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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  July 21, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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a couple visiting san francisco hit by a car near union square. the man now dead and his partner in critical condition. police say the driver of the tesla triggered the deadly chain of events by running a red light. hello again everyone, i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. that driver is a 22-year-old woman now under arrest. the crash happened at 2:00 this afternoon in the city's tanglewood neighborhood. live coverage tonight from ktvu's jana katsuyama is in the city with more. jana? >> reporter: frank and julie, that update right now is that woman as you mentioned is in critical condition here at san francisco general hospital. an has been identified tonight as 39-year-old jen ma min dean. he's from clovis, just northeast of fresno. both were in a when that tesla crashed into them.
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the yellow evidence marker on taylor street shows how far the pedestrians and their longings were thrown. crashing into a man and a woman. >> and still happened at 2:00 p.m. last night as the tesla had been speeding from market street. >> and so will the driver driving this tesla driving northbound on taylor, ran the red light here at o'farrell. >> when that car crashed, causing them to fish tail hitting the couple, throwing them to the sidewalk. and in front of the hotel. the drivers of the tesla as police tried to save the male pedestrian, but too late. >> and one of them, they were trying to resuscitate. the other one face down on the sidewalk. >> reporter: the female pedestrian was taken to sf genel male victim was identifie
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as 39-year-old benjamin deen of clovis. police interviewed both drivers who cooperated. at 7:30 p.m., police arrested the tesla driver, a woman in her 20s, who police say has addresses in san francisco and vallejo. turns out she had rented the tesla using the car sharing app, getaround. the vehicle's owner got a message and showed up at the scene. >> she rented it yesterday at 4:00 p.m. and today at 4:00 p.m. >> reporter: the tesla owner does not know if the tesla was being driven on auto pilot mode, but police should be able to get data from the car. >> and it has the information by a millisecond. the speed and also the movement of the steering wheel and the pedals. >> we have learned there was surveillance video from surrounding buildings. investigators are looking at that to determine whether that woman will face additional charges, arrested for running the red light and for
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misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter, also planning to try to talk to the female victim who was here at sf general tonight to see if they could get more insight into what happened. frank? >> jana katsuyama in the city tonight. thank you, jana. a car fire shut down macarthur tunnel tonight. the driver was able to walk away. both northbound lanes and southbound lanes were all shut down, but opened back up this afternoon. caltrans will offer a follow-up inspection tomorrow. police in concord searching for a driver of a truck involving a hit-and-run crash involving a motorcycle rider. it happened around 12:30 this morning. police say the motorcyclist was in the eastbound lane when he crashed into the back of the car that was trying, he was trying to pass. the man ended up in the westbound lane where moments later, a dark colored pickup truck drove right over him. the driver of the truck did not
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stop. neighbors rushed into the streets to try to help the victim, but he died in the middle of the street. >> i could see the bike in the yard and people in the middle of the street. >> investigators are asking for the public's help. anyone with information about this case should call concord police. dozens of people taking part in an event called barbecuing while black. it all started after a woman dubbed barbecue becky called police about a black family that was about to start grilling with charcoal if an area of lake merritt where that's not allowed. here now with more of today's events. >> reporter: the the incident itself shows an issue of racism, prejudice, and bias still a problem. today's gathering is to show that shows you lots of it. what happened on sunday had had
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all the signs of a party. >> this is what i'm good at right here. >> we're just barbecuing, over here selling food. >> you see a line out there from different backgrounds with a lot of food, music, people enjoying each other. >> reporter: in many ways it is, but those here have not easily forgotten why this gathering began. >> here we had a barbecue way back, enjoying the music and the food and enjoying the people, having a good time. a good time that sprung from the intense moment captured by this viral video. a white woman calling police on two black men who were about to grill in the park at lake merritt. >> yeah, i would like to report the owners illegally using a charcoal grill. while it was prohibited, the reason for the call is the littest in a series in color
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for reasons. >> it was kind of a negative thing. >> reporter: barbecuing while flat, it isn't a gathering of just or for just black people. >> it's about we need to pull up together not about black, red, white, brown, we all need to get together. >> reporter: from one side of lake merritt all the way to the other, the park was filled with people, numbers likely to compete with the 2,000 that took part in this event last year. >> it is obvious. >> a gathering downtown oakland to highlight unity instead of what divides us. >> we are people. it was the same color as mine. >> the event was organized by teachers in oakland saying the event will cong as the community supports it. the city allows the use of gas grills in designated areas.
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it must be used at one of the stationary charcoal pits located. in the studio, ktvu fox 2news. protesters calling for the shut down of detention camps. and first socialists, organizing the event, which would pay tribute children to the children who died in recent months. the trump administration has been criticized for conditions at those facilities along the southern borderer many of the camps are reportedly overcrowded with the lack of food and supplies. there are new questions tonight on whether oakland's sanctuary city rules were violated afteice has used oakla international airport nds of de immigrants. thousands of people were deported or transferred using charter flights between 2010 and 2018. leigh martinez has reactions from the immigration officials
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and the mayor's office in oakland. >> the city of oakland has strengthened the city policies. mayor libby schaaf made headlines when she had knowledge of upcoming custom and enforce sweeps. revealing a different story happening at the oakland international airport. that from 2010 to 2018, ice chartered nearly a thousand flights out of the airport flying nearly 43,000 detained people. >> judges are shipped out they have a ability to really important to ensure the transparent city. >> reporter: the california collaborative for immigrant justice say this be a clear violation of oakland sanctuary city policies. >> with respect to what level
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of cooperation our city counties and governments are going to have with policies that are essentially violating human rights. individuals who are being moved out of the country rapidly and often being denied the opportunities to speak to attorneys or access to council. >> reporter: the port of oakland would oversee the airport. private companies chartered the flights, leaving the runways. ktvu reached out to the mayor's office to find out which ones had the flights. a spokesperson wrote for an e- mail saying the mayor's office is looking into this matter and this issue is of great interest to the mayor and oakland values, currently looking into this activity to find out and address it. the bay area news group reports 27,000 people were deported and another 16,000 were transferred to holding facilities by way of the oakland airport. >> and it is up to ice to enjoy the due process to ensure that
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everything takes place, a. we reached out to i.c.e. that eventually ended them "ice made an internags operation decision to discontinue the use of charter flights out of oakland in october of 2018. ice coordinates playoff reactions on a case by case basis. they do not share the transfers. in oakland leigh martinez, ktvu fox 2news. iran is still holding an oil tanker in the strait of hormuz last week. video taken today shows the tanker at an iranian dock with the iranian flag hoisted atop it. it was seized by revolutionary guards on friday. the action was taken and apparent retaliation for the tanker two weeks earlier. despite the aggressive action, the u.s. is ready to sit down with their leadership and
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negotiate. >> these are not the actions of the country that looks like it's headed in but we hope and as president trump has said that they will sit down and discuss these items with us. >> reporter: iran has been offering more economic support to make up for the toll of u.s. officials. many lawmakers say the rxs are only uniting the world against it. coming up, why president trump is offering to help an american wrapper who is detained overseas. and also ahead amazon is offering $10 to people who download a new app. the forecast for the next few days will be increasing. we'll have details for what you could expect for the rest of the week.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ offering users a $10 credit for using it, but you may not realize you're handling your data in exchange for the credit. max king takes a look. >> rept of every app they download. but most of us. >> never actually. >> just download the app and start using it. and the songs failed to understand by downloading the assistant, they would give them access to their entire browsing history. >> that's not a fair trade. >> the legislative activists of
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the advocacy group of the frontier foundation, worries about the transactional major of promos like this one. seen as impossible to determine the value of the data. >> they can tell you some intimate things about the person's life. >> the cost of losing one privacy. the security score card says amazon is a responsible user of its data for the standard of cloud security. >> since experts are added and they will be better added than the next person. >> reporter: by in theory, improving the algorithms, to show us the products that we want. >> this is s need to use it. a lot of good things comes out of it. >> reporter: the company only collects products and data. data collected by amazon is not
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connected to any customer identifiers and not used for targeting customers. >> even large companies are not able to safeguard data. >> reporter: hailey says if the hacker with malicious motives penetrated into the servers, they could work backwards to identify us by name. >> responsibility is on the individual consumer, the individual business, on the government, and to protect that. >> in midtown i'm matt king, fox news. the rapper was arrested earlier this month after allegedly being involved one person was beaten and cut with broken bottles. president trump tweeted he offered to personally vouch for
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asap rocky bail. members of the black caucus says he's facing inhumane conditions. >> thrown in jail and they now sit all three of them including asap rocky. all in solitary confinement for 23 consecutive hours. >> prosecutors haven't thrown in the fire. all along the east coast from the carolinas to maine, temperatures reached the upper 90s today. but with the high humidity, many said it felt like 110 degrees. at least six deaths have been attributed to the heatwave. extreme lgbt is affecting more than 200 million from the central u.s. to the east coast. bill martin is here now with a look at the conditions insalesf
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underneath it, you will see the fog in the video. >> it looks beautiful. >> yes, i wasn't a big proponent of it or the building. >> i love it now. i find that to be spectacular. the fog is rolling in or the college kids that were donating the art to the murals of to that careen if you will and that is just beautiful. temperatures outside today, just warming tomorrow. there's the low pressure center right there. that is going to leave and cool off. when i say there's the low pressure system, it's right there, rotating that way and some guy will go that way and it will have cool air with it. in typical summer weather, comes back into the forecast. typical summer weather. the last few days have not
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been. tomorrow, well it was, but tomorrow will be as well and then it warms up about average. no heatwave here, but something that we have seen. that is what summer is. and the heat will push us this way. you'll find triple digit heat down towards bakersfield and those areas. filtering our inland bay areas, typically how it goes and fog will remain at the coast. the forecast highs tomorrow just like today, almost exactly. 90 in brownwood and 85 in livermore and then 88 in morgan hill. so your five-day forecast, we'll show it to you here. the next couple of days, next
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48 hours, more of the same, which is pretty typical. then a slow increase in temperatures on wednesday, thursday, friday. into saturday. that is warm and the inland valleys. some areas could go 97, 98 degrees. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. the san francisco supervisor has said to hold the hearings tomorrow on their climate change. her ran will focus on a new report by reducing gas e macings by 3020. matt end lnd declared climate change in an emergency. beginning tomorrow afternoon at 1:00. it has been a busy weekend on the american river where more than two dozen people had to be rescued. emergency crews in sacramento say they conducted six water rescue operations in which 30 people had to be pulled from the water. they say the american river
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flows past and many rafters do not wear life vests. >> the kid didn't have a life vest on. i said the rangers will cite you if you don't wear this and then they pulled it off. >> first responders recommend rafters to drink plenty of water, wear a hat, and always bring a cell phone to quickly call 911 if you get into trouble. sports wrap is just minutes away. here is joe and jason with what they're working on. >> meaningful baseball for both bay area teams. what yet another giants win may have happened as we get closer to the trade deadline. >> and itall coming up at 11:30, a full hour of sports on 50 years since man first landed on the moon, but take a closer look at the item astronaut buzz aldrin is holding in his hands, what it is and how it is still
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a shark and a unicorn halloween costume will also be available for children who have sensory processing difficulty. pope francis is hoping the 50th anniversary of the first moon walk inspires efforts to help our common home here on earth. address at the vatican t and said neil armstrong's history making walk on the moon was the fulfillment of what he called an extraordinary dream and hopes the memory will give the people in the world
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incentives to make progress on other fronts. yesterday marked 50 years since the apollo 11 moon landing. one piece of equipment that they used that day is still working to this day. >> reporter: the experiment led to technology that now enables your smart phone to give you driving directions. we have the story. >> reporter: 50 years after first landing on the moon, the experiment buzz aldrin is holding in his right hand still works to this day. >> reporter: horias manufactur called corner cubes. >> i've always said it is like the mona lisa optics. no matter where you stand in the museum, you see yourself. it's like she's looking at you. >> if you amylasuria this
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device will reflect the beam over you. and that's crucial because the moon is a constantly moving target with rugged terrain. >> it will make things difficult. nasa would only improve experiments with a quick set up. becoming a major selling point for scientists behind the lunar reflector. they would say wow, wait, wait, ours is like a briefcase. you just carry it out, and kick a little sand, this corner, that corner. researchers could measure the difference between the earth and moon with the accuracy of one inch. >> with the light, you have times zero. it goes up, hits them and comes back. if we take that time divided by two, multiply by the speed, you've got the for the moon. >> the ability to determine the exact location led to addition fall breakthroughs including gps navigation. the next time your spatter
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phone will get you to where you need to go, the technology mind your journey would begin 50 years ago on the surface of the moon. in atlanta, fox news. >> just glad they're figuring that out, not us. >> yes, a completely different level from where we are. >> we'll see you later everyone. sports wrap is next. good night.
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the giants stay hot with yet another walk-off win. so now as the trade deadline approaches, the question is are they buyers or sellers? >> if we continue to play well, that'll call it a different way. >> coming back from four wins down from minnesota, but can't close the deal in the 9th. a local boy makes good. >> i couldn't believe that it was me. i couldn't believe what was happening. >> how shane lowry's irish eyes were smiling at the british open. buckle up,


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