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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  July 16, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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they're getting a decent s brin meteorologist bill martin for a weather? is that wind eing or the smoke? it is. that's the piece of weather ere it's gusting up to 25 miles per hour and you can see the smoke blog. temperatures generally in the low to mid-80s i.'s similar to the fire yesterday. we got a little bit of wind with it. the other environmental condition, the temperatures and humidity is not that critical. it could be way worse. the wind is always a problem and that took it to get as large as it got. >> we can see how close it is to the roadway there and the picture we had showing how smoky it was at the height of the fire. again, when you see the live pictures from sky fox, it looks pretty much they have the
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fire under control. you can almost see it. this so often the case. we're speculating of course but it looks like it came across the dry brush on the highway. >> we do have tom on the scene and we're going to hear from him coming up in a little bit. he's gathering information and as soon as he's ready to go we'll bring him in. two alarm grass fire in pacheco. it has slowed traffic but it has also burned several storage unit that is you can see in the center of the picture. >> four small earthquakes ateded the area this afternoon. one was east of blackhawk and some felt it here in oakland as well as stockton, livermore, san mateo and san francisco. a second quake, 3.5, reported
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13 minutes later and two more measured 2.2 and 1.5. fire department say there is is no word of damage or injuries from the small quakes. the usgs says this the a good time to think about getting ready for a major earthquake with a quake kit and a plan for your family. >> federal investigators arrived in hayward today trying to figure out why a helicopter crashed killing the veteran pilot and injuring student. rob roth is in hayward and he talked to the ntsb and to some who knew the pilot. >> reporter: yeah, frank, it's a sad day here. you can see behind me authorities are removing the wrecked helicopter from the field where it crashed yesterday. they've been at this for about an hour. the ntsb will have it taken to
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a secure location for further analysis. investigators the national transportation safety board arriveed today and began looking into yesterday's helicopter crash that kill add pilot and left the student pilot injured. the ntsb says it's too soon to know why the helicopter crashed monday. the accident killed a well known and well respected flight trainer here. this helicopter mechanic trained the with roger earlier this year. >> he was a great person and very knowledgeable. help had a passion for what he did. >> reporter: this is training video taken last year. the helicopter has the same tail number as the one that crashed on monday. those we spoke with say he was a great instructor and a great guy. >> he loved aviation, loved teach, loved motorcycles. great place to fly and ride a
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motorcycle and you couldn't get through a conversation without hearing about his grandkids as well. >> great teacher. he'd see you down and provide you all the information you needed and he'd walk you through it. are the ntsb says there was no distress call. r-- prodger and hissen student were practicing a familiar exercise. we ear back live where authorities are trying to take the helicopter away. they'll take to it a hangar nearby to inspect it further. the ntsb is expected to release a preliminary report in about two weeks and they're asking if there were any witnesses that saw the crash to
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please come forward. >> rob, thank you. >> pg&e found nearly ten thousand issues with its power equipment and some of problems need immediate attention. tom has more now on the results of recent inspections released on pg&e's website. >> reporter: pg&e posted a lot of information city by city, county by county about the ongoing special inspection and repair program taken since the deadly paradise camp fire. it covers the condition of the steel transmissions and lines that bring the pow ferrotramviaria the power plants. second, the substations. they receive all of the power and redistribute it. third, the distribution line that is carry pow tore its final destination, your home, business or other users. pg&e's website says all of the most critical must fix immediately work discovered over months of inspections has
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already been done. the other category, work which must be fully corrected within three months of discovered, ranges from completely done to be only 20% done as in san leandro and fairfield. pg&e issued this statement. throughout the inspection process pg&e has been i dressing and repairing condition that is posed immediate safety risings while completing other high priority compares. repairs for all other conditions are scheduled to be completed as part of pg&e's work execution plan. consumer advocates don't see it that way. it's very hard to trust anything that pg&e says. pg&e said we learned oduro lesson after the explosion in 2010. after the butte fire we learned hour lesson, safety is first. 2017 fires the same, 2018 fires the same and here in 2019 we're
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hearing the same refrain. >> reporter: another problem, this list is a month and a half old. no word on when the repairs will be completed or precisely where the repairs are located so neighbors can keep an eye out. all told, piaget peers to have 601 more of the most important repairs still on the book, the books the public can see. >> a man accused of raping four women while posing as a ride share driver was back in court today in san francisco. cameras were not allowed in court. the attorney claims police illegally obtained his dna by testing him for drunk drive- bying last july even taupe they didn't think he was intoxicated. yesterday prosecutors called witnesses to the stand to support their case that police lawfully obtained the dna and with it were able to link him
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to the rapes. >> house of representatives voted late today to condemn president trump's tweet which said four minority congress women should go back to their country. >> the comments from the white house are disgraceful and disgusting and the comments are racist. there have no excuse for any response to those words but a swift and strong unified condemn nation. >> the measure passed nearly along party lines be only four republicans supporting it. earlier in the day president trump was unapologetic about his statement. avi a list of things here said by the congress women that is so bad, so horrible, that i almost don't want to read it. >> all of the congress women who president trump was referring to in his tweet are american and are all but one was born in the united states or u.s. territory. coming up on ktvu fox news at
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6:00, we'll show you how pelosi's speech today caused the vote to be delayed. the u.s. justice department say they're not going to pursue federal charges against a new york city police officer for the death of eric garner. a video showed garner being arrested. he was 43 years old and suspected of selling untaxed cigarettes. one officer use add chokehold that the coroner ruled caused his death. garner saying i can't breathe became a rallying cry. >> five years ago my son said i can't breathe 11 times. and today we can't breathe because they have let us down. >> federal prosecutors in new york say u.s. attorney general william barr made the final decision in the case. barr found there was
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insufficient evidence to try the arresting officer on federal civil rights charges. what's going through your minds when you see a gunpointing at you? >> scared like it scared me. >> robbed at gunpoint in the middle of the afternoon right outside his house and it was all caught on home surveillance. coming up at 5:30, where the witness says he recognized the suspect from. we'll tell you about plans to transform this parking lot for those living in their vehicles. >> it's been 50 years since the u.s. since astronauts to the moon. coming up, the hornet played a key role in the apollo mission and we'll go there live. we're looking at the weather. it's chilling off and we'll notice a cool down by the end of the week. the five-day forecast coming up. right now, earn 60,000 bonus miles
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. back now to our breaking news in contra kosta county where a grass fire spread to a storage facility. these are live pictures from sky fox over the scene. you can see it appear that is they pretty much have the fire out. >> tom bay car just arrived at the scene. tom, it appears they knocked down the fire in a timely manner. >> reporter: that's simply because we're in a highly populated area. would've been a different story if it happened somewhere else. the trees are blowing around. the winds out here are pretty high.
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this problem with fire is imminating from highways where someone may have thrown out a cigarette or a spark is very real as long as the winds keep up. firefighters had a primary concern and that is they knew they were rolling up on a storage area. they don't know what is in each one. perhaps someone has ammunition or firearms in there, maybe flammables in there. a lot of people use these for work. all of that was something they had to consider. they got on top of it and got it done. the problem now becomes that the people who own property inside will have to be paid for that. there is insurance and if they don't have insurance they'll have a real problem. that's another issue that comes up in this. the most important issue being that as the wind continue toss employee the idea of the cigarette or a spark can't do damage is nonsense. the truth is this thing out here is over at this point but
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it's a potential everywhere else. >> tom, thank you. >> san francisco's homeless population is gregorius. officials say people live ng cars and recreational vehicles are the fastest growing population in the city. now they may have a permanent home to park their vehicles. christian is live now at the balboa bart station where there are plans to use a parking lot to help the homeless. >> reporter: we're next to the balboa bart station. right now the city is using this parking lot as a parking lot for the ssmta workers but they're looking to transforming the parking lot into a triage area. for some in san francisco this is the only home they have. a recent count found people live ng their vehicles is the
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fastest growing population of homeless. now some city leaders are looking at this parking lot as a first step in getting more secure housing for those live ng vehicles. >> we've seen a dramatic increase in those living on the streets. this is a way to step up, show compassion and take a positive step in the right direction. >> reporter: this parking lot is slated to be turned into 138 units of affordable housing n.the mean time they want to see it transform into a temporary triage center, a place for 30 cars and rv's to park, stay for 90 days or more and begin the process of getting into more permanent housing. >> it will have 24 hour security, officers for services to come on site. it will have bathroom, lighting and it will have privacy screening so not just everyone
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on display. >> we knocked on a dozen doors trying to get someone to weigh in on the new plan. neighbors say they're open to the idea oh of a centralized location to those using their vehicles for a shelter. >> i like the idea because you do see around here the rv's and people living in them. >> reporter: others say the ideas sound good but they want more details. >> bring them in one place and it can cause people walking home late at night to feel scared and not secure. they say they're going to have security. >> reporter: the supervisors are looking for community input and have a forum len more and express concerns. that is saturday at balboa high school. they hope to have some sort of legislation on the plan in
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about a week or so. >> today marks the 50 anniversary of the space mission to the moon, one of mankind's greatest scientific aachievements ever. it was the crew of the apollo 11 blasted off in florida for the first mission to the moon. they landed tornado lunar surface four days later. the uss hornet played a key role when apollo 11 returned to earth. tonight there is a special ceremony honoring those who took part. we're there to night with more, the history on board the hornet, the history of the apollo mission, just remarkable. >> reporter: frank, it's so incredible to hear that this hi area. we're actually on board the uss hornet where the 5th
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anniversary gala is getting started behind me. what's really special about the hornet is its critical and pivotal role it played in this historical moment. the uss hornet was a designated ship for the recovery mission when they blast back down into the pacific ocean after the launch of apollo 11. now we spoke with one crew member who was an officer at the time in charge of the swimmers who helped to keep the command module afloat and he was on the helicopter that carried the astronauts to the shore. we also met another crew member who was on the flight decay cysting the television crews with their equipment and he said he had the best seat on the ship for that special moment in history. >> from the time the president arrived to our last recovery of
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the aircraft that afternoon i was able to see 360-degree view of the whole recovery. >> reporter: so this is not just a gala to celebrate the 50 anniversary but a reconnection. sisco web x is going to be live streaming connecting the astronauts from apollo 11 and 9 with navy seals and crew members here on the uss hornet for a panel discussion so they can discuss that moment 50 years ago and relive that moment. that is all happening right here behind me. that is happening at 6:00 p.m.. sisco web x. that is all the excitement happening tonight. it's going to be with the satellite track trackers in australia. they'll reconnect with the
5:21 pm
astronauts and the crew members we spoke with today. >> who can forget those word, one small step for man, one giant step for mankind. it's such a treasure here in the bay area, just so full of history. one of the things i remember was the air screen. that's where they took the astronauts to be quarantined after they came back to earth. these days we know you don't need to quarantine astronaut bus back then they were not sure and they had to stay in the air stream for a couple of days. >> reporter: one gentleman that we'll talk to at 6:00 spoke about the decontamination with the astronauts once they splashed down into pacific. i want to point out the helicopter i mentioned.
5:22 pm
this is actually a real helicopter and what it looked like that was able to carry the crew from the water and up into the helicopter back on to the uss hornet for the meeting with president nixon. a lot of the history here, frank. >> we'll see you back there at 6:00. >> frank, you remember that evening? >> i do. i can remember that. >> we just got back from the lake camping. it was like 6:00 or 7:00. it was in the afternoon. we had just gotten home and it was on the grainy plague and white tv. it was amazing. >> it really was. >> it still gives me a chill. where were you? >> i was at home watch ng the kitchen on the black and wyatt tv. >> so with that said let's go to the forecast which is going to include a cool down as we get towards thursday, friday and saturday. we talked about it last night.
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the weather tomorrow will be just like today alittle warmer in some places. over all, upper 80s, low 90s. that is not a heatwave. cooler on your bay area thursday, friday and saturday. low to mid-80s. you see the wind offshore. there is a little bit of wind. we tried to scour the fog out of there. you see the clouds overhead. there is a pattern, perfect if you're cal fire. you like the higher humidities and lower temperatures. this is the time of year we can get the 105-degree weather but not today. fairfield 89, temperatures is running about the same as yesterday. livermore is 3 degrees cooler and san jose is 3 degrees warmer. the plan, tomorrow, like today, thursday, friday, saturday into your weekend it's going to be chilly. not chilly but cooler than
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you'd expect. >> bill, thank you. coming up tonight, morning commuters learn the hard way what happens when you drive solo in an hov lane. >> >>: i was trying to get to work on time. boom! there he is. >> find out how many tickets chp wrote this more than ng contra kosta county. coming up, increasing suicides on smart train tracks. >> >>: also, the battle against this a.15-pound swamp row department and we're learning how many millions of dollars the state is spending to eradicate this invasive animal.
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. the chp spent the day on the lookout for carpool violators along highway 4 and caught a number of them including one who dressed up a mannequin and put them in the front passenger seat. officers issued dozens of tickets in contra kosta county. >> a lot of traffic. >> reporter: one officer says they never know what they're going to find when they make a highway stop. it doesn't take long to spot a woman driving solo in the hov lane. she admits to watching ktvu about a crack down on cheaters.
5:28 pm
>> i was trying to get to work on time. i thought i'd cross over for a quick second and there he is. >> reporter: within minute, another driver stopped in the same area. they wrote roughly 75 violations tuesday more thanking from brentwood to concord. they're looking for speeders too. they've been catching people going more than 100 miles per hour. >> probably one of our favorite things to do is stop speeders because that impact that is specific driver, getting them off the roadway, slowing them down n.general, that's the thing that hurts people in collision, speed. we want to get the speeders off the road and get people to realize the 20 extra miles you're going over the speed limit is not working >> reporter: they say people appreciate the en forcement. >> i know i shouldn't have done that but i still did it. this is the start of more
5:29 pm
enforcement and we're trying to have a more regular impact. are officers say they've heard every execution in the book. people say they were jassidsing the lane to pass and others say they didn't know it was a carpool lane . if you get a violation citation it could cost you upwards of $500. christina rendon. >> a suspect with a gun rob add man outside of his home in hayward over the weekend right in the middle of the afternoon. justin gary talked to the victim and has surveillance video of the crime as it was happening. >> reporter: this surveillance video shows the crime in progress on a sunny saturday afternoon last week. what's going through your minds when you see a gunpointed at you? scared like >> reporter: the victim, we
5:30 pm
concealed his identity since he's fearful they could return seeking retry abuse, several cameras mounted to the exterior of his home provided multiple angles. he say he and his wife had returned and two men approached from behind, one holding gun. >> he said avi a gun here. it looked like a semi automatic gun, black color, and demanded my watch, my wallet and he tapped on my side pocket and got my cell phone. >> reporter: the two alleged thieves ran back to the corner and sped off. the victim uses his wife's cell to call 911. the victim believes he first made contact with them in the fast food restaurant because he remembers their clothing. he said the pair watched them as they ate and then followed them when they left. hayward police are
5:31 pm
investigating but did not have an officer available for an on- camera interview. the victim says the thieves stole five credit cards a and new california real id driver's license. he believes they have committed other crimes in the neighborhood. >> they could be the same guys caseing the neighborhood because they followed me and i think they know exactly where i live. >> reporter: he says he immigrated from the philippines to the u.s. 40 years ago, never imaging the land of opportunity would be a place where the elderly get robbed at gunpoint in broad daylight. >> indictments res today agains members of the ms13 gang. authorities unveil add 77 page long indictment and details 77 crimes. today they described one of the
5:32 pm
killings where the teenage victim was hack today death with machetes. >> another victim hacked to death in the mountains was a is a-year-old high school student who was lured to his death by female associates of the gang. >> the department of justice said 19 of the 22 suspects arrested are undocumented immigrant, most from central america. most all charged are under 24 years old. >> still ahead tonight, tempers flare at the ghost ship warehouse trial. many get into a heated exchange outside the courthouse. one of the witnesses talked about accusations of lying. introducing my new spicy chicken strips combo. bigger, tastier strips of juicy chicken with crunchy batter. spice them up with hot sauce or cool them down with buttermilk ranch. try my 100% all-white meat
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. . today was the final day of in the ghost ship warehouse trial and emotions ran high inside and outside the courtroom >> reporter: frank, this was the last day and one of the
5:36 pm
last witnesses called was an oakland officer. the officer's testimony fell flat and afterwards it was a heated argument. >> i hope that we can keep the community safe. >> that's why we need max harris locked up so we can have a safe community. >> reporter: tempers flare on the last day of. families of the the victims unleashing their anger on a friend of max harris. >> reporter: there was plenty of drama in court. one officer testified that almost two years before the fire he cleared out arafat the warehouse where he was told people paid $25 to get in and
5:37 pm
did drugs. >> the police. >> just a moment >> reporter: after a long delay someone opened the door and a bodycam are a captureed the scuffle. >> you're hurting me. >> so you don't care if you hurt me? >> reporter: defense attorneys accused chavez of lying. in response harris took the stand for the second time saying it wasn't him and freeze frame from the officer ons video appears to show somebody else. >> with all due respect, i don't know how to say it other than the officer looked like an idiot. >> it was a great opportunity for max to get on the stand and show the jury his soft demeanor. >> >> reporter: prosecutors believe derick almena made it up when he said the landlord's son told him to say no one
5:38 pm
lived at the warehouse. >> i said, well, sit possible it could have been verbal? yes. is it possible it could have been over the phone? yes. >> reporter: family members of the victims say the d.a's case is strong. >> they precept add case that is strong enough to be won. i just hope the jury will pay attention to all the lies told during trial. >> reporter: closing arguments begin on july 29th and could take three or four days and then the fate of the two men lies with the jury. >> looks like deliberations begin in august. >> reporter: that's right. still to come, mystery solved a.confession in the killing of an american scientist in greece. how a judge's decision today could mean r. kelly spends the rest of his life behind bars.
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. investigators in grease say a man confessed to killing and raping an american scientist. the body of suzanne eaton was found last week in a tunnel. a man who lives on the island a admitted to the crime. she was a molecular biology based in germany and attending
5:42 pm
conference on the islands. she was last scene on july 2nd going out for a jog. >> r. kelly is being held without bail tonight. his attorney failed to convince the court that he would not commit new crimes if rereesed. kelly was arrested while walking his dog last week. he is facing charges in chicago and new york. prosecutors say he would be an extreme rhys toccoa young girls and may try to flee. r. kelly has pleaded not guilty but if he's convicted he could potentially face over a hundred years in prison. >> in los angeles, the leadser of a mexican mega church is being held on $50 million bail on charges of child rape and human trafficking. the bail for garcia, the leader of the church is believed to be the highest bail ever in los angeles county a.judge says garcia is a danger
5:43 pm
to the community and a flight risk. garcia and two co dependents pled not guilty. >> protesters marched through the streets calling for the governor to resign in san juan. this comes after local media published 900 pages of offensive private text messages between the governor and his cabinet. many were using homophobic and sexist language to refer to women. two top officials have resigned. >> a former president of peru was arrested in northern california to face corruption charges back home. the u.s. marshall service arrested him and ordered him held in custody. he is accused of taking $20 million in bribes from ha
5:44 pm
brazilian construction company. officials did not reveal where he's being held. as recently as march he was live ng los altos. he was president of peru from 2001 to 2006. there is an oil tanker missing in the persian gulf. iran yan government leaders said the tanker was experiencing mechanical problems and now it's been safely towed into a port in iran to be repaired. the incident unfolded with tensions running high between the u.s. and iran after a series of dangerous encounters at sea. >> i see in the region, the fact of an escalation is dangerous for everybody. no one excluded. >> the iran the u.s. as
5:45 pm
suspicions about their explanations. >> emmy nominations are out. coming up, the show dominateing the nods even though fans slamed the show. a closing date announced. when mammoth mountain says they'll finally turn off the lifts after an epic year of snow. >> we're looking at the weather forecast and it with was nice day today but we're heading for a cooling trend. i'll see you back here with a look at the five-day forecast.
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. saster averted. that's the thought along the gulf course where barry turned out to be less destructive as expected. farther north some communitys have yet to dry out. charles watson has our report. >> reporter: affects of barry are stretching far north, the hurricane down graded to a tropical depression is impacting states like missouri and illinois, officials running their quick reaction force. >> we got on the 24 hour cycle so we have additional people here. >> reporter: the system's band of rain and thunderstorms are forecasted to impact arkansas, tennessee and kentucky. sandbags continue to line homes in parts of mississippi where folks are still -- dealing with lingering floodwaters.
5:49 pm
the water is filthy as well as dangerous. >> we have a lot of snakes and, you know, doesn't make coming outside fun. we have alligators floating around in our yard. >> reporter: mean time, here on the gulf coast, locals are in clean up mode assessing the damage caused. the storm ultimately proved to be less destructive than anticipated. >> we minimizeed the areas where the over topping would occur. >> reporter: the big concern was the mississippi river which stayed within its levees despite being higher than normal. in new orleans, charles watson. >> mammoth mountain announceed today they'll close july 278. they had more than 700 inches of snow at the summit and 500 at the main lodge this season. the resort initially hoped to
5:50 pm
stay open through the fourth of july and then said august a.recent warm-up has started melting the remaining snow too fast to make it to next month. can you believe that? >> it is fun to ski when it's not super cold out. >> yeah, right. >> when you can ski in a t- shirt -- squaw was open until the fourth of july. that's the fun part. the financial part is the watershed coming down into our reservoirs and ground water. that's huge. when you're seeing, this time the last few year there is was no snow left but we'll see it perculating out of the hills probably all summer and probably snow on the peaks when we see the snow in october. these were the highs from today. very, very, very, very similar to yesterday.
5:51 pm
not much different at all. little bit less winds today. the fog away from the coast so you saw clearing out at the beaches which is nice and enjoyable but breezy along the coast as well. the fog is coming back and we it'll be back tonight and tomorrow morning. current temperature, we talk about those and then the fog along the coast. you can see it trying to reform as we speak. it's breezy on the bay. the bay goes from blue to this sort of brown color that's the sediments getting stirred up. windy days like this you'll notice the bay not as pristine. current forecast for tomorrow then reds are 90s, orange 70s, orange 80s, yellows are 70s. is my mic okay, you guys? is. >> okay. all right, so there is the
5:52 pm
low pressure center. that is the event that is going to cool us down as we go through the middle to the end of the week. thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. cools us down to the point that you may not behaving bbq's. you can have them but you'll wear hoodies and jackets. not tomorrow. tomorrow is a duplicate of today. 90 degrees in antioch, 91 in brentwood. along the coast 80s. everything you expect for the summer month, a little cooler. that's what you want this time of year. it's nice to have the fire danger at least not extreme for a few weeks in a row. we'll see you back here at 6:00. >> bill, thank you. >> emmy nominations were announce this had more than ng los angeles. >> the nominations in the out standing drama series category are better call saul -- >> epic celebration for the final season of game of thrones
5:53 pm
as the saga earns an historic 32 nominations including outstanding drama series. also nominated, killing eve, better call saul, this is us, ozark, succession, pose and body guard. the nominations for best come ti series include barry, flee bag, the good place, the marvelous mrs. mazeal and more. the emmys will be sunday september 22nd here on fox. >> john paul stevens has died. the former justice was 99 years old. we'll have more information coming up at 6:00. concern over facebook's plan to get involved in the banking industry. grilled the n coming up at 6:00, five
5:54 pm
pedestrians killed by smart trains in the last month and some people are raising concerns about better suicide prevention. plus anew fundraising report shows how much money the presidential candidates have raised in california. you may be surprise thad kamala harris didn't raise the most. right now, earn 60,000 bonus miles
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after qualifying purchases when you apply and are approved for the hawaiian airlines world elite mastercard. plus, you earn miles on everyday purchases. get closer to the travels and moments you'll remember forever with this special offer. need another reason? enjoy an introductory no annual fee. to apply, visit
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. the dow dropped 23 point, nasdaq lost 35 and s&p was down ten. tech company, financial shares and healthcare companies were lower. >> lawmakers grilled officials from facebook over their proposed digital currency. jillian turner report that is
5:57 pm
they promised to work with regulators but that didn't reassure congress. >> reporter: lawmakers are looking at crypto currencies and their impact on america's system. on tuesday the focus was on facebook's currency, libra. senators from both side offers the aisle are expecting deep concern and skepticism that the social media giant can be trusted with personal banking information. >> will you accept your compensation in this new currency? >> senator, libra is not member to compete with bank acounts. >> reporter: some citing multiple data breaches as evidence that the company is not ready, suggesting more thorough house cleaning is needed before it moves into another business model. >> truthful reporting has been
5:58 pm
displaced by flagrant -- facebook now wants to control the money supply. what could possibly go wrong? >> reporter: this come as day after the treasury secretary said they're looking at ways of limiting facebook's access to the system. many fears the currency could be used for money laundering, drug trafficking and other crimes. >> our goal so to maintain the integrity of the financial system. >> reporter: facebook is not the only tech giant in the hot seat. president trump says he's looking into allegation that is google may have been infiltrated. >> the air force issued a warning after more than a million people responded to a joke event page on facebook. it plans to have the area storm area 51 in the nevada desert. it's been the center of ufo
5:59 pm
and conspiracy theories for years. it's a 27.9 million-acre live fire training range, the largest in the united states. military officials say they're worried that some will take the event seriously and try to trespass and that could potentially put their lives in danger. this is ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00. >> democrats in the house vote to rebuke president trump approving resolution that condemned his controversial tweets. >> these comments from the white house are disgraceful and disgusting and the comments are racist. >> that comment from speaker nancy pelosi escalating tension on the house floor later this evening. i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somervhouse vo voting to condemn a presidential tweet. the president suggested the congress women go back to where
6:00 pm
they came from even though three of them born in the united states and the fourth is an american citizen. andre is here with why republicans are saying the democrats are useing the president's word to score points. >> reporter: the president is calling this a con game. the democrats came out on top because they have control of the house but not for lack of a fight. >> reporter: before a vote on the house floor on a revolution to condemn president trump's tweet, a dust-up when bay area congresswoman said this. >> every single member of this institution, democrat and republican, should join us in condemning the president's racist tweets. >> reporter: that comment lead to a dramatic episode, georgia republican challengeing the speaker's words. >> i was going to ask the speaker if she'd like to
6:01 pm
rephrase the comment. i cleared my comments. >> i make a point


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