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wild high-speed pursuit in los angeles. the suspect running from police or from here in the bay area. that dangerous chase in la hit speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour. investigators say the suspects are from here in the bay area and have been on their radar for months. the blazing fast pursuit started in the midcity area and led officers along two major freeways during commute traffic. it ended at the sherman oaks galleria in the san fernando valley custody. the bay area connection.>> reporter: it was a terrifying
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pursuit especially if you were driving on the freeway with a black sedan was weaving and then out evading police. is started in move dangerously into west la and palms. landed on the 405 and 101 freeway. speeds were in excess of a 100 miles per hour. this was in your garden variety pursuit. police say these were gang members from oakland. this is lapd captain james roberts. the back story is that we have crews comprised of gang members from the greater oakland and san francisco areas. that are regularly visiting los angeles particular purpose of committing burglaries from vehicles. they are breaking windows. or opening the doors if they are unlocked and taking items that are visible.>> reporter: one of the first on the ground
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to see the suspects as the chase ended at the sherman oaks galleria parking structure. the mall sealed off by black- and-white police units. they moved in on the men. washington pointed out the first suspect. he was scared. he was running scared. he was shaking. he had me scared.>> reporter: that was followed by these two arrests as police handcuffed them. he told us about the damage these crews have been doing to los angeles. wilshire is experiencing an increase of 30%. over the last. >> reporter: their mo is to rent a car steal stuff and get out of town. they did not get out of town this time. we dropped in cers made con they fled. we went into tracking mode. for the safety of the community. all lanes of
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interstate aad are finally back open tonight after a large pothole shutdown multiple lanes for hours. sky fox overhead this afternoon as california highway patrol officers would watch over the pothole which measured two feet by three feet. it was noticed around 11:30 am in the number three lane southbound eight a b between jackson and oak street. a number of cars hit the hole got flat tires. the three left lanes were closed for emergency repairs. traffic backed up most of the evening. this was built in the 50s and 60s. sometimes we can see these potholes develop. this is why senate bill one is needed. repair critical infrastructure in the bay area. the highway re-open 45 minutes ago. traffic on 880 is starting to improve.d while hiking with her
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family. the accident happened wednesday on the river. the 48-year-old as identified as heather a local counselor. the woman fell and was trapped by rocks. her husband reportedly tried to pull her out of the water. the current was too strong. a bird rescue operation is nearing a milestone the first of almost 100 rescued birds said to go free this weekend. the egrets were rescued this month after their nests were destroyed in a tree collapse. deborah's live in fairfield where volunteers are needed to help care for the baby birds.>> reporter: traumatic to have their roots come crashing down. some birds did not survive. those that did ended up here at the nonprofit international bird rescue. >> they are living in this incubator.>> reporter: a toasty room a newborn just hatched. wait a month and he will
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be size. it is remarkable any of these black crowned herons is no we egrets saved with them are going to grow up at all. they have to be missing their mom and dad in their normal blue skies. >> reporter: if i can street in downtown oakland split in half. and when it fell so did a large bird colony. dozens of babies not ready to be on their own. rescuers would not normally take offspring from their parents. they had no choice. the stress of falling from the tree. getting in the car and coming all the way here. is still being released successful while they are here is great. 89 birds and eggs on this fairfield facility. already nursing 200 of the birds back to help. it is been a scramble for staff volunteers and space.>> we had to wiggle stuff around.
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and kind of squeeze birds together. which probably made them feel safer. we have to find space.>> reporter: they are fed constantly monitored to make sure they are healthy and growing. you will see the eggs getting chipped away by the baby inside. about the aches that survive will get a chance to hatch. not ready to fly until six weeks. these guys are about a week or a week and a half.>> reporter: they flock to estuaries and wetlands. as a protected species the goal is to get all them back to the wild. in any public support is welcome. any dollar amount. any hands-on experience they have volunteering. it takes a village to take care of these babies. any little bit can help. >> reporter: new volunteers have been motivated by the birds plight. 50 people are expected at an orientation tomorrow.
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the first bird from the rescue will be released in sonoma county wetlands. the new challenges getting the adult birds to give up that spot. now that the tree is gone. audio recordings and bird decoys are being used to lure them to new digs at lake merritt. hopefully that works. in the future. volunteers can help out with the stuff. we go to brentwood were eight people were injured this evening and a multivehicle crash. it happened just before 5:30 pm. three people were taken to the hospital with critical injuries. five other suffering injuries considered minor. on-duty contra costa sheriff deputy was among those involved. only sustained minor injuries. it is not clear was triggered the accident. it appears the vehicles rear ended one another. a judge gave the
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city of oakland 45 days to refine his arguments in a lawsuit against the oakland raiders and the nfl over the teams moved to las vegas. christian captain explains with the latest development means for fans.>> reporter: in a game known for hard knocks and big hits the city of oakland is taking its fight to the federal courthouse. instead of a referee calls come down to a judge. the judge ruling city of oakland has another 45 days to clarify its argument lawsuit against the raiders and national football league. the city saying the team and nfl owners violated antitrust laws and their own relocation policies. the judge saying the city needs to do a better job laying out the argument. in court today oakland city councilman. he gave us 45 days to add to the presentation that our attorneys had already presented regarding the antitrust. and also the contractual obligations the nfl and the raiders have with oakland. >> reporter: they know the team is moving to las vegas. they want to hold onto the
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raiders name and history. in hopes the nfl will allow another team to take up the name and bring raiders football back to oakland. what we want is what happens to cleveland. it already happened. the cleveland franchise in a different way were able to retain their name and have future nfl football. they had the fan base like we do. >> reporter: city attorney releasing a statement reading we are confident we can file an amended complaint that addresses the issues raised by the court. the lawsuit would have nothing to do with the raiders moved to las vegas. the stadium mendacity already nearing completion. milpitas man behind bars after he cthey say this started around 11:30 pm last night. a man jumped from the bushes towards a woman while swinging a knife and throwing rocks.
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the woman escaped bloodied and bruised and traumatized.>> she tried to run away from that guy. >> police say he was holed up in his nearby apartment on north temple drive before being taken into custody. the victim suffering minor injuries. vascular say she felt trying to escape her attacker and should make a full recovery. tensions in the middle east where the u.s. is stepping up air patrols over the straight after a ron iran seized 2 oil tankers. one british and one liberian pick word from and news agency liberian ship was released. british leaders called an emergency meeting to secure the release of their ship. yesterday the u.s. said downed an iranian drone and in that shipping channel. last month the iranian shot
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down a u.s. drone and nearly led to a military strike. before the president called it off. in the end president trump will make the decision about how to proceed. we are prepared to conduct negotiations with no preconditions. the iranians continue to say they will talk. if the united states does something. we need them to come to the table. it is the right way to resolve these challenges. the u.s. and iran have been increasingly at odds of the u.s. withdrew from the iran nuclear deal and began imposing sanctions. two women are behind bars. how police say they managed to steal $5000 of goods from ng op and appreciate music. the program called three a clock rock and how live performances are a big part of the curriculum. we are wrapping up a pretty warm friday across most of the area. will let you know if the pattern continues heading in sea we can forecast. show me the crown.
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santa clara county deputies arrested two women suspected of stealing thousands of dollars worth of merchandise from stores around the south bay. deputy stopped the women while they were leaving a walgreens in cupertino with large bags under their shoulders. after searching the suspects vehicle he found more than $5000 of stolen hygiene products. both of the women were already on probation for burglary and theft crimes. people in san francisco have another two wheel options to get around the city. rolling out electric bikes today after the city issued the company and permit. the new bikes operate under the name they wheels. one benefit for writers is you don't have to return these e bikes to a station. another benefit electric assistant makes writing san francisco's hills easier. san francisco is. one of the challenges with the old
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nonmotorized version was trying to get these heavy bikes up the hill was a challenge. looking forward to this. know my struggling writing up the hills. lift is suing san francisco to keep exclusive rights to operate station was e bikes in the city. you will also start to see the bikes and oakland this week. hit the streets in san jose last week. a program that teaches children and teenagers about music through performance. three a clock rock. it is offered as an afterschool program for summer camp. amber saw one of the shows tonight. it is in the newsroom to tell us more about it.>> reporter: the founder tells me the students perform more than once a month. it is an important part of their music education. rock music performed by a boy band. they call themselves revolutions. a product of what some might describe as a revolutionary way to learn music. a program called three a clock
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rock that teaches students ages 7 to 17 to work with others by forming bands. playing shows. making records and going on tour. >> the best part is the shows we played like here. because it is fun. here is cafi in emeryville on this friday evening. students say they hope to inspire others through their performances. will be nice if they see us perform and decide to pick up an instrument. >> reporter: the music program was founded by billy. he is partnering with oakland unified school district to provide afterschool programs and summer camps. he said the experience can be exhilarating. did not have before.>> the feeling of hitting a home run for some people. they can shine. they are not into sports or computing.>> reporter: a lesson in discipline. we have a deadline. it really helps.>> reporter:
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music has no boundaries. education should extend beyond the walls of the classroom. this all girl band rolled their own songs. be who you are. when you're rocking out on the drums. >> reporter: part of the experience is looking the part of a rock musician. complete with a preperformance hairstyling session. gets you into the zone. this is now. i am on. i like to do a lot of crazy stuff on the drums. the crash symbol. >> this is th >> reporter: on tuesday some the students will travel to memphis. the birthplace of rock 'n roll. to perform and record music in a studio and views it and visit museums as part of their education. there is a cost for the afterschool program and summer camp. with the help of a nonprofit and donations there are
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scholarships available. san jose version of restaurant week kicks off tonight. dine downtown. it showcased the city's diverse culinary experiences and unique concepts not found anywhere else. 22 restaurants are participating. including family owned where chefs are serving up a fusion of vietnamese and french cuisine. it is more traditional cuisine. >> it is really designed to help bring more people out of our restaurants. during a time that is lower for restaurants across the industry. san jose downtown association set the city has seen significant growth with more than 200 restaurants and downtown. restaurant week runs now through july 28. some warm temperatures in the south bay all weekend. everybody warms up next week
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and the five-day forecast. highs today fairly nice friday across most area. 70s and even a few 80s. take a look at some of the highs this afternoon. san francisco 71. livermore 87. concorde 86. santa rosa lower 80s. you can see the fog which was clearing back just off shore earlier today. it is making a comeback. pushing back to the bay for tonight. current numbers for the 11 pm hour. we have 50s and 60s. mountain view 65. napa upper 50s. if you not. we will continue to tell things up into the overnight hours near the coast and portions of the bay. temperatures overnight will be in the 50s to the lower 60s. chill in the air. maybe some drizzle near the coastline. there is a chance. this area of high pressure will heat us all. that is next week. this weekend is a warming trend by sunday. we will have clouds in the morning. clearing back to near the
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coastline. into next week i warming trend. monday and tuesday the real heat will move in by wednesday and into thursday. the area of high pressure bills and. primarily for the inland spots. the coast is not so much. dealing with the night and morning low clouds and fog. tomorrow morning showing you some of the gray at 7 am. the clouds clear back to the coastline. into the afternoon hours. eventual temperature range again. we are not talking about extreme heat in your saturday forecast. santa rosa upper 70s. fairfield 83. vacaville 86. oakland walnut creek 83. fairly warm for the inland jose 81. i'll toward the coast clouds in the morning becoming partly cloudy. into the afternoon hours. san francisco 65. we will bump up the numbers in your sunday forecast. the real heat kicks and tuesday. and into wednesday. this weekend the minor changes. to get us ready for the heat
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next week. it should be a pretty nice weekend. sports is next. another extra inning victory to oracle park. see how a blooper kept their winning streak alive. unexpected visitor as a b hall in south lake tahoe. a bear use the automatic sliding door to get inside. they posted the photos of social media. the bear did not stay long before walking back out. 11 pm news. we will be right back.
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who are these. all of a sudden doing some fantastic work on the field. recognizable from the first couple months. end of may they were 12 games. that last place. tonight and probably they are they playoff contender. you can say that with a straight face. they are even 500. 49-49. great pitching tonight again. the defense not so hot. this gentleman also loses his glasses. tyler he basically outdueled jacob.
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he did get help from mike in left field. a beautiful catch. eight innings. gave up three heads. no runs. it didn't go to extra innings. the giants have two outs. one on. pablo sandoval. at the plate. when you are going good that is the kind of stuff that happens. dominic smith and left field. looking like old-timers. 62 meds who were all full. 1-0. when you're going good those of the things that happen. the giants the last 42 games. our 26-16. love the a's dress code. no matter. at home or on the road. the fans know how to live it up.
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the a's live by the long ball. not so much tonight. marcus simeon. 19 straight games the a's have homered. the single will do just fine as well. not hitting the long ball as of late. is rbi single breaks the tie. giants winning 5-3. the a's have a good one. in their late guy. they pull out the victory. it is time checking out on a friday night. in cleveland. they also do a wienie race like they do in milwaukee. this time with a little different twist. you need to. check this out. jerry lawler.
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used to hang out with andy kaufman. this is quite a shock. at the british open. the barbara saul championship. john merrick. talk about. a hole in one. tom brady trying to sneak in one last vacation before the season starts. they are down in costa rica. i'm not quite sure his daughter is all in on this job. the other sister is aghast at that. maybe the patriots have a different off-season training program. that is the sporting life. thank you for joining us. good night. hey, buddy.
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