some don't like the armored vehicles rolling down there streets.
10:45 pm
>> communities like the one i served see it most often. it is black and brown communities. >> reporter: chairwoman regina jackson says this kind of military style equipment since the wrong message. >> i would like to make a motion to deny the request for a second bearcat. >> reporter: commissioners rejected the request to buy another one with state grant money thing that would rather spend it on community oriented programs. the disappointment oakland police who set the current one is 12 years old and argues its presence at sporting events and gatherings can deter active shooters or potential attacks. >> that is the only thing that is between the plush of officers and bullets from people. >> reporter: jackson says they are not always used for police protections. like last year went to for was shot from a bearcat. it was claimed police used it as a shooting platform. they claimed he walked up with a gun in his him. >> that doesn't represent safety. represents a threat to our community. >> reporter: it was personal for
10:46 pm
care anderson his brother is a police officer. she says she deeply cares about the need for balancing the police safety and the safety of the community. >> there are de-escalation tools throughout the toolkit of law enforcement. if we want to deploy this resource it is in the most extreme circumstances. >> reporter: oakland police estimate has brought out 150 times a year. commissioners wants to bring it down including how often it is used in emergencies compared to how often it is rolled out for special events. >> we have data of all deployments going back one calendar year and we can get that to you for sure.>> reporter: when we asked for the data police said it was compiled or clearly tracked. now at our request opd is gathering the information. for comparison we asked san jose police but they don't attract appointments either. san francisco pd has yet to respond to our request. alameda county has four bearcats which many were used as the urban short anti- terrorism training program.
10:47 pm
earlier this year scrutiny forced money to be shifted away, canceling the program altogether. >> it is not something that drives up and down international boulevard patrolling. >> reporter: oakland defended itself during the hearing explaining could be used to rescue the those. its presence is typically well received but when it was brought to the juneteenth festival, several dozens voice their feelings on facebook saying it had no place there. >> when i hear you saying that we deployed the bearcat and bring it to go see the boy scouts and the warriors games in those things, i think, wrong, wrong, wrong. that is not the opd image we want.>> reporter: deputy chief armstrong explains the department has strict deployment roles. >> when you deploy now you have to call the captain. these mechanisms i think put in accountability tools. >> reporter: we found that right now there is no written policy.
10:48 pm
in may bd was asked to create one. the commission also wants to see a grant proposal before police asked for any kind of military equipment. >> it really is our responsibility to identify the parameters around when it is used and ensure it is being used responsibly. that is our job, to make sure there is accountability. >> reporter: the debate over militarized tolls have been making headlines. the canceling of urban short was criticized by an alameda county grand jury saying it could leave residents unsafe. a princeton university study suggests that the militarization of police can actually hurt the reputations of officers. >> if you have a tip for 2 investigates. give us a call at 510 874-0222 or email ktvu 2 hi
10:49 pm
temperatures for today because they will be tomorrow's highs. they will be very close to what we had today. the fog is back at the coast. broke off for a time at ocean beach in separate cisco and pacifica and it is now back. the wind has backed off a bit so the fog has worked his way back to the coast. is not going to have a huge inland push tonight but it will be in safrancisco and will be out in the mission districts and parts of san raphael. current temperature is regret reflecting the strong seabreeze. this is almost magical in a way. you have the power and the live fog and it is very interesting. i guess with the same on. isn't that interesting? this is coming from twin peaks. it is a little distorted but what an interesting shop, right? it adds a different texture. if you're on the ground you are not seeing it because of fog.
10:50 pm
from here we can see it. warm conditions continue tomorrow about what today. i would almost call it hot. to go 93 to 94 degrees, that is hot. it is not unusual inland but it is pretty hot. thanks cool down as we get the thursday and friday. i will show you that in the five day. it will flatline, drop and it will have her there for the weekend. is not going to be a hot hot weekend. to get not looking at red flag warnings, air-quality issues but here is tomorrow's forecast with highs in the 91 rebecca hill, 19 in brentwood. i think everyone is under 95 tomorrow. that is the plan as the pattern devolves back into a milder pattern starting on wednesday, wednesday afternoon. we will see that in the five day. let's look at that and you will see that is when the trough top- down temperatures drop a little bit. so wednesday and thursday, friday, saturday and sunday,
10:51 pm
the top tier of numbers which can be mid-90s will be upper 80s to mid-80s, which is relatively cool. your 5-day forecast. if you work with cal fire you are good with this. we will see you at 11:00. brandon crawford in giants take vintage this afternoon. how they powered their way to a double-headed sweep against the rockies. a bait area families heartbreaking choice between keeping a loved one alive and helping to save other lives. the difficult decision involving a man who has been declared brain-dead is also an organ donor. choosing my car insurance was the easiest decision ever.
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we're talking baseball. with the giants the hits kept coming tonight. >> absolutely. the rear day night doubleheader and we see a couple of games that are different as day and night. i would going to believe in this thing or do we figured the tech giants are going to treat everyone come the deadline? it is hard to say. there are three games out in a wildcard. would start with the second game. it was quite a difference compared to the person. rodriguez getting the start. his hall of fame dad hi rodriguez will not approvingly at what transpires here. charlie blackmon with a deep right. slater has to play the
10:55 pm
ball better but he gets the break as garrett flips and it is student is a big league ballplayer. very alert to take him off the hook. here is a bat in the fourth inning. what an upgrade. this guy has been as a backup catcher. stephen doing it with a long ball and goes back. brandon crawford who had the game of his life with the opener . his third home run of the day. 2-0 and 2-1 final. it is good to see those guys smiling again. five run first inning in the opener and brandon cropper had something to do with it. he goes opposite filled with three one-shot. he had five hits and eight rbis in the first game alone. the beat goes on. they are going to start calling him gas.
10:56 pm
he has a two-run double and scored a hit. three rbis. the giants blow this thing wide open in the early going it was never contest. buster posey hesitantly found his stroke as well. he hits one long gun. to run shot and it is suspect of the year. the giants but that is not a misprint 19-2 sweeping the doubleheader from the rockies. three games out ever wildcard. one month ago or so the way the a's and giants were playing, you are hoping football season hurry up so we didn't have to talk about those guys. the 49ers in the news today. have put a premium on special teams and laid out money for the foot robert gold as the 36 year old has been about as perfect as you can ask a placekicker to be. they reward him with a four- year deal of $19 million, $10.5 million of that is guaranteed for the first two years.
10:57 pm
when i said just about perfect, how about 72 out of 75 in made by him in his first two years with the 49ers. they are paying on him to continue that trend. golden state warriors always have to be in the news. bomb monitored bob meyer, general manager talking and one of the biggest topics the picking of kevin durant and russell. he was an all-star last year. 21 points game, seven assists. everyone says that basically they brought them here because he is of value as a trade piece. not so right now says bob myers. >> we did not sign with the attention of training him. we have not even seen him play in our uniform and people already have is trading him. that is not how we are viewing it. so much of our sport at least and maybe other sports is what are you doing next? we are trying to figure out are that applies to a guy like
10:58 pm
d'angelo. >> it is all about the now in the nba. in case you missed it over the weekend, you have been following the bottlecap challenge? how about read with the buffalo bills taking it to a new level. not just one bottle, he nailed them both. in case you missed it, at universal studios, that is anthony davis, the newest lake are showing off his long distance shot. he probably won his wife a teddy bear along the way. keeping with the basketball thing, this is the atlanta hawks trey young at a summer camp >> i always get a kick out of this one i watch them here bullying these kids in a friendly manner. he did travel by the way as he makes his way to the bucket. a smile along the way. this is plain weird. this is the jersey devil's mascot at a kids party. apparently he is not aware of
10:59 pm
the fact there was a window there. look at the different angle. check in case you missed it, tonight at yankee stadium down to the last strike, travis with a three run homer off at chapman with two outs and the tampa rays beat the yankees 5ã 4. back to the giants rockies doubleheader. had to bring in mark reynolds. buster posey with a 65 mile per hour, i was going to say fast ball but i don't know. if you read his lips he says, it still hurts, you know. >> at least he is smiling. game for the giants. two of them in fact. that is the sporting life. it is 11:00 and time for more news. the robinson r44 is the gold standard when it comes to flight . >> helicopter crashes killing a flight instructor.
11:00 pm
investigators are underway to help figure out what went wrong. the 11:00 news on ktvu fox 2 news starts now. the flight instructor was giving a lesson when the chopper went down. hello, everyone. >> the students to ride but was injured and taken to the hospital. hayward executive airport is located west of 880 and north of 92. we get live coverage from jana katsuyama. she has confirmed the identity of the flight instructor who died. >> reporter: the coroner's office tells me tonight that the instructor was 62-year-old wayne prodger . he lived in sunnyvale but worked here the hayward airport in the building behind me. he was the owner of the vertical cfi helicopters flight school . many people say here that he was well known. friends say he was a loving father and husband who enjoy traveling, motorcycles and client. >> reporter:


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