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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  July 15, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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investigators are underway to help figure out what went wrong. the 11:00 news on ktvu fox 2 news starts now. the flight instructor was giving a lesson when the chopper went down. hello, everyone. >> the students to ride but was injured and taken to the hospital. hayward executive airport is located west of 880 and north of 92. we get live coverage from jana katsuyama. she has confirmed the identity of the flight instructor who died. >> reporter: the coroner's office tells me tonight that the instructor was 62-year-old wayne prodger . he lived in sunnyvale but worked here the hayward airport in the building behind me. he was the owner of the vertical cfi helicopters flight school . many people say here that he was well known. friends say he was a loving father and husband who enjoy traveling, motorcycles and client. >> reporter: the call about the
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helicopter crash about 2:30 monday afternoon brought he would fire and police vehicles rushing to the hayward airport. >> it was a helicopter, a robinson r44 four seat helicopter that crashed at the airport. the were two people on board. it was in instructional flight. a flight structure and his student. >> reporter: the airport manager says the student walked away from the wreckage and was rushed by ambulance to eden medical center. the instructor did not survive. the alameda county coroner identified the instructor as wayne prodger , a 62-year-old man from sunnyvale seen here from photos from his facebook page. friends say he was well known from the airport and described him as a loving caring husband and father of three who love to because we see each other every day.>> reporter: he said you'd seen him just before the crash. wayne prodger was the owner chief quite instructor of vertical cfi helicopters flight school . his office was just
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down the hall from pacific helicopters which have long- term the robinson r44 for the lesson. all of them part of a close hayward community where everyone knows each other. >> we do something for christmas and summer barbecue we all get together. i am hoping and praying for the family. he was a very cool guy.>> reporter: the airport was briefly shut down. the faa arrived to help with the investigation. flights were eventually allowed to use the two runways, rerouted around the crash site on the taxiway. the airport manager says it appears the helicopter was practicing hovering maneuvers but it is not clear who was operating it is before it crashed. >> there are two sets of controls. they have a center instrument panel that both pilots can see and to set up flight controls on either side. >> reporter: the airport
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manager also said that before the crash the instructor and student were in contact with the air traffic control tower but had not indicated there were any emergencies. the crash scene is being secured and guarded until the ntsb investigator arrives. they are expected to come about 8:00 tomorrow morning. as for condition and the identity of the student, is not yet been released. reporting live from the hayward airport tonight, jana katsuyama, ktvu fox 2 news. a fast-moving grass fire burned 47 acres and destroyed two structures in the foothills above east san jose. began around 11 this morning at the bottom of a steep hill in the evergreen neighborhood. the flames destroyed a mobile home and a small cottage and killed a pet dog. homes in a nearby subdivision were evacuated as fire crews work to contain the fire. further south, fire destroyed structures in san martin. flames broke out about lunchtime at center in masten avenue. cal fi says crews had the fire under control about six hours later. the flames burned a total of five acres. a safeway in rohnert park is
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closed after fire caused extensive damage to the building. is started at 11:20 this morning in a storeroom at the store near rohnert park expressway and commerce boulevard. employees and customers got a quick and no injuries were. smoke from the fire was so that firefighters had to cut a hole in the roof to ventilate the building. firefighters believe the fire was sparked by a faulty generator or water boiler. the say the store will be closed indefinitely. a two alarm fire in marin county overnight might have taken out a whole neighborhood except for the lack of wind. debora's live in fairfax with wide account to fire chief calls this a close one.>> reporter: julie, the fire about 11:00 last night destroyed the house and spread intcaught on helmets camera.>> reporter: rag
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the home was already a loss in the two men who live here are safe. the priority was halting the spread. >> the fire stopped. >> reporter: only a few hundred feet into open space. sing and and some of us just a few miles beyond. the neighborhood below crest road is home to thousands of people. the chief encounters some of them on his way to the fire. >> many were either packing their cars or just fearful of what was going to occur. >> reporter: alerts went out but no evacuations ordered. people fled anyway. >> i think next time going on foot might be the better choice. this neighbor describes the scene on road to their . at smoke, fire engines and.. >> we were driving down the hill in panic and all the other people too. was getting gridlock because the trucks were trying to come up. >> it was challenging. i think they witnessed people hitting multiple cards as they were trying to get out the way.
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>> reporter: it was an event to learn from says the chief in time to certain sign-up county alerts, plan ahead and harden your property. >> the fear level is here and the education level is here. our job is to bridge the gap. >> reporter: the neighbor nears the fire shot this audio in his driveway amazed at how it doesn't fire engines minutes to squeeze a peer. we spoke to the burned out homeowner briefly. >> i went over there to tell him i'm sorry for what happened and what he was going through and he felt sorry for the threat he posed to the neighborhood. he says he was worried it was spread.>> reporter: everyone was worried. what happened in other communities, other counties always fresh. this is why being ready is so important for first responders and the people they might need to say. b we don't be one of the 12 looks : this view s i wish we would comes from a 14-year-old neighborhood which included drone over the fire. the cause of the fire appears
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to be accidental, possibly a curtain in contact with a lamp. had this happened in october, with some wind on it, the chief has no doubt the outcome would've been much different. reporting live in fairfax, , ktvu fox 2 news . a petition was killed today on the tracks of the smart train in sonoma county. it happened just after 4:00 this afternoon in rohnert park north of the gulf club drive rail crossing. the incident caused disruptions in smart train service in the area while investigators were processing the scene. the pedestrian is the fifth person to die on smart train tracks in the last three weeks. two of those debts were ruled to be suicide. this comes as new pedestrian safety gates being installed at crossings in an effort to increase the awareness of pedestrians and bike riders who
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are approaching the tracks. a large exposure in southern california killed a utility worker who showed up at her home to investigate the smell of gas. that last occurred just before noon today in murrieta in riverside county. southern california gas company says it appears the contractor who is doing work on the property damaged the natural gas line. >> heard the loudest boom i have ever heard. i first thought earthquake but it only lasted a second. was like a loud boom and shook my house, it rattled my house. >> in addition to the worker who was killed, 15 others were injured and taken to the hospital. you tonight, home surveillance video captured the theft of $2500 worth of landscaping equipment stolen from the back of the truck of the san jose gartner. it happened last tuesday.n tena san jose and left it unlocked for short time while he went to the backyard. burglars saw his tool trailer and ransacked it, getting away with his leaf blower lawnmower, we lower and other tools all in a matter of minutes.
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as they drive off, he is seen walking out and starting to chase after them. >> my brain is shocked. >> his equipment is everything. without it you will be able to pay for gas to get to and from or be able to put food on the table for him and my mom. >> his family is thankful nothing worse happened. a go fund me has been established to help them pay for new landscaping cure. police in novato in marin county are searching for a man who robbed a woman at gunpoint this morning. investigators say she was sitting in her car behind a business on first street and grand avenue when the robber opened the passenger door and pointed a handgun. is a he to o blue volkswagen te one. oakland police are looking for at risk woman who hasn't been seen in more than one week. 71-year-old:polk was last seen july 6 at her home was 64th avenue near alcatraz avenue. be
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pressure and other medical conditions. she is described as five feet four, 145 pounds. anyone with any information on this case is asked to contact the police. the family of a man who has been declared rain that is hoping for a miracle recovery. they don't want his organs donated just yet. rob roth tells us that the east bay father of two had signed up to be an organ donor and doctors are ready to fulfill the alleged. >> reporter: these are some of the people who loved anthony millet hold the most. his 11-year-old son, father and why. there are grief stricken and frustrated. >> i guess my first motion would be devastated and shocked.>> reporter: doctors at delta-sutter hospital center hospital in antioch have declared him bring dead after he lost consciousness during a severe asthma attack one week ago sunday. ther of two was just 30 years old.
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>> he is such a loving person and so contagious with his laugh and happiness. he just brings joy to everyone he touches. anthony vallejo had agreed to be an organ donor and dock there's already to harvest his vital parts. his family says his heart is still beating and they want six more days to see if somehow you can come back. >> i believe in god and i believe in miracles. i think prepare he can hear him heal my son. >> you are 30 years old and you go to the dmv and expect to be a donor, you expect at the end of the life your family will have the ultimate set say. >> reporter: families do not have ultimate say. >> a legal commitment from that person like an advanced directive. it is what they wanted as an or recover organization to facilitate that. >> reporter: donor request in san ramon will not discuss the specific case but did talk about the process. they said if two doctors declare a registered donor bring dead are considered it regardless apart right heartbeat
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and there is a window to remove the organs. >> you have to move quickly. the body temperature is everywhere, blood sugar goes up and down. >> reporter: the family says what is surprising and devastating is how little say they have over the process and they want other families to realize that too. >> i believe in organ donation. i want to donate my ordinance but i want my family to give me my fighting chance if i can't speak for myself first. >> reporter: his family is scheduled to meet with doctors on tuesday to discuss what happens next. they are hoping for a miracle and perhaps the estimated 10,000 people in north carolina california waiting to receive transplants are hoping for america too. rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. the presidents tweets have democrats and some republicans calling his language racist. i and lauren blanchard in
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washington withheld the congresswomen the president targeted are responding. that is next. , amanda sentence for killing a young couple on a beach in sonoma county. why an unwanted wedding dress was brought to the courthouse today. we are tracking the warmer weather we experience today into tomorrow and we will see a cooldown after that details on the forecast right after the break.
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the man who admitted to killing a young couple on the beach in jenner 15 years ago has been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. today a judge sentence 40 year old shawn gallon to three life terms without parole after hearing in emotional statements from the victim's family. he shot and killed two engaged camp counselors, lindsay cutshall and jason allen. they were in their sleeping bags on a beach in jenner in 2004. parents were in court today. her mother brought her daughters unused wedding dress. >> this dress is empty.
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it represents their lives were taken, their marriage were taken, our children were taken. it shows what he did. >> shawn gallon lessons for killing his own brother. in 2017, prosecutors say he shot and killed his brother shamus with a homemade rifle. to avoid the death penalty for all through killings, he pleaded no contest. the white house announced a new immigration policy today that will effectively make it impossible for many migrants arriving at the southern border to seek asylum. in a reversal of decades-old policy, the administration now says migrants who pass through another country first must seek asylum there. otherwise they will be ineligible for asylumu.s. the issued by homeland security and apartment of justice is targeting migrants from central america including honduras, guatemala and el salvador. >> this is going to send a
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clear message to people continued considering coming illegally to this country to overwhelm our borders with the hope it will get by that first hurdle and then disappear into our interior. >> this is the shocking develop it but but is not totally out of the room with what has been happening recently. >> there are some exceptions. immigrants who applied were denied asylum in another country and victims of severe forms of trafficking. the change takes effect tomorrow. the aclu said today that the new rule cannot be more inconsistent with domestic laws or international laws. the civil rights group says it will file a lawsuit to stop it. the house of representatives a set tomorrow to formally condemn president trump for his racially charged tweets targeting for congresswomen of color. lauren blanchard tells us of the for direct countries and in a joint news conference. >> reporter: the for
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congresswomen now dubbed the squad speaking out against president trump after he tweeted the women, all of color, should go back to their broken and crime infested countries. >> our squad is big. >> he does not know how to just his policies. what he does is attack us personally.>> reporter: congresswoman ayanna pressley, dustin johnson two and ilhan omar singled out by the president. many are calling the presidents language racist. president trump showing no sign of backing away from the tweet. >> if you are not happy here, you can leave. >> reporter: lashing out again on twitter quote if you are not happy here you can leave. it is your choice and your choice alone. this is about love for americar crime, human trafficking and much more. the congresswomen say the tweets were meant to be a distraction from the ongoing
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situation at the border. >> this is simply a disruption and a distraction from the callous, chaotic and corrupt culture of this administration all the way down. we remain focused on holding him accountable to the laws of this land and to the american people >> it doesn't concern me because many people agree with me. >> reporter: the progressive congresswomen re-upped their call for impeachment, something democratic house leadership has so far stayed away from. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. as we head towards tomorrow it is going to be like today. it was warmer today than yesterday and tomorrow will be like today. low 90s and temperatures around the base 70s and 80s. it is going to be a nice day. the fog will be back at the coast but doesn't have a big push. it will get in and maybe get
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here and here but i don't suspect we will see a t in the livermore valley, fairfield or concord. we will see around the bay and san francisco. we do have fog moving in right now. i thought this was a pretty shot. did you see this, julie. it is the cell sports tower. for our viewing pleasure. they run some kind of art to the tower but with that cloud deck it is stunning with the lights in the background. can't really say anything too bad about that. as you go out tomorrow and prepare for the warmth. it cools off mainly on thursday, friday, saturday. it is not a big cool down. ings coast. there is some clearing. the oranges and reds are 80s and 90s. come westward a little bit and that is as far west as they're
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going to go. this put it will work for wednesday and that everything will shift east. lower temperatures in cooler colors will move eastward meeting a cooling trend for the inland the valleys. so tomorrow we are at 91, 92. almost 90 in livermore, 90 -- 88 degrees for pleasanton. if i say it is 88 degrees is going to be 93 and a concreted zone. 66 in cisco tomorrow. the real story here is kind of warm, not really hot and the cool down which comes thursday, friday and saturday. relation be much of an impact. it is typical bay area weather but a little cooler for the weekend. coming up in sports, the giants doubleheader with two very different stories. we will tell you who dominated game to after an incredible blow out in the open.
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remember when we were kids and they had doubleheaders all the time? thup for a rain out.
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i think it was early in the season with a wet without winning two games. this is a new team and all of a sudden they are re-exhilarated and they have won nine of the last 11. it is derek rodriguez and denied from his hall of fame pop in the stand, pudge rodriguez. early on to get some defensive help. it goes just later battling misplaces the fly ball. they are sending garrett hansen who falls. it gets thrown to third and pablo with nice tech and they avert a problem. scoreless fourth inning and here is steve boat again with some bad and he deposits one over and out. the giants take 1- 0 lead. they go back to back and renting crawford having his best game of the year my best day of the year all things considered. he deposits one himself. 2-0. brandon smiling again and it all started with brandon crawford in the first inning of the first in. five runs by the giants and
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three stepped up right here as crawford goes the opposite way. he adds two homers and eight rbis in game one. mike contribute is with probably his best game in the majorly. for hits, three rbis. this is two-run double:7 run third inning for the giants. they did go one week effect without scoring seven runs earlier this year. picking it up with the bat is buster trying to regain his stroke. it looks like you may have done it. he goes deep and the giants have 19 runs and they sweet. they are only three games out of the second wildcard position. i don't know if they're going to trade people or hang on and go for it. the 49ers are going for counting on that one third of the game special-teams to do them right. they are putting out big money to try to do it. robbie is about as good as you get is a four year deal worth
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$19 millio two years. that is almost unheard of for a placekicker. he has nailed 72 out of 75 in his two years with the 49ers. that does not come along very often. hopefully he can keep that up. in case you missed it, you have to see this before the dinky game. donnis picking up a baseball bat for a little prep this off the tee with some dinghies. in case you missed it. this was his second shot at it. i think he would pick that up pretty quick. good skills with the coordination. is the sporting life. >> see you later. that night. >> night. right now, earn 60,000 bonus miles
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