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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  July 19, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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reality at the border. the trump administration puts additional restrictions on those trying to emigrate to the u.s. what will you do if they turn you down? >> i don't kn. that would be very bad. a s.w.a.t. standoff in milpitas neighborhood early this morning. a man accused of attacking a woman with a knife refusing to leave his home. welcome everyone. officers spent 4 hours trying to get the man to give himself up. before he was eventually taken into custody. joining is alive from milpitas after talking with the victim at the center of the case.>> reporter: or why she was chosen. the woman said it was a group of neighbors who helped her get away. sheila fernandez is bloodied
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and bruised and traumatized by what happened. she said this man jumped out of the bushes late at night and chased her with a kitchen knife. her sister-in-law said they had never met him before. she tried to run away from the guy. >> reporter: fernandez fell as she ran. the source of most of her injuries. neighbors heard her screams and his as well. >> he said i'm crazy. don't talk to me. he was holding a knife. we just ran outside to help her.>> reporter: they say he ran to his apartment leading to a standoff with milpitas police. neighbors were awakened and evacuated.>> the s.w.a.t. team and the police team were in place. i was scared to hang around. i have a little one.
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i said let's evacuate.>> reporter: authorities tried to negotiate with him. nothing worked. he refused to come out of his bedroom. we use diversionary tactics. flashbangs to try to gain his cooperation. eventually our s.w.a.t. team was maybe able to make entry into the apartment and take him into custody.>> reporter: is facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon brandishing a weapon and resisting an officer. fernandez doesn't know why she was attacked. she is worried because his apartment is just down the block from hers. she doesn't want anybody to get hurt. she doesn't want him to come back.>> reporter: he has been booked into the santa clara county main jail. fernandez was checked out the hospital and is recovering from abrasions to her face and leg. such a traumatic situation for that woman. the east bay where a large
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pothole has traffic backed up solid through downtown oakland right now. the pothole opened up in the number three lane on southbound 880 over jackson street. as we speak the chp has shut down 3 lanes in the southbound direction as caltrans works to repair the freeway. police say the pothole is about four feet by three feet across. driver started reporting the pothole at about 11 am. at least a dozen cars had to be towed or repaired after hitting the hole and getting flat tires. crew started shutting down lanes around 2 pm for the emergency road work. caltrans said the left three lanes will be closed until 7 pm tonight. live pictures from sky fox. you can see caltrans crews are very busy in the middle of the freeway trying to repair the huge pothole that open up today. this is southbound 880 over jackson street.
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you can tell that repair work is going to take quite some time. in the meantime traffic is backed up solid in the southbound direction heading through downtown oakland. we will keep tabs on the situation and bring you updates. the ongoing battle between the city of oakland and the raiders. a federal judge has given the city 45 days to refine its argument and lawsuit against the team and nfl. christian captain is live in oak lane where the ruling came down today. this lawsuit all about money. >> reporter: that is right. the city said the nfl and the raiders owe them $80 million for relocating the team. in a game known for hard knocks and big hits oakland is taking its fight to the federal courthouse. is that of a referee calls come down to a judge. the judge ruling the city of oakland has another 45 days to clarify its arguments in the lawsuit against the raiders and
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the national football league. the cities that the team and nfl owners violated antitrust laws and their own relocation policies. the judge said the city needs to do a better job laying out the argument. in court today oakland city councilman. he gave us 45 days to add to the presentation that our attorneys had already presented regarding the antitrust and also the contractual obligations the nfl and the raiders half with oakland.>> reporter: diehard raider fans from forever oakland. they know the team is moving to las vegas. they want to hold onto the raiders name and history. in hopes the nfl will allow another team to take up the name and bring raiders football back to oakland.>> what we want is what happened in cleveland. it already happened. the cleveland franchise a different kind of weight were able to retain their name and have future nfl football. they had the fan base like we do. >> reporter: oakland city
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attorney released a brief statement today saying we are confident we can file an amended complaint that addresses the issues raised by the court. the lawsuit would do nothing to stop the team from moving to las vegas. where the new stadium they are is already nearing completion. we will have to wait to see what happens the next 45 days. there is an investigation underway in san jose right now. after a bta light rail train hit a man with a bicycle. this crash happened just before 9 am. the train was pulling into the station. witnesses say the cyclist might have gone past a safety gate. before being struck and then pinned to meet the train. i saw his bike was lodged under the train a little bit later. i also saw incredible people get him from under the train. and get him on an ambulance. looks like he was maybe talking. but his bike was pretty mangled. witnesses tell us it
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appears the cyclist might have broken his leg. officials say he has non-life- threatening injuries. train service in that area was delayed for about an hour today. it has resumed. several dozen rideshare drivers marched uber headquarters in san francisco this morning. they are supporting an assembly bill that would require rideshare companies like uber to classify drivers as employees instead of contractors. has already passed the state assembly. it is still waiting a vote in the state senate. the drivers are also seeking the ability to form a union. driving about three years. the pay isn't enough. when you take account for all the taxes we have to pay. they are not just taking on the money that we actually put in our bank account. we are paying taxes on the money that uber. we are told in uber representative came out and accepted a letter from the
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protesters asking the company to begin negotiations. in an op-ed in the san francisco chronicle uber ceo roads and that most drivers prefer the freedom and flexibility to create their own hours as independent contractors. one day after claiming he was not happy with those chance of send her back in reference to a somali born congresswoman. today president trump called that crowd at his rally patriots. the president also stepped up his criticism of minnesota representative omar. kevin reports her constituents gave her a warm welcome home in the middle of this controversy.>> reporter: first it was go back in a presidential tweet. in chance of send her back at a presidential rally. now democratic congresswoman omar is hearing cries of welcome home. as she returns to her minnesota district. the somali born omar came to
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the u.s. as a child refugee and became a naturalized citizen and her teenagers. the commander in chief has been distancing himself from the send her back chance. and his rally in north carolina. i wasn't happy with that message that they gave last night. i was not happy when i heard the chant.>> reporter: calling the media craze for its coverage of the chanting. adding the media is totally calm and accepting of the most violent disgusting statements made by the representatives. i'm unhappy with the fact and congresswoman can hate our country. i'm unhappy with the fact that a congresswoman can say anti- semitic things. about the president could refer to a 2012 tweet in which omar accused israel of being evil. adding the country had hypnotized the world. then again he could also be referring to her remarks were she suggested the porters of israel are only motivated by money. she said she is apologize for both comments. some might
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say the presidents oral with democratic lawmakers is like something out of a reality tv show. how the theatrics might be part of the president's new campaign strategy. migrant seeking asylum in the u.s. are reacting to the new policy requiring them to seek asylum first in another country. up next on the 4. a slightly cooler day for some around the bay area. we are going to actually see a turnaround. temperatures will be climbing through the weekend and beyond. details coming up. show me the crown.
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there is any report this afternoon the trump administration wants to refuse admission to the united states to any refugees starting next year. according to political administration officials raised similar security concerns as they did when banning refugees from mostly muslim countries in 2017. the department of defense raise concerns about blocking iraqis who risk their lives helping the u.s. other officials suggested a 3000 to 10,000 of the current is the 45,000. this comes as the u.s. is rolling out a new u.s. immigration policy. requiring anyone applying for asylum to first apply in any country that they pass through to get to the u.s. that rule is being criticized by migrants and civil rights activist. some say the move might
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slow the flow of migrant seeking asylum here. more from the border and sandy san ysidro california. >> reporter: from haitians the hondurans salvadorans to west africans.>> what will you do if they turn you down? >> honestly i don't know. that would be very bad.>> reporter: immigrants from around the world their shot at the american dream is fading. a new policy denies asylum to anyone who arrives from another country without first applying for and being denied asylum they are. people are calling to say what is happening? is not safe for us. it just makes people panic.>> reporter: including those from africa who flights ecuador prefer crossing central america. haitians and cubans salvadorans
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and guatemalans. mexico is just not good in my opinion. we seek asylum in ecuador because we don't speak spanish. >> reporter: some might decide to jump the fence while at the nearby shelters family wait for the courts to decide their fate. the aclu calls the rule cruel and illegal and many academics agree.>> allow people who somehow managed to get here a fair chance not to necessarily get asylum to make their claim. >> reporter: supporters say the policy could be a game changer. i have sympathy. you were already knowing you were going to skim the system.>> reporter: mexico is not agreed to this. migrants who were apprehended at the border who claim asylum will go to the port of entry will be returned to their home
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country. the success of the program depends on those countries being able to get the chapel documents within a 20 day window. of something called the floors agreement. the aclu is challenging the case. is asking the policy to be halted immediately. time for us to talk about our weather across the bay area. i'm going to raved about the weather in san francisco. it was really nice. blue skies overhead. with that early clearing we had a warmer day over areas of san francisco pacifica half moon bay. other folks cool down just a little bit. depending on where you were. a look across the bay and into san francisco. we have some hayes. the fog hanging on. the onshore breeze is with us. the low clouds against the coastline for some. we have some nice clearing over areas like pacifica and half moon bay. ocean beach in san francisco. san francisco 69. 76 in oakland. livermore 85. san jose 83.
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santa rosa 75. it is one of the spots that had a little bit of a cool down over areas of santa rosa. and lunchtime temperatures were down by 7 degrees. this area covered in overcast sky. it took a while to clear out of the way. it came late in the morning. novato down by 2 degrees. inland livermore up by a few degrees. half moon bay up by 2. for most it was either very so much yesterday. slightly warmer. northbay locations tend to be cooler today. nap at the onshore breeze 21 miles per hour. santa rosa 17. fairfield gusting to 26. concorde sustained at 16. the onshore breeze is with us. it will remain with us. temperatures will take up just a little bit for bay area saturday. a look at the cloud cover. over the northbay coastline santa cruz the areas that typically clear out of afternoon. meanwhile areas like ocean beach and pacifica half moon bay has some nice clearing as
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well as the city. if you're going to the giants game the clouds will return. upper 50s to low 60s at game time. the west breeze 20 miles per hour. cool at oracle part tonight. temperatures will be warmer into your bay area we can. a look at your extended forecast coming up. it has been quite the week on capitol hill. and across washington dc. we will break it all down for you coming up this weekend on the issue is. alex michelson spoke with a source who is known for having the scoop on celebrities. now weighing in on politics. he sat down with harvey levin. what did he say about president trump's campaign strategy? >> reporter: good to talk with you. harvey levin is one of the most plugged in people in the entire media business. he knows donald trump well. he interviewed him for years. it started to interview most of the presidential candidate as well. he said that when it comes to media strategy which is really something that harvey levin is
4:19 pm
an expert in. president knows exactly what he is doing with his language this week. take a look. yes. absolutely. when you look at his campaign it was just riddled with that. but since he took office a lot of people thought he would do a turn. and kind of shed all of that. he double down on it. because it worked for him. he got elected. here is the way i see this. he has a base. that base is probably 40 ish percent. 40% of them get elected. he will need to get about eight or 9% something like that additional. he has to start courting people who are not necessarily in that base. he knows what he is doing. he knows that people are going to react to it. i think he knows what they are going to say about him. i think he wants it. >> reporter: he's basic point he
4:20 pm
is trying to turn those for democratic women into the face of the party and not joe biden at the face of the party. this week we had an opportunity to talk to joe biden during his california visit. he spoke out against president trump. what resident jump was saying. he said it doesn't make sense that president trump said i did not like what they were saying. if he was having a rally and people were chanting send them back. he would have said no stop don't say that.
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tomorrow marks a momentous occasion in human history. 50 years of the apollo 11 moon landing. the astronauts reunited in the oval office. fisher is that florida's kennedy space center where apollo 11 blasted off.>> reporter: 50 years ago saturday two men accomplish a monumental feet neil armstrong and buzz aldrin the first men to walk on the moon. half a century later celebrations are planned all across the country. friday in washington trump nasa administrator in the oval
4:26 pm
office. the president touted nasa's commercial work with companies like spacex and boeing. giving kennedy space center new life. you look at kennedy. down in florida. wherever you want to look. there is not a pretty picture. they were almost you can say abandoned. and now they are in tip top shape. rockets are going up all the time.>> reporter: the sentiment echoed by one of the first men on the moon. he wants to see the u.s. thrive in space.>> little disappointed in the last 10 or 15 years. we were able to achieve so much early. >> reporter: the head of nasa has a plan to give america back to moan. we need it to go to the moan. within five years. a small module in orbit around the room moan. >> reporter: tomorrow the vice president is going to be at the
4:27 pm
kennedy space center to make an announcement. about the artemis program. the plan for returning astronauts to the moon by 2024. starting today you have another two wheel options to get around san francisco. lefty started rolling out electric bikes after the city issued the company an interim permit. the new bikes will be named bay wheels instead of the company's other bike share brand. one benefit for writers is that you don't have to return these e bikes to a particular station. another benefit the electric makes writing san francisco's whole heels a lot easier. in this one of the challenges to the nonmotorized version. trying to get these harvey biot bikes up the heel. right now lipped is suing san francisco keep is exclusive rights to operate station is e bikes in the city.
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you will start seeing bikes in oakland. this week. they hit the streets of san jose last week. still on edge after multiple depth in the dominican republic. still to come how island officials are taking action. puerto ricans pour onto the streets again to protest the government that many see as corrupt. coming up next former fema coordinator joins us to talk about the conditions they are. he was just in puerto rico on the business. he decided it was time to leave.
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more turmoil in puerto rico overnight when thousands of protesters/with police in the capital demanding the governor's resignation. the photo show officers in riot gear firing tear gas at demonstrators who through molotov cocktails and fireworks at them. the protests were triggered by the release of a series of sexist and homophobic text messages between the governor and members of his administration. let's talk about the situation in puerto rico. former fema coordinator who is currently helping to rebuild part of puerto rico. you were just there. you saw the protests firsthand. describe what is happening. i was leaving the company and i could not get in uber because there was so much going on. i had to walk from the office to the hotel. the streets were packed.
4:32 pm
there were cars all over everywhere. they are truly upset. a matter of -- they are trying to get their voice heard. as we mentioned we decided to leave that country before you were planning to do so. what were you concerned about? why did you fear for your safe? i was concerned more about infrastructure. and i'm not trying to get out. i've been there nine times. this was the most in terms of numbers of people i have ever seen. great frustration. slow response has taken place. recent arrest. those of the things. >> the problems there seem to be bouncing. the messages were vulgar.
4:33 pm
they were crass. they raise questions about the possibility of a corrupt government and violations of the law. the good news here is the fbi have built and opened an office in puerto rico. it wasn't there before. they recognize they need. you are seeing the results of that. most importantly isn't so much about the governor. it is about the inability for the federal government to provide disaster funding. that is some of the issue. this controversy is going to slow that down. which creates a problem. they are trying to rebuild the grid. that is why i was there. the tough part is they've got to have power to be able to power the pharmaceutical industry. that is the number one location for pharmaceuticals products in the united states. it produces the number one actual.
4:34 pm
and medication. during the hurricane they were slow down in production. the grid is back up and operating. it is not reliable. the concern is not only about the economic and humanitarian part. it is also about what americans need to think about. pharmaceutical production and manufacturing. is the bigger issue for them that slow response we saw the hurricane maria in the aftermath of that? or the text messages and what they see behind the scenes that they see inside their own government? >> i think it is a combination. the messages were enough to say we have had enough. we have had a slow response. we can't get the disaster funding we need. last week they had an iguana that ran across electrical and not doubt 100,000 homes. the grid is very precarious.
4:35 pm
that is some of the things they are concerned about. it is also one of the first places in the country. they are trying to figure out how do we recover from this deadly storm. it really is something when you think about hurricane. back in 2017. they are still recovering trying to get basic necessities. also dealing with this financial crisis. which has really made the situation worse. this is going to bubble over to the presidential election. kamala harris is the first one to start talking about the pharmaceutical and healthcare price. concern for voters. if you can produce prices will go up. that is the problem they are facing in puerto rico. not being able to have a reliable grid. they have generators. the lack of power will not allow the pumping stations to operate for the water. you are going to see presidential candidates start talking about this.
4:36 pm
let's talk about where we go from here. the governor as you alluded to refusing to step down. he said he is not even considering resigning at this point. you were on the ground in puerto rico. what is your sense of how this ends?>> if you were to resign the next of line would've been the secretary of state which resigned because the next person in line is under investigation. it is one of those things. if he does resign who is going to lead this area? and the recovery. a lot of questions. glad you are safe. thank you for being here. police are now stepping up at the border between rwanda and the democratic republic of congo. ebola crisis continues. officials were enforcing handwashing and fever checks at the border. the city more than 2 million people announced the first ebola case this week. the
4:37 pm
world health organization declared the country's outbreak international health emergency. health experts are not imposing travel restrictions or urging officials to close the border just yet. dominican republic is rolling out new safety measures in an effort to ease concerns of americans. we now know more than a dozen u.s. tourists have died on vacation there since last year. jackie has more on the story. >> reporter: tourism is taking a massive hit in the dominican republic. every port showing a 75% drop since june. the country's minister of tourism ramping up safety measures to boost travelers confidence. part of the new initiatives include a multilingual emergency center. doubled the amount of inspections on hotels and food and beverage suppliers. a mandate emergency information to guest upon check in and guest rooms. at least 14 american tourists have died in the dominican
4:38 pm
republic since last year. 4 after having a drink from the hotel minibar. we have learned about is the importance of communicating effectively. to the american people.>> reporter: 2 families had the bodies flown back to the u.s. for independent toxicology test. other autopsies are being done in the dr are not available. the fbi is monitoring that process telling fox news additional time is required to complete toxicology test and the results are still pending. the report sparked attention in the least 65 reports of near fatal incidents. theories about a list of alcohol or misused pesticides as a possible cause. one hotel the hard rock clementa new liquor policies. removing all dispenses from guest rooms. officials insist the depths are unrelated. adding the number is an unusual considering 2 million americans visit the dr each year. the first six months of the year tourism has increased 8%. the majority of the increase
4:39 pm
has come from the united states. 10%. the emergency tourist center will be overseen by the attorney general. a massive heat wave is that the sweep across much of the country this weekend. we will tell you which areas will be hit the hardest after the break. this afternoon partly cloudy skies along the coastline. mostly clear elsewhere. temperatures subtle changes into your bay area weekend. i will explain coming up. you...and mom also gets aoss shoppiback-to-school bag? that's yes for less. ross has the brands you want for back to school. and it feels even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less.
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20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less. a massive heat wave over the eastern and central u.s. is expected to intensify over the weekend. temperatures will top 100 degrees in a number of major cities. pat o'neil has more.>> reporter: millions are bracing for a dangerous heatwave of the weekend. temperatures could rise to 100 degrees in new york. boston philadelphia and other cities. the big apple new yorkers and tourists are not finding ways to beat the heat. definitely stay inside. >> reporter: visitors and workers at the state fair braving the high temperatures. when we get a chance we
4:43 pm
will stand in front of a fan. for the most part we are ready and expecting the heat.>> reporter: a nurse at the fair agrees. it is important to keep hydrated. stay away from the caffeine drinks other sugary drinks. plain water is best. >> reporter: kids and adults are jumping through sprinklers hitting the pools. trying to stay cool. st. louis and other cities are setting up cooling sensors where people can escape the heat. the salvation army is giving away donated box fans and air conditioners to people in need around the country. national weather service said a number of record highs are likely this weekend. excessive heat warnings and heat advisories are already in effect for the eastern two thirds of the country. in new york pat o'neil. let's take a look at the current conditions outside. a live picture of the golden gate bridge. so far the fog is holding back
4:44 pm
a bit. the golden gate bridge san francisco half moon bay all enjoying the sunshine. the rest of the coastline is pretty much boxed in with cloud cover. in some areas it cooled it down. other areas warmed it up. subtle changes going into saturday. before the warming trend begins to kick in in the days ahead. for your bay area saturday. i would expect most areas to be within a few degrees some slightly cooler. if you don't get enough sunshine. tomorrow morning perhaps a little bit warmer. in any case we will continue with our microclimate summertime pattern. is at the coast. 70s and 80s around the bay. inland 80s and 90s. we creep up on sunday. take a slight dip on monday. backup on tuesday. we've been playing with this pattern the last several days. it will continue. 64 degrees on the west edge of san francisco. downtown upper 60s right now in san francisco. low 70s in napa. low 80s livermore.
4:45 pm
san jose 83 degrees your afternoon high. very mild by july sanders. a look at the onshore breeze through hayward at 13. livermore gusting 21. a pretty day out there. a little breezy for some. oracle park it will be cool and breezy. bring along your jacket. there is the blue sky. the rest of the coast covered in overcast. getting into our evening hours. low clouds expected back across the bay into the north bay. by tomorrow morning. so much where we have been the last few days it will pull back to the afternoon. mostly sunny skies away from the coastline. very similar to start the day 67 oakland. 55 san francisco. upper 50s and concorde. 57 san jose. the afternoon highs 66 for areas over san francisco. low 70s expected for the east bayshore.
4:46 pm
inland it is the warm day 85 in brentwood. for the north bay upper 70s for santa rosa. 75 san rafael. the south bay for your afternoon 80 degrees san jose. 83 los gatos. 70 by the water in santa cruz. if you're thinking about heading to tahoe it will be nice as well. 76 afternoon highs today. tomorrow upper 70s. 80 degrees on sunday. the overnight low is cool but not too bad in the 40s. a nice rebound. mostly sunny skies and the tahoe area. your extended forecast at home. temperatures on sunday a little bit warmer. as we get intimidate not a lot has changed. tuesday very similar. by the time we hit wednesday into the middle 90s. middle 90s notable change from and 80s. that is several days out. in the meanwhile we have beautiful weather. the back-and-forth between the u.s. and iran continues this afternoon.
4:47 pm
iran denies the u.s. destroyed one of its drones. it did so hours after trump made the claim. british officials today announced iran's >> reporter: that was iran's foreign minister. the un thursday dodging questions about the loss of a drone. i ran set the u.s. did not shoot down the drone. the denial comes hours after trump said the u.s. as boxer took defensive action when a drone cames within 1000 yards. it took defensive action against an iranian drone. which had closed into a very near distance. approximately 1000 yards. ignoring multiple calls to stand down. and was threatening the safety of the ship and the ships crew.
4:48 pm
the drone was immediately destroyed.>> reporter: on friday iran denying the statement. iran's deputy foreign minister quoting we have not lost any drone. i worried the u.s. as boxer shut down their own by mistake. the move recently after iran shut down a drone last month in the same waterway. president trump came close to retaliating with a military strike. iran's oil tanker in the gulf on thursday. president trump is planning on sending hundreds of more troops to saudi arabia to counter iranian influence in the region. i haven't been myself. i'm told it is a lot of fun to attend. it offers great people watching. i hear good things. we will take you inside night one of san diego's famed comic con. up next.
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i'm pretty excited. the weekend is almost here. what is happening around the bay in your we can watch. we are heading into the weekend. here are a handful of happenings to consider. in the east bay enjoy the music of dolly parton. performed by the oakland men's chorus. on saturday in alameda on sunday in berkeley. on the peninsula menlo summerfest is in downtown menlo park this weekend. live music.
4:52 pm
200 artists foods and drinks. garden exhibits. health and wellness displays and a children's own. in the south bay the junk in the trunk vintage market is this weekend at the santa clara county fairgrounds. you can shop from vintage curators and handmade artisans. live music and food trucks. in the north bay sonoma state university for the annual bluegrass festival and crafted beer fest. both on the same day. a green music center. put on your running shoes and join the annual wine country half marathon. it starts in napa and finishes and sonoma. and ending includes a wine and music festival. in san rafael you will find the beer festival saturday. the marin civic center fairground. more than two dozen breweries are participating alongside restaurants and other entertainment. the proceeds will benefit low income women with breast cancer. in sports the a's are away. giant quakes are home. catching cheaters is
4:53 pm
becoming big business in the era of these boards. an ongoing fight in the massively popular apex legends game. between those who just want to play for fun and those who want to go pro. experts say some people will use any means necessary to win. including programs that automatically aim or see through walls. a number of other cheats. the studio behind the game is beefing up anti-cheat software. actively seeking out cheaters and auto banning them before they can get into a match. game studio respond is looking into placing the cheaters in their own servers so they would only be able to play against each other. cheaters versus cheaters. thousands of fantasy and pop-culture fans continue to pot pack, can comic con. this is the 50th year of comic con. some of the very first guest
4:54 pm
got a huge surprise.>> reporter: more than 130,000 self- proclaimed nerds and fantasy fans converging on the san diego's convention center for the 50th annual comic con.>> there is an any, con like san diego's. there are so many people. there is so much excitement.>> reporter: half a century ago the event started in the basement at the u.s. grant hotel in san diego. with no attendees. in this decade cents that only has it exploded into a massive event drawing people from around the globe.>> it is crazy. it is more than you expect. the amount of people who are here is ridiculous.>> reporter: comic book base. an immersive experience featuring more than 1000 exhibits and animation movies shows and games. 8000 of those folks got quite the surprise when actor tom cruise showed up to premier the first
4:55 pm
trailer for the long-awaited top gun sql. many diehard abilities using, con as a chance to dress up as their favorite characters. some even creating their own original look. like this man. who dressed up as a darth vader donald trump hybrid. with the message make the deaf start great again. the one time of year you can be whatever you want.>> reporter: the fund doesn't just take place in the convention center. dozens thousands of guest around the city. , con runs through sunday. it is unusual way to help kids navigate life. a former football coach will bring the young players to the mortuary he worked in. having them get inside a cremation box.
4:56 pm
meet three of those he helped a mentor. about the life lessons they learn. we are live at oakland where the evening commute has been snarled. due to the massive pothole on interstate aad. an update on how the repairs are coming along.
4:57 pm
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a sure way to mess up the friday afternoon commute. a gaping hole in the middle lane of 880, right through the heart of oakland. caltrans has shut down three lanes and they don't expect to have the freeway open for at least another two hours. good friday evening. >> happening right now, major traffic delays in the east bay. a large pot hole forcing the closure of several lanes in downtown oakland. you're look at live pictures right now. it is backing up rush hour traffic for several miles. take a look at the map here. the pot hole opened up in the number three lane on southbound 880, near jackson street, sometime this morning. caltrans says it's going to take hours to repair this. the very latest. henry. >> reporter: this pot hole is affecting a freeway bridge
5:00 pm
section that was built in the 1950s, so certainly not helping that when 880 is already difficult to navigate. take a look at this video from sky fox. california highway patrol officers stood watch over the large pot hole. the first noticed it at about 11:30 this morning in the number 3 lane of southbound 880. some drivers swerved to avoid the pot hole, which measured about 2 by 3 feet. others had the misfortune of going right over it. many cars got flat tires. chp officers blocked off the number 3 lane before caltrans workers arrived. crews then blocked three of the southbound lanes before beginning repairs. drivers were busy fixing their tires. >> several cars drove through that scene prior to the chp arriving there and probably suffered some damage. >> our te


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