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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  July 17, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. i guess if you enjoy the weather where you are, you are in luck b it's staying the same. >> it's stuck today. tomorrow looks cooler for everybody. it's gradually cooling. some coming in around 90 degrees, coast and bay, 60s and 70s. fog is feeding off the cold water again b needs a little help, it will get that tomorrow. today, fog and sun and mild and warm. for others warm and hot. no big difference . i looks like monday was the hottest day for many. it was chose for some yesterday. system continues to move in to the pacific northwest. occasionally higher clouds. 5s on the temperatures. 57 popular here. foster city, woodside, stanford, menlo park, closer freemont and union city. pacifica 54. southeast breeze coming in to santa clara valley. that's a cooler direction. we will see if that holds and
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low clouds and fog will retreat back. there is warm air aloft. higher clouds spill over. mostly sunny and nice, 60s, 70s, 80s, near 90 degrees. solano county. solano county, and the police activity, let me make sure it comes up on the screen, eastbound 580, seminary off ramp re-opened after a police chase ended there. looks like they had cars coming through now the tow truck is blocking the ramp because they have to get this stolen nissan out of the bushes here and doing that right now on eastbound 580 at seminary. this car was involved in the chase out of san francisco and ended up being here where it crashed and see they are pulling it out right now. 580 seminary is off and on closed. they let cars go through. it's lightly traveled. noa big traffic on the ramp you mights
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appearance temporary delays. traffic on ut is going to be slow as you drive through. we are going to look at the other bay area commutes. steve mentioned solano. off to a nice start. no major issues. if you are driving to the bay bridge toll plaza this morning, it is still light, little bit of slowing in some of the outside cash lanes. let's go back to the desk. washington, the house of representatives voted to condemn president trump's verbal attack on four democratic congress women, calling it racist. doug luzader is joining us with more on the drama surrounding that vote. >> reporter: the vote was almost directly along for party lines with four republicans crossing over.
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it sounded ything but. the u.s. house voted to condemn racist remarks from president trump who tweeted four freshmen democrats should go back to the places from which they came. >> these comments from the white house are disgraceful and disgusting and these comments are racist. >> reporter: the drama didn't stop there, nancy pelosi in calling out the president, broke house rules by calling his remarks racist. it got so heated the democrat emmanuel cleaver who was presiding over the house had, had enough. he walked away and the vote did haven'tly happen. earlier the white house workinged to support with president tweeting those tweets were not racist, i didn't have a racist bone in my body. four republicans crossed over to join
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standing by his comments. >> it's about our country. it's my opinion they hate our country. that's not good. . thank you very much. >> reporter: next up, the house will have the deal with another fortunate to impeach the president. back to you guys. here is a look at the other top stories we are following this morning. democratic presidential candidate tom steyer is making a campaign stop. the bay area billionnary is hosting a meet and greet at mannies on 16th street in san francisco's mission district. the board of the smart train will meet, announcing plans to prevent more deaths on the train tracks. they with off duty police officers to patrol 40 miles of tracks, ed since the system opened, six were suicides including three
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just this month. the owner of a storage business will start notifying renters that a grass fire along highway 4 destroyed their belongings. 49 units were completely destroyed, others suffered smoke and water damage. the manager says the storage units contained classic cars, work tools and important documents. happening today, a court hearing for a 25 year old woman accused of crashing a stolen car in to several cars and injuring four people during a police chase in san francisco. cherry neil was likely on anti depress can'ts when she sped through the tenderloin on may 29th. neil's public defender says she suffers from by polar and mental illnesses. stanford university police investigating the discovery of a noose on the campus as a suspicious circumstance. take a look, this photo was sent to us by a student at a summer program who did not want their name used.
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that student says the photo s street from a dormitory called story house. the student told ktvu, they and others felt because they are african american. the sanford department of public safety says ation comes could be reclassified as hate crime. the department said -- we feel it's important to recognize as a symbol of vie license and racism directed against african american people. such a symbol has no place our campus. though it was not on the agenda, hundreds of people in freemont showed up at the meeting to protest plans for the city's first homeless navigation center. the protesters packed the council chambers and flooded the city hall courtyard during the council meeting. they are opposed to plans to place the homeless navigation center in the city by next year. the homeless population jumped 27% in two years. to address the problem, leaders
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narrowed their options for a new shelter to two possible sites. both sites are on city owned land. vice mayor says many of the concerns are driven by fear. >> both groups are now unhappy. originally it was dakota, now i'm getting petitions from city hall neighbors. we are going to have to make a decision that somebody is going to be unhappy about. >> there will be two community outreach meetings about the navigation center next month. leaders hope to choose a location in september and get the funds needed by january. some people in san francisco are living in their car or rv because it is their only option. some leaders are looking at a packing hot as first step getting secure housing for those in vehicles. supervisors want the set up a
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temporary triage center at a parking lot on geneva and san jose avenue. that idea would allow 30 cars and rvs to park and stay at the in to 138 units of affordable housing. >> we have seen a dramatic increase of those living on the streets in our neighborhood. this is a way to step up, show compassion and take a positive step in the right direction in dealing with our homeless crisis in san francisco. >> i shall ifs say the parking lot would have 24 hour security and social services providers will be there to help anyone who has questions. supervisors will be meeting saturday at balboa high school answering questions for anyone who has concerns about the parking lot. new results out of santa clara shows a number of homeless spiked in cities but also gone down significantly in
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others. the overall santa clara homeless population was up 31% compared to 2017, sunny veil had the biggest increase, jump 89%. mountain view 46% increase. the number was down dramatically this morgan hill, down 71 president. officials attribute that to a flood at a mobile home pack. san francisco city leads proposed putting more electric charging stations and the city. mayor and supervisors valley brown and erin pus kind introduced a plan at the supervisor meetingel they want to install charging stations in public and private parking lots and garages. er requires lots and good mornings with more than 100 spaces to install charging stations next to 10% of the spaces.
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the first cannabis cafe is due to open in southern california if a couple of months from now. the west hollywood city council unanimously approved the business license fothe lowell family farms cafe. the business owners say cannabis products will replace alcohol, patrons can smoke, vape or eat cannabis along with having their meals and feature indoor and outdoor eating area and prom to use the same kind of air filters used in casinos to keep marijuana smoke from spreading outside of the property of the cafe. facebook is back in the hot seat. coming up, the argument executives are making in favor of starting their on crypto currencymay not have caused large scale
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damage to gulf coast states but pointing out flaws, how officials are prepare for the worst. traffic is going the be busy if you are driving on the commutes already early in the morning. eastbound 580, seminary, avoid that off ramp. we will tell you what is going on here and why it is partially shut down. not much change, we are stuck in a pattern, 80s, 90s. near the coast, fog and sun and 60s.
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. s a capitol hill digital currency proposed by facebook. the hearing starts by 7:00 this morning our time. senators questioned facebook about libra crypto currency. lawmakers are expressing scepticism following data breeches and privacy scandals. >> facebook now wants to control the money supply. what could possibly go wrong. >> we made mistakes in the past and are working and continuing to work really hard to get better and we have invested in a number of programs notably on privacy, election, integrity and other issues. >> libra is backed by some companies including e bay,
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people who don't have bank accounts while making it faster and cheaper to send money online. pam, cover your ears. wildals have more money to get rid of an invasive rodent threatening waterways in the delta. the state is allocating almost $2 million to get rid of this, the nutria, a 15-pound rodent native from south america and can threaten wildlife, dig in to canals and tear up wet land areas. the state department of oh fish and wildlife plans to use birth control and dogs to help catch these rodents. lyft's bike sharing program is expanding across the bay area, the company goes by bay wheels, they are expanding various to oak land and san jose, they want to bring 1000e bikes to the streets of
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oakland. city college will retuition for 10 years. the agreement by the san francisco board of supervisors includes enough money to start the free program this fall. the program is projected to cost $16 million a year, the city is also providing extra $5.4 million to cover past expenses due to a rise in enrollment. a three-day meeting continues today in san francisco , the board is exploring a new method for tuition increases. each new class of freshmen and transfers would see a tuition hike. the cost would be locked in at that price for those students as long as they are enrolled. supporters say this method would make tuition predictable and stabilize revenue for campuses. when tropical storm barry made landfall in louisiana over the weekend, it tested not only a louisiana's post katrina flood defenses but their leadership.
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people are breathing a sigh of relief and working on a game plan for the test louisiana officials are still grading. >> we need to assess, okay, how did thof levee hold up in this particular area. >> reporter: after barry soaked the state's $14 billion flood defenses, put in place after katrina, both the federal and state governments are footing the bill. >> it's a series of levees, pump stations, flood gates and surge barriers. >> reporter: overtopping levees. local officials blame government red tape for stalling levee construction projects this the area. >> a lot of viewers around the country probably don't realize hurricane protection system is not fully complete, the corpse of engineers has finishing touches. >> reporter: governor john edwards touring the damage than more severe on this occasion than she could have been. >> reporter: other technology
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implemented proved its worth. >> we ran a storm surge inundation model and could tell which levees could be overtopped and which communities were most at risk. >> reporter: while he is greatel, he wishes the investments would come sooner rather than later. >> reporter: the federal government needs to realize based pop their reactionary approach it is costing billions and billions of dollars when on the front end you could invest this hundred of millions and save the money in the long run. >> reporter: residents are worried the damage won't be cleaned up by the time another storm rolls in. skiers and snow boarders will have to put away gear until next winter. mammoth mountain decided after an epic winter snowfall the resort will close july 28th. they had 700 inches of sn
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the summit. the 4th of july. i was showing you pictures of friends that went up 4th of july to squaw. >> i'm disappointed, sal and i were just about to go up there and snow board. i bet you could still find, i don't have it on the tip of my tongue, there is probably still some hill that's still open. >> there are people who will hike up with their gear and cruise down. >> summer in tahoe, is great. mammoth or where ever in that area. california, nevada. let's look at tracy, westbound 580, slow traffic as you get up to the tracy super commute. it is very typical, i think the traffic is going to be okay if you are driving to pleasanton, tracy to
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livermore, a little bit of slowing. we are looking at the commute on interstate 880, the elier problem 580, seminary is gone. traffic recovered. the bay bridges not a lot going on. we are off to a decent start on this wednesday over the hump day, leads me to my friend steve paulson and today's weather. sit it is wednesday and a day where it's pretty quiet. it looks cooler starting tomorrow for everybody. today is about the same as yesterday. plenty of low clouds. warm air aloft, chewed up, along with the northwest wind, highs today, above average for everybody except san jose which is one below in livermore. oakland 78. the city 67.
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67 yesterday. second day in a row you were above the average which was not something that was happening all of july until the last two days. it will be close for many. the low clouds are going to make a bigger move late tonight and tomorrow as the system deepens and high clouds toppling over the ridge as well. 50s, 60s on the temperatures. 61 oakland. 61 concord. san jose 59. lake port 59. santa clara, cooler today, due to a southeast breeze instead of a north west. gilroy 53. 55, boulder creek and 56, saratoga. 58 circling the wagons, campbell and two observations san jose, 50, 53, the water temperatures are cold. below average for this time of year. san francisco buoy should be 55 or 56. southeast breeze, san jose 10. low 60s, monterey 60 degrees.
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43 truckee. 63 reno. we know the drill by now, a face day by the coast. in the 60s, 70s inland, 80s to 90s for some. coast fog, warm to hot inland. cooler tomorrow and carrying us in to friday as the system sweeps through and increases the fog. what is there burns back. it will start to ramp up by tomorrow. it will be more fog hanging on and starting to make a bigger push. the wind hasn't been a huge factor, but on shore breeze tomorrow. 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s for some. the pattern is not much changing today, it will tomorrow. we will take that in to friday and slow rebound in to the weekend. singer r kelly still in jail this morning. coming up, why a judge denied bail for kelly and what he is accused of trying to do to keep his accusers quiet. of savings and service.
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whoa. travis in it made it. it's amazing. oh is that travis's app? it's pretty cool, isn't it? there's two of them. they're multiplying. no, guys, its me. see, i'm real. i'm real! he thinks he's real. geico. over 75 years of savings and service. el chapo will be sentenced in a new york city courtroom. guzman was convicted in february on several counts related to drug trafficking, the conviction carries a mandatory life parole. the defense clwas framed. he will likely serve his sentence in a maximum security
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prisonbut gauze scaped twice from prisons many trial. >> reporter: the hearing coming days after kelly was arrested and charged in chicago and new york. the 52 year old shackled and wearing an orange prison jump suit. he made no eye contact with anyone in the courtroom and other than his plea, kelly only answering the judge with a yes, sir. >> he is in 24-hour a day, solitaire confinement, essentially it's the hole, because that's the safest place for them to house him. no tv or anything. no contact with other people. it's largely inhumane. >> reporter: prosecutors arguing kelly is a danger to the community, especially minors and a flight risk.
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the grammy artist are accused of paying hundreds of thousands in bribes and using intimidation and threats to silence witnesses. >> there is no evidence he ever did it. >> reporter: r. kelly is expected in court september 4th, ahead of that appearance he will have to be arraigned for charges in new york. a retired supreme court justice has died. coming up at 5:00, the landmark decisions justice john paul stevens will be remembered for and how his colleagues are remembering him now. plus, beyonce shutting down parts of the grand canyon. why some visitors were not happy about what she was doing.
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a fire destroying a homeless encampment and spreading to a storage business. employees at the storage business say today they have a tough job to do. tempers boil over in oak
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land as testimony in the ghost ship warehouse trial comes to a close. good morning, thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2, wednesday morning, july 17th. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. pam, you like today's weather. >> yes. this morning, it's great. it gets a little hot in the afternoon. our friend john is in st. louis. it's humid out there. >> all you have to do is go somewhere else. if you think it's hot here, it could be fox 2 affiliate in st. louis


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