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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  July 21, 2019 10:00pm-10:59pm PDT

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a pedestrian killed and another seriously injured after police say a speeding tesla ran a red light and ran right into them. >> police have now arrested the woman who they say was behind the wheel. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. that crash happened in the city's tenderloin neighborhood near the intersection of taylor and o'farrell streets around 2:00 this afternoon.
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ktvu's jana katsuyama joins us with what we are learning about the victims. jana? >> reporter: julie and frank, we were here at san francisco zuckerberg general hospital. the woman injured was brought here. the man who was killed at the scene has been identified. now the coroner says he is benjamin deen, a 39-year-old man from clovis, which is about nine miles northeast of fresno. both of them were in the crosswalk at o'farrell when the tesla crashed into them. the evidence yellow markers on yellow street shows how far they were thrown. police say the black tesla crashed into them a man and a woman in the crosswalk of o'farrell just three blocks from union square. >> i heard it from my apartment, which is just a loud screeching. >> san francisco police say it happened about 2:00 p.m. and witnesses say the tesla had been speeding from market street. >> driving his tesla, driving northbound on taylor, ran the red lights here at o'farrell
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and a mini cooper traveling eastbound with the grn light sideswiped them. >> when the car crashed, the impact caused them to fish tail. throwing them to the g around a crashed into an empty parked jeep in front of the hotel. the drivers were not hurt, trying to save the male pedestrian, but it was too late. >> one of them, they were trying to resuscitate. the other faced down. >> the female was taken to sf general hospital. the male victim identified as 39-year-old benjamin deen of clovis. police interviewed both drivers who cooperated. about 7:30 p.m., police arrested the tesla driver, a woman in her 20s, who police say has addresses francisco and vallejo. turns out she had rented the tesla using the car sharing app, get around. and yesterda 4:00 p.m. and does not know if they were
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able to get data from the car. and all the speed also, the movement of the steering wheel and acceleration, everything. >> reporter: police say they arrested the tesla driver for running the red light and also on a charge of misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter. now we understand in homicide, we understand that the pedestrian, the female pedestrian who was injured was not able to get much information at the scene, so investigators have been sent here to the hospital to try to talk to information on exactly what happened in those minutes before the crash. >> do they she's going to be okay? police told me initially she came in critical condition, but
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they believe that doctor has assessed she has been upgraded slightly, still waiting for a full-time word on how she is doing. certainly a lot of people are hoping she's okay, coming from clovis so far and visiting here in the city. this had is not what i'm sure anyone would expect. >> jana katsuyama live in san francisco tonight, thank you. san francisco's supervisor tweeted in response to that accident saying another deadly crash in the tenderloin pedestrian killed after a car runs a light. we aren't a freeway, slow down, we're in a state of emergency in the tenderloin and need slower enforcement now. an outspoken advocate for safer streets in san francisco. and also in san francisco, a car fire down in macarthur tunnel in the city today causing major traffic delays. no one was hurt. witnesses say the driver was able to walk away both
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northbound and southbound lanes were shut down, but all lanes were back open late this afternoon. caltrans will conduct a follow up inspection tomorrow. and a driver was killed, the passenger suffered life threatening injuries when their suv overturned in san rafael this morning. the crash happened on highway 101 at smith ranch road around 3:40. the chp says the suv veered up the embankment and then rolled over. the driver and the passenger were both the ejected. the female passenger was taken to the hospital, suffering from major injuries. to detained immigrants. ktvu's leigh martinez has reaction from immigration officials and the mayor's office in er: the city of oakland has continuously strengthened its sanctuary
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policies over the past three years, making national headlines when she made a public warning that she had knowledge of upcoming immigration and customs enforcement sweeps. but revealing a different story happening at the oakland international airport. that from 2010 to 2018 ice chartered nearly a thousand flights out of the airport, flying nearly 43,000 detained people in and out of oakland. >> individuals who have picked up by ice are often shipped out of this country in a matter of hours and they don't have the ability to appear before a judge in many instances, so it is really, really important l do everything that we can to issue the transparency with respect to the process. >> reporter: local immigration advocates such as the california collaborative for immigrant justice say this appears to be a clear violation of oakland sanctuary city policies. >> i think this speaks to a larger issue with respect to what level of cooperation our city counties and governments are going to have with policies essentially violating human rights. individuals who are being moved
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out of the country rapidly and being denied the opportunities to speak to attorneys are access to the council. and having their human rights and the due process rights violated. >> overseeing the airport. private companies chartered the flights, which will lease the runways from the port of oakland. reaching out to the mayor's office to find out what city officials knew about the flights. and a spokesperson for the mayor's office wrote an e-mail, "the mayor's office is looking into this matter as this issue is a great interest to the mayor and her oakland values. we are currently looking into this activity to understand it and address it. bay area news group reports almost 27,000 people were deported and another 16,000 were transferred to holding facilities by way of the oakland airport. >> and it is up place. the owners and the responsibilities on ice, until that is taking place. >> we reached out to ice to determine how they coordinated their flights and why they eventually ended them in the
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oakland airport. from an e-mail, an ice person replied, "ice made a decision to discontinue the use of charter flights out of oakland in october of 2018. ice coordinates flight operations by a case-by-case basis. the agency does not share specific logistic details to detainee transfers." in oakland, leigh martinez, ktvu fox 2news. protesters gathered in san francisco today calling for the shut down of immigration detention camps along the border. first humanitarian universalist societies on gary and franklin organized the event, paying special tribute to the children who died at detention camps in recent months. [ inaudible ] >> the trump administration has been criticized for conditions at facilities along the
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southern border with mexico where many of the camps are overcrowded with inadequate food and supplies. and hundreds in oakland to take part in an event dubbed the barbecue and wild black. >> all of this started after a woman who is now called barbecue betty called authorities on the black family that was about to start grilling with charcoal if an area of the lake where that is not allowed. ktvu's andre senior with more on this big turnout. >> the issue of prejudice and racism, in today's gathering was to show that everyone could get along. >> both flames and meat, lots of it. what happened had all the signs of the party. >> we are out here barbecuing, selling food. >> oh, you see a line of different backgrounds, a lot of full meals there and people
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enduring each other. >> reporter: in many ways it is, but those here, they have not easily forgotten the reasons why this gathering began. >> we enjoyed the music and the food enjoying the people. and having a good time. >> and it is not a charcoal grill. >> a good time that sprung from a good moment captured if this viral video. a wait woman calling police on two black men who were about to grill in the park on lake merritt. >> i'd like to report they are illegally using a charcoal grill in a non-designated area. >> while it was prohibited, the reason for the call was the latest in a series of viral moments in which police were called on people of color for controversial reasons. when they did that, it was a negative thing, but made it positive. >> barbecuing as black isn't a gathering for just black people. >> it's about that we need to
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pose together. not just about black, red, white, brown, we all need to get together. >> from one side of lake barrett all the way to the other, the park was filled with people. numbers likely to compete strongly with the 2,000 who took part in this event last year. >> we are not all the negative that you see, it's obvious, but come to visit the lake and you're going to see different backgrounds and having a good time. >> reporter: a gathering downtown oakland to highlight unity instead of what divides. >> we are people. when i couldn't believe it. >> the event is organized by two people in oakland, saying the event will continue as long as they support it. the city of oakland allows the use of gas grills in designated areas. the use of charcoal is allowed and must be used at one of the stationary pits located around the lake. in the studio, ktvu fox 2news. and tensions will continue to rise with iran. at 10:30, why some lawmakers worry the country's recent
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actions could lead to war. and getting ready for the workweek. we will talk about a warming trend that you're going to notice right through the week. see you back here. and millions of americans remain under heatwave advisories this weekend. the details on how impacted cities are beating the heat.
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all the that we produce every year. by some estimates, there is 1.6 square kilometers of tracks floating in the pacific ocean. earlier we spoke to him on his boat half way between hawaii and san francisco via skype. >> two days ago, you had the
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three whale with a baby passing by. and trying with the floating and that is the day that we collected the most. you have those two worlds living together. >> and he is hoping to arrive in san francisco around labor day. the deadly summer heat is not over yet. major cities are still experiencing extremely high temperatures with some places along the east coast feeling like it's 110 degrees. fox news jackie heinrich with our reports. >> reporter: roasting the city coast to stling grip. and this weekend with temperatures soaring mid to upper 90s, however the summer heat feels more like 100 degrees or higher.
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and the sweltering heat index, pushing into the triple digits from the great plains to the east coast, prompting the national weather service to issue the heatwaving advisories, reminding people in impacted areas about the dangers of severe heat. city officials, they were also urging people to take the extra precautions against the hazy hot and humid temps. >> look for cool places to be. make sure you stay hydrated. make sure you don't overexercise. >> reporter: new york is far from cooling off as the deadly heatwave continues to bake the big apple. raising concerns that record energy demand would put a strain on the city's power grid. the city of new york tweeting, "sunday could be one of the hottest days i in the last seven years. make a plan to stay cool." this scorching temperature is not only a threat to humans, but tests too. the national zoo in washington, d.c., also taking measures to cool off their animals. giving them access to a last- minute shade and occasion fallly providing them with frozen treats. >> it's what we called a
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bloodsical, basically a frozen bone, maybe with a little bit of blood if it. >> reporter: despite the spiking heat warnings, some people in wisconsin are not budging, quenching their thirst in milwaukee. relief is on the way. the cold front dropping into the central u.s. will bring cool air to the midwest on sunday. however the east coast will begin cooling down on monday. in new york, jackie heinrich, fox news. i remember working rhode island and minnesota and you get those hazy, hot and humid temperatures. it just zaps you. >> it really does. the humidity is a big player out there. as they said in that piece as you know this. the weather is phenomenal that kills the most people is heat. and so that impacts a smala lot people in harm's way from the heatwave. it doesn't seem like it is a big serious event, but it is.
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heatwave for the elderly and the very young. with that said, it's hot out there. let's show you the highs from today. a little warmer. we're going to heat up around here, this trough has kept us cool the last couple of days. it will migrate off. as it does, temperatures will begin to warm up. that real warming will begin on wednesday, but started today. today we gained five, six degrees. temperatures were up from yesterday as well. some case it is 10 degrees. but as we go into wednesday, thursday, friday, those numbers will come up rapidly. not triple digit heat, but we will see the temperatures generally in the upper 80s to the mid-90s. you saw the fog there and the salesforce building in the fog working its way back into the coast. you can see this is the low that i've been tracking, see we been mild as this gets ready to go. this is what's going to cool thefolks out east as it migrates through. but the high will jump in and the high pressure will be building in, giving us the temperatures back to more summer-like numbers. back to really hot inland temperatures. and also an increase fire
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danger and air quality that will take a little bit for you. that will all happen in the next 72 hours. when i get back, we will look specifically and a lot like today and then beyond that we'll get looking at that heatwave, the heatwave, the warm up will be coming your way. and livermore police department took part this weekend to collect school supplies for deserving students. police held the stuff the cruiser event in front of stores, selling school supplies. they tweeted the pictures of the patrol cars parked in front of wal-mart, office max, cvs, and big lot stores in the livermore area. customers were asked to buy a few things for underprivileged livermore students and then stuff them into the police car. there are only seven more days of the california state fair at cal expo in sacramento and among today's highlights with the youth mariachi competition. nine bands competed for the $5,000 grand prize. there was also a competition for artists in the open air contest. the food as always appears to be the major draw. fried chicken skins among the
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food items that are selling fast this year. also try something new. >> people really get into, you know, a routine. they come to the fair, they go to their favorite food stands and maybe to their favorite rider and exhibit and then that's it. but there's so much for. all over the fairgrounds. >> tomorrow is a promotional day. each person must bring three cans of food to get through the fair gates for free. still to come here a man thrown off his motorcycle and then run over by a pick up truck. tonight the search to find the driver who hit him and then drove off. and also ahead tonight, unrest in puerto rico after days of protests. the announcement the governor made ahead.
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a significant sector of the population has been protesting for days. >> the governor of puerto rico said tonight he will not resign, but said he would not seek reelection next year and would step down as president of his political party. governor ricardo rossello has been under pressure to step down after a private online chat was made public. fox news brian yenis has more from san juan. >> puerto ricans keep morning protesting on jet skis, kayaks, and boats, where the governor's mansion demanding governor ricardo rossello to resign. others held a yoga protest. organizers say to regain
10:24 pm
clarity for what is to come. on monday protesters have called for a strike island wide and what could be the largest demonstration in puerto rican history. demonstrators at times have clashed with the police who fired cancers of tear gas into the crowds wednesday night. >> i have no doubts these protests will continue and maybe they will escalate until the governor resigns. >> reporter: the chaos follows allegations of corruption in the government including a series of leaked online chats from the governor's private telegram messenger group. revealing the governor insulted women, political opponents, even joked about victims of hurricane maria. >> and to make fun of everybody in the community. >> the call for his ouster is not slowing including coming from presidential candidates. >> resign. your time is come, resign. you have failed the people who
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entrusted you to serve them. it's time to go. >> reporter: the governor says he is not going anywhere. he has apologized for what he calls improper acts, but says he hasn't done anything illegal or corrupt. in san juan, puerto rico, brian yenis, fox news. and all eyes will be on capitol hill on wednesday, with former special counsel, robert mueller, is set to testify before congress. he is set to testify in front of the house judiciary and house committees. democrats are expected to try to compel mueller to speak more about the russia investigation. the chairs of the house judiciary and intelligence committees say mueller's testimony will highlight wrong doings by president trump. >> he is essentially the unindicted co-conspirator, as the person who directed michael cohen to commit this fraudulent campaign scheme. >> you'll be able to watch live
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coverage of robert mueller's testimony on wednesday morning. we'll air it live and uninterrupted on ktvu pause and on we will also have live updates onor murder mystery, a young couple found dead on the side of the road in canada. an american and an australian. now an urgent man hunt is on to find who killed them and why. coming up the giants and the mets bowing to extra innings again. we'll have highlights of the thrilling finish coming up later in sports. the hit-and-run driver killing a motorcycle rider in the east bay. >> i have never seen anything like it in my life. i don't want to see anything like it again. show me the crown.
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iran is still holding the british oil tanker in the strait of hormuz. tonight an iranian flag is hoisted on top of the british tanker as it is docked in iran. fox news gary tenney tells us there is a concern that iran's actions could lead to war. >> reporter: the latest example of iran's bad behavior came on saturday just a few hours after britain's foreign secretary warned iran was on a dangerous path. new video released by iran's revolutionary shows iranian commandos in black ski masks repelling from a helicopter onto the british oil tanker that was seized in the strait
10:30 pm
of hormuz on friday. on saturday in ecuador, secretary of state, mike pompeo, says despite teheran's actions, the u.s. is ready to sit down with iranian leadership and negotiate. >> today we have seen no indication that the iranians are prepared to change the fundamental of the direction of their nature. these are not the alaskas of a country that looks like it's headed in the right direction, but we hope and as president trump has said that they will sit down and discuss the items with us. >> reporter: president trump says repeatedly he does not want to go to war with iran, but ben garden says while that may be the case, tensions are reaching a point where either side could be pulled into war unwittingly. here he is on sunday morning futures. >> it is very serious. the tensions couldn't be higher with the iranians and what they did the past few days, stopping vessels in international waters. the downing of our drone. these are extremely dangerous situations that could explode. there could be a miscalculation, which could
10:31 pm
lead to a military conflict. >> reporter: today iran's foreign minister threw fuel on the fire by blaming john bolton for iran's seizing of a british oil tanker tweeting, "luring donald trump into the war of the century, john bolton is turning his venom against the u.k. in hopes of dragging it. only prudence and forsight could enforce such ploys." iran has been forcing european leaders to offer more economic support to make up for the toll of the u.s. sanctions. though many u.s. lawmakers say iran's antics are only uniting the world against it. in washington, i'm garrett tenney, fox news. authorities in canada are looking for the person or people responsible for the fatal shootings of a couple on vacation. 24-year-old china deese of north carolina and her boyfriend, 23-year-old lucas fowler of australia, were found shot to death along a rural highway in northern british columbia last monday. fowler's father is a police
10:32 pm
inspector if australia. australian authorities have now sent two homicide detectives to help with the investigation. >> it's a tragic event, being made all the more sad for us, knowing that the son of one of our serving police officers. they were with a vehicle on the northern part of british columbia, and it appears they may have been shot in that location. >> reporter: canadian investigators want to talk to anyone who may have been in the area where the two travelers were found. they are specifically asking for anyone with dash cam video. in concord, police are investigating a hit and run overnight that killed a motorcycle rider. police say the victim crashed into the back of the car before being thrown from his bike. it was then run over by the pickup truck. ktvu talked to neighbors who rushed in to the streets to try to help the victims. >> reporter: everything has gone back to normal here on concord boulevard after that devastating accident. really the only sign of it, it's this damaged fence that is still here. we have talked to a lot of neighbors out here in this
10:33 pm
neighborhood, and there is really just an overwhelming sense of shock. they can't believe something this horrific could happen right in front of their homes. grainy dark video gives the only look into an accident that devastated a concord neighborhood. >> i have never seen anything like it in my life. i have never seen anything like it again. >> reporter: it happened just before 12:30 on sunday morning. a man on a motorcycle tried to pass a prius in the eastbound lanes of concord boulevard. when he crashed into the back of the car. >> well i heard a real big kind of base thump. >> reporter: the man's motorcycle skid into a fence and his body ended up in the westbound lane. within seconds, a dark colored truck going west ran over the man and kept driving according to the concord police department. >> i could see the bike in the yard. pieces were everywhere. i could see the people over in the middle of the street. >> concerned neighbors ran outside and called 911, but it was too late. the man died in the middle of
10:34 pm
the road. >> he was barely breathing. and then one of the neighbors, they tried to give him cpr or something like that. there was no point in doing it. >> the driver of the prius stayed while the driver of the truck drove off. police now wanted to find that person. as for jeff rogers, his broken fence isn't on his mind. he rides motorcycles himself. his friends and family have been in motorcycle accidents. and now after what happened in front of his home, he is rethinking his passion. >> that kind of makes it a little bit harder. it's a little older, the reflexes will be out. not as good as they used to be, but it's time to sell the bikes. >> reporter: they want to know who had was driving that truck that ran over the motorcyclist. they said if you have any information to give them a call. in concord, ktvu fox 2news. a mountain lion a crash tha nine people. it happened just before 10:30 last friday night near soda bay
10:35 pm
road. the chp says sanchez of kelseyville was in the northbound lane when she struck the mountain lion and then swerved into an oncoming suv. sanchez and three other people were flown to the hospital with major injuries. five others were treated for less serious injuries. the mountain lion was kill on impact. in the south bay a pool heater set off a series of small explosions that forced evacuations in san jose. it happened just before 11:00 this morning on townson park circle. residents reported smelling gas and hearing a number of explosions inside the pool house where the pool's heater and other equipment were being stored. emergency crews shut off the power and gas and cleared the area of any leaks. no one was hurt. the firefighterring efforts. >> battling wildfires could have a big impact on firefighters. the new study set to look at how the stress will impact their mental health. and there we are tracking a
10:36 pm
warm up that's coming our way. a pretty cool period the last few days in terms of the actual temperatures as we would move to tomorrow for the next few days the numbers come up. see you back here with the forecast. bugs as weapons? why a congressman wants to know if the government tried to turn ticks into weapons in the 1950s.
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school board members of the school district in pennsylvania say they were blind sided by threatening language used to get parents to pay up their kids lunch tabs. a letter sent to about a thousand parents stated their children could be placed in foster care if they didn't pay up. five of the nine members of the wyoming valley west school board said the district should not have made that threat. but the district solicitor isn't backing down, saying the parents owe $22,000 in lunch money. did the pentagon experiment on kiks in the 1950s with the goal of turning them into weapons. that's what one congressman wants to know. >> the representative from new jersey said the experiment could have led to the spread of lyme disease in the united states. fox news jennifer griffin with our report. >> reporter: known to millions as lyme disease infects more than 300,000 americans a year
10:40 pm
spread by deer ticks. not treated, it could lead to neurological damage. now lawmakers want to know where infected ticks came from and is the pentagon to blame? congressman chris smith points to a secret army bio weapons program to weaponize ticks in the 1950s. >> the bio weapons specialist stuffed tests with pathogens that caused severe disability, disease, even deaths, to potential enemies. >> reporter: army labs not far from the largest concentration of lyme cases were capable of breeding millions of bugs a month. the link was first outlined by stanford's chris newbie, who wrote about it. the secret history of lyme disease and biological weapons. she interviewed william bergdorfer who worked for the u.s. military in the 50s growing microbes inside ticks. >> they experimented in cold climates or campaign against the russians. >> reporter: for whom lyme disease was named in 1982
10:41 pm
suffered from late stage parkinsons. hinted before he died that the outbreak may have been a bio weapons experiment run them up. >> the concern now, there might have been accidental leaks and exposures, releases. >> reporter: smith sponsored an amendment to the defense authorization act that would require the pentagon's inspector general to investigate. accused by some scientists like michael osterholm of concocting a conspiracy they're had re. >> i interviewed one person who worked indirectly for the cia and claimed he dropped poison ticks on cuban sugar workers in 1962 as part of the effort against castro. >> her critics say he may have been confused. >> he felt really guilty about what he did. i believe that what he was trying to say here and i wanted out before i died. >> the house amendment will die
10:42 pm
unless the senate votes to keep it in the 2020 defense authorization bill, forcing the pentagon to investigate whether these weaponized ticks ever got loose. at the pentagon, jennifer griffin, fox news. and more signs of progress in the town of paradise. see how they spilled the devastating camp fire. >> warmer temperatures headed our way. chief meteorologist bill martin will have the forecast for the coming weeks.
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the public swimming pools in the town of paradise will reopen today eight months after the fire nearly destroyed the entire town. firefighters used their hoses to refill the pool with clean water last week. the pool was filled with debris after the fire. the town's park and rec supervisor says the reopening lets folks know paradise is making a comeback. fire fighting can be a tough job that cowith all kinds of challenges. studies show the impact of firefighters and their mental health. but as tom vacar reports, while there is data about traditional fire fighting jobs, very little information is available about the mental impact of the
10:46 pm
wildland fire fighting. >> reporter: we have very little data on the super sensitive subjects. >> and we have seen in recent years, some suicide from the walnut firefighter committee. >> this year the agency fire center took action to collect that data and improve services to full-time and seasonal firefighters. >> we created a mental health committee that is looking at how we can reach the firefighters before they get to the point, where they are contemplating suicide or having suicidal thoughts. >> coming home from the brutally exhausting fire season could be very much like coming home from a combat zone. >> they are intense and work long hours, with them all summer long, and they sometimes can experience trustful, very intense events. and then all of a sudden, there are layoffs. and sometimes some cases could
10:47 pm
be isolated. >> the completion of suicide is a very large concern to us. >> and the fire is just as concerned because of the new levels of intensifier fighting could lead to not just ptsd, but real brain damage. >> it's the post-traumatic stress injury because it is literally a scientific physiological, neurological injury to our campus actually. and so when we were doing the flames, we were constantly in the fighter flight, so that could wreak havoc on our systems. >> the goals? >> provide help and assistance quickly to make sure that assistant will be available anywhere and even in remote locations on the fire lines. >> there is counseling, treatment available during and after incidents to avoid a lonely dive in the self- destructive behavior including
10:48 pm
addiction, alcoholism, and suicide. but these lifesavers, they cannot reach out for personal help. >> we have also produced a guide for firefighters and their family. >> this is all a far cry from even a few years ago. >> the culture was that you know this is what we do and this is what we need to do to suck it up with a stigma associated and we are breaking through that right now. >> and a stigma no more. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2news. all right, taking a peek at the temperatures from today for your sunday. we had temperatures who were a little warmer than yesterday and this is the beginning of that warming trend. the mid- 90s in some places, warming up even nicer than that. and you can see the fog come in the bay bridge and the salesforce tower in the distance. and it will be compressed a
10:49 pm
little bit with the big overall reaching impact that it has been having the last few days, the last four to five days. and that big counterclockwise swirl is the low. and that is not suppose to be there. this will be the deal that will move out. when it does, we will warm up. they started to warm up. when this low goes through the rockies, it will break that heatwave that the folks in the east and the central part of the country has been experiencing, which is good news for them. as the high will build in and heat up to become more typical for this time of the year. the clouds from the south coming up from the south in here are higher clouds being wrapped around by that low pressure center, just indication of the upper level southerly flow. the fog right at the surface and just kind of stuck around the bay for the most part you look at the , you can see with in concord. 8 degrees warmer in concord than last night and fairfield. we have warmed up. tomorrow will be just like today.
10:50 pm
as that low moves off and each day this week the highs will build out of the southwest and we are going to start to see these temperatures moderate. and so the micro climates will come back into play. 98 and mid-90s, certainly in the forecast as we go through the middle and the end of the week. come back to more of a typical summer pattern, but the fire danger will go up and down and then we have, you know, concerns, well the fire danger is the thing we're most concerned with. we all are. no fire winds, but the temperatures will go up and you get that bus fire along the highway, which we will most certainly see that towards the end of the week. 90s in vacaville. and like i said tomorrow, a lot like today. and then wednesday, it's the day that you really start to see you'll start to see the temperatures acceleratthe l been chill. not so. as you see that top tier numbers, the next 48 hours, they are sort of the same,
10:51 pm
plenty warm. but then wednesday, thursday, friday, into saturday, even sunday, these upper 90s will create an increase fire danger in a lessened air quality. so that is typical summer pattern really, but we haven't been seeing them. there's your five-day forecast. we'll see you back here at 11:00. >> bill, thank you. it's now official, avengers: endgame is the highest grossing movie of all time. the film has brought in a total of $2.9 billion worldwide since it opened. that's just over owns avatar an sequels. disney also had a winning weekend with the few lion king movie dominating box office bringing in $185 million in domestic ticket sales. san jose mayor sam liccardo is getting a little taste of hollywood, but ensures his constituents he's not quitting
10:52 pm
his day job. if a post on facebook, you can see him there meeting with the cast members. it's not clear whether liccardo was playing himself on his show, but did reveal his appearance will be on episode one of the show's sixth and final season. the last season of silicon valley is expected to premier later on this year. up next tonight the widow of the hall of fame pitcher roy halladay gives an amazing speech as her late husband is inducted into cooperstown. you'll hear from her in the break. a live report from san francisco where a tourist has died and a woman was seriously hurt after a speeding car hit them while they were walking at a crosswalk.
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♪ ♪ talking about standings and the wild card in july and the bay area football teams are making it fun. the giants current status, might be the most unlikely, judebut against the mound with some solid help here. kevin fires this third and double off of j.d. davis who was tagging out zach green on the tag.
10:56 pm
green had already singled in his first major league at bat. in the 4th, he doubled in his second. buster posey with a double in front of him and it was a 2-2 game. the game went to extra innings in the 12th. hit one going the opposite way. not that long ago in san francisco himself. and he hits his first walk-off homer winning 3-2, their 15th win in 18 games that is now an even .500. 50-50 with 62 games left to play. again, too early to talk plwould be in the number two of the american league wild card spot. oakland and minnesota were stoppers, making the trip. doesn't have much of a home run swing, but does know how to flip the back. after falling behind, they staged another one of their dramatic comeback. josh phegley with a two-run
10:57 pm
shot. taking a 6-5 lead in the bottom of the 9th with a winning run at 3rd, hitting the solid with the left and game over. comes home with the winning run. 7-6, minnesota. well anybody who is inducted into his or her sports hall of fame will tell you it's the greatest honor that they could receive. six players joined the baseball hall of fame in cooperstown, new york. two were relief specialists, baseball's all-time save leaders and the only member of the hall to be unanimously abducted. the all-time stage leader when he retired. a pair of players were mostly designated players. martinez and bain. the late roy halladay. halladay died in a plane crash two years ago at the age of 40. best explained today by his widow, brandy. >> i think roy would rather be
10:58 pm
remembered by who he was, not what he did on the ball field. the kind of brother who left cash in his pockets when he asked his sister to help with laundry, saying she could keep whatever she found. he was a great coach, a nervous husband, father, only because he so desperately wanted to be as great and as successful as he was at home in baseball. the british open will come back to northern ireland the first time in 68 years and an irishman wins it. shane lowry took a four-stroke lead in today's final rounds. tommy fleetwood had a chance to catch y after bogeying eight, nine, 11, but made a great save out in the bunker there. par 13, combined with a double bogey for cleveland at 14 and a birdie by lowry at 15. you've got a final of 72 and a six-stroke win allowing lowry to walk up the fareway and
10:59 pm
saver the biggest moment of his career, pulling for him the entire way. that will forever signify their most major championships. >> through today's 15 of the tour de france and the overall leader held his enstaying with the telecan. they would search to win the save, but police increased that overall lead. now by a minute and 35 seconds over england to roy thomas. >> and what you see is shortly for sports rep. >> thank you. coming up next here at 11:00. >> there were two pedestrians on the sidewalk over there. and one of them, they were kind of resuscitating the other one, faced down on the sidewalk. a couple visiting san francisco hit by a car near union square. the man now dead and his
11:00 pm
partner in critical condition. police say the driver of the tesla triggered the deadly chain of events by running a red light. hello again everyone, i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. that driver is a 22-year-old woman now under arrest. the crash happened at 2:00 this afternoon in the city's tanglewood neighborhood. live coverage tonight from ktvu's jana katsuyama is in the city with more. jana? >> reporter: frank and julie, that update right now is that woman as you mentioned is in critical condition here at san francisco general hospital. an has been identified tonight as 39-year-old jen ma min dean. he's from clovis, just northeast of fresno. both were in a when th


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