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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  July 19, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. >> this is friday. >> yes, pam. >> on mornings on 2. friday, july 19th, i'm pam cook. >> fridays make pam happy. me too. i'm dave clark. i think you'll be happy about the weather, good sleeping weather. steve paulson is right here. >> it did cool down and we will see a continuation of that. next week we will get a warmup but next couple of days look nice, fog is back, drizzle as well and system deepened there over the pacific northwest and into northern california, that opened the sea breeze door and also allowed the fog to give a pretty good account of itself and it's still making a decent push, making a move to the north and to the east. up to 30 at travis. extra hold on the hair spray out there, whipping up good. the delta breeze is up early. low clouds and fog will peel back. are you going to fill in there, the temps?
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50s, 60s on the temps. probably not going to cool off too much more than this. to the north, mid-50s, upper 50s, but 55 tiburon, 54 lima valley. some are in the upper 50s to low 60s. nice day with an onshore breeze. 60s, 70s and 80s through the interior. 4:01 on a friday. here he is, mr. sal castaneda. >> thank you very much. >> anytime. >> traffic is doing very well except for a little bit of slowing on 205 as you come up on the commute. i'm talking about very little slowing. off to a good start here and hopefully we will have a lighter than usual commute, driving over to 238, it looks pretty good. and as we look at the east bay map we are off to a nice start here. no major issues on interstate 880. there is roadwork on 880 near the coliseum. they are picking it up but be careful if you're driving there soon and at the bay bridge it is light. oakland police are busy
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searching for a gunman blamed for a liquor store shooting where two people were shot. it happened last night at a liquor store on 59th street and telegraph avenue. investigators haven't at led up to the shooting but a witness told ktvu the gunman drove off in a dark colored suv. the shooting victims are in the hospital. one shot in the leg, the other shot in the arm. we are waiting now for updates from oakland police about the investigation and the search for a suspect. two more arrests have been made in a shopping mall shooting earlier this month. 18-year-old deandre gant was arrested yesterday. police believe he is one of two shooters. a 14-year-old boy from san francisco was also arrested. another shooting happened on july 2nd inside the mall. a 16-year-old boy who is believed to be the second shooter and a 15-year-old boy are also facing charges. two teenagers injured in the
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shooting are recovering. five oakland police officers are fighting to keep their jobs after the oakland police commission ruled they should be fired for last year's deadly shooting of an armed homeless man. we tell you about the police commission's decision about the death of joshua pollack and what happens next. >> get your hand off the gun. >> reporter: last year four oakland police officers shot and killed a homeless man near 40th and market. moments after he woke up while armed, police say, with this gun. the officers seesawed back and forth. first they said the shooting was justified and then a court appointed monitor disagreed and said all the officers should be fired because pollack didn't pose a threat. now the oakland police commission has agreed, the officers are facing termination. >> they basically sided with robert warshaw, the compliance director and against the chief of police. >> reporter: the commission
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says pollack, who was homeless, didn't pose a threat to the officers at the time he was shot. civil rights attorney jim shannon has been following the case. >> they said their view of an enhanced version of the video shows that mr. pollack did not point the gun at the officers which is what their contention was. >> reporter: among the four officers who fired their rifles. the commission said he took part in the shooting g his offi outcome. also facing termination is a fifth officer who fired a beanbag round. they said he should be demoted to sergeant. monitor wanted a five day suspension. in a statement, police union president said the commission's decision is obviously born from a desperate politically driven need to prosecute police officers regardless of the facts. oakland police referred questions to the city administrator. in a statement spokeswoman karen boyd said, under state law the officers will be
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afforded their due process rights prior to final imposition of discipline. the city of oakland supports the due process rights of all employees. >> so it is an historic event and it's sort of the wave of the future, it's the way it's going to be going forward. the police commission is going to make the ultimate decision for the police department. >> reporter: on the five officers are now fighting for their jobs, even though the d.a. says they won't be charged with any crimes. in oakland, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. time now 4:05. one man will spend the next 2 1/2 years in prison for his role in an attack that injured 10 oakland police officers during a protest. 23-year-old giovanni gains was sentenced yesterday. now, he admitted to bringing a homemade explosive to a protest last july, a post over the stabbing death of 18-year-old nia wilson at an oakland b.a.r.t. station. gains said he lit the bomb, then handed it to a 13-year-old boy to throw it at the police.
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more than 1000 people were at that protest. we have some new information on a story we first brought to you as breaking news yesterday morning. a truck driver is now in custody accused of hitting and killing a man in the tenderloin. the crash happened at mason and eddie streets. police say the truck driver did not stop but officers eventually found the big rig at broadway and front street. police say the driver, 65-year- old oscar matis was questioned and later arrested. the man who died is identified as 54-year-old michael evans. he is the 12th pedestrian to be hit and killed in san francisco this year. city transportation officials say the tenderloin is part of what they called the injury network, meaning it's an area that sees a lot of collisions involving pedestrians and bicycles. >> our goal is to reengineer all the streets of the high injury network. last month we redesigned taylor street nearby, street that used to have dangerous speeding. >> the driver involved in
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yesterday's crash was arrested on suspicion of vehicular manslaughter. authorities in san jose are trying to identify a woman who was found dead underneath a downtown bridge. patrol officers spotted the body yesterday morning near the guadalupe river trail near west julian street. the coroner's office is calling the death suspicious. the woman's body will undergo an autopsy to determine the cause of her death. a hearing in san mateo county said for today in a high profile murder case. tiffany lee of hillsborough is accused of plotting the killing of her ex-boyfriend keith green who is the father of her two children. prosecutors say she told kaba biot to kill green. she is being on ho arrest. she was told to hand over all of her passports and stay away from airports. motions in the trial will resume at 9:30 this morning. the jury trial is due to begin
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august 19th. an east bay man on parole for attempted murder is now back in jail on sex trafficking charges. ktvu's alyana gomez explain how he used social media to recruit a teenaged girl. >> reporter: instagram, used as a modern day recruitment resource for pimps in search of young, underaged girls. the prosecutor says that's how 34-year-old michael nelson communicated with a 16-year-old girl and encouraged her to engage in prostitution. >> he sends her sexually explicit images of himself, he's asking her to do the same. she did respond with similar images, not as graphic as he was sending and not as graphic as he was requesting, but that again is the slow erosion of those barriers and sexualizing a child. >> reporter: all this alleged to have happened while he was on state parole. in 2004 nelson shot two people at the parking lot of this stop
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and shop. in 2005 he was arrested for two counts of murder and active participation in a street gang. nelson is facing seven felony charges including human trafficking of a minor for sex. they believe the victim in this cases is now safe, but say there are likely more out there. >> evidence in this case suggests that there were other women that were being encouraged to engage in commercial sex. >> reporter: this case is a startling reminder for parents to get as involved as possible in their child's social media activity. >> every parent should have a conversation with their kids about what would you do if someone that you met online asked you to go somewhere for a meeting because those kids who leave may not come back. >> reporter: prosecutors say that parents should also be aware of the red flags for recruitments like teens in possession of hotel keys, purses and other items that they didn't purchase, especially a second cell phone. prosecutors say that parents should also continue to talk to their kids about social media
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behaviors. in martinez, i'm alyana gomez, ktvu fox 2 news. our time is 4:10. a new development into the investigation into who leaked a san francisco police report to a freelance journalist about the death of public defender jeff adachi. yesterday a superior court judge quashed a police search warrant used to seize the cell phone records of journalist ryan carmody. the police raid on his home violated california shield law, his lawyers say, which protects journalists from being forced to identify their sources. the ruling essentially bans investigators from using any evidence that was obtained with that warrant. people in richmond are raising concerns about the role of fossil fuels in the city and up next, the issues concerning neighbors' health and local jobs that overwhelmed a city council meeting. often called one of the greatest accomplishments of the 20th century. we will tell you about events planned as people are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the apollo 11
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mission. ion. good morning. right now we do have traffic that is off to a decent start here on 880 northbound. still some roadwork here near the coliseum. the coliseum. if you enjoyed yesterday, you will probably like today, probably the coolest day as well. we will take a look at those temps. fog is there, local drizzle. we will see what's in store on the friday afternoon hot temps.
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san francisco giants, believe it or not, are right now the hottest team in baseball after winning their sixth game in a row in 13 of the last 15 games. >> and madison bumgarner pitched a great game last night. the game went into extra innings, tied at one, believe it or not, in the 16th inning, the mets scored a run, they took the lead, but in the bottom half of the 16th, brandon crawford and his double tied the game at two. donovan solano then came up a few batters later, bases loaded and a chance to send giants fans home happy. >> base hit and this game is over. >> yeah, the giants beat the mets2 in a game that lasted,
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pam, almost five hours. tonight's game against the mets starts at 7:15. >> they got their money's worth. >> yeah. >> and the giants held one of the more popular promotions last year. last night a group of san francisco police officers rode motorcycles for law appreciation game night. honored 20 officers killed in the line of duty over the past year. one remembered was natalie corona, shot and killed while handling a traffic stop. her family was there at oracle park and told us she loved being a police officer. >> that was her dream and she worked every day. i mean, that was her goal in life and she even said, mom, there's nothing more i want. >> law enforcement appreciation night also raises funds for the bay area law enforcement assistance fund and the california peace officers memorial foundation. the oakland as are on the
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road today playing the minnesota twins. they went into last night's game against the twins with a six game winning streak. provar hit -- the as could not come back. the as lost 6-3. tonight's game in minnesota starts at 5:10. our time is 4:16. 50 years ago today people across the country were eagerly awaiting for one of the most major milestones of human achievement. astronauts were a day away from making it to the moon. >> yeah, the 50-year anniversary of the apollo 11 landing on the moon is tomorrow and ktvu's doug luzader joins us now with details on how the world is remembering this mission. doug. >> reporter: the apollo lunar lander here has taken onnew significance as we e
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this milestone. the thundering launchthe incredible perspective as apollo 11 accelerated and then made its way out of earth's atmosphere, found for destiny. and then the long wait as ri as all to push the boundaries of man kind. 50 years later one of them will still tell you what they knew was at stake. >> we, crew, felt the weight of the world on our shoulders. we knew that everyone would be looking at us, friend or foe. >> reporter: michael collins crewed the module. it was filled with tension and last minute snags including a flight computer that repeatedly showed an error code, something that almost nixed the landing. >> nine forward. >> reporter: gene kranz was nasa's flight director. >> we had problems with communication, navigation problems, then the computer
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programs, landed the landing radar, as a result we were landing long so now we were running out of fuel. >> one small step for man, one giant leap for man kind. >> reporter: dispute the challenges it all worked and as we remember how the world came together a half century ago filled with both wonder and hope, here in the nation's capital, a giant image of the apollo 11 rocket has been projected on the washington monument and a few blocks away at the smithsonian's air and space museum, a new generation appreciates what the apollo 11 team accomplished so long ago. >> i didn't know how they did that, went over there and brave enough to do something like that. because what if it went wrong? >> reporter: and so many things could have gone so wrong, but ultimately we celebrate what went so right 50 years ago. back to you guys. >> and very exciting here in the bay area. thank you, doug.
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a piece of apollo 11 history is here in the bay area. the uss hornet recovered the crew and command module. coming up on the 9:00 we will speak with staff on the uss hornet about the events planned for tomorrow. also tomorrow here on mornings on 2, our weekend edition, we are going to speak with some of the crew members who were actually on that recovery mission. and we were just talking about steve has been to florida, to cape canaveral. i know you have as well, haven't you? >> yeah. >> and sal, those modules, they are so small. it's amazing that they were in there. we both were like, oh, i would get claustrophobia being in there. >> yep. >> i know. and 50 years, pam, 50 years. >> yeah. >> if only i was alive back then. >> yeah. >> right. good morning everyone. let's go from the gilroy commute, northbound 101 looking pretty good, gilroy to san jose. no major issues driving through. as you get up to san jose, the traffic is off to a nice start.
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and it continues to be a nice commute into the valley here. interstate 880, some of the roadwork, i can still tell some. right lanes are still blocked. i can see the trucks there, the one truck backing up, picking up cones, so that should be gone pretty soon. and here at the bay bridge toll plaza traffic is light. at 4:20, here's the young man, steve paulson. >> i have read about it, sal. if you ever get a chance put cape canaveral tour on your bucket list. spacex is there. it's all very cool. i recommend you go in february, not july or august. >> oh, okay. >> speaking of out of this world forecast there, there you go. sounds like outside my back yard last night. full moon was earlier this week and if you don't have the fog, a little bit dancing around there, i know your dog and cat are now looking around at home. i get that every time.
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beautiful concord, livermore and gilroy will all be nice today. san mateo, oakland and fremont look good. and then 60s on the coast. temperatures, this will be the coolest day for a while. you can see the dip there, extending into northern california. that has really opened up the onshore wind and also the low clouds now making a push inland. 24 gusting to 30 out at travis. hold on. that's robust, fresh delta wind and it goes out to vacaville and davis so cooling will extend all the way out to the sacramento valley. fog persists until the afternoon hours. 50s, 60s, though, we are held up on these temps. 50s, 60s and 56 up in windsor, calistoga, 59 kelseyville, healdsburg 57. whittaker cooler. if the cooler forecast takes us into tolevel it off, 60s, 70s,
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80s on these temps. and then looks like a gradual warmup, not much into the weekend but early next week we will get back into the upper 80s and 90s inland. just a reminder, download the ktvu weather app. it has interactive radar, hourly updates and the seven- day forecast. it also has an easy feature to upload your weather photos and video. the ktvu weather app is a free download. our time is now 4:22. for amazon, packages stolen after being delivered. they happen all the time. we will tell you how amazon and the police are trying to track down a man who they say stole the whole delivery truck. and construction is underway for a navigation center along the embarcadero in san francisco. tell you how neighbors are still holding out hope to stop that in court. that in court.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. our time is 4:25. a group of san francisco neighbors trying to block the building of a homeless navigation center that will open soon along the embarcadero. the group is called save embarcadero. they are suing the city in sacramento superior court. yesterday a judge declined to impose a restraining order and has moved the court proceedings back to san francisco courts. now, that navigation center will have 200 beds for the homeless as well as other services. the building of the project is already underway.
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the city hopes to open that shelter by december. meantime, the director of san francisco's muni has a new job in the east bay. ed reskin has been hired as sta august 26th, 2 weeks after he ends his eight years as the head of the mta. oakland mayor libby schaaf will serve on a new advisory group. the panel is made up of elected officials from several counties and homeless advocacy organizations throughout california. the committee will look at ways to address the homeless crisis. in a statement mayor schaaf says, quote, no city or person can magically fix homelessness but all cities can work together. rents are on the rise in the bay area, directly related probably to the homeless crisis, a new study from rents have gone up more than 4% in san jose. the median rent, $3760 a month. in the east bay, in san
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francisco, rents are up 3.7%. the median rent there, $3500 a month. the median rent in the united states as a whole is $1500 a month. our time is 4:27. still ahead, a mother is heart broken. her 15-year-old son was shot and killed in san francisco. we will tell you how the family and friends are remembering the young man as police search for a suspect. spect. and a proposal to raise the federal minimum wage to $15. the reason some analysts are skeptical the proposal may advance. advance. good morning and looking at the san mateo bridge and the bridge commute, you can see traffic is moving okay heading across the bridge to the other side. other side. low clouds, nothing unusual there, but the breeze which kicked in yesterday drops some temps. we will see if that continues on a friday forecast. .
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from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. >> welcome back to mornings on 2. it is friday. it is july 19th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. friday already? >> yes, pam. what's the weekend going to be like? >> i don't know. let's ask steve. >> check with steve. >> hey, steve. >> pretty nice. >> good. >> i would think. >> what about the beach? some of us like to go to the beach. a little foggy. >> they always get some sun but not going to be warm. >> look for pockets. >> exactly. santa cruz will be already. they always get in the 70s, san mateo coast, tall order but we have a system that's digging into the north and that's allowing the cooler delta wind to really crank up. low clouds, no problem forming, water temps are still very cold. at least currently. west-southwest 24, gusting to 30, onshore at napa, onshore at oakland, but all the way out to davis so that tells you the onshore breeze


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