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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  July 22, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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close call at the very same intersection. we are having one of the worst years on record for pedestrians death. a li dollar settlement for those whose personal information was stolen. the aqua fax data breach. thousands of california get earthquake insurance. we will talk live with the head of the california earthquake association. from ktvu news, this is the four. a column of smoke as a fire breaks out in napa county late this afternoon. this fire burning just south of lake berryessa. this fire has prompted evacuations in that area. welcome to the four. >> fire crews have had in all- out attack on this the fire earlier today. they shut down a section of 128.
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the fire was reported at around 2 pm. we just got an update. now 40 acres have burned. the chp says that highway 128 is closed to traffic between rack canyon road. >> we talk about evacuations, homes in that area are being floored cleared by the authorities. emergency services said that the evacuation order is and affect for those homes on the southside of 120. cal-fire has brought in a number of their crews both on the ground and the air. the fire can be seen from the city of napa. obviously, we are keeping an eye on this and we will continue to watch this. as it is we have more information, we will pass along to you. in san francisco this afternoon, concern about pedestrian safety is growing.
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after a man was killed and his wife was injured by a speeding driver. >> we know now the identity of that driver. we are live from the intersection from this crash unfolded. this is one of the cities notorious intersections. >> reporter: that's right. this is one of the most notorious intersections. you can see traffic passing through right now. we have been here for one hour. as one car after another blew through red lights here. city leaders are now saying that something needs to be done to make sure it that this intersection and those around the city are safer. near collisions are nothing new at this intersection. as a matter fact, ktvu saw a collision while talking to the supervisor this morning. this is the same intersection
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were a man went through in intersection. >> the driver ran a red light. this caused her to run into another vehicle. this caused her vehicle to lose control and essentially hit two pedestrians. >> these pedestrian seeing here on their facebook page. he was killed. his wife was seriously injured. she was not booked into jail. san francisco investigators are to see if this car was on autonomous drive mode. >> the traffic in her investigation unit will conduct a thorough investigation. >> reporter: the company today said quote we are cooperating with police and local authorities investigating this tragic incident. we are not sharing any details out of respect for the families
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involved and the investigation underway. the supervisor says this intersection is notorious. for people speeding through, day after day. >> this is one of them are deadly intersections. you see people running right through the red lights. they are going 40 to 50 miles per hour. on a very pedestrian heavy street. >> reporter: coming back to the live picture, you might not get a sense of how many close calls there have been, but there has been a cigna given number out here. the advocacy group is also planning a rally on this said steps of city hall. they and leaders say that there has to be something done to make the streets safer here in san francisco. reporting live in san francisco, ktvu fox 2 news. >> a call for action after a horrible crash. thank you. >> now we go to livermore where a woman was killed. the crash happened at junction avenue. this is just before 8
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am this morning. the train involved was a stockton to san jose train. police confirm that the lights and bills were working at the time. a passenger said that he felt the train breaking heavily. >> i was actually using the bathroom. i felt the increased breaking, more than they normally do. >> passenger were transferred to another train. caltrans says that a fire in the macarthur tunnel in san francisco did not cause any significant damage. this fire happen in the southbound lane of the tunnel, headed through the city. yesterday afternoon this it was evacuated and all lanes of traffic were stopped for a time. fortunately, nobody was hurt here. caltrans is doing a final
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inspection this morning and they found no problems. police are investigating a double shooting that happened in oakland. this is on 66 and arthur street. when he arrived, they found two men with gunshot wounds. they were both taken to the hospital. one man died and the other man is in stable condition. there was a large police presence. no word on a motive. in just a couple of hours, the berkeley mayor, will give the annual state of the city address. it comes as the city is trying to address housing issues and environmental sustainability. we have a look ahead. >> reporter: the mayor will highlight what has been accomplished throughout the year . his office gives that there will be eight major talking points.
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providing grants for artists and festivals. he will address homelessness. the mayor wants to accelerate affordable housing. he will talk about maintaining outrage. topics include supporting small businesses, investing in infra structure, and safety. we talk to a couple of people that have lived in berkeley for a long time. >> the homeless situation. it has gotten worse in the last few years. not just mentally ill people. and people with drug addictions are on the street. >> i still see people smoking, marijuana. when i was a student at berkeley college, i was the president of the tobacco --, we
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had some no smoking signs put up. >> reporter: all of these issues aside, they have been busy this summer, making headlines. council members voted in favor, making berkeley and the first country to do so. they will also follow in san francisco's footsteps in a possible ban on facial recognition. and last week they voted to eliminate gender specific language. the state of the city starts at 6 pm tonight. you can catch the live stream online. in berkeley, ktvu fox 2 news. this is getting support in san francisco. the san francisco board of supervisors ruled and unanimously approved the resolution tonight supporting the free to vote act.
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they say that nearly 50,000 people are currently unable to vote. as a result of felony convictions. >> as an elected official, i want to hear their voices. folks who know our system inside and out, better than i do. >> if approved by the state legislature, a constitutional amendment will go on the ballot in 2020. with special counsel robert mueller set to testify on wednesday. his support did not find a evidence of criminal conspiracy between president trump's campaign and out russian. >> reporter: of former special council robert mueller headed back to capitol hill on wednesday for a day of testimony for two house
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committees. president trump says, this is just what he calls another chapter in what he calls a partisan which plan. >> therwas no obstruction, there is no nothing. i know that robert mueller is conflicted. he has a lot of conflicts. >> reporter: but they are hoping to use robert mueller's testimony to put a spotlight on whether president trump hindered an investigation. >> this is a support -- a report, what happened to the counter intelligence investigation? >> reporter: their pushing back strongly against the allegations. including whether the president may have committed an impeachable offense. >> this is not something that it is then baltimore's report. face robert mueller's report.
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>> reporter: this can make it hard for democrats define their opening. >> whether he says his reputation, or he wonders where the democrats want him to go. >> reporter: in washington, foxnews. coming up on wednesday, we hear robert mueller's testimony live and uninterrupted on . we also have live updates on those hearings during mornings on 2. here on ktvu. iran it says that they have investigated -- arrested cia spies. details on the conflicting report, coming up.
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and realize you can get youeverything you need...oss oh, yeah. yep. yes! feel like a boss? that's yes for less. 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices for every room and every budget. at ross. yes for less. experts say that climate change could make fire season more severe.
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but one barry company is the first that is getting new equipment that can help first responders in the case of a disaster. >> reporter: in the case of natural disaster, first responders rely on communications to help them warn the public. but often that equipment can be damaged or destroyed by the disaster. santa clara county officials say that the system will serve as a lifeline. still can shine from last year's devastating fire season, which burned more than 1 million acres of land. santa clara officials announced that they have taken a step to solving the potential communications crisis. in the event that wildfires, or any other natural disaster, -- >> we have been able to secure technology with respect to this program. >> reporter: they gathered outside of the santa clara county fair fire station,
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announcing a figure figure seven-figure check. the campfire destroyed infrastructure, and destroyed 19,000 structures. county officials say since then, their constituents have one question on their minds. >> they want to know what is going to happen if there is a far, how it is going to be responded to. what is going to happen if at some of the towers go out? >> reporter: they have one answer, mounted on back, each moses is a scattered light satellite, with a 35 mile radius. time that first responders can mean the difference between life and death. >> this technology will help that gap, should we experience an infrastructure failure or a
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loss of communications. >> reliable communication, diligent planning and a coordinated response. for saving lives and property. >> reporter: they will not be available until the end of the year. still, the sibling man says this is the first step in a process. to keep santa clara residents safer if the worst happens. >> this is not the end-all, or the this is just a step in the right direction. >> reporter: while santa clara county is the first county in the state to have this technology, it is not solely for use down here. because of the state mutual aid system, it can be easily moved anywhere in california. we are live in downtown san jose, ktvu fox 2 news. back to you. >> thank you so much. always preparing. whatever
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may come our way. there is a fire that we are trying to keep an eye on. >> it is a hot drive one out there. now on centerstage there for you, a beautiful one. we have the low clouds there kind of hovering right over the water as we look over the bay. we have plenty of blue skies all over the place. everybody warmed up today. even by a degree or two. but areas inland, really felt the difference. santa rosa, 85. san francisco, sunny and 70 degrees. oakland, 74. livermore, 95. san jose, 84 degrees. here's a look at the 24 hour temperature change. you can see just so much former we are around the bay area. it is at nine degrees in novato. half moon bay, one of the only spots that we are seeing a little bit cooler weather at
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this time. so that wildfire burning east of st. helena, 0% container, temperatures are 95 degrees. the relative humidity 22%. it is very hot and very dry. the winds are at 15 miles per hour or so. we are not downwind of it at the moment. here's a look at what we do expect to see. tonight and tomorrow morning the cloud cover will be right against the coastline. partly sunny, mostly clear for everybody else. we're looking at temperatures on the mild side. san francisco, upper 50s. i will look at those numbers and the extended forecast for your weekend coming up. tensions are mounting between the u.s. and iran. they put out conflicted reports
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over spying. president trump is accuses iran of propaganda after the regime claimed that it has arrested more than a dozen cia spies. >> reporter: iran is at media has put out photos, saying that they have captured more than a dozen iranian nationals that they say have been working for the cia. and they have sentence some of them to death. >> i read a report today about the cia, that is another lie. >> reporter: an i running official says that 17 nationals have been rounded up over the last month. the so-called spies allegedly worked on behalf of the cia, collecting information. >> they are not executing american citizens, they are executing citizens from iran. >> reporter: he says take this
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with a ground grain of site. >> there is a lot of proof, it is called take a look at it on the ocean floor. let's see what happens with iran. we are ready for the absolute worst. we are ready. >> reporter: the situation with iran has deteriorated ever since the u.s. withdrew iran from the nuclear deal. >> their economy is in freefall. they are blaming their state and the ally for that. >> reporter: at today secretary pompeo announced that the u.s. is putting a leading chinese oil importer on their sanction list. they said the company violated the restrictions, by trading in iran. foxnews. metallica is accused of
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conspiracy. we will talk live with hard text tech expert. it is going to be a fun night here on ktvu , this was of course followed by the 10:00 news and the 11:00 news right here on ktvu.
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live nation has admitted to helping performers sell thousands of tickets on secondary resale sites at higher cost. this is according to report by billboard. report came after billboard obtained a phone call, that took place between live nation and metallica. the president of live nation and metallica ticketing consultant, to help them sell
4:25 pm
88,000 tickets to the band's upcoming tour on resale sites like sub hub. this would benefit both live nation and metallica. for more on this, we are joined by ryan. this is going to frustrate music fans that never got to purchase concert tickets at face value. help everybody understand what is going on. >> it really started back in 2016. metallica had a concert in minnesota. they noticed that about 10,000 tickets for the concert were sold on a secondary network. they were not compensated for the amount. so they came up with this brilliant idea, according to live nation, the came up with this brilliant idea of selling tickets on a secondary market so they went to live nation. they asked him to set aside 88,000 tickets and sell those
4:26 pm
on the secondary market for them. and they would split the profit. and really live nation is ready to throw metallica under the bus. >> don't do it anymore, i think that is what live nation is saying. but really, you don't have to worry about this happening from this point forward. is there anything illegal about this whole arrangement? >> the interesting thing is, no. it is actually not illegal. there is no real regulation on ticket sales. they can sell it wherever they want. but the federal trade commission prohibits unfair or deceptive practices affecting congress. this is where this would fall come in the phone call, they are certainly talking about keeping it quiet. they want it they don't want other people to know about it, they are setting up fake email accounts. they even mentioned, we cannot let ticketmaster being involved in this at all. they wanted to have either an
4:27 pm
anonymous counts or a venue to be able to sell. clearly they knew that they were doing something really wrong here. they were making unfair for the rest of us. >> is there any recourse for these concertgoers to overpaid, essentially for an event because they had to purchase the tickets through one of these secondary sites? are they going to bl face >> i really hope so. live nation has been saying oh no, we don't need anymore. but as it turns out, in canada, they requested for this. apparently there also selling tickets through the secondary sites, another thing that they own. so, even though live nation is
4:28 pm
saying that we don't do this any more, it is clearly still happening. here is the interesting thing, according to the billboard report, they didn't making money when they did this. essentially, they lost money. they sold about 10,000 of them below the ticket cost. >> so it backfired a little bit? >> yes. certainly for concertgoers -- >> as we wrap up, they are going to say look, we are doing this for more money on the secondary market, because we are losing out on that extra revenue. this is money that i as the artist deserves. >> you have a point, but most bands do not want a price their tickets higher than what their fans can deserve. what ticketmaster has created is the platinum or vip package, for fans that can afford or will pay more. as you and i know, if you ever
4:29 pm
gone to a concert in the last 20 years, ticketmaster obviously -- you cannot get good seats unless you're standing in line the day of. it is crazy. >> really frustrating. for anybody that has purchased tickets to an event. hopefully, this is the end of this ticketing. i appreciate you coming on. thank you. >> you are welcome. eco fax, reaches a deal or a massive data breach. what you need to know about the $600 million settlement. if you are one of the millions of people who had their personal information exposed.
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california state attorney announced a $600 million settlement against credit reporting agency eco fax. this deal stems from a massive security breach back in 2017. where hackers gained access to roughly 150 millions private information, including social security numbers, name, birth day. >> when companies collect personal information, especially are social security numbers. those companies have a legal responsibility to secure it. and to protect it. that data, when that is
4:33 pm
compromised, our data is compromised, as much of a breach of security, it is a breach of public trust. >> of the nearly 150 million people that had their personal information breached, 15 million of them are california residents. what does this mean for consumers? let's bring in our professor from san francisco state. this was one of the largest ever. do you think that the settlement is appropriate? >> i don't think so. i think that this is a small price for aqua fax. if you look at the stock, it is up a little bit. $700 million is not a lot. >> what you think would be more appropriate? and why? >> when important thing about it
4:34 pm
, they should be taking care of the data that we are trusting them with. the thing -- the same thing should be done with any company that holds this kind of information. >> so in addition to those regulations, this does not include any of that regulation aspect that you mention. but for consumers out there -- >> for the regulation, this also includes updating the security and the cyber security by the companies. if you look at how this thing happened with aqua fax, they did not patch the database. so it was open for the hectors
4:35 pm
to go in and out. >> i want to go back to what they will get out of this settlement. >> what they're going to get is that they will get some money. depending on how they filed a claim. also they have monitoring credit . so that will be given to them. and they can have multiple copi of their credit to report from the agency. so there is a cost involved with keeping the customers informed about their information. >> so i want to go back to the lessons learned here. do you believe that we are on the road for tougher regulations, like the one you mentioned? >> the congress, they have submitted some kind of regulations. that law which was introduced
4:36 pm
in may, which was used for this case. it is double what we have. so there are still a lot of voices. i would like to remind you that just two weeks ago, facebook was slapped with $5 billion fine for mishandling data. >> always a pleasure, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> and for more on the eco fax settlement and what you could do if you were effected, you can go to our website >> the professor just alluded to this the ftc has voted to find facebook $5 billion over the handling of users private data. this is the largest civil privacy find ever implemented by the ftc. the fine stints from a probe investigating whether facebook obtained user information and use it without their permission. this will still need to be approved by the department of justice.
4:37 pm
coming up here, a bonus of purchasing earthquake insurance. coming up, who is eligible to retrofit their homes? a warm-up across the bay area. will we hang on to this trend as we roll through your businessweek and into the weekend? coming up next. tomorrow morning on the 2, we are going to ask the mayor. plus, woody williams is here on friday. ♪ limu emu & doug
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the california earthquake authority has increased the number of policyholders that are available for grant money to retrofit their homes. this means roughly 30,000 homeowners now qualify for the $3000 improvement grant. previously was only about 12,000 homeowners were eligible for that money. always good to talk to you. we appreciate you coming on. how is it that you were able to increase this grant money for retrofitting homes available to so many more people? >> thank you. well, the california earthquake
4:41 pm
authority is a nonprofit organization. our mission is to help our policyholders. this year we concluded that we actually have to reach certain areas. the risk is higher than previously thought. so we want to reach out to those folks. so we are taking a portion of our funds and making grants available. if we can get help them get retrofitted, then we can lower the cost of earthquake insurance by 25%. they retrofit their home, they get more affordable insurance, it is a winning proposition all the way round. >> is $3000 going to be enough for retrofitting? >> a great question. the retrofit they were able to accomplish with this, you usually cost in the area of between $5000-$6000, it depends. so that is about half of the cost, that is a pretty
4:42 pm
significant incentive. when you think about the idea of reducing the insurance cost by about 25%. plus, it makes the home saver. it is a safer place for the families to sleep at night. it is a pretty exciting program. >> how do people know if they are on the policyholders that are eligible for this? >> we send them a letter. keep and eye on your mail. it will hit the post office tomorrow. there should be a letter by the end of this week. and what you do is you go online and set up. spots are limited. so we are encouraging people to act as quickly as possible. if we go through the amount of money that we have available, we want to help people. we want to help them retrofit their home and keep their insurance affordable. >> you talk to moment ago about those premiums. you know, it seems like that is the thing that holds a lot of folks back from purchasing earthquake insurance, because
4:43 pm
of the cost of those premiums in the high deductibles. you talked about those premiums, bringing them down for about 25% of the people. why is it that some people have to pay a lot more now and some people are paying less? what are the factors involved? >> we are able to lower rates for about 75%. and 25% are going to get increases. when the scientists do their work and they tell us were the risk is based on their new knowledge of the faultlines, we need to adjust our rates accordingly. so some folks are certainly going to increase. i really encourage everybody to go to our website go to earthquake, it is much more is affordable than it was, with a large array of deductibles. we have lowered rates by over
4:44 pm
50%. now how much a homeowner will pay? that will range when their cost of -- the value of their home keeps going up and up. we are nonprofit, we are not for shareholders. >> obviously, i don't have to tell you, right now in california, we just had a pair of large earthquakes down in southern california at the beginning of this month. after we have those back to back earthquakes down there in the ridgecrest area, did you see a lot more people signing up? >> yes. our website traffic went through the roof. we will not know how much for a few weeks how much. but the traffic was up tenfold. agents were getting calls off the hook.
4:45 pm
california got the two biggest earthquakes that the state has had in the last 20 years. we do live in earthquake country. they can hit anytime, anywhere. >> it is always a pleasure to have you on. the ceo of california earthquake authority. thank you for your time. >> thank you. a beautiful day around the bay area, especially if you like it warmer. giving you a look over san francisco where we have mostly blue skies. half moon bay, one of the spots that is actually cooler this afternoon. everyone else anywhere from four to eight degrees warmer. this is a beautiful view. if you're going to see the giants play later today, we will have that forecast for you in just a moment. here is the storm tracker for you, santa cruz cleared out
4:46 pm
this afternoon, but we are stuck under gray skies on half moon bay, as we head north, we have the golden gate bridge clear. our south beaches as well. the high pressure will gain control over the weather pattern for the next several days. the temperatures are going to change ever so subtly for the next days. a lot of 70s and 80s around the bay. some of the warmer locations will be in the low to mid 90s. for tomorrow and moving forward. temperatures are expected to come down slightly for tomorrow. we may not really notice a difference. napa, 81. santa rosa, 85. low to mid 90s concord, livermore, dublin. oakland, 74. downtown san francisco, 69 degrees.
4:47 pm
here is a look at your forecast. the giants start at 6:45 pm. 64 degrees a west breeze at 10 miles per hour. partly cloudy skies. a pretty evening there. of course, bring a jacket. here is a look at the futurecast as we get going tomorrow morning along the coastline. and just inside of the bay, for the most for the inland cities, partly cloudy to mostly clear. another sunny start. as we get into the afternoon, we will remain very similar to today. a mix of sun and clouds along the coastline and the rest of us will be mostly sunny. temperature was, 55 degrees to start your day in san francisco. the mid-60s if you're going to be inland in areas like antioch. as we get into the afternoon, low 70s for sausalito. for the spay, 74 in oakland. low 90s expected in a in the
4:48 pm
act. mid-80s for son is a. -- san jose. redwood city, 82. half moon bay, mid 60s. here's a look at your extended forecast. temperatures are expected to bump up slightly on wednesday, only to back slightly on thursday and friday. and getting into your weekend, a little change expected on sunday. >> thank you. protests continue today in puerto rico. demonstrators managed to shut down a main highway that connects san juan to the rest of the island. today the protest seems to be the largest one yet. they are demanding that the governor resign.
4:49 pm
>> reporter: those streets is someone spillover with protesters on monday, all pledging to drive the governor out of office. >> when we take to the streets to be respected, out of response to all of this corruption. their responses to send the police. >> reporter: he is facing criticism for lead text messages that show him mocking hurricane victims and being homophobic. >> we are sick of the corruption. are the massive gathering follows a week of outrage targeting the governor. he has refused to resign. he did an ounce that he will not seek reelection. we had an exclusive interview. >> i used words that i have apologized for. i have also made significant
4:50 pm
actions in the direction of helping vulnerable sectors in our population. for equal rights and equality. >> reporter: president trump waiting today with nothing kind to say. >> the governor is not good. >> reporter: monday was the 10th day of consecutive protest, protesters say there will be more later in the week. fox news. all right, no big surprise here. the most valuable support franchisor. >> where golden state ended up on the list. in which franchise took the top spot? with crunchy batter. spice them up with hot sauce or cool them down with buttermilk ranch. try my 100% all-white meat spicy chicken strips combo today. only at jack in the box.
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. the golden state warriors were listed in forbes annual list of the most valuable sports teams. list was released today. it shows the dallas cowboys bring has number one. the nfl franchise is valued at $5 million. the mlb, the yankees coming in at second with a value of $4.6 million. the new york knicks come in at number five valued at $4 million. this is rounding out the top five. the golden state warriors they made it in at number nine, their value is $3.5 million. the world's biggest air show is taking place this weekend. this is in oshkosh, wisconsin.
4:54 pm
aviation into this -- interviews are expected to attend. they have been wowing spectators since 19 -- and it seems to grow in popularity every year. >> reporter: the biggest air show in the world. i just got off this t-28. i tell you, i got some of the pilots here. you guys are training the next generation of pilots? >> you face we are. we train fighter pilots all over the world. >> reporter: you do this on a contract basis. >> we do, absolutely. we are constantly training in-
4:55 pm
house military, we do it for 1/5 of the cost. we are going to be doing this with our aerobatic demonstration team. >> reporter: you flew me, what was that aircraft? we did all sorts of crazy things, rolling. >> we did, this is called blue rodeo. this is an air show that i will be performing in. i have been doing this for 16 years the summer. >> reporter: i did not fly with the f-16 thunderbirds. it is just amazing, such respect for the pilots. >> thank you, it is not just pilot, it is a whole team concept. it is an incredible team.
4:56 pm
>> reporter: this is a show about the future of aviation. the next generation will be trained by these men and women. the busiest air show in the world. the busiest airport in the world. this is all about the aviation and the future of aviation in wisconsin. the foxbusiness network. all right ktvu news is up next. a priest is accused of stealing money. >> you think the money is going to go were disposed to go to. coming up at 5:00, how a car crash revealed the alleged that. (male announcer) check out bass pro shops' and cabela's summer sale and clearance for great deals. like savings of up to 50% on redhead men's and natural reflections ladies' sandals. and this coleman 48 quart inland performance series marine cooler for under $20.
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ktvu fox 2 news at 5 the clock starts now. and am welcome seen as a large smoke plume rises, burning south of lake berryessa. i'm frank somerville . >> i'm julie haener. the fire was reported about 2 pm and authorities shut down a section of highway 128 in napa county. crews are battling flames from the ground and from the air. cal fire says so far, the fire has burned about 45 acres.
5:00 pm
-- fire. >> highway 128 is closed for traffic between rad canyon known and largely cold. homes in the ea are being evacuated. the napa county office of emergency services says the evacuation order is in place for homes on the south side of the highway . >> we are keeping an eye on this fire and you get the latest information including acreage burned and containment numbers -- >> a priest from santa rosa has been suspended by a diocese for allegedly stealing nearly $100,000 in church donations. the diocese says they found stacks of cash in his car, office and home. rob roth is at the church where the pastor last worked. rob? >> reporter: frank, it is unclear how much money father oscar diaz allegedly stole. the diocese says it is at least $95,000 and the most recent victim was this church in santa rosa. for parishioners here at resurrection roman catholic parish in santa rosa, the news is shocking and sad.


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