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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  July 25, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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of. >> local experts, lawmakers. even the president, now weighing in testimony about the russia investigation. good morning. thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2. thursday morning, july 25th. i'm pam cook. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. let's talk about your weather. steve paulson is right here. >> i am, indeed. it was had the yesterday -- hot yesterday. >> yes it was. >> 60s for some to almost 70 degrees. probably a lot of at teuld midlevel clouds. humidity factor will be up. warm to hot this weekend. we'll get a little break today and tomorrow. then right back up on saturday. saturday looks to be as hot, maybe as hot as yesterday. still pretty warm sunday. then much cooler monday and tuesday is the way everything
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is looking to take shape here. a few high clouds coming in. that's why the lows are on the mild side. there's no breeze whatsoever. at least so far. we'll see if it develops. but there's 50s for some. 60s for many. and 70s, even on some of the temps. on the peninsula. filling in. 60s, 50s for some. but low 60s for many. even over to fremont. i mean, even san mateo and foster city. thundershower activity, just south of tahoe. these higher clouds are with us. and everything coming around the big dome of high pressure. 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s through the interior. 5:01. 80. is that better yet? >> 80 is a little better. i don't know if you know this. but they're doing some roadwork there, steve. on 80 westbound. as you drive out toward the area. we'll talk about that in a second. i want to check on the altamonte pass as we always do. and you can see traffic is busy there. as you drive out to pleasanton and livermore. we also have traffic looks good out to castro valley. 80 is better. they finally picked up the cones and just confirmed that.
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as we were talking. behind the scenes, kind of multitasking. that is better finally. you get out to 880. looks good. and more people are going to be arriving, now that 80 is open. 5:02. let's go back to the desk. thank you, sal. new this morning. a san francisco street looked like a river after a crash took out a fire hydrant. right near candlestick point. ktvu's cristina rendon in san francisco with the investigation into what happened. we understand some people were injured in this. christina? >> yeah. good morning to you, pam. there are still remnants of this crash that you can see where we are. take a look. this car going so fast, it knocked this tree onto its side. there is still debris everywhere at the corner of carol and third street. let's get right to the video to show you exactly what happened. take a look at this. the entire front end of a mazda sedan has been entirely ripped off by impact of this crash. this all started around 1:30 this morning. we understand, that's around the time that first responders first got the call.
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and we believe. it's unconfirmed by police. but we believe that the car ran into a fire hydrant, right here on this corner. and it caused water, just gushing into the air. a geyser that we estimate may have been about 20 to 30 feet high. at this point, it's unclear, in terms of the victims, what their injuries are. we know at least three people were treated for injuries. we are not sure if they were taken to the the hospital or what their status is at this time. but this all happened right near the martin luther king jr. pool. and again, around 1:30 in the morning. it's pretty incredible that no one died in this crash. and back out here live. we want to show you this. this is where the fire hydrant used to be. you can see, it is completely sheared off. and it is unclear when the water will be cleared from the roadway. actually, we'd like to show you, there is still some flooding from here. it's actually right behind us. we'll show you here, this entire lane, one of the lanes of third street has been blocked off for minor flooding here. so it's unclear again what exactly happened, what led up to this crash. but thankfully, no one died
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here. again, three people treated for injuries. their injuries unknown at this time. when we have some more information, we'll bring it to you. live from san francisco, cristina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you, christina. also today, community groups and advocates are expected to sound off at port of oakland's commissioners. that is after the report that oakland officials used this as a launching point to remove undocumented immigrants from the country. the bay area news group announces i.c.e. carried away thousands of people. legal arguments over a proposed travel ban on muslims by the trump administration. the 9th circuit court in san francisco will hear this case. this proposed ban will be on people coming into this country from seven mostly muslim countries. including syria, iraq, iran and
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libya. a group called muslim advocates is arguing on behalf of 34 individuals who claim their families are being torn apart because their waiver applications have been denied. or they have been on hold for a long time. the government, on the other hand, is arguing the ban is legal. and they want this case thrown out. meantime, another judge on the 9th circuit court, temporarily blocked the trump administration from enforcing new restrictions on immigrants applying for asylum here in the u.s. now, the policy would require migrants who pass through another country to apply for asylum here in the u.s. after first apply in that country before coming to the united states. but the judge called that policy inconsistent with current laws. so right now, it's on hold until a lawsuit is settled. had morning. both democrats and republicans are claiming victory, after the testimony of former special counsel robert mueller. >> i gather that you believe
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that knowingly accepting foreign assistance during a presidential campaign is an unethical thing to do. >> and a crime. >> and a crime. >> in their questioning, democrats focused on mueller's findings that the trump campaign met several times with russian operatives who said they had negative information about hillary clinton. republicans highlighted the part of mueller's report that said there is no evidence of a direct conspiracy by the trump campaign. >> it's time for the curtain to close on the russia hoax. the conspiracy theory is dead. >> house democratic leaders say their oversight into election interference is far from over. they plan to file lawsuits to get more testimony. house speaker nancy pelosi said impeachment is still on the table. in addition it it comes to a point where the cone of silence and the white house prevents us from getting that information, that will not prevent us from going forward.
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in fact, it's even more grounds to go forward. >> now, we spoke with u.c. hastings law professor about the legal implications. he said mueller kept the strong actions within the larger content of election meddling and the threat to american democracy. >> that we have an ongoing threat from russia and probably will be getting it from other countries as well. and that needs to be addressed. and underlying that is the idea that woo need -- we need to examine the president's conduct with respect to that. >> levine said mueller's refusal to answer certain questions in the report indicates the justice still has unfinished. >> he certainly alluded to the fact that there are serious investigations going on. but he simply couldn't speak of. mueller spun off, as i said, more than a dozen investigations to other parts of the justice department. now, we don't know what is going to come of those. it may well be that there will
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be further indictments. >> levine says mueller defended the integrity of his report and his decision not to indict the president on obstruction of justice. but he noy noted mueller called president trump's comments about hacking and e- mail leaks unpatriotic. new this morning, from the united kingdom and his first address to parliament. boris johnson said he would make sure that britain leaves the european union on october 31st as scheduled. johnson said he is intent of making britain the greatest place on earth. meantime, puerto rico's governor ricardo rossells announced late last night, he will resign on august 2nd, because of a texting scandal. this follows days of the biggest protests puerto rico
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has seen in 15 years. ktvu's elissa harrington has more now on how the people of puerto rico reacted overnight. good morning, elissa. >> good morning, dave. well, a group cheered when this announcement was made. rossells's last day will be august 2nd. he resigned in a video address. >> i announce to you today that i will be renouncing, resigning the post of governor, as of friday 2nd, august, at 5:00 p.m. >> tens of thousands have taken to the streets of san juan over the past two weeks, demanding his resignation. this stems from a string of sexist, homophobic and private messages and chats that were leaked. nearly 9 pages of obscenity-laced conversations between the governor and others have been released. many have resigned, including the secretary of state, who would normally take over in a situation like this.
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>> resigned in the middle of this crisis. the law, which supplies the constitution in that sense calls for the secretary of justice to become the next governor for the remaining of the term. >> so instead, justice secretary wanda vasquez is next in line. she would become puerto rico's second female governor. lawmakers said they plan to start the impeachment process. live in the newsroom, elissa harrington, ktvu. 5:10 is the time now. there may soon be an insurance crisis in california. coming up, the cost of living in the high-fire area. and the obstacles some people face with trying to get smrns insurance. >> some people have on to make a decision on whether they're going to buy groceries or pay their utility bill. >> outage over the plans for a rate hike. the reason pg&e says it needs that money. and if you are hitting the road right now.
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80 westbound. that traffic is moving along pretty well. and you can see traffic on interstate 880 also looking good. we'll have more traffic and weather when mornings on 2 continues. show me the crown.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2." our time is 5:13. well, happening today, another pg&e public hearing about plans
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to raise the rates over the next few years. the average bill is expected to go up by $20 a month over the next three years. ktvu's paul chambers went to last night's meeting in oakland. >> reporter: with signs in hands, "say no to a bailout or rate hike with pg&e" the public commissions hearing on proposed rates. pg&e says the money would go to installing stronger poles and power lines across a high-risk fire area. keeping vegetation clear and branches. and adding high-def cameras in shift some of the highest risk areas. the average pg&e customer can expect their bill starting in 2020. then in 2021, their bill would increase by another $4.70 a month. and in 2022, just over $5 more a month. pg&e says none the money
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will go to executive pay. >> my salary or the salaries of my colleagues are excluded from this request. the proposal also does not request funding for any potential wildfire claims involved in the chapter 11 bankrupt proceeding. >> it's time to turn the heights -- lights out on pg&e, hold them accountable. but we also need to flip the script and put our utilities into the hands of the public. >> reporter: paul chambers, ktvu, fox 2 news. cal fire is dealing with two tires in the bay area this morning. woon started in santa clara county. first reported at 5:30 last night in the spring valley neighborhood, just near milipitas. cal fire says it has burned 85 acres. it's now 55% contained. no injuries or evacuations were reported. but one building was damaged. and crews hope to have it completely contained by tonight. >> and in solano county. 183 acres have been burned by
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the marsh view fire. skyfox was over the flames as they ran up a dry hillside, near interstate 680. no homes are in danger now. the fire is 60% contained. that area often gets strong winds. so right now, there's no word on when this might be fully contained. one homeowner in lake county says he's having a tough time obtaining fire insurance for his property. as ktvu's tom vacar reports, this may soon be an issue for many in california. >> reporter: since 2012, half of lake county's land masses have burned. mike spuris home. the family insurance policy has just skyrocketed 80%. a hard to buy another home to live in. but getting insurance, nearly impossible am. >> i have run no one of any
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conventional insurance company that will insure the property. >> the only quote they can get at all is from the california fare plan, controlled by consortium. >> i have spoken to some agents that have quoted me what a normal policy would be had they issued it. 1700 to 2800. and the number you got from fare. $12,000 to $13,000. >> reporter: here on cordo madero's christmas tree hill. they are carving new fire trails so fire trucks going up the hill will not encounter evacuees going down. that may have no effect on rate hikes and cancellation. tom vacar, ktvu, fox 2 news. time is 5:18. how is it looking, sal? >> looks okay. i'm looking here to make sure we don't have anything new that popped up in the last minute or
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so. but if you're driving on the roads, some of these long commutes are getting just a bit crowded. for example, gilroy. holister, castro area. not a big commute yet. but 101 is showing signs of slowing. when you get to that silicon valley commute. no problems on 880. although there is a small grass fire, reported by our very own allie rasmus crew on the way. and saw grass fire activity northbound 880 at 98. so just at the very top of this picture. you can see there is already a little bit of slow traffic getting up to that area. bay bridge. there is traffic that is 10-minute wait before you get onto the actual span. it is 5:19. let's bring steve in with the forecast. >> thank you, kind sir. let's get to it. lows comes in. tropical clouds. and no breeze yet. there's supposed to be one later today. yesterday was one, where
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temperatures went up right away. 54, santa rosa. livermore, 67. san jose, 67. so nice to mild to hot. higher spelled some higher humidity. even though the highs may not be as high. it does look like a little cooler next two days. right back up saturday. sunday will still be warm to hot. but not as hot as saturday. and a big-time cooling trend will kick it in early. lots of moisture rotating around the dome of high pressure. some of that is beginning to work its way up here. it's been in central california, southern california and the sierra. it is lifting northward around that flow. and you can see the higher clouds. water temps are certainly cold enough. bodega bay and point reyes. san francisco has come way up from 54 to 58 degrees. west at 12. that won't do it at travis. you need to get about 25 to 30 before you say it's a done deal. it's going to be cooler. napa airport has an east wind. can novato has a north wind.
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hasn't kicked in yet. 50s for a few 60s for many. very warm conditions for some away and even santa clara valleys. low 60s, mid-60s. campbell, 65. one observation, san jose. santa clara, sonoma 66. 58, ukiah. that's not too bad. 71, sacramento. pretty warm there. you can see that thunderstorm activity, just south of tahoe. more towards mammoth. very close. and the high will back off a little bit. it's come back in from colorado, new mexico, into arizona. arizona and new mexico border. that's all it takes this time of year to give us temperatures that go right up. minor cooling, thursday into friday. and with the higher clouds. the humidity is higher am then right back up saturday. saturday could be cooler than yesterday. it will be close. 60s, 70s, 90s to the interior to a few upper 90s. and by saturday. now, out to the valley as well. but for my local purposes. lake county, excessive heat watches out.
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might as well throw mendocino. they'll be about 103 on saturday as well. a little cooler here next couple of days. even though humidity factors hot saturday. still warm sunday. then cooler, much cooler monday. >> thank you, steve. 5:21 is the time. san francisco delivery-based app is accused of skimming tips. coming up, what door dash says it's now doing to ensure its workers get their pay. and sharks have been spotted at a california beach. we'll take you to the beach where the signs are posted to warn swimmers.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. three days in a row this week. great white sharks have been sighted at a popular surfing beach in san diego. shark sighting signs were posted on del mar beach. after reporting 5 to en- -- to 7-foot sharks. lifeguards say the sharks are juvenile white sharks. >> we've seen a lot of this activity up in orange county, l.a. over the last years this. is known habitat. we're seeing a little more activity down here. i think we have ripe conditions. we have warm inner waters. we have a lot of sting rays, a lot of food to which they're attracted. lifeguards say the shark dos not appear to be aggressive. and they have not approached the shore. google is investing $50
5:25 am
million in affordable housing. it's part of a pledge they made last month. google announced it is putting the money into housing trust silicon valley's tech fund. that's a program that uses money from local programs to fund affordable housing. google is proud to be an investor. companies like google have been blamed for contributing to the housing crisis. as well-paid google employees drive up the market. tesla set to open down more than 10% this morning, after quarterly earnings missed the forecast. the company lost $48 million in the quarter. however, it did sell more than 95,000 cars. more than any previous quarter. but still at that pace, not enough to meet tesla's goal of delivering 360,000 cars this year. ceo elon musk says he expects
5:26 am
the company to deliver a profit next quarter. door dash says its new policy will ensure drivers get their tips. under the old policy, if the driver got a tip, door dash would deduct the entire type from the original payment. food delivery business. open table is partnering with caviar, grub hub and uber eats. they will have 8,000 restaurant options in 90 cities across the country to choose from. 5:26 is the time. d.c., still abuzz. coming up, the reason democrats, republicans and the president are all claiming victory this morning. and jeffrey epstein injured in a federal prison. as he awaits trial. we'll tell you the extent of his injuries and what local reports are saying about how it
5:27 am
happened. good morning. you can see traffic is moving along okay. if you are driving on northbound 280, getting up to highway 17. we'll tell you more about this commute coming up. well, a cooker yesterday. a lot of 100-degree temps for the inland areas. what about today? a little cooler. the same. humidity is up. we'll show you why. bigger, tastier strips of juicy chicken with crunchy batter. spice them up with hot sauce or cool them down with buttermilk ranch. try my 100% all-white meat spicy chicken strips combo today. only at jack in the box.
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well, good morning to you. welcome back to "mornings on 2." it's thursday. july 25th. i'm dave clarank you for joinin this friday eve. >> yes. >> the weekend, i hope, is not going to be as hot as it was yesterday. it was even hot, even warm in the city. >> i think saturday is going to be as hot. >> okay. i was in the city. and people were saying, this is warm for 75. >> it was 75. >> well, 75 -- >> thankfully, our seats were in the shade. thankfully. >> right. >> i saw people coming, saying, oh, it's hot in the sun. >> sounds like a luxury problem. >> it is. 67 livermore. and also san hoswrie. -- jose. tropical clouds. so the humidity is up there. a little higher. here's the deal. i use four different forecast solutions here on the high temperatures. and i went with the warmest one yesterday. it was still off by about 5.
5:31 am
they are having a hard time when this high builds in. now, it's built in yesterday. there are signs that it is going to back off. some projections went low 90s. i went mid- to upper 90s. i didn't trust yet. that's northwest, north or east. 50s, 60s on the temps. to 70s for some around the bay. 68 berkeley. oakland hills. 72. el cerrito, 57. tiburon at 56. i can't find fog yet. doesn't mean it's not there. high continues to spend in -- send in a lot of this moisture. and it's over into arizona, more so into colorado and new mexico. that allows our temps to stay on the warm to hot side. especially those who are away from the coast. 5:32. i know 80 is better now. they picked it up. >> we have slowing out there, steve. in solano county. if you're leaving vallejo, and heading, you will see slowing
5:32 am
on westbound 37, heading out toward the vallejo area. i also notice that there is a crash reported in napa county on 8th street east at state route 121. now, this could cause a problem right here in this area. traffic is going to be a little slow if you are driving in that area. this is a look now at the carquinez-benicia bridge. looks good. and well is slowing in richmond. more than the normal slowing heading out to the macarthur maze. bay bridge filled in a little bit. it's about a 10- to 15-minute wait. before you make it onto the span. at 5:32. let's go back to the desk. we also have new information about a high-speed crash in san francisco that turned a city street into a canal. because it sheared off a fire hydrant. police just told us there were four people inside that silver mazda, when it crashed on third street and carol avenue. this was just before 1:15 this
5:33 am
morning. they were all taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. the incident is under investigation, but police believe speed factored into that crash. the accident took out the fire hydrant, caused water to gush out onto the street. time is 5:33. san francisco police say a tesla was not in auto pilot mode sunday, when the car slammed into and killed a man in central valley and severely hurt his wife. investigators will go over the data from the tesla storage equipment. to find out what that driver did, leading up to the crash. the driver, 21-year-old kelsey came bridge, is accused of running a red light, before the crash. thine-year-old benjamin dean of clovis, and his wife kelly, were in a crosswalk at taylor and o'farrell when they were hit. meanwhile, police in livermore are offering a $2500 reward, trying to find a homicide suspect, wanted for the shooting death of a high
5:34 am
school football star. 21-year-old jorge tellez is accused of arguing with the victim, 16-year-old emmanuel mosby, of livermore, two weeks ago, near a taco bell on east stanley boulevard. police say tellez shot mosby in the stomach. mosby was rushed to the hospital, but he died the next morning. mosby was a student at livermore high school. he played on the junior varsity football team. a san bruno fire department is charged with propositioning a teenage boy for sex. now, investigators say 68-year-old gary carson passed a sexually explicit note to aen 16-year-old boy in may. authorities then say carlson tried to confront the boy in the parking lot two days later. carson has pled not guilty and is out on bail. here's a quick look at some of the top stories this morning. later today, congress expected to vote on the president's budget bill. but fellow republicans in the house oppose billions of
5:35 am
dollars in new spending. the house freedom caulk us, made up -- caucus made up of more than 130 republican lawmakers say they're going to vote against the bill because they have grave concerns about it. president trump has vetoed three bills that would have blocked his administration from selling american made weapons to saudi arabia and the united arab emirates. in his veto message, the the me would, quote, weaken america's global competitiveness and damage the important relationships we share with our allies and partners. at the moment, lawmakers do not appear to have the votes to override the president's veto. >> and jeffrey epstein, the accused sex trafficker, is being held in a new york federal jail cell, reportedly was found in his cell with a neck injury. reportedly he was found semi cautious. and a new york media is reporting he may have tried to hang himself but it is also possible he was hurt by someone
5:36 am
else. the millionaire financier is awaiting trial for sex trafficking. president is declaring victory. doug luzader joins us live from washington, d.c. with what comes next. doug? >> with reviews still coming in on robert mueller's performance yesterday. democrats are pressing forward on for a long day. >> i think robert mueller did a horrible job. both today and with respect to the investigation but in all fairness to robert mueller. he had nothing to work with. >> but that review aside, democrats think they scored some points here with mueller. >> did you actually totally exonerate the president? >> no. >> mueller's appearance were part of a democratic effort to, at the very least, animate
5:37 am
a lengthy written report that they think makes a solid case against the president. republicans who took part would have none of it. >> the bedrock principle of our justice system is a presumption of innocence. it exists for everyone. everyone is entitled to it, including sitting presidents. >> and while mueller's performance was at times halting. they wanted to bolster claims. over the past month, public sentiment on impeachment has improved. they hope the public will follow along. >> i'm begging the american people to pay attention to what is going on. >> and mueller did again sound the alarm on foreign interference in u.s. elections. back to you guys. well, today, a coalition of some of san francisco's largest companies will announce a new campaign to address the city's
5:38 am
homeless crisis. the initial goal is to secure 1100 homes within the next two years. now, rather than build new units, the campaign wants to find empty units and large buildings or renovate abandoned or underutilized properties. companies supporting the proposal, include air b&b. bart service back to normal. after a train at the lake merit station hit a woman. it happened just before 5:30 last night. for some reason, the woman went onto the tracks. she was pulled off by emergency crews. at this time, we don't know her condition. one b.a.r.t. rider said his packed train was pulling into that station when it started slowing down and suddenly stopped. >> we started slowing down and came to an abrupt stop. as soon as we came to an abrupt stop, the air conditioning shut off automatically and the train got
5:39 am
dead silent. >> the lake merit train station was closed about an hour. b.a.r.t. set up a bus station to help some of the stranded riders. some went to social media saying, ride share prices went up when b.a.r.t. shut down. city is considering offering 0% loans or grants to help businesses stay afloat. along van ness avenue. business owners say years of torn-up streets and sidewalks are driving away customers. the owner of cross fit golden gate says her business has dropped steadily, since the business started. >> this project is dismantling my business. and not slowly. it's not slowly over time. it's crashing. >> now, she is adding more debt does not make sense to her. she says she needs a subsidy for the income she's already lost. city leaders and the smta are expected to finalize their
5:40 am
plans by senate. time now, 5:40. pretty scary moments this. is captured on an airport camera. up next. what happened to a 2-year-old who wandered beyond the check-in desk and ended up on a luggage conveyor belt. and a new gondola, connecting two tahoe ski resorts. on its way to being approved. but we'll show you where it's being built and why some people are against it. good morning. right now, northbound 280. san jose. that looks good. driving up toward the west valley. if you're on the road early. it will pay off. a lot of high clouds coming in. so the humidity is up. lows are up. what about the high temps. there you go. if you're listening. a lot of you listening. on your big 85-inch high-def tv. hot yesterday. we'll take a look.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. time is 4:42. and w this und he's filing char against rapper asap rocky and two other people, in connection to a fight last month in stockholm sweden. all recorded on cell phones. this case has attracted the attention of many musicians, including g easy of oakland. he was arrested in stockholm last year. accused of assault and drug possession. but he was released he was ordered to pay a fine. g easy says asap rocky's harsher treatment is a case of racism. surveillance video captures the moment a toddler was swept away on an airport conveyor belt. take a look. it happened monday afternoon. this is at hartsfield jackson atlanta international airport. toddler's mother says she put him down to print her boarding pass. when she looked up, he conveyor
5:44 am
startled tsa agents. spirit airlines is working with the tsa to ensure protocols were followed. an act of cruelty and neglect, as police in sonoma county are looking for the owner of an old beat-up horse trailer that was last abandoned in a parking lot with two horses inside. officers were called to the home depot parking lot on wim bree lane. police say the two horses are more than 20 years old. they are very thin and may have been left in the trailer without food or water for 18 hours. witnesses tell police, there was an old maroon, ford pickup truck parked near the trailer monday afternoon. both horses were taken to a ranch for proper care. time is 5:45. healthcare company is providing the service. mammograms are still said to be the best way to screen for early stages of breast cancer. the mobile clinic will be on allen rock avenue, near south
5:45 am
white road in san jose. between 8:00 in the morning until 5:00 this evening. in health check this morning. a worldwide recall, after textured breast implants and tissue expanders were linked to cancer. allergen issued the recall, after the food and drug administration says new information showed allergen's biocell implants were tied to the vast majority of cases of a rare form of lymphoma. however, the fda is not recommending women have those implants removed. because this kind of cancer is very rare. >> the centers for disease control warning about a deadly salmonella outbreak, affecting most of the country. two people have died. more than 700 have become sick from separate outbreaks. one is link tode contact with the other two contact with pig ear dog treats. the mmends washing your
5:46 am
hands after touching dog treats or raw meat. our time now, 5:46. giants have a day off before they start a series on the road against the san diego padres. yesterday they had a chance to sweep them. but the cubs -- used a long ball. stephen vogt came through. with an infield -- with a single there. but that was as close as the giants got. ask they lost 4-1. tomorrow night's game, in san diego. starts at 7:10. also tomorrow, the oakland a's open the four-game series at the coliseum, hosting the texas rangers. they wrapped up a series against houston, by losing. pitcher charlie bassett started the game hot. struck out the first five, astros. but things broke down. built a big league.
5:47 am
the a's hitter struggled. they struck out 11 times against justin verlander. and they lost, 4-2. tomorrow, against texas. game starts at 7:07 p.m. a plan to build a gondola, connecting squaw valley and alpine meadows. now heads to the forest service for approval. they unanimously approved the project. but environmentalists who oppose it say it will harm the wildlife in the area. the eight-passenger lift would allow skiers and passengers to access the resorts without having to drive. we hope you're going to join us tomorrow morning. we are going to take you on another zip trip. this time to the south bay. we're introducing you more to sunnyvale. population, 100,000. more than a century ago. it was known for its fruit orchards. but through the gene the beating heart of silicon valley. we'll introduce you to the folks who call sunnyvale home.
5:48 am
and some of its great restaurants and cafes. that and much more, tomorrow, 9:00 a.m., when mornings on 2, takings you on -- takes you on another zip trip to sunnyvale. we'll be live on south murphy avenue. and if you can't make it out to say hi. you can watch live here on ktvu and on >> yes, we can. but a lot of people want to say hi to sal, as he's out there. sal, i have a friend who grew up out there. and he calls it funny vale. >> sunnyvale is amazing when it comes to eating. and th as we talk, i always look at the chp log. right? so we can talk. but i got my eye on chp. let's look at the commute. you can see traffic is moving along okay. if you are driving on 580 and 205. but it is a little slow. the tracy super commute does have a little action now. you can see traffic is moving
5:49 am
well. but we don't have any crashes reported. we see slow traffic. 80, we had earlier had a grass right shoulder, near 29th. our good friend, allie rasmus. alexandra, my friend. she tweeted a picture. think time ago. but it did its damage. use 580 instead. when you get up to the bay bridge, it is backed up for a 10- to 15-minute wait. 5:49. let's bring my friend steve paulson in. >> allie is a good person. 100 degree temperatures. only had a few. fairfield, 103. concord, 102. livermore, 101. uky a101. many temps in the upper 90s. 50s and 60s currently. fog is not an issue. but higher tropical clouds
5:50 am
are. 51 to santa rosa. livermore and san jose. our lows are running 2 to 7 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. livermore is plus 6. and oakland airport also plus 6. nice to hot. 60s to a little break today and tomorrow. but looks like saturday, we go right back up again. maybe as hot as yesterday. i mean, it's going to be a fight between the two to see which day is the hottest. there will be 100s again on saturday. as we see another part of this ridge build back in. it is funneling in higher clouds. you can see some of those right there. that's why the lows are so cool. and there's no breeze yet that spells cooler. napa airport has an east wind. 12, that's very late for them. 50s, 60s to 71 in tracy. 59 in lakeport. 67 in livermore. also san jose.
5:51 am
48 olima valley. calistoga, 62. kelseyville, 62. roenert park. peta loma, novato, all in the low to mid-50s, though. 45 to truckee. 71 in sacramento. and some of that thunderstorm activity is firing up, mainly around bishop and mammoth. it's just south, near bear valley as well. that looks to be the northern extent of it. if you are going out to tahoe, it's very close. for us, high clouds will continue to filter in. could get partly cloudy later today. maybe a little mix over the hills there. but overall, temperatures continue to be warm to hot. as the minor cooling will take us into friday. then right back up again for the weekend. so look for temperatures to top out, if they weren't yesterday. it will be saturday. early next week looks much cooler. 60s, 70s, 80s, upper 90s for some. if you're well, well inland. and temperatures then, excessive heat watches out for saturday. for my backyard. i went and that's saturday,
5:52 am
lake county. 100 to 105 on the temps. it will be pretty warm. saturday, right back up. still pretty hot on sunday. then much cooler monday. >> all right, steve. thank you. time is 5:52. helping to feed thousands in san francisco. coming up at 6:00. a look at a new food prep and kitchen area. that is coming to meals on wheels. plus, a high-profile prison with a new visitor. we'll take you inside and show you how a famous filmmaker is showcasing san quentin prison and its influence on country music. choosing my car insurance was the easiest decision ever.
5:53 am
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i switched to geico and saved hundreds. that's a win. but it's not the only reason i switched. geico's a company i can trust, with over 75 years of great savings and service. ♪ now that's a win-win. switch to geico. it's a win-win.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. surveillance video is at the center of a new lawsuit, raising questions about palo alto police officers and accusing them of violating a man's civil rights. now, this lawsuit stems from the 2018 arrest of gustavo alvarez. alvarez was put on the hood of his car and handcuffed and the police report says no other force was used. however, surveillance video shows him being thrown onto the car, being punched, and his head slammed into the windshield. audio recordings also captured a sergeant referring to the suspect's sexual identity. time is about 100 san eak
5:56 am
preview of the latest ken burns documentary. the film on the history of country music, includes a segment on country singer, johnny cash. and a 1959 concert at san quentin. that performance inspired merle haggard, who was serving time at san quentin for robbery. ken burns said he wanted to share that film with the inmates, and hoped it would help them still feel connected to the world outside of prison. >> i want him to feel part of a big, broad human family. and maybe being here doesn't permit that to happen. >> for him to come in here and milk us for knowledge. that's great. it's wonderful. >> ken burns is well known for his detailed and metilo the civ war, the vietnam war, and the history of baseball. this try music, will air on pbs in september. a big mess this morning in
5:57 am
san francisco, near candlestick point. look at this. the conditions of four people in a car that crashed into a fire hydrant. and the efforts to save notre dame. after that devastating fire, not finished yet. how the hot weather today in paris could cause serious damage.
5:58 am
5:59 am
did you actually totally exonerate the president? >> no. >> hundreds of questions, but very few answers. we have a recap of the mueller hearing, who is claiming victory. and the next move for congress. plus, a fire still burning near milipitas in the south bay. we'll get a live report in just minutes as the crews try to get this contained. good morning. thank you for joining us here on thursday, july 25th. i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. tell steve not to make it too hot. i want you to be comfortable. >> he has already received that message. and he says it's cooling down a bit. >> well, a little bit. not as hot as yesterday. but still pretty warm. >> okay.
6:00 am
>> yesterday was one where temperatures went into the 100s. not something we've seen much of this summer. but i think we'll see a repeat performance again. what has gotten into fairfield there? temperatures are pretty warm. livermore, 67. oakland, 62. and also for san francisco. and temperatures are running 1 to 8 degrees warmer than they were 24 hours ago. livermore, plus 8. 60s, 70s, 80s, to upper 90s. sun, high clouds. there are tropical clouds coming in. so the humidity is up. i know. oh, the joy. you can see most of that coming in. east and south. there's enough there that you might get a few buildups later on tonight. into early friday. don't think we'll get anything out of it. something to watch. 50s for a few. 60s for many. and even a couple of low 70s. east bay temps. a lot of


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