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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  July 19, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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direction. >> here's a look at our live traffic map. you see a whole lot of red in the area with traffic stretching all the way back to the bays. henry, this is no fun for people wanting to get home, especially on this friday night and get their weekend started. >> reporter: this pot hole is no funned in on friday night. it was on a bridge that was built in the 1950s. 880 is difficult to navigate on a good day. this is not helping the matter. chp officers stood watch over this large pot hole. first noticed at 11:30 this morning in the number 3 lane on southbound 880 between jackson and oak street. some drivers swerved to avoid the pot hole. others had the misfortune of going right over it. many tires were flattened and many cars have more than one
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tired affected. caltrans workers arrived about 3:00 in the afternoon. they blocked three lanes of traffic before beginning repairs. drivers were busy fixing their tires. >> several cars drove through that scene prior to chp arriving there and probably suffered from damage. >> our maintenance crews are on scene now filling the pot hole. we do have the left three lanes closed. but we're working to get them open as quickly as possible. we appreciate everyone's patience as we work to repair the pot hole. >> reporter: they are encouraging drivers to take alternate routes. again, plan early, leave early, and be prepared.
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live in oakland, henry lee. >> use interstate 580 if you can. in the south bay, another person was hit by the light rail train this morning. officials say a man on a bike went through a pedestrian gate. hit by a winchester-bound train. train service was interrupted for about an hour while officials investigated the accident. witnesses say the pedestrian may have gone past the safety gate. >> i thought his bike was lodged under the train a little bit later. i also thought these are incredible people who get him out from under the train and get him in an ambulance. it's bike was pretty mangled under there. >> that man very lucky to be alive. bta officials say people need to be aware of the potential dangers when near the track.
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just last week, a 14 year old girl was hit by a light rail train after riding her bike around the safety gates. the arrest of a man police say was wielding a knife, a victim showing the scars from the run-in with the suspect. police say the man jumped out of the bushes and attacked that woman. >> reporter: sheila fernandez is bloodied, bruised and traumatized by what happened. >> he hurt me. >> reporter: she says this man jumped out of the bushes late at night and chased her with a kitchen knife. her sister-in-law says they had never met him before. >> she tried to run away from that guy. she just thinking she should duck under the car. but she sees -- she -- he threw rocks on her. >> reporter: fernandez fell as she ran. a group of neighbors heard her screams and his too. >> he said i'm crazy, don't
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talk to moment. that's what he said. holding a knife. we don't have anything -- i didn't wear slippers anything. we just ran outside to help her. >> reporter: they said ran to his apartment leading to a stand off with milpitas police. neighbors were awakened and evacuated. >> all that s.w.a.t. team and police team were all over the place. so i was scared to hang around. i got a little one. so let's get out of here, evacuate. >> reporter: for hours, authorities tried to negotiate with but nothing worked. >> the s.w.a.t. team used diversionary tactics to try to gain his cooperation. eventually our s.w.a.t. team was able to make interview into his apartment and take him safely into custody. >> is now facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon, brandishing a weapon and
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assaulting an officer. >> she says she doesn't want anybody to get hurt. she doesn't want him to come back to the apartment. >> reporter: fernandez has been checked out at the hospital and is recovering from abrasions to her face and leg. fox 2 news. three men from the bay area are accused of going on a crime spree in los angeles and leading police on a wild chase. check this out. from above, you see the suspects in a black sedan weaving in and out of traffic, speeds reaching 100 miles per hour. even making contact with other vehicles at times. the chase ended at the sherman oaks galleria. all three men were taken into custody. l.a. police say the three men are from oakland and they have on police radar. >> we have crews comprised of gang members from the greater oakland and san francisco areas
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that are regularly visiting los angeles for particularly purpose of committing burglary from vehicle. >> something we're familiar with. parts of los angeles like the bay area are seeing spikes in car break ins. the numbers are up as much as 30% from last year. new tensions in the middle east tonight where the u.s. is stepping up air patrols over the strait of hormuz. there's late word from an iranian news agency that the liberian ship was released. just yesterday, the u.s. says it downed an iranian drone in that key zone. last month, the iranians shot down a u.s. drone and it nearly led to a u.s. strike on iran. >> in the end, president trump will make the decision how to
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proceed. we're prepared to conduct negotiations with no preconditions. the iranians say they'll continue to talk but if and only if the united states does something. we need them to come to the table. >> the u.s. and iran have been increasingly at odds. the u.s. with drew from the iran nuclear deal and began enforcing harsh sanctions. 3,000 inmates are being released from prison starting today. that measure, known as the first step act allows for the release of certain non-violent offenders. it's a revision of the nation's sentencing laws based on -- tough on crime drug from the 1980s and 90s. the doj has started implementing the aspects of the law and it expands dog training and other programs to help offenders transition back into the community. a federal judged it gave
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the city of oakland 45 days to amend its lawsuit against the raiders and the nfl over the move to vegas. >> reporter: in a game known for hard knocks and big hits, the city of oakland is taking its fight to the federal court house. instead of a ref, calls in this case come down to a judge. another 45 days to clarify its argument against the raiders and the national football league. the city is saying they violated anti-trust laws. the judge saying the city needs to do a better job laying out that argument. in courted it -- >> he gave us 45 days to add to the presentation that our attorneys had already presented regarding the anti-trust and also the contractual obligations the nfl and raiders have with oakland. >> reporter: also on hand, die-
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hard raiders fans from forever oakland. they know the team is moving to las vegas, but they want to hold on to the raiders' name and history in hopes the nfl will allow another team to take up the name and bring raiders football back to oakland. >> what we want is what happened in cleveland in the 1990s. the cleveland franchise were able to retain their name and have future nfl football because they had the fan base like we do. >> reporter: oakland city attorney releasing a brief statement: we are confident that we can file an amended complaint that addresses the issues raised by the court. it has nothing to do with the raiders' move to las vegas. the stadium in that city nearing completion. raid-share drivers say they're fed up. they want better pay and benefits from their employers. dozens of drivers marched to uber headquarters this morning and they support an assembly bill that would require ride-
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share companies to classify drivers as employees instead of contractors. ab5 has passed the state assembly. it's still awaiting a vote from the state senate. drivers are seeking the ability to form a union. >> i've been driving about three years. the pay isn't account for all the taxes we have to pay -- you're not just paying taxes on the money we put in our bank account. we're paying taxes on the money uber and lyft make. >> accepted a all right from the protestors asking for the company to begin negotiations. some drivers prefer the flexibility provided by being their own boss. coming up, battling raging wildfires can have an impact on firefighters. the new study said to look on how the stress impacts their mental health. >> also ahead, some people in california are now having trouble protecting their investment in a home from fire.
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>> and in weather watch, sunshine here in the bay area. pretty warm temperatures and those numbers could be ramping up in your 5-day forecast. >> don't be surprised if your picture ends up on top of the sales force tower one day. the changes coming to the article installation in the sty this fall. >> and another look at traffic on this friday evening. we showed you the mess on 880. this is the bay bridge where it's a slow roll into san francisco. ktvu news at 6:00 will be right back. or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun. you might remember new flavours, or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed.
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firefighting can be an incredibly tough job. studies show the stress can impact the firefighters' mental health. >> while there's data about traditional firefighting jobs, very little information is available about the impact of wild land firefighting. >> reporter: when it comes to wild land firefighter suicide, we have very little data on this super sensitive subject. >> [indiscernible] >> reporter: this year, the federal national agency fire center took action to collect that data and improve services for full-time and seasonal firefighters. >> mental health how -- wild
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land firefighters before they get [indiscernible] suicidal thoughts. >> reporter: coming home from a brutal exhausting fire season can be very much like coming home from a combat zone. >> they work long hours, they're with their group all summer long. they sometimes can experience very intense events. and then all of a sudden they're laid off. and they are sometimes [indiscernible] >> the suicide ideation or the completion of suicide is a very large concern to us. >> reporter: cal fire is just as concerned because the new unprecedented levels of intense firefighting can lead not just to ptsd, but real brain damage. >> we call it ptsi, post traumatic stress injury. it's literally a scientific -- physiological, neurological injury to our hippocampus,
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actually. so when we're doing these deployments, we are constantly in a fight or flight. >> reporter: the goal -- >> make sure that that is made available anywhere, even in remote locations on the fire line. >> reporter: there is counseling and treatment available during and after incidents to avoid a lonely dive into self destructive behavior, including addiction, alcoholism and suicide. but these life savers tend not to reach out for personal help. >> you also [indiscernible] firefighters and their family. >> reporter: this is a far cry from even a few years ago. >> the old theory was, you know, it's what we do and we need to suck it up. there's a stigma associated and we're breaking through that right now. >> reporter: a stigma no more. the trump administration
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has proposed an ambitious plan to slow wildfires in the western u.s. the plan would create fuel breaks by bulldozing and mowing large areas of land across the great basin. that includes california, i.d. hoe, washington, nevada and utah. it would be between 55 and $100 million up front. insurance rates are tripling, even quadrupling for california home owners who live in fire prone areas. the state department has -- 100 insurers have asked for rate increases to the last 8 years. placer county sent a all right asking for a better standard of
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evaluation. >> number one, if you get a non- renewal notice, call us, we'll make shower your insurer's followed the law. that they've given you the notice required by the law and we help you understand what your options might be. >> those options might be getting connected to another company or tapping into the california plan which is a state sponsored policy. limits coverages to $1.5 million. a beautiful day here in the bay area. lots of sunshine across most areas. temperatures in the comfortable warm range across most bay area neighborhoods. take a look at some of the highs this afternoon. santa rosa 81, napa, 85. san francisco in the lower 70s. 71 degrees, fremont in the 80s. san jose, 84 degrees. satellite showing you the main reason why. you see a little bit of the circulation off shore. you can see here this middle
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eddie circulation here. that circulation enough to draw the fog just out to our west. as a result, we had the sunshine in san francisco throughout the afternoon hours. fog though did not completely clear. it is making a come back and it's already rushing back into the bay for tonight and will be a factor later tonight into tomorrow morning. santa rosa, 68 degrees, san jose right now 81. and concord has pulled off to 74. our live camera, looking off to mount diablo. inland spots will be back up into the 80s as we head into the weekend. temperatures will be in the 50s and 60s. here we are, the clouds out to start out your morning. typical bay area temperature range with the forecast highs for tomorrow. we will have 80s. we will have 70s on the coast and san francisco, mainly in the 60s for tomorrow afternoon. eventually, we want things back up in the 5-day and we'll have that coming up in a little bit.
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as offed it, people now have another two-wheel option to get around san francisco. lyft started rolling out electric bikes after the city issued the company an interim permit. the bikes will be named bay wheels, instead of the company's other bike brand. one benefit is you don't have to return these bikes to the station and another benefit, the electric assist makes riding the hills easy. >> san francisco is full of hills, as i'm sure you know. so one of the challenges with the old unmotorrized versions is trying to get these bikes up the hill was a bit of a challenge. >> right now lyft is suing san francisco to keep exclusive rights to operate stationless bikes in the city. they hit the streets of san jose last week. the artist who created the light show on top of the tower in san francisco is prepping for a new display.
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collecting videos of life in san francisco that he will edit today. any images of people's faces will be so blurry that people will not be able to identify them. new video series expected to be ready in the fall. a sign of the times in oakland. a new pot dispensary opening up where you may least expect it. >> it's been over a month since two men were randomly stabbed to death one day apart in san mateo county. investigators are asking for your help to find more information about the suspect. it's no ordinary day for our family at denny's.
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so a new cannabis store is about to open on broadway in oakland and it's located directly across the street from the oakland police department. >> we paid a visit to the shop and spoke with the manager about why that location has an advantage. >> reporter: call it a sign of the times here at the corner of broadway and 7th street in oakland, the new recreational pot shop is about to open across the street from police headquarters. now about to become neighbors. the irony isn't lost on people passing boy. >> absolutely surreal. i think overall it's a step in the right direction. >> reporter: outside the have a heart cannabis dispensary, a muralist is putting final touches. >> we've had a few officers come over and comment how cool
6:25 pm
and awesome it being across the street is and it definitely is an unusual and weird thing. >> reporter: the co-owner says putting a cannabis dispensary here -- foot traffic is close to public transportation and yes, having police close by, helps promote a sense of safety. >> being as now we're going through all the proper channels of being licensed, i don't think it's ironic. >> reporter: we reached out to the police department for a comment but did not hear back. >> i showed her the space and she was excited about it. she was concerned about safety. there is a crime rate when it comes to cannabis. >> reporter: have a heart will be the 9th cannabis dispensary to open in oakland since recreational marijuana sales became legal january 1st, 2018. >> definitely interesting to see across corners their coexisting. we'll see how it all shakes out. >> reporter: the newest pot
6:26 pm
shop is expected to open by end of july. the fox 2 news at 6:30 starts next. a tough lesson for youngsters to keep them off the street. >> when you see us do this -- >> reporter: 10 years later, we ought up -- >> it's over. that's your book right there. >> reporter: 10 years later, we caught up with the same students. hear how a trip on a funeral home changed their perspective forever. >> and facing eviction. why a women's shelter in oakland may soon be forced to shut its doors. >> and later in sports, day 2 of the open championship in northern ireland. we have the leader board and the big name that didn't make the cut. of savings and service.
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back now to our top stories, emergency repairs are
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under way 880 in oakland this evening after a large pot hole opened up. three southbound lanes are down and traffic has up for miles. the pot hole is just south of interstate 980 interchange. a milpitas man is behind bars following a stand off with police. all the with a deadly weapon around 11:30 last night. jumped from the bushes toward a woman swinging a knife and throwing rocks. that woman escaped and police say the suspect barricaded himself in an apartment. he was taken into custody 4 hours later without dent. it's still unclear what has happened to a british oil tanker. iranian media claims the british ship was not complying with their laws and regulations.
6:31 pm
the u.s. says its stepping up air patrols. you are watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. 10 years ago, we met an oakland man coaching young athletes and helping them naviare adults and tonight we revisit with them and some of his former athletes. >> you got the receiver i got the running back. let's go. >> reporter: 10 years ago, todd walker was coaching the junior bears football team. and off the field, with parents' permission, would bring the young players to the oakland funeral home where he worked. >> when you see us come at the end of the field and we walk down the aisle and you see us do this, it's over. that's your book right there. >> reporter: using props, walker lectured about life and death in hopes of keeping these children off the street. even having the boys climb into
6:32 pm
cremation boxes. >> you all right? >> no, sir. >> how that feel? >> bad. >> reporter: that was then. this is now. walker's no longer coaching, but still working at the funeral home and still helping those kids. >> i'm the same height as you. >> reporter: including the smith brothers. we also met them 10 years ago. this was them back then. this is them today. >> it's a life-changing experience. it makes you look at life in a different way. i told him i really appreciate that and it kind of is still in my mind now. >> reporter: kaveo smith is 19 years old and was 9 years old when we last spoke with him. >> when my dad died, i thought about how -- where do you end up whendie? >> reporter: kaveo and older brothers taveo and maceo know the reality of street violence
6:33 pm
first hand. their father was shot and killed in 2008 near uc berkeley in the parking lot of the top dog restaurant. now all young men, they still live in the east bay. and they say walker's lessons stayed with them. >> all the life lessons he gave us is relevant to this day. it really is. all the life lessons. it really goes way past football. >> whatever we need, we call him, he's really there for us and i appreciate that. >> reporter: the eldest brother is now a father himself. the fall-time college student says losing his own father gives him a different perspective. >> i try to more so put my foot down and be solid in lots of areas that i felt like i lacked or didn't lack, but i -- >> reporter: tens years ago, when he was 15 years old, maceo told us this. >> feel like, you know, life is -- only got one life, live it
6:34 pm
to the fullest and do what you want to. your life is long if you let it be. >> yeah, what i said back then, it can be as good as you want it to be. it's all in your heard, you know. that's pretty cool. >> reporter: did you impress yourself? >> yeah, i impressed myself. okay. yeah, that's awesome. >> reporter: as for walker, the 57 year old oakland grandfather is no longer coaching, but still mentoring kids about the same message he delivered a decade earlier. >> he stays in contact with everybody. he ain't gonna lose contact with any of his kids. if it's facebook, instagram, phone call, text, he stays in contact to make sure everybody is on track and still doing good. >> reporter: walker feels the street violence is worse. >> i just can't understand how these kids don't have a driver's license or card, but they n get the high-
6:35 pm
power weapons. >> reporter: todd walker says he is bothered by something now. it's not the youth, but the older generation. >> grown-ups have to step up. people my age got to step up. they on our watch now. if we don't step up and do nothing, it's going to get worse. >> reporter: in the middle of our interview, an example. >> how you doing? getting off? i see your post you put. proud of you. all right, sir. see, that's one of them right there. >> reporter: of why walker still does what he does. >> that's what touches my heart. he just getting off work. he was 5 years old, running around out here. now he's a grown man. he's not running around, ain't got no guns on him. normal people. and they good. i love all of them. >> reporter: in berkeley, ktvu fox 2 news. a woman's shelter in the east bay is facing eviction due to an increase in rent.
6:36 pm
serenity house is a shelter for women who have survived addiction, violence and homelessness. now shelter volunteers say they're being forced out after their rent increased by 75 percent last year. shelter volunteers say they need to come up with $14,000 by tomorrow in order to keep the location in west oakland open. serenity house has created a gofundme page to collect donation. right now there's about $4,700 but it needs to raise a lot more. the public's help to learn more about a double murder suspect in their custody. investigators want to talk with anyone who knew or may have been in contact with 26 year old malik -- over the st year. he's charged with killing two people in separate incidents on skyline boulevard in san mateo county. his court case was put on hold wednesday so doctors can
6:37 pm
determine if he's mentally fit to stand trial. a funeral was held today for a 15 year old boy who was shot and killed in san francisco's mission district. he had just finished his freshman year at lincoln high school. he was getting food for friends on july 8th and was shot. gunman hasn't been caught and police don't know if he was the intended target. his mother says her son never got in trouble and worked with violence prevention groups. coming up, it was 50 years ago tomorrow, the first u.s. astronaut set foot on the moon. a look at the celebrations across the country, including at the white house. >> and the new idea by two republicans to fund a wall along fox news celebrates the 50th anniversary of the moon
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tomorrow marks a mile stone in human history. 50 years since this, the apollo 11 moon landing. >> today, two of the apollo astronauted reunited in the oval office. >> it's one small step for man, one giant leap for man kind. >> reporter: 50 years ago saturday, two men accomplished a monumental feat. neil armstrong and buzz aldrin became the first men to walk on
6:41 pm
the moon. half a century later, celebrations are planned all across the country. >> tomorrow's a big day. >> reporter: from in washington, president trump hosted -- in the oval office. the president touted nasa's commercial work with companies like spacex and boeing. >> if you look at kennedy, you look down in florida, wherever you want to look, it was not a pretty picture. they were almost, you could say, abandoned, and now they're in tip top shape and rockets are going up all the time. >> reporter: it's a sentiment echoed by one of the first men on the moon. >> they have been a little disappointed in the last 10 to 15 years. we were able to achieve so much early. >> re says he has a plan to giv a boost to the agency and get america back to the moon. >> the o rion crew capsule is
6:42 pm
amazing and we need it to go to the moon in the next 5 years. think of it as a small space station. >> reporter: tomorrow, the vice president is going to be here at the kennedy space center to make an announcement about the artemsi program. fox news. nice warm friday across most of the bay area. things could be heating up in the 5-day forecast. let's go to heather holmes in the news room. >> former special counsel robert mueller heads to capitol hill next week. why president trump says he won't be among the millions expected to watch mueller's testimony before congress. >> also the president is now involved in the case of an american rapper being held without charges in a swedish
6:43 pm
jail. why harvey levin believes race is playing a major role in this case. still ahead in this newscast, too close for comfort. how a bear got inside a government build nothing south lake tahoe. >> a live look at lake tahoe as we listen to -- ♪remember when you were wrung ♪ ♪ shine like the sun ♪ shine --
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there are moments in life that leave a lasting impression. like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun. you might remember new flavours, or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed.
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a tampa bay congressman
6:46 pm
wants to use el chapo's drug money to fund the president's border wall. the mexican drug lord was sentenced to life in prison on wednesday. wants to use $12 billion of his assets for border security. ted cruz is also in support. policy experts say forfeited money goes into a trust fund and department of justice decides how it's spent. a brutal heat wave will scorch more than half the country this weekend. oppressively hot temperatures and humid air moving in. while the worst is yet to come, adults and kids already seeking relief. 195million people across 34 states are now under heat alert. officials warn to limit time outdoors and stay hydrated. the mayor of new york calling the heat wave potentially dangerous. >> take this warning seriously.
6:47 pm
we haven't seen this many concentrated hot days in a long, long time. take this very seriously. >> in parts of the upper midwest and areas of the east coast will experience temperatures that feel like 110 degrees. the national weather service says the number of record highs are likely. what we're dealing -- >> if you don't like hearing that forecast for new york, just embrace the fog bank we have right now. it is that cool, refreshing marine layer that is going to keep us more in the comfort range. although our temperatures are going to be turning up a little bit especially sunday. take a look at the highs, especially this afternoon. san francisco temperature in n that forecast wasn't accurate. san francisco warmed up a bit,
6:48 pm
71 degrees. some 80s out toward santa rosa, concord, antioch and livermore. the fog did not completely clear. with that, it's going to help transport the clouds back into the bay overnight. san jose, 81 degrees. 70s for concord and fairfield. santa rosa has cooled off to 68 and san francisco has cooled off to 63 degrees. you can see some of the wind speeds right now. there is a bit of a breeze. winds around 12 to 17 to 24 miles an hour. sfo, southwest winds at 14. livermore, westerly wind at 13 miles an hour. we are in the clear, but still some fog making a come back near the coast and it's going to be a factor tomorrow morning right around the bay. with that, san francisco temperatures will start out in the 50s and then into the afternoon hours, it will be
6:49 pm
partly sunny, breezy, with temperatures to reach the mid- 60s. you heard about the forecast for portions of the midwest. take a look, waking up to readings in the 70 ands 80s in the morning and into the afternoon hours, here we go with the heat, mainly in the mid to upper 90s. this does not factor in the humidity. we see the heat index going up. high of 111 in new york for tomorrow. here is our situation. just a minor change for tomorrow. fog to start out the day. 60s and 80s and the clouds will gradually clear back around the coastline. next week, this will be a -- here we are tomorrow morning. 50s and 60s into the afternoon hours. temperatures, you can -- 60s, 70s all the way to the 80s. santa rosa, e bay in the 70s. inland, 80s for tomorrow afternoon. fremont for the upper 70s and
6:50 pm
san francisco 66 degrees. weekend's almost here. not looking too bad. sunday will be the warmest day of the weekend. the warming trend will continue into next week. no triple digits. >> thanks, mark. a furry visitor wandered into the south lake tahoe city hall this week. the city posted these photos on social media. the bear used the automatic sliding door to get inside the building and then turned around and walked back out. some people joked online that it was there for a city council meeting. others said it came for the bagels. >> bagels and cream cheese. next in sports, the open championship in northern ireland. >> the leader board and the big names.
6:51 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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itit's crepe for our family at denny's. a family tradition we started about 22 minutes ago and now we can continue that tradition at home with denny's delivery. see you at denny's or
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joining us now. golf superstar everybody seems to love. >> yeah, tiger woods won't be with us this weekend as far as the british open. something about his demeanor just didn't seem like the fighting tiger of old.
6:54 pm
could be that master's championship of earlier this year may have been the last hoorah for tiger as we go to round two in ireland. tiger, like i say, not happening. here's a sample. par 4, 17th, he's in deep left. part of a string of three straight bogeys in his round. he did finish the day at 1 under 70, but the 7 over yesterday did him in. here's brooks koepka. 69 today. par 3 13th, setting up very nicely for the birdie that ensues. jb homes, long putt at 13. tied now with irish man shane lowry. both men tied for the lead at 8th under par. should be a tight weekend over
6:55 pm
northern ireland. did you hang in tough? 16 innings last night and the winning ways continue. if you did go to bed early or got tired of it, here's how the giants came back from a two-run deficit in the bottom of the 16th to pull it out. >> base hit! and this game is over! >> dwayne there happy ting be going home as the giants continue. they are 25 and 16 in their last games. they pull it out. the first 9 innings handled by that man. madison bumgarner gave up only one run, struck out 6. and then
6:56 pm
the reporter questioned him about all the trade rumors, leaving the giants. >> reporter: conscious about a trade given the way the team's playing? >> i don't give a [ bleep ]. >> reporter: do you take a step back this is your final home stand, what that moment was like? >> i'm trying to win games for the giants and we're trying to go into the post season. we're making a push. we're coming. mean while, the nfl, a lead that does not have the collective brain power to properly adjudicate even a pass interference call at a championship game. and another questionable decision today. they announced kansas city receiver kyreek hill has been completely cleared to play this year after a recording of his fiance accusing him of child abuse. in that tape, his fiance says your son is absolutely terrorized by you. that's just part of it.
6:57 pm
if you're a parent, you would be terrorized by listening to that tape. go ahead and google it. the nfl, of course they wouldn't want one of their stars out for the year. that would be too much to ask. lot more fun stuff. let us check this out. tom brady seeking out a final vacation in costa rica with his daughter. i can't imagine that the patriots think their star quarterback should be jumping off a cliff, but you judge for yourself right there. >> it didn't look that high. do you know how high it was? >> look at her. looks like he dragged her off. check this out. this is shaq in belgium at a music festival, tomorrow land. electronic music festival. he's having fun. that is the sporting live at this hour. see you later, everybody. right now, earn 60,000 bonus miles
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okay, we're headed out-- see you later. before you leave, could you test these noise-cancelling headphones? yeah, sure. okay. go ahead. hello, can you hear me? sheldon, i haven't changed the filter in the water pitcher in two years. uh, bernadette's nickname for you is the virgin piña colada. your george lucas autograph is really a "me" autograph. yeah, well, once i was too lazy to walk across the hall, so i used your toothbrush. ooh, and one time when you were asleep, amy totally took off her... and that's why you're the best roommate ever. aw... now i'm sad i didn't hear it. so what do you need the headphones for? well, i've been struggling for months


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