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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  July 25, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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day is tomorrow. a plan to build a gondola is to approval and the supervisors unanimously approved the project but environmentalist who opposes say it will harm wildlife. a road block for the trump adminstration and what is happening to new restrictions on immigrants applying for asylum. more than 30 chefs are getting ready to turn up the heat and this morning we are getting a taste of what they are throwing up on the grill. looking to cool off this weekend? we will tell you where you can grab a refreshing root beer float at the oakland coliseum. these are some of our guest coming in a little bit later on in the morning. we will have these law- enforcement animals in case you haven't figured it out. i will be down there talking about why they are here, and
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look at that obstacle course. said welcome to morning sun 2, "the nine". police officers were in the courtyard and they are finally here together. >> i am not sure who did what. >> a second ago i was pronouncing it dreyers emma children sought and said it was dreyers. i didn't correct them and when they are that little they say cute things. surveillance video catches the moment a toddler is swept away on an airport conveyor belt. this happen monday afternoon at the airport. she said she had to put him down for me to print the boarding pass. he looked up and he is gone and was on the conveyor belt. startle ages were able to get the boy as he went down, and he
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had suitcases coming at him. in the end the little boy has a broken hand and was taken to the hospital for treatment. we know that spirit airlines is working to ensure that proper protocols were followed. you turn your head for an instance and, any flight with children stories? >> i am on the left and my wife is on the right and not alabama site! out of my sight. >> if you are getting your ticket at the little counter put him on your hip. >> i'm glad he is relatively okay. firefighters are updating us on the progress they are making battling a wildfire east of san jose. our reporter has been down there all morning and we just had another update in the last hour? >> reporter: according to cal
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fire public information officers the fire burned 80 acres and that containment is up to 65%. fighters made a lot of progress last night keeping the fire from spreading and it happened in an area in the eastern section of, and you can see several miles up this road, and you can get closer to where the fire is, and it is an area of private property. the fire broke out around 5:30 pm yesterday evening and near the area of swaggart. no errors were hurt and no homes were hurt and no one had to be evacuated. firefighters say grass fires like this on hot and dry day should prompt people to be prepared and stay alert. >> right now we are experiencing high temperatures in the bay area. it is supposed to be that way
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for the remainder of the week and this is something we will have to watch out for. >> reporter: overnight firefighters made a lot of progress on the sweigert fire and is 65% contained after burning 80 acres. they will focus on maintaining the containment line's from yesterday. they have brought in bulldozers and was able to really contain this fire and keep it from spreading. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. community groups and advocates for immigrants are expected to sound off at this meeting this afternoon of oakland commissioners. that is after reports that immigration officials use the oakland airport as a launching port to remove -- point to remove undocumented immigrants. more than 40,000 people were carried out and advocates say they believe it violates a safer city policy.
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legal arguments over a proposed travel ban by the trump adminstration. the ninth circuit court and services that we hear the case and it will be on people coming from the country from seven mostly muslim countries. the group called muslim advocates is argued on behalf of 34 individuals who say the families are being torn apart because their applications have been denied or on hold for a long time. the government on the other time argues the ban is legal. december cisco federal judge is blocking the trumps administration's attempt to stop central american migrants from seeking asylum. >> we have a report on the battle being waged along the border and the court. >> we are playing a very dangerous game. >> reporter: a federal judge in san francisco ruled against the white house blocking a trump adminstration policy. the rule had denied entry to any migrant who failed to apply for and is denied asylum in another
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country that he travels to before reaching the u.s. they argued the other countries were not safe. >> if you want to take into account what a third country would do you have to have a formal agreement with that country. the administration failed to get an agreement with mexico and guatemala. >> reporter: this comes as detention centers are overcrowded and hundreds of central americans were bused over the border this week from texas to mason city and monterey under the remaining mexico program. >> they said they would leave us at a bus station and after that we would have to figure out what to do. >> reporter: they will consider asylum claims from anyone regardless of how many countries they travel through to get here. the u.s. supreme court could be asked to reconcile any conflict.
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some changes in the bay area weather and a little bit cooler today. >> the coast for sure and the inland is still pretty warm. we haven't had very many one hundreds the summer so far. yesterday was one of the days when we did and we could have a few today. i think the coast and the bay will cool off a little bit. inland it will still be warm and hot. they will be in the upper 90s for some. after yesterday fairfield and others checked in with 100 degrees. it will be warm and hot this weekend and cool on friday and right back up on saturday. sunday is still warm but not as warm. a lot of high clouds came over us and there is fog underneath. the higher clouds are thinning out and there is absolutely zero cooling breeze.
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i don't see how the inland temperatures will not get back in the upper 90s are near 100 degrees. it is already 84 degrees in fairfield. most locations are at 56 and the city is 59 degrees. a few locations are running 1-4 degrees warmer than yesterday. we will see the higher clouds clear out and then it will be sunny to mostly sunny, and the higher clouds will increase again later tonight. there is some rain sneaking into southern california and some of that we need to watch or to not what we call a high based thunderstorm. i don't think we will get any rain out of it but we might get a pretty good buildup. this will impact the sierra if you are going up there. minor cooling on thursday and a little bit more on friday and then the high pressure system will build back over us on saturday and up we go again. i would expect the 90s and one hundreds to not go really far in the next few days.
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after sunday we will see significant cooling but until then only the coast and bait will be dropping that much. it has been four years since he vallejo police department has put on a trial and competition. >> the event returns this weekend and we are outside with a look at what is in store. >> you know i love police dogs because i love watching them work. unfortunately i have never seen them work on me. a small joke there lieutenant. one of the things i wanted to ask you is a lot of people like me want to look and see how these dogs operate. when is the trials going to happen? >> on saturday the 27th at 10:00 a.m. in the morning we will open the gate at the catholic high school in vallejo, and that event is going to be part of the canine associations k-9
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trials throughout the year. we are actually hosting the event. we also have community day at the same time with a great deal of our resources, so come out and engage with the community. >> what are we going to see here? >> this is officer jodi brown and she is with her partner thi 5 1/2 year old belgian, and he takes command in german, and he and their partner had been all over the northern california circuit for these trials. they will be competing this saturday as well. they have been very successful and he as been a great dog in the trial and an asset for us on the street. the stocks, and we also have our newest canine with us.
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he is going to play the part of a bad guy in a moment. >> let's do that now. >> i need the bad guy to come out. this officer is going to play the part of the bad guy. we are going to do a basic apprehension and it doesn't happen very frequently. because we have the dogs most of the time people give up. but every once in a while somebody doesn't give up, and if they are person that is a violent felon and resisting and it will be dangerous for the rest of the public or officers to deal with them, we had these great dogs that can go in and apprehend the suspect. >> reporter: the bad guy is about to do some bad guy thinks. >> she gave an announcement and the dog is off. >> reporter: oh my goodness! >> this is a use of force that the vallejo police department can recall. the officer decides that the dog should not be going after
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the person. she can call the dog off before the dog gets there and engages the suspect. as i said it is a great resource and very infrequent that we actually have to use the dog. >> reporter: one of the things about the k-9 officers is that the dog is the partner right? >> officer brown takes her home every day and it is a lifestyle change for any officer that goes into this business and becomes a k-9 handler. they bring them into the family and they absolutely adjust the family way of life. this guy is her responsibility 24 seven. >> reporter: may i approach the dog? >> yes. the dog is very friendly. >> reporter: how are you? if you like police dogs or you like dogs in general and you
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want to see how they work it is fascinating to watch them and congratulations on having your dog so well trained. you can come out and watch the vallejo police in action and we will have information on the screen. these are wonderful animals and i think you will enjoy watching them in person. >> great job out there and thank you for us. if you want to check out the k- 9 trials this saturday it is free and starts at the saint patrick st. vincent catholic school. for more information at over two and click on the web link . coming up in a moment democrats bow to investigate president donald trump. in the next half hour now that republicans are pushing back after the testimony by special counsel robert mueller. we will let you know about the official request of the festival to let people legally smoke marijuana at the three- day event.
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north korea may have violated u.s. sanctions after firing off a series of missiles earlier today. they are currently analyzing what types of missiles were launched into the sea. south korea is reported they was short range missiles. four people are recovering after crushing the car in san francisco. they said four people was inside of a silver mazda when it crashed between highway 101 just before 6:15 am this morning. it took out a fire hydrant and the water gushed out and flooded the street. people were taken to the hospital with him life- threatening injuries. the incident is being investigated but police say they think speed was a factor. a coalition of some of the largest companies in san francisco will announce a new campaign to address the homeless crisis. the initial goal is to a secure 1100 homes in the next two years. they want to find empty units and large buildings or renovate abandon or unutilized properties. at&t and other companies
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support this proposal. the mayor and other city leaders are helping to launch the construction of a new industrial kitchen for the meals on wheels. the new kitchen will help them cook and deliver 20,000 meals a day to housebound seniors. group can only produce 8000 meals a day. meals on wheels that nearly 2/3 of older adults living in the city cannot afford to meet their basic daily need including the. the new kitchen should be up and running by late next year. pg&e is holding another public hearing about their plans to raise the race in the next few years. in a meeting customers voice their concern over the land to raise the rates by an average of $20 a month over the next three years. pg&e said the money will go to installing stronger poles and power lines . >> we are requesting $1.1 billion additionally over our current revenues. more the -- more than half of
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that is directly related to wildfire retention. >> we want to make sure that every dollar that is earmarked for safety improvements is spent on that. >> the average customer can expect their monthly bill to increase by more than $10 starting in 2020. then in 2021 it will increase by $4.70 a month. then it will go up five dollars more a month. it is getting more difficult for california property owners to buy car insurance. this home survived the recent wildfires but was shocked with his latest insurance bill was 80% higher than the last time he renewed his policy. he and his wife want to buy another home but say it is more difficult with no conventional insurance companies willing to write a policy. the only coverage she can get is covered from the california fire plan which is a coalition of insurers that are provided by state law to provide insurance.
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>> i have spoken with agency quoted me numbers for a normal policy and it is $1700 up to $2800. >> consumer advocate said the insurers are free to choose their customers. the only requirement is they must give policyholders a 45 day notice if they are not going to renew the current policy. the park service is back to normal after the train it a woman. it happen during the evening commute and for some reason the woman went on the track. she was pulled out by the emergency crews and was then rushed to the hospital but we don't know her condition. one barth rider said the train was pulling in. >> the air conditioning shut off automatically and the train got silent. >> the station was closed for about an hour and some pastors went on social media and complain that the rideshare prices shot up dramatically when
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they shut down. the organizers of the music festival has applied for a permit that would allow marijuana usage and sales at the event next month. defined an application with the cannabis office and are seeking approval from the city cannabis office. if the application is approved it will become the first festival where people are allowed to legally smoke marijuana. the festival runs from august 9 to the 11th. coming up next in our next half hour at the record setting temperatures that are happening. a sneak treat as you can cool off with the root beer float for a very good cause. ♪
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signs include: trouble breathing or swallowing, or swelling of the face. most common side effects include runny nose, sore throat, common cold symptoms, flu or flu-like symptoms back pain, high blood sugar, and redness, pain, or bruising at the injection site. i won't let a heart attack or stroke come between me and everything i love. neither should you. tell your doctor to lower your ldl and reduce your risk with repatha®. pay no more than $5 per month with the repatha® copay card. at fan favorite is back at the oakland coliseum. is the oakland a's root beer
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float day. we have here for years have been at the game and event pouring the treat for the fans. today we are making root beer float in the studio and we welcome our chief operating officer. thank you so much for coming back. >> i am glad to be here. >> this event is a fun one and i have done it for years and we love to interact with the a's fans. i'm going to put you to work. let's make a root beer float. >> i will scan. >> i will poor. it is for a good cause and tell me about that? >> all of the proceeds go to the oakland a's community fund. >> what did they do in this region? >> we support education and youth sports and namely baseball and softball and other oakland-based initiatives. >> you are taking on the texas rangers tonight and tell me
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about the coaches and players who will be scooping before the game on sunday. >> bob melville will be scooping and the event begin that 10:30 am. we also have chris davis as well as well as myself. >> there has been much speculation about who will be there. i know the oakland a's do a lot for the community and can you give me an update on the ballpark that will be happening here a mile up the street? >> we continue to make a lot of progress and i am trying to run the most inclusive process that weekend. thought the people involved here in oakland and we are optimistic about the ballpark year. >> what is your best part about root beer float day? >> it is a cool opportunity to meet all of the fans that support the team and provides that 101 interaction and is a cool event. >> you try one that i make and i will try the one you make.
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i will have a root beer mustache, so there we go. i should've let you go first. >> root beer, the breakfast of champions. >> i had to cover up my texas red with this oakland a's apron. you can get there as early as 10:30 am in the morning and the flows are five dollars each and all of the proceeds go toward the oakland a's community fund. we have all of the information that you won't own if you go to the game stop by and say hi. thank you so much and good to see you. >> thank you very much. coming up next major upgrades. we will explain how that is hurting some small businesses in san francisco. celebration in puerto rico and the plans for the government to resign amid reports of scandal.
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welcome back as we give you the live picture out of the transamerica building. there is one boat out there and what coming in from the right hand side of your screen. the week it will be extremely hot and triple digits and some parts of the bay area. new information about a multi agency police operation overnight in oakland. police from san mateo confirmed they was in oakland early today to serve a search warrant with the ongoing investigation out of san mateo. a number of people was taken into custody and police say that officers from oakland, san mateo, and the atf was on the scene overnight. >> for more on today's top stories let's check in with dave clark in the newsrooms. now processed expected at the meeting of the commissioners of the board of oakland and is seeing the
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community groups upset about reports that the federal agents removed undocumented immigrants from the country to the oakland airport. i.c.e. started almost 2000 flight out of oakland carry more than 40,000 detainees. critics say that violates the oakland sanctuary city policy. in san francisco legal argument will be heard in the ninth circuit court over the trump adminstration's call for a travel ban on muslims. the proposed ban would be on people coming into the united states from seven mostly muslim countries that include syria, iraq, iran, and libya. a group called muslim advocates is argued on behalf of 34 individuals who claim their families are being torn apart because of waiver applications have been rejected or been on hold for a long time. the government on the other hand is arguing the ban is legal
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and they want this case thrown out. north korea earlier today may have violated united nations sanctions by firing several missiles into the sea. japan right now is analyzing what kind of missiles were launched into the sea. south korea is already saying they was two short range missiles. that is a brief look at some of the top stories we are working on. this morning both democrats and republicans are claiming victory after the testimony of former special counsel robert mueller. we report from washington own reaction to the testimony in front of two could national committees. >> reporter: it was played out on live tv. >> reporter: even as the white house declared victory democrats are not giving up on investigating president donald trump. after seven hours of testimony from robert mueller on capitol hill on wednesday the house judiciary committee that that
9:31 am
lawsuits will be filed seeking more information about the former special counsel's report. >> the president is not exonerated as robert mueller made clear. he found evidence of obstruction of justice. >> reporter: house democrats want to hear from the former white house counsel dom again. the administration has immunity testifying before congress. congressional committees are investigating the president's finances. meanwhile the president is calling the hearing a disaster for democrats. republican say it is time to move on. >> after yesterday's hearings i think that more people will see there is no basis for impeachment, but that will not stop the democrats. they don't want to focus on doing things that will help the country. >> reporter: one house judiciary committee member set his colleagues might return in august if witnesses are able to testify.
9:32 am
a swedish prosecutor announced he is filing charges against the rapper and two other people in connection with a fight in stockholm. it happened last month and was reported on cell phone. the cases brought the attention of many musicians. this other rapper was arrested but was released in order to pay a fine. he says that the harsher treatment is a case of racism. new british prime minister said that he will make sure that written lease that european union as scheduled on october 31. he caught on that european union to rethink the proposal to renegotiate the deal and is intent on making britain the greatest place on earth. >> the europeans are cooling off anyway they can as a heat wave spreads across parts of the continent. belgium and germany which is their highest ever temperatures while the netherlands saw their
9:33 am
hottest day in 75 years. parts of france had givers exceeding 104 degrees fahrenheit. the sweltering heat and wind is increasing the risk of wildfire. that could mean big troubles for the notre dame cathedral as they say the stonewalls are still saturated with water from when the fire broke out in april. record-setting temperatures could draw the wall too quickly and cause him to collapse. forecasters are expecting about 100 degree temperatures in paris this week. protester to cheers in san juan after the puerto rican governor 11 announced his resignation. we take a look at what is next. >> reporter: it will be august 2 and he made the announcement in a video posted on facebook just before midnight sparking cheers and celebrations from tens of thousands of demonstrators gathered outside of the governor's mansion. >> i announce to you today that i will be resigning the post of
9:34 am
governor at the friday august 2 at 5:00 p.m. >> this announcement follows two weeks of huge protest. rossello have been under pressure to resign by the public and lawmakers as nearly 900 pages of private chat was released between rossello and 11 of his top aides that included homophobic and sexist language and even mocked victims of hurricane maria. many have designed including the secretary of state would normally take over as governor in a situation like this. >> he is going to resign in the middle of the crisis >> instead justice secretary is next in line and will become the second female governor of puerto rico. if he doesn't resign they will start the impeachment process
9:35 am
anyway. the q sex trafficker jeffrey epstein was reportedly found suffering from a neck injury. he was reportedly found it is cell semi-consciousness. you may have decided to hang himself and it is also possible they say you may have been injured by someone else. the billionaire is awaiting charges on trafficking of underage girls. many prescription opioids were shipped in 2012 that every man, woman, and child have about a 20 day supply. the analysis was done by the associated press that shows the amount of opioid medication being shipped from 2006 up to 2012 more than doubled even as a number of appeals distributed was dipping. the numbers indicated the entry was supplying fewer but stronger pills leading to more addiction. this is at the heart of lawsuit trying to hold the drug industry responsible for the
9:36 am
opioid crisis. the fire has burned 183 acres and we shot the video of the flames running up the dry hillside. homes are threatened by this fire and it is 6% contained. the salves's board of supervisors will vote on controversial legislation to install 2100 canopies at bart stations. it is expected to cost $91 million or roughly $4.5 million for each canopy. supportive safeties canopies provide extra security for passengers and workers. women in the south bay can't receive a free mammogram screening. >> health car -- care company gardner is providing the services. the mobile clinic will be near south wyatt road in san jose
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from 8:00 a.m. in the morning until 5:00 p.m. coming up, we are firing up the grill. shift cole dickinson is still to come and what he is cooking up. at at&t we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet. we've created access from at&t california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits. may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit, to learn more.
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welcome back. it is a primal pairing. this is the centerpiece of a pulmonary experience in wine country. at heritage fire napa festival goers get a chance to try some meat dishes along with unusual meals. >> this morning we are getting a sample what you can expect. >> we are back outside and
9:40 am
hello mike. >> reporter: a beautiful morning for a feast and thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> reporter: open fire and meet and i am not a pro at this. we had a party in college and we had a big open fire and we roasted of pig. i would like to tell you i remember the taste of it, and i got sick, and it was okay. on saturday this is the dish you will be making and tell us a little bit about it. >> we are making this at heritage fire for a charity event. >> reporter: tell us what you did to get it to this point. >> we put a bunch of different spices that we have at the restaurant, and we made a brine and soaked the pork in that. we brine it for three days and then slow cook it over fire. >> reporter: is are some tips you can get people at home who are may be interested in this or a technique that you like to use?
9:41 am
>> one thing that i think is important is to brine them for that moisture and to put flavor into them and season it. there is a lot of beneficial things with brining the meat. >> reporter: do you think we can cut it open? >> 100%. >> reporter: what you like about this particular event on saturday heritage fire? >> the event is great because it gives us an opportunity to raise money for an event called charity bank. then, this pastrami is done with beef and we are doing it with pork and we will be serving it with sauerkraut that we permitted at the restaurant. >> reporter: my wife sits we need to eat that because it is full of probiotics. >> it is good for your gut. >> reporter: so my wife is right. you mentioned piggy bank and that is creating a favorite food system for everyone. can you describe what it means
9:42 am
by that? >> what it does is raise money to help small family farms to raise pigs and other heritage beef in a responsible fashion because it is not cheap to be a commodity farmer. anything that we can do to support that, we are happy to do that. >> reporter: what are we mixing up now? >> this is a pickle mustard seeds with cabbage and we will use this to garnish year and we will be garnishing at the event as well. this will be a little bit smaller at the event. >> reporter: is this something you have done before? >> the restaurant that we are at now is more of a mediterranean, and this is specifically for the event. this is watercress from our creek next to the hotel.
9:43 am
>> reporter: maybe there is a chef out there that was an inspiration for you? >> one of my old shelves, and i worked with a lot of them. they help me and inspired me. >> reporter: thank you for coming in and thanks for making the dish. i will bite into it in just a second and we will bring some down to the studio as well. i know you have more information about the event on saturday. thank you and we appreciate your time. >> that's right, bring some of that down. heritage fire napa takes place this saturday night from 5:00 p.m. until 7:30 pm. for more information just had to and click on that web link . san francisco is looking at ways to help businesses affected by ongoing construction projects. we are live in the city where the city is considering a
9:44 am
proposal to keep those businesses open. >> reporter: these businesses are open but they say they are struggling because all of the construction that has been going on for at least three years. you can see just a portion of it and this construction stretches for many city blocks. this improvement is going from market to bay street. a lot of business owners are concerned by this. this is a project that started three years ago and the completion date was pushed back to 2021. the city is trying to figure out how to help these businesses and they have $5 billion set aside for a small business fun. now they are trying to figure out whether they can have zero interest loans or possibly start a grant so they can offer grants for them folks to help them stay afloat. >> loans will not help solve the problems for small businesses in particular that are losing money because of the
9:45 am
construction. we have to get the money and give them grants so they can stay open. >> reporter: city leaders are trying to formalize the plan and they hope to figure out what they are going to dubai in september. again this improvement project has been going on for three years and there has been delays in completion is now scheduled for 2021 and will bring the first trans-assistant to the city of san francisco. the site has been out here and it shows at least three businesses that are on the street and just to let people know you can connect with them as these businesses are open. something needs to be done quickly. we know there is a committee meeting tonight, and they will be talked about ways they can help support the business as one of the topics on their agenda tonight. coming up finding an affordable place to live in the bay area can be like digging for gold. we will let you know about a
9:46 am
city gem in our own backyard. responsible for creating a beloved ice cream flavor nearly a century ago. we will let you know about the ice cream parlor that shutting is storms permanently.
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9:48 am
the stock market the dow jones, the index is down 173 points. the nasdaq and the snp are down as well.
9:49 am
the earnings by boeing is disappointing and that is taking down the market. a woman in minnesota that is 33 weeks pregnant is accused of drowning a boy in the late. she spent five years working as a lifeguard in the summer. she says about 20 feet away she saw a group of boys playing in the water and getting deeper and deeper. >> i didn't realize anything was off until i saw one of the mom sprinting into the water screaming for someone to help her son. and i looked over and i saw one of the boys and able to keep his head above the water. >> she swam to the boy and rescued him. she says she is thankful she was in the right place at the right time. ken burns is famous for his documentaries and made a stop at san quentin prison. >> is a look back at country music and how that prison had an impact on the music.
9:50 am
>> we spoke to several of the inmates about what the visit meant to all of them.  >> reporter: behind these grim walls of the san quentin state walls we met with a special visitor on wednesday. this legendary documentary filmmaker ken burns. >> it is a story that hasn't been told. >> reporter: among the inmates is richard richeson who is serving 47 years for a home invasion robbery. >> for him to come in here, that is great and wonderful. >> reporter: the stop is part of a national tour promoting his 16 hour documentary on the history of country music airing on cbs in september. said i want them to be part of the big broad human family. >> reporter: part of it recounts the performance by johnny cash and how it is fired when the inmates will haggard after his release became an
9:51 am
icon of country music. many of the inmates were clearly moved. >> i want you to know how much i appreciate what you are doing. >> reporter: for many of the inmates the story of admiral haggard has a deeper meaning. and many they say they can carry while they are here and perhaps carry if they every get out. >> he change his life around and that is something we are all trying to do. >> reporter: hobby air is serving nine years for manslaughter. >> he gives you hope. >> reporter: ken burns is known for his research documents including the civil war, if you baseball, and more. he said the story of country music is an american story that he hopes will resonate with people irregardless of where they are in life.
9:52 am
>> being a human being does not end when he walked to the door. and new rental order this takes effect today in hayward. it requires a mandatory mediation and binding arbitration process that the tenants can use it the landlord was to raise the rent by more than 5% in the year. it applies to multiunit residential properties built before 1979 and exams legal family homes and condominiums. in an effort to better attract housing tenants landlords must tell the city every time they raise rent or terminate at tenant. as difficult as it is defined an affordable home anywhere in the bay area, there is some cities where the cost of housing is not skyhigh. this financial planning website ranks vallejo is the eighth best city in california. they compared median income.
9:53 am
the goal of the survey was to found cities with the cost of living is most affordable for the people who lived there. real estate experts say that many californians plan to leave the state because of the high cost of housing to the las vegas area. builders in las vegas say about 50% of the people moving to las vegas are coming from california and the low cost of housing is the big draw. one man moved and exchanges 1300 square foot home for a 2100 square foot home with the pool. >> that's ridiculous. the house i was living in, and i was in orange county, and there was maybe about 1300 square feet with one bathroom. it was a nice place and all, but it was about 150,000 more than this place. >> people are selling their average house in california that is 40 by 50 years old and coming here and buying a luxury house here. >> arizona and idaho are also seeing an increase in people moving from california. surprise or not about that?
9:54 am
>> no. the san francisco food delivery service door dass is changing the tipping policy after outrage the company have been using tif to subsidize payments to deliberate workers. they say the new policy is that they will receive all of their tips and drivers would receive a payment to make a delivery. but if the driver got a tip to the app door dass would deduct the entire tip from the original payment. the san francisco restaurant reservation site open table is getting into the food delivery business. open table is partnering with others to offer delivery. executive say that customers will have 8000 restaurant off since -- options in 90 cities. this company invented rocky road ice cream nearly a century ago, and now the dreyers will be closing the door for good.
9:55 am
it is next to the company headquarters on college avenue and is been there for more than 20 years. aside on the shop window thanks a customer for support and set a new tenant will be announced soon. the last day of the store is tomorrow. the sam cisco art commission has noted down to three proposals for the statute to honor maia angelo. the have what the artist that has her as a child, a teenager, and a grown woman. eight third candidate has her quotation about the tower of courage. the commission is asking for public comment until the end of the month and the statute is expected to be installed outside of the main library at the end of next year. >> we hope you will join us tomorrow morning when we take on another zip trip, this time to the south bay. we are introducing you to sunnyvale population 140,000 and was known for the food
9:56 am
orators. but it has evolved into the beating heart of the silicon valley. the restaurants and cafes we will introduce you to. that much and more tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. when mornings on 2 takes you on another zip trip again. come out to south murphy avenue and if you cannot make it out to say hello you can watch own ktvu and and they put a lot of the segments on the website. some children are getting ready to go back to school, that many parents say they are the ones feeling anxious. more than half of the moms and dads questioned said that back to school time is more stressful than the holidays. among the biggest concerns is of the child will get a good teacher, the expense of back-to- school shopping, and if the child will be able to make friends this year and if the child will be safe while they are away from home at school.
9:57 am
parent say it takes about to two weeks after the start of school before they start to calm down and get into the routine of the school year. >> it smells fantastic and i took a bite. beautiful. >> is this for many? >> yes and full of probiotics. >> what do you think? >> have you made a dish like this? >> me? i cannot cook like that. i made waffles last night. does that count. >> see you tonight. you might remember new flavours, or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed. that's me long before i had psoriatic arthritis. i'm phil mickelson.
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