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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  July 26, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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oakland. as firefighters do their best to beat back the flames. >> we can do better. we will do better. >> that's b.a.r.t.'s general manager. what he says are the agency's top priorities as he takes over. thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2, friday morning. july 26th. i'm pam cook. >> and good morning. i'm dave clark. pam, you're happy it's friday. right? >> i'm happy it's friday. >> i know you are. steve is happy, too. he's right over here. >> i mean, i miss you guys when it's the weekend. >> but not that much. >> but -- >> a little bit. >> not that much. we have a cooler pattern here. temperatures are running 2 to 8 degrees cooler than yesterday at this time. and temperatures in the 50s and also 60s. we have a fog bank making a pretty good surge here over the bay. it will be sunny and breezy. temperatures and down for one day. then it looks like it will go right back up tomorrow. the higher clouds have moved
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off toward the east. so we won't have as high humidity. gusts double what it was yesterday. southeast breezes toward the santa clara valley. versus the northwest. high is off today. that allows the door to air conditioning. 50s to 60s. anywhere from 1 to 8 degrees cooler. fairfield, concord. minus 5. on the temps. look for the fog to burn back. overall, up in the sierra. could be more thunderstorm activity that could probably pick up. the high builds back up towards saturday for a warmup. all right. 5:0 1. anything on your screens? is it pretty quiet? >> it's getting a little better on that roadwork steve. that you see from san pab row to -- pablo to richmond. we have some slowing here. although it is not as deep as it normally is. there will be congestion right there. and after that, you get to livermore, with no major issues heading out to hayward. if you are driving on 80, we
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mentioned that roadwork that they're doing, they're picking it up. and that's made a big difference here on the road to san pablo. this is what they're doing. in case you're wondering. if they're resurfacing the road. repaving it. but they do it overnight. and sometimes in the early morning hours. we have slowdowns. this is a look at 880. you can see that traffic looks good. bay bridge, a little more crowded now. it's 5:02. let's go back to the desk. new this morning. a fire in the east bay that burned a building that was under construction. the fire started near the boundary of oakland and emeryville. ktvu's cristina rendon is live on the scene with more on the investigation. >> good morning to you, pam. fire crews are still out here, keeping an eye on what was a two-ax larm fire -- two-alarm fire. and that fire was really t. in the video that was sent in on social media, from viewers in orange glow from flames lit up the night sky.
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fire crews were first called t around 10:00 last night. it's located on stanford avenue, near lowell street. that's right near the oakland, emeryville border. we're told the building was under construction to become a multiunit housing complex. >> there was smoke and fire showing. they quickly went in. initially from the interior. and then due to the structural instability for the building, it is under construction. and also, there was some visible signs of instability. then we regressed it to outside of the structure continued applying water. >> that fire was quickly upgraded to a two-alarm fire. and a lot of crews were out here last night, trying to get a good handle on this investigation. as they begin to try and understand what caused it. at this point, it is unclear what caused the fire. a lot of speculation from neighbors. but we don't want to mention anything until we know for sure. and we have a call in to the
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oakland fire department this morning. trying to get more word on this investigation. as soon as we have more details, we'll bring them to you. live in oakland, cristina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news. police are investigate an overnight death in east oakland. officers received a call to bancroft avenue, near 100, just before 3:00 this morning. they found one person on the ground, who had died. but they do not have any other information about who may be responsible. we will bring you updates throughout the morning, as the oakland police department releases more information. time now, 5:04. charges of felony hit-and-run, facing a 19-year-old woman from american canyon, arrested after a crash seriously injured a man. martha morales barrera is accused of running a red light yesterday morning. and hitting 55-year-old jaime rodriguez zuniga, in a crosswalk, west of highway 29. at rio del mar. police say a tip led them to a car involved in the crash. a few hours after this
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surveillance photo was released of the car. ms. barrera turned herself in. about the same time the car was being towed for evidence. >> we had a lot of eyes and ears out helping us out. and we were able to get a description out pretty quickly. >> now, the injured man, jaime zuniga has a broken leg, pelvis and internal injuries. his family says he will recover but needs several surgeries. we are hearing from police about a driver who left the scene of a crash that injured four people. it happened just before 1:15 yesterday morning. at third street and carol avenue in the bay view district. police say the car was speeding special hit a fire hydrant. the impact of the crash caused the car to split in two. the driver was gone by the time police arrived. we're hopeful that the driver will see this and will come in. and make things easier for all of us. and for themselves as well. they may just be scared. they may not know what the process is. so it's best that they come in and tell their side of the
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story. >> the four people injured in the crash range in age from 11 to 19. but they are all expected to recover. time now, 5:06. bernie sanders, the democratic presidential candidate is here in california today. due to speak later today at santa monica high school in southern california. senator sanders held a town hall meeting yesterday in los angeles. focusing on universal healthcare and medicare for all. >> poll after poll, after poll shows that the american people believe in medicare for all. and they believe in medicare for all, because they will have freedom of choice regarding the doctor they go to. no longer be outside of their network. they will have freedom of choice regarding the hospital that they go to. the clinic that they go to. >> now, in the polls, senator sanders is running in second
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place, behind front runner, joe biden. in a recent survey, senators elizabeth warren and kamala harris, are close behind sanders. senator kamala harris is in indiana today, speaking at the national urban league annual convention speaking about systemic races and racial inequality. she talked about the issues facing women of color. and back in may, she delivered a keynote at the annual freedom fund dinner. as for the democratic front runner, joe biden will meet with advisers today. that after he told donors that he will be, quote, done being mr. nice guy at the debate next week. >> what did you mean when you said you're not going to be as polite in the next debate? >> we'll see. [ laughter ] >> biden is hinting that he will challenge kamala harris, like she challenged him in the first matchup. telling donors, she's the same person who asked him to come to
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california and nominate her for her u.s. senate race. now, next week's debates will be divided two nights. bernie sanders and elizabeth warren will headline tuesday night. biden and harris will appear together wednesday. bernie sanders and mayor pete buttigieg will each appear on our weekly political show "the issue is." that airs saturday mornings at 6:30. followed by mornings on 10. and several made by the alameda county sheriff's office. deputies say 25 guns, including several automatic weapons were seized. they were tied to drug trafficking, involving oakland area gangs. no word yet about suspects and the investigation continues. in san francisco, police have arrested a man accused of stealing a woman's golden retriever from japantown. 53-year-old lee van lock in custody on animal theft charges and outstanding warrants. police say surveillance video
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of the theft, earlier this month, ties lock to the crime. the golden retriever named lily is now back with her owner. time is now 5:09. b.a.r.t. has a new general manager. the new g.m. comes from powers who was an administrator and engineer replaces grace croniggen, who retires this month. he joined b.a.r.t. seven years ago. one of his main goals is increasing rider satisfaction. that includes going out on a listening tour to hear what passengers and b.a.r.t. employees say about b.a.r.t. >> a new fleet car replacement program, a new train control system. rebuilding our infrastructure. reducing crowding. increasing service. and a fully-staffed b.a.r.t. police department. >> powers will be closely
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watched by an independent inspector general, appointed just last month by governor newsom to keep an eye on b.a.r.t. operations. san francisco has named a new director to lead the problem-plagued central project. nadeem tahir is the third project manager. he has worked with d.c. metro, honolulu rail transit and the federal transit administration. he took reporters underground to show the project. the $1.6 billion project will connect chinatown to south of market. it was supposed to open late last year. but is now expected to open sometime in 2020. slowdowns included construction delays and a contractor who initially installed the wrong kind of steel. >> my first priority, besides everything else is to look and see how much time it will take to finish this job. and start running the trains. >> tahir says he will need six weeks to evaluate the project before he can announce when exactly it will be completed.
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it's unclear if this project is still on budget. but an independent federal monitor says most of the federal money has already been spent. all right. our time is 5:11. governor newsom supporting tough emission standards. coming up, we'll tell you about a deal between the state of california and four big automakers that bypasses the federal government. juul under fire. after two teenagers testified about what they said. what they said a juul representative said at their school. good morning. we have traffic off to a nice start. if you are driving on the east shore freeway. it's not that crowded. definitely isn't light. but you still have plenty of room to move around here. well, maybe you can move around a little more today, because it will be cooler if you're not a fan of the heat. but don't you worry. if you want warmer temps, it will be back tomorrow. forecast on both.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. san francisco-based e- cigarette maker, juul is answering questions about advertising to teenagers. the company says it is taking steps to keep its products away from kids upon. >> we never wanted any nonnicotine user. and certainly nobody underage, to ever use juul products.
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this is a serious problem. our company has no higher priority than fighting it. >> the presenter was -- >> but at a separate hearing before that testimony, two teenagers testified that a juul employee gave an anti-vaping presentation at their school with mixed signals. >> did the presenter ever say that juul was safe? >> yes. >> did the presenter call juul, quote/unquote "totally safe," more than once? >> i believe the presenter was sent sending mixed messages by saying juul was totally safe and following up every "totally safe" statement, with "but we don't want you as customers." >> the fda recently launched a new campaign to try to incres. time is now 5:18. ford, honda, bmw have all
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worked out a deal to make standards tougher for gas mileage and greenhouse gas emissions. now, the deal bypasses the trump administration's push to soften standards around the country. the new rules call for higher fuel efficiency by about 3 1/2 percent a year, which could set a new national standard. the trump administration requirements aims for a 1% increase. >> the fact remains these companies are committed to california standards. and regardless of what the e.p.a. does, i will continue to assert that they have the right, and california has the right, to establish them. and they will manufacture to those standards. >> the trump administration has responded, saying the federal government should set standards, not a single state. time is 5-17. the first of its kind coalition dealing with homelessness in san francisco, expects to start creating new housing soon.
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hundreds attended the kickoff campaign at dubose park and called the coalition all? in includes tech companies, air b&b, and san francisco giants. they want to find housing for 1100 people within two years. but their plan could face opposition, because almost all of the homeless programs are in the tenderloin, the bayview. all in wants low income all over san francisco. another zip trip this time to sunnyvale. the ktvu team, taking over historic murphy avenue for a live broadcast at 9:00 a.m. mike and gasia will be chatting with mayor larry kline about sunnyvale's place in the heart of silicon valley. sal always gets the good assignment of checking out the great restaurants in the area, including an old-style italian favorite. >> i know most of our regulars. and our staff has been around for a long time. our kids and staff probably
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averages 15, 20 years. our wait staff, 10 years. so everybody knows everybody. and we've always had the policy that you say hello to everybody who walks in the door. >> we're also introducing you to some of sunnyvale's hometown heroes, like public safety officer, mary kay horry. >> there's so many reasons. the majority of it is just to be able to help people. i know it sounds like the cheesy, the cheesy answer. but it really is. it's just to make a difference in the community and help people that are unable to help themselves. >> we are going to show you how detective horry goes above and beyond the call of duty. and zip trip. if you can't come down to murphy avenue to say hello in person, you can can watch with us. you can watch here on ktvu. we'll stream it on our website, as well. sal, you're going to zip on out in a little bit and head out there. but you're here now. >> i'm here now. by the way, the name of the
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restaurant we showed briefly there is il postale. you have to watch at 9:00 because there are others. >> to see what you sampled? >> we already gave away one of them. but i have more. it was called a little sneak preview. >> sal, you know wendy williams is going to be here in studio. >> i'm going to be watching on my phone. because you can do that these days. good morning, everyone. good luck with that interview. i'll be watching you guys. let's take a look at northbound 101, gilroy into san jose looks pretty good, the gilroy commute into morgan hill, and getting up into the area. in fact, it's just a little lighter than usual. i can already tell, sometimes on fridays, it is. and hopefully it will continue. this pattern will continue. if you're going to sunnyvale right now. highway 101 looks pretty good. i'm kind of doing my own traffic report. i gotta be driving down there in just a bit. from our beautiful studios in jack london square. traffic is looking good. there have been no major problems at the bay bridge. a little backup here.
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it's 5:20. let's bring steve in with today's weather. >> sal? >> yes, sir. >> justice pay attention here for about 30 seconds. don't go anywhere. >> i'm right here. >> we'll get right to it here. paul partneretta -- panchetta. pancheta. i'm sure that's his last name. are we going to get a sighting of sal&steve? i don't want to speak for you. but you and i don't run with the pack like that these days. >> anything can possible. steve and i do hang out, outside of work hours occasionally. >> if they open up at 10:00. research. thank you. that would be the best-case scenario. but that will be august 9th in clayton. but today, they're in sunnyvale. down 7, 8:00 yesterday at this time. that's a big drop. san jose is the only 50s. cooler for most today.
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i say that because sometimes, this time of year, it's tough to get maybe clear lake, to vacaville cooler. everyone else will be. tomorrow will be a different story. we are going to have an excessive heat watch. mainly for the inland areas on saturday. there will be some 100s. 100 to 104 should cover it. these are some of the forecast models. i have to tell you, the forecast models have been woefully underdone. so i bump it up a little bit. but it looks like after saturday, it will start to come back down. the fog is there in place. that's for this morning. and there's more of an onshore breeze. even a southeast breeze in san jose, santa clara valley, that's a huge difference from the northwest. that will equal a cooler pattern. the monsoon moisture, tropical clouds coming around. we had a few high clouds. but as far as any rain, there were some in southern california. made it up into the sierra. 50s, 60s. much cooler here compared to
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yesterday. 53, gilroy. that's way down. 55 on boulder creek. 59, santa clara, cupertino. another 57. the airport is always running warmer. has to get a little heat there. you know that radiational heat. 59 ukiah. sacramento, 65. they were 71 at this time yesterday. a little cooler even out to the sacramento valley. pretty big fog bank out there. and the monsoon moisture will continue to favor the sierra. but that's just for today. and tomorrow, the high builds back in and we warm it up. fog is back cooler for today. tomorrow, we jump it up, though. there will be pretty toasty numbers inland. still warm. but not as warm cooler sunday and monday. a san francisco family car, stripped of its tires. but up next, the reason they say it's what a city employee did after they were robbed that has them even more upset. unfa.
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. ♪[ music ] under my thumb. sing is, mick. one of my favorite rolling stones songs. it's a subtle jab. anyway. thank you for the requests. i think darla came in on our
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facebook page to set this one up for us. it's mick jagger's 76th birthday. looking ever so young as he always does. pretty much looks the same. he's been the same for about 30 years. there's a special song. i'll play your request every friday morning. just use the hashtag, #ktvu, on facebook, twitter or instagram. >> thank you, sal. good news for a san francisco couple who had very bad luck. after a ktvu report, the dow family won't get a ticket after all, after all four of their tires were stole fren their parked car on street-sweeping day. now, tuesday morning, they woke up to find that the wheels on their toyota corolla was gone. the car was being propped up by milk crates. the situation got worse. an hour later, when the parking attendant issued car
5:27 am
for street cleaning. >> i was livid. i was carrying my son, trying to call my husband while chasing my street to come help call the police. >> the toyota dealership lent them four wheels so the car could be towed. the dalles will have to pay the $1,000 deductible on the $5,000 in damages. now, the ticket will be adjudicated. we have all of the necessary details and documentation to dismiss the citation. democratic party leaders are trying to merge the party to better focus their efforts on the president. coming up at 5:30. the meeting today between two democrats who have been at odds with one another. dramatic arrests for more than a dozen marines.
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i'm ray bogan in washington. what these military members are accused of doing to end up behind bars. coming up. right now, earn 60,000 bonus miles after qualifying purchases when you apply and are approved for the hawaiian airlines world elite mastercard.
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good morning to 2, friday morning, july 26th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. thank you for waking up with us. i have two specific forecasts to ask steve about.
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>> okay. >> one sunnyvale. 2, sunday, we're going to the a's game, for the root beer float. raising money for juvenile diabetes. >> that will be warm. nice though. >> it can be pretty darn hot. >> it can be. tomorrow will be. but not today. they'll be fine. 50s on most of the temps right now, as we get a cooler pattern today. low clouds making a good push there. 160, that's san jose. but santa rosa is down to 53 degrees. 60s to low 90s. they come down from the last two days when we topped off around 102, 103. but we'll probably get right back in that category again as we head towards saturday. the high cools off, builds back. so fog returns. fog, sun breezy this afternoon. but cooler for all today. but a warmer weekend. at least for saturday. low clouds in place. the higher clouds have moved off. more of an onshore breeze. it's not roaring. but 20 versus 10 yesterday. and a southeast breeze in san jose. versus the northwest. up in the sierra, though.
5:32 am
still tropical cloudthunderstor 50s, 60s on your temps. but a lot of 50s. we are running 8 to 10 degrees cooler. remember, yesterday, this time, high clouds. those have in a sense been pushed off. you can see over the mountains. over the mother load as well. fog, sun, 60s, 70s, 80s, mainly low 90s. 5:32. solano county commute or something else? >> solano county commute, steve. and if you're driving in from american canyon, vacaville, looks pretty good, as you drive through the area. 37 is a little slow, already driving over towards sonoma and marin. and you can see on the carquinez and benicia looks good. it's a clear shot. and it's taking 18 minutes. it's actually better now than it was earlier. driving from the carquinez bridge to the mcarthur maze. at the bay bridge, there's
5:33 am
backup. here's a quick look at some of the top stories this morning. the house of representatives in washington passed a two-year, $1.3 trillion appropriations bill. that will avoid a possible shutdown. president trump has endorsed it. the senate is expected to take up the bill next week. the nonpartisan committee for responsible federal budget estimates if this bill is approved, the trump administration will add at least $4.1 trillion to the federal debt over the next 10 years. most of that is due to the tax cuts passed in 2017. b.a.r.t.'s board of directors says changes are on the way. last night, the b.a.r.t. board voted to expand the elevator attendant program. expand the outreach team and award a contract to upgrade the 19th street in oakland. the agency also named robert powers as its new general manager. a late-night apartment building fire. the building was under
5:34 am
construction at stanford avenue and occidental street. firefighters were able to keep the flames from spreading. but it's still too early to know if this was an arson fire. no injuries have been reported. sheriff mark esec will appear featuring mexican music tonight. to reassure latinos that the sheriff's office will vote to protect the rights. the sheriff wants them to know that his deputies will not assist immigration authorities. the sheriff is scheduled to appear at the grayton resort and casino. immigrant rights advocates are demanding answers after a report out this month, revealed they used oakland airport as a hub to remove thousands of undocumented immigrants. now, a meeting was held yesterday of the port of oakland board of immigrants. it follows the report from the university of washington. saying 27,000 people were out o
5:35 am
>> and we want some tranparency. what they knew happened from 2010 and 2018. and what they're going to do to try to stop it, moving forward. >> the port says it was unaware that these deportation flights were occurring. according to i.c.e., they stopped conducting deportations at the oakland airport, in october of 2018. our time now, 5:35. several u.s. marines, arrested at camp pendleton, accused of several crimes, including human smuggling. ktvu's ray bogan has details. >> reporter: 16 marines at camp pendleton, arrested in dramatic fashion thursday morning. authorities storming the camp during a battalion formation, which happens with about 800 marines present. the marines being accused of various crimes, including human smuggling, and drug-related offenses. the arrests stemming from anoth
5:36 am
of helping smuggle three migrants across the southern border, in exchange for payment, after successful passage. >> as those investigations were ongoing, they identify the identities of these 16 marines as potentially being associated with or connected with those particular allegations or charges for those first two marines. >> the connection between the two sets of apprehensions is not yet known. eight other marines were detained thursday and questioned about drug-related activities, not linked to the arrests. in washington, ray bogan, fox news. and in a statement, the u.s. marine corps said, first marine division is committed to justice and the rule of law. we will continue to fully cooperate with ncis on this matter. the u.s. justice department announced plans inmates for the first time since 2003. attorney general william barr says a review of death penalty
5:37 am
policies and use of lethal injection drugs has been completed. it said it cleared the way for federal executions to continue. barr okayed the schooling of the executions of five men on death row. >> there aren't that many federal death penalty cases. most are on the state side. there are 20 states that have the death penalty and 21 states that don't. >> president trump has spoken several times in favor of the death penalty. the change puts the issue into the national dialogue, ahead of the 2020 election. many democratic candidates issued statements opposing the federal executions. governor gavin newsom issued a statement, saying, quote, the intentional killing of another person is wrong and our death penalty system has been a failure n. march, the governor placed an executive order, placing a moratorium on the death penalty here california. >> the federal government restored the in
5:38 am
1988. since then, federal authorities have executed just three people. the most recent 2003. but despite that, the justice department has continued to prosecute death penalty cases and courts have sentenced defendants to death. well, the democratic party will make an effort today to heal a growing rift within the party. this comes as democrats who support impeaching president trump are running out of time. ktvu's doug luzader joins us live in washington, d.c. with the latest. good morning, doug. >> good morning. democrats are split on this. and there will be an effort to try to bring the two sides together today. >> they call it a summit under the dome. with a divided democratic party watching closely. in a highly anticipated meeting today. house speaker nancy pelosi, will sit down with congresswoman alexandria ocasio- cortez, who has been a persistent thorn in her side. they'll try to it out, but they representative two sides
5:39 am
of the party that wants to impeach president trump. >> it's more than an internal fight. this is not a family fight. this is a war and a feud. the socialist democrats inside that party are taking the party over. >> no president. not this one, certainly not the next one, is above the law. so that's why i came out for impeachment proceedings. >> representative lori trahan joined the pro-impeachment proceedings after robert mueller testified. but she wasn't exactly part of a new groundswell of support for removing the president. supporters are running out of time. >> you just look at the calendar. they're about to go away for a month. they come in september. and then that's practically a year from november. and impeachment would take months. the logic just of the time and schedule is starting to disappear. >> reporter: ant is the
5:40 am
republican-coaled -- republican- controlled senate. doug luzader in washington. also, president trump is criticizing the prime minister of sweden, about rapper asap rocky. he said he disappointed after asking the prime minister to help out in that case. asap rocky has been detained for a month over his alleged involvement in a street fight. oakland a's, versus the texas rangers. coming up, we'll take a look at how they started this home stand. also, take a look at this dramatic home surveillance video. a pit bull attacking children. we'll show you how a man nearby saved the kids from the attack.
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welcome back mornings on 2. today, the 49ers start training camp in santa clara, with all of their rookies under contract. first-round draft pick, nick bosa signed a four-year, $39.5 million deal. at ohio state, he had 17 1/2 sacks in 29 games. along with the signing of bose athe 49ers also signed their second round pick. the raiders training camp starts today in napa. the raiders added some big names in the off season. including all-pro wide receiver, antonio brown. coach jon gruden wants to reenergize their offense. it ranked near the personalities on the raiders, combined with the move to iders profiled in the hbo show, hard knocks. giants are about to begin a
5:44 am
17-day stretch, that will determine how legitimate their play-off chances are. the trade deadline is just five days away. in the start of the month. looked like the giants would be sellers at the deadline. now, they are just 17 of 21 games. and reports trade candidate and giants ace madison bumgarner will likely stay with the team. >> what a great job they done. i can't tell you. first of all, i mean, how much -- how hard they have been fighting. they have to be running on fumes. their work load this is coming at a good time. no question, it's changed a bye. they know how important each game is. there's no doubt they're ready now. >> giants start tonight. oakland a's continueto last
5:45 am
rangers, ramon loreano, gave oakland an early lead in the first inning. nice single. knocked in two runs. that was one of the few positive moments, though, for the a's. texas went on to score 11 runs, including a big hit from former giant, hunter pense. the a's lost 11-3. game 2 is tonight at 7:07 at the coliseum. caltrans is closing the lower half of manzanita county. high tides are forecast along the pacific coast for the next few days. and that area is known to flood during heavy rains or high tides. for now, expect the lower lot to stay closed all the way through sunday, august 4th. well, this weekend marks the 32nd annual nhra drag races in sonoma. off today with qualifying races. the races will continue through sunday. so if you're thinking about heading to the wine country, traveling near the sonoma
5:46 am
raceway, you might want to prepare for extra traffic, especially along highway 37. gates open at 8:00 a.m., both tomorrow and sunday morning. and there is an online petition to change the day of halloween. it already has more than 63,000 signatures. a petition started last year, the halloween and costsociation. it wants to move halloween to the last saturday of october. most of the reasons are to keep those little trick-or-treaters safe. make it easier for parents to go out with their kids, trick- or-treating. halloween falls on a thursday this year. so it's hard to stay out late and get to work. the goal is to gather 75,000 signatures be send it to president trump. i put that question on my facebook page. just curious what people think about that. because i like tradition. october 31st is halloween, right, sal? but you know, it sounds nice to have it on a saturday, keep everybody safe. and it's not a school day, the next day, work day. >> when you put it like that. >> we'll see what happens.
5:47 am
some people will be traditionalists. others will want to change. we'll see. >> good morning, everyone. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. i'll show you, the traffic is going to be busy. it is not the busiest. ll by lo you can see how that is. there have n gate bridge. but other than that, we're looking pretty good, as you drive through southern marin. no major problems. if you're looking for the commute here on the altamonte pass. it is a little slow on the altamonte pass, the approach. but even that is lighter than usual. at 5:47. let's bring steve in with today's forecast. >> are you there? sal? >> there you are. we have a bigger fog bank in. today. yesterday was the higher clouds. kept the humidity up. and that has pushed off toward the east. now we're dealing with the fog.e, huh? 53 to 60. but yesterday was a lot more 60s. we are running cooler. about 1 to 8 degrees yesterday
5:48 am
at this time. cooler than most. i'd say of the eas will be cool off y and breezy conditions. temperatures near average. maybe slightly above average inland. won't take long to warm up. saturday, an excessive heat watch. heat advisories out for inland areas. mainly saturday. looks to be the hot day. there could be some -- vacaville. some of the forecast highs for tomorrow. again, these might go down a teeny bit. might go up 1. but they'll probably all be in the ballpark there. if you're inland, yes, it's going to be hot. even in the city. low 70s as well. low clouds, though. plenty to go around. also deeper. west/southwest to 20 at travis. southeast at san jose airport. versus the northwest. the monsoon moisture is being pushed off to the northeast. 50s, 60s, 50s.
5:49 am
52 in calistoga. 51, cloverdale. how about that? 52 in novato as well. winds are? healdsburg. look for a nice day after a couple of days where we've had pretty toasty temps. they'll be back. you can see the moisture in the sierra, though. that will produce thunderstorm activity. tomorrow, that high builds back in. and up we go on the temps. today, it's down. upper 80s to very, very low 90s. still warm sunday. then cooler weather returns, monday, tuesday. dave. >> all right, steve. time is 5:49. a missing teenager has been found. where she was found after she disappeared in april. first, we're going to take outside. a beautiful, live look outside. that is a beauty shot. that is lake tah you're watching mornings on 2, from ktvu fox 2 news. right now, earn 60,000 bonus miles
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♪[ music ] it's mick jagger's 76th birthday. hea day over 46. shelter" by
5:53 am
the rolling stones. requested by jaime -- got my names mixed up. jaime silver. thank you, jaime. i think that came in off our instagram page. if you want to pay tribute to mick, go ahead and hit me up on social media. use the hashtag, ktvu, facebook, instagram, twitter. >> just a baby, right, scal? >> right. people across europe, seeing some of the hottest weather ever. ktvu's ayesha hosni has more on how the people in europe are trying to stay cool and scorching triple digit temperatures. >> things are heating up. as much of europe are heating up. temperatures soaring thursday. shattering record highs across the continent. >> we have to slow down. and stop and keep drinking. >> paris seeing its hottest day since records began in 1873. the thoarnltd reaching -- thermometer, reaching a
5:54 am
dangerous 108 degrees fahrenheit. and despite government warnings to stay residents and sought relief in any water they could find. even turning the eiffel tower fountains into a free swimming tool. >> -- pool. >> i would say it's probably the hottest day i've ever experienced. yeah. like you could feel the heat on your face. >> london, recording its hottest record for july, 122 degrees. send something into ponds and pools. some neighboring areas london and paris expecting showers today. others will get showers over the weekend. ayesha husbandaeastern -- aesha hosni. pg&e say its will pay about cl 8.4 million after it emerges from bankruptcy.
5:55 am
san diego gas and electric will also contribute $10 million. and customers, you're expected to pitch in $10.5 billion over the next 10 to 15 years. a man saves a 6-year-old boy from a pit bull attack. now, that man is being called a hero. this happens sunday in conroe, texas. look at the screen. the boy and two neighbors were playing in a driveway. the pit bull runs up and attacks. two kids ran away. a man named grant brown heard the attack. saw the attack. look at him running towards the commotion. but as soon as he got close. the pit bull runs after him. attacks him, too. both brown and the little boy were hurt. that dog was taken to animal control. its owner was cited. time is now 5:56. a homeowner in arizona woke up to a big surprise in his backyard. terry dewald lives in sabino
5:56 am
canyon in tucson, arizona. he's used to seeing wildlife outside. wednesday morning, it was more special. he saw three drinking water from his backyard fountain. they were drinking all they could. as they wait for the monsoon rains to come to fill their natural watering holes. >> they just drank and drank. i don't know how long they had been drinking before i got up here. it was a mother and two twins that were about a year and a half old. >> how about that for a wake- up? mr. dewald says it's very rare for him to see this kind of wildlife drinking from his fountain. he also said the reluctant monsoon weather means more animals could be coming into his neighborhood. time is 5:57. the state of california and automakers are bypassing the trump administration wh it comes to emission standards. the changes to new cars that are sold in california. and first. the latest details on a homicide investigation is under way right now.
5:57 am
in oakland. good morning. right now, we do see traffic getting a little bit more crowded out there, on some of these commutes. it's still not at critical levels, as we take a live look at the san mateo bridge, heading over to the peninsula. and a cooler friday to end the workweek. as a bigger fog bank is in place. what about the weekend? we'll take a look coming up. ok coming up.
5:58 am
5:59 am
takes over. and has a big to-do list. the major reforms to increase safety and make b.a.r.t. cleaner. cleaner. good morning. thank you for joining us here on "mornings on 2", friday july 26th. i'm pam cook. >> it's your day, pam. >> i'll take it. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. let's talk about your weather. steve paulson has information for you. >> cooler, cooler. tomorrow will be a warmup. it's all about the cooldown.
6:00 am
that's why you have the bigger fog bank. 50s on most of the lows instead of the mid-60s. up in lake tahoe, though. a little snow there, which is nice to see. mostly cloudy. there was some thundershower activity. a lot of that moisture came in from around the high. the monsoon, probably a repeat performance again. also reno, pretty good cells around reno. keep that in mind. 50s. san jose, the only one at 60. cooler for most of the day. sunny and breezy. most inland locations, upper 80s to low 90s. and the fog making a pretty good surge is more of an onshore breeze by far. compared to the last couple of days, when there was hardly any breeze at all. and the west/southwest flow. 50s, but low 60s


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