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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  July 24, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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former special counsel robert mueller appears before congress. his six hours of testimony included a warning about russian tampering in u.s. elections. >> they're doing it as we sit here. and they expect to do it during the next campaign. >> by now you've heard no bomb shells from robert mueller but he did have things to say. good evening. i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville.
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the president was not impressed by mueller's appearance. the president called it a great day for republicans. mueller's testimony was mostly dry and dispassionate during more than six hours of questioning. as promised, he stayed close to the statements in his written report, and he distanced himself from topics of presidential crimes and impeachment, leaving that to congress. >> i think looking at this there was political grandstanding, followed by short one-word answers from mueller. clearly one of the big messages he had today that was very important and also irrespective of party is he warned his investigator did find foreign election meddling. it's real and a grave threat to our american democracy. >> reporter: robert mueller was sworn in wednesday at the house judiciary committee hearing in the morning and the intelligence committee hearing in the
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afternoon. he gave guarded answers about his report on russian election interference and the trump campaign, declining to expand on his findings. >> i'd have to refer you to the report on that. >> reporter: democrats focused on mueller's findings that the trump campaign met multiple times with russian operatives such as the hacking of democratic servers and private swing state polling data without notifying the fbi of the foreign meddling. >> i gather that you believe that knowingly accepting foreign assistance during a presidential campaign is an unethical thing to do. >> and a crime. >> and a crime. >> yes. and a given certain circumstances. >> and to the degree that it undermines our and our institutions, we can agree that it's also unpatriotic? >> true. >> and wrong. >> true. >> reporter: republicans focused on volume 1 of mueller's report which said there was no evidence of a direct conspiracy
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by the trump campaign. they also tried to discredit the report itself, saying it was a political act based on a democratic generated dossier. >> it's time for the curtain to close on the russia hoax. the conspiracy theory is dead. >> reporter: republicans asked if his legal team was bias because some attorneys had supported or donated to democrats. mueller fired back. >> i've been in this business for almost 25 years and in those 25 years, i've not had occasion once to ask somebody about their political affiliation. it's not done. >> reporter: the mueller report contained evidence that the president and his associates tried to interfere in the investigation but in his testimony wednesday, mueller said due to the justice department policy of not indicting a sitting president, his team did not consider charges of obstruction of justice. >> we decided we would not make a determination as to whether the president committed a crime. >> reporter: colorado republican ken buck pushed
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mueller farther. >> could you charge the president with a crime after he left office? >> yes. >> you believe you could charge the president of the united states of obstruction of justice after he left office? >> yes. >> reporter: bay area congresswoman jackie spear asked mueller to respond to president trump's claims of a witch hunt. >> would you agree that it was not a hoax? >> absolutely. it was not a hoax. the indictments we returned against the russians, two different ones, were substantial. >> when donald trump called your investigation a witch hunt, that was also false, was it not? >> i'd like to think so. yes. >> your investigation is not a witch hunt. >> it not a witch hunt. >> reporter: in the end, mueller said his message to the american people is foreign election meddling needs immediate attention. >> we've underplayed to a certain extent thatgation that d would have long-term damage to the united states that we need to move quickly to address. >> reporter: mueller also had a strong warning when texas
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republican congressman will herd asked if there's a danger to american democracy in the upcoming 2020 election from russia or other countries. >> did you find evidence to suggest they'll try to do this again? >> wasn't a single attempt they're doing it as we sit here. and they expect to do it during the next campaign. >> today mueller called for an all-out cooperation between the cia, fbi, and other federal entities to battle foreign meddling and his report said that russian social media messages were seen by more than 127 million americans both on facebook and on twitter. so there's also that question of how much the american public can stop those meddling efforts. president trump said this was a good day for republicans and for himself, calling mueller's testimony a disaster for democrats. >> the democrats had nothing and now they have less than nothing. and i think they're going to
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lose the 2020 election very big, including congressional seats because of the path that they chose. >> house democratic leaders say their oversight of election interference is far from over. they plan to file lawsuits to force more testimony. speaker pelosi suggested that impeachment is still on the table. >> but if it comes to a point where the cone of silence and the obstruction of justice and the coverup in the white house prevents us from getting that information, that will not prevent us from going forward. in fact, it's even more grounds to go forward. >> you will find more coverage of the mueller testimony at just look for our coverage right on the homepage. in oakland tonight, a woman survived after being hit by a batter train during the evening rush hour. batter authorities say the woman entered the track way at lake merit station about 5:30 and was hit by a train going in the northbound direction. the station was closed for about h as emergency crews
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worked to rescue the woman. b.a.r.t. riders say the train was packed when it came to a stop. >> as soon as we came to an abrupt stop, the air conditioning shut off automatically and the train got dead silent. >> the lake merit station opened about an hour later. b.a.r.t. says the woman is being treated for her injuries. a bay area musician went to work tonight, performing in honor of his 24-year-old son who was gunned down in east oakland on monday. the gunman has not been caught and the motive is undetermined. ktvu's azenith smith joins us in sunnyvale tonight where the heartbroken father sang with his band. >> the singer took to the stage tonight with a heavy days ago on his way to work. he leaves behind three young children. he goes by chuck lounge, a stage name for the singer of the band
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tortilla soup. the concert was more for him fa. for him, it was his therapy. >> they have no idea. they come out to have a good time. they have no idea how much i need them tonight. i need them. >> reporter: therapy after his 24-year-old son calen tate was shot and killed in east oakland on monday. >> angry. i'm hurt. i'm sad. a lot of emotions. i wouldn't wish this on anyone. >> reporter: he says his son calen was going to work, a contractor for amazon. calen was sitting in the car with a friend outside his mother's home on 66th avenue in oakland monday around 10:30 in the morning, when another car pulled up and started shooting. calen was struck once, rushed to highland hospital, where he died. >> it came out and told us that they couldn't save him. the bullet went through his heart. >> reporter: calen's friend was also shot and survived. his father does not believe his son was the intended target, saying he had no enemies, not
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into drugs or gangs. >> he was totally color blind and we were robbed of him by carelessness. people who have no regards for human life. >> reporter: embraced with hugs from his band mates and fans. his band prayed over their lead singer before they took to the stage. and on stage they opened with calen's favorite song, a marvin gay classic. throughout the night, the entertainer playing in his son's memory. >> i'm going to let you know one more time, sunnyvale, ya'll are my therapy tonight and i'm more than beyond grateful to be here with my family singing for ya'll tonight. let's keep the love going. >> despite his loss, he did not miss a beat. his band mates are holding a fundraiser friday, august 2nd in
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san jose. proceeds will go to his children. he leaves behind three of them. ages 6, 4, and 2. >> a touching tribute by his father. in the south bay, crews are making progress on a grass fire that's burning in the foothills northeast of milpitas and san jose. cal fire says 50 acres have burned. at least one structure was involved but no one was injured and there were no evacuations. cal fire says the fire started at 5:30 and by 7:00 crews had stopped it from spreading. the fire broke out in a remote area in the spring valley area south of the calaveras reservoir. a grass fire burning in solano county is 60% contained tonight. marsh view road, which is south of cordelia. 183 acres have burned since the fire was first reported about 10:00 a.m. fortunately no homes are being threatened and freeway traffic is not affected.
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now to antioch where a 14-year-old girl helped rescue two elderly women from a house fire. that girl jumped into action last night explosion. >> reporter: this long-time family home filled with decades of memories, all ruined by fire tuesday night. flames ripped through the roof and shot out of the garage as firefighters doused it with water until the fire was out. the family looking on in despair, grateful they made it out unharmed, thanks to the help of neighbors, including a 14-year-old girl. >> we're having a sleepover. we were decorating our tent. then we hear this loud explosion. >> reporter: abby reiswig said she heard people screamingely re chaos to help. >> we looked up and there was this lady in a wheelchair and there was another older lady trying to push her down and she was having a hard time getting
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it caught. >> reporter: she said it was a community effort as she and another man helped them get safely across the street until crews arrived. >> of course we're super proud. i think every parent would want their kid to maybe react that way. maybe not being so close to a fire but helping somebody in need is awesome. >> reporter: while the family was too shaken to speak with us on camera, we know the women she helped rescue are forever grateful for abby's bravery. >> she thanked me and she was really happy. >> reporter: another heartfelt moment captured on camera. an act of honor and respect as a firefighter hand-delivered this cherished american flag back to the family whose father was a world war ii veteran. >> one small little act of kindness can go a long way. >> fencing has gone up around the property to protect what's left of the home and we're told the family is working with an insurance adjuster to repair or rebuild this home because it's a devastating loss.
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we're told the grandmother built this decades ago and hoping to salvage what's left. alyana gomez, ktvu news. cheers broke out in san juan, puerto rico tonight. late word on the announcement from their embattled governor after nearly two weeks of protest. we're tracking the heat. we've got big inland temperatures. 103 in fairfield. temperatures next few days are going to be up there. a north bay woman dies in a clothing donation bin. now a lawsuit claims it's no freak accident but a pattern of people choked to death trying to retrieve items. we're talking to the victim's mother.
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developing news out of puerto rico. 90 minutes ago puerto rico's embattled governor said he's going to resign. people packed the streets of san juan dancing and playing music after governor ricardo rossello announced he's stepping down. his resignation will be effective a week from friday. governor rossello faced widespread calls to step down after an online chat was released that was filled with obscenities and showed him insulting women and mocking constituents including the
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victims of hurricane maria. justice secretary vasquez will become the new governor. new at 10:00 tonight, a followup to a story we brought you last november about a woman who died trapped in a clothing donation box. now her mother is suing, claiming the companies that make and use those donation boxes do so knowing they're dangerous. ktvu's debora villalon is live tonight in petaluma after talking with the mom and her attorney. >> the box has been gone since it happened. the owner of the deli here insisted on it. so horrified by what his employees found one cold morning. a local woman dead in the donation bin. >> she was a beautiful giving, loving person. >> reporter: taylor land died three days before her 31st birthday, a birthday she shared with her mom. >> i still expect her to call and come knocking on my door. >> reporter: it was police who knocked that november morning to tell kingsley her daughter's
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body had been found wedged head first in a donation bin. caleigh trying to take items out was the bin>>hen i found out the people who died before her and nothing had been done. the bins are made the same way. they almost take a person's head off. >> reporter: now she's suing the company who makes the bin and the out of state bin manufacturer. over a dozen years there are documented more than 20 deaths in donation boxes around the country. different manufacturers but the same anti-theft design that pinches shut when there's weight on it. >> there was a woman in new york actually got her arm stuck in the bin and she ultimately froze to death hanging from the bin. >> reporter: when she died, friends described her as homeless and said she often foraged in the bins to give clothes to others. her flashlight was found at the bottom of the box. her bicycle left leaning nearby. >> i don't know what she was doing there. it really doesn't matter.
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>> reporter: her mom says caleigh and visited often and growing up in petaluma was an artistic girl, loved makeup and music, and later worked as a caregiver. >> she didn't have an apartment or house in her name. but she did have a home. >> reporter: in the bay area, another bin as fixiation killed an alameda woman. >> i think it's who's injured. i think what you're seeing is these boxes injure people who are sometimes on the fringes of society and may not have a voice. >> reporter: a warning dismissed as not explicit enough. >> at the minimum there should be a warning that says don't go in here, skull and cross bones, you may die. i don't think anyone would ever expect to crawl in there and lose their life. >> reporter: she expects to wrap the bins with plastic danger tape whenever she sees one. >> losing a kid is the worst thing a parent could go through.
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>> this wrongful death lawsuit is in its beginning stages but there's another claim very similar in los angeles right now. both seek a safer the bins and monetary damages. debora villalon, ktvu fox 2 news. new information tonight on the crash last sunday that killed a pedestrian in the tenderloin. san francisco police say the tesla was not in although pilot mode at the time of the crash. the driver was 21-year-old kelsey cambridge. she's accused of running a red light. the car hit 39-year-old benjamin dean of clovis and his wife kelly at a crosswalk and taylor and ofarrell. he was killed. his wife was badly injured. they plan to analyze data from the storage device to determine the driver's actions leading up to the crash. the department of motor vehicles took a big step today to try to improve customer service and better train employees. every dmv office in the state
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closed their doors for half a day today so 5,000 workers could learn to process real i.d. applications. the dmv says the closures and the mass training is unprecedented. >> the training involved interactive exercises, role playing if you will, to figure out the best way to service our customers. >> a new report from the governor's office shows overall wait times at the dmv have dropped by 58 minutes compared to last august. also more kiosks are being added as people rush to get their real i.d.s. definitely warmed up today. temperatures got up into the low 100s. this weekend is going to be hotter. we'll cool off a little tomorrow. then we have an excessive heat watch in effect, that will go into effect for the central valley and most likely end up as
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an excessive heat warning. the high is building out of the desert southwest. it's also ushering subtropical moisture from the gulf of california. monsoonal moisture if you will. that moisture every day in the afternoon is going to pop off thunderstorms. for us the fog cleared along the coast today. temperatures got into the mid 60s, upper 60s. a little bit of patchy fog forming tonight. tomorrow is going to be another warm day. not quite as hot as today. instead of 103 in fairfield, tomorrow, 96. going to be a hot day but not as hot. as we head into the weekend, temperatures come up. and that's the real weather story. when i come back, we'll chat with you about what you can expect for your friday, saturday, and sunday. still ahead tonight, a bay area police department sued over claims of excessive force. see if you think surveillance video contradicts the officer's own police reports. two horses abandoned
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outside a bay area home depot store. the search for whoever left them alone and malnourished.
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new at 10:00, authorities in sonoma county are looking for the owners of this old beat up horse trailer found abandoned with two horses inside. police were called to the store yesterday morning. the two female horses are more than 20 years old, very thin, and may have been in that trailer without food or water for 18 hours. a passerby told police there was an old maroon ford pickup truck parked near that trailer monday afternoon. both horses were taken to an undisclosed ranch for proper care. google is investing $50 million in affordable housing. it's all part of a pledge the company made last month to spend a billion dollars on housing in the bay area. google announced it's putting the money toward silicon valley
10:26 pm
's tech fund, a fund low income housing. google's ceo said he's proud to be the largest investor to date. the federal trade commission has hit facebook with a record $5 billion fine for violating the privacy of users. the ftc is requiring facebook to set up an independent committee that will oversee privacy on facebook and mark zuckerberg will have to personally certify compliance. it essentially amounts to a slap on the wrist because the company has a market value of about $575 billion. facebook did not admit anyongdo. shares of tesla fell more than 10%d wall street forecast. the company lost $408 million for the quarter. however, they sold more than 95,000 cars which is more than any previous quarter. still, that pace isn't enough to
10:27 pm
hit tesla's goal of delivering 360,000 cars this year. ceo elon musk says he expects tesla will turn a profit by the 4th quarter. on wall street stocks were mostly higher. the dow was the exception, falling 79 points. but tech shares pushed the nasdaq up 70 points for a new record close and the s&p gained 14, also setting a new record. three increases over three years adding up to $20 a month. coming up on the 11:00 news, frustration tonight aimed at pg&e as the company makes the case for raising your rates. still ahead here at 10:00, surveillance video raising questions about a police arrest in palo alto. the accusations in a lawsuit filed against the city. first, late word that millionaire financier and sex trafficking suspect jeffrey epstein was found injured inside his jail cell. my experience with usaa
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accused sex trafficker jeffrey epstein was reportedly found suffering from an injury inside his jail cell tonight. he's being housed in federal jail in lower manhattan as he awaits trial on the trafficking of underage girls. he was reportedly found in his
10:31 pm
cell semiconscious with marks on his neck. new york media is reporting he may have tried to hang himself. it's also possible he may have been injured by someone else. surveillance video is at the center of a lawsuit that accuses palo alto police of excessive force. the officers are accused of roughing up a suspect and lying about it in their police report. >> it's aimed at deterring this type of unlawful behavior, this dishonest behavior by the police. >> reporter: the attorney lays out hundreds of pages of evidence he says proves four palo alto police officers are unfit to wear a badge. the case centers on this home surveillance video in february 2018. the officer initially tried to conduct a traffic stop because the subject was known to have a suspended driver's license. the suspect was seen driving in the roadway, but in the audio
10:32 pm
from the surveillance video -- >> who you know was driving? why you chase me down? >> reporter: alvarez makes a hand gesture then goes back into his mobile home. he calls in backup. now several patrol shift officers return, demanding alvarez surrender. sergeant wayne benitez kicks in the door. benitez's report says officers moved to make an arrest, quote, since officers had two charges against him, driving on a suspended license and now resisting officers. agent desano and i put him on the hood of the car. no other force was used on alvarez. but the surveillance video shows officers punching alvarez. and slamming him face first into the car's windshield. >> not a single one of those officers reported this incident
10:33 pm
properly. not a single one of those officers adhered to the written policy in terms of informing their superiors about the use of force. >> reporter: claiming officers deprived alvarez of his 4th amendment right against unlawful search and seizure. palo alto police referred us to the city manager for comment which issued a statement, the police department has procedures to investigate allegations of misconduct thoroughly. according to police officials, only sergeant benitez is on administrative leave. the others are working their normal shifts. >> these officers have no business being peace officers. they are dishonest and they're violent. they have a veil of secrecy that they've created. in livermore, police are offering a $2500 reward for information leading them to a murder suspect. these are pictures of the
10:34 pm
suspected gunman. 21-year-old jorge telles. police say he shot and killed 16-year-old emanuel mosby following an argument outside the taco bell on east stanley boulevard two weeks ago. police in livermore would like to hear from anyone about information on the case. a homeowner says he's obtaining a tough time getting fire insurance for his property. the problems he's facing may soon be an issue for people all across california. >> reporter: since 2012, half of lake county's land masses burned. mike's family owns a home in lake county that's still standing. the family home insurance policy has just skyrocketed 80%, a hard pill to swallow. he and his wife also want to buy another home there to live in. but getting insurance, near impossible. >> i've run into a literal brick wall. i've tried companies numbering in the dozens and can find no one who will ensure the property. >> reporter: the only quote he can get at all is from the
10:35 pm
california fair plan controlled by a consorption of insurers required under state law. >> i've spoken to some agents who quoted me numbers of what a normal policy would be. $1700 to $2800. >> the number you got from fair? >> $12,000 to $13,000. >> in the almost 36 years i've run my insurance agency here in california, i've never seen the marketplace for homeowner's insurance as bad as it is today. >> reporter: insurance agent david schaeffer says one of his clients in the oakland hills had a $6300 a year policy canceled. schaeffer could find only one company willing to replace that policy. >> grand total is $19,193.48. >> compared to? >> $6,343. >> reporter: consumer advocate amy buck is director of united policy holders. >> the insurers are completely free to choose their customers
10:36 pm
as long as they give you the 45 days' notice that they're not going to renew. >> reporter: trimming crews are making the roads less confined by vegetation as other crews are carving two new fire trails so fire trucks going up the hill will not encounter evacuees driving down. that may have no effect on rate hikes and cancellations. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. alpine meadows, one step closer to building a gondola that would connect the two ski resorts. the board of supervisors unanimously approved the project. environmentalists are opposed to it. the eight-passenger gondola will allow skiers and snowboarders to access squaw and alpine without having to drive between the two resorts. the project must now get approval from the u.s. forest service. a high profile visitor. the san quentin prison. how a famous filmmaker is showcasing the influence on
10:37 pm
country music. it's pretty warm out there still in the bay area. temperatures the next few days inland are going to get pretty darn hot, especially toward the weekend. the 5-day forecast when i return. a performance by children who call themselves nicavangelists. they're using folk dance to educate people about the crisis in their home country.
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conservative politician boris johnson officially took office today as britain's new prime minister. he waved to a large crowd as he walked into his new home at 10 downing street. earlier he went to buckingham palace to be officially appointed by queen elizabeth. in his first speech as prime minister, boris said he's up to the task. he said britain will leave the european union by the end of october whether a deal is reached or not. johnson takes the place of theresa may who failed at repeated attempts to strike a brexit deal between parliament and eu lawmakers. a san francisco judge this afternoon blocked the trump administration from enforcing new asylum restrictions for people crossing the mexican border. a hearing was held in the city this morning. the policy would require migrants who passed through another country on their way to the u.s. to first apply for asylum in that country. the u.s. district judge said the
10:41 pm
rule was inconsistent with existing laws. it stops the policy from being implemented while the lawsuit is being heard. a group of young men showcasing their nicaraguan culture through dance and also bringing attention to what they say is a crisis in their homeland. the group called the nicavangelists performed tonight in palo alto. it's made up of boys, some as young as 9, who were in gangs or orphaned in nicaragua. it gives the boys food, clothing, school, and a safe place to call home. >> what we're trying to do is we're trying to put a human face on the crisis in nicaragua. it's not about communism. it's not about socialism. it's not about capitalism. basically young kids like this are being killed because they're standing up to the government and they're protesting and they're saying we don't want you
10:42 pm
in power. >> the group has been traveling around the u.s. and asia and already been to minnesota and new york. dryers flagship ice cream shop is set to close its doors. right next to the company's headquarters on college avenue. it's been there for 20 years. but a sign on the shop window is thanking customers for their support over the years and says a new tenant will be announced soon. a special screening for inmates today at san quentin. coming up, the film showcasing the prison's influence on country music. then, mother nature's fury. the damage caused by a tornado on cape cod. chief meteorologist bill martin will be back. show us how long our warm weather will stick around.
10:43 pm
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10:45 pm
come inside. come inside. >> some terrifying moments on tuesday when tornado hit cape cod. this video shows the moment the roof was ripped off the cape sands inn in yarmouth, massachusetts. the tornado was an ef-1 with
10:46 pm
winds up to 110 miles per hour. no reports of injuries but it led to widespread power outages on the cape. anti-virus software pioneer john mcafee tweeted pictures of his release in the dominican republic today. authorities say mcafee was taken into custody along with 5 others several days ago. they were all suspected of traveling on a yacht carrying high caliber weapons, ammunition, and military style gear. it's not clear how mcafee was released after four days of confinement. he developed early internet security software and has been sought by authorities for his alleged involvement in a murder in belize. filmmaker ken burns was at san quentin to show his latest film to some of the inmates there. it's a look back at the history of country music and the prison's key role in that story. rob roth. >> reporter: here behind these grim walls of san quentin state prison, inmates met with a
10:47 pm
special visitor. >> out of the 35 or so films made, racism is a central part of the film. >> reporter: documentary filmmaker ken burns. >> it's a story not really told. we're telling. >> reporter: one of the inmates, richard serving 37 years for a home robbery. >> to milk him for how much knowledge he got, it's great. it's wonderful. >> reporter: he stopped at san quentin as part of a national tour promoting his upcoming 16-hour documentary on the history of country music, airing on pbs in september. >> i want him to feel part of a big broad human family and maybe being in here doesn't permit that to happen. >> reporter: part of it recounts how country singer johnny cash's 1959 performance at the prison inspired one of its inmates, merle haggard, who after his release went on to become an icon of country mublgz. burns streamed excerpts for about 100 inmates. many were clearly moved.
10:48 pm
>> i want you to know how much i appreciate what you're doing. i really do. it touched my heart. >> i am honored by it. >> for many of the inmates here, the story of merle haggard has a deeper meaning, a meaning they say they can carry while they're here and perhaps carry if they ever get out. >> he kind of like changed his life around. and that's something that we're all trying to do. >> reporter: javier jimenez is serving nine years for manslaughter. >> kind of gives you a glimmer of hope. if somebody can be successful as they were. >> reporter: he's known for his meticulously researched documentaries, including the civil war, the vietnam war, and the history of baseball. he says the story of country music is an american story he hopes will resonate with people regardless of where they are in life. >> the value of a human being does not end when they walk through the door. >> reporter: at san quentin state prison, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news.
10:49 pm
temperatures going to cool off a little tomorrow and warm up again in time for the weekend. it's going to be warm to hot this weekend. along the coast we'll see clearing with temperatures in the 60s. today was a hot one. look at the drop-off tomorrow. a few degrees. instead of low 100s, we're going to be in the mid 90s here tomorrow or around there. still going to be very warm inland. friday, mid 90s as well. by saturday and sunday, we're back into the low 100s. that's when we could see a heat advisory or heat warning or excessive heat watch or spare the air day or fire danger concern. we'll watch that closely but the temperatures this weekend heating up pretty significantly. all this moisture coming up from the gulf of mexico. look at all that streaming in. this is going to produce numerous thundershowers along the west slope especially the southern sierra nevada. obviously around phoenix and albuquerque. that stuff every afternoon is going to go off and there will be big towering clouds and thunderstorms. southviously had a few as
10:50 pm
well. 100 lightning strikes in some places. no fog at the golden gate bridge. that's how you know it's going to be a warm one tomorrow. the winds are blowing in such a direction that we expect temperatures to drop a few. santa rosa, 97 today. 89 tomorrow. a little bit less of a compressional heating day and temperatures in santa rosa will be closer to normal. about 90. cooler in san francisco with a little more of a sea breeze. same with concord, a few degrees cooler. tomorrow is a cooler day. not cool, just cooler. and then it warms up for the weekend so that high pressure is building out of the desert southwest and when it comes that way, the hotspots are those eastern valleys, eastern sacramento, eastern san joaquin valley because the heat just kind of rolls in from that direction. that's why the expensive heat warning will most likely be in effect for friday and saturday to sunday from redding south to bakersfield for the entire central valley with temperatures to 110 possible. so for the weekend, that's sort of the weather headline. hot. then tomorrow's temperature footprint, cooler than today.
10:51 pm
but still you go 30 miles, 40 miles inland, and you'll find your mid 90s. 50 miles inland, you'll find 100 degrees. forecast highs tomorrow, 96 in vacaville. that's cooler than it was today. but still pretty darn warm. around the bay, plenty of 70s. pretty typical summer day. there's the 5-day forecast. you can see that saturday, sunday. that's the bullseye. > ming up in sports, the giants came back to earth this afternoon. joe fonzi with the highlights. on the 11:00 news, frustration over a plan by pg&e to hike rates. how the utility defended the plan tonight and how much each customer would pay.
10:52 pm
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10:54 pm
mark's off. joe is in tonight. you kind of new at some point the streak was going to end and today it did. >> i didn't think they'd win 162 games or at least 1 the table after being 50-50. the giants have been rolling on good times for about a month now. came up short this afternoon as they ended a home stand that saw them go 5-2. this was the day. cubs didn't waste any time getting on the board. javier baez sends one deep into the not so crowded left field
10:55 pm
bleachers. 1-0 chicago and baez's 25th of the year. baez in front of him. kris bryant finds the seats left center despite pillar's efforts. that's number 21 of the year for bryant. 3-0 giants. made a little noise in the bottom of the inning. off starter tyler chatwood. stephen vogt drives in austin slater to make it 3-1. albert almora. rizzo wasn't there to see the final out in this one. he struck out in the fifth. not sure if he was mad at himself or plate umpire george baker but either way he was tossed. the cubs won one game in the ears series by a 4-1 final. getaway day for the as today in houston as well. they were trying not to drop two out of three to the astros before heading home. we showed you the kid last night with t shirt an
10:56 pm
as shirt. he gets a souvenir. he's got an astros shirt underneath. he ran up against an old nemesis, justin verlander. they got to him for a run in the 1st. matt olson singles to right. josh reddick has trouble with the ball. in the 3rd with a runner on, george springer got into one. homer number 23 on the year for springer. that vaults the astros into a lead they'd hold the rest of the way. in the fifth it was jose altuve with a two-run shot. this one to straightaway center. houston hangs on for a 4-2 win. the as miss a chance to gain on the division leaders even though they retain the wildcard spot. they open a four-game series with the rangers tomorrow night. kawhi leonard was the last big chip to fall.
10:57 pm
today the guy who helped toronto to its first ever championship was introduced along with teammate paul george as members of the los angeles clippers. that's a grinning coach doc rivers in the shot. leonard's pedigree pretty well established at this point. his acquisition should elevate the clippers immediately into the upper echelon in the west. if you think doc rivers is happy, here's how a billionaire owner acts when he thinks he's got all his ducks in a row. contrast that with the demeanor of leonard. >> i have these notes. but i got to say i'm just fired up to be here today. it's pretty cool. pretty cool. woo! >> we got something special. we can make history here. we got the right team to do it with steve, with lawrence, and doc. championship head coach. and i'm excited. >> another big off the blocko the lake tir hand forced
10:58 pm
when davis demanded to be dealt. steve kerr was on a podcast today talking about what made that transaction different. >> i'm talking more about the anthony davis situation where a guy is perfectly healthy and got a couple years left on his deal and says i want to leave. if you come to an agreement with the team that hey, it's probably time for us to part ways, that's one thing. the davis stuff was really kind of groundbreaking i think and hopefully not a trend because it's bad for the league. >> just four stages remain in the tour de france. there are times when the scenery is so good, it can get a little distracting like in today's 124-mile stage 17. this was the phillies stage. the guy who made his move was nobody could catch him. he came in at a time of four hours, 21 points, 36 seconds. he wins his first stage in five years but it doesn't change the
10:59 pm
overall standings. 1:35 over. we'll leave you with some things to check out on this wednesday night as we take a tour around the major leagues. cincinnati at milwaukee. lucas sims on the mound for the reds. saladino's bunt popped up and sims makes the diving catch. nice play by 3rd baseman josh van meter to avoid sims. milwaukee wins 5-4. san diego and new york. hosmer gets a shot up the middle. noah syndergaard somehow makes the stab then throws to 1st for a double play. more like the ball found syndergaard. the padres were winners by a score of 7-2. >> that was in slow motion. so fast going in real speed. coming up next at 11:00 -- >> some people have to make a decision whether they're going to buy groceries or pay their utility bill. >> outrage tonight from pg&e customers over their proposed rate hike to pay for wildfire
11:00 pm
prevention. more than $1 billion. that's how much pg&e is hoping to collect from their customers. hello again, everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. the california public utilities commission is holding hearings for a rate hike. it's expected to raise the average bill by $20 a month over the next three years. ktvu's paul chambers attended a meeting in oakland tonight where pg&e customers voiced their concerns. >> leaders from pg&e were on hand to hear their customers' concerns but they also want to explain why it's very important about this hike. it was the second of two meetings here in oakland today. if the hike is passed, the rate will go into effect next year. with signs in hand saying no to a bail-out or rate hikes for pg&e, more tha


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