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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  July 20, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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marketing an iconic moment. the bay area connection to the moon landing a half-century ago. the owner of a space sandwich shop is under fire. the controversial comments on his facebook page that blew up on social media. good saturday evening everyone. we begin this evening with a look at that moment that changed history five that is o man. one giant leap for mankind. you have seen it over and over.
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with that declaration neil armstrong becoming the first human to step foot on the moon the year 1969. there were a number of events today commemorating the major milestone across the country. feel keating has more from the kennedy space center.>> reporter: it has been a weeklong celebration leading up to this landmark day. july 20 the 50th anniversary of the triumphant apollo 11 moon landing. the day watched around the world. as the impossible fantasy became reality. the greatest human achievement in history skyrocketed astronauts neil armstrong michael collins and buzz aldrin into instant heroes. july 16, 1969 the three astronauts were strapped into their capsule the eagle on top of a massive rocket. the astronauts propelled into orbit and just over 11 minutes from florida's the space center. four days later july 20
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armstrong and aldrin took their momentous first steps. becoming the first humans to ever set foot on the lunar surface. the men spent just about 2 1/2 hours walking on the moon. collecting samples conducting experiments planting a flag. all while taking these iconic photographs. collins remained in orbit in the command module throughout the mission. an estimated 650 million people worldwide tuned in to watch the landing on their televisions.>> we knew everyone would be looking at us friend or foe. >> reporter: people all over the world including mike pence reliving the glory. coming together on of the american astronauts for their iconic journey. america will return to the moon within the next five years.>> reporter: the capsule and crew splashdown in the pacific july 24, 1969. capping a nine-day mission to
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the moon and back. and winning the space race. 50 years after a small step for man the rocket and its multinational crew take a giant leap of the launchpad down for the international space station. the rocket carrying two astronauts blasting off the launchpad in keswick stanford they will be joining two astronauts who have been living at the space station there since march. there is a special connection to the moon landing right here in the bay area. the uss hornet in alameda it was the ship that pulled the astronauts to safety. after they splashdown in the pacific four days the people aboard the hornet.>> reporter: the uss hornet today at the museum there active military service it was part of major world historical moments.
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the uss hornet recovered the apollo 11 and apollo 12 crews after they return to earth and splash landed in the pacific ocean. one of the 50th anniversary of nasa's moon landing the hornet hosted its own celebration. the kennedy space center set up exhibits the california academy of science put up a temporary planetarium. the real attraction was the original recovery team. they were a part of history. road history. it ranks with magellan and columbus. this was a moment in world history.>> reporter: clancy was the first opened the hatch to greet the astronauts. i literally had to step out into the water. and i got into the raft got into my by a lot. my swim recovery team. we put the decontamination in place. the rest is. >> reporter: flight surgeon was waiting in the helicopter. one by one in the rescue. when they came in you could not hear anything inside the helicopter. we had hand signals.
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i got a thumbs-up from one of them. a thumbs-up from the second guy in the third guy. my life was complete.>> reporter: had to then stay with the astronauts and the quarantine facility. i have to get swab samples. from the top of the head to the bottom of their feet. in the command module. off their suits. everything has to be analyzed.>> reporter: 12 men have stepped foot on the moon. it's of thousands of people to help get them there. talking to nasa scientists today they say they always plenty of people with plenty of passion to help the next mission. nasa will need scientists and engineers and technologists and mathematicians. he will also need writers. and communicators. an artist to help us design and communicate the way we are. we are going to the doctors. we are going to need plumbers. electricians. people who make machines. >> reporter: it seems looks
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forward to what the new space age will bring. it seems like just yesterday. now that i am back here and seeing all the people i worked with. president trump is walking back his previous criticism of the send her back chance the campaign rally. they came at a north carolina rally earlier this week. we are referring to somali born congresswoman omar. on wednesday facing widespread criticism the president said he felt badly about the chance. today mr. trump tweeted he wasn't particularly happy about them. it's all because the people at the rally incredible patriots. today east bay congresswoman barbara lee joined to talk about the president's comments. these are racist comments. his behavior is racist. he is a racist. what is important really is to understand his agendais an agenda that is embraced by
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white nationalist and white supremacist. that is very dangerous. he is doing this of course we know to cater to his following in his bays. in the meantime what he is doing is putting members of congress women everyone people of color in danger. thomas woman at least at some of her republican colleagues have quietly told her they also think the president's comments are wrong. she said they are reluctant to come forward. congresswoman. is bay deli owner is under fire for controversial facebook post. the owner of the deli that he will give a free side to anyone who says send her back. we have seen a lot of people come out on both sides of this. some people say they will boycott are planning a rally. other people's stop by the deli today to show support for their owner. a go to sandwich spot for some and clayton. come here all the time.>> reporter: customers quickly
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learned finesses and heroes open on saturdays is closed today. there is no sign explaining why. but this comes one day after owner john posted this on his for facebook page. meatballs made with the case we offend any of our overly sensitive pork haters. free side when you say send her back. hashtag brooklyn heroes. the post plays off president trump's north carolina rally the crowd chanted send her back about somali born congresswoman omar. some denounced the post writing bad reviews about the deli on yelp commenting on social media. this includes the foreign-born mayor of clayton. she tells ktvu she is a strong believer in first amendment right and he is entitled to his opinion. she is saddened by the post. in a statement she said there is no place in our community for hatred and bigotry. when hateful comments are being promoted as part of local
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business they reflect on our community's reputation. the east bay human rights advocates group has a similar stance. we at eb hra strongly condemned the comments made by mr. knesset. and further asked he apologize to our community for his hateful message. others stop by the deli to show support and standby john. one man said he doesn't agree with the backlash. spinning if you don't like someone's opinion don't come here. you don't have to get on a social outlet and write negative pump comments. this is good food. this guy has been a business for a long time.>> reporter:>> thought it was a joke. people took it too far. apparently we can't tejokes anymore.>> reporter: we reached out to the owner to share his thoughts on the aftermath of this post. i did not hear back. a rally is being planned by the east bay human rights advocates. next saturday the 27th at the grove park in downtown clayton. the group said it is a peaceful
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rally. the goal is to promote tolerance and inclusivity. . a warning after someone reported a sexual battery the uc berkeley campus. it happened at about 8:15 am on thursday. at the corner of bancroft away in fulton. the suspect grabbed the victim and then fled the area. police are urging those in the area to be aware of their surroundings. anyone with information should contact the police. san mateo sheriff's office made an arrest in a series of attempted car break-ins in half moon bay. debbie's arrested 20-year-old jacob of half moon bay on friday morning.tnesses say they him trying to break into a car on third avenue. sheriff say they believe they believe he had tried to burglarize several other vehicles. in that same area. he was booked on suspicion of attempted vehicle burglary and vehicle tampering. people got a sneak peekharv
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one is san francisco international airport today. that is the from san francisco's glide memorial church. they performed at the opening of the newly rebuilt the terminal. those in attendance got a firsthand look inside the facility as well as a preview of the upcoming hyatt hotel. the terminal is named the harvey milk terminal in honor of the former supervisor pushing for lgbtq rights. although he served less than 11 short months on the board of supervisors. he had a tremendous impact. terminal one is being rebuilt in stages and will eventually have 25 gates when fully opening in 2023. that needs to be addressed. cleaning up a san mateo
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neighborhood. volunteers target an area packed with rvs. feeling the heat. several states and millions of people dealing with triple digit temperatures. we will show you how they are coping. our weather completely different story. lots of low clouds and fog near portions of the bay. we are tracking a warm-up. take a look at the numbers after the break. right now, earn 60,000 bonus miles
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the seizure of a british oil tanker was in retaliation from britain earlier seizing iranian tanker off the coast of gibraltar. the revelation coming hours at the court in gibraltar extended detention of an iranian oil tanker. the uk and france are calling on iran to release the tanker which was seized in the strait. uk officials say is seized the
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ship because it was linked to the violation of sanctions against syria. on thursday the u.s. also said shut down an iranian drone. though iran denies it happened. in the end president trump will make a decision about how to proceed. we are prepared to conduct negotiations with no preconditions. iranians continue to say they will talk but only if the united states does something. we need them to come to the table. it is the right way to resolve these challenges. the u.s. and iran have increased tensions between one another at the view as withdrew from the iran nuclear agreement. motorcyclist was hit and killed overnight in oakland. a collision between a vehicle and the motorcycle occurred just before midnight westbound in the state 980 27th street. the crash blocked all lanes is officers issued a sig alert. maintenance crews clear direct and reopen at 1:37 am. authorities are into what c crash in brentwood the sent
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eight people to sheriff deputy. the collision happened just before 5:30 pm last night on vasco road. three people were taken to the nearby hospitals. with critical injuries. five others including the deputy suffered minor injuries. still not clear what triggered the accident. it appears the vehicles rear ended one another in a chain reaction. cleanup took place in the area of san mateo county that has seen a lot of homeless individuals living in recreational vehicles. it happened this morning at 9 am. it was organized by supervisor. this is video from the broadmoor village center where volunteers met this morning. supervisor said the cleanup gave people the chance to make a difference in the neighborhood and do something nice for others. this is a social issue. it is a social problem. that needs to be addressed. we have to remember that these people they are working class people. they are trying to make it. we need to do all we can to support them. the county office of
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community affairs the broadmoor police department and san mateo sheriff's office took part in the cleanup. community leaders are planning the second annual bbq 'n while black at lake merritt in oakland. bessie the party stemmed from the barbecue becky incident in which a woman called police to try to stop two african- american men from using a charcoal grill at the lake. people later organize the barbecue while black party last july. the organizers want to make it an annual event that celebrates positivity in the east bay african-american community. millions of people across the u.s. are suffering through a sweltering heat way. temperatures were expected to rise or feel 100 degrees in new york dc boston and philly. st. louis and other midwest cities setting up cooling centers where people can escape the heat. new york city officials canceled the time square commemoration of the 1969 moon landing. an outdoor festival featuring
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the soccer star megan. and musician john legend. it is really hot. i'm sticky > i need to have a j waterfall. megan. illinois the workers are keeping animals cool by giving them blocks of ice filled with fruit. the national weather service said many cities across the u.s. will likely hit record highs this weekend. much different story here in the bay area. we are not experiencing that. not expecting anything like that not for several days. you might want to put on a jacket or sweater. completely different story here. different world. take a look at the areas in red under excessive heat warnings right now. you can see toward st. louis the eastern seaboard. new york and boston and some the current numbers across the country. it is hot in the deserts. showing you right now it is 91 degrees in new york city. dc right now washington dc 93.
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the feels like temperatures when you factor in the humidity new york 98. washington dc 100 degrees. still another hot excessively hot forecasts as we head into sunday. compare that to the temperatures we have compiled on this map for the afternoon highs across the bay area today. san francisco only 66 degrees. lower 80s else toward fairfield antioch in livermore. san jose in the upper 70s. the reason why teachers are held in check here. we have low clouds and fog. is he hugging the coastline. not too much change with the weather pattern the past day. we had the fog offshore. it will push back it's the bay heading into your saturday evening. current numbers. fairfield 81. san jose 74. san francisco 59. santa rosa in the 70s. a neat shot here looking out to the bay bridge. looking out toward the east bay hills. in the distance we have mount diablo. apache clouds trying to make a comeback overnight.
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that will be the case first thing tomorrow morning. 50s and 60s to start out your sunday morning. the clouds at the coast and portions of the bay. a ball tomorrow afternoon at oracle. we are expecting partly cloudy skies and temperatures approaching the middle 60s for tomorrow. eventually we will warm things back up especially for the inland spots. the area of high pressure be rebuilt. tomorrow should be warmer than today. the system begins to lose its grip. into next week the real warming kicks in for the inland spots. by wednesday and thursday the hottest locations will be approaching amid maybe the upper 90s. a few days prepare for that. tomorrow morning showing you the fog the coast and portions of the bay. the clouds will clear back to near the coastline. temperatures in the 60s to the 70s. warmest locations in the middle to upper 80s. sunday afternoon santa rosa 81. fairfield 87 degrees. a few more neighborhoods oakland 72. upper 80s antioch and brentwood. san jose mostly sunny for
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sunday. 81 in san francisco 67. the coast mainly in the low 60s. your five day forecast temperatures are warming back up by wednesday inland we are thinking 95 or 96 degrees. right around the bay in the lower 80s. thankfully it is not like back east or portions of the midwest. but still the bay area warm-up is heading our way. we had a break for most of july. i think it was in that perfect comfort range. a few weeks ago we had that massive heat way. that is bad. that was back in june. san francisco in the 90s. it is okay this week. san jose version of restaurant week is currently underway. it is called dying downtown. 22 restaurants are participating. dying downtown.july 28. dying downtown is designed to
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help bring more people out of d for restaurants across the industry. reposted a list of participating restaurants on our website the third round of the open championship is in the books. how in ireland native is heading back. the giant still trying to ride the hot streak. up next on if they continue those winning ways. right now, earn 60,000 bonus miles
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more than 100 men resembling ernest hemingway gathered in key west this weekend for the 39th annual hemingway look- alike contest. the group made their way to the city's historic downtown. hemingway had a home in key west in the 1930s. it was there he roads kilimanjaro and the have and have-nots. spent a lot of time sloppy joe's in key west. the giants first. they were due for a stinker. they had won seven straight. maybe they were due for a loss.
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they were attempting to get about 500 for the first time all season. did not happen today. lucille or maybe ball is aldrin a tribute to apollo 11 moon landing all day today. jeff samardzija 0-6 lifetime. dominic smith. forget triple valley. this one is gone. mets are up 1-0. 5-1 mets in the six. pete alonso the home run derby champ launches one of dara collins. a three run blast. 444 feet. home run number 33 for alonso. 75 rbi. the brakes the rookie rafer. when you are on a yacht. you can do that. whether the giants wednesday or lose. 11-4 mets. no golfer has ever shot lower after three rounds of the british open and shane lowery. who is playing in his home country of ireland.
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at the royal port rush golf club. brooks not out of it yet. he is still alive. for birdie on 18. he knocks it down. shot a 67 today. he is -9 over all. he is seven strokes back. tommy fleetwood started out hot on the first hole. read the perfectly. that takes him to -8. he finished it with a 66. he is in second place. 12 under. there is your leader. lowery and the weeds on 10. looks like a bad shot. watch the kick. very nice but right up close to the whole. we had a shot like that you have to finish but that is what he does. he knocks her down. he shot a 63 today. 16 underpar. after three rounds. he has a stroke heading into tomorrow's final round. rain and strong winds expected tomorrow. antonio brown. look at this workout. those that is a break.
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this guy has very unorthodox workouts. he is tossing the brick up. if you can catch the brick and high-five your trainer behind your back. you can catch a football. training camp next week starts up. already coming up tonight on the 10 pm news celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing continue around the bay area. how they are marking this major milestone. so many celebrations happening. see you at 10 pm.
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ay, finally! look who's wearing her itsy bitsy bikini. (jay chuckles) he can comment because he's gay. he was talking about lily. so was i. ay, cam, you make her look so pretty. guess who's not coming for christmas. and the spotlight shifts. mom. she cancelled. (claire) what? in a voice mail, no less. unbelievable--and by that, i mean believable. why isn't nana coming? i don't know. something about her new boyfriend whisking her away on a cruise. i just got my gift. (claire) what boyfriend? carl the cruise ship captain. it was in her holiday newsletter. oh, i can't read that whole thing. no. yeah, after two pages about the bird she rescued... and by the way, i don't think you can say you rescued something if it dies. it died? she wrote a poem about it. a little too free with the free verse for my taste, but fine, we'll call it a poem. i stopped reading after she talked about suing her book club. oh, i stopped reading after "dear friends, family and others..." i'm sorry. who are "others"? me. no, you're not...


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