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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  July 19, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. >> welcome back to mornings on 2. it is friday. it is july 19th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. friday already? >> yes, pam. what's the weekend going to be like? >> i don't know. let's ask steve. >> check with steve. >> hey, steve. >> pretty nice. >> good. >> i would think. >> what about the beach? some of us like to go to the beach. a little foggy. >> they always get some sun but not going to be warm. >> look for pockets. >> exactly. santa cruz will be already. they always get in the 70s, san mateo coast, tall order but we have a system that's digging into the north and that's allowing the cooler delta wind to really crank up. low clouds, no problem forming, water temps are still very cold. at least currently. west-southwest 24, gusting to 30, onshore at napa, onshore at oakland, but all the way out to davis so that tells you the onshore breeze will continue to
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cool down inland areas. 50s and 60s on your temps. peninsula, low 60s for many, a few 50s in there, but a lot of 60s or upper 50s. on the coast, though, you're seeing 50s and 60s, half moon bay is at 60 degrees. that's pretty mild. 50 water temp at bodega bay, 52 point reyes and san francisco 55. so cold enough. when you get a system helping along the cold water, the fog says thank you very much. so 60s, 70s and 80s through the interior. 4:31 on a friday. it has been a long traffic week. i hope today is quieter. >> me too, steve, me too. i want to put my feet up on the desk. my size 11s here and just hang out. >> go for it. >> all right. but right now, you know, still early and we have a look at the vallejo commute, the solano county supercommute. it looks good 680 there, the benicia bridge and no problems as you drive out to the
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macarthur maze. westbound bay bridge, a little bit of a backup in some of the outside lanes. 4:32. go back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. a funeral will be held later this morning for a 15- year-old boy who was shot and killed in san francisco. the gunman has not been caught and a motive for the shooting is not clear. as ktvu's amber lee reports, the boy's mother says her son stay out of trouble and was involved in antiviolence programs in the community. >> reporter: a wake for devon hahn was held. the 15-year-old was shot and killed in the mission neighborhood. >> he was a good human. he's never hurt expelled. you don't what i'm saying? all of his friends, he was loved by those he knew and didn't know. >> reporter completed ninth grade at sudden end shortly and was
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after midnight july 8th. the teenager was on 24th street at cap, two blocks from home. johnson says her son was out getting something to eat with friends. police tell me a shot spotter alerted them to a shooting. when officers arrived, they found the teen shot and saw a vehicle leaving the scene. police gave chase but lost sight of the vehicle when it got on the highway. investigators say they do not know if de'von was the intended target. >> i can't understand because all he was doing was walking home. >> reporter: johnson, a single mom, says she raised de'von and his older brother to be polite and respectable young men, to overcome negative perceptions t >> i re honorable young men. >> reporter: johnson says she enrolled de'von into after- school and youth development
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programs that promoted education, since he was a little boy. >> he loved to brighten up the room by walking in. it was like he had a sense. he could just come upto you and just out of nowhere just make you smile. his presence was very strong for him to be here only 15 years old. >> reporter: this is video of de'von speaking at an antiviolence event given to us by a mentor who worked with him. johnson has a message for those who killed her son. >> you might not like somebody, you might not agree with them, but you do not do this. nobody has the right to play god. >> reporter: in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. our time is 4:34. and the san mateo county community is mourning the death of a correctional officer for the county sheriff's office. 34-year-old a.j.arqesa was vacationing with friends when
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he drowned. medics tried to revive him but he died later at a hospital. he iraq war. the san mateo county sheriff's department is working with grief counselors to cope with his death. >> he's been a valued correctional officer with our agency for a number of years now and everybody has been impacted in some way by this. >> arqueza leaves behind a wife and two young children. donations can be made to the san mateo county code 30 foundation. investigators in japan are inspecting the site of an arson attack that killed 33 people. police say a 41-year-old man stormed the building of an animation studio in kyoto. one man said the animation studio stole his artwork. >> he seemed to be in pain, irritated and suffering but also angle agree as if he was resentful. i heard him saying something
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like you copied it. >> 33 people died, 36 others were injured. the suspect was also taken to the hospital with serious burn injuries. many people in the anime community including here in the u.s. have started crowd funding campaigns to help the victims and their families. iran is denying president trump's claim that the u.s. war ship destroyed an iranian drone in the persian gulf. the u.s. says it destroyed an iranian drone in the strait of her strait of hor muse. this comes less than a month after iran shot down a u.s. drone in the same area. 4:36. now we know the lineup for the second round of debates for the democratic presidential candidates. on the first night the lineup includes senators bernie sanders, elizabeth warren and amy klobuchar.
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also on stage will be pete buttenoper, john delany and marianne williamson. on the second night senator kamala harris and former vice president joe biden will face off again. also on the stage will be senators cory booker, kirsten gillibrand, michael bennett, julian castro, jay inslee and andrew yang. house democrats are asking capitol hill police to hold an emergency meeting to discuss increasing security for lawmakers targeted by president trump. one of the congressional members is ilhan omar who returned home last night. her supporters were there in force, cheered when she arrived at the minneapolis airport. came a day after president trump's rally in north carolina where many supporters chanted send her back. thnow distancing
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himself from the crowd's chant. >> i would say that i was not happy with it. i it. but again, i didn't say -- i didn't say that. they did. >> he is threatened because we are inspiring people to dream about a country that recognizes their dignity and their -- >> congresswoman omar immigrated to the u.s. from somali as a child and is an american citizen. kevin mccarthy says the chants have no place in the g.o.p. or in the country. the house passed a bill to double the federal minimum wage to $15, a total of 231 members voted in favor of the raise the wage act yesterday, and 199 opposed it. right now workers are only guaranteed $7.25 an hour. supporters of the bill say it's impossible to live on that. critics say the $15 wage could force companies to lay off workers or even go out of
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business. political analysts say it's unlikely the republican controlled senate will pass the bill. our time is 4:38. new this morning, the richmond planning commission will not recommend a ban on cold storage to city council. that decision came about midnight after a marathon public meeting more than 60 people signed up to speak. a cargo transport company called lebon richmond has operated a rail line and marine terminal in richmond for 37 years and recently began carrying coal from utah to load onto ships in richmond. critics of the ban say the company would close and 62 jobs would be lost. but supporters of the ban fear that coal dust is polluting their neighborhood. >> every morning i go out to my car and layer of coal dust over everything, my fences outside and our yard. there's coal dust everywhere. i worry about what it's doing to thinkcompany has been and
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have been richmond community, w continue to work with the richmond community. we want to be here. >> now, lebon richmond wants a delay on the decision about the ban until the results are in from an air quality study. 4:40 the time right now. making tuition hikes more predictable for uc students. the raiders anticipating their move to las vegas. why the raiders and the city of oakland are now going to court. morning commute doesn't look that bad right now. hopefully it will stay this way as we take a look at the bridges and cause ways, off to a nice start. and our weather is off to a nice start if you like fog, low clouds and cooler pattern because that's what we have on this friday. plenty of low clouds to make a push here. we will see what's in store for the friday afternoon high temps. temps. ♪
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yes for less. we have talked about packages stolen from homes. the chp arrested one man accused of stealing an entire amazon truck in el sobrante. authorities say the amazon driver got out of the van for a moment when a man hopped in and took off. they are still searching for 48- year-old charles farmer who is accused but they did arrest a man accused of helping farmer unload the packages. the chp says packages are still missing. our time 4:44. police in three cities on the peninsula say car burglaries, they are on the rise.
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mountain view, palo alto and sunnyvale reporting a lot more car burglaries this year. in sunnyvale 269 car burglaries in july of 2018. there have already been 597 this year. in mountain view there were 304 car burglaries this time last year. that number is already up to 581 this year. and in palo alto, the number of car break-ins have jumped from 232 to 492. the police are working together going after who is responsible. >> we do partner and work with law enforcement agencies in surrounding areas because a lot of times we think, hey, we might have the same suspect. >> now, police patrols in those burglary hot spots have increased and we are also reminding everybody don't leave valuables inside of a car. morgan hill police are searching for a group of women accused of robbing beauty supply stores. investigators released these
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surveillance photos of the five women who are suspected of stealing three to $5000 in cosmetics from the ulta beauty store on cochran road tuesday night. authorities say these women are responsible for at least eight other robberies within the past six months. >> they are taking bags that are provided by the store and loading up as much as they can and running out. when they come in, it's usually less than a minute, so our response is difficult at best by the time we are notified to arrival. >> morgan hill police say they are closing in on the suspects. investigators have identified two of the women and are working to identify the other three. our time now, 4:45. happening today, lawyers for the raiders and the city of oakland will be in a san francisco courtroom. the city of oakland is challenging the department of justice over a case based on the raiders' move to las vegas. oakland city attorney argues they are due damages up to
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upwards of $240 million. the city sued the raiders, the nfl and the nfl's 31 other teams for breach of contract through antitrust violations claiming the move to las vegas is illegal. the department of justice says the city of oakland is not allowed to recover lost tax revenue and that the nfl is trying to get the case dismissed. and the raiders' future home in vegas is still on budget and on time. the stadium authority board in las vegas announced the stadium is halfway complete. they gave the green light to start booking events for next year. that stadium is due to open on july 31st, 2020. the raiders will move in shortly after that. ride share drivers are planning to rally in front of uber's headquarters in san francisco this morning in support of better working conditions. the drivers are supporting a proposed state bill that would force ride share companies to classify them as employees instead of contractors. that bill has passed in the state assembly and is waiting
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for a vote in the state senate. the "l.a. times" reports uber and lyft paid drivers to -- today's rally starts at 10:30. starting as soon as today you may see some electronic bikes in san francisco. more of them. the city issued an interim for lyft for its e-bikes. means they are capable of being docked or dockless. riders their e-bikes at bike racks when stations are full or too far away. lyft has up to 1900 of its hybrid e-bikes in the city. and apple is bringing live music to some of its retail stores. ♪[ music ] >> apple planning a summer concert series at stores around the world. the second performance in the series will feature artist omar apollo tonight at the union square in san francisco. other places are london, paris,
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washington, d.c. the company is using its series as a way to promote apple music. apple is planning to retire the itunes brand this fall. three weeks from today, the festival has announced this year's comedy lineup, headliners include jimmy o. yang and stappedup comedian mike verbiglia. tony danza. >> tony danza? >> yeah. part of the three-day music festival in golden gate park. so i didn't know tony danza did comedy. >> yeah, i knew he sang and danced. i didn't know he did comedy. sal knew. >> of course. >> yes, but i have never actually see a set by him. i hope he's funny. >> i'm sure he is. >> yeah. >> yeah, all right. good morning. let's go -- he has to be funny, right? go out and take a look at the
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commute now on 580. we did have a crash 580 at north flynn causing a little bit of a backup even though it's not in the lanes. but you will see slow traffic in the area. also getting out to the castro valley area, the traffic is moderately heavy. there have been no major issues driving through coming in in san leandro. in oakland it looks like the roadwork that was here in oakland has been picked up and the traffic is moving along very nicely. bay bridge has a small backup. we are hoping for a lighter than usual friday. so far nothing has told me that it won't happen that way. 4:49. let's bring steve paulson in. >> thank you, sir. >> you're welcome. >> let's get to it here. had a nice thursday, little breeze kicked in. temperatures came down. they will continue that today. talk about friday probably being the coolest day and sure looks like it will be. santa rosa down from 82 to 77. maybe three in menlo park yesterday to 79 today. beautiful menlo park. livermore from 87 to 83, and san jose from 84 to 80 degrees. how do these stack up as
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normal? do i have to put another quarter in? there we go. santa rosa is below. the city is close but below. oakland, right where you should be temperaturewise. livermore is below by six. san jose, i have to admit, has been a little higher than the forecast projections are showing. they have been sneaking in about two to 3 degrees warmer than even the warmest of what we call the models show. system is deepening in the pacific northwest, that's allowing the onshore wind to have no problem forming and the low clouds and fog are there as well. 30-mile-per-hour gusts out of travis. so over san pablo bay, probably out to cordelia as well, american canyon, hiddenbrooke getting good gusts. eventsr even out to davis and vacaville. 50s, 60s, the lows are up, though. and temperatures 50s, 60s, i don't think these will change too much. 57, morgan hill, san martine, gilroy, so. cal. and apta. mid-50s in the santa cruz
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mountains. boulder creek and ben loma 55 name. 52 at point reyes. one observation in monterey at 59. low clouds and fog do their usual thing, burn back and have a nice day for most. might take a while on the coast. 60s, 70s for many and 80s through the interior. temperatures are they going to warm up on the weekend? yeah. more so on sunday. >> thank you. time 4:51. steph curry and his wife aisha have created a new foundation. we will tell you how they hope to help underserved kids in oakland long after the warriors move to san francisco.
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welcome back. steph curry and his wife aisha have created their own foundation and they are celebrating its launch. ktvu's rob roth says they plan to make life better for thousands of underserved children in oakland. >> reporter: the golden state warriors may have moved to san francisco, but for steph and ayesha curry, their hearts are still in oakland. with more than 800 oakland children invited to celebrate thursday near lake merritt, the currys announced their new foundation they call eat, learn, play. the currys hope to help some
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10,000 children in oakland. >> there's a huge need in oakland because we are moving and because of our history and us growing up here, we have a strong connection that we don't want to just kind of let fall by the wayside. >> you don't find time, you just make the time. you just do it because these are the things that matter. >> reporter: the currys won't say exactly how much money they are donating, only that it's at least $1 million or more every year. the plan is to help finance existing programs that work with underserved oakland kids in the areas of recreation, education and nutrition. the money will also go to scholarships, tutoring and youth sports. ayesha curry is a rising star in the culinary field concerned about childhood hunger. >> children that typically get school meal programs during the school year, they don't get that during the summer and so it's going to be our goal to help change that and advocate for that. >> reporter: with their high profiles, the currys can also bring attention to issues they care about. >> not only leveraging our
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funds but steph's time and opening up platforms. >> reporter: many of the kids told us they appreciate what the currys doing for them. >> i'm glad there's always food there because they care about the community. >> i'm gladys doing this for community because he can do other things with his money, he can do anything. >> reporter: with many warriors fans from oakland disappointed by the team's movie, perhaps the currys' philanthropy here can somehow soften the blow. >> bitter sweep proposition because we are moving but the work that has been going on to date and now we want to amp fly that going forward, focusing on the kids in oakland. it is important. >> reporter: the currys say this is not about their only personal legacies, it's about trying to do good for a community they still care about. in oakland, rob roth, > our tim still ahead, charges of sex trafficking facing a man in the east bay. how the police think he used instagram to lure a teenaged
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girl. and a proposed change to tuition hikes for uc students. who administrators now are looking at ways to protect students from sudden tuition spikes. so far, so good if you're using the bridges right now. traffic is moving along okay into and out of san francisco. pretty good fog bank out there. temperatures came down yesterday. will they continue that today? we will take a look and see what's in store for the weekend. end.
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a four hour standoff in milpitas is over. and tomorrow marks the 50th anniversary of apollo 11 landing on the moon. we will show you how people in the bay area and around the world are celebrating one of the biggest achievements of the 20th century. ury. from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. >> thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2. friday morning, july 19th. i'm pam cook. >> and good morning, i'm dave clark. we are going to talk about your weather, just wanted to mention, there was just another big earthquake in athens, greece, about a 5.1, 5.3. we will talk about that later.
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but now we are talking about what steve paulson knows about our forecast. >> cooler, cooler. >> compared to the rest of the country, which is just insane. >> you know we will make it up somewhere, but right now we are in the favorable part of that and that's a cooler forecast. 60s, 70s and low, low 80s here. healdsburg, concord, livermore at 82. gilroy 81. 70s to a soft 80 in san jose and 60s on much of the coast except santa cruz will come in in the low 70s. system sweeping to the north. this has been the pattern for months. these lows come in, deepen a little bit. the highs in the four corners but it can't extend that far inland. when it does, it gives us warm temps inland but that's backed off a little bit. the delta breeze is cranked up big time, all the way up to sacramento, all smooth, huh? 50s and 60s on your temps and i don't think these are changing because we are under overcast conditions. low 60s for some, 58 fo


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